George Wade & His Cornhuskers

(There are no albums of George Wade & His Cornhuskers music available. They recorded 12 records for RCA Victor in the mid-1930s. This is a complete list of 78s)

George Wade, caller & fiddle; Jean Carignan, fiddle; Bill, Lorrie and Francis Cormier, fiddles & saxophones; others unknown

My Darling Nellie Gray 216569-A
Rock Valley Jig 216569 - B
The Mason's Apron 216570 - A
The Fireman's Reel 216570 - B
The Devil's Dream 216571 - A
Soldier's Joy 216571 - B
Opera Reel 216572 - A
Arkansaw Traveller 216572 - B
The Chisholm Trail - 216574
Mountain High - 216574
Cowboy's Reel 216575 - A
Uncle Jim 216575 - B
Five Mile Chase 216576 - A
Medley: Colley's Half Penny / Speed the Plough 216576 - B
Acrobat's Reel 216578 - A
Waltz Quadrille 216578 - B
Lord Saultouns Reel 216579 - A
Haste To The Wedding 216579 -B
Cullen House 216580 - A
Flowers of Edinburgh / Ricketts Hornpipe / Money Musk 216580 - B
Waltz Medley: Sleep Baby Sleep / Memories 216582 - A
Reel Medley: Warm Stuff / Crooked Stovepipe 216582 - B
Little Brown Jug 216583 - A
Father O'Flynn 216583 - B
Buffalo Gals 216584 - A
Reel Medley: Parisis / Fisher's Hornpipe / Alley Crocker Reel / McDonald's Reel 216584 - B

'Boots' Derald Weatherbee

Family Legacy, ind home recording, 1991

Derald Weatherbee, violin

Recorded in a home studio in California. Weatherbea is from Nova Scotia but lives in Ontario presently. ed.

Tracks: Rubber Dolly; Poor Girl's Waltz; Maple Sugar; Twilight waltz; Medley: St. Anne's Reel / Turkey In The Straw / Ragtime Annie; Westphalia Waltz; Orange Blossom Special; Teenager's Waltz


Stephanie Wills

Tradition Continued, Ind.,  Steph 1-94 - 1994

Stephanie Wills, fiddle; Joey Beaton, piano; Mrs Elizabeth Beaton, piano

Produced by Stephanie Wills, Malcom MacPhail, Joey Beaton & Elizabeth Beaton; Engineer: Harold Tsistinas; Recorded at Solar Audio Recordings, Halifax, NS April, 1994

Tunes: Maggie Brown / Rough Diamond / The Black Hoe jigs; The Kennedy Street March / Largo Law & Miss Lucy Campbell strathspeys / Sir Reginald MacDonald / Old Traditional / The High Road To Linton reels; John Roy Stewart (slow strathspey) / Mrs MacDougall Grant strathspey / Clydesdale Lasses / The Irish Americans / The Perth Assembly reels; I Lost My Love / There Comes A Young Lad / Angus Joseph MacDonald's jigs; Johnny Cop march / Traditional Mabou reel; John Angus Beaton's / John Campbell's  / Yester house strathspeys / MacLean of Lochbouie / Don J. Campbell's / Scotsville reels; Garçon Volange / The Drovers Lads / The Irish Washer-Woman / The Whiskey jigs; Professor Blackie air / Lord John Campbell / Craigellachie Bridge strathspeys / Lassie Look Behind Ye & Miss Jane MacInnis reels; Lord Greghorns Quickstep / Bill Lamey's Delight / Mary Jessie MacDonald's jigs; Lady Ann Hope / Stumpie strathspeys / Loch Earn / Perrie Werrie / London Lassies / Anna Mae's reels

John Wilmot

John Wilmot, Celtic CX 43, circa 1957

John Wilmot, violin; Bill Legere, bass fiddle; Tom Basker, harmonica; Bill MacDonald, guitar; Margaret McPhee, piano

Tracks: Cape Breton Favourite Jigs; Jig Medley - Orange & Blue; Hughie Shorty's Favourite Jig / Walker Street Reel; The Frost if Over Jig / Lark In The Morning; Inverness Jig**; Irish Hornpipe Medley / Humors of Donny Brook / The Orange Rogue**; Chris Langan Tin Whislte / Long Dance Rose Tree / Seige of Innis / Jackson Morning Bush Jig; King of the Fairies; Irish Reels / Fallen Jacket Reel / ?The Woman of the House Reel; Irish Jig / The Maid of Tramore

Rodeo Records Salute to Sydney Cape Breton Island on its 175th Anniversary, Banff Rodeo RBS 1051
See Compilations

Chad Wolfe

Fiddlefied, CWCD01 – 1997

Chad Wolfe, fiddle, stepdancing; Glenn Paul, keyboards

Recording Engineer, Glenn Paul; Recorded at Glenn Paul Studios and Flipside Studios, July 1997

Tunes: Fiddlefied*; Connaughtman’s Rambling Set: Connaughtman’s Rambles / Champion / The Brisk Young Lad / The Rakes of Kildare; Lament for Glencoe; The Mason’s Heart Throb: Heart Throb Waltz* / Mason’s Apron; Kobler’s Medley: Kohler’s Hornpipe / Paddy Cronin’s Reel; Willow’s Celebration (The McCarter Family Set): Willow’s Hornpipe / Mike’s Reel / Luke’s Reel / Scott’s Reel / Reid’s Reel / illow’s Celebration; Clarinet Polka; Stepdance Medley: The Stage / Blue Bonnets of the Border / Donegal Reel / Archie Menzie’s; The Growling Old Man & Growling Old Woman; Aly’s Tailor: Aly’s Waltz / The Tailor’s Waltz; Thing-a-ma-jigs: WPY Jig* / Thing-a-ma-jig* / Nana’s Birthday Jig*; Roderick MacDonald’s Set: Roderick MacDonald / The Devil In The Kitchen / Crigoim Broach / Sean Maguire’s Reel / Dinky Dorian; When You Wish Upon A Star

Petrified means ‘to be turned into stone’. So I guess that you could say that Fiddlefied is simply my contribution to the music world, a collection of fiddle tunes done in my own style with the hope that in some small way, I am helping to set this great music in stone for many generations to come. Dare to be FIDDLEFIED!!

Thanks to all of the many people who have contributed to this project. I feel very fortunate to have received so much support …

I must first thank my parents and grandparents for their guidance, encouragement, and sacrifices they have made to help me reach many goals.

Bonnie Hanselman, you must be my Guardian Angel. Thank you for believing in me. I doubt this project would have been possible without you.

Alice and the Drifters – Alice Waltenbury and Wilf Mathieu, my adopted parents, ha ha, thanks for taking me under your wing! Jeannette Fichault and Stan Wikolaski, you’ve all been great – thank you for your help with the benefit shows and other gigs! Thanks, as well, to all the band’s faithful followers at our dances for their contributions.

A huge thankya goes out to everyone involved in the two benefit shows – Sherry Culling and the Calander Legion Branch 445, Elmer, Rose, Narry McCarthy and the Bonfield Agricultural Society.

The support I have received from my community including business, organizations and my fiddle and stepdance students has been incredible. Thanks especially to Wal-Mart, Lynn Johnston Productions, the Dolphin Motel and Cottages, the Nippising Country Music Association, Talking Proud North Bay, Don and Beth Scot and Family; Jim and Deb Cripps & Family; Murray Rose, Jim McEacheran, Maurice Larochelle, Charlie Lang – you’re a terrific promoter!

Robin Polfuss – thanx for bustin’ your paintbrush to get that awesome fiddle done. Richard Herodek – thanks for the inspiration for the Kohler medley. Sorry it didn’t turn out to be a disco number. Mike Groff – thanx for being such a great critic. Sorry, Casper’s Reel still isn’t ready for release – maybe on the next album…

Special thanks to Don Cocksedge and Ken Hull for their generosity and technical assistance and of course, my sincerest thank you to Glenn Paul for his uncountable hours of work, his awe inspiring backup arrangements, and his undying belief in me and this project. Glenn, it’s truly been a pleasure working with you.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Willow McCarter who was an immense inspiration for this album. Her story holds a valuable message for all of us – strive to realize your dreams today so that you have no regrets when your time is up. She left us way too soon, at least in our eyes, but she was ne of the happiest people I have ever known.

Thanks Willow…

Scott Woods
Fiddle Magic, McLeod Music Productions MMP 20292 - 1992

Scott Woods, fiddle & drums; Kendra Woods Norris, harmony fiddle; Carolyn Woods, piano; Eric Mahar, guitar; Kim Brandt, bass; Steve Smith, steel guitar and dobro; Paul Stouffer, keyboards

Produced by Scott Woods; Engineer: Barry Lubotta; Recorded at Pizazzudio, Weston, Ontario

Tracks: Down Yonder; Sarah’s Waltz*; In The Mood; Dixie Blossoms’ Pat’s Country Waltz; Meryl Anne’s Waltz*; Step Dance Medley: Ariel - Deep River Jig* - Liverpool Hornpipe 0 Fergus Reel*; Lassie’s Jig*; Once In A While; Strathspey/Reel Medley: My Sister’s Weddin’* - Old Doc Woods*; Flowers of Edinburgh - De’il Amang the Tailors; Fergus Rag; Kendra’s Wedding Waltz*; Bye Bye Blues; The Ninety and Nine

Keeping Tradition, McLeod Music Productions MMP 20397 - 1997

Scott Woods, fiddle, drums; Kendra Woods-Norris - harmony fiddle; Mervyn Woods, fiddle; Bruce Woods - fiddle; Elizabeth Woods-Noulty - fiddle; Carolyn Woods - piano; Ivan Felker - Acoustic guitar; Karl Watson - bass; Paul Chapman - acoustic & electric guitars; Rob Allen - bass; Pee Wee Charles - Pedal Steel; Paul Stouffer - keyboards; Walter Ostanek - accordion

Produced by Scott Woods; Engineers: Scott Woods and Mervyn Woods; Recorded at McLeod Music Studios, Fergus, Ontario

Tracks: Four String Polka; Bruce's Swing*; Emily's Waltz*; Irish Jig Medley: Haste To The Weddin' / Irish Washerwoman / Irishman's Heart to the Ladies; Listen to the Mockingbird; Robbie Burns Medley: My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose / Comin' Thru the Rye / Corn Rigs; Keayla's Waltz*; Maple Sugar; Step Dance Medley: Forester's Clog / Black Thorn Stick / Snowflake Breakdown / Karley's Edge; Gospel Medley: In the Garden / Mansion over the Hilltop; Lori's Waltz*; 128 Bar Reel Medley: St. Anne's Reel / Miller's Reel / Charlie Dyer's Reel / St. Anne's Reel; Spanish Eyes; Swervyn' Mervyn*; Westphalia Waltz/ Orange Blossom Special

This album is a tribute to my family's musical heritage. At least six generations on both sides of my family have been musicians, and the tradition continues. My great-grandfather Charlie Dyer was in the top 8 finalists at the first Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Contest in Shelburne, Ontario (1951); my mother Carolyn accompanied him on the piano. Forty-two years later, in 1993, she accompanied me on that very stage when I was fortunate enough to win that title for the first time. My father, Merv, has also competed in Shelburne, as have my two sisters - Elizabeth and Kendra, and my brother Bruce. It seemed only appropriate that they should all play on this recording.

My father has led a dance band called Merv Woods and His Orchestra since 1950, and our musical tastes have always reflected a variety of styles. From classical, big band, jazz, and of course the traditional old time waltzes, jigs and reels, there has always been music around our home. this recording is a mixture of the styles of music my family has played for generations. Enjoy!

Program Notes

Four String Polka: A great tune by the legendary King Ganam. Thanks to Grammy Award Winner Walter Ostanek for playing accordion on this tune.

Bruce's Swing: I wrote this tune for my brother in 1996. Listen for the great steel solo by Pee Wee and the guitar solo by Paul.

Emily's Waltz: Written in 1993 for my niece Emily Noulty from Deep River, Ontario.

Irish Jig Medley: Haste To The Weddin' - one my great-grandfather often played; Irish Washerwoman - a favourite of my Grandma Dyer; Irishman's Heart to the Ladies - Bill Watson from Guelph always played this tune.

Listen To The Mockingbird: My adaptation of the old American folk song. I always play this one in my shows.

Robbie Burns Medley: Fergus is very rich in Scottish heritage and is home of the Highland Games and Scottish Festival. I am also a member of "The Friends of Burns", a group who pay tribute to this fine Scottish poet every January. My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose - a beautiful love song; Comin' Thru' the Rye - played in jig tempo; Corn Rigs - a rousing reel.

Keayla's Waltz: written in 1993 for my niece Keayla Woods of Fergus.

Maple Sugar: This may well be the national anthem of Canadian fiddlers, by the late Ward Allen, performed here by the whole family. Special thanks to Ivan and Karl for playing on this one; they have played in Dad's band longer than I have (over 20 years!).

Step Dance Medley: Ottawa Valley style clog, jig and reel. Forester's Hornpipe - played in clog tempo; Black Thorn Stick - an Irish jig; Snowflake Breakdown - by Canadian Wally Traugott; Karley's Edge - by a friend of mine, Frank Leahy from Waterloo, Ontario.

Gospel Medley: a set Kendra and I often play in Duet classes at fiddle contests. She plays the harmony and writes a lot of the arrangements for Dad's band. In The Garden - always a favourite; Mansion Over the Hilltop - a swing version.

Lori's Waltz: written in 1996 for a special lady, Lori Merrick of Elora. My mother Carolyn has the solo on the piano in the second part.

128 Bar Reel Medley: a tribute to the Don Messer style of fiddling. St. Anne's Reel - everyone knows this tune! Miller's Reel - traditional for my Grandma Woods who was Isabelle Miller; Charlie Dyer's Reel - Written by my great-grandfather Dyer.

Spanish Eyes: a number Dad's band has played for years, usually with saxes and brass - this time with fiddles, and featuring Walter on the accordion.

Swervyn' Mervyn: written in 1997 for my Dad. We used to have a Chevy Suburban and our neighbour, Linda Hall used to say "Oh, there goes Swervyn Mervyn in his Suburban." This is typical of the style of music Dad likes the most - swing - featuring some great solos by Pee Wee and Paul.

Westphalia Waltz: one of the first fiddle tunes I learned, played by the whole family with Ivan and Karl.

Orange Blossom Special: perhaps the most requested fiddle tune of all time. This arrangement is a tribute to my friend, the late great Chubby Wise, who popularized this 'train song' by Ervin T Rouse. Paul has some wild guitar licks on this one.

Fergus Fiddler, McLeod Music Productions MMP - 20501 - 2001

Scott Woods - fiddle, drums; Kendra Norris - harmony fiddle; Carolyn Woods - piano; Ivan Felker - guitar; Karl Watson - bass; Doug Stronach, drums; Pee Wee Charles - Pedal Steel; Bobby Brown - accordion

Produced by Scott Woods; Engineer: Scott Woods; Mastered by Doug Stronach; Recorded at Elora Music Studio, Elora, Ontario & McLeod Music Studio, Fergus, ON

Tracks: Mason's Apron; Pride of the Ball; Howard Jackson's Breakdown*; Bert Smythe Railroad Blues*; Step Dance Medley: Donegal Clog / Naomi's Jig / Winding Stream / Great Eastern Reel; Danny Boy; Down Yonder; Limerock; Lazy Mazy Jig*; Charmaine; Over The Falls*; Magnolia Waltz; Reel Medley: Judy's Reel / Caribou Reel / Concert Reel / Fisher's Hornpipe; Czardas; Red Wing / Snow Deer; St. Anne's Reel / Big John McNeil

Program Notes

Scott Woods has been playing the violin since age four. He is a two time winner of the Canadian Open Fiddle contest in Shelburne and two time Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Champion. In 1999 he was named Canadian Fiddle Entertainer of the Year.

The album Fergus Fiddler was originally released on cassette tape in 1986. It featured ten selections by the then fifteen year-old Scott Woods. It included four of his own compositions and some family favourites passed down from six generations of fiddlers in his family. It was produced by Bobby Brown (of Cape Breton Symphony fame) who also played accordion. It also included Scott's mom Carolyn on piano and his sister Kendra playing the harmony fiddle parts. Long-time friends and members of the Merv Woods Band - Ivan Felker and Karl Watson, who still perform with the group, played on the recording.

The original ten tracks (#1-5 and 9-13) have been digitally remastered here, along with six more selections from the new McLeod Music Studios in Fergus. Many requests for tunes played in The Scott Woods Show, such as Czardas, Red Wing and Danny Boy are included here, along with the tune that helped Scott capture the 1999 Canadian Grand Master's Fiddling Championship - Scotts original arrangement of Limerock.

We hope you enjoy this much anticipated re-release of Fergus Fiddler

Some other CDs that Scott Woods appears on:

Memories of Western Swingin' and Country Singin' - The Heritage Allstar Band, Grayec Management Inc. - TLBM 004-0302

The Heritage Allstar Band Salutes Our Veterans, Grayec Management Inc. - TLBM 004-1004

Memories of The Jubilee Vol 3 - The Heritage Allstar Band, Grayec Management Inc. - TLBM 004-1003

John A. Wurm

Fiddlin' 'Round, NRG Records 1492-A

John Wurm, fiddle; Roger Quick, vocal, electric and acoustic guitars; Norma Quick, bass; Jerry Quick, drums; Joanne McLinchey, piano & vocals; Mary Jane McLinchey, acoustic guitar and vocals; Keith Freebairn, banjo; Sandra Braithwaite, vocal on Tennessee Waltz

Produced by Roger Quick; Engineered by Rod Phelan; Recorded at Hungry Hollow Recorders

Tracks: Fiddlin' 'Round*; Alex and Maureen's Two Step; Peek-A-Boo Waltz; Wabash Cannonball; Johnny Wagoner; San Antonio Rose; Orange Blossom Special; Tennessee Waltz; Maple Sugar; Londonderry Hornpipe; Cajun Fiddle; Back In The Sugar Camp; Boil The Cabbage Down

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some old-time fiddlers for the help they have given me and which I still receive as I learn new songs. They are Henry 'Hank' Green, Nelson Howe, Willis 'Willy' Desjardine and the late Mike Hodgert.

Special thanks also to Keith Freebarin, Mr and Mrs Jim Braithwaite, my weekend boss Roger Quick, and his Rainbows for their excellent background music and vocals. Also the studio engineer Rod Phelan, for his original attack on a fiddle album, and Ross Loft for looking after the business end of the record.

A lot of late nights were spent putting the album together and a lot of ideas were contributed by all to try in the hopes of creating some thing original in a fiddle recording. It is with this dedication from all of us involved, that I hope you enjoy my first attempt at an album.

John A. Wurm

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