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September 2006: 14 - 21 - 28
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WARD ALLEN: Back To The Sugar Camp (W. Allen)
Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol. 3: Sparton Records SP 213
circa 1961

Amherst Peach Pie Fest
Guests: Listeners Bruce and Lori from Amherst, NY

Program 334


OLIVER SCHROER: The Love March (O Schroer)
A MIllion Stars: Big Dog Records - BD0401
David Woodhead - Linda Tillery - Rhonda Benin - Elouise Burrell - Melanie DeMore
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Oliver Schroer - 2004
Mastered by Andrew St. George or

DAVID CELIA: She's A Waterfall (D Celia)
This Isn't Here: Disques Experience - 211
Liz Abbott - Michael Holt - Adam Warner - Peter Murray
Mississauga, ON
Produced by David Celia - 2006
Mastered by Joao Carvalho or

JAMES GORDON: Carlyle Lake (J Gordon)
Endomusia: Borealis Records - BCD-161
Jeff Bird - Alex Sinclair - Jude Vadala
Guelph, ON
Produced by James Gordon - 2004
Mastered by Karl Machat or

IAN NORTH: Leaving Buffalo (I North)
Theory of Your Life: EarRationalmusic - ERM001
Eric Newby - Adam King - Paul Mathew
Keswick, ON
Produced by Eric Newby - 2006
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Balin: AML Records - no serial
Willie P Bennett - Darcy Yates - Roger Martin - Don Walsh - John P Allen -
Craig Bignell
Port Dover, ON
Produced by Scott Merritt & Fred Eaglesmith - 2003

NEIL YOUNG: Cinnamon Girl (N Young)
Decade: WEA - 3RS 2257
Crazy Horse
Producer not listed: 1976

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Football Song (T C Connors)
Dr. Stompin' Tom ... Eh?: EMI-Music Canada - 724349 55972
Tom Connors - Tom Connors - Graham Townsend - Duncan Fremlin - Conrad Kipping - Bob McNiven - Greg Street - Rob Duffus - Fred
Northcotte - Denis Keldie - Chris Whiteley - Gray Townsend
Balinifad, ON
Produced by Tom C Connors - 1993
Mastered by Bob Ludwig

LA BOTTINE SOURIANTE: Margot Fringue (Trad)
Xieme: Mille-Pattes - MP-2040
Réjean Archambault - Michel Bordeleau - André Brunet - Robert Ellis - Denis Fréchette - Jean Fréchette - Yves Lambert - André Verreault - Jocelyn Lapointe
Joliette, QC
Produced by Jean Fréchette - 1998

MARK HAINES & TOM LEIGHTON: That's The Way The World Goes 'Round (J Prine)
Hand to Hand: Borealis Records - BCD 136
Souis, PEI / Toronto, ON
Produced by Tom Leighton - 2002

EVE GOLDBERG: Leaving Nova Scotia Blues (E Goldberg)
A Kinder Season: Borealis Records - BCD 177
Toronto, ON
Produced by Ken Whiteley - 2006
Mastered by Ted Cardson for MusicLane Mastering, Toronto or

BLACKIE & THE RODEO KINGS: That's What I Like (T Wilson / Salter)
Let's Frolic: True North Records - TND 430
Colin Linden - Stephen Fearing - Tom Wilson - Ary Crai - John Dymond - Richard Bell - John Whynot
Nashville, Tn / Guelph, ON / Hamilton, ON
Produced by Colin Linden - 2006
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering

BRUCE COCKBURN: Creation Dream (B Cockburn)
Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws: True North Records - TND 287
Robert Boucher - Bob Di Salle - Larry Silvera
Produced by Eugene Martynec - 1979
Remastered by Peter J Moore at The E Room, Toronto - 2002

The Port: Wiggy Si Paco No - WSPNCD 3280
Jack Whiteside - Blair Heddle - Tom Rutledge - John Charlton
Port Stanley, ON
Produced by Frank Ridsdale, Jack Whiteside & Will Haas - 2006
Mastered by Andy Krehm for Silverbirch Productions, Toronto

Pine Over Me

Program 335


ZUBOT & DAWSON: Jobsite (J Zubot)
Tractor Parts: Further Adventures In Strang: True North - TND 304
Jesse Zubot - Steve Dawson - Jay Burr - Ray Garraway
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Steve Dawson & Jesse Zubot - 2000
Mastered by Craig Waddell at Gotham City Studios, Vancouver

STEEL RAIL: Big Sky Blues (L Chodan / D Clarke)
River Song: Crossties Music - CROCD1004
Tod Garr - Ellen Shizgal - Dave Clarke w/ Gaston Bernard
Montreal, QC
Produced by Dave Clarke - 2005
Matered by Harris Newman @ Gray Market Mastereing, Montreal or

JAY LINDEN: Blue Skies of September  (J Linden)
Satchel: JE1001
Colin Linden
Guelph, ON
Produced by Jay Linden & Ken Brown - 2006
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto or

BROKENJOE: Mr Blues (You Never Where My Friend) (A Fraser)
Long Walk To Nowhere: No Label or Serial no.
Joe Toole - Jerome Godboo - Alec Fraser
Toronto, ON
Produced by Alec Fraser - 2006
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto

THE WAILIN' JENNYS: The Devil's Paintbrush Road (A Chvostek)
Firecracker: Jericho Beach Music - JBM-0605
Annabelle Chvostek - Nicky Mehta - Ruth Moody w/ Christian Dugas - Kevin Breit - Joe Phillips - David Travers-Smith
Winnipeg, MB
Produced by David Travers-Smith - 2006
Mastered by David Travers-Smith

In Memory of Earl Heywood (1917 - 2006)

It's A Saturday Night Barndance Vol 2: Rodeo Records - RLPCD 8047
Wingham, ON
Produced for The Barn Dance Historical Society by Lynn Russwurm - 1998

THE CAJUN RAMBLERS: Earlybird Two-Step (R Jones)
Couteau Jaune: Moose Records - 004
Rob Jones - Peter Jellard - Tim Hadley - Steve Fruitman - Victoria Wilcox
Toronto, ON
Produced by John Switzer - 1990
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: A Damn Good Song For A Miner (T C Connors)
The Unpopular Stompin' Tom: EMI 0-7243 - 20821
Tom Connors
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Chuck Goudie - 1976

LE VENT DU NORD: Gigue à Trois (B Bourque / Trad)
Les amants du Saint-Laurent: Borealis Records - BCD-169
Nicolas Boulerice - Simon Beaudry - Benoit Bourque - Olivier Demers
Lanadière, QC
Produced by Le Vent du Nord & André Marchand - 2005
Mastered by Carl Talbot at Studio Sono Design or

RICK FINES & SUZIE VINNICK: Don't Let Your Dreams Drift Away (R Fines)
Nothing Halfway: No Label or Serial
Al Cross - Richard Bell - Roly Platt - Colleen Allen - Chris Whiteley
Peterborough, ON / Toronto, ON
Produced by Nicolas Tjelios, Rick Fines & Suzie Vinnick - 2006
Mastered by Paul Inston or or

Big Chop Suey: Pre-release CD
Kevin Phillips - Bob Brough - Denis Keldie - Michael Sloski - Kevin Vienneau - John Yelland
Toronto, ON
Produced by Alec Fraser - 2006 or

KIM BEGGS: Her Big Yellow Backhoe (K Beggs)
Streetcar Heart: Caribou Records - CRCD019
Bob Hamilton - Dave Haddock - Annie Avery - Birch Kuch - Ed White
Whitehorse, YT
Produced by Bob Hamilton - 2004
Mastered by Bob Hamilton at Old Crow Recording, Whitehorse or

BRENT MASON: One True Thing (B  Mason)
Gloryland: Left Handed Records - LHR006
Jason Vautour - Peter Doyle - Raymond Manson
Fredrecton, NB
Produced by Lloyd Hanson - 2005
Mastered by Lloyd Hanson at Reel North Recording Studio, Fredricton, NB or

THE SADIES: Jason Fleming (R Miller)
In Concert: Outside - 15/2
Dallas Good - Travis Good - Mike Belitsky - Sean Dean w/ Neko Case - Garth Hudson
Richmond Hill, ON
Produced by The Sadies - 2006
Mastered by Peter E Moore at the E Room, Toronto

THE BREAKMEN: Leavin' On A Midnight Train (L Watson)
The Breakmen: BR21602
Matthew Lawson - Lee Watson - Ben Rogalsky - Archie Pateman
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Ivan Rosenberg - 2006
Mastered by Shael Wrinch and Ivan Rosenberg or


C's & D's

Program 336


DUNCAN CAMERON: My Dear Obnoxious One (D Cameron)
The Whistling Thief: DRC Records - DRC 001
Nicholas Williams - Andrew Canning - Beorn Thiessen - Jaime Stilborn - Suzanne McKie
Toronto, ON
Produced by Duncan Cameron - 2000 or

DAVE CLARK: Why Don't You Come Home (D Clark)
Sketchbook #2: Zunior - no serial
Toronto, ON
Produced by Dave Clark - 2005 or

JAMES COHEN: Mock Pollock (J Cohen)
High Side of Lowdown: Northern Blues Music - NBM-0015
Tony D - Devin Johnstone - Stu Watkins - Richard Bell
Ottawa, ON
Produced by Richard Bell - 2003
Mastered by Corey MacFadyen @ Sonic Theatre Recording Studios or

NONIE CRETE: Wannabe Cowboys (N Crete)
Girl In A Crazy World: NC004
Eugene Rae - David Woodhead - Al Cross - Tom Leighton - Don Reed
Fergus, ON
Produced by Paul Mills - 2003 or

J P CORMIER: Tulloch Gorum (a.k.a. Broken Fingers) (Trad)
Heart & Soul: Borealis Records - BCD114
Hilda Chaisson-Cormier
Petit Etang, NS
Produced by JP Cormier & Angus Lefort - 1998
Mastered by Jamie Foulds at Lakewind Sound, Port Aconi or

MARGARET CHRISTL: The Picture In My Mind (M Christl)
The Picture In My Mind: Waterbug Records WBG0040
Leon Taheny - Loretto Reid - Michael Johnston - Brian Taheny
Collingwood, ON
Produced by Loretto Reid & Brian Taheny, 1998
Mastering: Soundline Studios, Toronto or

DOUG COX: Mary Greig (D Cox)
Canadian Borderline: Malahat Mountain Music - MMM-CD-001
John Reischman - Patrick Olmsted - Tobin Stokes - Tony Trischka
Comox, BC
Produced by Doug Cox & John Ellis - 1993
Mastered by Mark Franklin at Media Magic or

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: The Last Fatal Duel (F Dixon)
Stompin' Tom & The Hockey Song: EMI Canada - 7243 495590
Tom Connors - Gary Empey - Bill Lewis - Glen Reid - John Spence - Fred McKenna
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Fred McKenna - 1972

FREDDY DIXON: Naismith Basketball Song (F Dixon)
Tales And Legends of the Ottawa Valley: Rodeo Records - RLPCD 8043
Kirk Armstrong - Ray Adams - Glen Adams - Sam Henry - Don O'Neill - Robb Smith
Perth, ON
Produced by Freddy Dixon & Terry Carisse - 1995

Motel Darlene: no label or serial
Johnny Mulhern - Wally Page
Sudbury, ON or

ROBERT DAVID: Yodel-eeo (R David)
Robert David: 3DTV - no serial
Jody Benjamin - Michael Ball
Montreal, QC
Produced by Robert David & JD Belanger - 2004
Mastered by Jon Van Wingerden at Audio Valley Recording Studio

DAISY DeBOLT: Mountain Folk (D DeBolt / B Derkach)
Just Mountain Songs: DB Productions - DCD 104
Bob Derkach - George Koller - Phil Dwyer
Toronto, ON
Produced by Bob Derkach - 2000
Mastered by Bob erkach at Bob Derkach Studios, Toronto or

CARLOS DEL JUNCO: Long Highway (D Hoerl / KW Spruell)
Blues Mongrel: Northern Blues Music - NBM0026
Kevin Breit - Henry Heillig - Jorn Juul Andersen - Denis Keldie
Toronto, ON
Produced by Jeff Wolpert & Carlos Del Junco - 2005
Mastered by Jeff Wolpert at Desert Fish or

RITA DI GHENT: You Hit The Spot (M Gordon / H Revel)
The Standards Sessions 2: Groove Classic GPCD 1203
David Restivo - Marc Rogers - Daniel Barnes - Kenny Kirkwood
Toronto, ON
Produced by Rita Di Ghent - 2003
Mastered by Nick Blagona at Psychotropic Studios, Toronto or

MARIA DUNN: Lonesome And Then Some (M Dunn)
For A Song: Distant Whisper Music MARCD02
David Ward - Craig Korth - Byron Myhre - Bill Lpushinsky - Keith Burgess
Edmonton, AB
Produced by Shannon Johnson - 2001
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto or


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