Lester The Lobster & Other Hits of Stevedore Steve - Boot Records Maritime Series - BTM 2004 - 1976
Liner Notes
Producers: Jury Krytiuk & Fred McKenna
Studios: RCA Limited & Captain Audio, Toronto
Engineers: George Semkiw & Jim Morgan

Side One

Lester The Lobster
Minto Miners
Snowflakes Are Falling
The Duke
Me Dorey On The Beach

Side 2

Hard Workin' Men
I'm A Truckdriver
Ballad of Giant McAskill
Kingston Chain
Newfie Screech

Born in Saint John, NB, Stevedore Steve is a real working man's man. By the time he was eighteen, he had made several trips across Canada, working as a potato picker, lumberjack, truckdriver, tobacco picker, seaman and of course Stevedore.

Returning home when he was twenty-one after travelling over all of Canada and most of the States and Mexico, Steve began writing songs as a hobby. In between travels he started taking his music seriously. He started playing in clubs around the Saint John area. Then, in 1970 he toured Ontario. It was during this tour that he met record producer, Jury Krytiuk. This meeting led to a recording contract first with Dominion Records and then later with Krytiuk's Boot Records. It has been a fruitful relationship which has produced many national hit records including "Lester the Lobster" which hit the number one spot on the national country charts.

This album contains many of the hits which helped Stevedore Steve become a national household name.

Album distributed in the USA by:
PO box 1262
Nashville, Tenn, 37202

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