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Back To The Sugar Camp
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WARD ALLEN: Back To The Sugar Camp (W. Allen)
Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol. 3: Sparton Records SP 213
circa 1961

Program 558
The Lures of Ottawa
Special Tribute to Richard Patterson, 1944 - 2011

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BRIAN HEBERT: 3 Sisters Jig (B Hebert)
The Timber Train Collection: Shaggy Mane Music  SMCD 9907
Al Brisco - Tim hermitte - Dean Lavoy - Vito Rezza
Shady Nook, ON
Produced by Brian Hebert & Peter SAB Sabourin
Recorded by Ken Hull, North Bay Ont.
http://www.siegelproductions.ca/brianhebert or mailto:banrnook@hotmail.com

In Memory of Richard Patterson, an Esquire Instrumental Medley

THE ESQUIRES: Wonderful Land (Lordan) / 36-24-36 (Welch / Marvin / Harris / Meehan) / Rave (Blackwell)
Introducing The Esquires: Capitol Records - T-6075
Gary Comeau - Clint Hierlihy - Paul Huot - RIchie Patterson
Ottawa ON
Produced by Clint Hierlihy - August, 1964
Recorded at RCA Victor Studios, Montreal

IAN TAMBLYN: Guitar Truck Drivin' Man (I Tamblyn)
Ian Tamblyn: Posterity - PTR-13002
Dennis Delorme - Frank Koller - Doug Orr - Richard Patterson - Kim Erickson - Bob Stark
Thunder Bay, ON / Wakefield, QC
Produced by Ted Gerow - 1976
Recorded by Nelson Vipond with Michael Delaney and Peter Burns at Marc Productions, Ottawa
Mixed at Studio Six, Montreal
http://www.tamblyn.com or mailto:tamblyn@hotmail.com

You've Got Sawdust on the Floor of your Heart: Sneezy Waters Records - no serial
Dennis Delorme - Zeke Mazurek - Norm Clarke - Ted Gerow - Peter Chapin - Doug Orr - Richard Patterson
Ottawa, ON
Produced by Sneezy Waters & Ted Gerow - 1978
Recorded by Paul Lacroix at Marc Productions, Ottawa
Mixed by John Cybanski

SUZIE VINNICK: Your Time Has Come (B Cockburn / W Hawkins)
Dancing Alone: Songs of William Hawkins: True North Records - TND519
Fred Guignion - Ian Tamblyn - Ross Murray - Rebecca Campbell
Toronto ON
Recorded by Ross Murray at Happy Rock Studio, Chelsea QC
Executive Producer: Harvey Glatt - 2008
Sequenced by Ian Tamblyn with Doug MacArthur - Consultant: Richard Patterson
Mastered by David Cain, Soundmaster Studios, Ottawa

THREE UGLY GUYS: The Leafs Are Gonna Win (B Fullbrook / D Saint)
Cassette single - no label or serial
Blain Fullbrook - Doug Saint
Toronto - Pefferlaw, ON
Produced by Blain Fullbrook & Doug Saint - 1993

BRENT QUADE: Old Wilno Border (B Quade)
Wadsward Cannon Ball: No Label or Serial
The Renegade - Rick Goltz - Mary Lamendeau
Quadeville, ON
Producer not mentioned - 2002

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN TOM CONNORS:  Ottawa Lures (TC Connors)
EMI Canada - 5 099924 277921
Tim Hadley - Charley Roussy - Billy MacInnis - Ad Widmeyer - Chris Whiteley - Gordon Cotrill
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom C Connors - 2008
Recorded by Brian Hewson at Escarpment Sound, Acton ON
Mastered by Ted Carson at MusicLane, Uxbridge ON

DAI BASSETT: Shawville Fair 2005 (D Bassett)
3 Thumbs Up: SCD 6798
Brian Hebert - Rich Allen - Dean Lavoy
Renfrew ON
Produced by Brian Hebert - No Date
Recorded and Mixed by Rich Allen at Westworld Recording Studios, Pembroke ON
http://www.daibassett.com or mailto:dai@singingfarmer.ca

TIM HERMITTE: Maple Leaf Swing (T Hermitte / D Lavoy / B Hebert)
Maple Leaf Swing: No Label or Serial
Brian Hebert - Al Utronki - Dean Lavoy - Mark Lemieux - Pierre Gallant - Richard Allen - Roger Coulombe - Marty McTiernan
Pembroke ON
Produced by Brian Hebert and Dean Lavoy - 2007
Recorded by Richard Allen at Westworld Recording Studios, Pembroke ON
Mastered by Jason Fee

A Visit To The Ottawa Valley: Banff - RBS 1170
Reg Hill - Bob Price - Garney Scheel - Gaetan Fairfield - Bill Inglis - Bob Whitney
Arnprior, ON
Produced by Ralph Carlson - June 1, 1960
Re-Mastered by Steve Fruitman at The Sugar Camp
or mailto:p.beattie@bell.net.

Ottawa Valley Fiddlin': Rodeo International - RCCD 7103
Mac Beattie - Jimmy Mayhew - Garnet Scheel - Gaetan Fairfield
Arnprior, ON
Producer not listed - 1965
Originally recorded on "Ottawa Valley Hoedown #2 - Banff / Rodeo RBS 1221

FRESHWATER TRADE: Log Driverís Waltz (W Hemsworth)
Freshwater Trade - No Label - 68882
Kirsten Addis - Peter Andrée - Ken Ramsden - Glen Caradus
Wilno / Killaloe, ON
Produced by Freshwater Trade - 2000

APRIL VERCH: Tribute To The Townsends: Ridgeway Merchant (E Townsend) / Road To Lake Dore (E Townsend) / Gilles Roy (G Townsend)
Verchuosity: April Verch Music - Rounder - 82161-7019-2
Paul Mills - Marc Bru - Gray Townsend
Pembroke, ON
Produced by Paul Mills - 2001
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Paul Mills at GMS Studios
http://www.aprilverch.com or mailto:admin@aprilverch.com

TONY TURNER: Kingpin (T Turner)
A Matter of Time: RR-4901
Tony Turner - Rebecca Campbell - Linda Morrison - Fred Guignion - Ian Tamblyn - Terry Tufts - Ken Kanwisher - Tobias Smith
Ottawa, On
Produced by Ian Tamblyn - 2002
Recorded by Ken Kanwisher at Teletune Studios, Ottawa
Mixed by David Brignell and Ian Tamblyn at Heat of Sound, Ottawa
Mastering: Shark Fin Mastering, Ottawa
mailto:tturner@cyberus.ca  or http://www.cyberus.ca/~tturner


Program 559
The Spring Funding Drive

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THE BEBOP COWBOYS: Fat Boy Rag (L Barnard / B Wills)
Canadian Dance Hall: BBC 03-2006
Steve Briggs - Burke Carroll, Howard Willett - Dennis Pendrith - Drew Jurecka - John Adames w/ Chris Whiteley
Toronto, ON
Produced by Steve Briggs - 2006
Mastered by Jeff Wolpert at Desert Fish
http://www.bebopcowboys.com or mailto:stevecowboybriggs@yahoo.com

JOHN BOTTOMLEY: Winter's Gone (J Bottomley)
Healing Dream:

ANGUS CHISOLM: Glengarry's Dirk / Bonnie Lass of Fisherow / Bird's Nest (trad)
The Early Recordings of Angus Chisholm: Shanachie Records - 14001
Maybelle Chisholm
Margaree NS
Produced by Richard Nevins and Daniel Michael Collins - 1978
Mastered by Richard Nevins

DAVID CELIA: Faker Baker (D Celia)
Organica: Taxi Stand - 8294 76283 04
Geoffrey Hen
Toronto, ON
Produced by David Celia - 2002
Mastered by Rich Dubeau at Taxi Stand
mailto:invisiblelink@hotmail.com or http://www.davidcelia.com

CABBAGE TOWN: Sleepwalk (S Farina / J Farina / A Farina)
Cabbage Town: Periwinkle Records - PER 7332
Randy Lovely - Don Jerrett - Randy McDonald - Mickey Andrews
Toronto ON
Produced by Art Snider - 1976

ELENA YEUNG: Bordertown (E Yeung)
The Grave Digger's Daughter: EY2008CD
Mark Koenig - Gary Snow - Caridwen Irvine-Spatz - Kalen Wild
Creston BC
Produced by Elena Yeung and Mark Koenig - 2008
Recorded by Jason Deatherage at Fort Cosmos Studios, Crest BC
Mastered by Miles Wilkinson

BRIAN PICKELL: Pierre's Right Arm (B Pickell)
Fresh Canadian Fiddle Tunes: Ind
Pierre Schryer - Rob Graves
Paris, On
Produced by James Stephens, Brian Pickell & James Gordon - 2002
Mastered by Andrew St. George at LeMix, Toronto
http://www.brianpickell.com or mailto:pickell@sympatico.ca

JON BROOKS: Mimico (J Brooks)
Ours And The Shepherds: Exile Music - 01072002
Declan O'Doherty
Toronto, ON
Produced by Pat Simmonds & Jon Brooks - 2007
Mastered by Pat Simmonds and James Paul at The Rogue Studios, Toronto
http://www.jonbrooks.ca or mailto:jonbrooksgigs@hotmail.com

THE CAJUN RAMBLERS: Peter's Shuffle (P Jellard)
The Cajun Ramblers Vol 1: Unreleased
Keith Farrar - Tim Hadley - Rob Jones - Steve Fruitman - Peter Jellard
Toronto ON
Produced by DB Hawkes at CIUT - 1989
Mastered by Steve Fruitman

KATHERINE WHEATLEY: Hallelujah (K Wheatley)
Landed: The Hoot Music Company - HMCCD002
Suzie Vinnick - Lynn Miles - Dennis Keldie - Maury Lafoy - Lyle Molzan w/ Nick Crane - Tannis Slimmon - Jude Vadala
Toronto, ON
Produced by Scott Merritt & Lynn Miles - 2009
Recorded Scott Merritt at the Cottage
Mastered by David Cain at Soundmaster Studios, Ottawa
http://www.katherinewheatley.com/ or mailto:katherine.wheatley@sympatico.ca

CENTRAL CANADA ALL STARS: The Dry Nurse (J Showman / C Coole)
North To Ontario 2007: No Label or Serial
Chris Coole - Ken Groomes - Norm Tellier - John Showman - Al Widmeyer - Tom McCreight
Produced by Tom McCreight - 2007
Mastered by Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions Inc

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: A Damn Good Song For A Miner (Muck 'n Slushers) (T C Connors)
The Unpopular Stompin' Tom: EMI 0-7243 - 20821
Tom Connors
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by Chuck Goudie - 1976

OLD MAN LUEDECKE: Thrown By The Bull (C Luedecke)
Proof Of Love: Black Hen Music - BHM-CD-9984
Steve Dawson - John Raham - Adrian Dolan - Chris Gestrin - Rose Cousins - Rob Becker w/ Mark Beaty
Chester, NS
Produced by Steve Dawson - 2008
Mastered by David Travers-Smith at Found Sound, Toronto

MARGARET STOWE: You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (B Dylan)
Mello Jello: Tallyho Music - TM104CD
Toronto ON
Produced by Margaret Stowe - 2009
Recorded at Ozworld, Toronto
Mastered by Peter E Moore at the "E" Room, Toronto
http://www.margaretstowe.com or mailto:info@margaretstowe.com

THE RHEOSTATICS: Helpless (N Young)
Save The Rails Tour - Live in Kapuskasing: Unreleased
Martin Tielli - Dave Clark - Tim Vesley w/ Michelle Rumball - Tannis Slimmon - Dave Allen - Steve Fruitman
Toronto ON
Produced by Irwin Breuswetter - 1989
Mastered by Steve Fruitman at the Sugar Camp

OJNAB: Jus d'orange (JP Loyer)
Le messager: Ojnab Musique - DC 01
Jean-Paul Loyer - Mario Forest - Denis Violetti - Paul Marchand
Joliette, QC
Produced by Jean-Paul Loyer - 1995
Mastered by Jean-Paul Loyer and Denis Fréchette
Recorded by Denis Fréchette at #4 Rd Studio

STEVEDORE STEVE: Log Drive On The Pickerell (S Foote)
Hard Workin' Men - Boot Records BOS 7102
Saint John, NB
Produced by Jury Krytiuk - 1971
Recorded at RCA Limited Studio, Toronto
Recording & Mixing Engineer: George Semkiw
Recording Technician: "Cub" Richardson

POMEGRANATE: Sirba (Pomegranate)
Gazint: Ind. - No Serial
Reena Katz - Rachel Melas - Conny Nowe - Bee Sack - Rachel Sheinin
Toronto, ON
Produced by Pomegranate with Paul Talbot - 2006
http://www.sonicpomegranate.com or mailto:pomegranatesquad@hotmail.com

WILLIE P BENNETT: Sometimes It Comes So Easy (WP Bennett)
Live at St. Vladimir's - A CIUT Benefit: Unreleased
Peterborough ON
Produced by Rick Fielding, Steve Fruitman & Alan Baekland - May 25, 1990
Recorded by db Hawkes at St. Vladimir Church, Toronto
Mastered by Steve Fruitman

LEROY PULLENS: The Interstate's Coming Through My Outhouse (H Yowee)
I'm A Nut: Bear Family Records
Produced in 1966

(Note: Not all the music I used for the program is on the Pie-Cast. The instrumental tunes were used for talk-over background music while I plead for pledges. In fact, the Pie-Cast has more music on it than is listed above; only music without and any dialogue.)

Program 560
Banjolas and Banjos
Guests: Doug Cameron and Duncan Fremlin

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THE DIXIELAND JUGBLOWERS: Banjoreno (Florida Blues)
The Jug Bands: Folkways
Circa 1924

KIM BARLOW: Slim Pickens (K Barlow)
Lucky Burden: Caribou Records - CRCD018
Justin Haynes - Barry Mirochnick - Bob Hamilton - Dave Haddock
Whitehorse, YT
Produced by Bob Hamilton & Kim Barlow - 2004
Recorded by Bob Hamilton at Old Crow Recording Studio, Whitehorse
Mastered by Bob Hamilton

OJNAB: Hommage a André Alain (JP Loyer)
Le messager: Ojnab Musique - DC 01
Jean-Paul Loyer - Christopher Layer - Denis Fréchette - Jean-Claude Mirandette
Joliette, QC
Produced by Jean-Paul Loyer - 1995
Mastered by Jean-Paul Loyer and Denis Fréchette
Recorded by Denis Fréchette at #4 Rd Studio

DUNCAN FREMLIN: In My Life (J Lennon / P McCartney)
Live at the Sugar Camp

DOUG CAMERON: Just a Picture in my Mind
Live at the Sugar Camp

WHISKEY JACK: My Old Kentucky Home (Trad arr by D Fremlin)
http://www.whiskeyjackmusic.com: Canjay Music - No Serial
Bob McNiven - Duncan Fremlin - Arlene Zock - Gregg Street - Howard Willett - Michelle Josef - Steve Klodt - Randy Morrison w/ John Switzer - Steve Briggs
Toronto, ON
Produced by John Switzer & Whiskey Jack - 2006
Mastered by George Graves at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.whiskeyjackmusic.com or mailto:duncan@duncanfremlin.com

LOUISIANA SNOWBLOWERS: Three Chord Johnny (D J Cameron)
Louisiana Snowblowers: Ticadeeboo - no serial no.
Douglas John Cameron - Sean O'Connor - Mike Churchill - Russ Boswell
Toronto On
Produced by Douglas Johnb Cameron and Sean O'Connor - 2009
Recorded and Mastered by Dave Vanderploeg at Naturally Digital
Mixed by Danny Greenspoon at The Audio Truck

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: The Poor, Poor Farmer (K Regan)
Stompin' Tom Meets Big Joe Mufferaw: EMI Canada - 724349 55925
Tom Connors - Glen Reid
Balinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1970

DANNY BAKAN: How The Mighty Can Fall (D Bakan)
...And Truth Is Spectacular: SDR-0002
Tom Leighton - Pete Johnston - Bill Majoros - Keith Lindsey
Toronto, ON
Produced by Glen Marshall - 2005
Recorded by Glen Marshall at Catherine North Studios, Hamilton
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto
http://www.dannybakan.com or mailto:danny@dannybakan.com

TIM POSTGATE HORNBAND: Moosamin Eh! (T Postgate)
Banjo Hockey: Black Hen Music - BHMCD0065
Howard Johnson - Tim Postgate - Quinsin Nachoff - Lina Allemano
Toronto ON
Produced by Tim Postgate - 2009
Mastered by Jeff Elliot

DUNCAN FREMLIN: Back To The Sugar Bush Breakdown (D Fremlin)
Live at the Sugar Camp

BANJO SPECIAL: Banjo Shmanjo (Trad)
Merriweather Records - M03BS
Arnie Naiman - Chris Coole - Chris Quinn - Brian Taheny
Toronto, ON
Produced by Chris Quinn - 2002
Recorded at Caledonia Stonehill Productions, Goderich by Warren Robinson & Brian Taheny
Mixed by Brian Taheny at Golden Airs, Toronto
Mastered by Brian Taheny with the Banjo Buddies at Golden Airs, Toronto

Program 561
For The Love of Politics!

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FEARING & WHITE: Under The Silver Sky (S Fearing / A White)
Fearing & White: LowdenProud Records - LOWD 20111
Ray Farrugia
Halifax, NS / Australia
Produced by Stephen Fearing and Andy White - 2011
Recorded and Mixed by Scott Merritt at The Cottage, Guelph ON
Mastered by John Whynot, Los Angeles CA
http://www.fearingandwhite.com/ or mailto:info@lowdenproud.ca

JACK MARKS: Medicine (J Marks)
Lost Wages: JW 02 10 33
Toronto ON
Produced by David Baxter - 2010
Recorded and Mixed by David Baxter at Knob & Tube Recording, Toronto
Mastered by James Paul at Rogue, Toronto

DAVID BAXTER: She's Drinkin' Again (D Baxter)
Patina: Proper Channels - PC 002
Gary Craig - Brian Kobayakawa - Treasa Levasseur - Blake Manning - Justing Rudledge - Jason Sniderman - Miranda Mulholland
Toronto ON
Produced by David Gavan Baxter - 2011
Recorded and mixed by David Gavan Baxter at Knob & Tube Recording, Toronto
Mastered by James Paul at The Rogue and the Lacquer Channel, Toronto

THE FLYING MUSEUM BAND: Amelia Earhart (D McEnery)
MP3 Download
R Holley - D Contin - S Kupych
Brampton, fon

MICHELLE RUMBALL: Delia (P Temple / M Rumball)
Terrain: Ind - No Serial
Kevin Quain - Joe Phillips - Dave Rave
Toronto / Timmins, ON
Produced by Dave Rave Des roches & Glenn Marshall - 2001

HOBO WALLY'S: Sping Has Sprung (C Yarwood)
MP3 Download
Toronto ON

CINDY DOIRE: If The Creek Don't Rise (D Doire)
Sticks and Mud: No Label - CD2011
Colin Cripps - Anna Ruddick - Maia Davies - Cory Lalonde
Toronto ON / Montreal QC
Produced by Colin Cripps - 2011
Recorded by Colin Cripps at The Bathhouse Studio, Bath ON
Mixed and Mastered by Scott Lake
http://www.cindydoire.com or mailto:cindydoire@gmail.com

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN TOM CONNORS: Black Donnelly Massacre (T C Connors)
Sings Canadian History: EMI Canada - 72435 34271
Tom Connors
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Tom Connors - 1968

RITA CHIARELLI: These Four Walls (R Chiarelli)
Music From The Big House: Mad Iris Music - MIM-0007
Hamilton ON
Produced by Rita Chiarelli - 2011
Recorded and Mixed by John Hazen with Brett MacMillan at Studio 92, Toronto
Mastered by Peter E Moore at the E-Room, Toronto
http://www.ritachiarelli.com or mailto:bookings@ritachiarelli.com

STEVEDORE STEVE: Big Old Greyhound Bus (S Foote)
Pickin' in the Kitchen on a Saturday Night: No Label or Serial NO.
Gordon Shaw - Paul Dujohn
Saint John, NB
Produced by Paul Dujohn - 2011
Recorded and Mixed by Wayne Shaw at Cram Studio, Saint John

THE CASH BROTHERS: Say Goodbye & Let It Ride (A & P Cash)
Phonebooth Tornado: Four Chord 4C001
Andrew Cash - Pete Cash - Paul Taylor - Howie Beck
Toronto, ON
Produced by The Cash Brothers w/ Al Miller, 2000
Recorded by Daryl Smith and Al Miller at Chemical Sound

GRIEVOUS ANGELS: The Ballad of Red Dan (C Angus)
Watershed: Jimmy Boyle Records - CD-181093
Chuck Angus - Peter Jellard - Tim Hadley - Peter Duffin - Rick Conroy
Cobalt, ON
Produced by John Switzer with Rick Conroy - 1993

RUSH: Best I Can (G Lee)
Fly By Night: Anthem - ANR-1-1002
Alex Lifeson - Geddy Lee - Neil Peart
Toronto ON
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown - 1977

BOB TREMBLAY: Black Diamond
Dobro: Rosedale Music - CD 440
Dan Howlett - Paul Weber - Grant Heywood
Maryhill ON

ART NAPOLEON: It's All Over Now (B womack / S Womack)
Creeland Covers: AN11
Marty Jones - Zak Cohen - Carsen Ogland - Niska Napoleon - Shakti Hayes - Beaver Thomas - Paul Keim - Thomas Kinzel
Victoria BC
Produced by Zak Cohen - 2010
Recorded by Zak Cohen at Woodshop Studio
Mastered by Joby Baker Studios
http://www.artnapoleon.com/ or mailto:artnapoleon@yahoo.ca

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