Order of the Porcupine
Music Hall of Fame
Est. 1993
The Hall of Fame recognizes some great Canadians who have done their share to preserve and protect our Cultural heritage. Our heritage is the real folkloric, living tradition of the people of Canada. The Porcupine Awards are almost entirely named after Memorial Hall of Fame members to respect them for the fields in which they strived. The Golden Porcupine Lifetime Achievement winners are automatically inducted. The year given is when they were inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Members of the Porcupine Order

Micky Andrews - Slide Guitar player - Nova Scotia & Ontario - 2011 - Performed with The Good, The Bad & The Ugly at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern in its C&W heyday. Specializes in Dobro and Steel.
Charlie ‘Chuck’ Angus - author/songwriter, N Ontario - 1997 - one of the youngest inductees to the hall of fame, has performed with The Grievous Angels since the mid-1980s. Now a Member of Parliament representing Timmins-James Bay
Ian Bell, Folklorist, Curator and musician, Ontario  - 2006 - Performed in Muddy York in the 80s, designed album covers for Boot Records in the 70s & 80s; collected folk songs and began composing and recording in the 90s
Anita Best, Singer, Newfoundland & Labrador - 2006 - singer of traditional Newfoundland ballads and folk songs; books the summer concerts in the bunker at Cape Speer, NFL
Neil Bishop - Newfoundland and Labrador - 2009 - Played guitar in various rock bands - one of the first indie producers in NL. Co-founded Clode Sound Studios and Quay Records.
'Antique' Ernie Blanchard, singing yodeller, New Brunswick - 2004 - timid and shy, had to be coaxed into performing in public - an excellent old timey country artist that can still breathe life into his songs
John Borra - singer / songwriter - Toronto - 2009 - Played the bass in various Toronto rock bands: Change of Heart, A Neon Rome, Groovy Religion; fronted the John Borra Band and Rattlesnake Choir.
Bob Bossin - singer / songwriter - Gabriola Island, BC - 2005 - Performed in Stringband. Known for his politically correct views incorporated into his songwriting
David Bradstreet - singer/songwriter - Ontario - 2006 - known for his Valdy hit song, Renaissance, he's produced several albums, composed music for films and TV as well as commercials
Rodney Brown, singer / songwriter, Northern Ontario - 2004 - performed for adults and children - writes historical songs as well as modern day ballads - performing for the better part of 3 decades
Claude Caines - Newfoundland and Labrador - 2009 - Co-founder of Clode Sound and Quay Records. One of the first Newfoundlanders to record, 1965 with the Du-Cats.
Rita Chiarelli, Blues Musician, Ontario - 2012 - Hamilton native who has chronicled the plight of convicts, amongst other things, singing her blues for decades
Margaret Christl, singer, Ontario - 2007 - now living in Owen Sound, she emigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1966 - sang with Friends of Fiddler's Green in the '70s - released several excellent albums of songs in the intervening years
Bruce Cockburn - singer/songwriter, Ontario -1997 - one of the most celebrated Canadian performers - involved in humanitarian causes around the globe
Tom C Connors, singer/songwriter, Ontario / NB - 1994 - he defied all the odds and did everything his own way - documented the life of every day Canada with his songs - still one of the most recognizable Canadian figures - the man with the big, black cowboy hat!!
Sean Cotton - Ontario - 2009 - Multiple Porcupine Award recipient for his work as a producer, member of the Undesirables.
Tom Coxworth, Radio Host - Alberta - 2010 - host of CKUA's Folk Routes radio program and other folk radio programs since 1986
Greg Dodd - Saint John's, Newfoundland and Labrador - 2009 - rock musician and historian - pieced together an archive project to preserve NL's rock & roll past: Rock & Roll Comes to Newfoundland and Labrador - book and CD/DVD box set.
Teresa Doyle, singer, PEI - singer of Gaelic and traditional songs - a goodwill ambassador for the entire country
Fred Eaglesmith, singer / songwriter - Ontario - 2007 - one of Canada's best exports - has been releasing albums of his own songs since 1980
Kirk Elliott, musician - Ontario - 2003 - multi-instrumentalist - performed for years with Sharon, Lois and Bram - knowledgeable about many aspects of music
David Essig, musician - BC - 2006 - blues and country influenced, has also dabbled with Korean music. Has released 17 albums of works over the years. Was proprietor of Woodshed Records in the 1970s
Max Ferguson, broadcaster, Ontario - 1995 - hosted CBC radio programs for over 40 years - introduced thousands to the obscure sounds of rare Canadiana
Shirley Field, Country music singer - yodeler - British Columbia - 2010 - an excellent award winning yodeler of western and cowboy songs
Bernie Finkelstein, music industry exec, Ontario - 1996 - before the days of CanCon, he started his own record company - True North - responsible for the careers of Bruce Cockburn, Dan Hill, Murray McLauchlin, Carole Pope and  dozens of others
Hank Fisher, washboard player - Ontario - 2005 - Most unique washboard player, performed with Rev. Ken's Lost Followers, Hank & The Honkers. Wrote song: Stompin' Tom For Priminister
Richard Flohil, music impressario/promoter, Ontario - 1999 - the man who brought the world of roots music to Canada, beginning with Muddy Waters - editor of CAPAC magazine Canadian Composer - also co-founded The Record - fingers in many pies
Stephen J Foote aka Stevedore Steve, singer/songwriter, New Brunswick - 1994 - traveled Canada with the young Tom Connors - fell in love with the hard working people and wrote and sang about them - the sounds of Country Canada
Roy Forbes, producer, singer/songwriter, broadcaster, British Columbia - 2002 - once known as the performer Bim, influenced by country and blues, member of pop trio UHF
Allan Fraser, singer/songwriter, Quebec - 2012 - performed in folk-rock duo Fraser & DeBolt, one of the most influential acts of its day.
Cheryl Gaudet - singer/songwriter, Festival founder - Nova Scotia - 2009 - Founder of what became the Eaglewood Folk Festival in 1989.
Oskar Graf, Luthier, Ontario - 2004 - one of the founders of Blue Skies Festival which is held on his land - Luthier of extraordinary skill - visionary and wise
Russ Gurr, country singer, Manitoba - 2003 - once known as The Singing Farmer - started singing formally at age 5 - began music career in his 50s - recorded three albums of great Canadian songs - campaign manager for John Diefenbaker in rural Manitoba
Mark Haines - folk artist, PEI - 2003 - originally from Kingston Ontario, performed in his group The Zippers before forming Haines & Leighton - an excellent performer and country gentleman
Ken Hamm - roots music singer - British Columbia - 2010 - originally from Thunder Bay ON, he has been performing and releasing albums since 1978
Marie-Lynn Hammond - Singer / Songwriter - Ontario - 2005 - Performed in Stringband before going solo. Hosted radio program on CBC in the 1980s
Tim Harrison, Producer, Singer/Songwriter - 2002 - as well as being an able singer / songwriter, was artistic director of several folk festivals - coaxed Enoch Kent to record for his label Second Avenue Records
Andrew Hermant - Producer, Musician, Label Owner - Ontario - 2010 - started one of the first independently owned recording studios in Canada - Manta Sound. Owned Duke Street Records and currently plays in Rubberneck
Wolf Hess, broadcaster, Northern Ontario - 1996 - recorded dozens of acts in Northern Ontario including members of Cano, many for the first time - developed talent where many believed there was none
Ivan Hicks - fiddler, New Brunswick - 2001 - multi-winner of Maritime Fiddle Contest - teacher, composer of fiddle music - created Fiddles of the World with wife Vivian - one of the most down-to-earth people you'd ever want to meet
Vivian Hicks, Musician, New Brunswick - 2012 - a teacher, back up musician, organizer who has been part of the Maritime Express band with her husband Ivan Hicks
Bobby Hill - Radio personality and Bluegrass musician - Quebec - 2010 - pioneer radio personalty and one of the first bluegrass musicians to record in Canada.
Lawrence 'Teddy Boy' Houle, Metis fiddler, Manitoba - 1998 - an Elder to his people, his fiddle has taken him from rural Manitoba to Parliament Hill to play for The Queen and to Carnegie Hall
Bill Houston, Singer-songwriter - Northern Ontario - 2006 - his song, Ojibway Country, was included in the first Imax Film North of Superior; created a buzz with his song 'The King of White Otter Lake'
Ron Hynes, singer / songwriter - Newfoundland & Labrador - 2011 - composed Sonny's Dream, performed in The Wonderful Grand Band and is perhaps Newfoundland's best known composer of contemporary songs
Paul James, Blues Singer, guitarist, Ontario - 2004 - the closest thing we've got to Bob Dylan! Classy artist with all the right moves - plus a million dollar smile
Mendelson Joe, Painter, singer, songwriter - Ontario - 2006 - formed McKenna Mendelson Mainline in 1968; recorded various solo albums; known for his series of paintings of Brian Mulrony (as an ass-hole); outspoken political commentator
James Keelaghan - singer/songwriter - Alberta - 2009 - with numerous albums of original songs to his credit; member of The Compadres with Oscar Lopez.
Connie Kaldor - singer/songwriter - Saskatchewan - 2010 - recording and performing since 1976, taking her music literally around the world
Enoch Kent, balladeer, Ontario - 2002 - Scottish singer was member of the infamous Exiles before moving to Canada in the 1960s. Soft Spoken but very direct, you have to lean forward to listen to his songs. And they're more than worth it!!
Ned Landry, fiddler, New Brunswick - 1998 - once one of the country's biggest stars, began as a harmonica player with Don Messer's Backwoods Trio. Composer of well known tunes like Ontario Swing and Bowing The Strings
Penny Lang, singer - Québec - 2007, started in Monreal coffee houses in 1963 and has released several albums of bluesy material
Bill Langstroth - television producer, Nova Scotia/Ontario - 1997 - produced the don Messer Jubilee and Singalong Jubilee shows for CBC - discovered and married Anne Murray
Anne Lederman - musician extraordinaire, Ontario - 2012 - a folklorist and performer who has been recording since the 1970s in so many styles it's mind boggling!
Ray Legere - Musical accompanist - Nova Scotia - 2010 - Great bluegrass musician and music accompanist. Has appeared on over 100 albums.
Gordon Lightfoot, singer/songwriter, Ontario - 2000 - started out as a singer and square dancer on CBCs Country Hoedown - started due The Two Tones before going out on his own - early songs covered by Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan & Ian & Sylvia
John Little, country & blues musician, ontario - 2012 - known as Big John 'T-Bone' Little, was probably the first canadian blues artist to record in the 1950s
Allistair MacGillivray - composer, folklorist, writer, player - Cape Breton - 2011 - Musical director for John Allan Cameron's TV show; composed Song For The Mira covered by over 130 artists internationally.
Sandy MacIntyre, fiddler, Cape Breton/Ontario - 2000 - one of the current deans of Cape Breton style fiddling - teaches summer students in Cape Breton
Buddy MacMaster - fiddler, Cape Breton -1997 - born in Timmins to a mining family from Cape Breton, he moved back and mastered the Scottish fiddling techniques of his people - performed at dances - rarely recorded until recent times
Magoo (a.k.a. Bruce MacGregor) - MC, Singer-Songwriter and performer - Ontario - 2006 - one of the Founders of the Blue Skies Folk Festival; his zany personality has made him a folk favourite wherever he goes
André Marchand, producer, Québec - 1998 - one of the founding members of La Bottine Souriante - the man with the golden feet - developed an open tuning guitar style now common in Quebec - has produced recordings by most of the great artists of the Launadiere region north of Montreal
Cecil Mceachern, musician, PEI - 1998 - one of the truly great sidemen - played electric guitar and second fiddle in Don Messer's band - also composer of excellent fiddle tunes - one of the last surviving
members of The Islanders
Murray McLauchlan, singer/songwriter - Ontario - 2007 - wrote The Farmer's Song and many others - hosted Swing on a Star on CBC radio as well as a TV show
Eddy Melanson, rockabilly pioneer, Ontario / Nova Scotia - 2012 - started playing rockabilly in the early 1950s in Halifax and has continued that tradition for the past 50 years
Marcel Messervier, accordionist - instrument builder, Quebec - 1994 - he goes out (weather permitting) and rows on the St. Lawrence River most mornings before heading to his workshop to build accordions - has only recorded a handful of tunes - lead the Laurentian All Stars old time dance band
Shirley Montague, singer/songwriter, Folklorist - Newfoundland & Labrador - 2012 - has been at the forefront of illuminating life in her native Labrador for over 30 years
Pamela Morgan, singer/songwriter, Folklorist - Newfoundland & Labrador - 2006 - joined the celtic rock band, Figgy Duff, in the early 70s as its co-leader with Noel Dinn; has her own label, Amber Records; has recorded various albums of her music.
Walter Ostanek, accordionist , Ontario - 1993 - Canada's Polka King - hosted his own television and radio programs - 3 time Grammy Award winner for Polka music - originally from Duparquette, Northern Quebec
Roy Payne, singer/songwriter, Newfoundland & Labrador - 1995 - one of the most fiercely Canadian recording artists of the 1960s, his songs I Wouldn't Trade a Million Dollars for a Single Maple Leaf and The Goofy Newfy defined his no-bullshit demeanor
Holger Petersen, Broadcaster, Producer, Label Owner, Alberta - 2004 - Founded Stony Plain Records - released albums by dozens of Canadian acts - host of two Blues radio shows - Brought Edmonton Folk Festival to the top of the mountain
Manny Pitson - television producer, Nova Scotia/Ontario - 1997 - co-produced singalong Jubilee and the Don Messer programs for CBC Halifax for many years
Mitch Podolak, Music Enterpreneur, Manitoba - 2005 - founder of the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Helped establish Summerfolk in Owen Sound as well as the Calgary and Vancouver folk music festivals. Hosted 'Simply Folk' radio program on CBC
Ken Ramsden - Musician, Ontario - 2005 - Known fondly as Reverend Ken, one lead The Lost Followers, inventor of the phelopian tuba, player of various instruments including the kitchen sink. One of the principal organizers of the Peterborough Folk Festival.
Corin Raymond - singer/songwriter - Ontario - 2009 - Multiple Porcupine Award recipient for his work with The Undesirables and his own Corin Raymond band.
Mike Regenstreif - Radio host a enterpreneur - Quebec - 2010 - hosted Folk Routes / Folk Branches on CKUT in Montreal for many years. Ran the Golem Folk Club and booked many acts.
Kelly Russell - musician, producer, story-teller - Newfoundland & Labrador - 2012 - son of story teller Ted Russell, has carried on the preservation of folklore through music and story
Lynn Russwurm - Composer, Musician and Producer - Ontario - 2006 - known for his encyclopedic knowledge of Canadian Country Music; has produced various compilation CDs of music for the Barn Dance Hall of Fame
Mose Scarlett, musician - Ontario - 2006 - his long beard, tall lanky body, glass of scotch and a six stringed guitar have made him the Leon Redbone of Canada; his work with Ken Whiteley and Jackie Washington is something special: When old friends meet!
Jack Schuller - music executive - British Columbia - 2008 - Jack Schuller was lured into working for Festival Distribution when it first began in 1980. He has overseen the distribution of hundreds of Canadian folk, roots and world music albums as well as their off-shoot label, Jericho Beach Music, home to James Keelaghan.
Mike Malihini Scott - Hawaiian steel guitarist - Ontario - 2011 - exponent of Hawaiian music, was awarded Steel Man Of The Year by the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association in 2001
Reginald Siki - Champion wrestler & country musician - Ontario - 2011- known as Mr Irresistible: Sweet Daddy Siki.
Cedric Smith, singer, songwriter, Ontario - 2010 - Canadian actor and singer-songwriter who performed in Perth County Conspiracy. Known as Alec King in Road To Avonlea
Murray Smith, square dance caller, Ontario - 1999 - has worked with some of the best fiddlers of our times for square dances throughout southern Ontario
Lucille Starr, country singer, Quebec - 2000 - chanteuse from Montreal who scored a major hit with The French Song in the mid 60s - influenced many important female singers: Sylvia Tyson included
Wayne Sturge - Saint John's, Newfoundland and Labrador - rock musician and historian - pieced together an archive project to preserve NL's rock & roll past: Rock & Roll Comes to Newfoundland and Labrador - book and CD/DVD box set.
Gwen Swick, singer, songwriter, Ontario - 2006 - Played in Tamarack in the 80s to early 90s; a member of Quartette and the Marigolds; has released two CDs of her own songs
Ian Tamblyn, producer, singer, songwriter, Quebec - 2004 - from Thunder Bay, ON where he formed North Track Records with Rodney Brown & Ken Hamm - music has taken him from the Arctic to Antarctica - folk as well as environmental music
Gerry Taylor, media, New Brunswick - 1995 - has collected recordings and press clippings of thousands of country and folk performers - continues to write and research articles for Saint John Tribune Herald - great source of information about Maritime artists
Brent Titcomb, singer/songwriter, Ontario - 2001 - was member of 3s a Crowd and went on to write and perform solo - many recordings to his credit - composed Tibetan Bells and many other great songs - father of Liam Titcomb
Wayne Tucker - Saint John's, Newfoundland and Labrador - Great fan of Newfoundlan's Dick Nolan, has preserved Nolan's works and name - hosts a Newfoundland and Labrador music program on CHMR
Ian Tyson - singer / songwriter - Alberta - 2011 - composer of Four Strong Winds, performed in the folk duo Ian & Sylvia and The Great Speckled Bird
Sylvia Tyson - singer / songwriter - Ontario - 2011 - composer of You Were On My Mind, performed in the folk duo Ian & Sylvia and The Great Speckled Bird
Jan Vanderhorst - radio host - Ontario - 2010 - has hosted popular Brantford radio program Just Us Folk over CKPC since 1981.
Valdy, singer/songwriter - British Columbia - 2008 - Ottawa-born as Daldmar Horsdal, he went on to become an iconic figure on the fledgling Canadian music scene in the 1970s. His Valdy & the Hometown Band recording of 1976 is a classic
Sneezy Waters, musician, Ontario - 1998 - JM Hodgeson from Ottawa - best known for his legendary performances of Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave - was member of The Children with Bruce Cockburn in the mid-1960s
Joan & Jeff Weed, music supporters, volunteers - Ontario - 2008 - This couple has been a part of the Toronto music scene, behind the scenes, staging house concerts, volunteering at folk festivals and dancing with the Tornto Morris troupe.
Chris Whiteley, musician, Ontario - 2004 - with brother Ken formed Original Sloth Band - has recorded with dozens of artists - spawned children Jenny and Dan - married to singer Caitlan Hanford
Ken Whiteley, Godpel  blues singer, Ontario - 2004 - a force behind many artists, inlcuding Jackie Washington - one of founding members of Borealis Recoreds - recorded with brother Chris as The Whiteley Brothers
David Wilcox, blues guitarist, Ontario - 2001 - started out in Yorkville in The Gangrene Boys bluegrass band before becoming a rock 'n blues performer - has recorded a dozen albums of original blues infested material for major labels
Tim Williams, blues and country singer/songwriter, Alberta - 2007 - Orignally from the US, he came to Canada during the Viet Nam war and has lived here ever since
Eric Wilson, Old time Canadian Country music enthusiast - Ontario - 2008 - The Sugar Camp's resident Country music expert. Has guested on the radio program over 25 times since 1997. Indispensible knowledge and taste. Saw Hank Williams perform in Toronto in 1949.
DAVID WOODHEAD, Bass - Ontario - 2008 - Has backed up stars like Stan Rogers, Lorreena McKennitt, Oliver Schroer and Daisy Debolt, to name just a few. Is a member of Perth County Conspiracy when they do exist. Was awarded both the Lenny Breau and Off-Beat Porcupines. Model Railway Enthusiast as well eh.
Frank Wright, vibes, Ontario - 2003 - worked at Canada Post by day - played jazz by night - to support his family; influenced by Peter Appleyard - still performs with the Canadian Jazz Quartet
Ritchie Yorke, Can / Aust - 2009 - Golden Porcupine recipient - Music journalist and author - Successfully fought for CanCon legislation in 1970. Great promoter of Canadian talent.
Memorial Members of the Porcupine Order
André Alain, violineur, Quebec - 1996 - one of the last, great itinerant collectors of Quebecois fiddle tunes. Used as a resource by many.
Ward Allen, fiddler, Ontario - 1994 - Second winner of the Shelbourne Fiddle contest, composer of Maple Sugar - defined the Ontario fiddle style
Lucky Ambo, fiddler - New Brunswick / Ontario - 1999 - Excellent fiddler who performed on the CKNX Saturday Night Barndance from Wingham, ON
Tommy Anderson, fiddler, Ontario - 1995 - Scottish born fiddler who started the Nobleton Fiddle Club and kept the links with Scotland alive
Kidd Baker, country Music Star, New Brunswick - 2008 - Famous through out Canada and the USA, had hits like Big Rock Candy Mountain and Wheeling Back To Wheeling WV. Died 1992
Marius Barbeau, folklorist, Quebec - 1993 - By far, the most accomplished collector of Canadian folklore. Beget the Canadian Folk Music Society.
Cliff 'Kid' Bastien, jazz player, Ontario - 2003 - Leader of the Happy Pals who lead Saturday afternoon jams at Grossman's Tavern, Toronto, for 30 years.
Smiley Bates - country singer, N Ontario - 1997 - multi-instrumentalist, performer, one-man band, he toured Canada's hinterland entertaining for years.
Mac Beattie, bandleader - songwriter, Ottawa Valley - 1993 - Great washboard player who defined the Ottawa Valley to the rest of the country through his songs.
Bernie Bedore, story teller, singer, folklorist - Ottawa Valley ONT - 2012 - the originator of the tales of Big Joe Mufferaw which inspired Stompin' Tom's song. Died in Renfrew, June 2012.
Willie P Bennett, Singer-Songwriter & Musician - Ontario - 2006 - has influenced countless songwriters by breaking new ground with his 70s albums; played with the Dixie Flyers and Fred Eaglesmith's Flying Squirrels; Juno Award winning CD 'Heartstrings'
Emile Benoit, fiddler, Newfoundland & Labrador - 1993 - Lumberjack, fisherman, fiddler, country doctor, story-teller, but also a great composer of Newfoundland tunes.
Maurice Bolyer, banjo player, Ontario / New Brunswick - 1998 - Great tunesmith who performed regularly on Arthur Godfrey Show - a musicians' musician.
Reg Bouvette, fiddler, Manitoba - 2000 - French  fiddler who extended the lineage of the Red Valley style of playing
Kent Brockwell, country music, Ontario - 2003 - Nearly blind, dobro playing composer of excellent Canadian content country songs. Peterborough farmer.
Philippe Bruneau, accordionist, Quebec/France - 2000 - now living in France, composer of discordant tunes - truly one of the greatest musicians of Quebec
John Allan Cameron - singer, Cape Breton I, NS - 1995 - the man who made Cape Breton famous - hosted his own TV program - propelled Maritime music to the national stage
Jean Carignan, fiddler, Quebec - 1993 - Epitomized the Irish, Scottish and French fiddle styles of Quebec like no other before or since. Drove cab in Montreal.
Wilf Carter, singer/songwriter, Nova Scotia - 1993 - His documentation of Western folklore in song is legendary. The ultimate performer - peoples' choice.
Charlie Chamberlain, Singer,  New Brunswick - 2004 - joined Don Messer's band in the 1930s and stayed with him for 40 years - one of the most loveable personalities in Canadian entertainment
Helen Creighton, folklorist, Nova Scotia - 1993 - traveled around rural Nova Scotia collecting folksongs in the Depression and brought them to the fore. Finder of Farewell To Nova Scotia. Music recorded on Folkways Records, NY.
Lee Cremo, fiddler - Eskasoni First Nation, Nova Scotia - 1999 - From Eskasoni Reserve, played traditional music with a Native tough. Highly regarded for his style.
Al Cromwell, singer, Ontario - 1995 - Black and Blue, troubled, he was a great blues singer who washed store windows in downtown Toronto by day.
Stu Davis, Country Singer/Songwriter - Saskatchewan - 2008 - Was recommended by Wilf Carter to Sonora Records in the US which lead to a 40 year recording career. Died in 2007
Daisy DeBolt, singer / composer, Ontario - 2004 - formerly with Fraser & DeBolt, influences from Jazz, Rock & Folk idioms - a Canadian national treasure
Andy Dejarlis - fiddler, Manitoba - 1997 - founder of what went on to be called The Red River style of playing - honoured by Don Messer who recorded an album of His music.
Noel Dinn, bandleader, Newfoundland & Labrador - 1993 - A rock n' roller who went on to investigate and collect Newfoundland folk music; founded the country's first real traditional musical rock band - Figgy Duff
Dennis Doherty, singer / Actor, Nova Scotia - 2007 - A member of the Mama's and Papas, The Mugwumps and Halifax Three
Eddie Duke, jazz musician, Northern Ontario - 1996 - has been playing his sax in northern orchestras since the 1930s - proprietor of Duke's Cameras in Kirkland Lake - still jams with country and rock bands
Eric Edwards aka Alberta Slim, British Columbia - 2002 - one of the oldest living members of the Hall, was the Hank Snow of the prairies
Rick Fielding, musician / broadcaster, Ontario - 2003 - great collector of all types of stringed instruments and songs; excellent player blessed with a great voice. Host of Acoustic Workshop radio program on CIUT for 14 years - Passed away March, 2004.
Joan Finnigan, author, Ontario - 1998 - collected personal stories of mostly rural Ottawa Valley folk - published a dozen books - wrote screenplay for cult film "The Last Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kaladar
Beth Ferguson, singer/songwriter, Ontario - 1999 - Ottawa based performer who died way too young - member of Malaika - mixed race women's quartet
John Ferguson, singer, musician, Nova Scotia - 2012 - Performed for 35 years in McGinty and other bands. Great baritone balladeer. Died October, 2012.
Winston Fitzgerald, fiddler, Cape Breton - 1993 - the dean of Cape Breton fiddlers - one of the first to record and popularize his peoples' music
Edith Fulton Fowke, folklorist, Ontario - 1996 - collector of folklore, author and broadcaster; recorded many singers for Folkways Records
King Ganam, fiddler - Saskatchewan - 2007 - was the host of CBC's Country Hoedown and the King Ganam Show on CTV
Lennox Gavan, singer, Quebec - 1995 - keeper of shantyboy and Irish Canadian folksongs of the Ottawa Valley
Samuel Gesser, promoter, Quebec - 1994 - music impresario - promoted acts such as Peter, Paul & Mary to Canadian audiences - recorded over 40 albums of Canadian folk material for Folkways Records in New York
Donny Gilchrist, step-dancer, Quebec - 1998 - step-dancing genius from the Ottawa Valley - developed an entire school of folk dance
Sue Goldberg, folk singer - Ontario - 2005 - a dedicated singer of folk songs at song circles and The Woods Camp. Mother of singer Eve Goldberg - died 2005
Gaby Haas, bandleader, Alberta - 1994 - brought together western swing and polka music to entertain people of various backgrounds who shared barn-dance floors
Norm Hacking - Singer/songwriter, Ontario - 2001 - the man with the big heart, ran open stages to prepare young singer/songwriters for a future in music - although he never had a hit song, he deserved to - his songs are that good
Jack Hayes, Square Dance Caller, Toronto - 1993 - bouncer at Toronto's Playter Hall; took on the Beanery Boys single handily when they tried to ruin a dance
Jeff Healey, guitarist / trumpeter, Ontario - 2007 - rockin' blues guitarist and singer is also a classic jazz effectionado - leads Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards
George Hector, banjo picker, New Brunswick - 1993 - performed with Don Messer's new Brunswick Lumberjacks in the 30s and played until his death in 2004
Wade Hemsworth, singer/songwriter, Quebec - 2000 - probably the most distinctive songwriter of his day in Canada - composer of The Black Fly song & the Wild Goose
Earl Heywood, country singer, Ontario - 1993 - the principle star of the CKNX Saturday Night Barn Dance - father of the Wingham Barn Dance Museum and Hall of Fame - composed an entire album of songs about the Black Donnelleys
Harry Hibbs, accordionist, Newfoundland & Labrador - 1993 - hosted At The Caribou on TV - one of the first Canadians to have 4 Gold records to his credit
Curtis Hicks, fiddler, New Brunswick - 2000 - one of the true fiddlers who performed at dances and influenced an entire generation to come; father of Ivan Hicks
Reg Hill, fiddler, Ontario - 1994 - a wonderful composer of fiddle tunes - performed for 30 years with the Ottawa Valley Melodiers
Dorothy Hogan, musician and impressario - Quebec - 2006 - came from the US in 1963 and established herself as a choir director, artistic director and musician - headed the Maple Sugar Revue in the 70s with Graham Townsend and Co which put together the building blocks of Tamarack; played piano for Quebecois accordion ace Philippe Bruneau
Homer Hogan, Professor - Ontario - 2006 - Professor of English at Guelph University, he published Listen! Songs and Poems of Canada in 1972 which featured poems and lyrics of Canadian songs with poems submitted by high school students from across the land. Founded Springwater Records which released Maple Sugar and The Great Canadian Fiddle
Eddie 'Baltimore' Hutchison, Guitarist, Singer, Music Engineer - Ontario - 2004 - Played in Slowpoke, Second Line Fever, Humble Sponge - Died May, 2004
Merrick Jarrett, folklorist, professor, radio host - Ontario - 2005 - collected cowboy and kid's songs which he sung and taught. Professor of Musicology at University of Waterloo - Died December 6, 2005
Evan Kemp, Country singer - British Columbia - 2005  - Recorded for Aragon Records in the 1950s. Hosted the Circle 7 Ranch on CTV. Lead his Trail Riders to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry
Mart Kenny, bandleader, British Columbia - 2000 - began performing in the 1920s and is still at it now, in his 90s. Leader of Big Band, toured the CP Hotel chain in the 1940s & 50s before relocating to Ontario where he hosted The Mart Kenny Ranch
Bob King, country music singer/songwriter, Ontario - 1999 - member of the Happy Wanderers country band - husband of French singer Marie King
Jack Kingston, country music singer/songwriter, Ontario - 2007 - host of the Mainstreet Jamboree (1950s)
Estelle Klein, past-Mariposa Artistic Director, Ontario - 1996 - developed the modern day folk festival and made Mariposa Canada's premier festival in the 1960s
Bill Lamey, fiddler, Cape Breton - 2000 - spread Cape Breton fiddling to the New England states - ran house parties and fiddle clubs before retiring back to Nova Scotia
LaRiviere, hank, Country music performer - Ontario - 2010 - originally known as The Singing Soldier, was a popular Canadian artist in the 40's through 60s.
Russell 'Rusty' Leach, folklorist, Quebec - 1994 - selflessly collected hundreds of folk songs and their variants along the upper Ottawa Valley
Father Germain Lemieux, folklorist, N Ontario - 1996 - responsible for having collected folksongs and stories of French Northern Ontario
Mel Levigne, fiddler, Ontario - 1999 - the first person to win the North American Fiddling Championships at Shelbourne - performed on CKNX Country Barndance
Jean-Paul Loyer - Joliette QC - 2009 - Composer, Banjo and Guitar player - Was in Les Freres Labri and OJNAB. Passed away October, 2009
Dan R. MacDonald - fiddler, Cape Breton - 1997 - brought medleys of pure Scottish fiddle tunes to the masses with his abilities to both read and perform
Alan MacRae, songwriter, Ontario - 1995 - Scottish immigrant, worked the northern Mines and wrote great songs - former member of the Chanteclaires music troupe
Jim Magill - Fiddle playing Band Leader - Quebec - 2008 - Known as the composer of many great fiddle tunes, was also a great band leader - a contemporary of Don Messer and George Wade. Died 1954
Bill Mankiss, accordionist, Ontario - 2007 - born in Saskatchewan, became a mainstay on the CKNX Barndance and backed up many others on their records
Arlene Mantle, social activist, musician - ontario - 2012 - sang for picket lines, union halls, social causes. died 2012.
Jim Martin - singer, Ontario - 2011 - Originally from Newfoundland, worked as a high structural Iron worker. Loved to sing Irish and Country songs. Died in Toronto October 13, 2011
Robin Masyk aka Handsome Ned, rockabilly singer, Ontario - 2002 - the man who infused the Toronto punk scene with country music - influenced Blue Rodeo and many others - broadcasted country music on CKLN
Mazurek, Zeke, fiddler, Ontario - 2010 - performed with ian & sylvia, Sneezy Waters band and several others.
Barney McCafferey, singer-songwriter, photographer, farmer - ontario - 2012 - "If you don't know you wilno" was what he loves saying about his Wilno home. One of the great characters of the Madawaska valley.
Ed McCurdy, singer, Nova Scotia - 1995 - American born, loved and lived in Nova Scotia; great baritone, was able to boom sea shanties and folk songs to the masses
Kelly McGowan, celtic musician, Ontario - 2001 - singer with Harbord Trio - married to guitarist Don Ross - a great inspiration to others
Jim McHarg - jazz bass player, Ontario - 2003 - formed trad jazz band The Metro Stompers and stomped his way along Yorkville during the folk boom of the 60s
Dan Joe McInnis, fiddler, Cape Breton, NS - 1998 - another great fiddler and teacher, inspiration to many young fiddlers - ensured the future of this treasured music
Paul Menard - fiddler, N Ontario - 2011 - composer, producer and session man who played on over 1,000 recordings. Has several albums to his credit. Worked in Montreal for years before returning to North Bay to host a weekly bluegrass radio show.
Don Messer, fiddler, New Brunswick - 1993 - probably the most influential musician in Canada 1940s - 70s - galvanized a truly distinct Canadian way of playing the fiddle
Alan Mills, singer, Montreal - 1995 - recorded for Folkways, his distinct baritone put the proper etiquette into folksongs for presentation to "higher class" society
Taylor Mitchell, Toronto - 2009 - Singer Songwriter was only just 19 when she was attacked and killed by coyotes in Cape Breton while on her first East Coast tour.
Johnny Mooring, fiddler, Nova Scotia - 2000 - one of the most loved characters of the fiddle world - toured Canada from the Atlantic to the Rockies
Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy - blues harp singer, Ontario - 2003 - one of the many Ronnie Hawkins prodigy, probably the best blues performer this country has ever produced - recorded his first LP with Canadian legends Crowbar
Dick Nolan, singer, Newfoundland & Labrador - 1994 - the first Newfoundlander to record the folksongs of his native land - had a major hit with The Night We Stole Aunt Martha's Sheep
Marg Osburne - singer, New Brunswick - 1997 - known for her role singing on the Don Messer Jubilee - specialized in spirituals and folk songs
David Parry, singer, Ontario - 1995 - former member of The Friends of Fiddler's Green - great interpreter of tradition british balladry and Canadian folk songs of Toronto's flourishing country music scene along with ex-husband George
Richard Patterson - drummer, producer - 2011 - Ontario - Ottawa based, played with The Esquires, 3's A Crowd, The Children. Passed away April 3, 2011
Kenneth Peacock, folklorist, Newfoundland & Labrador - 1993 - based at Memorial University in St. John's, collected and catalogued folklore and music throughout Newfoundland and the coast of Labrador
Colleen Peterson, singer / songwriter, Ontario - 1996 - wrote and performed songs in Nashville and Canada - member of Quartette and very well loved
Orval Profet, country singer, Ontario - 1994 - a steely eyed singer with a scarlet warbled voice - father of Ronnie Profet - sang The Judgment Day Express
David Rae, guitarist from Ohio -2011 - who backed Gordon Lightfoot on his first lp, then played for years with Ian & sylvia. Died October 17, 2011
Kerry Regan, country singer, British Columbia - 2005 - From Pouce Coupe, wrote great country ballads including the Poor, Poor Farmer and My Home By The Fraser. Performed with Lucille Starr. Real name was Oscar Frederickson - Died 2004
Johnny reid, bar owner, pei - 2011- this is the guy who gave both Stompin' Tom and Anne Murray their first gigs. Passed away May 4, 2011.
Buddy Reynolds, country singer, British Columbia - 2002 - only recorded an album's worth of great Canadian country songs including Spruce Bug
Jack Richardson, Producer, teacher - 2011 - London Ontario - pioneer Canadian music producer - mortgaged his home to take the fledgling Guess Who into the studio in 1968. June Producer award is named after him. Passed away May 13, 2011
Stan Rogers, singer/songwriter, Ontario - 1993 - with a great booming voice and personality to match, wrote dozens of songs that became peoples' songs - songs that entered the folk cannon after his untimely death 1983.
Oliver Schroer, violinist - BC - 2006 - once a judge at the Shelburne Fiddle Contest, he has taken the violin places that no one would have dreamed of, from Frank Zappa Reel to the steppes of the Gobi Desert, from the Kalahari to El Camino and beyond. Died of cancer 2008.
Tommy Sharbot, fiddler, Ottawa Valley - 1995 - never recorded, pure blooded Mohawk born at Sharbot Lake where his father homesteaded - began the Renfrew County Fiddlers to keep the spirit of fiddling alive in youth of today - Died 1995
Art Snider, producer, arranger, musician - Ontario - 2012 - music director with the CBC for 20 years, the first person to record Gordon Lightfoot with the Two-Tones. Died 1987.
Sam Sniderman, Record Store Owner - ontario - 2012 - Sam The Record Man was a legendary proponent of  Canadain Music and culture - Golden Porcupine recipient - Died 2012
Isadore Soucy, fiddler, Quebec - 1994 - Gaspesien who moved to Montreal - self-proclaimed folklorist - hosted TV program Chez Isidore with son Ferdinand
Eleanor Townsend, fiddler, Ontario - 1993 - began recording as Eleanor Moorehead - married Graham Townsend - first woman to win N.A. Championships at Shelbourne. Died 1998
Graham Townsend, fiddler, Ontario - 1993 - the peoples' fiddler, the man who could do just about anything on his instrument with his delicate, magical hands. Died 1998
Mary Travers aka Madame La Bolduc, singer/songwriter, Quebec - 1993 - composed witty songs using Quebecois airs that told the story of the people she sang for - mother of many children, she had a pilot's license to fly herself to gigs in the 1930s
Domenic Troiano, Guitarist, composer & record producer - Ontario  - 2005 - Began his career performing with The Hawkes. Later formed and lead bands Mandala & Bush before joining The James Gang. Married Toronto R&B singer Shawne Jackson - Died May 2005
Buzz Upshaw - Blues Singer, Ontario - 2004 - Performed around the Toronto area for years - never recorded - excellent guitar player - passed away July, 2004
Shin Van Avery, bluegrass singer, 6 Nations, Ontario - 1998 - played dog house bass, loved gospel and bluegrass and could belt out a song to make you melt
George Wade - band leader, Ontario - 1997 - pioneer Canadian recording artist (1930s) - lead a big country band which included for a time the great Jean Carignan when he was just a lad - performed square dances until the 1960s
Richard 'Hock' Walsh, blues singer, Ontario - 2003 - the John Beluchi character of the Blues Brothers, he and brother Donny founded Downchild Blues Band in the late 1960s
Jackie Washington, jazz & blues man, Ontario - 1999 - the most lovable musician in Ontario! knows at least 1,500 songs by heart - another 2,000 in his repertoire - knows songs passed down by his grandfather - ex-slave - as well as gospel and spirituals to go along with his love of show-tunes from the great jazz era. Died 2008
Ben Weatherby - Producer, singer / songwriter - New Brunswick - 2011 - was the house producer for ARC Records in the 1960s - responsible for producing over 500,000 Canadian country music albums sold. The first Harry Hibbs LP sold over 150,000 alone.
Arlene Cynthia Zock, Singer - Ontario - 2011 - performed with Wiskey Jack and the George Lake Big Band even through her battle with breast cancer. Died July 28, 2011

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