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Sugar Camp Music
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Sugar Camp 29 - September 6, 2012
Sub-standard Music
Hear the Piecast
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Last week Sir Richard Flohil declared: "I still say, though, that community DJs play too much sub-standard stuff, and could use that time to play the really terrific stuff from indie artists, and give that greater exposure." So here I (a self-admitted community DJ who plays sub-standard stuff) prove that Sir Richard is correct. Let me know if you agree, will you.

First Set:

1. GLENN GOULD: Goldberg Variations #27 (J S Bach)
A State of Wonder: Sony Classical - S3K 87703
(originally recorded by Columbia ML 5060)
Toronto, ON
Produced by Howard H Scott - 1955
Re-issue produced by Louise de la Fuente

2. DEL BARBER: Love & Wine (D Barber / C MacLellan)
Headwaters: Six Shooter Records - SIX069
Zach Hickman - Josh Kaufman - Qkuinn - Sam Kassirer - Bill Western - Nadine Klowak - Emma Beaton - Luke Enns
Winnipeg MB
Produced by Sam Kassirer - 2012
Recorded by Sam Kassirer at Empire Recording, Winnipeg
Mixed by Sam Kassirer at Great North Sound Society, Parsonsfield ME
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston MA
http://www.delbarber.com or @delbarberino

3. YAEL WAND: Jaybird (Y Wand)
Good Stitch Gone: Reduction Road Music - RRM009
Corwin Fox - Daniel Lapp - Raghu Lokanathan - Tobias Meis - Clenna Garramone - Galen Mongeau - Ian Olmstead - Juli Steemson - Jordy Walker - Christina Zaenker - Allizson Zaichoski
Wells BC
Produced by Corwin Fox at El Studio, Victoria
Recorded and Mastered by Corwin Fox
http://www.yaelwand.com or mailto:contact@yaelwand.com

4. SAM TURTON: Yes Indeed (S Turton)
At Home: STCD 1011-02
Jesse Turton - Jane Lewis - Adam Bowman - Laura Bird - Tannis Slimmon - Katherine Wheatley
Guelph, ON
Produced by Sam Turton - 2011
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto
http://www.samturton.com or mailto:sam@samturton.com
Second Set:

In Memory of John Stockfish:

5. GORDON LIGHTFOOT: Crossroads (G Lightfoot)
The Way I Feel: United Artists - UAS 6587
John Stockfish - Red Shea - Ken Buttrey - Charles McCoy
Toronto ON
Produced by John Court - 1967

In Memory of Wilf Doyle:

6. WILF DOYLE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Fisherman's Favorite (trad)
Newfoundland Fiddle: Rodeo International Country Classics - RCCD 7114
Conception Bay NL

7. THE ONCE: Jack The Sailor (Trad)
Row Upon Row of the People they Know: Borealis Records - BCD212
Phil Churchill - Geraldine Hollett - Andrew Dale
St John's NL
Produced by Mark Neary and The Once
Recorded by Eon Ellis, Krisjan Leslie and Laurence Currie at Fat Track Studios, St. John's
Mixed by Laurence Currie
Mastered by Joao Carvalho
http://theonce.ca/site/ or mailto:info@garrisonhillentertainment.com

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

8. STOMPIN TOM CONNORS:  Just An Old Train (T Connors)
Hockey Mom Tribute: EMI Canada - 724386 431622
Tom Connors - Tim Hadley - Charley Roussy - Bob McNiven - Chris Whiteley - Dennis Keldie - Sandra Swannell - Darin Parise
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 2004
Recorded by Brian Hewson at Escarpment Sound, Acton ON
Mastered by Ted Carson at MusicLane, Uxbridge ON
Third Set:

9. WHITEHORSE: Peterbilt Coalmine (M McClellend - L Doucet)
The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss: Six Shooter Records - SIX070
Luke Doucet - Melissa McClellend - Barry Mirochnick - Leon Furs
Toronto ON
Produced by Luke Doucet - 2012
Recorded & Mixed by Moon:and:6 at Catherine North Studios, Hamilton
Mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

The Woodshed Orchestra: Dave Clark 2011
Dave Clark - Michael Herring - Karen Ng - Joe Lapinski - Rebecca Hennessey - Jason Kenemy - Tania Gill - Nick Buligan - Scott Thomson - Tom Howell - Lew Melville - Paul Kolinski
Toronto ON
Produced by Dave Clark - 2011
Recorded by James Anderson at 6 Nassau St, Toronto
Mixed by Dave Clark at Bon's Cave, Toronto
Mastered by Fedge
http://www.thewoodshedorchestra.com or mailto:woodchoppers@sympatico.ca

11. GEDDY LEE: My Favorite Headache (G L Weinrib / B Mink)
My Favorite Headache: Anthem / Atlantic - 83384-2
Ben Mink - Matt Cameron
Toronto ON
Produced by Geddy Lee, Ben Mink & David Leonard - 2000
Recorded by David Leonard at The Peasant's Tent East & West - Toronto - Vancouver
    & Studio X, Seattle, Reaction Studios - Toronto
Mixed by David Leonard
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, NYC

Fourth Set:

12. BIDINIBAND: Ladies of Montreal (D Bidini)
Dave Bidini - Doug Friesen - Don Kerr - Paul Linklater
Toronto ON
http://davebidini.ca/ or mailto:hockeytrope@hotmail.com

13. SARAH BURTON: Winnipeg (S Burton)
Fire Breathers: No Label or Serial NO.
Jay Swinnerton - Luke Stackhouse - Pat Phillips - Andrea Ramolo -Kevin Neal - Jenny Allen
Toronto ON
Produced by Sarah Burton - 2012
Recorded at River 16 by Steve Kirstein & Nick Jabour &K Reguladora Studios by Steven Da Silva & Theo Fles
Mixed by Steven Da Silva and Theo Fles
Mastered by Joao Carvalho, Toronto
http://www.saraburton.ca or mailto:sarah@sarahburton.ca

14. JON BROOKS: Fort McMurray (J Brooks)
Delicate Cages: No Label or Serial No.
Joe Phillips
Toronto On
Produced by Scott Dibble & Jon Brooks - 2011
Recorded by Scott Dibble at Hidden Sound Studio, Toronto
Mixed by Scott Dibble, Pat Simmonds and Jon Brooks
Sound Engineering by Scott Dibble and Pat Simmonds
Mastered by David Travers-Smith at Found Sound Productions, Toronto
http://www.jonbrooks.ca or mailto:jon@jonbrooks.ca

15. SCARLETT JANE: Ride On (C Dooire / A Ramolo / S Fitzpatrick)
Stranger: Scarlett Jane - SJCD001
Andrea Ramolo - Cindy Doire - Garyk Craig - Greg Cockerill - Ryan Weber - Stew Crookes - Sara Fitzpatrick
Toronto ON
Produced by Stew Crookes - 2012
Recorded by Stew Crookes at The Woodshed Studio, Toronto
Mixed by Stew Crookes at Stewdio
Mastered by Joe Lambert Mastering, NYC
http://www.scarlettjane.com or mailto:scarlettjane@scarlettjane.com
Last Song:

JEFF COLLINS: River At Night (J Collins)
Water & Stone: No Label - 061297417841
Joel Axler - Stacey Collins - Saul Keshen - Mary McGeachy - Bill McWaters - Debbie Randall - Isaac Rice - Neil Thompson
Grey County ON
Produced by Joel Axler - 2007
Recorded by Jeff Collins at Stony Rapids Studios
Mastered by Mark McDonald at Sound Works


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