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Sugar Camp Music
The Radio Program with Steve Fruitman

Sugar Camp 11 - April 26, 2012
The Ottawa Effect
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1. THE TOWNSMEN: Pineland Stomp
Mousehole Music CD2006.8-9
Paul Hust - Andy Legault - Wayne Leslie - Dave Milliken - Frank Morrison
Recorded between 1965-69

2. BRIAN ADAM: The Chapeau Boys (P Gregg)
Field Recording - unreleased
Pembroke ON/ Chapeau QC
Recorded by Steve Fruitman in Fred's bar of the Chapeau Hotel

3. BOB KING: Rockin' Juke Box (K Davidson)
RCA Victor 45 - 57-3285
Joyceville / Ottawa ON
Produced 1958

4. DON NORMAN & THE OTHER FOUR: Your Place In My Heart
Sir John A Records 45: RG 1019
Ottawa ON
Produced 1967

5. ROXANNE POTVIN: I Want To Do (Everything For You) (J Tex)
The Way It Feels: Alert Music - 6152810416
Brian Owings - Colin Linden - Bob Babbitt - Richard Bell - Wayne Jackson - Tom McGinley
Ottawa, ON
Produced by Colin Linden - 2006
Recorded and Mixed by John Whynot with Brian Harrison, Jeremy Darby, Jon Stinson and Adam Vollick
Additional recordings by Colin Linden
Recorded at Pinhead Recorders, Toronto; Hennesey / Bray Productions, Toronto; Canterbury Sound, Toronto; Thke Rendering Plant, Nashville; Quad Recorders, Nashville
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto

6. BERNIE BADORE: Up the Opeongo (B Badore)
Opeongo Records 45: CTM 6079
Crow Lake ON
Produced 1983

This Ottawa Valley Of Mine: Banff / Rodeo RBS 1211
Reg Hill - Gaetan Fairfield - Bob Whitney - Bob Price - Tony Miseferi - Gordie Summers - Mac Beattie
Arnprior, ON
Producer Unlisted - Jan 16, 1966
Re-Mastered by Steve Fruitman
http://www.backtothesugarcamp.com/macbeattie.html or mailto:p.beattie@sympatico.ca

8. BARNEY McAFFEREY: The First King of the Irish (Was An Indian) (B McAfferey)
Recorded Live on the Great North Wind: October 19, 1992
Wilno ON
Produced by Steve Fruitman - 2002

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

9. STOMPIN TOM CONNORS:  Ottawa Lures (TC Connors)
EMI Canada - 5 099924 277921
Tim Hadley - Charley Roussy - Billy MacInnis - Ad Widmeyer - Chris Whiteley - Gordon Cotrill
Halton Hills ON
Produced by Dr. Tom C Connors - 2008
Recorded by Brian Hewson at Escarpment Sound, Acton ON
Mastered by Ted Carson at MusicLane, Uxbridge ON

10 RUSSELL "RUSTY" LEACH: Ruckapuss Camp or Hawksbury Boys (trad)
Recorded by Steve Fruitman in the Chapeau Hotel - 1992 - Unreleased
Chapeau, QC

11 BALL & CHAIN: Jody's Jump (M Ball)
Louisiana Love Bug: MOO 718
Michael Ball - Jody Benjamin - Corey Ledit - Dirk Powell - Mark Trichka - Snannon Ross - Jack Pelletier
Ottawa ON
Produced by Dirk Powell with Michael Ball and Jody Benjamin - 2009
Recorded by Dirk Powell at The Cypress House, Parks, Louisiana
Overdubs recorded by Ross Murray, Chelsea, Quebec
Mastered by Dirk Powell
http://www.ballandchain.ca or mailto:mj@ballandchain.ca

12 FREDDY DIXON with RON McMUNN: The Kick & Push Railroad Song (F Dixon)
Tales And Legends of the Ottawa Valley: Rodeo Records - RLPCD 8043
Kirk Armstrong - Ray Adams - Glen Adams - Sam Henry - Don O'Neill - Robb Smith
Perth, ON
Produced by Freddy Dixon & Terry Carisse - 1995
http://www.freddydixon.com or mailto:rangelmu@ripnet.com

13 BRIAN HEBERT: Luxton (B Hebert)
The Timber Train Collection: Rodeo International - SMCD 9907
Al Brisco - Tim hermitte - Dean Lavoy - Vito Rezza
Shady Nook, ON
Produced by Brian Hebert & Peter SAB Sabourin
Recorded by Ken Hull, North Bay
http://www.siegelproductions.ca/brianhebert/ or mailto:banrnook@hotmail.com

Red Leaf label 45: TTM 624
Bruce Ireland Gilbert Rozon Randy Shipclark Pierre Lalond - Raymond Legault Richard Cousineau
Ottawa, ON
Produced 1966

15 EYES OF DAWN: Time to be Going
Sir John A Records 45: RG 1018
Jack Arseneault - Rick Francoeur - Warren Henry - Terry King - Greg Magee - Wayne McQuad
Ottawa On
Produced by Norman Greene - 1967

16 HEART: Treat Me Bad (Martin / Doddridge)
Sir John A Records 45: SJA 2
Jack Areseneault - Jamie Avis - Marc Corbin - John Doddridge - Jordon Dix - Peter Jermyn - David Liberty - John Martin - Donnie Price - Dave Lugsden
Almonte ON
Produced by Ted Gerow - 1967

17 LYNN MILES: Io (W Hawkins)
Dancing Alone: Songs of William Hawkins: True North Records - TND519
Fred Guignion - Ken Kanwisher - Phil Bova Jr. - Rebecca Campbell - Ian Tamblyn
Toronto ON
Recorded by Ross Murray at Happy Rock Studio, Chelsea QC
Executive Producer: Harvey Glatt - 2008
Sequenced by Ian Tamblyn with Doug MacArthur - Consultant: Richard Patterson
Mastered by David Cain, Soundmaster Studios, Ottawa

18 JW-JONES: The Doctor (JW-Jones)
Bluelisted: Northern Blues Music - NBM0046
Jeff Asselin - Martin Regimbald - Jese Whiteley - Mike St-Jean
Ottawa ON
Produced by JW-Jones - 2008
Recorded in JW's living room, Ottawa by Jason Jaknunas
Mastered by Jason Jaknunas at Metropolitan Studios, Ottawa
http://www.jw-jones.com or mailto:info@jw-jones.com

19 THE HI-TONES: Do What He Did (T Harris)
Montaingne's Limited Edition 45: 1001
Pembroke ON
Produced 1961


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