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December 2006: 7 - 14 - 21 - 28
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WARD ALLEN: Back To The Sugar Camp (W. Allen)
Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol. 3: Sparton Records SP 213
circa 1961

17th Annual Porcupine Awards

Program 346

Note: This play list does not exactly represent the Porcupine Awards. These were just the songs that were played on the program. For the complete listing of the 2006 Porcupine Awards go to: 2006.html

STEVE DAWSON: Trouble On The Run (S Dawson)
We Belong To The Gold Coast: Black Hen Music - BHCD 0030
Elliot Polsky - Chris Gestrin - Keith Lowe
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Steve Dawson - 2005
Mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound or

THE BEBOP COWBOYS: Dancing on a Saturday Night (C Whiteley)
Canadian Dance Hall: BBC 03-2006
Steve Briggs - Burke Carroll, Howard Willett - Dennis Pendrith - Drew Jurecka - John Adames w/ Chris Whiteley
Toronto, ON
Produced by Steve Briggs - 2006
Mastered by Jeff Wolpert at Desert Fish or

POMEGRANATE: Kolomeyke (Pomegranate)
Gazint: Ind. - No Serial
Reena Katz - Rachel Melas - Conny Nowe - Bee Sack - Rachel Sheinin
Toronto, ON
Produced by Pomegranate with Paul Talbot - 2006 or

KIM BEGGS: Lay It All Down (K Beggs)
Wanderer's Paean: Caribou Records - CRCD024
Bob Hamilton - Natalie Edelson - Burke Carroll
Whitehorse, YT
Produced by Bob Hamilton - 2006
Mastered by Bob Hamilton at Old Crow Recording, Whitehorse or

MICHAEL LADEROUTE: Rounder (M Laderout)
A River I Know: no label or serial
David Baxter - Bazil Donovan - Lisa marie MacIsaac - Burke Caroll - Krista Ellis - Gregg Hobbs
Toronto, ON
Produced by David Baxter - 2004 or

DIGGING ROOTS: 80 Year Old Mooshim (Digging Roots)
Seeds: Jericho Beach Music - JBM 0502
Raven Kanatakta - Shoshona Kish - Jordan O'Connor - Nick Fraser w/ Craig Harley
Produced by Shane Anthony and Digging Roots - 2006
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto or

LEWIS MELVILLE: One Day Radio (L Melville)
Noah's Work: Drog - 102
Gord Allen - Michael Barclay - Alfons Fear - Josh Findlayson - Tannis Slimmon
Guelph, ON
Produced by Lewis Melville - 2004 or

THE ESQUIRES: My Blue Heaven (Whiting / Donaldson)
The Esquires: Capitol Records - T6075
Don Norman - Gary Comeau - Clint Hierlihy - Paul Huto - Richie Patterson
Ottawa, ON
Produced by Cling Hierlihy, August 1964

BROKENJOE: Have You Seen My Guardian Angel (A Fraser)
Long Walk To Nowhere: No Label or Serial no.
Joe Toole - Jerome Godboo - Alec Fraser
Toronto, ON
Produced by Alec Fraser - 2006
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto

AL CHERNY: Listen To The Mockingbird (Trad)
Live: The Lost Recordings: Rodeo Records - RLPCD 8050
Wingham, ON
Produced by Lynn Russwurm & Grant Heywood - circa 2003
Restored and engineered by Mike Striver at Freightyard Studios

DAVID BRADSTREET: Imagine Me HOme (D Bradstreet / R Priest)
Lifelines: Subterranean Music - SR005
Jason Fowler - David Woodhead
Toronto, ON
Produced by Jason Fowler w/ David Woodhead & David Bradstreet - 2006
Mastered by George Seara at High Impact or

ROMI MAYES: Long Way Home (R Mayes)
Sweet Somethin' Steady: No Label or Serial No.
Chris Carmichael - Scott Nolan - Dan Walsh - Jaxon Haldane
Winnipeg, MB
Produced by Gurf Morlix - 2006
Mastered by Scott Pinder at Polyphonic Mastering Labs, Winnipeg or

Go to 2006.html for the complete 2006 Porcupine Awards listings

The Porcupine Hall of Fame

Program 347

Note: For the complete listing of the 2006 Porcupine Hall of Fame Inductions go to: 2006.html

IAN BELL: Blackstack Jack (I Bell)
Shallow Water: Free Range - FR106
David Woodhead
Produced by Ian Bell with Evan Gordon and James Godon - 2006
Mastered by Karl Machat

The Colour of Amber: Amber Records - ACD 9008
Noel Dinn - George Morgan - Gary Furniss - Rob Laidlaw - Glen Tilley
Topsail, NFL
Produced by Noel Dinn & Gary Furniss w/ Glen Tilley - 1991 or

GWEN SWICK: Call Me Juliette (R Madison / J Hutt / G Swick)
Love And Gold: Spin Records SP20014CD
Kurt Shefter - Kevin Breit - Steve Hogg - Gary Breit - Russ Bosswell - Randall Coryell - Richard Hutt - Cindy Church
Elora, ON
Produced by J Richard Hutt - 2001 or

DAVID ESSIG: By The Side of The Road (D Essig)
Tremble and Weep: Appaloosa - AP 126-2
Chris Whiteley - Dennis Pendrith
Thetis Island, BC
Produced by David Essig - 1996
Mastered by Mark Franklin, Media Magic or

WHISKEY JACK: Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) (C Walker) Canjay Music - No Serial
Bob McNiven - Duncan Fremlin - Arlene Zock - Gregg Street - Howard Willett - Michelle Josef - Steve Klodt - Randy Morrison w/ John Switzer - Steve Briggs
Toronto, ON
Produced by John Switzer & Whiskey Jack - 2006
Mastered by George Graves at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto or

WILLIE P BENNETT: Blackie And The Rodeo King (W P Bennett)
Collectibles: Dark Light Music - DL 12001
Ken Whiteley - Chris Whiteley - Mike Holder - Mike Gardner - Steve Taylor
Peterborough, ON
Produced by David Essig & Willie P Bennett - 1978
Compilation Re-Mastered by Peter J Moore or

MENDELSON JOE: Addicted (M Joe)
Anthem Records - ANK 1063
Lauri Conger - Jody Golick - David Hayes - Scott Irvine - Colin Linden - Ben Mink - Bruce Moffett - Gewn Swick
Toronto, ON
Produced by Mendelson Joe & Colin Linden - 1991
Mastered by Pete Norman at McClear Place w/ Ben Mink

BILL HOUSTON: Blackfly (Secret Weapon of the North) (B Houston)
Bring Back The Music: Lone Wolf - LW1407
Denis PIendrith - Paul Mills - Chris Coole Sherry Aldrich - Jim Gillies
Thunder Bay, ON
Produced by Paul Mills - 2006
Mastered by Paul Mills at the Millstream, Toronto or

MAGOO: Blue Skies (KB McGregor)
Shirt Pay: KBM Enterprises - MR 01
David Woodhead - Jason Fowler
Udora, ON
Produced by David Woodhead - 2001
Mastered by Michael Jack at Phase One Studios, Toronto or

Precious Seconds: Borealis Records - BCD 146
Produced by Ken Whiteley - 2002
Mastered by Ted Carson at MusicLane Inc, Markham, ON

Stewed Tomatoes: Big Dog Records - No serial
Colleen Allen - Carlos del Junco - Rick Greenspoon - Anne Lindsay - Casey Sokol - David Travers-Smith - David Woodhead
Toronto, ON
Produced by Oliver Schroer - 1996 or

Seasonal Warmth

Program 348

Stuck on a Cold Steel Pole: Duke Street Records -  - DSRSD31097
Toronto, ON
Produced by David Travers-Smith
Mastered by Brett Zilahi at F/X Studios

QUARTETTE: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love (C Hanford / G Dickie / G Swick)
I See A Star: Outside Music - 23339-1073-2
Sylvia Tyson - Gwen Swick - Cindy Church - Caitlin Hanford w/ Wendell Ferguson - Rick Whitelaw - Don Reed - Dan Whiteley - Randy Kempf - Randall Coryell
Toronto, Elora ON, Calgary AB
Produced by Danny Greenspoon - 2002
Mastered by Nick Rawson at The Other Studio

KEN STANLEY & THE PUBSTERS: All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)
Christmas at the Red Lion: Arc - AC-15
Charlie Kent - Billy King - Ron Scott - 'Arry Taylor - Pat Hosking - Sheila Martin - Ken Stanley
Produced by Ken Warriner - circa 1966

JAY WILLIS: Santa Got Me in the Groove (J Willis)
Christmas Goose: Writers Bloc Records - WBR002
Ottawa, On
Produced by Shane Simpson - 2003

DAVID FRANCEY: I Saw Three Ships (Trad)
Carols For A Christmas Eve: Laker Music - LAKR 1006
Katheryn Briggs
Almonte, ON
Produced by David Francey and Katheryn Briggs - 2006
Mastered by Ken Friesen at the Almonte Old Town Hall or

NORM HACKING: Waiting For Christmas (N Hacking)
Stubborn Ghost: Rosedale Records - RDR 800N
Toronto, ON
Produced by John Hamilton, Norm Hacking & Kevin Bell - 1987

CHUCK BRODSKY: On Christmas I Got Nothing - C Brodsky
Radio: Red House Records RHRCD 119
Produced by Kristian Bush & Don McCollister - 1998
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow, Boulder, CO or

CHRISTOPHER McKHOOL: Chanukah, Oh Chanukah (Trad)
Celebrate! Holidays of the Global Village: MCK 2020
Allan Merovitz - Ken Whiteley - Ernie Tollar - Victor Bateman - Adam David - Rick Lazar
Toronto, ON
Produced by Ken Whiteley - 2005
Mastered by Ted Carson and Ken Whiteley at Music Lane, Toronto or

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Merry Christmas Everybody (TC Connors)
Merry Christmas Everybody: Capital Records - C4 93043
Tom Connors - Gary Empey - Bill Lewis
Balinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1970

BOB MAY: Christmas At Moosonee (B McCracken)
Songs of Barney McCracken: Sourdough - BCR-1002
Kirkland Lake, N ONT
Producer Unknown - 1975

GRIEVOUS ANGELS: (Merry Christmas From) Montieth (C Angus)
22 Trailor Park: Jimmy Boyle Records - No Serial
Chuck Angus - Peter Jellard - Pete Duffin - Tim Hadley w/ Michael Fonfara - Peter Hornsby
Cobalt, N ONT
Produced by Michael Fonfara - 1999
Mastered by Nick Blagona at Metalworks, Toronto

Stuck On A Cold Steel Pole: Duke Street Records - DSRSD31097
Dan Whiteley - Chris Coole
Toronto, ON
Produced by Christopher Quinn - 1995
Mastered by Brett Zilahi at F/X Studios

FAMILLE SOUCY: Le Reveillon de Noel (trad)
Noel et le Jour de l'an: Dominion - LPS 48013
Montreal, QC
Producer not listed - circa 1965

AMBER CHRISTMAS: In Praise of Christmas (T Durfey / W Shakespeare)
Amber Christmas: Amber Music - 9806-2
Pamela Morgan - Anita Best - Rick Hollett - Dave Panting - George Morgan - Brian Kenny
Produced by Pamela Morgan - 1997
Mastered by George Graves at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto or

TAMARACK: Eramosa Christmas (J Gordon)
Blankets of Snow: SGB Productions - SGB31
James Gordon - Alex Sinclair - Molly Kurvink w/ Jeff Bird - Randall Coryell - Ruth Sutherland - Guelph
Children singers
Produced by Tamarack - 1997
Mastered by Paul Intson

IAN TYSON: Silver Bell (I Tyson)
Songs from Gravel Road: Stony Plain - SPCD 1305
Mark Kelso - George Koller - Mike Francis - John Sheard
Rural Alberta
Produced by Danny Greenpsoon - 2005

TAXI CHAIN: Cheer My Baby Up For Christmas (J G Coppins)
Stuck On A Cold Steel Pole: Duke Street Records - DSRSD31097
Grier Coppins - Creg Johnston - Chris Staig - Joe Burns - Same Cino w/ Rose Stella - Michael Wrycraft
Toronto, ON
Produced by Grier Coppins & David Travers-Smith - 1995
Mastered by Brett Zilahi at F/X Studios

Live Music at the Sugar Camp in 2006

Program 349

JON BROOKS: Kept Plans (J Brooks)
Live at the Sugar Camp
March 9

DIGGING ROOTS: Wake Up & Rise (Digging Roots)
Live at the Sugar Camp
March 23

DIGGING ROOTS: 80 Year Old Mooshim (Digging Roots)
Live at the Sugar Camp
March 23

DOC MacLEAN: Angola Prison Rodeo (D MacLean)
Live at the Sugar Camp
June 1

MICHAEL PICKETT: Blues is a Friend of Mine (M Pickett)
Live at the Sugar Camp
June 1

KIM BEGGS: Wanderer's Paean (K Beggs)
Live at the Sugar Camp
June 8

DAVID BRADSTREET: Domino's Piano (D Bradstreet)
Live at the Sugar Camp
June 15

DAVID BRADSTREET: Imagine Me Home (D Bradstreet / R Priest)
Live at the Sugar Camp
June 15

CORIN RAYMOND TRIO: Riding West on Dundas (C Raymond)
Corin Raymond - Darcy Yates - Marc Roy
Live at the Sugar Camp
July 13

CORIN RAYMOND TRIO: It's The Music (Stealing My Heart Away) (C Raymond)
Corin Raymond - Darcy Yates - Marc Roy
Live at the Sugar Camp
July 13

DAVID CELIA: The Gnome (S Barrett)
Live at the Sugar Camp
August 17

DALA: Don't Wait (A Walther / S Carabine)
Live at the Sugar Camp
October 5

NOAH ZACHARIN: Converitble Kind (N Zacharin)
Live at the Sugar Camp
November 2

CORIN RAYMOND TRIO: 3000 Miles (C Raymond)
Corin Raymond - Darcy Yates - Marc Roy
Live at the Sugar Camp
July 13

Happy New Year

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