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January 2006: 5 - 12 - 19 - 26

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WARD ALLEN: Back To The Sugar Camp (W. Allen)
Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol. 3: Sparton Records SP 213
circa 1961

Is It Really 2006?

Program 299


ALAN GERBER: Piece of the Pie (A Gerber)
Blue Tube: AGCD 051007
Raoul Arara - Jean-Francois martel - Dan Martel - Gaston Gagnon - Jim Zeller - Pedro Ullmann
Montreal, QC
Produced by Alan Gerber - no date
Mastered by Jim Rabchuk at Audiobec Recording Studio Canada Inc or

COLIN LINDEN: You Can't Get The Stuff No More
Easin' Back To Tennessee: True North Records Pre-Release - PTN - 277
Nashville, TN
No info available or

CHARLIE SOHMER: Ride Billy Ride (C Sohmer)
Dying To Have A Good Time: Glowing Hearts - 003
John Adames - Steve Briggs - Burke Caroll - John Switzer
Ottawa, On
Produced by John Switzer - 2005
Mastered by George Graves at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto or

DOUG COX & SAM HURRIE: Cool Drink of Water (S Hurrie)
Hungry Ghosts: Northern Blues Music - NBM0030
Rick May
Comox, BC
Produced by Doug Cox, Sam Hurrie & Paul Keim - 2005
Mastered by Ken Whiteley and Ted Carson @ Music Lane Inc, Toronto or

THE FABRICATORS: I Need Your Love (L Smith)
The Fabricators: No label or serial
John Witmer - Dave Vidal - David Webb - Larry Smith w/ Marv Walker
Victoria, BC
Produced by John Witmer and Larry Smith - 1997 or

THE WAKAMI WAILERS: Camp at Hoover's Lake (trad arr X Wakami Wailers)
River Through The Pines: Imakaw Records CD003
Rob Hollett - Mark Despault - Mike Bernier - Jeff Allen
Peterborough - Picton, On
Produced by Andy Thompson and the Wakami Wailers - 1999 or

JOHN REISCHMAN & THE JAYBIRDS: Allens Creek (J Reischman)
The Road West: Corvus Records - 012
Jim Nunally - Nick Hornbuckle - Trisha Gagnon - Greg Spatz
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Jim Nunally & John Reischman - 2004
Mastered by Ken Lee or

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: If I Hurt Any More (T Connors)
Hockey Mom Tribute: EMI Canada - 724386 431622
Tom Connors - Tim Hadley - Charley Roussy - Bob McNiven - Chris Whiteley - Dennis Keldie - Sandra Swannell - Darin Parise
Balinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 2004

THE BILL HILLY BAND: Moonshiner (Trad)
All Day Every Day: Borealis Records - BCD 145
Marc Atkinson - Chris Frye - Adrian Dolan - Glen Manders - Beau Klaibert - Joy Baker
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Joby Baker & Marc Atkinson - 2002
Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman's Mastereing Studio, Hollywood, CAL

SIERRA NOBLE: Lucky Trapper Reel (A Dejarlis)
Spirit of the Strings: Arbor Records - AR 12312
Randy Hiebert - Gerry McIvor - Jimmy Flett - Tim Sutton
Winnipeg, MB
Produced by Randy Hiebert - 2005
Mastered by Daniel Natyna and Randy Hiebert at Soul R Music, Headingly, MB or

GWEN SWICK: Days of Sun And Wind (I Tamblyn)
Coastline of Our Dreams - The Songs of Ian Tamblyn - SGB Productions - SGB052
Randall Coryell - Scott Merritt - Kurt Schefter
Elora, On
Exec Producer: Liz Harvey-Foulds - 2005
Mastered by David Travers-Smith or

THE ZAMBONIS: Wendell (The Zambonis)
100% Hockey...and other stuff: Tarquin Records - TQ-013
Dave Zamboni - Tarquin Zamboni - Peter Zamboni - Jon Zamboni
New York City, NY
Produced by The Zambonis - 1995
Mastered by Allen Douches at W. W. Side Music, NYC or

Open City: Burnt Mango Music - 002
George Morellato - Rick Ramsay
Toronto, ON
Produced by Steve Paul Simms, 2005
Mastered by Tim Harrison at Second Avenue Records, Toronto or\

THE WAILIN' JENNYS: Beautiful Dawn (R Moody)
40 Days: Jericho Beach Music - JBM 0403
Clara Luft - Nicky Mehta - Ruth Moody - w/ Kevin Breit - Mark Mariash - Christian Dugas
Winnipeg, MB
Produced and Mastered by David Travers-Smith - 2004

DAVID FRANCEY: Sunday Morning (D Francey)
The Waking Hour: Jericho Beach Music - JBM 0404
Kieran Kane - Kevin Welch - Fats Kaplin
McDonald's Corners, ON
Produced by David Francey - 2004
Mastered by Philip Scoggins or

Radical Hair!

Program 300


KRIS DEMEANOR: Back Door (K Demeanor)
Lark!: Best Before Records - BB4-01
Diane Kooch - Peter Moller - Chantal Vitalis - Paul Jahn
Calgary, AB
Produced by Kris Demeanor w/ Rob Smith - 2002

ANNE LOREE: Radical Hair (A Loree)
Leaving Shadowland: ALP-3
Joni Clarke - Gary Bird - Doug Wong - Kris Demeanor
Calgary, AB
Produced by Anne Loree - 2005
Mastered by Richard Harrow at or

THE MARIGOLDS: Little Black Dress (G Swick / C Church)
The Marigolds: No Label or Serial No.
Caitlin Hanford - Suzie Vinnick - Gwen Swick - Chris Whiteley - Randall Coryell
Toronto / Guelph, ON
Produced by The Marigolds and Nicolas Tjelios - 2005
Mastered by Nick Rawson or

DON BRAY: The Good Idea (D Bray)
Chosen: Meek Monk Music - DBCD-0703
Wendell Ferguson - Darrin Schott - Mark Mariash - Drew Birston
Barrie, On
Produced by Don Bray - 2004
Mastered by George Seara at Phase One in Toronto or

JANE EAMON: Robinson Caruso Blues (J Eamon)
A Different Place: Janey Girl Records - JG002
Norm Strauss
Kelowna, BC
Produced by Andrew Smith - 2004
Mastered by Brian Weibe at Solar Nest Arts, Kelowna or

TERRY JONES: The Worker Blues (T Jones)
The Hard Lesson: Noazark Records - 01
David Woodhead - Oliver Schroer - Carlos Del Junco - Al Cross
Produced by David Woodhead and Terry Jones - 2005
No Web Info

BROCK ZEMAN & THE DIRTY HANDS: Down By The River (B Zeman)
Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands: no label or serial no.
Keith Glass - Peter newsom - Peter Bigras - Kevin Sullivan - Dennis Delorme
Carlton Place, ON
Produced by Keith Glass - 2005
Mastered by Jon Van Wingerden or

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Snowmobile (TC Connors)
My Stompin' Grounds: EMI Canada - 7243 495592
Tom Connors - Bill Lewis - Gary Empey - Glen Reid - John Spence
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1971

DAVID BOULANGER: La Saucissière / La Reel Methé (D Boulanger)
Composium: Composium 2005
Mike Ayles
Montreal, QC
Produced by Kerri Brown - 2005 or

New Brunswick Spirit: Epcom - 1757
Paul DuJohn - Paul Nagle - Mike Boyer - Carl Elliott - Mike Elliott - Bill
Saint John, NB
Produced by Jim Stewart - 1997

BALL & CHAIN & THE WRECKERS: I Love The Life (J Benjamin)
Live at The Bayou: MOO-716
Michael Ball - Jodi Benjamin - Don Evans - Daniel Artuso - Jennifer Noxon - Wayne Ford Robicheau - Jordan Officer
Ottawa, ON
Produced by Ball & Chain - 2005
Mastered by Ross Murray @ Happy Rock Studios or

IAN BELL: Annie & the Mexican Cowboy (I Bell)
Signor Farini and Other Adventures: Free Range - FR201
Kate Murphy - Brian Pickell - Geoff Somers - David Zdriluk - Anne Lederman
Paris, ON
Produced by Ian Bell - 2000

A Charmed Life: Repogirl Records - RGRCD102
Conny Nowe - Rachel Melas - David Baxter - Adam Faux w/ Steve Briggs
Toronto, ON
Produced by John Switzer - 2004
Mastered by James Paul at The Rogue, Toronto
No Web Info

SNEEZY WATERS: Moosetracks (I Tamblyn)
Coastline of Our Dreams - The Songs of Ian Tamblyn - SGB Productions - SGB052
Ken Kanwisher - Corky Kealey - Susan Kanwisher - Julie Hodgson
Ottawa, On
Exec Producer: Liz Harvey-Foulds - 2005
Mastered by David Travers-Smith

STEEL RAIL: Goodbye Again (L Chodan / D Clarke)
River Song: Crossties Music - CROCD1004
Tod Garr - Ellen Shizgal - Dave Clarke w/ Gaston Bernard - Rick Hawarth
Montreal, QC
Produced by Dave Clarke - 2005
Matered by Harris Newman @ Gray Market Mastereing, Montreal or

Country Swing

Program 301


THE BEBOP COWBOYS: New Texas Panhandle Rag (McCauliffe / Pierce / T Morrell / FL White / WK Whitewing)
Some Kind Of Fantasy: BBC-02 2003
Steve Briggs - Howard Willett - John Adames - Dennis Pinhorn - Burke Carroll
Toronto, ON
Produced by Steve Briggs - 2003
Mastered at Reaction Studios or

EVAN KEMP: The Beautiful Nicola Valley (Corkle / Steffans)
Evan Kemp & the Trail Riders - Volume 1: Aragon Records - ALP 101
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Al Reusch - 1958

Alberta Slim passed away in November - he was 95!

ALBERTA SLIM & THE BAR X RANCH BOYS: Queen of the Calgary Stampede (EC Edwards)
When It's Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley: Aragon Records - ALP 127
Lloydminster, AB
Produced by Al Reusch - circa 1965

BUDDY REYNOLDS: Sprucebug (B Reynolds)
Sings Spruce Bug: Aragon Records - ALP 102
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Al Reusch - 1958

HAL LONE PINE: Rattle-Snakin' Daddy
More Show Stoppers: Arc Records - 564
Harold Carter
Pea Cove, Maine
Producer Not Listed - 1964

THE RADIO KINGS: Tell Me More (M O'Reilly / A Bragg)
The Radio Kings: Dark Skippy Records - DS6-2
Mike O'Reilly - Al Bragg - Steve Piticco - Tom McMahon - T Bruce Whittet
Ottawa, ON
Produced by Al Bragg - 2001

EVAN KEMP: On The Golden Shore (E Kemp)
Evan Kemp & the Trail Riders - Volume 1: Aragon Records - ALP 101
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Al Reusch - 1958

BUDDY REYNOLDS: Tundra (B Reynolds)
Sings Spruce Bug: Aragon Records - ALP 102
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Al Reusch - 1958

SCOTTY STEVENSON & THE CANADIAN NIGHT HAWKS: Twelve Foot Davis (S Stevenson / D Cavanaugh)
Country Songs: London - EB 18
Ruthie McLean - Bernie McLean - Johnny Brown - Buddy Ackers
Onawa, AB
Producer not listed - circa 1960

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

Long Gone To The Yukon: EMI 0-7243-835298-2-7
Tom Connors - Chris Whiteley - Denis Keldie - David Thompson - Rob Duffus - Conrad Kipping - Ike Kelneck
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. T. C. Connors - 1995

GWO: Centerfire Records - BFZ 80137
Cindy Church - Nathan Tinkham - David Wilkie w/ John Hyde
Turner Valley, AB
Produced by The GWO - 1989

ROY McLEOD: Cut The Timber Down
Country Music On Top of The World: Arc Records - 693
Hamilton, ON
Produced by Ben Wetherby - 1966

This Ottawa Valley Of Mine: Banff / Rodeo RBS 1211
Reg Hill - Gaetan Fairfield - Bob Whitney - Bob Price - Tony Miseferi - Gordie Summers - Mac Beattie
Arnprior, ON
Producer Unlisted - Jan 16, 1966
Re-Mastered by Steve Fruitman or

SCOTTY STEVENSON & THE CANADIAN NIGHT HAWKS: Take Me Back To Old New Brunswick (S Stevenson)
Versatile Scotty Stevenson: London - EB 85
Ruthie McLean - Bernie McLean - Johnny Brown - Buddy Ackers
Onawa, AB
Producer not listed - circa 1965

CHRIS WHITELEY & CAITLAN HANFORD: Change Your Point of View (C Whiteley)
Lovin' In Advance: Troubadour Records - TR-0015
Ken Whiteley - Ron Dann - Dennis Pendrith - Bucky Berger
Toronto, ON
Produced by Ken Whiteley - 1981

EVAN KEMP: Hold Me Close In Your Arms (E Kemp)
Evan Kemp & the Trail Riders - Volume 1: Aragon Records - ALP 101
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Al Reusch - 1958

Songs of Work & Freedom: Bobby Dazzler Records - BODA-010
Burke Carroll - John Switzer - Dan Kershaw - Steve Briggs - John Adames
Toronto, ON
Produced by John Switzer & Dan Kershaw - 2001 or

ALBERTA SLIM: I Want To Ride, Ride, Ride (EC Edwards)
Alberta Slim With His Bar X Ranch Boys: Point Records - P 209
Lloydminster, AB
Producer Not Listed - circa 1966


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