The Jigsters

Grab Your Partner, Point Records P-203, circa 1960\

Tracks: Square Dance Set, Part One - The Bird In A Cage; Part Two - Cut Off 6,4,2; Part Three - Breadown - Paul Jones

No Calls - Complete music for a square dance set in three parts plus a Paul Jones

Mathew Johnson

Carving Out A Tune, RGCD 14 - 1996

Mathew Johnson, fiddle; Sherry Johnson, piano; Victor Pasowisty, rhythm guitar; Paul Hutton, drums; Greg Mankiss, bass guitar, banjo

Produced and Arranged by Mathiew Johnson & Victor Pasowisty; Engineer: Nelson McCrossan; Recorded at Sound on Sound Recording Studio by Robert Gregory Productions, Stratford, ON

Tracks: Down Yonder; Donegal Clog / Billy The Barber Shaved His Father / Reel de L'Aveugle / Concert Reel / Blindman's Reel; Jolly Fiddler's Two Step / Olympic Two Step / Walking Up-Town; Contessa Waltz; Frank Ryan's Hornpipe / Carleton County Hornpipe / Lightening Hornpipe; Listen To The Mockingbird; Screwdriver Rag*; Mary Get Your Shoes Waltz Clog / Frenchie's Reel / Golden Eagle Hornpipe; Dill Pickle Rag; Festival Waltz; Shingle The Roof / Diamond Lil; Back Up And Push; Rochester Schottische / Go To The Devil & Shake Yourself / East Tennessee Blues / Reel du Forgeron; Salute To Columbia*; Yellow Rose Waltz; Allen's Reel / Don Messer's Breakdown; Ida Red; Robbie Dagenais Reel; Jim's Heartwarming Waltz*; Four Strings Polka; Fiddle Strings / Four Mile Run; Spanish 2-Step / Territorial Days Reel / Gatineau Reel / Lou Sullivan's Breakdown; Mansion Over The Hilltop

Since his previous two recordings, Young Mathiew Johnson and Just My Size, Mathiew has continued to achieve many honours as a fiddler, step dancer and clogger. A highlight was winning the 18 and under class at the 1995 National Old Time Fiddle Contest in Shelburne, at the age of 14, while also being a finalist in the Novelty class. Mathiew enjoys travelling and has recently impressed audiences in Nova Scotia, PEI, Branson, Orlando, Vermont, Nashville and South America, as well as on several TV shows. Not only does he play the fiddle, mandolin, trumpet and bass, but also hockey and soccer, all while maintaining great results in school, and doing some theatre acting and TV commercials. His initiative, hard work and sense of commitment resulted in him being a finalist from over 1,500 nominations across Canada for the 7th annual YTV Achievement Awards.

Carving Out A Tune marks Mathiew's first recording to include some of his original compositions. Mathiew was only ten years old when he wrote his first, Salute to Columbia, for his sister Sherry when she was living in Columbia, South America. Mathiew is pleased to have Sherry accompany him on the piano for this recording. Jim's Heartwarming Waltz was named at the Maritime Old Tyme Fiddle contest in Dartmouth for organizer Jim Delaney. Screwdriver Rag was written for his brother, Dwayne, and got its name one day while Mathiew was helping Dwayne rebuild lawnmowers.

Mathiew chose a variety of tunes for listening while filling special requests for step dancers and cloggers.

The support of family, friends and fellow fiddlers, and especially Victor Pasowisty, is greatly appreciated.

Mathiew's grandparents, Fred and Ruth Lewis of Barrie, ON, deserve special mention for providing the hand-carved bears displayed in the photographs.

Young Mathew Johnson, Fiddle Factory -  FF 5022

Mathew Johnson, fiddle; Linda Smith, piano; Victor Pasowisty, Rhythm guitar; Lynn Russwurm, bass; Paul Hutton, drums

Produced by Lynn Russwurm; Arrangements by Victor Pasowisty; recorded by Harry Busby and Jay Riehl at Ernie King Studios

Tracks: Ice On The Road / Red Haired Boy; Maytime Swing / Buttermilk Mary / Angus Campbell / Rambler's Hornpipe / Mason's Apron; Danny Boy; Devil's Dream / Winding Stream / Uncle Henry's Reel; Billy Wilson's Clog / To The Ladies / Big John McNeil / Dusty Miller; Selkirk Waltz; Bowing The Strings; Rubber Dolly; Donegal Jig / Swallowtail Jig / Rippling Water Jig / Tripping Up The Stairs; Messer's Memorial Waltz; Happy Acres Two Step; Maiden's Prayer; Red Wing; Waltz Clog / Buck Fever Rag

The youngest of six step dancers was thrust into old time music since birth. At the age of three he began playing violin and step dancing. In 1986 he won the most Entertaining Fiddler of all classes in Shelburne.

In 1987 and 1988 he toured the estern provinces and Quebec entertaining as part of The Johnson Family.

In 1989 he was invited along with Gordie Tapp, Ian Tyson, Janie Fricke, Glen Campbell and ten other fiddle greats to perform on the Tommy Hunter Silver Anniversary TV Show.

And the awards just kept coming.

Clell E Joudrey

Clell Joudrey and his Fantastic Fiddling, Can-Del Records - CD78-1010

Tracks: Niomies Jig; Concert Reel; Rhthymaires Waltz (Doran Spidle); Seesaw Jig; Don Messer's Breakdown; Poor Girls Waltz; Surveyors Reel; Shelbourne Reel & Cape Bloomindon Breakdown; Pretty Precilla Waltz; Heather on the Hill; Irish Clog; Anglers Jig

"One of the greatest loves of my life is playing the fiddle."

                                                                           Clell Joudrey

That statement says just about all there is to say about an affair that started at a very young age and still continues to this day. A story of how a father gave his son a fiddle for his 8th birthday, and who 3 years later was offered a chance to tour North America with a group of musicians. Of course his parents refused this offer. But the love affair between a boy and his fiddle continued to grow. Many years later the boy became a man, and if you listen to the love and feelings put into this album you will know this affair will last for many, many more years to come.

Gérard Joyal
Les 4 champions au violon, Echo EC 133

See Compilations

Chuck Joyce

20 Great Fiddle tunes, Marathon Music MMS 76012 - 1973

Chuck Joyce, fiddle; George McKay, drums; Gord MacDonald, bass; Graham Townsend, piano

Tracks: Heather On the Hill; Putnam Breakdown*; Sweeden Jig*; Andy’s Old Time Waltz; Walker’s Special Reel*; Cec McEachern’s Breakdown; White River Stomp; Year End Two-Step; Lou’s Favourite*; Shot-A-Gin*; George’s Orange Crush Reel*; Joy-el Waltz**; Pat The Budgie Breakdown; Judy’s Reel; Cookies Jig*; Maple Leaf Two-Step; Sawdust Breakdown; Sparta Waltz*; Fuddle Duddle Hornpipe*; Lambton County Hornpipe*

** with G. Elson

Here on one great recording, are 20 of the best foot-tappin’ fiddle tunes available on the market today. Recorded by a “fiddler’s best friend” - Chuck Joyce.

Sarnia’s favourite son has on “20 Great Fiddle Tunes”, an album that no fiddle fan would want to be without. It’s no wonder that Mr. J has accumulated a goodly number of trophies over the last few years. From Shelburne, Orillia, and Petrolia, Ontario - seven in all! All the more amazing is that Chuck Joyce is still in his twenties. Many years and many more trophies lay ahead for this No. 1 Fiddle Champion.

Chuck has included on this album, tunes from all time great fiddlers such as Graham Townsend, Cec McEachern, Andy De Jarlis and the late great Don Messer, along with over 10 of his own great compositions.

So roll up the rug, drop the needle down and get set for some great old tyme fiddlin’ with the best doggone player around today - Chuck Joyce.

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