To The Workin' Man, Waterfront Records 1995
Produced by Steve Foote
Engineer: Steve Foote
Cover: Steve Foote

Steve Foote: Flat-Top Picking and Rhythm
Paul Du John: Flat-Top Picking and Rhythm
Greg Hiltz: Bass

Side One:
To The Workin' Man
The Westray Mine Disaster
A Real Good Workin' Man
Play A Song For me
No. 9 Cast Iron Frying Pan

Side Two:
Double Shovel Mine
Country Trucker
Blood On The Coal
Icey Roads and Rollin' Rubber
Old Calloused Hands

To my Wife Gini...
My Darling Companion

Distributed by Waterfront Records
46 Garden Street, Saint John, NB
E2L 3K4

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