Wayne King

Wayne King and his Old Time Fiddling, Banff Rodeo SBS 5290

Wayne King, fiddle

Produced by George Taylor & Dougal Trineer; Engineer: Paul Mongeau; Recorded at Stereo Sound Studios, Montreal, QC

Tracks: Maple Sugar; Durham’s Bull; Lady Be Good; Maiden’s Prayer; Boil The Cabbage Down; Orange Blossom Special; Turkey In The Straw; Dougal’s Special; Coquette; Ginger Snap

Wayne King’s first fiddle album made the top charts in Canada last year and his second album, cut in Sterio, looks as though his initial success will be repeated.

Much more variety has been added to his latest release with old time favourites such as “Lady Be Good” and “Maple Sugar”, which have been given treatment that only Wayne could provide.

Wayne’s career started at CHLT-TV in Sherbrooke, Quebec, at the age of 15 years with Ernie Lindell. He later formed a group with his brother and sister Dez and Ginger and later formed his own group called Wayne King and His Blue Cats.

Wayne was guest on “Brand New Scene”, one of TV’s well known programs and is now currently playing at the Country Palace, Montreal’s largest country night club.

Pete Kischuk

Country Fiddler, Paragon - ALS 168

Pete Kischuk, fiddle; Lou Roberts, guitar; Guy Melanson, guitar; Ed Dimock, bass

Produced by Jack Boswell and Bill Bessey

Tracks: Orange Blossom Special; My Little Old Home In West Virginia; Cotton Eyed Joe; Maple Sugar; St. Anne's Reel; Flop Eared Mule; Old Joe Clark; Rag Time Annie; Boil Them Cabbage Down; Rubber Dolly; Hitch Hiker's Blues; Big John McNeil

Patti Kusturok (Lamoureux)

A Touch of Heritage -  Banff / Rodeo- SBS5-5512

Patti Kusturok, fiddle

Tracks: Manitoba Special; Joys of Wedlock / Victory Breakdown; Patti's Waltz*; Ukrainian Medley: Kozachak / Kolomeyka / Hopak; Rapid City Centennial Waltz; Snoring Mrs. Gobeil; Forrester's Hornpipe; Judique Jig Medley; Sparta Waltz; Constitution Breakdown; Manitou Waltz; Lucky Trapper's Reel / Blind River Breakdown

Ed. Note: No Liner Notes at all

Stringin' Them Along - Banff SBS 5513 - 1997

Patti Kusturok, fiddle; Trent Bruner, piano; Calvin Vollrath, acoustic guitar, harmony fiddle; Jim Flett, Electric and Classical guitars; Lionel Desjarlais, electric guitar on Endearing Young Charms; Bill Stewart, drums; Dean Linklater, bass

Produced by Patti Kusturok and Calvin Vollrath; Recorded and Mixed by Dave Koman at Maddock Studio, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tracks: The French Polka; Clear the Track / Rodney's Reel; Paul Berard's Jig; Red River Blues; Counties of Dufferin Polka; Down Yonder; Calvin's Culvert; Paul's Waltz; Endearing Young Charms; Roma McMillan Waltz; Poonamalea Waltz; Maytwayashing; Tarbolton Lodge; Jerusalem Ridge; Tom & Jerry; Coureur de Bois; Reel de cinq jumelles; French Medley; Patti's Jig; Dawn's Fancy; Patti Kusturok Waltz

All compositions arranged by Patti Kusturok

Patti Kusturok is a 3-time Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Champion. A Manitoban, Patti is the first female and first westerner to accomplish this feat. She has been playing fiddle since the age of 4 and recorded her first album at the age 12. A 7-time Manitoba champion and 3-time Grand North American Champion, Patti continues to captivate audiences with her incredible fiddling skills.

(Inside Liner)

There are several people who have made this recording possible and I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to them:

Bill Stewart; Bill and Pat Blair; Bill and Madeline Thomas; Tim Eason and Cheryl Moate; Robert and Adrienne Paquette; Blake and Margaret Phillips; Norman Cheyne; Mel Bedard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and kindness. Without all of you, this project wouldn't have been possible.

This album is dedicated to two very special people: AlexKusturok and Joel Lamoureux. These two men in my life make the days brighter and the world a better place to live in. I love both of you with all my heart.

Y2Kusturok:No serial or label - 1999

Pattie Kusturok-Lamoureux, fiddle; Trent Bruner, piano; Calvin Vollrath, rhythm & lead guitars, bass, harmony fiddle, spoons & feet

Producer & Engineer: Calvin Vollrath; recorded at Astromonical Studios, St. Paul, Alberta

Tracks: Reel Beatrice; Country Serenade; Waltz Medley; Patti & Joel; Polson Polka; The Twin Roth Waltz; Draggin' The Bow; Louis Riel Reel; Smokin' Bow Reel; If Ever You Were Mine; Suite De La Gaspesie; Art and Diane's Medley; Polka Medley; April's Waltz; Andy DeJarlis Polka Medley; Helene's Waltz; The Southwest Bridge Medley; Harv & Eva's Waltz; My Tribute to Graham*

1. Real Beatrice: Jos. Bouchard: a very popular tune, I learned it from the amazing La Bottine Souriante.

2. Country Serenade: Roddy Dorman: I first head this tune being played by Sherryl MacLeod of Ottawa, my dearest friend and one of the best old time fiddlers around. We both learned it from Dennis Harrington, a fantastic player from Renfrew, Ontario

3. Waltz Medley: Yvon Cuillerier: two beautiful waltzes - Valse Gisele & Valse Florence written by probably the smoothest fiddler I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.

4. Patti & Joel: The first tune, Patti Kusturok Reel, was composed by a very talented guy by the name of Rob Randle of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The second tune, Joel's Reel was written by me and was a Valentine's Day gift to my love, Joel.

5. Polson Polka: Calvin Vollrath: This is just one of the many, many tunes written by North America's greatest fiddler and composer.

6. The Twin Roth Waltz: Patti Kusturok & Calvin Vollrath: A joint venture composed in the dining hall at the Emma Lake Fiddle Camp. Calvin & I both play a Roth fiddle.

7. Draggin' The Bow: traditional: this tune was learned from Graham and Eleanor Townsend's Live At Barre, Vermont recording.

8. Louis Riel Reel: Andy DeJarlis: The epitome of Andy's Red River Style of tune.

9. Smokin' Bow Reel: Calvin Vollrath: A tune written for the 'smoke' a newly rosined bow appears to produce when it first touches the strings.

10. If Ever You Were Mine: Maurice Lennon: A slow air I learned from Natalie MacMaster's 'Fit as a Fiddle' album. I played this for Joel at our wedding reception, fake nails and all!

11. Suite de la Gaspesie: A medley of three tunes - Reel a Quatre, from the repertoire of Gabriel Labbe; Quadrille Francais by Joseph Allard, and Reel des Eboulements by Jos. Bouchard. I learned this set from a recording by Les Eclusiers, from Quebec.

12. Art & Diane's Medley: The first tune, Art & Dave Franks' Reel, is one that I composed for two people whose kindness, support, and friendship mean more than words can say. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. The second tune is Captain Keeler, a tune learned from the great accordionist Philippe Bruneau. Thanks to Barry Gilchrist for introducing this one to me.

13. Polka Medley: I learned these two polkas, Southern Melodies and the Polo March from Frank Ferrel, a great fiddler and all around nice guy from Boston. the tunes are both attributed to Winston Fitzgerald, legendary Cape Breton fiddler.

14: April's Waltz: Calvin Vollrath: Calvin wrote this one for April Verch, (Pixie!) one of my favorite fiddlers and a very close friend.

15. Andy DeJarlis Polka Medley: Daniel's Favorite, Hi Way Polka, and Apple Cider Polka. Very popular in the Manitoba old time dance circuit.

16. Helene's Waltz: Noel Berard: Noel (Niel) is the best fiddle and bow repair guy in Manitoba and a talented composer as well.

17. The southwest Bridge Medley: The Southwest Bridge (Dan R. MacDonald), Paddy on the Turnpike (traditional), and Give The Fiddler a Dram (traditional): These three tunes come from the Frank Ferrel album Yankee Dreams. This set is dedicated to Donna Ellerbeck, the lady from Edmonton with the Heart of Gold.

18. Harv & Eva's Waltz: Noel Berard: another pretty waltz written by Niel.

19: My Tribute to Graham: This is dedicated to Gray Townsend, in memory of his parents - Graham and Eleanor. Graham was a great friend and mentor to me for many years and not a day goes by when he doesn't enter my thoughts. I have many fond memories of Graham and Eleanor and this is my tribute to them. All tunes in this medley written by Graham except for Frank Kelly's Jig which Eleanor composed. 1) Gray's second Change 2) Murray River Jig 3) Frank Kelly's Jig 4) John Diefenbaker Polka 5) Gilles Roy 6) Little Roy's Breakfast 7) The Sawdust Breakdown 8) The Prim Hornpipe 9) Sir Wilfred Laurier Reel

Thank you to my wonderful family: Joel and Alex, for making each day better than the last. I love you both!

This album is dedicated to the old time dancers and supporters of fiddle music. Almost every weekend we play for you and see your smiling faces, and sometimes we forget to let you know just how much you're appreciated. To quote the late Graham Townsend: "Without people like you, there wouldn't be people like us." Thank you for all your support!


I first met Patti in Carrot River, Saskatchewan in 1978. She was 8 years old and in the junior class. She probably could've been in the championship class, she played so good. Everyone, including myself, knew she had a special gift. Her notes were precise, her timing was incredible, and she even made me want to dance. What more do you want in a fiddler? It was only a matter of time that she would become a champion. What a champion she is! Grand North American - three times. Canadian Grand Masters - three times in a row, and many others. But for Patti to play a dance and watch the people dancing to her music is probably the greatest award she could receive. What an honor to be involved in this recording. Thank you Patti.

Calvin Vollrath


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