Clare Adlam

Clare Adlam Presents Hoedown Harmonies, Sparton - SP-223

Clare Adlam, fiddle; Don Robertson, bass; Cora Robertson, piano; Max Ewart, Steel Guitar; Hugh Elder, Spanish Rhythm Guitar; The Foster Sisters, backup Vocals

Tracks: Satan's Nightmare*; Meet Me Tonight In The Garden*; Fancy Frills*; Georgian Bay Breakdown*; I Love Her Yes I Do*; Clairie's Favorite Jig*; The Canada Loggin' Bee*; Little Laddie*; The Saugeen Valley Jig*; Coutin' Sara Jane*; A flame That's Burning*; The Green Fields of Home*

This is a story of a plain old country boy born on a farm in Grey County, Ontario, Canada. The youngest of nine children whose father was a good Old Time Fiddler. When only four years of age Clare was playing the harmonica at the local school's Christmas concert. At the age of seven, he was playing the violin in his home town of Durham, Ontario.

At the tender age of thirteen, he travelled to Toronto to start his musical career. A few years later found him in Wingham, Ontario, working for Radio Station CKNX where he organized a band called the CKNX Ranch Boys. This group to-day is under the management of Don Robertson. Clare's next stop was Owen Sound where he played on Radio Station CFOS.

After extensive traveling in Canada and the United States, Clare now calls Toronto his home. His time is divided between personal engagements, writing for B.M.I. and recording for Sparton Records of Canada.

Through the medium of these liner notes, Clare would like to take this opportunity of wishing each and everyone of you the very best and to remind you that if it is Country Music - it's GOOD.

Backing Clare on this recording are Don Robertson on bass, his wife Cora on piano, Max Ewart on steel guitar and Hugh Elder on Spanish rhythm guitar. The vocal background is performed by the Foster Sisters who hail from Nashville, Ontario.

We would like to point out that all the tunes in this Album were written by Clare Adlam and suggest you watch for future releases.

Fiddler’s Delight, Marathon ALS 245

Players: Clare Adlam, fiddle, mandolin; Don Robertson, bass; Dave Wallace, rhythm guitar; Joyce Steuernol, drums

Tracks - Big-eyed Rabbit*, Odd Ball Special*, Father’s Favorite*, Painter’s Highstep*, Georgian Bay Waltz*, Leapyear Jig*, Adlam’s Reel*, Moonbeam Waltz*, Iron Horse*, My Winning Waltz*, Blue Bonnet Hop*, White River Stomp*

The fiddle is moving back into the spotlight of the country music scene. It has a distinctive happy homey sound not quite equaled by any other instrument. It is certainly refreshing to hear an artist who really plays from the heart. For someone who lives and loves music as Clare does where else can music come from?

yes, not only does he play it from the heart but he has written most of the material on this album. An entertainer from the age of four and a professional musician since thirteen, Clare has long been a promoter of Canadian Country Music. For you lover of old time country music with a new flavour here is an album you surely will enjoy. It combines his talents as a writer, old-time fiddler and also mandolin player at which he is featured in two of the numbers included, both his own compositions.

We now present Clare in another terrific album a fine tribute to a deserving performance.

Chef Adams

Canadian Special, Cynda, CNA 1021 - 1972

Producer: Fred McKenna; Engineer: Jim Morgan; Recorded at: Captain Audio

Tracks - Canadian Special*, Paul Mason’s Reel*, Faded Love, Orphan’s Waltz*, Sweet georgia Brown, Maple Sugar, Old Atlantic Shore, Triad, Ontario Stomp*, Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone

A strong Country Music supporter all his life, Clare Adlam has run the gamut of the music scene. he began playing the fiddle at the tender age of seven, a direct influence of his father, who was an excellent old time fiddler. A professional from the age of thirteen, he has appeared on many early radio shows throughout rural Ontario. Besides appearing as a featured guest on the Grand Old Opry in 1968, he has backed and worked with such country music greats as Grandpa Jones, Dottie West, Sonny James, Bill Anderson, Hank Locklin, Leroy Van Dyke, Mel Tillis, Webb Pierce, Red Sovine, and many others.

He has recently appeared on the Circle 8 Ranch on CKNX-TV, Wingham, and his first recording, two of his many original tunes, Leap Year Jig / Adlam’s Reel, rests in the Country Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.

Clare has owned and operated record and musical instrument outlets specializing in country music in several Ontario towns. At present, he is managing the Country Music Centre in Waterloo.

We, at Cynda, welcome Clare and his mighty fine fiddle to the roster and we look forward to more recordings from a true country gentleman.

Fred McKenna, Producer

Adlam’s Apple: Canadian Old Tyme Fiddling At It’s Best, Circle M Records CM 2002 (LP) or CM4-2002 (Cas), 1978

Clare Adlam, violin; Dorothy McCulloch, piano; Don Robertson, bass; Donny Steele, banjo & guitar; Alfie Fromager, rhythm guitar; ‘Uncle Tom’ Alexander, Melody Steel guitar

 Recorded at Waxworks Studio, St. Jacobs, Ontario; Engineer: Jim Evans

Tracks: Adlam’s Apple*, Moonlight On The Manitoulin Island, Canadian Sunset*, Susan’s Waltz**, Heel And Toe Polka, Clare’s Clog, Jig & Reel*, Spring Valley Jig*, Maiden’s Prayer, Military Schottische, Free And Easy*, Adlam’s Waltz*, Georgian Bay Two Step* ** with Don Robertson

The art of Old Time Fiddling is probably Canada’s earliest form of Country Music. Every old time fiddler who rosins up a bow and strikes up a tune is recognized as master of a very special trade. Old Time Fiddlers create their own individual sound and style, seldom if ever, copied... Clare Adlam is one of these, but he is also member of a select group that, because of exceptional talent, rise to the top of the heap.

Clare has not only created a genuine authentic style all his very own, which comes through to you as pure Canadian as the Maple Leaf on our flag, but he has also composed many fine, original old time fiddle tunes. For this album he has selected some of the best... tunes that will live and become part of the repertoires of other artists.

I remember when Clare Adlam first became known on the Ontario Country Music Circuit. It was during the early days of CKNX radio in Wingham, Ontario. He was responsible for the formation of the original CKNX Barn Dance which gained widespread popularity over the years. I met him in December, 1942, when I first appeared on CKNX barn dance in Hensall, Ontario. It was his band that provided the backup music.

Clare Adlam is not only a pioneer in the broadcasting of Country Music in Canada, but is also one of the few dedicated entertainers and promoters who are always on the lookout for ways to render service in the field of Country Music. He owns and operates a music store in Mount Forest, Ontario and recently he has been conducting search-for-talent shows in neighboring towns which provide the younger generation a chance to be discovered and to carry on the great tradition of preserving Canadian Country Music. Clare Adlam is part owner in charge of all A&R for Circle “M” Records, a division of Maple Records, and is always on the watch for new promising artists for this all Canadian label.

This album should bring you many hours of enjoyment. It is a fine recording performance by the entire group and brings a very full sound. It has got to be my favorite because it features the best creations by an artist I have known and enjoyed for years. I will treasure my copy. Congratulations to Clare Adlam.

Earl Heywood, Canada’s Singing Cowboy,
CKNX Stereo 102, Wingham, Ontario

The Golden Wedding Waltz, Circle 'M' Records CM-2009 - circa 1980

Clare Adlam, violin; Dorothy McCulloch, piano; Jim Evans, bass, drums; Hugh Elder, guitar; Ken Gable, Steel guitar

Produced by Clare Adlam; Recorded at Adlam's Recording Studio, Mount Forest, ON

Tracks: The Golden Wedding Waltz; Evelyn's Waltz*; Wilf's Waltz*; Shamus O'Brien Waltz; The Old Fiddle Waltz*; The Moonbeam Waltz*; Life In The Finland Woods Waltz; The Piano Waltz*; The Westphalia Waltz; The Peek-a-boo Waltz

"Everybody get your partners for an old time waltz." How many years is it since you heard a dance announced this way? Many of you probably never had the thrill it brings. It was this spirit of nostalgia for our Canadian past that prompted Clare Adlam to release this album. There is nothing any nicer than a beautiful waltz. Just listening to this fine old time music brings back memories of a graceful swirling couple, gliding across the floor.

Clare Adlam has been bringing us the best in old time fiddle music for years. This album shows us another aspect of this man's talent. When you listen to melodies like "The Golden Wedding Waltz" and "The Old Fiddle waltz" it makes the listener revere his music more. For those of you interested in old time square dancing or clog jig & reels don't forget his other fine albums on the Circle "M" Label.

Verna Birch

Bonnie Brigant & Clare Adlam, Circle 'M' Records CM 2931 - 1992

Clare Adlam, fiddle & vocals; Bonnie Brigant, vocals; Don Robertson, Doroth McMullough, Don Steel, Hugh Elder, Rene Van Dyk, Ted Moris, Ernie Tolton, Lloyd Banks, Johnny Mostoway

Produced by Clare Adlam; Engineer: Brian Hewson

Tracks: I'm Saving To-day For To-morrow*; Lost In The Wilderness*; Free and Easy*; Silver River*; I'll Always Be Your Buddy*; Painting On The Wall*; God's Home Above*; Spring Valley Jig*; Sweet Face Caress*; Old Fiddle Waltz*; Prairie Sunset**; Never*; What's Gonna Happen To Me*; The Day We Met***; Is This World A Little Better*

*Clare Adlam; **Clare Adlam & N. Aldridge; ***Clare Adlam & Bonnie Brigant

A foot note from C.M. Bonnie Brigant was born in Brampton, ON. On Jan. 41, 1944. her parents moved to Perth, ON. When bonnie was only two the family of six children sang in church choirs and sang at concerts. The six children and their parents sang on the Brockville radio station every Sunday morning. Later on the family moved back to Brampton. When Bonnie got older she got married and raised three children of her own. Now that the children are older, Bonnie is back singing and composing. her first love...

Clare Adlam was born in Grey County Feb. 19, 1916, Ontario. Clare was Christened Clarence but is known as Clare on recordings, radio, TV, and all his music books. Clare played at the age of four, worked on radio at twelve and has never looked back. If you love the best in variety country music, then buy this CD.

Verna Birch

More Toe Tapping "Fiddle" Tunes by Clare Adlam, Circle M Records CM 2014

Clare Adlam, fiddle; Herb Ruth, piano; Hugh Elder, guitar; Rene Van Dyk, bass; Earnie Tolton, drums

Produced by Clare Adlam

Tracks: Front Wheel Drive*; The golden Slipper Two Step*; The Model "T" Waltz*; The Smartest Girl in Town*; Pour Me Another*; The Call of the Irish*; The Wintario Stomp*; Sweet Bunch of Dasies*; The Big Eyed Rabbit*; The Wild Canary*

For all you fans, and any new comers to "Country Fiddle" music, here is another album of good old fashioned, down home tunes by Clare Adlam. This latest of his many albums has some old goodies and some new melodies written by him. Clare has captured the sound of an old country barndance and he knows how to put that together folks, he was there. Clare is one of the originators of Canada's Largest Traveling Barndance C.K.N.X. Wingham. Clare is now seventy years of age and still going strong.

Memory Waltzes or Plays Sweet Fiddle Harmony, Circle M Records - CM 2020 - 1988

Clare Adlam, fiddle; Hugh Elder, guitar & bass; Rene Van Dyk, guitar & bass; Ken Goeble, steel; Helen Reidt, piano

Produced by Clare Adlam

Tracks: The Grey County Waltz*; Two Little Girls in Blue; School Days; Peggy O'Neil; When Irish Eyes Are Smiling; Three O'Clock in the Morning; Circle "M" Waltz*; The Blue Skirt Waltz; Charmaine; Let Me Call You Sweetheart; Missourie Waltz

Old time fiddlers create their own special individual sound and have a style seldom, if ever copied. Clare Adlam is one of those. He is also a member of a select group that, because of exceptional talent, places him at the top of the heap. Clare has created a genuine artistic style all his own. Clare's style is pure Canadian just like the maple leaf.

Clare Adlam has composed many great original fiddle tunes. On this album Clare is answering many requests for some beautiful Memory Waltzes, plus some of his own compositions.

Clare Adlam first became known on the Canadian Country circuit during the early days of the CKNX Barn Dance that gained widespread popularity across Canada over the years. This cassette will bring you many hours of enjoyment. The performance of a very full sound, created especially for you by the master himself, Clare Adlam.

Rene Van Dyk

One Hour of Music: Canadian Jigs, Reels and Waltzes, Alldisc 4601
See Compilations

Included on:
It's The Saturday Night Barn Dance Vol 2, Rodeo International RLPCD 8047,  1998
track 25: Spring Valley Jig
One of the earliest fiddlers on the Barn Dance, doing his own tune, which has become a standard among fiddlers. Clare went on to become a publisher, promoter and record company executive.

André Alain

Violoneux De Saint-Basil de Portneuf, Centre de valorisation du patrimoine vivant, non serial no. - 1996

André Alain, violon; Pierre Laporte, violon; AndréMarchand, guitar

Prise de son et mixage: AndréLespérance et GuyBouchard; Réalisation: André Marchand et GuyBouchard;

Tracks: six-huit / reel; Pot-pourri de Tadoussac; L'obstination / step à Ti-Phonse; Pot-pourri de la tuque bleue; La chaîne des dames; Pot-pourri des os; Pot-pourri du "p'tit bûcheux"; Le voyage / Jack Delad; Pot-pourri ré-sol; Pot-pourri en sol; Cécile; Les soeurs; Pot-pourri en fa; Reel Béatrice; Grondeuse

André Alain est né en 1931 et il joue du violon depuis de 5 ans. Ses influences musicales proviennent de son oncle et professeur Armand Chastenay, de Mandose Alain et de William "Quêteux" Tremblay. Celui-ci était l'un des derniers violoneux itinérants parcourant le vaste territoire du Québec à la recherche des meilleurs joueurs de violon, afin d'apprendre de nouvelles pièces. André Alain est donc dépositaire d'un répertoire des années 1940 - 50 unique par sa variété.

André Marchand est un guitariste talentueux actif depuis plus de vignt ans dans le milieu de la musique traditionnelle. Il fait partie des Charbonniers de l'enfer et du trio Marchand-Miron-Ornstein.

Pierre Laporte est reconnu comme l'un des meilleurs violoneux de sa géneration. Il fait partie du groupe Guignolée.

C'est enregistrement a été réalisé en 1986 grâce à une subvention du ministère de la Culture et des Communications, programme "Connaissance et animation du patrimoine".

Jim Allen
A Tribute to the Late Ward Allen, Rodeo Banff RBS 1253

Jim Allen, Fiddle

Circa 1965

Tracks: Introduction (spoken by Jim Allen); Three Legged Milk Stool; Mountain Park Breakdown; Paddy The Coon; Sunset Walts; Kitchen Polka; Hobo's Jig; Maple Sugar; Back Up And Push; Fairy Lake Waltz; Back To The Sugar Camp; Mountain Girl; Faded Love

The name 'Allen' has grown to mean a great deal not only to followers of country music but to Old Time Fiddle Players from Coast to Coast in Canada and the U.S.A.

This album serves two important purposes. FIRST to introduce a new name in the recording field, Jim Allen, and SECOND to have Jim play tribute to one of Canada's best known fiddle players, the late Ward Allen, who was Jim's uncle.

The Album contains 12 numbers composed and recorded by Ward Allen as well as a Bob Wills tune Ward had planned to record just prior to his untimely passing in August 1965.

Jimmy Allen, as he is affectionately known, started playing at the age of 9 and followed Ward's footsteps over the years playing at local dances throughout Western Ontario. His first Radio Broadcast was over CKNX, Wingham, Ont. During the past year he has been featured on many Radio Shows with repeated requests to perform on CFRA, Ottawa, CJET, Smith Falls and CHOV, Pembroke, Ont. Jimmy Allen, at the age of 20, is a most promising young artist with a very bright future.

Rodeo Records Limited take this opportunity to thank Mr. Harold Pounds, General Manager Record Division, Sparton Records of Canada Limited, London, Ontario, for making it possible to include in this recording a segment of the original recording by Ward Allen of his famous "Maple Sugar" and to the inclusion of Ward's photograph contained on the front cover of this album. In recognition of the generous co-operation of Sparton Records, we are reproducing below those albums of Ward Allen's still available from Sparton Records of Canada Ltd.

(Ed. note: That was 1965 - these recordings are no longer available)

Ward Allen

Warden Ambrose
d. August 3, 1965

Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown, Volume 1 - GRT Records SP 203, (Sparton Reissue)

Tracks: Maple Sugar*, The Old Box Stove*, Big John McNeil, Mr & Mrs Maple*, Heather on the Hill*, CNE Breakdown*, Orange Blossom Special, The Hunter’s March*, Mowing the Hay*, Frank Ryan’s Hornpipe*, The Braes O’Mar, Chain Lightning*

Farm boy, harvest hand, logger - Ward Allen has been all of these.

But always - from the age of four years on - Ward Allen has been first and foremost a music-lover - devoted to music in general and the fiddle in particular.

At 4, he was clambering up on the piano stool in the parlour of his family’s home near St. Mary’s, Ontario and playing old time favourites (Flowers of Edinburgh, Haste To The Wedding, etc.).

At 5, while on a month’s visit to Regina, he daily entertained his cousin’s kindergarten with mouth-organ and step-dancing - his first public appearances.

Music was in his blood. On both sides of his family, uncles and grandfathers were noted for their ability in fiddle playing and step-dancing. His four older brothers all played fiddle, and when unobserved, Ward would lovingly tune and play the forbidden instruments. His talent could not be hidden for long. By the age of 12, it was known that young Ward had a flair for the strings and his older brother Lorne started him out as partner on barn dance dates, Ward playing twin fiddle and sometimes “doubling” on piano.

In his teens, Ward won many local fiddling contests, but it was not until after a sojourn in the West (harvesting in Manitoba and logging for several years at Port Alberni, BC) that Ward Allen became a name of national significance.

Returning to Ontario he took up old time fiddling as a full-time profession, being associated with CKNX radio (Wingham, Ontario) and winning over a period of years several following honours:

1949, 50: First prize CNE Fiddle Contest
1952,53: First prize Western Ontario Championship
1953: Won Canadian Open Championship at Shelburne from a field of 87 contestants. Chosen to represent Canada at the International Fiddling Contest at Louisville State Fair, Louisville, KY
1954: Won recording contract from Sparton Records
1954 - 6: Toured Canada with Wilf Carter Show, 3 years in succession
1958: Another successful Cross-Canada tour with Wilf Carter

Since 1955, Ward has been associated with radio station CFRA, Ottawa, in which city he makes his home headquarters.

The present long playing record contains the selections most requested on his tours and form an excellent example of the virtuosity of Canada’s most devoted and outstanding exponent of the art of fiddle-playing.

Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown, Volume 2, Sparton Records SP 210

Tracks: Londonderry Hornpipe, The Flowers of Edinburgh, Frisco Waltz*, Grizzly Bear, Redwing, Mary Anne’s Reel*, The Red Haired Boy, Blue Pacific Hornpipe*, Peek-a-boo Waltz, Two Step Polka*, Iroquois Gathering*, Snowflake Breakdown

(notes same as volume 1)

Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown, Volume 3, Sparton Records SP 213

Tracks: Back To The Sugarcamp*, Pretty Betty*, Maggie & Jiggs Two Step*, Sunset Watlz*, Mountain Park Breakdown*, Bread N’ Butter*, Macton Reel*, Fishing Rod Reel*, Fairy Lake Waltz*, New Scotland*, Dancing Slippers*, Pappy Daily’s Breakdown*

Like “Old Man River”, Ward Allen’s popularity “just keeps on rollin’ along.”

His previous albums, details of which are listed below (above here - ed.), are continuous best-sellers in all parts of Canada.

Whether it be at a square dance, at a ballroom, in a cabaret, on the stage, on the radio or TV, Ward’s “Maple Leaf Hoedown” music is a listening and dancing treat to Canadian folks.

In this album you will find more of the music and fiddling that has made Ward Allen a national favourite.

All the fiddle tunes in this album are original compositions or arrangements by Ward Allen.

H.E. Pounds

Best of Ward Allen, GRT Records (Two Record Set) 9230-1031, 1973

Ward Allen, fiddle

Tunes: Maple Sugar*; Heather on the Hill*; The Old Box Stove*; The Hunters’ March*; Big John McNeil; Frisco Waltz*; Orange Blossom Special; The Braes O’Mar; Maggie & Jiggs Two Step*; Pretty Betty*; Sunset Waltz*; Mr. & Mrs. Maple*; Londonderry Hornpipe; Red Wing; C.N.E. Breakdown*; Peek-A-Boo Waltz; Blue Pacific Hornpipe*; Mowing the Hay*; Back To The Sugar Camp*; Two Step Polka*; Bread ‘n Butter*; Fairy Lake Waltz*; New Scotland*; Macton Reel

Also included on
'It's A Saturday Night Barn Dance' compilation, Rodeo Records RLPCD 8045, circa 1996
track 28, Maple Sugar
Written by Ward, this is probably the best known fiddle tune of all time

Joseph Allard

Violon: Musique traditionnelle du Québec, Tamanoir MAGHCD 60 - 1996

Ripiquage: Laurent Simard; Traitement numérique: Clément Croteau, Marc Girard pour Sono-Télé

Tracks: Reel des bottes sauvages; Reel de Napoléon; La mère Blanche; Valse Marie; Reel des fusilliers; Set de Vaudreuil; Reel de Tadoussac; Danse écossaise; Reel des skieurs; Reel de Cabano; Reel de la paix; Reel de chez-nous

Repiquage (1975)

Le présent album de Joseph Allard été réalisé à partir e'enregistrements datant de 1924 à 1944. Les six premières pièces ont été, à l'origine, enregistrées selon le procédé accoustique. L'artiste jouait devant un cornet dont l'ouverture débouchait sur une membrane vibrante activant un stylet à graver. Aucune possibilité de correction. Si l'artiste se trompait, il fallait recommencer l'enregistrement. Il y avait aussi des problèmes du côté du volume de son. Selon que l'artiste s'éloignait ou se rapprochait du cornet, le son devenait faible ou fort.

Le disque 78 tours, lui, était moulé dans une matière dure et cassante. L'aiguille qui le lisait était couplée une membrane vibrante. Le poids de cet ensemble était considérable; c'est pourquoi les disques se détérioraient rapidement et les sillons devenaient bruyants. La gramme des fréquences variait entre 200 et 3 500 hertz par seconde, tout juste la fréquence fondamentale des notes jouées, sans aucune harmonique.

Afin de tirer le plus possible des disques disponibles, nous avons utilisé certains procédés que la technologie moderne met à notre disposition. Pour enlever les bruits de surface, nous avons varié la dimension des pointes de lecture selon le sillon. Le filtre à fréauences variables nous a permis de baisser encore le bruit de surface et de donner en peu plus de présense à la prise de son originale. Enfin, un autre appereil nous a permis d'ajouter une certaine profondeur à une prise de son trés seche.

Quant aux six dernières pièces, elles ont été tirées des matrices encore disponibles chez R.C.A. Victor. Ce sont là les seuls originaux que nous avons du retrouver.

Traitement Numérique (1996)

À partir des bandes maîtresses réalisées en 1975, nous avons transféré dans l'ordinateur les pièces de Joseph Allard et nous avons procédé:

1. à la numération
2. à l'épuration des bruits parasites
3. à la stéréorisation

Finalement, le tout fut transféré sur des rubans audio-numériques. Plus de 70 ans aprés son premier enregistrement, Joseph Allard se retrouve sur disque compact à l'aube du 3e millénaire.

Lucky Ambo

Clifford Ambeault
d. April 3, 1984

Old Time Fiddlin’ With Luck Ambo, Canatal Records CTLP 4001, circa 1962

Lucky Ambo, violin & leader; Lenny Seibert, bass; Johnny Allen, steel guitar; Vic Seibert, spanish guitar; Jean Seibert, piano;

Producer: Art Snider; Engineer: Dave Newberry; Recorded at Newberry Sound Studio, Toronto

Tracks: Ragtime Annie, Bootlegger’s Breakdown*, Argonaut Two Step*, Kiwanis March, Nervous Breakdown, Astronaut Jig, Little Burnt Potato, Maple Sugar, Snowflake Breakdown, Sportsman’s Jig*, Fiddlin’ Phil, Pete’s Breakdown

There are three races that have given us the best fiddle players - the Scottish, Irish and French. Much of the Scottish dance music finds its origin in very early France.

With the settling of the Americas, these people gave our Western and Old Time music its foundation.

Lucky Ambo (Ambeault) is French-Canadian and his playing denotes the musical family he came from. Born in Bathurst, New Brunswick, he made music his profession. His credits read like a grand tour of the Western circuit. CBC, Dominion Barn Dance, Country Hoedown, etc., and he was winner of the 1955 Dominion Fiddle Championship. He has appeared with many of Canada’s finest old time artists. Lucky plays most string instruments and has composed many original tunes, several of which appear on this LP.

If you like good old time fiddlin’, then this is for you!

J. E. Markle

Also included on
'It's A Saturday Night Barn Dance' compilation, Rodeo Records RLPCD 8045, circa 1996
track 8: Nervous Breakdown
Also known as Joys of Quebec, from Lucky's album on Canatal

Jimmy Anderson

Old Native And Métis Fiddling in Manitoba, Vol 1, Falcon FP - 187

Antigonish Student Fiddlers

Glendale ‘79 Live, Inter Media Services IMS-WRC1-1273 - 1979

See Compilations

Bob Arbuckle

Ontario Dances! Dancecraft LP123322, 1979
Bob Arbuckle, fiddle; Ginny Arbuckle, guitar; Cathy Murphy, banjo; Murray Smith, piano

Dances collected and notated by Dale Hyde; Produced by Dale Hyde

Dances (Tunes): Bunkhouse Reel (Rambler’s Hornipe, Ragtime Annie, Staten Island Reel, Petronella); Sicilian Circle (Whalen’s Breakdown); Longford Schottische (Balkan Hills Schottische); Cross Country Waltz; St. Lawrence Jig; Waltz Quadrille; Canadian Progressive Barn Dance (Clog in C Major, Rochester Schottische); Navy Island Reel (Peter Couture’s Reel); Varsouvianna; Navy Two-Step (McNamara’s Band); Canadian Lancers (Reel des Eboulements)

Dale Hyde: Dale is well known in Ontario and Eastern Canada as a folkdance teacher, performer and researcher. He is on the extreme left of the cover photo, with his attractive and talented wife, Helga. As an elementary school teacher he has enriched the education of his students by introducing them to many cultures through folkdance as a classroom experience, and a Theatre experience performing around the community. He has also lectured at a number of summer courses for the University of Toronto and Western Ontario, sharing his knowledge and skills with other teachers. This record is another way of sharing that material and helping to popularize Canadian dances in our schools and recreation dance groups, square and folk, and is the result of many years of research and exchanging dances with callers and teachers throughout Ontario. Some of these dances were not originally created in Ontario, but all have been danced here for generations and have been adjusted in style and pattern and are now unique Ontario Dances!

Bob Arbuckle: Bob began playing the fiddle at age 11. He learned his first traditional tunes from his parents who were also fiddle players. By the age of 14, he was playing at local square dances around his hometown of Laskay, Ontario. Bob has played with various groups over the years including Art Celsie and the Singing Plainsmen who had a weekly radio show on CJRH Richmond Hill and later a TV show on CKVR Barrie during the early 1960s. Bob met his wife Ginny while playing with a group in Aurora and they later had their own group from 1965 – 1970. For the past 10 years they have played many times for the Old Time Callers’ Association. Bob enjoys the opportunities to play for the traditional old time dancing whenever possible.

Ginny (Sherratt) Arbuckle: Ginny received a solid background in popular music from her parents who were both well-known Toronto musicians during the 30’s and 40’s. At 14 she got a guitar to back her songs. Rock music had just come on the scene and a guitar was ‘in’. Ginny, with her guitar, sang as a ‘single’ act doing after-dinner shows, concerts and TV. In her last year of high school she joined a local band called ‘The Country Squires’ where she met Bob. Through this group she was exposed to country and traditional dance music. Ginny soon developed a particular interest in the later. In fact, she married the fiddle-player! Since then she has worked with many bands as a singer, guitarist and bassist. A few years ago, Ginny learned to play piano and accompany Bob at various fiddle contests.

Cathy Murphy: Cathy has been playing for square dances in the Toronto are for several years. Her interest was initially caught by southern string band music and for several years she played autoharp and banjo on Toronto streets for loose change. This led to the formation of a string band. Through jam sessions at Canadian Fiddle Contests she was soon invited to play banjo for various square dances. Once thus exposed she could resist no longer becoming immersed in Canadian Traditional Music. Soon a piano and hammered dulcimer made their appearances in her home. Cathy teaches banjo through the Toronto Folklore Centre. Unable to stand still while listening to the lively Irish and French Canadian fiddle tunes, Cathy has also taken up step-dancing.

Murray Smith: Murray is totally involved in Canadian Traditional Music as a musician, dancer and caller. Murray began piano lessons at age 10 but the teacher finally gave up on him. He now plays all by ear. He also fiddles around on a fiddle, accordion, banjo, mandolin, guitar and zither. He often accompanies his father who plays fiddle for square dances in Muskoka. Murray played fiddle for the Settlement Dancers at the International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales in 1978. Murray met his wife Pamela while on the dance floor at a local square dance. As a caller, Murray has been calling squares since 1968. He joined the Canadian Olde Tyme Square Dance Callers’ Association and soon became its president!

Eddy Arsenault

Egmont Baie, Les Productions de L’Ile ILE-1001

Eddie Arsenault, fiddle; Armand Arsenault, guitar; Julie Arsenault, piano; Rhéal Arsenault, bass; Robert Gallant, drums

Producer: Jacques Arsenault; Recorded at Le Studio Mobile, Montreal

Tracks: La marmoteuse, Le reel du hareng*, Les culottes à mon grand-père, Strathspey & reels, Le reel du chômage, Le reel de gaspè, Le reel du Brae, Mug and Brush Reel, La toune à Jos Bibienne, Le reel de Rocky Point*, La Marie à Pierre, Le reel du pendu et reel du cordonnier

Fisherman, carpenter and chorister, he also plays the fiddle. He is widely known as Eddy Arsenault from Egmont Bay and, as one of the best fiddlers of PEI. When Eddy enters a fiddle contest at the regional or provincial level, he very often comes home with a first prize.

Eddy started handling the bow at the age of fifteen. With a passion, he learned reels from musicians of his natvie village of Saint-Chrysostôme and picked up tunes from Québec fiddlers he listened to on the radio.

A sample of his varied repertoire includes Scottish strathspeys, jigs and reels in the best Island Acadian style as well as his own compositions, the Herring Reel and the Rocky Point Reel.

Eddy à Arcade, as he is known to his friends, plays with such an intensity and such feeling that you cannot help being moved and entranced by his music.

Adrien Avon

Reels - Adrien Avon et Ses Diables Noirs, Trans Canada Records - TC-A-65

Adrien Avon, violon

Tracks: Reel des Noces D'Argent; Reel de Ste-Anne; Reel des Noces D'Or; Reel des Bouchons; Reel de la St-Jean Baptiste; Reel de Jigeueurs; Reel du Bonnehomme; Reel des Cordonniers; Reel du Printemps

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