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Sugar Camp Music
The Radio Program with Steve Fruitman

Sugar Camp 22 - July 19, 2012
The Anglos of Montreal
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1. OSCAR PETERSON: You Look Good To Me (C Wells / S Letko)
Oscar In Paris: Telarc - 2CD-83414
Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen - Lorne Lofsky - Martin Drew
Montreal, QC
Produced by Elaine Martone & Robert Woods - 1997
Recorded live at the Salle Pleyel, Paris, France June 25, 1996

2. LEONARD COHEN: Poem: Les Vieux (L Cohen)
Folklore de Montreal Folklore: Analekta - AN 2 9221-2
(Originally released on Six Montreal Poets, Folkways FL9805 - 1957)
Compilation produced by Samuel Gesser and Renée Maheu - 199?

3. LEONARD COHEN: Suzanne (L Cohen)
Leonard Cohen: Columbia - CS 9533
Montreal QC
Produced by John Simon- 1967

Paris Est Un Accordeon: London MB. 31
Montreal QC / Winnipeg MB
Producer unknown - circa 1960

5. PENNY LANG: Howl You Winds (C Rawlings)
Gather Honey: Borealis Records / She-Wolf - BCD 137
Ron Taddeo - Don Audet - Scot Lang
Montréal QC (now living in BC)
Produced by Patrick Sky - 1970
Originally recorded at Studio 6
Compilation CD Produced by Heidi Fleming - 2001
Mastered by Simon Pressey at Good Noise Studios, Arundel QC
http://www.pennylang.com or mailto:heather@heatherkitching.com

6. THE ECHO HUNTERS: Chester (L Cassini / K Fontaine - G Fleming - M Leblanc - R Couture)
Cabin Fever: SheWolf Records: SWEH-002
Gordon Fleming - Larry Cassini - Rob Couture - Kirk Fontaine - Sylvain Dancausse - Alec McElcheran - Alan Springer
Montreal QC
Produced by Gordon Fleming, Larry Cassini and Rob Couture - 2007
Mastered by Jim Rabchuck at Audiobec, Montreal
http://www.echohunters.com or mailto:echohunters@hotmail.com

7. JESSIE WINCHESTER: Club Manhatten (J Winchester)
Gentleman of Leisure: Sugar Hill / Attic Records - ADC-1539
John Cowan - Steve Cropper - Bryan Sutton - Byron House - John Gardner
Montreal, QC
Produced by Jerry Douglas - 1999
Recorded and Mixed by Bil Vorn Dick and John Skinner at Sound Emporium, Nashville
Mastered by Randy Leroy at Final Stage, Nashville TN
http://jessewinchester.com/index.html or mailto:info@jessewinchester.com

8. THE HAUNTED: Eight O'Clock This Morning (B Burgess / A Birmingham)
Quality Records: 1814X
Bob Burgess - Pierre Faubert - Glen Holmes - Jurgen Peter - Peter Symes
Montreal QC
Produced 1966

9. THE JAYBEES: Iím A Loner
45 Single - RCA Victor 57-3398
Allan Nichols - Bill Hill - Doug West - Andy "Yugo" Kaye (aka Andurash Kajachanei) - Lou Atkins (aka Louis Yachnin)
Produced 1966

10. THE MUNKS: Fancy Free
45 Single: London Records - M-17357
Rene Boileau - Tagg Hindsgaul - Eddie Kaye - Rick St.Jean - Del Desrosiers
Produced 1968

11 BILL GARRETT & SUE LOTHROP: The Hill (S Lothrop)
Red Shoes: Borealis Records - BCD154
Dave Clarke - Terry Tufts - Tom Leighton - Don Reed - Christina Smith - Vern Dorge - Tom Szczesniak - Brian Barlow
Montreal, QC
Produced by Bill Garrett - 2003
Recorded by Mike Haas at Inception Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Chad Irshick and Mike Haas
http://www.willymacproductions.ca/about.html or mailto:sue@willymacproductions.ca

12 RICK FIELDING: Voices of Struggle (R Fielding)
Lifeline: Folk-Legacy Records - CD-123
Glen Reid - Steve Fuller
Montreal / Toronto (1944 - March 20, 2004)
Produced by Sandy Paton & Rick Fielding - 1995
Recorded and Mixed by Sandy Paton, Sharon Connecticut
Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain, New York City

13 KATE & ANNA McGARRIGLE: Sunflower (K McGarrigle)
La vache qui pleure: Les Disques de la Tribu - no serial
Joel Zifkin
St-Sauver des Monts, QC
Produced by Kate and Anna McGarrigle - 2003
Recorded by Borza Ghkomeshi @ Natural Source Recording Studio & Michel Pepin @ Studio Frisson
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC
http://www.mcgarrigles.com/ or mailto:hello@mcgarrigles.com

14 ARTHUR GEE: Dawn of Time (A Gee)
Arthur Gee: Tumbleweed Records - TWS 101
Marc Damerst
Montreal QC
Produced by Marcus Damerst - 1971
Recorded by Marcus Damerst
Mixed by Marcus Damerst and Bill Szymczyk
NOTE: Arthur Gee a.k.a. Riki Gee

15 MICHAEL JEROME BROWNE: Green River Blues (Trad)
Double: Borealis Records - BCD 188
Montréal QC
Produced by Michael Jerome Browne - 2007
Recorded by Larry O'Malley and Pierre Pineault at Audio Bec, Le Studio and Studio Fast Forward - 1998
Mixed by Larry O'Malley and Michael Jerome Browne
Mastered by Renée Marc-Aurèle at SNB, Montreal
http://www.michaeljeromebrowne.com or mailto:hokeypokeypro@yahoo.com

16 ROB LUTES & ROB MacDONALD: If The Blues Donít Shake You (R Lutes)
Live: Magramultimedia - MMMT6550
Jozy Fever - Claire Hayek
Montreal QC
Produced by Rob MacDonald and Rob Lutes - 2011
Recorded by Harris Shper at Le Red Room, Glenn Sutton QC
Mixed by Fred Bouchard
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal
http://www.roblutes.com or mailto:booking@roblutes.com

17 ROBERT DAVID: East of the Sun (R David)
Robert David: 3-D tv - promo CD
Joellen Housego - Marc Gagnon
Montreal, QC
Produced by Robert David & JD Belanger - 2003
Mastered by Jon Van Wingerden, Audio Valley Recording Studio


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