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Sugar Camp Music
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Sugar Camp 5 - March 15, 2012
No One Will Remember You
Hear the Piecast
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1. MORGAINE LE FAY: All Night Bus (J Snider)
Morgaine Le Fay: Cassette Release - no label or serial
October Browne - Jamie Snider - Patrick O'Gorman - Andy Stochansky
Toronto ON
Produced by Morgaine Le Fay - 1993
Recorded by Jim English at Red Earth Studio, Terre Cotta ON and Actual Music, Toronto
Mixed by Jim English and Morgaine Le Fay

2. GENTICORUM: Quand chus parti du Canada (trad) / Grand Reel raccourci  (P Gemme)
Nagez Rameurs: Rues et Archets - RA015
Alexander Garand - Yann Falquet - Pascal Gemme
Montreal, QC
Produced par Pascal Gemme avec Olivier Demers - 2011
Recorded and mixed by Mark Busic et Pascal Gemme at Studio du Chemin 4, Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, QC
Mastered by Louis Morneau at Studio Karisma
http://www.genticorum.com/ or mailto:info@genticorum.com

3. DAVID NEWBERRY: No One Will Remember You (D Newberry)
No One Will Remember You: Northern-Electric - NES - 026
Adam Iredale-Gray - Daniel McCormack - Lucas Goetz
Vancouver BC
Produced by Adam Iredale-Gray - 2012
Recorded and Mixed by Adam Iredale-Gray
Mastered by Joby Baker at Baker Studios, Victoria BC
http://www.davidnewberry.ca or mailto:davidnewberrymusic@gmail.com

4. JACK MARKS: Somewhere In The Desert (J Marks)
Lost Wages: JW 02 10 33
Toronto ON
Produced by David Baxter - 2010
Recorded and Mixed by David Baxter at Knob & Tube Recording, Toronto
Mastered by James Paul at Rogue, Toronto

5. MICHELLE RUMBALL: It Ain't Me Babe (B Dylan)
Welcome To The Beauty Saloon: Ind - To Be Released Oct 19
Shelly Coopersmith - Adam Warner - Kevin Quain
Toronto ON
Produced by Kevin Quain - 2011
Recorded at Casa Bastard and Michael Holt's apartment by Kevin Quain
Mixed by Kevin Quian
Mastered at Bill's Bottles, Los Angeles
http://www.myspace.com/michellerumball or mailto:makin_groceries@yahoo.ca

6. THE CRAIGS: Better Day (J D Johnson)
One Good Thing: No Label or Serial No.
J.D. Johnson - Paul Magee - Chris Johnston - Wayne McKenzie - Bob Fitzgerald - Jim Robbins - Rick Bauer
Toronto ON
Produced by Martin Alex Aucoin - 2010
Recorded by Brett MacMillan and NOrman Barker at Studio 92, Toronto
Mastered by Norm Barker
http://www.craigscountry.com or mailto:craigscountry@gmail.com

7. STEVE PAUL SIMMS & JOHN JACKSON: Green Green Green (SP Simms)
Palpable Hits: The Best of Jackson and Simms: Humble Records - no serial
Toronto ON
Produced by Vezi Tayyeb, Steve Paul Simms and John Jackson - 2006
Recorded and Mixed at Kensington Sound, Toronto by Vezi Tayyeb
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto
http://www.stevepaulsimms.com/ or mailto:sps@stevepaulsimms.com
http://www.johnjackson.ca or mailto:johnjackson@rogers.com

8. THE UNDERTAKIN' DADDIES: Big Timber (B Hamilton)
Post Atomic Hillbilly: Caribou Records -  CRCD012
Kevin Barr - George McConkey - Bob Hamilton - Nathan Tinkham w/ Calvin Vollrath
Whitehorse, YK
Produced by Bob Hamilton & The Undertakin' Daddies - 2001
Recorded by Bob Hamilton, Don Armitage & Kevin Barr at Old Crow Recording, Whitehorse
Mixed and Mastered by Bob Hamilton at Old Crow Recording

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

9.  STOMPIN' TOM: Movin' On To Rouyn (TC Connors)
Northlands Own: Rebel Records - CLPS 1067
Tom Connors
Halton Hills, ON
Produced by John C Irvine - 1967

10 GRIEVOUS ANGELS: Rouyn (C Angus)
Waiting For The Cage: Jimmy Boyle Records - 1996
Chuck Angus - Peter Jellard - Rick Conroy - Pete Duffin - Tim Hadley
Cobalt, ON
Produced by Scott Merritt - 1996
Recorded by Scott Merritt at The Cottage
Mastered by Paul Intson, Scott Merritt & Rick Conroy at Alanson Street Music

11 JADEA KELLY: North of 42 (J Kelly)
Eastbound Platform: JKCD002
Tim es Islets - Greg Ditomasso - Blake Manning - David Baxter - Jason Sniderman
Toronto ON
Produced by David Baxter - 2010
Recorded by David Baxter at Knob and Tube Recording, Toronto
Mastered by James Paul at Rogue Studio, Toronto

12 RON NIGRINI: Crazy Cukoo (R Nigrini)
Songs From Turtle Island: Oasis OA-1202
David Woodhead - Al Cross - Kevin Breit - Mitch Lewis - Brent Titcomb - Garth Mosbaugh - Darlene
Toronto, ON
Produced by Paul Mills - 2002
Recorded and Mixed by Paul Mills at The Millstream
Mastered by Eric Kofler at Planet Digital
mailto:westrad@hotmail.com or http://www.ronnigrini.com

13 TOM WILSON: I'm In Love With The System (T Wilson)
Dog Years: True North Records - THD-402
Richard Bell - Bryan Owings - Colin Linden  - Tom Hambridge - Gary Tallent
Hamilton, ON
Produced by Colin Linden - 2006
Recorded by John Whynot and Colin Linden at Pinhead Recorders, Toronto; The Rendering Plant, Nashville; LoHo, NYC
Mixed at Pinhead Recoders, Toronto
Mastered by Creg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC
http://www.tomwilson.net or mailto:info@tomwilson.net

14 WALLY TRAUGOTT: Buckskin Bandwagon
Snowflake Breakdown: Heritage Music - HCD 4513
Maurice Bolyer
Kitchener ON
Compilation Produced by Lynn Russwurm - 2006
Mastered by Keith Sullivan
The Barn Dance Historical Society Production

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