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Back To The Sugar Camp
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WARD ALLEN: Back To The Sugar Camp (W. Allen)
Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol. 3: Sparton Records SP 213
circa 1961

Program 542
Les Basselles
Featuring: Canadian Female Bass Players

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Bassist: Nicole Underhay

THE DONE ME WRONGS: Isobel (K Graves)
You, Me and the Whiskey: Independent - no serial
Karen Graves - Cam MacDuffee - Bill Bridges - Nicole Underhay - Morgan Doctor - Jud Ruhl
Toronto ON
Produced, mixed and recorded by Freddy Gabrsek - 2009
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto

Bassist: Gwen Swick

TAMARACK: Alaska Highway (A Sinclair / J Gordon)
Frobisher Bay: Folk Era Records - FE 1409-CD
Gwen Swick - Alex Sinclair - James Gordon with Randall Coryell - Murray Ritchie - Jeff Bird
Guelph, Toronto, ON
Produced by Tamarack w/ Jeff Bird & Pat Mooney - 1993
Recorded at Ty Tyfu, Guelph

Bassist: Michele Law

THE LAWS: Heartache and Booze (J & M Law)
Two: A Major Label - AML001
John Law - Michele Law - Jim Dorin - Shawn Pierce
Seeley's Bay, ON
Produced by Andy Bowmer - 2002
Recorded and mixed by Andy Bowmer at The Barn, Salt Spring Island, BC
http://www.thelaws.ca/The_Laws/home.html  or mailto:info@thelaws.ca

Bassist: Ellen Shizgal

STEEL RAIL: Late Autumn Days (T Garr / E Shizgal)
The Road Less Travelled: No Label - CD1002
Tod Gorr - Ellen Shizgal - Dave Clarke
Montréal QC / Victoria BC
Produced by Dave Clarke - 1999
Recorded by Dave Clarke at Crossties Studio, Montreal
Mixed by Simon Pressey at Goodnoise Recording Services, Arundel QC
Mastered by Simon Pressey at Studio Morin Heights, QC
http://www.steelrail.ca or mailto:daveclarke@steelrail.ca

Bassist: June Drucker

THE HEARTBEATS: Breaking Up Christmas (Trad)
The Heartbeats EP: No Label or Serial no.
Tara Nevins - Rose Sinclair - Beverly Smith - June Drucker w/ Marshall Rosenberg - Jim Miller
New York State, USA
Produced by The Heartbeats - 1989
Recorded by David Seitz at Synergy Sound, Great Neck NY
http://www.myspace.com/taranevins or mailto:rosesinclair@earthlink.net or

Bassist: Suzanne Ungar

SWIFT YEARS: Danse Lunaire (Trad)
No sorrow For Me: Flaming Nora Records - HUP-051006
Patrick Hutchinson - Bub Cussen - Suzanne Ungar
Montréal QC
Produced by Swift Years - 2010
Recorded and mixed by Jean-Guy Montpetit at Studio Créason, Montreal
http://www.swiftyears.com or mailto:info (at) swiftyears (dot) com

Bassist: Dianne Rennie

THE WHITE RIVER BLUEGRASS BAND: La Route Des Voyageurs (W F Bland)
The White River Bluegrass Band: CCL 33-134
Bob Cussen - Wolfgang Poll - William F Bland - Dave Clarke - Dianne Rennie
Montréal QC
Produced by Mark D Goldman - 1979
Recorded by André Pelletier at Bobinason, Montréal
http://daveclarke.ca/bio.htm or mailto:daveclarke@steelrail.ca

Bassist: Julie Boutilier

From Us To You: Boogaloo Productions - no serial no.
Larry Boutilier - Mark Boutilier - Trevor Boutilier - Julie Boutilier - Fraser Martin
Dartmouth, NS
Produced by David Guy & Patrick Dooley, no date

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

Bassist: Mary MacIntyre

STOMPIN' TOM: The Flyin' CPR (T C Connors)
More of the Stompin' Tom Phenomenon: Capitol Records - C1-95897
Mary MacIntyre - Mickey Andrews - Ray Keating - JP Cormier
Halton Hills, ON
Produced Tom Connors - 1991
Recorded by Brian Hewson at Escarpment Sound, Acton ON

Bassist: Tammy Fasseart

TAMMY FASSAERT: Just Passin' Through (T Fassaert)
Just Passin' Through: Strictly Country Records - SCR-36
Scott Nygaard - John Reichman - Sally van Meter
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Scott Nygaard - 1994
Recorded by Tom Size at Tomland Studio, Pacheco, California
Mixed by Tom Size and Scott Nygaard
http://www.island.net/~tammyfas/ or mailto:tamfas@gmail.com

Bassist: Tammy Fasseart

SHEARWATER: When The Moon Comes Out Tonight (T Fassaert)
Shearwater: TCP-203
Tammy Fassaert - Dave Clarke - James Whittall
Victoria, BC
Produced by Dave Clarke and Adrian Dolan - 2008
Recorded by Adrian Dolan at Marlborough Studios and Crossties Studios, Victoria BC
Mastered and mixed by Adrian Dolan at Marlborough Studios and Joby Baker Studios, Victoria BC
http://www.shearwaterband.com or mailto:dave@daveclarke.ca or mailto:tamfas@gmail.com

Bassist: Trisha Gagnon

JOHN REISCHMAN & THE JAYBIRDS: Mississippi Hoedown (J Reischman)
Stellar Jays: Corvus Records - 015
Nick Hornbuckle - Jim Nunally - Greg Spatz - Trisha Gagnon - John Reischman
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Jim Nunally and John Reischman - 2007
Mastered by Jim Nunally
http://www.johnreischman.com or mailto:johnreischman@shaw.ca

Bassist: Shin Van Every

ECHOES OF BLUEGRASS: Lonesome Indian (Trad)
Country Poor and Country Proud: Sweetgrass - SGLP 0185
Shin Van Every - Claude LePrieur - Kevin Sullivan - Garret Doyle
Oshweken ON
Produced by Echoes of Bluegrass - 1985
Recorded by Doug Biggs and Rick Hutt at Cedar Tree Recording Studio, Kitchener ON

Bassist: Sue Passmore

THE GOOD LOVELIES: So Charming (The Good Lovelies)
The Good Lovelies: GL002
Sue Passmore - Kerri Ough - Caroline Brooks
Southern Ontario
Produced by Les Cooper & Adam King - 2009
Recorded at The Canterbury Music Co., Toronto
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.goodlovelies.com or mailto:goodlovelies@goodlovelies.com

Bassist: Rachel Melas

POMEGRANATE: Araber Tanz (Pomegranate)
Gazint: Ind. - No Serial
Reena Katz - Rachel Melas - Conny Nowe - Bee Sack - Rachel Sheinin
Toronto, ON
Produced by Pomegranate with Paul Talbot - 2006
Recorded by Paul Talbott
http://www.sonicpomegranate.com or mailto:pomegranatesquad@hotmail.com

Bassist: Rachel Melas

SWAMPERELLA: The Frankenstein (P Jellard)
On The Line: CR003
Soozi Schlanger - Peter Jellard - Conny Nowé - Rachel Melas - Dave Pontello
Toronto ON
Produced by John Switzer & Swamperella - 2007
Recorded by Paul Talbott at Fearless Films, Toronto
Mastered by James Paul at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.swamperella.com or mailto:swamp@swamperella.com

Program 543
The 21st Annual Porcupine Awards Show

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GREAT CANADIAN SONG AWARD - new Porcupine for 2010

RON HYNES: Sawchuk  (R Hynes / R Maggs)
Stealing Genius: Borealis Records - BCD - 205
Paul Mills - Al Cross - Alec Fraser - Pat Carey - Howard Moore - Steve Donald - John Sheard - Lenny Solomon - Adele Armin - Nick Papadakis - Wendy Solomon
St John's NL
Produced by Paul Mills - 2010
Recorded by Paul Mills at The Millstream, Toronto and by John Bailey at The Drive Shed, Toronto
Mixed by Paul Mills
Mastered by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound, Toronto
http://www.hynesite.org or mailto:ron_hynes@hynesite.org

NEW DRAGON MINE AWARD - find of the year

CHRIS BARTOS: Fort William (C Bartos)
Fort William: Duke St. Records - DSRD 310901
Claude Dejardins - Joe Grass - Dara Weis - Senja Sargeant
Montreal QC
Produced by Andrew Hermant - 2009
Recorded by Andrew Hermant and Chris Bartos
Mastered by Peter J Moore and The E Room
http://www.myspace.com/chrisbartos7 or mailto:cbartos@rogers.com


KARYN ELLIS: Shooting Star (K Ellis)
Even Though The Sky Was Falling: Mathilde's Home Productions - MHCD-2408
Brian Kobayakawa - Michael Holt - Don Kerr - Don Friesen - John Millard
Toronto ON
Produced by Karyn Ellis & Don Kerr - 2010
Recorded by Don Kerr at The Rooster, Toronto
Mastered by David Travers-Smith at Found Sound Productions, Toronto
http://www.donkerr.ca/ or mailto:donkerr@hotmail.com
http://www.karynellis.com or mailto:karyn@karynellis.com

LENNY BREAU AWARD for virtuosos

CHRIS QUINN: Lonesome Road Blues (trad)
The Banjo Special: Merriweather Records - M03BS
Marc Roy - Dan Whiteley - John Showman - Dennis Pendrith
Toronto, ON
Produced by Chris Quinn - 2002
Recorded at Casa Wroxton, Toronto by Nik Tjelios
Mixed by Nik Tjelios
Mastered by Brian Taheny with the Banjo Buddies at Golden Airs, Toronto
http://www.foggyhogtownboys.com or mailto:info@foggyhogtownboys.com

CEC McEACHERN AWARD for outstanding musical accompanist: JEFF BIRD

TAMARACK: Shave The Bear (J Bird)
Shave The Bear: SGB9
James Gordon - Jeff Bird - Alex Sinclair - David Houghton
Guelph, ON
Produced by Tamarack - 1989
Recorded and Mixed at The Grange, Toronto and Sound Trek, Guelph
Engineered by Ted Willey
http://www.jeffbird.com/ or mailto:jeffbird@jeffbird.com

JACK HAYES AWARD for old timey music

MICHAEL JEROME BROWNE: Saturday Night Rub (M J Browne)
Double: Borealis Records - BCD188
Jordan Officer
Montréal QC
Produced by Michael Jerome Browne - 2007
Recorded at Audio Bec, Le Studio and Studio Fast Forward, Montreal 1998
Recorded by Pierre Pineault
Mixed by Larry O'Malley and Michael Jerome Browne
Mastered by Renée Marc-Aurèle at SNB, Montréal
http://www.michaeljeromebrowne.com or mailto:hokeypokeypro@yahoo.com

MAC BEATTIE AWARD for being identifyingly Canadian

WASHBOARD HANK: Elvis Isn't Dead (H Fisher)
Sweet Memories of Life: No Label or Serial
Washboard Hank Fisher - Lance Loree - Shane Chisolm - Cam Neufeld - Curtis Tolman - The Cruzeros
Peterborough, ON
Produced by Steve Loree - 2009
Recorded by Steve Loree
http://www.melmusic.com/washboardhank or mailto:washboardhank5@msn.com


The Soundtrack: ABJ-0303
Andrew Collins - Brad Keller - Brian Kobayakawa - John Showman
Toronto ON
Produced by Bill VornDick - 2007
Recorded at Chalet Studio, Claremont ON by Bill VornDick
Mixed dby Bill VornDick at Fire Tower Studio, Nashville TN
Mastered by Paul Reimens at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton
http://www.creakingtree.com or mailto:brad@creakingtree.com


Radio Days: from the Golden Ages of Radio 1953-1968: Ind - No Serial No.
Ronald D Scott - Jean Carignan
Montreal QC
Produced from Radio tapes of Hometown Jamboree: 1955
No Web presence


DAVID CELIA: I'm Not Texan (D Celia)
I Tried: XXI - CD 1723
Joan Besen - David Headon - Cleave Anderson - Gurf Morlix
Mississauga ON
Produced by David Celia - 2010
Recorded by Jeff McCulloch at Wellesley Sound, Toronto
Mixed by John Switzer
Mastered by Joao Carvalho
http://www.davidcelia.com or mailto:innisidelink@hotmail.com

CLASSIC CANADIAN ALBUM - must be 1985 or earlier

BILL HOUSTON: Railroad Town (B Houston)
The King of White Otter Lake: Lone Wolf - LW1405CD
Roly Greenway - Grit Laskin
Thunder Bay, ON
Produced by Shelby M Gregory - 1975
Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto, and Creative Electronics Studios, London ON
Re-Mastered by Paul Mills & Rob Jardine
http://www.billhouston.ca or mailto:bhouston@tbaytel.net

GOLDEN QUILL AWARD - songwriting

ROSEMARY PHELAN: Overwhelmed (R Phelan)
What Sings In The Blood: Mighty Wren - MW001
Bryden Baird - Jon Brooks - Chris Coole - Murray Foster - David Francey - Jason Laprade - Emilyn Stam - Ian Tamblyn - Adam Warner
Toronto ON
Produced by Jason Laprade and Rosemary Phelan - 2010
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Laprade at Crystal Clear Sound, Toronto
http://www.rosemaryphelan.com or mailto:mightywrenproductions@gmail.com


BRI-ANNE SWAN: Stars Are Falling (& I'm Hungry) (B Swan)
These Are All My Friends: No label or Serial
Mitch Girio - Morgan Doctor - Richard Weisdorf - Tracy Jones
Toronto ON
Produced by Mitch Girio - 2009
Recorded by Mitch Girio at the Electrical Room & Slaughterhouse 754
Mastered by Richard G Benoit
http://www.bri-anneswan.com or mailto:info@bri-anneswan.com

Program 544
Porcupine Awards Hall of Fame

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Go to 2010.html for complete coverage of the 2010 awards


IAN TAMBLYN: In Wonder (I Tamblyn)
Gyre: North Track Records - NT-30
Jeff Bird - Gary Craig - Fred Guignion - George Koller - Scott Merritt - Chris Whiteley
Gatineau, QC
Produced by Scott Merritt and Ian Tamblyn - 2010
Recorded by Scott Merritt
Mastered by David Cain at Soundmaster Studio, Ottawa
http://tamblyn.com/ or mailto:tamblyn@hotmail.com


SHIRLEY FIELD: He Taught Me To Yodel
Two Sides of Shirley Field: Banff Rodeo - RBS 1168
Armstrong, BC
circa 1963

KEN HAMM: Cedar Rain (K Hamm)
Eagle Rock Road: North Track Records - NTCD9501
James Young - Doug Cox - Sue Leonard
Vancouver BC / Thunder Bay ON
Produced by Pat Coleman - 1995
Recorded by Perry Barrett and Rod Michaels at Blue Wave Studios, Vancouver
http://kenhamm.com/ or mailto:khamm@islandnet.com


RUBBERNECK: A Minor Breakdown (B Yellin)
Live at the Sugar Camp
Andy Hermant, J.P. Campeau, Terry Wilkins & Billy Curtis
Toronto ON
Produced by Andrew S Hermant - 2008
Mastered by Peter J Moore at the "E" Room, Toronto
http://www.rubbernecksite.com or mailto:horse.feathers@rogers.com


Radio Days: Ind - No Serial No.
Ronald D Scott - Jean Carignan
Montreal QC
Produced from Radio tapes of CFCF Hometown Jamboree: 1955
No Web presence

CONNIE KALDOR: Sleepy Little Town (C Kaldor)
Wood River: Coyote Entertainment Canada - CECCD 1010
Don Benedictson - Chris Norquist - Norman Macpherson - Dan Smith - Roy Forbes - Michael Creber - Calvin Cairns - Red River Boy
Saskatoon, SK
Produced by Roy Forbes - 1992
Recorded and Mixed by Rolf Henneman at Catle Theatre in Saskatoon
Mastered by Bill Kipper at Disques S.N.B., Montreal

45 rpm: Arc Records - 1028
Mike Brough - Doug Chappel - Richie Knight - Barry Stein - George Simkiw - Barry Lloyd
Producer Not Listed - 1963

HANK LARIVIERE: Something To Sing About (O Brand)
Hank's Centennial Travels: RCA Camden -- CAL 2179
Ted Daigle - Gilbert Glazier - Joe Pino
Hawkesbury ON
Produced by alan Sherman with Ted Daigle - 1967


CARL GOODWIN & RAY LEGERE: Suck It Up, Buttercup (C Goodman)
North To Ontario 2008 (Compilation): NOT2008
Ray Legere - Carl Goodwin - Nick McDonald - Gene Gouthro
Executive Producer: Tom McCreight
Mastered by Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions Inc
mailto:tjmccreight@aol.com or mailto:levelcrossing@cogeco.ca
http://www.raylegere.com/ or mailto:ray@raylegere.com

ZEKE MAZUREK: Medley: Rodney's Glory / Dust in the Lane / Sally Gooding' / Billy Cheatem
I Ain't Dead....Yet: Iady Music - 1995
Sneezy Waters
Wellington ON
Produced by Zeke Mazurek - 1995
Recorded at Star Link Sound, Brighton ON by Rick Hodgson
Mixed at Star Link Sound by Danny Greenspoon
Mastered by Peter Moore at the E Room, Toronto


PERTH COUNTRY CONSPIRACY: Tractor Song (C Smith): You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (B Dylan)
Alive: Columbia Records - GES 90037
Richard Keelan - Cedric Smith - Terry Jones - George Taros - Michael Butler - Perth Country Girls & Friends
Stratford ON
Produced by John Williams - 1971

Living In A Fog: Grand East Records - GE-1001
Glenn Simmons,  Ron Hynes,  Jaymie Snider,  Sandy Morris,  Ian Perry,  Paul Stamp,  Greg Malone,  Tommy Sexton
St. John's NL
Produced by Declan O'Doherty - 1981
Recorded and Mixed at Springfield Sound Studio by Declan O'Doherty, Dan Donovan & Geoff Rowland
Mastered by Bill Kipper at Masterdisk, New York City
http://wonderfulgrandband.com/ or mailto:wgb@bellaliant.net



Program 545
Christmas at the Sugar Camp

Photo by Eddie Duke
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No Pie-cast of this program
CHRIS McKHOOL: There Was A Little Baby (Trad)
Celebrate! Holidays of the Global Village: MCK 2020
Doug Banwell- Ken Whiteley - Colin Barrett - Adam David - Rick Lazar - Amoy Levy - Ciceal Levy
Toronto, ON
Produced by Ken Whiteley - 2005
Recorded by Nick Tjelios and Mixed at Casa Wroxton, Toronto
Mastered by Ted Carson and Ken Whiteley at Music Lane, Toronto
mailto:chris@fiddlefire.com or http://www.fiddlefire.com

STRADA: Quando nascette Ninno / Saltarello (trad)
Nadal: Analekta - FLX 2-3059
Pierre Langevin - Pierre Tanguay - Marc Villemure - Robert Huard - Guy Ross
Quebec City, QC
Produced by Robert Langlois & Pierre Langevin - 1996
Recorded by Robert Langlois and Pierre Langevin

SUSAN HOOKONG: Christmas (S Hookong)
She-La: DWS-001
Colleen Allen - Ron Allen - Michael Alonzo - Alun Davies - Maryem Hassan - Alan Hetherington - Rick Lazar - Jani Lauzon - Blair Mackay - Kevan McKenzie - Alejandra Nunez - Steven Webster - David Restivo - Evan Tarleton
Toronto On
Produced by Ron Allen with Susan Hookong- 1999
Recorded by Tom Tait, Keith Mariash and Michael Alonzo
Mixed by Keith Mariash
Mastered by ron Allen at Hypmelodics
http://www.deepwatersound.ca/ or mailto:susan@deepwatersound.ca

ROSE VAUGHAN TRIO: Season's Turning (R Vaughan)
Winter Rose: Wild Rose Records - 02-50433
Catherine Porter - Doug Mallory - Ray Legere - Jamie D Gatti
Halifax, NS
Produced by Doug Mallory, Rose Vaughan & Catherine Porter - 1995
Recorded at SoundPro Recording, Dartmouth NS by JP Arsenault and Reg Macmichael
Mixed by Doug Mallory and rose Vaughan at SoundPro Recording
Mastered by Chuck O'Hara at Reeltime Recording, Halifax
http://www.rosevaughantrio.com/ or mailto:rose@rosevaughantrio.com

GRIEVOUS ANGELS: (Merry Christmas From) Montieth (C Angus)
22 Trailor Park: Jimmy Boyle Records - No Serial
Chuck Angus - Peter Jellard - Pete Duffin - Tim Hadley w/ Michael Fonfara - Peter Hornsby
Cobalt, N ONT
Produced by Michael Fonfara and Peter Sabourin - 1999
Recorded at Liquid Sky Studios, Toronto by Alec Fraser
Mastered by Nick Blagona at Metalworks, Toronto

THE WAKAMI WAILERS: A Lumbjerjack's Legend (Trad)
Songs from the Lumber Camps - The Last of the White Pine Loggers: Imakaw Recors - CD-002
Rob Hollett - Mark Despault - Mike Bernier - Jeff Allen w/ Andy Thompson
Picton, Peterborough & Cochrane, ON
Produced by Andy Thompson & The Wakami Wailers - circa 1986
Recorded at Northumberland Music Studio 29, Campbellford ON
http://www.pec.on.ca/music/  or mailto:wakamiwailers@sympatico.ca

TAMARACK: Logging Camp Christmas (A Sinclair)
Frobisher Bay: Folk Era Records - FE 1409-CD
Gwen Swick - Alex Sinclair - James Gordon w/ Jeff Bird
Guelph, Toronto, ON
Produced by Tamarack w/ Jeff Bird & Pat Mooney - 1993
Recorded by Jeff Bird at Ty Tyfu, Guelph
http://pages.interlog.com/~pmsinc/ or mailto:pmsinc@interlog.com

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Merry Christmas Everybody (TC Connors)
Merry Christmas Everybody: Boot Records - BOS-7126
Tom Connors - Gary Empey - Bill Lewis
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1973

DAVID FRANCEY: The First Noel (Trad)
Carols For A Christmas Eve: Laker Music - LAKR 1006
Katheryn Briggs
Almonte, ON
Produced by David Francey and Beth Girdler - 2006
Recorded and Mixed by Ken Friesen at the Almonte Old town Hall
Mastered by Ken Friesen at the Almonte Old Town Hall
http://www.davidfrancey.com or mailto:laker@davidfrancey.com

AMBER CHRISTMAS: The Holly and the Ivy (Trad)
Amber Christmas: Amber Music - 9806-2
Pamela Morgan - Anita Best - The Overtones - Rob Mills - George Morgan - Dave Panting - Brian Kenny
Produced by Pamela Morgan - 1997
Recorded by Don Ellis at Nickle Soundworks, St. John's and Rick Hollett at Record Time Studio, St. John's
Mixed by Daryn Barry at Number Nine Studios, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.pamelamorgan.ca or mailto:info@ambermusic.ca

TRILOGY: Light From The Lighthouse (trad)
Two Thousand Years of Christmas: Dragonwing - DRGN-114
Eileen McGann - David K - Cathy Miller
Calgary AB
Produced by Trilogy - 1996
Recorded by David K at
Mixed by David K, Terry Johnsgaard, Eileen McGann and Cathy Miller
Mastered at Tac-ime Studios, Calgary
http://www.candisc.com/trilogy/ or mailto:cmiller@nucleus.com

CHRIS MACLEAN: The Promise of Peace (C MacLean)
Christmas Goose: Writers Bloc Records - WBR002
Wakefield QC
Produced by Shane Simpson - 2003
Recorded by Shane Simpson at Segment Multimedia, Ottawa
Mixed by Shane Simpson and Ross Murray
http://www.chrismaclean.com or mailto:chris@chrismaclean.com

MARILYN REDDICK w The MC'S QUARTET: Santa's Dream (F Seigel)
78 rpm: Alvina Records - AL-1016
Toronto ON
Produced by Art and Lou Snider - 1956

QUARTETTE: The Perfect Christmas Tree (S Tyson / G Swick)
I See A Star: Outside Music - 23339-1073-2
Sylvia Tyson - Gwen Swick - Cindy Church - Caitlin Hanford w/ Kevin Breit - Chris Coole - Victor Bateman
Toronto, Elora ON, Calgary AB
Produced by Danny Greenspoon - 2002
Recorded by Jeremy Darby and Danny Greenspoon at The Canterbury Music Co., Toronto
Mastered by Nick Rawson at The Other Studio

Program 546
Year End Party Time

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Hear the Piecast
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CORIN RAYMOND: Winter Is The Warmest Time Of Year (C Raymond)
There Will Always Be A Small Time: Ind
David Baxter - Brian Kobayakawa - Jerome Godboo - Sean Cotton
Produced by Corin Raymond and Sean Cotton - 2009
Recorded by James Paul at The rogue Studios, Toronto
Mastered by James Paul at Rogue Studios
http://www.corinraymond.com or mailto:corinthatsme@hotmail.com

ROMI MAYES: Tire Marks (R Mayes / J Haldane)
Achin In Yer Bones: No Label or Serial no.
Gurf Morlix - Chris Carmichael - Grant Siemens - Jaxon Haldane
Winnipeg MB
Produced by Gurf Morlix - 2008
Recorded by Len Milne at Bedside Studios, Winnipeg
http://www.romimayes.com or mailto:mayesromi@shaw.ca

ART NAPOLEON: You Really Got A Hold On Me (S Robinson)
Creeland Covers: AN11
Marty Jones - Zak Cohen - Carsen Ogland - Niska Napoleon - Shakti Hayes - Beaver Thomas - Paul Keim - Thomas Kinzel
Victoria BC
Produced by Zak Cohen - 2010
Recorded by Zak Cohen at Woodshop Studio
Mastered by Joby Baker Studios
http://www.artnapoleon.com/ or mailto:artnapoleon@yahoo.ca

Tribute to Dave Hickey who passed away Dec 25, 2010

McGINTY: Roseville Fair (B Staines)
Ballads and Bar Tunes: Rocky Coast Music - RCMI-CD 6
John Ferguson - Don Moore - Dave Hickey
Halifax NS
Produced by McGinty - 1994
Recorded at Soundpro Recording Studio, Dartmouth NS by Pat Martin
Mixed and Mastered by Pat Martin
http://www.rcm.ns.ca/mcg_main.html or mailto:mcginty@rcm.ns.ca

Tribute to Dan Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & FRANK ZAPPA: Tiger Roach (D Van Vliet / F Zappa)
The Lost Episodes: Ryko RCD-40573
Janschi - Vic Mortenson
Produced by Frank Zappa - 1962
Recorded by Frank Zappa at Studio Z, Cucamonga, California
Mixed by Bob Stone at Utility Muffin Research Kitchen

THE BILLS: Oeil au beurre noir (M Atkinson / C Frye)
Let Em Run: Borealies Records - BCD-164
Marc Atkinson - Adrian Dolan - Chris Frye - Glen Manders - Olivier Demers - Devon McCagherty - Matt Pease
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Joby Baker, Marc Atkinson & The Bills - 2004
Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering

LA BOTTINE SOURIANTE: Margot Fringue (Trad)
Xieme: Mille-Pattes - MP-2040
Réjean Archambault - Michel Bordeleau - André Brunet - Robert Ellis - Denis Fréchette - Jean Fréchette - Yves Lambert - André Verreault - Jocelyn Lapointe
Joliette, QC
Produced by Jean Fréchette - 1998
Mastered by Andy Van Dette at MasterDisk, New York City

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Long Gone To The Yukon (TC Connors)
Long Gone To The Yukon: EMI 0-7243-835298-2-7
Tom Connors - Chris Whiteley - Denis Keldie - David Thompson - Rob Duffus - Conrad Kipping
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by Dr. T. C. Connors - 1995

HURIONIA OLD TIME FIDDLE MUSIC: Blind River Breakdown / Winding Stream (trad)
Hurionia Old Tyme Fiddle Music: MRD 001
Marcel Vaillancourt - Martin Grenier - Eric Laurin - Gerard Maurice
Midland / Penetang / Lafontaine ON
Produced by Hurionia - circa 1990

REMBETIKA HIPSTERS: The Seagulls (Meimaris / Vasiliadis)
Kafeneion: Socrates Pizza Records - SPR003
Allen Baekeland - Nikos Diochnos - Lincoln Frey - Giorgos Iosifelis - Jonathan Lewis - Malcolm Lim - Zoe Theodorou
Calgary AB
Produced by Jonathan Lewis - 2010
Recorded by Jonathan Lewis at Moxam Studios, Calgary; EK Sound, Calgary; Casa Frey, High River
Mixed by Stelios Pulos at EK Sound
Mastered by Golden Mastering, Los Angeles CA
http://www.rembetika.com or mailto:alnjen@shaw.ca

OCTOBER BROWNE: Holiday Romance (O Browne)
October Browne: OBCD001
Colin Cripps - Peter Bleakney - Gary Craig - Al Parrish
Toronto, ON
Produced by Evelyne Datl - 1999
Recorded by David Travers-Smith at The Canterbury Music and Found Sound, Toronto
Mastering: George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.octoberbrowne.com or mailto:octoberb@interlog.com

THE SADIES: Lucifer Sam (S Barrett)
In Concert: Outside - 23339-9015-2
Dallas Good - Travis Good - Mike Belitsky - Sean Dean w/ Mike Burlington - Gary Louris
Richmond Hill, ON
Produced by The Sadies - 2006
Mastered by Peter E Moore at the E Room, Toronto
http://www.thesadies.net/ or mailto:info@thesadies.net

SHAWN SAGE: Marijuana & Alcohol (S Sage)
One of the Good Guys: SSCD-76
Sam Cino - King Kong Girio - Makie - Gerry LeBlanc - Peter Varity - Aaron Kazmer
Toronto, ON
Produced by King Kong Girio - 2003
Mastered by Steve Clarkson at Broadcast Lane, Toronto
http://www.shawnsage.com or mailto:shawn@shawnsage.com

Stink: Liberty LBS 83251 / EMI C2 0777 7 26590 2 6
Mike McKenna - Mendleson Joe - Tony Nolasco - Mike Harrison
Toronto, ON
Produced by Liberty Records Staff, UK, June 11, 1969
http://www.mikemckenna.ca/ or mailto:teleman84@gmail.com

PAUL JAMES BAND: Lost In The Blues (PJ Vigna)
Lost In The Blues: PJ004
Gary Gray - Henry DeClemente - Alec Fraser
Toronto, ON
Produced by Paul James w/ Alec Fraser - 2007
Recorded by Alec Fraser at Liquid Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Andy Krehm at S\ilverbirch Productions - Toronto
http://www.pauljamesband.com or mailto:pauljames@rogers.com

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