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Sugar Camp Music
The Radio Program with Steve Fruitman

Sugar Camp 17 - June 14, 2012
Spiders in the Sky
Hear the Piecast
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Intro Set:

1. RUBBERNECK: William Tell (Rossini)
Smoke This!: Duke Street Records - DSRD 310801
Andy Hermant - JP Campeau - Andrew Collins - Chris Bartos - Chris Coole
Toronto ON
Produced by Andrew S Hermant - 2008
Mastered by Peter J Moore at the "E" Room, Toronto
http://www.rubbernecksite.com or mailto:horse.feathers@rogers.com

2. DANIELLE MARTINEAU & ROCKABAYOU: Zydeco Musico (D Martineau)
Autrement: Disque Bros - BROS-4002-2
Jason Lang - Michael Ball - Alain Picotte - Steve Tremblay w/ Steve Fruitman - Kenneth Pearson
St-Melanie, QC
Produced by Danielle Martineau, Jason Lang & James Carrier - 1994
Recorded at Studio Son in Montreal by James Carrier
Mixed by Billy Szawlowski at Studio Concept in Montreal

3. THE BAND: The Shape I'm In (R Robertson)
Greatest Hits: Capitol - 7243 524941 2 5
Robbie Robertson - Garth Hudson - Rick Danko - Levon Helm - Richard Manuel
Ontario / Arkansas
Produced by Todd Rundgren - 1970
Recorded by Todd Rundgren
Compilation compiled and produced by Cheryl Pawelski
Remastered 2000 by Ron McMaster and Andrew Sandoval at Capitol Mastering

4. ANNA GUTMANIS: In The Sun (A Gutmanis)
Glimmer In The Dark: Ban-Anna Records 2012
Wayne DeAdder - Dan Neill - Karen Dinardo - Colleen Allen - Roly Platt - Alyssa Wright - Terry Nash - Dajaun Martineau
Toronto ON
Produced by Karen Kane - 2012
Recorded by Karen Kane and Anthony Giglio at Chelet Studio, Claremont ON
Mixed by Dajaun Martineau and Karen Kane with Anthony Giglio at Phase One Audio Group, Toronto
Mastered by Mike Smith with Matt Snell at Phase One Audio Group
http://www.annagutmanis.com or mailto:info@annagutmanis.com
Tightrope walk over Niagara Falls

5. IAN BELL: Signor Farini (I Bell)
Signor Farini and Other Adventures: Free Range - FR201
Kate Murphy - Brian Pickell - Geoff Somers - David Zdriluk - Anne Lederman
Paris, ON
Produced by Ian Bell - 2000
Recorded by James Gordon at Pipe St. Studio, Guelph
Mixed by Nik Tjelios and Ian Bell at Pyramid Records, Toronto
Mastered by Peter Beacock at Grand Mastering, Waterloo ON
http://www.iandavies.com/bell.htm or mailto:ian.bell@sympatico.ca
Second Set - Spider Songs:

6. PUZZLEROOT: Country Spiders (G Eugene)
Farewell To Gerald Fitzella: FSW101
Gary Eugene - Marian Van Der Zon - Don Fehr - Andy Graffiti
Victoria, BC
Produced by Gary Eugene, Marian Van Der Zon & Zak Cohen - 2009
Recorded at The Woodshop Recording Studio, Duncan BC by Zak Cohen
Mastered by Graemme Brown at Zen Mastering, Vancouver
http://www.puzzleroot.com or mailto:vanderzon(at)yahoo(dot)com

7. JEFF ANDREW: Spider Without A Web (J Andrew)
Hobo Postcards: Shade Tree Records - STR 05
Kenan Sungur - Tobias Meis
Vancouver BC
Produced by Jacob Anger and Corwin Fox - 2011
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Corwin Fox at 30.06 Studio, Vancouver and TransOrbital Sound, Cumberland
http://www.jeffandrew.ca or mailto:jeff@jeffandrew.ca

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

8. STOMPIN' TOM: Spin Spin Spin (G Lightfoot)
Stompin' Tom Live at The Horseshoe: EMI Canada - 7243 495589
Tom Connors - Randy MacDonald - Gerry Hall - Mickey Andrews
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by Dr. Stompin' Tom Connors - 1971

9. LESLIE ALEXANDER: Black Widow (L Alexander)
Nobody's Baby: LANBB2011
John M Ellis - Hank Hendrix - Mike Schmidt - Jenny Allen
Ashcroft, BC
Produced by John MacArthur - 2011
Recorded at Nashcroft Manner Studios, Ashcroft
Mixed by Sheldon Zaharko and John M Ellis at The Factory, Vancouver
Mastered at Suite Soiund Labs, Vancouver
http://www.lesliealexander.com or mailto:lesliealexander@telus.net

10. TIM HUS: Bush Pilot Buckaroo (T Hus)
Bush Pilot Buckaroo: Stony Plain Records - SPCD-1336
Spider Bishop - Pete Christian - Pat Phillips - Myran Szott - Charlie Hase - Carg Korth - Brad Lindberg - Rick Preston - Craig Learmont
Calgary AB
Produced by Tim Hus - 2008
Recorded by Mark Troyer and Craig Leamont at Muzic Haus Studio, Three Hills AB
Mastered by Richard Harrow, Calgary
http://www.timhus.ca or mailto:timhus@timhus.ca

11. CHRIS BARTOS: Beetle Junebug (C Bartos)
Fort William: Duke St. Records - DSRD 310901
Claude Dejardins - Senja Sargeant - Andrew Hermant -
Montréal QC / Toronto ON
Produced by Andrew Hermant - 2009
Recorded & Mixed by Andrew Hermant and Chris Bartos
Mastered by Peter J Moore and The E Room
http://www.myspace.com/chrisbartos7 or mailto:cbartos@rogers.com
Third Set - Two guys and a broad:

12. TERRY McLEISH: That's What I Call The Blues (T McLeish)
Terry McLeish: No label or Serial
Dan Artuso - Gilles Leclerc - Chris Barkeley - Phil Shaw Bova - Ken Kanwisher - Grant Tompkinson - Peter Brown - James Stephens - Brian Sanderson - Peter Andrée
Westmeath ON
Produced by James Stephens - 2011
Recorded by James Stephens at Stove Studios, Chelsea, QC
Mixed by Dave Bignell and James Stephens at Heat of Sound, Ottawa
Mastered by David Cain at Soundmaster Studios, Ottawa
http://www.terrymcleish.com or mailto:terry@terrymcleish.com

13. TREVOR ALGUIRE: Hold On (T Alguire)
Now Before Us: Ind - No Serial
Al Bragg - Chris Barkley - Gilles LeClerc - Jason Jaknunas - Jonathan Ferrabee - Kelly Prescott - Lisa Gaye Pryce - Peter Von Althen - Pierre Chretien - Sherry Philp - Steve Marriner
Kars, ON
Produced by Jason Jaknunas and Trevor Alguire - 2010
Recorded and mixed by Jason Jaknunas at Metropolitan Studio
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto
http://www.trevoralguire.com or mailto:info@trevoralguire.com

14. TREASA LEVASSEUR: A Little Pride (T Levasseur)
Broad: Slim Chicken - SC005
Raoul & the Big Time: Darren Gallen - Raoul Bheneja - Terry Wilkins - Tom Bona
Toronto ON
Produced by Terry Wilkins - 2011
Recorded and Balanced by Paul James at The Rogue Music Lab, Toronto
Mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.treasalevasseur.com or mailto:treasamanagement@gmail.com

15. CHRISTINA SMITH & JEAN HEWSON: Sound Symposium Jig / Steve Neary's Waiting For This (E Benoit)
Like Ducks!: Borealis Records - BCD108
Jeremy Bishop - Wade Pinhorn - Fergus O'Byrne
St. John's, NFL
Produced by Sandy Morris, Jean Hewson and Christina Smith - circa 1995
Recorded at The Nickel Sound Works, St. John's NL
Mastered by Lloyd Hanson at Real North Recording Studio, Fredricton NB
http://www.jeanandchristina.com or mailto:info@jeanandchristina.com



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