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WARD ALLEN: Back To The Sugar Camp (W. Allen)
Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol. 3: Sparton Records SP 213
circa 1961

Come Fly With Me - pt 1

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Program 514
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MURRAY McLAUCHLAN: Columbus (M McLauchlan)
Gulliver's Taxi: True North TNSD 0131
Toronto, ON
Pat Stewart - Doug Elliot - Tom Wilson - Craig Northey - Stephen Drake
Produced by Barney Bentall & Colin Nairne - 1996
Recorded at Mushroom Studios by Colin Nairive, Vancouver
Mastered by Peter Moore at the E Room

JAMES KEELAGHAN: Princes of the Clouds (T Kaduck)
Small Rebellions: Tranquilla Productions - TMCD 002
Bill Eaglesham - Gary Bird
Calgary AB
Produced by James Keelaghan - 1990

DEREK PILGRIM: When The Plane Touches Down at Deer Lake (R Payne)
Makin' Progress: DP4C 0194
Dennis Comm - Gene Falbo - Ian Lehti - Steve Miller - Don Reed - Steve Smith - Carson Willis - John Baye - John Dusten
Toronto ON
Produced by William Petrie and Derek Pilgrim - 1994
Recorded at Studio B, Toronto
http://www.derekpilgrim.com/ or mailto:derekpilgrim@hotmail.com

WILF CARTER: Cowboy's Airplane Ride (W Carter)
Wilf Carter - Montana Slim Vol 5&6: Bear Family BCD 15939
Port Hilford  NS
Produced by Hugh Joseph - Originally recorded for Victor in 1938
Re-issue Producer: Richard Weize - 1997
Passed away in 1996 at the age of 92

TIM HUS: Bush Pilot Buckaroo (T Hus)
Bush Pilot Buckaroo: Stony Plain Records - SPCD-1336
Spider Bishop - Pete Christian - Pat Phillips - Myran Szott - Charlie Hase - Carg Korth - Brad Lindberg - Rick Preston - Craig Learmont
Calgary AB
Produced by Tim Hus - 2008
Recorded by Mark Troyer and Craig Leamont at Muzic Haus Studio, Three Hills AB
Mastered by Richard Harrow, Calgary
http://www.timhus.ca or mailto:timhus@timhus.ca

KIM BARLOW: Bush Pilot (K Barlow)
Lucky Burden: Caribou Records - CRCD018
Justin Haynes
Whitehorse, YT
Produced by Bob Hamilton & Kim Barlow - 2004
Recorded by Bob Hamilton at Old Crow Recording Studio, Whitehorse
Mastered by Bob Hamilton

TED WESLEY: Bush-Plane (B Ruzicka)
Straight North: Damon - DA-1004
Northern AB
Produced by Garry McDonall - 1972
Recorded by Don Pachaes at Damon Recording Studios
http://www.tedwesley.com/ or mailto:wesleytw@telus.net

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Marten Hartwell Story (T C Connors)
To It And At It: EMI Can - 72435 20823
Tom Connors - Bill Lewis - Gary Empey
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Dr Tom Connors - 1973

RUSS GURR: The Legend of Tom Lamb (R Gurr)
On Tour with Russ Gurr: London NAS 13527
Brandon MB
Produced by Dave Shaw - 1973
Recorded by John Hildebrand at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg
http://www.hillmanweb.com/russgurr/ or mailto:hillmans@westman.wave.ca

THE GUMBOOTS: Wop May (B MacQuarrie / B Gilday)
Northern Tracks: GBTD 7002
Bill Gilday - Bill Stephen - John Bunge - Bob MacQuarrie - Chris Philpotts - Rich Hintz - Chic Callas
Yellowknife NT
Produced by The Gumboots - 1994
Recorded at Pido Productions Studio, Yellowknife
Mastered by Randall Prescott at Lakeside Studios, Clayton ON

DAVE HADFIELD: DC-3 (D Hadfield)
Northern Breeze: Ind - No Serial
Gerry Levine - John Van Veld
Utopia, ON
Produced by Dave Hadfield & Dan Kennedy - 1997
Recorded by Dan Kennedy at Amariah Studio, Barrie
http://www.hadfield.ca/ or mailto:davehadfield@sympatico.ca

THE BORDENS: Jet Airliner (S Miller)
Good Times: JRGB-80
George Borden - Jeannette Borden - Roger Borden - Gary Borden - Bill Dombradi
Dryden ON
Produced by The Bordens - 1980
Recorded by Harry Taylor at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg

CAL CAVENDISH: Ramp Man (C Cavendish)
This Is Cavendish Country: COP Records - COP-Z1075
Cavendish AB
Produced by Cal Cavendish - 1975

(See the story of Cal Cavendish who dumped 100 copies of his record along with 100 lbs of cow manure on downtown Calgary in 1975)

GRAEME CARD: Aeroplane d'amour (G Card)
Graeme Card: Truly Fine Records - A TF 010
Grand Shechtman - Peter Curry - Martin Worthy
Toronto ON
Produced by Tony Quarrington - 1976
Recorded at Grant Avenue Studios by Daniel Lanois, Hamilton

Come Fly With Me - pt 2

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Program 515
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OH MY DARLING: Caught You Looking (V Kuzina)
In The Lonesome Hours: OM002
Marie-Josée Dandeneau - Allison De Groot - Rosalyn Dennet - Vanessa Kuzina
Winnipeg MB
Produced by Lloyd Peterson and Oh My Darling - 2010
Recorded by Lloyd Peterson at Wonder Dog Recording, Winnipeg
Mastered by Allen Hunnie
http://www.ohmydarling.ca or mailto:ohmydarlingmusic@gmail.com

GORDON LIGHTFOOT: Early Morning Rain (G Lightfoot)
Gord's Gold: WB - 2BX 2237
Red Shea - Rick Haynes
Toronto ON
Produced by Lenny Waronker - 1975
Recorded by Lee Herschberg and Kenny Friesen at Eastern Sound, Toronto
http://www.lightfoot.ca/ or mailto:rook43@lightfoot.ca

Recorded live at Expo '86 Folklife Pavilian
Chris Rawlings
Cambridge ON

DAVE HADFIELD: Bush Pilot's Song (D Hadfield)
Wilderness Waltz: Hadfield Records - CD2
Jerry Levine - Chris Hadfield - Della Grigsby - Marilyn Reesor Burch - Johanne Fischer - Ralph Johnson
Barrie, On
Produced by Dave Hadfield & Gary Long - 2001
Mastered at the Power Plant, Barrie
http://www.hadfield.ca/ or mailto:davehadfield@sympatico.ca

JOHN RUTHERFORD: Crows as Big as Airplanes (J Rutherford)
Echo Broadcast: John Rutherford Music - JRM001
Scott Munro - Chris Dadge - Cedric Blary - -Lorrie Matheson
Calgary AB
Produced by Lorrie Matheson - 2010
Recorded by Lorrie Matheson at Arch Audio, Calgary
Mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura CA
http://www.johnrutherfordmusic.com or mailto:johnrutherfordmusic@gmail.com

ANDREW QUEEN: Glug Glug (trad) / Hello Ma Baby (PD)
Too Tall: AQ002
Luke Mercier - Tim Hadley - Danny Ouellette - Doug Queen - Nik Tjelios - Steve Fruitman
Produced by Nik Tjelios - 2009
Recorded at Casa Wroxton & Po Recording

CORI BREWSTER: My Familiar Sky (C Brewster / JW Hannam)
Buffalo St.: Shadow Lake Music - BR1005
Oliver Swain - Adam Dobres - Dave Clarke - Adrian Dolan - Tim Tweedale-Rayco- Pharis Romero
Canmore AB
Produced by Adrian Dolan and Dave Clark - 2009
Recorded by Adrian Dolan at Baker Studios and Marlborough Studios
Mastered by Joby Baker
http://www.coribrewster.com or mailto:info@coribrewster.com

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

My Stompin' Grounds: EMI Canada - 7243 495592
Tom Connors - Bill Lewis - Gary Empey - Glen Reid - John Spence
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1971

LABRADOR BLACK SPRUCE: The Mighty Churchill Falls (B Tilley)
Love of the Land: Canadian Broadcasting Corp - BDRC-272
Willie Arsenault - Ron Harvey - Ric Burt - Cec Fry - Mike Wilcott - Nick Kennedy
Labrador City / Wabush NL
Produced by Glen Tilley - circa 1992
Recorded by Terry Winsor at Studio F, CBC Radio, St. John's

MENDELSON JOE: Air Canada Can (M Joe)
Anthem Records - ANK 1063
Lauri Conger - Jody Golick - David Hayes - Scott Irvine - Colin Linden - Ben Mink - Bruce Moffett - Gewn Swick
Toronto, ON
Produced by Mendelson Joe & Colin Linden - 1991
Mastered by Pete Norman at McClear Place w/ Ben Mink
http://www.mendelsonjoe.com/ or mailto:info@karenrobinsongallery.com

A Trans-Canada Airlines DC-3

MASON CASEY: Take Me To The Airport (M Caseyk / J Johnson / J Tiven)
Sofa King Badass: Northern Blues Music - NBM0042
Sally Tiven - Mark T. Jordan - Jonell Mosser - Wayne Jackson - Jon Tiven w Aaron Turner
Produced by Jon Tiven - 2007
Mastered by Jim Demain at Yesmaster!

SCOTT PLACE: We Shared These Dreams (S Place /  P Deschambault)
Downloaded from Cyberspace

Going Postal

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Program 516
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After 31.5 years of working at Canada Post, Steve Fruitman retires, officially on May 25.
This is his look back at life in the Post Office.

ROSS NEILSEN: Mailman (R Neilsen)
Where I'm From: RN 001
New Brunswick
Produced by James Gauthier and Joel Leblanc - 2005
Recorded at Medium Rare Studios, Sheffield NB and Casa Karlos Studios, Devon NB
Engineered by James Gauthier with Evan Hansen and Joe Ring-Ade
Mastered by Andy Krehm for Silverbirch Productions, Toronto

When I first heard this song, I never thought I'd eventually be a postman

THE BEATLES: Please Mr Postman (Dobbins / Garrett / Holland / Bateman / Gorman)
With The Beatles: EMI - 0946 3 82420 2 4
John Lennon - Paul McCartney - George Harrison - Ringo Starr
Liverpool, UK
Produced by George Martin - 1963
Recorded by George Martin at Abby Road Studios, London
Remastered by Sam Okell, Steve Rooke and Guy Massey, 2009

Mr James Cunningham was a Station B, Toronto, letter carrier

MR CUNNINGHAM: Aba Daba Honeymoon (A Fields / W Donovan 1914)
Live on The Great North Wind - CIUT-FM 1989
Produced by Steve Fruitman

Recorded surreptitiously at Station B, 1 Yonge St., Toronto

THE PIE: Pie Wars
Live from the shop floor of Station B, Toronto
The cast of Station B
Produced by Steve Fruitman - 2005
Recorded by Dave White at Station B
Mastered by Steve Fruitman at The Sugar Camp

Station B, Toronto was loacted at Spadina and Queen. We used to ride the Spadina Bus

THE SHUFFLE DEMONS: Spadina Bus (D Parker / The Shuffle Demons)
Streetniks: Stubby Records - R-001
Rich Underhill - Mike Murley - Dave Parker - Jim Vivian - Stich Wynston
Toronto ON
Produced by The Shuffle Demons and Michael Wojewoda - 1986
Recorded by Michael Wojewoda, Paul Edwards & Roman Zak at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.shuffledemons.com/ or mailto:info@shuffledemons.com

I worked with letter carrier Frank Wright. He'd come in to work in a Tux and change into his postal uniform.

CANADIAN JAZZ QUARTET: Little Girl (M Hyde / F Henry)
Street of Dreams: No label - No Serial
Gary Benson - Frank Wright - Don Vickery - Bob Price
Toronto, ON
Produced by CJQ & Fred Raulston - 2002
Recorded by Fred Raulston at Spirit Hills Studio
Mastered by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound, Toronto
http://www.canadianjazzquartet.com/cjq_main.htm or mailto:gbguitar@rogers.com

Mike McKenna worked at Station B for several years

Stink: Liberty LBS 83251 / EMI C2 0777 7 26590 2 6
Mike McKenna - Mendleson Joe - Tony Nolasco - Mike Harrison
Toronto, ON
Produced by Liberty Records Staff, UK, June 11, 1969
http://www.mikemckenna.ca/ or mailto:teleman84@gmail.com

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: The Peterborough Postman (TC Connors)
An Ode For The Road: EMI Canada - 7243 5 39961
Tom Connors - Tim Hadley - Darren Parise - JP Cormier - Tyler Burgess - Chris Whiteley
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 2002
Recorded at Escarpment Sound, Acton ON by Brian Hewson

Al Baekeland and I had back to back radio shows at CIUT in the late 80s, early 90s. So we'd segue with ten minutes of Postie Talk.

POSTIE TALK: The New Uniform
CIUT Program featuring Steve Fruitman and Al Baekeland - 1990

The Postie Talk theme song:

STEVE FRUITMAN & AL BAEKELAND: I'm Gonna Tear Down The Mailbox (W Carter)
Live on CIUT
Pineapple Frank Barth
Produced by db Hawkes - 1990
Recorded at St. Vladimir's Parrish Hall, Toronto

WILF CARTER: No Letter Today (W Carter)
By Request: RCA Camden - CAL 701
Port Hilford  NS
Passed away in 1996 at the age of 92

A song about the late Post Mistress of Wilno, Ont where no postal codes are allowed

BARNEY McCAFFEREY: Heather of the Wilno Hills (B McCafferey)
Live on The Great North Wind - CIUT-FM - 1990
Produced by Steve Fruitman
http://www.wilno.com/Arts_Gallery/McCaffrey/mccaffrey.htm or mailto:stcolumbas@hotmail.com

UGLY DUCKLINGS: Postman's Fancy (D Byngham / G Bell)
Somewhere Outside: Yorktown Records - YT 50,001
Dave Byngham - Robin Boers - Roger Mayne - John Reed - Glynn Bell
Toronto ON
Produced by Bill Huard - 1966
Recorded by Dave Leonard, Ray Lawrence, Gary youngblood & Terry Vollum
at Stea Phillips, NYC - Hallmark Sound, Toronto - Bay Recording, Toronto

Waitin' For The Evening Mail

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ANDREA KOZIOL: Makin' Pie (A Koziol)
Half Way Sweet: big Assrecords: CD5K-10
Ian de Souza - Justin Abedin - Kai Koschmider - Ron Lopata - Kevin Breit - Gary Craig -
Toronto ON
Produced by Thomas Neuspiel - 2010
Recorded by MCC Ready & Thomas Neuspiel at Keen Music, Toronto
Mixed by Brian Nevin
Mastered by Noah Mintz at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.andreakoziol.com or mailto:info@andreakoziol.com

ANDREA KOZIOL: Half Way Sweet (A Koziol)
Half Way Sweet: big Assrecords: CD5K-10
Ian de Souza - Jorn Jul Andersen - Justin Abedin - Kai Koschmider - Ron Lopata
Toronto ON
Produced by Thomas Neuspiel - 2010
Recorded by MCC Ready & Thomas Neuspiel at Keen Music, Toronto
Mixed by Brian Nevin
Mastered by Noah Mintz at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.andreakoziol.com or mailto:info@andreakoziol.com

Roy Forbes emailed me last week and enlightened me to the fact that he, as Bim, wrote and recorded the following song in 1975. Furthermore, he pointed out that Riley Pucket recorded an Evening Mail song in 1934, and he sent me a copy from his 78.

BIM: Morning Mail (R Forbes)
Kid Full Of Dreams: Casino Records - CA1007
Doug Edwards - Kat Hendrikse - Terry Frewer - Tom Baird - Claire Lawrence - Susan Jacks - Gary Koliger - Betty Chaba - Terry Frewer
Vancouver BC
Produced by Claire Lawrence - 1975
Recorded by Dave Slagter at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver
http://www.royforbes.ca or mailto:aka@direct.ca

RILEY PUCKETT: Waitin' For The Evening Mail (B Baskette)
78 rpm: Bluebird  5432 B
Produced in 1934

SHAWN CLARKE: Working Man (S Clarke)
like birds too tired to fly: Shawn Clarke Music or Serial
Mark Hart
Toronto ON
Produced by Shawn Clarke & Marty Smyth - 2010
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Marty Smyth

RITA CHIARELLI: Rest My Bones (R Chiarelli)
Sweet Paradise: MIM0006
Al Cross - George Koller - Christine Bugie - Rob Pilch - Drew Jurecka - Dennis Keldie
Toronto ON
Produced by George Koller and Rita Chiarelli - 2010
Recorded at Canterbury Music Co. Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Peter J Moore
http://www.ritachiarelli.com or mailto:bookings@ritachiarelli.com

The city of Toronto will host the G20 Summit in a few weeks. Toronto will turn into complete police state for about a week. The Toronto Blue Jays had to relocate their home series to Philadelphia, depriving us to watch Roy Haliday pitch. The Big bank towers will be off-limits to many; condo residents have to board up their windows; the subway will not travel downtown. And it will cost at least a Billion Dollars for security measures alone.This will be the largest police action since the invocation of The War Measures Act by Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1970!! And CIUT's studios will be closed down as the University of Toronto falls prey to the Summit. (We will be broadcasting from the facilities of a classical music radio station at our own cost).

Does this not describe complete insanity?

Scotch & Sofa: Foghog 005
Andrew Collins - Chris Coole - Chris Quinn - Max Heineman - John Showman
Toronto ON
Produced by The Foggy Hogtown Boys - 2010
Recorded and Mixed by Andrew Collins
Mastered by David Travers-Smith
http://www.foggyhogtownboys.com or mailto:info@foggyhogtownboys.com

COOLE PARK: Whiskey Before Breakfast (trad)
Water Journeys: Fiddle Head Productions - PHP 101
Aaron Solomon - Russell Edward Williams - Chris Gartner - Steve Heathcote - Ray Caldwell - Rick Bauer
Barrie ON
Produced by Aaron Solomon - 2009
Recorded by Michael Jack at The Power Plant, Barrie
Mixed by Jono Grant at Victory Drive Recording, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://cooleparkmusic.com/ or mailto:aaronsolomon@rogers.com

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: North of Old Lake Erie (T Connors)
Hockey Mom Tribute: EMI Canada - 724386 431622
Tom Connors - Tim Hadley - Charley Roussy - Bob McNiven - Chris Whiteley - Dennis Keldie - Sandra Swannell - Darin Parise
Balinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 2004
Recorded at Escarpment Sound, Acton ON by Brian Hewson

SCOTT WOODS with CAROLYN WOODS: Speed The Plough (Trad)
Live on Back To The Sugar Camp: May 21, 2005

LES BATINSES: Magnificat (Trad / Y Legendre)
Charivari: BAT97CD
Christophe Garenc - Andrée Bilodeau - Mathieu Girard - Fred Lebrasseur - Todd Picard - François Morrisette w Christian Noel
Quebec City, QC
Produced by Les Batinses - 1997
Recorded by André Marchand at Studio du Chemin 4, Joliette
Mixed by André Marchand and Mathieu Girard
Mastered by Diane Leboeuf at Sono Design
www.lesbatinses.com or mailto:info@lesbatinses.com

TAYLOR MITCHELL with CHRIS STRINGER: Riding Into The Sunset (T Mitchell)
Live at the Sugar Camp May 21, 2009
Hear this show now

RICK TAYLOR: Industrial Virgin Blues (R Taylor)
The Wonky Years: Volunteer Records - VRCD056
Mark Halpin - Peter Kasianchuck - Daniel Miles Kane - Gido - Tom Kerr - Chris Haas - Katherine McEwen
Bluewater ON
Produced, and Mixed by Rick Taylor - 2008
Recorded by Gerry Gagnon at Bullfrog Recording Studios, Vancouver
Recorded by Mani Nasserfat at Crosstown Studios, North Vancouver
Mastered Rick Taylor at Black Creek Recording Studios
http://www.ricktaylormusic.com or mailto:wordtide@gmail.com

Kissing In 29 Days: Northern Blues Music - NBM0035
Nathan Morris - Artie Markis - Geoff Daye - Michael Dalrymple
Ottawa ON
Produced by JW-Jones - 2006
Recorded by Jason Jaknunas at Raven St. Studios, Ottawa
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.jw-jones.com or mailto:info@jw-jones.com

BRENT MASON: One True Thing (B  Mason)
Gloryland: Left Handed Records - LHR006
Jason Vautour - Peter Doyle - Raymond Manson
Fredrecton, NB
Produced by Lloyd Hanson - 2005
Mastered by Lloyd Hanson at Reel North Recording Studio, Fredricton, NB
http://www.brentmason.ca or mailto:masonb@nbnet.nb.ca

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