I've Lived - Boot Records BOS 7111 - 1972
Liner Notes
Producer: Fred McKenna
Engineer: Jim Morgan, George Semkiw
Studios: Captain Audio, RCA
Cover & Liner Photos: Art Stanton
Liner Design & Typesetting: Armstrong Art

Side One:
Lester The Lobster
Highway, White Lines
Swing That Hammer
Big Wheel
Cat Tracks On The Mountain
Steel Wheels On The Rails

Side 2
Sittin' By The Window
Old Dan
Fellow Man
Last Request
Ballad of Kate And Luke
Walkin' Easy

Most of my education was acquired over the years. I travelled across Canada, throughout the United States, and parts of Mexico; either by riding boxcars, hitch-hiking, or just walking. This education came in downtown Little Rock, Ark., when the race riots first broke out; from overnight stays in a few jail cells, when I didn't have nough money for a bed in the "Sally Anne" and from watching fleets of enourmous bulldozers ripping up the age old mantle of trees and topsoil from out beautiful western mountains. Then, of course, there was the time I told my girl friend, back east, that I was going to thumb my way to the big city (Toronto) and make it big ... Ha! ... more education.

In short, my hard earned education came from life, and I truly hope you enjoy these songs that explain how .. "I've Lived".


Hello Friends

The songs on this album are performed and written by a Canadian. A Maritime Canadian who, since he was 14 or so, picked up with another lad about the same age and roamed across the many highways and byways of North America.

He is affectionately known among his fans and friends as Stevedore Steve, a name he picked up while working around the waterfront docks of Saint John, NB., and just one of the jobs Steve has done in the course of his many years of long and varied travels.

Many have been the experiences in the live of Stevedore Steve and many are the songs he has composed about these experiences. To this statement his long time buddy and companion will remain a witness.

His buddy will tell you that, althoughthis album is a superb demonstration of Steve's talent, it falls far short of letting you know what a great guy Steve is.

To find out how sincere, how down to earth and how talented he really is, you will have to meet Stevedore Steve at one of his fine personal performances.

How do I know???

I'm his buddy...

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