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Sugar Camp Music
The Radio Program with Steve Fruitman

Sugar Camp 33 - October 4, 2012
Ankle Tatoo
Hear the Piecast
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Opening Tune:

1. THE SARAH BURNELL BAND: Newfoundland Polkas: St Kilda Wedding / Mussels In the Corner (trad) / The Miner's Hat
Return Ticket: SarahFiddleMusic - SFM-002
Paul Mills - Ellen Gibling - Graham Lindsey - Jim Hunter - D'Arcy McGuire - Greg Weeks - Neil McDaniel
Montreal QC
Produced by Paul Mills and Sarah Burnell - 2008
Mastered by Paul Mills at the Millstream, Toronto
http://www.sarahfiddle.ca or milto:manager@sarahfiddle.ca

First Set:

2. MARIA DUNN: Shareholder's Reel (M Dunn / S Johnson)
Piece By Piece: Distant Whisper Music - MARCD05
Shannon Johnson - Micheal Lent
Edmonton AB
Produced by Shannon Johnson - 2012
Recorded & Mixed at Homestead Recorders, Edmonton by Jerry Woolsey
Mastered by Joao Carvalho, Toronto
http://www.mariadunn.com or mailto:distantwhisper@mariadunn.com

3. TERRY JONES: The Worker Blues (T Jones)
The Hard Lesson: Noazark Records - 01
David Woodhead - Oliver Schroer - Carlos Del Junco - Al Cross
Produced by David Woodhead and Terry Jones - 2005
Recorded & Mixed by David Woodhead at The Woodshed

4. ANNA GUTMANIS: Middle of the Line (A Gutmanis)
Glimmer In The Dark: Ban-Anna Records 2012
Wayne DeAdder - Dan Neill - Karen Dinardo - Colleen Allen - Roly Platt - Alyssa Wright - Terry Nash - Dajaun Martineau
Toronto ON
Produced by Karen Kane - 2012
Recorded by Karen Kane and Anthony Giglio at Chelet Studio, Claremont ON
Mixed by Dajaun Martineau and Karen Kane with Anthony Giglio at Phase One Audio Group, Toronto
Mastered by Mike Smith with Matt Snell at Phase One Audio Group
http://www.annagutmanis.com or mailto:info@annagutmanis.com

5. TERRY McLEISH: The Logger's Song (T McLeish)
Terry McLeish: No label or Serial
Dan Artuso - Gilles Leclerc - Chris Barkeley - Phil Shaw Bova - Ken Kanwisher - Grant Tompkinson - Peter Brown - James Stephens - Brian Sanderson - Peter Andrée
Westmeath ON
Produced by James Stephens - 2011
Recorded by James Stephens at Stove Studios, Chelsea, QC
Mixed by Dave Bignell and James Stephens at Heat of Sound, Ottawa
Mastered by David Cain at Soundmaster Studios, Ottawa
http://www.terrymcleish.com or mailto:terry@terrymcleish.com
2nd Set:

6. JEFF COLLINS: Mister Big (J Collins)
Water & Stone: No Label - 061297417841
Joel Axler - Stacey Collins - Saul Keshen - Mary McGeachy - Bill McWaters - Debbie Randall - Isaac Rice - Neil Thompson
Grey County ON
Produced by Joel Axler - 2007
Recorded by Jeff Collins at Stony Rapids Studios
Mastered by Mark McDonald at Sound Works

7. JOHN WORT HANNAM: Damn Tatoo (JW Hannam)
Brambles and Thorns: Borealis Records - BCD-219
John Ellis - Scott Duncan - Tyson Maiko - Brooke Wylie - Matt Robinson - Jen Lee - Leeroy Stagger
Fort MacLeod AB
Produced by Leeroy Stagger - 2012
Recorded at Rebeltone Ranch, Lethbridge by Leeroy Stagger
Mixed by Sheldon Zaharko at Zed Productions, Bon Accord AB
Mastered by Hank Williams at MixMaster, Nashville TN
http://www.johnworthannam.com or mailto:johnworthannam@telus.net

8. DAVID FRANCEY: Ankle Tatoo (D Francey)
The Waking Hour: Jericho Beach Music - JBM 0404
Kieran Kane - Fats Kaplin - Kevin Welch
Elphin, ON
Produced by David Francey - 2004
Recorded and Mixed by Philip Scoggins at Moraine Studio, Nashville TN
Mastered by Philip Scoggins
http://www.davidfrancey.com or mailto:laker@davidfrancey.com

9. RAGHU LOKANATHAN: Sick Boy (R Lokanathan)
Blue Girl: SRNL009
Corwin Fox - Tobin Frank - Daniel Lapp - Christina Zaenker - Jordy Walker - Andy Reljic - Dave Clarke
Vancouver Island BC
Produced by Corwin Fox and Raghu Lokanathan - 2008
Recorded by Corwin Fox at El Studio, Victoria BC
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Sound, Ottawa
http://www.raghumusic.com or mailto:ragloo2002@yahoo.ca
3rd Set:

10. FIG FOR A KISS: Raglan Road (Trad / P Kavanagh)
Fallen Leaf: FIG 801
Duncan Cameron - Sahra Featherstone - Joe Phillips
Toronto ON
Produced by Sahra Featherstone & Duncan Cameron - 2006
http://www.duncancameron.com or mailto:info@duncancameron.com

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

11. STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Tiny Red Light (Trad)
Stompin' Tom & the Roads of Life: EMI - 5099964450332
Tim Hadley - Mark Laforme - Mickey Andrews - Al Widmeyer - Robert Benoit - Luke Mercier
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by Dr. Stompin' Tom Connors - 2012
Recorded by Brian Hewson at Escarpment Sound, Acton
Mastered by Ted Carson at Music Lane, Uxbridge

12. DAVID NEWLAND: I Saw The Light (D Newland)
Give It A Whirl: DLN003
Gregg Lawless - Sheila Carabine - Amanda Walther - Matt Horner - George Koller - Marke Kelso - Mitch Girio
Toronto ON
Produced by Gregg Lawless - 2012
Recorded by Mitch Girio at Slaugherhouse Studios, Toronto
Mixed by L Stu Young and Gregg Lawless at Loud Mouse Studios
Mastered by Nick Rawson
http://www.davidnewland.com or mailto:david@davidnewland.com
4th  Set:

Rise: Borealis Records - BCD-221
Jeremie Jones - Tony Spida - Debashis Sinha - Don Kerr - Fernando Rosa - Dina Cindric - Vivian Stoll
Toronto ON
Produced by Don Kerr with Annebelle Chvostek - 2012
Mixed by Roma Baran & Vivian Stoll
Recorded aty Rooster Studios, Toronto; MQGV Studios, Toronto & Montreal; Two Tomatoes Studio, NYC
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal

14. TREVOR ALGUIRE: A Kinder Gentler Heart (T Alguire)
Till Sorrow Begins To Call: no label or serial
Jonathan Ferrabee - Sherry Philp - Pat McLaughlin - Jeff Asselin - Gilles Leclerc - John Steele
Kars, ON
Produced by Jason Jaknunas and Trevor Alguire - 2012
Recorded and mixed by Jason Jaknunas at Metropolitan Studio
Mastered by David Cain of SoundMaster Studios
http://www.trevoralguire.com or mailto:info@trevoralguire.com

15. DAVID BAXTER: She's Drinkin' Again (D Baxter)
Patina: Proper Channels - PC 002
Gary Craig - Brian Kobayakawa - Treasa Levasseur - Blake Manning - Justing Rudledge - Jason Sniderman - Miranda Mulholland
Toronto ON
Produced by David Gavan Baxter - 2011
Recorded and mixed by David Gavan Baxter at Knob & Tube Recording, Toronto
Mastered by James Paul at The Rogue and the Lacquer Channel, Toronto


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