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Sugar Camp Music
The Radio Program with Steve Fruitman

Marcel and Steve, 1978

Sugar Camp 13 - May 10, 2012
Salut! Marcel Gagnon 1945 - 2012
Hear the Piecast
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Last week I lost a dear friend of mine: Marcel Gagnon from Warwick, Quebec (birthplace of poutine). I met Marcel when I was only 19 and we've been family ever since. We went to see Stompin' Tom together; we went to see Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall (Marcel fell asleep during the concert). He was my first Quebecois friend and really introduced me, in a limited way, to Quebec culture. I last saw him in January, 2011, celebrating his official retirement. A few months later he was diagnosed with a brian tumor which finally took his life at the age of 66. This program is dedicated to him and his family: Helene, Michelle, Melanie et Marc. And all the other Gagnon's out there.

1. ISADORE SOUCY: Quadrille De Québec - part 1 (trad)
Mes Années D'or: Carnival - C-401

Marcel's Stompin' Tom Set

Meets Big Joe Mufferaw: EMI Canada - 7243 495593 2 4
Tom Connors
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Dr Tom Connors - 1970

3. STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Sudbury Saturday Night (TC Connors)
Live At The Horseshoe: Capitol Records - C1 93048
Tom Connors - Gerry Hall - Ronald McDonald -  Mickey Andrews
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1971

4. STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: To It And At It (TC Connors)
To It And At It: EMI - 7243 5 20822 2 3
Tom Connors - Bill Lewis - Gary Empey
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1971
5. ROY TAYLOR: The Flying CPR (TC Connors)
Salute to Stompin' Tom Connors: Marathon Records - ALS 322
circa 1972

Marcel and I

6. DICK NOLAN: The Night We Stole Aunt Martha's Sheep (E Coles / D Nolan)
The Best of Dick Nolan: Sony / BMG - 82876-78296-2
Cornerbrook, NFL
Produced by Ben Wetherby - Circa 1972
Re-Issue Producer: Andrew Lindsay
Remastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

7. GORDON LIGHTFOOT: Brave Mountaineers (G Lightfoot)
Don Quixote: Reprise - 2056
Red Shea - Terry Clements - Rick Haynes
Toronto, On
Produced by Lenny Waronker - 1972
Recorded and Mixed and Mastered by Lee Herschberg, Los Angeles CA

8. TEX LECOR: Ti-Bicycle (P Lecor)
Tex Lecor: Gamma Records - GS-183
Saint-Michel-de-Wentworth, QC
Produced by Paul Baillargeon - 1974
http://www.texlecor.com/ or mailto:info@multi-art.net

Gagnon's Galore

9. DOMINIQUE TREMBLAY & PHILIPPE GAGNON: La Complainte de mon frère (D Tremblay / P Gagnon)
Présentent avec le stainless steel: Ça roule: Polydor Medium 2917 001
Produced by Dominque Tremblay & Philippe Gagnon- circa 1970

10 PHILLIPE GAGNON: Un Jeune Avocat (trad arr. P Gagnon)
La Garouine, C'est Comme L'enveloppe de Tes Yeux...: Polydor GU 2424.079
Pierre Ringuet - Serge Valliéres - Michel Dion - Pierick Houdy - André Migneault
Produced by Pierre Ringuet, Serge Valliéres et Lucien Gagnon - 1973

11 ROBERT DAVID: What Am I Doing Here? (R David)
Robert David: 3-D tv - promo CD
Joellen Housego - Marc Gagnon
Montreal, QC
Produced by Robert David & JD Belanger - 2003
Mastered by Jon Van Wingerden, Audio Valley Recording Studio

12 GAROLOU: La danse de la limonade (trad)
Romancero: London Records - LFS-9032
Michel Deguire - Gaston Gagnon - Reginald Guay - Marc Lalonde - Michel Lalonde avec Bobby Lalonde - Raynald Wiseman
Produced by Edward Stasium Jr et Garalou - 1980
Recorded by Edward Stasium et Marc Fleury
Half speed master by Emile Lépine at chez London Records, Montreal

13 ALAN GERBER: Piece of the Pie (A Gerber)
Blue Tube: AGCD 051007
Gaston Gagnon - Raoul Arara - Jean-Francois Martel - Jim Zeller
Montreal QC
Produced by Alan Gerber - 2005
Recorded by Alan Gerber
Mixed and Mastered by Calvin Jones at Red Hill Recording
http://alangerber.org/ or mailto:wamp99@hotmail.com

And yet more Gagnons!!

14 JOHN REISCHMAN & THE JAYBIRDS: Home Sweet Home (T Gagnon / J Reischman)
The Route West: Corvus Records - 012
Trisha Gagnon - Nick Hornbuckle - Jim Nunally - John Reischman - Greg Spatz
Vancouver BC
Produced by Jim Nunally and John Reischman - 2004
Recorded by Matt Gephart and Daniel Prothroe at Stage Arts, Arlington WV
Mastered by Ken Lee
http://www.johnreischman.com or mailto:johnreischman@shaw.ca

15 BELZÉBUTH:  (Trad)
Suite 8: Ind - BZBCD-03
Louis-Vincent Gagnon - Philippe Jetté - Jean-Benoit Landry - Francis Marion - Marie-Maxime Piché Richer - Jean-Michel Roch
Joliette QC
Produced by Belzébuth - 2011
Recorded at Studio du Chemin de la Côte jaune, Saint-Côme & Studio du Marais, Joliette
Recorded and Mixed by Francis Marion
Mastered by Éric Tessier at Pure Mastering

16 AIMÉ GAGNON: Air irlandais à la québécoise (Trad)
Violoneux d'origine: Ind - GAGCD 26241
Lotbinière, QC
Produced by Danielle & Yves Gagnon - 1998


LA BOTTINE SOURIANTE: On va barrer les portes (Trad)
Appellation D'Origine Contrôlée: Borealis Records - BCD-211
Éric Beaudry - Pierre Pedro Belisle - David Boulanger - Benoit Bourque - Jean-François Gagnon-Branchaud - Robert Ellis - Jean Fréchette - Jocelyn Lapointe - François Marlon - Sandy
Silva - André Verreault
Joliette QC
Produced by Jean Fréchette et Éric Beaudry - 2011
Recorded by Francis Marlon at Stukdio Mixmart, Studio du Cegep de Joliette, Studio de la Côte Jaune
Mixed by Francis Marlon, Jean Fréchette, Éric Beaudry, David Boulanger, Pierre Belisle at Studio de la Côte Jaune
Mastered by Vincent Cardinal at Studio Plasma
http://www.boutinesouriante.com or mailto:boutinesourianteadministration@videotron.ca

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