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(Dates may not be 100% accurate)
1937 - Born: Saint John, New Brunswick
1944 - first meeting with Tom Connors in Saint John Hospital
1951 - met Tom Connors in a Saint John greesy spoon
1952 - beginning of many travels across Canada, the US and Mexico. Starts using the nickname 'Duke'.
1962 - applies for a longshoreman's position and union card
1964 - begins performing around Saint John before continuing his travels
1966 - Takes up residency in Toronto.
1967 - signs with Dominion Records. Meets Jury Krytiuk who produces his first LP. Starts using the name Stevedore Steve.
1968 - meets and marries Gini - honeymoons at Britt, Ontario. Releases Songs of the Stevedore.
1971 - Records second album, this time with the fledgeling Boot Records label. Draws the Boot Records logo.
1972 - Records another album with Boot
1974 - Hosts TV show on Toronto's CITY-TV called 'The Stevedore Steve Show'.
1976 - Releases a greatest hits album on Boot
1977 - Quits the music business - claims bankruptcy. Takes up residency in Saint John.
1978 - Sells his guitar and stops thinking music
1988 - stranger knocks on his door claiming he has Steve's original guitar. Gerry Taylor rediscovers Stevedore Steve. Steve Fruitman & Kevin Nan track down Stevedore Steve.
1991 - Inducted into the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of Fame
1993 - featured on ATV program 'At Home Tonight'
1994 - releases his first album in nearly two decades. Performs at Miramichi Folksong Festival
1995 - issues several albums, including his first CD
1998 - retires from music business with large gala send-off at Empire Threater in Saint John

All information in this portfolio of Stevedore Steve Foote was written by me, Steve Fruitman. All information, to the best of my knowledge, is accurate, however even with the best of intentions, mistakes do happen. If you spot anything questionable, please contact me with correct information.

Thanks to Gerry Taylor, a remarkable journalist, completely in love with his work, for having supported the spirit of Stevedore Steve. He, more than anyone I can think of, encouraged Steve to get back into music.

Also, thanks to Ossie Branscombe of the Country Music Store, Toronto; Paul Lyon, Toronto; Maggie Fruitman, Toronto; Tom Connors, Ballinifad, Ontario; Bob Davis and Bruce Burron, Toronto; Raymond Foote, Saint John; Ned Landry, Saint John; The Saint John Museum; Marie Beattie, Arnprior; Kevin Nan, North Bay, Ontario; Sandy MacIntyre, Toronto; and anyone else whom I have forgotten to mention.

And lastly, to the hard sluggin', rough and tumble, rugged Stevedore Steve and Gini.

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