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Sugar Camp Music
The Radio Program with Steve Fruitman

Sugar Camp 30 - September 13, 2012
Visiting BC
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First Set:

1. STEVE DAWSON: Chris Gestrin (S Dawson)
Telescope: Black Hen Music - BHCD-0051
Keith Lowe - Scott Amendola - Chris Gestrin
Vancouver BC
Produced by Steve Dawson - 2008
Recorded at The Factory, Vancouver by sheldon Zaharko, and The Henhouse by Steve Dawson
Mixed by Shawn Pierce and Steve Dawson at The Henhouse
Mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, NYC
http://www.stevedawson.ca or mailto:bhmusic@telus.net

2. SARAH MacDOUGALL: Hundred Dollar Bills (S MacDougall)
Across The Atlantic: CPS 747
Tim Tweedale - Shawn Killaly - Russell Sholberg
Vancouver BC
Produced by Sarah MacDougall - 2008
Recorded by Sarah MacDougall at Vogville Studio and in her living room
Mastered by Graemme Brown at Zen Mastering
http://www.sarahmacdougall.com or mailto:sarah@sarahmacdougall.com
Second Set:

3. BARRY TRUTER: Song For Robert Dziekanski (B Truter)
Traveller: BT01
Roger Holdstock - Kenk Piket
Vancouver BC
Produced by Victor Smith and Barry Truter - 2011
Recorded by Jim Sid Perez
Mastered by Victor Smith at Freemantrax Studio, Vancouver
http://www.myspace.com/barrytruter or mailto:barrytruter@yahoo.ca

4. WILLY BLIZZARD: Hallie (J Hough)
In From The Cold: Rosewood Records - RWR - CD002
John Hough - Andrewa Law - Fran Madigan - Jennie Rice - Charlie Hase - Bob MacHine
Vancouver BC
Produced by Derek Mason and John Hough - 2010
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Derek Mason at The Cave, Vancouver
http://www.willyblizzard.com or mailto:theblizz@telus.net

5. SUMNER BROTHERS: Both Back (BrianSumner)
Sumner Brothers: In The Garage Records - ITGRCD001
Bob Sumner - Brian Sumner - Mike Ardagh - James Meger
Vancouver BC
Produced by Derek Difilippo & the Sumner Brothers - 2008
Recorded by Derek Difilippo & Mike Ardagh at Ben Brown's Cabin, Galiano Island, BC
Mastered by Graemme Brown at Zen Mastering, Vancouver
http://www.thesumnerbrothers.com or mailto:sumnerbrosbooking@hotmail.com
3rd Set:

6. JOEL BATTLE: Boomerang (J Battle)
Dead Man Walking: EP
Jeremy Cain - Nick Stecz - Dennis Reynolds - Michael Boguski - Melissa Dalton - Del Cowsill
East Vancouver BC / Toronto ON
Produced by Joel Battle & Patrick Kahn - 2012
Recorded at Backbone Studios, Toronto

7. DAVID GOGO: The Changeling (J Densmore - R Krieger - R Manzarek - J Morrison)
Soul-Bender: Cordova Bay - CBR 0942
Pat Steward - Doug Elliot - Rick Hopkins
Nanaimo BC
Produced by Michael Burke, David Gogo and Rick Salt - 2011
Recorded and mixed by Rick Salt at Lois Lane Studios, Nanaimo
Additional recorded by Jason Jaknuna at Metorpolitan Studios, Ottawa
and Hey Man Studio by Peter Gross, Lion's Bay BC
Mastered by Scott Lake at Metalworks Studios, Mississauga
http://www.davidgogo.com or http://www.twitter.com/@davidgogoblues

8. THE BILLS: Not The End (C Frye / M Atkinson)
Yes Please: The Bills Music - TDCD001
Marc Atkinson - Adrian Dolan - Chris Frye - Richard Moody - Oliver Swain
Vancouver BC
Produced by Joby Baker - 2012
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Joby Baker at Baker Studios, Victoria BC
http://www.thebills.ca or mailto:management@thebills.ca

4th Set:

9. THE FRETLESS: Growlin': Growling Old Man & Woman (trad) / Growling Cousin (K Sawitsky) / Teepee Creeping (C Vollrath)
Waterbound: no label - 70026135002
Ivonne Hernandez, Trent Freeman, Karrnnel Sawitsky, Eric Wright
Vancouver BC / Saskatoon SK / Los Angeles CA
Produced by Ivonne Hernandez, Trent Freeman, Karrnnel Sawitsky, Eric Wright & Joby Baker - 2012
Recorded, mixed and mastered yb Joby Baker at Baker Studios, Victoria BC
http://www.thefretless.com or mailto:thefretlessmusic@gmail.com

10. LESLIE ALEXANDER: Drive All Night (L Alexander)
Nobody's Baby: LANBB2011
John M Ellis - Hank Hendrix - Mike Schmidt - Jenny Allen
Ashcroft, BC
Produced by John MacArthur - 2011
Recorded at Nashcroft Manner Studios, Ashcroft
Mixed by Sheldon Zaharko and John M Ellis at The Factory, Vancouver
Mastered at Suite Soiund Labs, Vancouver
http://www.lesliealexander.com or mailto:lesliealexander@telus.net

11. BARNEY BENTALL: Back Up On The Horse (B Bentall)
Gift Horse: True North Records - TND-415
Greg Keelor - John Ellis - Rick Hopkins - Pat Steward - Rob Becker - Steve Hilliam - Richard Underhill
Vancouver BC
Produced by John MacArthur Ellis - 2006
Recorded by Sheldon Zaharko and Liam May at The Factory, Vancouver
Mixed by Sheldon Zaharko and John Ellis at The Factory, Vancouver
Mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, NYC

12. LINDA McRAE: Three Midnights (L McRae / J Whitmire)
Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts: 42 RPM Records - CD - 4201
Marc L'Esperance - Ray Benneville - Stephen Nikleva - Tommy Babin
Kingston Springs, TN
Produced by Marc L'Esperance & Linda McRae - 2012
Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Marc L'Esperance at Heavyosonic, Vancouver BC
http://www.lindamcrae.com or mailto:42management@gmail.com
5th Set:

13. THE NAPOLEON COLLECTIVE: Creeland Blues (Napoleon Collective)
The Napoleon Collective EP: No label or serial no.
Art Napoleon - Niska Napoleon - Quanah Style - Marty Jones - Zak Cohen - Carsen Oglend - Thomas Kinzel - Naomi Owens - Juritha Owens - Adonis Puentes -Paul Kelm - Kyle Ridley - Shakti Hayes
Victoria BC
Produced by Art Napoleon - 2012
Mixed and Recorded by Zak Cohen at Woodshop Studios
http://www.thenapoleoncollective.com or mailto:artnapoleon@yahoo.ca

14. MURRAY PORTER: Rez Blues (M Porter)
Songs Lived & Life Played: No label or Serial no.
Rick Boulter - Helene Duguay - Chris Norquist - Renae Morriseau - David Hoerl
Capilano Reserve, Coast Salish Territory, BC
Produced by Rick Boulter - 2011
Recorded by Rick Boulter at Cosmic Pig Studios, North Vancouver
Mixed by Rick Boulter
Mastered by Rob Olhsson
http://www.myspace.com/murrayportermusic or mailto:ebomberry@shaw.ca
Last song:

15. DOUG COX & SAM HURRIE: Bad News (D Cox)
Hungry Ghosts: Northern Blues Music - NBM0030
Rick May
Comox, BC / St. Thomas ON
Produced by Doug Cox, Sam Hurrie & Paul Keim - 2005
Recorded by Paul Keim at Dove Creek Studios
Mastered by Ken Whiteley and Ted Carson @ Music Lane Inc, Toronto
http://www.dougcoxandsamhurrie.com or mailto:dougcox@shaw.ca


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