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Sugar Camp Music
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Sugar Camp 7 - March 29, 2012
Springtime On The River Drives
Hear the Piecast
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1. DAVID WOODHEAD CONFABULATION: Goats In The Machine (D Woodhead)
Confabulation: WM002
David Woodhead - Jaron Freeman-Fox - Ric Greenspoon - Emilyn Stam - Doug Wlde
Toronto ON
Produced by David Woodhead - 2010
Recorded at Canterbury Music & David's Woodshed
Mixed by David Woodhead
Mastered by Noah Mintz at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.davidwoodhead.com or mailto:woodway@sympatico.ca

2. BIRCH MOUNTAIN BLUEGRASS BAND: Nashville Blues (E Scruggs)
From Us To You: Boogaloo Productions - no serial no.
Larry Boutilier - Mark Boutilier - Trevor Boutilier - Julie Boutilier - Fraser Martin
Dartmouth, NS
Produced, Mixed and Recordedby David Guy & Patrick Dooley, no date

3. KATE REID: Tie One On & Tie The Knot (K Reid)
Doing It For The Chicks: KR 003
Adam King - Steve Zsirai - Martyn Skrzypczyk - Kori Miyanishi - Adam Popowitz - Tim Tweedale
Vancouver BC
Produced by Adam King & Kate Reid - 2011
Recorded and Mixed by Adam King, Toronto
Overdubs recorded by Adam Popowitz at Rear Window Song and sound, Coquitlam
Mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel, Toronto
http://www.katereid.net or mailto:kate@katereid.net

4. SAM TURTON: Next Time (S Turton)
At Home: STCD 1011-02
Jesse Turton - Jesse Turton - Jane Lewis - Adam Bowman - Tannis Slimmon - Katherine Wheatley
Guelph, ON
Produced by Sam Turton - 2011
Recorded & Mixed by Nik Tjelios at the home of Sam Turton
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto
http://www.samturton.com or mailto:sam@samturton.com
The Lumberjack Set

5. JIM DOHERTY: When The Shanty Boy Comes Down (trad)
A Folksong Portrait of Canada: Mercury 769748000-2 - 1994
Peterborough, ON
Produced by Samuel Gesser - 1961

6. FRESHWATER TRADE: Log Driverís Waltz (W Hemsworth)
Freshwater Trade - No Label - 68882
Kirsten Addis - Peter Andrée - Ken Ramsden - Glen Caradus
Wilno / Killaloe, ON
Produced by Freshwater Trade - 2000
Recorded at Haggarty Sound Studios, Peterborough

This Ottawa Valley of Mine: Mac Beattie Music
Reg Hill - Garnet Scheil - Gaetan Fairfield - Bob Price - Bob Whitney - Bill Inglis
Arnprior, On
Producer Unlisted - Jan 16, 1966
Re-Produced by Peter Beattie - 2004
http://www.backtothesugarcamp.com/macbeattie.html or mailto:p.beattie@sympatico.ca

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

8. STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: The Canadian Lumberjack (TC Connors)
Bud The Spud: EMI Canada - 7243 495591 2 7
Tom Connors - Gerry Hall - Ronald McDonald -  Mickey Andrews
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by Tom Connors - 1969

9. THE WAKAMI WAILERS: Gatineau Girls (Trad)
Songs from the Lumber Camps - The Last of the White Pine Loggers: Imakaw Recors - CD-002
Rob Hollett - Mark Despault - Mike Bernier - Jeff Allen w/ Andy Thompson
Picton, Peterborough & Cochrane, ON
Produced by Andy Thompson & The Wakami Wailers - circa 1986
Recorded at Northumberland Music Studio 29, Campbellford ON
http://www.pec.on.ca/music/  or mailto:wakamiwailers@sympatico.ca

10 MAX LAYTON: My Colouring Book (M Layton)
2 The Max: Maximus 002
Bob Cohen - David Woodhead
Mississauga, ON
Produced by David Woodhead - 2012
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by David Woohead at David's Woodshed, Toronto
The Mom and Dad Set

11 ANDREW QUEEN: Macaroni And Cheese (A Queen / K Stille)
Grow: AQ003
Luke Mercier - Tim Hadley - Ken Layton - Janet Mercier - Erica, Ella, Helly, Crocky and Ivan
Hastings ON
Produced by Nicolas Tjelios, Andrew Queen & Karen Stille - 2011
Recorded and Mixed by Nicolas Tjelios

12 SHIRLEY MONTAGUE: Woman of Labrador (A Vine)
Our Labrador: Butter and Snow Productions - 01
Roger Howe - Wade Pinhorn
Norris Point, NL
Produced by Glen Tilley & Shirley Montague - 1993
Closing Set

13 PORK BELLY FUTURES: Coppertown (M Worthy)
The Crooked Road: Cordova Bay Records - CBR0892
Rebecca Campbell - Chas Elliott - Stuart Laughton - Teddy Leonard - Martin Worthy
Toronto ON
Produced by David Gray - 2010
Recorded at Bigworld Studio, Toronto and Bigworld Farm, Lavender Highlands, ON by David Gray and
Scott Keenan
Recorded at Humber Recording Studios, Toronto by Ian Terry and Rosanne Howell
Mixed by David Gray and Scott Keenan
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto
http://www.porkbellys.com or mailto:Rebecca {at} porkbellys dot com

14 ANNABELLE CHVOSTEK: Racing With The Sun (E Jenkins)
Resiliance: MQGV - ABC-444
Jonathan Keeley - Paul Chvostek - Jeremie Jones - Matt Lipscombe - Rona Baran
Toronto ON
Produced by Roma Baran and Vivian Stoll - 2008
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montréal

15 BEN SURES: Gone To Bolivia (B Sures / D Kerr)
Gone To Bolivia: Rawlco Radio - BS09CD
Brian Kobayakawa - Caroline Brooks - Don Kerr - John Showman - Kathryn Rose - Kerri Ough - Michelle
Rumball - Michael Holt - Rhonda Stakich - Tim Bovaconti
Toronto ON
Produced by Ben Kerr - 2011
Recorded by Ben Kerr and Lev Lewis
Mastered by Jeff Carroll
Exit: Stage Right

16 HURIONIA OLD TIME FIDDLE MUSIC: Huronia Old Tyme Breakdown (Trad)
Hurionia Old Tyme Fiddle Music: MRD 001
Marcel Vaillancourt - Martin Grenier - Eric Laurin - Gerard Maurice
Midland / Penetang / Lafontaine ON
Produced by Hurionia - circa 1990
Remastered by Steve Fruitman at the Sugar Camp, Toronto

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