Queen's County Fiddlers

Fourty Fiddles - Flat Out, no label or serial - 2004

Fiddlers: Melanie Anderson, Norma Arsenault, Peggy Arsenault, Fr. Charlie Cheverie, Paul Cheverie, Christa Cook, Patsy Cook, Katheryn Dau-Schmidt, Clyde DeMone, Carolyn Drake, Marlene Gallant, Jim Halliday, Courtney Hogan, Amanda Holm, Dr. Bud Ings, Mary Jenkins, Alanna Keoughan, Vince Keoughan, Allan MacDonald, Fr. Andrew MacDonald, Marlene MacDonald, Ward MacDonald, Janeen MacGuigan, Sheila MacKenzie, Cynthia MacLeod, Sarah Mahar, Jeannine McQuaid, Grant Moran, John Murley, Blair Myers, Joe Penney, Darlene Pound, Matthew Reid, Dalvay Scott, Carl Sharpe, Reby Sharpie, Everett Stewart, Kenneth Stewart, Cecil Trainor, Kathleen Vent

Bass - Mark Rooney

Pianos - Jennifer McQuaid, Richard Wood

Produced by Ward MacDonald; Engineer: Roy Johnstone for Fiddlehead Productions; Recorded at Central Christian Church, Kent Street, Charlottetown, PEI

Tracks: The Concert March / Alex MacEachern's Strathspey / Wissahiskson Drive / Father Charlie Cheverie's Reel; Dundee Hornpipe / The Foresters / Rickett's Hornpipe / Old French Hornpipe; Memories of Father Charles MacDonald; Buttermilk Mary / I Shall Wander Alone / Jimmy Leighton's Jig / Regina Stubbert's Jig; Walker Street / Teetotallers' Reel / Malcolm Finlay / Molly McGuire's Reel; Road to the Isles / Homeward Bound / Miss Susan Cooper / Maid Behind the Bar; Da Slockit Light; Scotty Fitzgerald's Jig / Peggy's Jig / Johnny Wilmot's Jig / Mucking of Geordie's Byre; Joe Cormier's Polka / Cheticamp Reel / Names Escape Me / Sheehan's Reel; Paul and Anne's First Waltz; Shandon Bells Jig / Tuggerman's Jig / Belfast Jig; Trip to Mabou Ridge / Carter MacKenzie's Reel / Johnny Muise's Reel / Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston

On a sunny afternoon in May, surrounded by the acoustic brilliance of a century-old church in Charlottetown, 40 fiddlers settled into their chairs, picked up their fiddles and bows, and eagerly anticipated what was about to begin. They had learned the new tunes, perfected the changes and endings, and challenged themselves to play to the best of their abilities. A year of practicing was over, it was recording day.

The fiddlers in the group represented the past, present, and future of traditional fiddle music on Prince Edward Island. The older players, some of them in their eighties, had been with the group since it was formed in 1977. The younger players, still in elementary school, added an element of youthful enthusiasm and the promise of that the music would continue to be played on PEI.

For the next ten hours, forty fiddles would play as one: sometimes haunting and solemn, and sometimes flat out with energy. As the notes soared and the harmonies echoed around them, a musical dream became closer to a reality.

That dream had begun as the vision of one man, Father Charles Cheverie. Father Charlie is one of the group's longest-serving and most dedicated members. It was Father Charlie's belief that the group had a musical message to share and he believed that its members had the talent to do so.

We thank Father Charlie for starting what turned out to be a magical musical journey and for inspiring us and staying with us every step of the way. And for twenty years of inspiration, we dedicate this recording to you.

To Father Charlie Cheverie

Forever in our music.

The Queen's County Fiddlers are one chapter of the Prince Edward Island Fiddler's Society. The group formed in 1977 to promote the growth and perservation of traditional fiddle music across PEI

The Queens County Fiddlers meet weekly to practice and share music. The group consists of more than 60 members with a regular body of over 40 players. Ages in the group range from 8 years to 90 years and everyone is welcome.

Proceeds from the sale of this recording will go toward the ongoing efforts of the group to promote fiddling on PEI including: an annual concert, workshops, an open house, the purchase of loaner fiddles and beginning students, and a scholarship fund for PEI fiddling students.

The QCF would like to thank:

The founding members of the PEI Fiddlers' Society who formed in 1977 under the direction of then Fr. Faber MacDonald (now Bishop). We are proud to honour their musical tradition. All the composers for allowing us to use their tunes. Richard Wood and Kevin Chaisson for providing wonderful piano accompaniment. Mark Rooney and Jennifer McQuaid for their excellent accompaniment on the album and their dedication to the group through the year at performances and practices. Lester Stubbert for his brilliant arrangements and accompaniment on guitar and piano. Roy Johnstone for his arrangement of the slow pieces and his exceptional work recording the album. The clergy and congregation of Central Christian Church for allowing us to use their beautiful church for the recording session; you are truly blessed with a treasure. The sponsors who graciously assisted our financial efforts. Josh Bartlett for designing the CD cover and posters. Richard and Fran at the Churchill Arms in Charlottetown for generously allowing us to use their pub for a photo shoot. Grady Poe for his advice and input on the title. Matt Rainnie, CBC Mainstreet; Sally Cole and Doug Gallant, The Guardian; Peter Richards, The Buzz, Island Radio. All the Islanders who support our group throughout the year at our annual concert and other performances. And finally, the volunteer planning committee: Carolyn Drake, Vince Keoughan, Marlene MacDonald, Kathleen Vent, Sheila MacKenzie and Ward MacDonald for putting in the hours of work it took to make this CD a reality.


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