Songs of the Stevedore - Dominion Records LPS 21005 - 1968
Liner Notes
Producer: Jury Krytiuk
Recording Engineer: George Semkiw
Recorded at RCA Lit. Studio, Toronto
Lead Guitar and Piano: Fred McKenna
Rhythm Guitar: Stevedore Steve
Folk Guitar and Harmonica: Don Freed
Bass: Ron McDonald


Song of the Stevedore
Fishermen of the Bay
East Coast Ballad
This Boy Has To Be Free
Fishin' Boats Are Back
Ballad of Bill Fundy
Stevedore Stomper
Goin' Back Down Home
Son of the Sea
Blue Water
Roll Water Roll
High Ridin' Tides
Ghost Ships

Truly a "Son of the Sea," Steve Foote was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, where at the age of 16 he began working on ocean freighters, fishing vessels, and finally as a longshoreman, or stevedore on the water front docks. It was here that Steve learned the true meaning of the phrase - blood, sweat and tears. this feeling is conveyed in all the songs of this album for these are songs that come from the soul of a man who has lived through it all. There are songs of all kinds from the happy "Stevedore Stomper" to the sinister "Ballad of Bill Fundy".

After working as a Stevedore for several years, Steve began working his way across Canada, writing and playing songs as he went. he has a natural way with words and a unique way with music.

Although he has worked at everything from being a lumberjack to a ranch-hand, Steve's first love is the sea and his heart is with the men who work it. It is to these men, their families and "coasters" everwhere that Steve dedicated this fine collection of songs.

Bill Mellish

"My first album was Stevedore Steve Songs of the Stevedore. My, that sounds interesting. Snore! But it's got some good songs on it. As far as I'm concerned it's bad. My voice was awful. Not quite laryngitis but just almost, like I was still audible, but in a hoarse sort of way. And so the voice is bad on it but the songs are good."1

1. From Singing About Us

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