33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
June 17, 2024
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Mack n' Mac
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Side Aye – Mack

1.   Dominique Tremblay & Philippe Gagnon: La Complainte de mon frère – 1971 *
2.   Garalou: Le danse de la lemonade – 1980 *
3.   Pierre Lalonde: Toi sans amour – 1965 *
4.   The Haunted: Vapeur mauve – 1969 *
5.   Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Pronto monto – 1978 *
6.   Connivence: Le Boyau en liberte – 1977 *
7.   Les Miladys: J’ai bensoin de ton amour – 1969 *
8.   Les Dabsters: Passe-tempse – 1966 *
9.   1755: U.I.C. – 1978 *
10. Le Rêve du diable: Reel du lievre – 1979 *
11. Mack: Faut pas lacher – 1975 *
12. Les Hou-lops: Tout ira tre bien -  1965 *
13. Raôul Dugyay: La Parolll – 1976 *
14. Les Sultans: A toi que je pense – 1967 *
15. Bruneau, Losier, Beaulieu, Brault, Roy: La Gallope de la Malbaie – 1977 *
16. Marie King: Mon retour en Gaspesie – 1970 *
17. Oscar & Aldor Morin: La Bastringue – 1960 *
18. Gerry Laroche: Danser le loup – 1988 *
19. Marcel Martel: Mon amour du rock n’ roll – 1964 *
20. Les Megatones: Rideau SVP – 1965 *
21. La Bottine Souriante: Reel Iralandais or bees Wax – 1994 *

The Bee Side - Mac

1.   Cody: Madawaska – 1978 *
2.   The Action: TV’s On The Blink – 1977 *
3.   The Townsmen: Pineland Stomp – circa 1965 *
4.   Heaven’s Radio: Voodoo Music – 1978 *
5.   The Heart: Treat Me Bad – 1967 *
6.   Don Norman & The Other Four: The Bounce – 1967 *
7.   Bobby Lalonde: Ripplin’ Water Jig – 1973 *
8.   Ian Bell: Saturday Night Up The Gatineau – 2010 *
9.   Mac Beattie: Log Driver’s Song – 1960 *
10. Mac Beattie: Lake Dore Waltz – 1960 *
11. Reg Hill: Pembroke Centennial Breakdown – 1966 *
12. Luft & Rogers: Train Wreck at Almonte – 1983 *
13. Mac Beattie: Back In The Pakenham Hills – 1970 *
14. Mac Beattie: Saturday Night Up the Gatineau – 1966 *
15. Robbie Anderman: Little Wild Flower – 1993 *
16. Wilno Express: Mike Culhain of Rockingham – 1981 *
17. Three Deuces (Painted Ship): You Gotta Try – 1965 *
18. Bruce Cockburn: Stab At Matter - 2017 *
19. Barney McCafferey: Heather Of the Wilno Hills – 1992 *
20. Ward Allen: Mitten’s Breakdown – 1961 *
21. Robbie Anderman: My Feet Touch The Earth – 1993 *
22. The High Tones: Arsnic – 1961 *

*CanCon = 100%

And Now for The Particulars

Side Aye – Mack

1.   Dominique Trembley et Philippe Gagnon: La Complainte de mon frère
(D Tremblay / P Gagnon)
Ça Roule Présentent Avec Le Stainless Steel: Polydor - 2917001
Saguenay QC
Philippe Gagnon: violin, vocals
Dominique Trembley: violin, guitar, vocals
Jean-Guy Moreau: bass
Produced by Dominique Trembley, Philippe Gagnon & Jean-Guy Moreau, 1973
Recorded 1971

Dominique Trembley b. 1943 / d. June 17, 2015 (72)

Dominique Trembley and Philippe Gagnon were known for playing a stainless steel violins. They accompanied Robert Charlebois on the Festival Express train trip across Canada where they befriended Janis Joplin who helped them secure a recording contract with Polydor.

2.   Garalou: Le danse de la limonade
Garalou: London Records LFS-9032
Marc Lalonde : Bass and vocals
Michel Lalonde : Guitar and vocals
Michel (Stan) Deguire : Drums and percussions
Gaston Gagnon : Electric guitar and vocals
Reginald Guay : Keyboards and vocals
Bobby Lalonde: fiddle
Raynald Wiseman: sax
Produced by Edward Stasium Jr & Garalou, 1980
Recorded by Edward Stasium Jr & Marc Fleury

Formed 1975 & lasted till 1983 took a decade off and have performed occasionally since 93. It was originally called Loupgarou, but had to change its name after being sued by a dance troupe named Les Loups-garous. Garolou has won two Felix Awards for the albums Garolou (1978) and Romancero (1980) and a Gold certification for the album Garolou (1978).

Le danse de la limonade is a Cajun country favourite, performed here by a Quebecois band. It’s all about swearing off partying and alcohol on Saturday nights only to repeat this a week later! Apparently the singer makes a big pig out of himself.

3.   Pierre Lalonde: Toi sans amour
(You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You)
(Morgan / Stock / Cavanaugh / Eigel)
Jet Première Classe: Apex Records ¬ ALF 1571
Montréal QC
Pierre Lalonde: vocal
Georges Tremblay Orchestra
Produced by Pierre Noles, 1965
Recorded by Roger Belair and John R Bradley

Pierre Lalonde b. 20 January 1941 Montreal QC / d. 21 June 2016, Outremont QC

French-Canadian singer, actor and TV host. Began performing at age 4. Put out his first LP in 1963.

4.   The Haunted: Vapeur Mauve
(Jimi Hendrix)
45 single bw Talk Talk: Marquee XII/Trans World: 7001
Montreal QC
Bob Burgess (lead vocals)
Pierre Faubert (guitar)
Glen Holmes (bass)
Jurgen Peter (guitar)
Peter Symes (drums)
Produced by The Haunted, 1969

Purple Haze was a potent strain of American pot at the time that Hendrix wrote in, around 1966. This Montreal based band (the record credited the song to Jimi Hendricks) released several good singles but this is the only song The Haunted recorded in French.

5.   Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Pronto monto
(Kate McGarrigle / Philippe Tartarcheff / Anna McGarrigle)
Pronto Monto: Warner Brothers BSK 3248
Montreal QC
Kate McGarrigle: accordion
Anna McGarrigle: vocal, piano
Gary Mure: drums
Freeo: bass
Scott Lang: electric guitar
Kenny Pearson: organ
Chaim Tannenbaum: mandolin
George Devens: percussion
Produced by David Nichtern 1978
Recorded by Elliot Scheiner, Arthur Friedman, Tony Sciarotta & Tom Seufert
Recorded at Sunset Sound Recorders, LA; A&R Studios, NYC; Automated Sound, NYC; Redwing Sound LA
Mastered by Mike Reese at The Mastering Lab, LA

McGarrigle fans: have you ever figured out what Pronto Monto (the name of the album) actually means? It’s supposed to mean “prends ton manteau” or “take your coat”. This album was overproduced for AM radio airplay and failed to click with their audience, thus they were dropped by Warner Brothers. This album first appeared on CD in 2016, which says a lot about how the McGarrigles felt about it.

6.   Connivence: Le boyau en Liberte 
(The Gut Feeling)
(Steve Burman)
Connivence: Kébec Disc KD 938
Gatineau (Hull), QC
Steve Burman: piano, vibraslap
Suzanne Sabourin: violin
Rameau: drums
Produced by Quintin Meek, 1977
Recorded by Marc at Listen Audio, Montreal
Mixed at Studio Six, Montreal

More of a collective of musicians than a band. They released 3 lps under this name, all with different groupings of the musicians who’s shared production costs and played on each others’ cuts.

7.   Les Milady’s: J’ai besoin de ton amour
(I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love)
(Tony Hatch / Jackie Trent)
45 single bw Monsieur Dupont: Grand Prix ‎ GP-5321
Denise Biron
Andrée Levasseur
Hélène Levasseur
Jacques Laflèche Orchestra
Produced by Gilles L'Écuyer and Yves Martin, 1969

The trio was formed by Denise Biron, born in Trois-Rivières in 1947; Andrée Levasseur, born in Shawinigan in 1945 and Hélène Levasseur, born in Shawinigan in 1947. The Milady's made their debut in 1965 playing in the night clubs of Shawinigan and Trois-Rivières. To further their career they moved to Montreal, and in the summer of 1966 made their first tour.

The Milady's had good success with versions of "Give me your love, Sugar town, Trois petits vagabonds and Monsieur Dupont". On the cabaret scene, they sang ballads by Nana Mouskouri, France Gall and Petula Clark.

8.   Les Dabsters: J’en ai assez
(Normand Beaudet)
45 single bw Tu le sais bien: Passe-Temps PST-906
Verdun QC
Normand Beaudet (singer)
Denis Beaudet (lead guitar)
Michel Roy (guitar)
John Smith (bass guitar)
Normand Cody (drums)
Produced 1966

Popular in Montreal’s Verdun suburb between 1965-68. Recorded only two 45’s. They were only teens at the time. Singer Normand Beaudet, who was born April 24, 1950, died when he was 18. For a name they looked up words in the English dictionary and came up with dabster, which means a clever person. Because of their young age (the oldest was 18; the youngest 15) they played mostly in youth clubs around Montreal. After Normand’s death, the band continued for a few months before calling it a day.

9.   1755: U.I.C
(Unemployment Insurance Commission)
(Ralph Williams / Pierre Robichaud)
1755: Presqu'ile Records PE 7512
Moncton NB
Kenneth Saulnier: banjo, mandolin, guitar
Roland Dupuis: drums
Pierre Robichaud: guitar
Donald Boudreau: bass, clarinet
Roland Gauvin: guitar, banjo
Produced by André Perreault, 1978
Recorded at Studio A, Marko

The band was active from 1975 to 1984. Again, it features the old name of The Employment Insurance Commission. In February 2008, 1755 received the Dr Helen Creighton Lifetime Achievement Award for their musical contribution at the East Coast Music Award ceremony. Drummer Roland Dupuis lead the Glamour Puss Blues Band who began recording hot blues albums in the 1990s.
10. Le Rêve du diable: Reel du lievre
Le Rêve du Diable: Le Tamanoir – TAM 27001
Ville du Québec QC
Claude Methé: fiddle, mandolin
Paul Dubois: accordion
Jean-Pierre LaChance: guitar, vocals
Gervais Lessard: fiddle, feet
Produced by Bertrand Gauthier & Réal Tremblay – 1976
Recorded by Michel Éthier at Studio de Son, Québec City

This fine trio lasted a lot longer than most of the 1970s young trad bands like La Bottine Souriante. They recorded a few albums and were very popular in most regions of Quebec. Claude Methé and Gervais Lessard were the standard bearers of the band.

11. Mack: Faut Pas Lacher
(André Deguire / Luc Giroux)
Rock & Becs: Zodiaque Records ZOX-6021
Montreal QC
André Deguire: guitars, claviers, percussion
Luc Giroux: bass, percussion
Nicky Catalano: drums
Tony Pietroniro: rhythm guitar, bg vocals
Produced by Mack, 1975
Recorded by Billy Szawiowski at Tempos Studios, Montreal
Mixed by Billy Szawiowski and Mack

This was Mack’s only LP

12. Les Hou-Lops: Tout ira très bien
(It’s Gonna Be Alright)
(Gerry Marsden)
45 single bw Quand Les Roses: Apex Records 13424
Yvan Côté: guitar
Jean-Claude Bernard: bass
Jean-Claude Domingue: guitar
Gilles Rousseau: vocalist
Produced 1965

They won the yé-yé group's trophy at the 1965 Record Festival with the album "C'est chip". In 1966, they were one of the bands that got to open for the Rolling Stones at the Paris Olympia.

13. Raôul Duguay: La Parolll
(R Duguay)
L’envol: Capitol Records – SKAO-70.042
Val D’or QC
Raôul Duguay: vocals
Andre Angelini: mandoluth, Telecaster
Chris Castle: drums, percussion
Gilles Schetagne: marimbas, vibes, xylophone, percussion
Richard Beaudet: sax
Jean-Pierre Carpentier: trombone
Roger Walls: trumpet
Robert Bouthillier: keys
Jimmy Tanaka: bass
Produced by Marcel De Lambre, Andre Angelini & Raôul Duguay,  1976
Recorded & mixed by Michel Ethie

Raôul Duguay was born on February 13, 1939, in Val-d'Or, Quebec

From the Abitibi region of northwestern Quebec, he was the Frank Zappa of Quebec artists. He loved making up his own spelling for song titles, using three L’s, for instance. He recorded several really good albums and if memory serves me well, ran for elective office in Quebec but did not succeed in getting a seat. Duguay gained fame in the 1970s as a member of the progressive rock group L'Infonie, which combined rock music with elements of jazz, classical, and avant-garde.

14. Les Sultans: À toi que je pense (Come A Little Bit Closer)
(Tommy Boyce / Bruce Huard)
45 single bw Si soudain je t'aimais: DSP Records DSP-8608
St-Hyacinthe QC
Denis Forcier: guitar
Bruce Huard: vocals
Claude Reid: guitar
Pierre Bélanger: drums
Ghylain Dufault: bass
Produced by Denis Pantis, 1967
Recorded by Pete Tessier

Bruce Huard is first of all the singer of the group Majestics de Sorel. In 1963 he joined the Dots de Saint-Hyacinthe who took the Sultans as their name in 1964 after the British Invasion. The group had its first success in 1965 with the song "Va t'en", an original composition. For the next couple of years they were very successful in Quebec. But despite of their success, the Sultans gave their farewell show at the Paul-Sauvé center in Montreal at the end of January 1968, as part of a Starovan which attracted a record crowd of 8,000 spectators..

15. Philippe Bruneau & Co.: La Gallope de la Malbaie
Mariposa Folk Festival 1975: Mariposa M-75-001
Montreal QC
Philippe Bruneau: accordion
Joseph Bouchard: fiddle
Gilles Losier: bass
Jean-Paul Beaulieu: sax
Yves Brault:
Gilles Roy: step dancing
Produced by Bill Usher, 1976

Philippe Bruneau b Montreal 22 Sep 1934 / d Forcalquier, France 7 Aug 2011

One of the all time great accordion players from Quebec. He eventually left Canada for a quiet life in France where his music was appreciated. Rarely came back home to Quebec and if he did, he did that quietly.

16. Marie King: Mon Retour en Gaspesie
(Marie King)
Marie: Caprice SCPL 24033
Marie King: vocals
Bob King: guitar
Others not listed
Produced by Dougal Trineer, 1970
Recorded in Ottawa

She married fellow Canadian country music performer Bob King who was an English speaking artist from Ottawa. Both of them recorded numerous albums of Country music. 

17. Aldor & Oscar Morin: La Bastringue
Tout le monde danse et tout le monde chante Vol 1: London Records MB 106
Montreal QC
Aldor Morin: vocal, harmonica
Oscar Morin: harmonica
Female vocalist: unknown
Produced circa 1960

Aldor Morin (1921 / 1998)

A very old melody accompanied by a him vs. her story line. One of the most well known folksongs in Canada.

18. Gerry Laroche: Danser Le Loup
(Gerry Laroche)
Coast To Coast V: CBC Records: RV 881
Powerview MB
Produced by Andre Lariviere, 1988
Recorded by Norman Lussier, Winnipeg

Gerry’s still performing in Manitoba

19. Marcel Martel: Mon Amour du Rock n’ Roll
(Marcel Martel)
Ma Bell Prairie: MCA Coral – CB 33017
Drummondville QC
Marcel Martel: guitar, vocals
Produced 1964

Joseph Gaston Martel: Feb 1, 1925 - April 13, 1999.

Started writing his own songs just after WW2 and recorded over 100 singles for the Starr and
Apex labels. Had his own TV program (1962-65) in Sherbrooke QC.

20. Les Mégatones: Rideau SVP
(Denis Champoux)
45 single bw Ruby Baby: Apex Records 13423
Denis Champoux: lead guitar
Guy Martineau: keys
Jean Poiré: bass, sax
Michel Patry: guitar
Réjean Careau: drums
Gilles Pouliot: bass
Produced 1965

The Mégatones, one of the pioneer YeYe rock bands in Quebec, kicked things off with their Voici les Mégatones album in 1962. The single “Rideau S.V.P.” became a classic. Beginning in 1964, the Beatles' mega- success in North America led to a new wave of commercial “yé-yé” music groups in Quebec.

“Yé-yé” is a term for French pop that emerged from France in the 60s and was soon used in Quebec as well.  The term "yé-yé" was derived from "yeah! yeah!" from the Beatles’ song She Loves You. In France it was mostly the domain of female pop stars while in Quebec the term was generally used to describe young rock bands.

21. La Bottine Souriante: Le Reel Irlandais Ou Bees Wax, Skin Sheep
La Mistrine: Les disques Mille-Pattes: MPCD-2038
Joliette QC
Contrabass, Bass Guitar, Electric Bass, Vocals – Régent Archambault
Harmonica, Vocals – Yves Lambert
Mandolin, Violin, Guitar, Bass– Michel Bordeleau
Piano, Accordion – Denis Fréchette
Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Vocals, Melodeon, Accordion – Jean Fréchette
Trombone – André Verreault
Trumpet, Bugle – Ron Di Lauro
Violin, Guitar,– Martin Racine
Bass Trombone – Robert Ellis
Produced,  Recorded and Mixed By Paul Pagé, 1994
Mastered By Bill Kipper

When René Levesque won the Parti Québécois their first mandate to govern the province in 1976, there was a vanguard of young ‘long-haired’ radicals behind them, who were worried about the disintegration of French culture from its last great bastion in North America. Singer / Songwriters, poets, philosophers, writers and intellectuals joined forces to create a new Québec scene. Young folk bands formed, blending new sounds into traditional music. Among them were the fledgling ‘La Bottine Souriante’ who developed into a super group that has had a 45 year career.

The Bee Side - Ottawa Valley

1.   Cody: Madawaska
(Mike O’Reilly)
A Tale of Three Cities: Posterity Records PTR-13008
Ottawa / Toronto / Montreal
Mike O’Reilly: mandolin
Larry Miller: banjo
Paul Menard: fiddle
Guy Carpenter: dobro
Brian Riseborough: guitar
John Partridge: guitar
Dick Miller: bass
Produced by Jerry Douglas 1978
Recorded by John Cybanski and Ken Fraser at Marc Productions, Ottawa ON

The mighty Madawaska River runs 230 kms from Algonquin Park, Ontario down to Arnprior on the Ottawa River. It was a major logging river, captured on canvas by Tommy Thompson. It was the source of many Mac Beattie compositions.

2.   The Action: TV’s On The Blink
(The Action)
4 song EP: Montreco Records
John Fenton: lead guitar
Paul Fenton: slide guitar
Michael Fenton: bass
Ted Axe: vocals
Scott "Shot" MacDonald: drums
Produced 1977

John Fenton b. 1953 / d. April 2, 2020

Formed in 1977, The Action was one of the first garage-punk bands in Canada, and the first band to include all three of Ottawa’s Fenton brothers, with John and Paul on guitar and their younger brother, Michael, who was still in his teens, on bass. Claimed Paul Fenton: We were definitely the first punk band in Ottawa. The EP they released became a cult hit in New York, and sold thousands of copies in Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. By the early 1980s the Action were morphing into the Fenton Brothers Band (1984) who put out two albums in the mid ‘80s and broke up in 1990. Paul Fenton put out a solo album in 2000.

3.   The Townsmen: Pineland Stomp
45 single: Mousehole Music CD2006.8-9
Ottawa, ON
Gerry Laroche: lead guitar
Paul Hust
Andy Legault
Wayne Leslie
Dave Milliken
Frank Morrison
Recorded between 1965-69

Not too much is known about this Ottawa based band who recorded in the mid 1960s. Pineland Stomp was a classic to their sound. Gerry Laroche was their star lead guitarist who was very popular up the Ottawa Valley in the 1960s.

4.   Heaven’s Radio: Voodoo Music
(JB Lenoir)
Active: Posterity Records PTR 13006
Ottawa ON
Terry Gillespie: lead vocal, guitar, trumpet
Vince Halfhide: guitar
Bob Blackler: bass
Michel Pouliot: drums
Produced by Ted Gerow 1978
Recorded live at The Kblack Swan, Ottawa by John Cykbanski and Vernon Grabst
Mixed by John Cybanski and Ted Gerow at Marc Productions, Ottawa

There was a cultish following up in Ottawa for this group. They were bluesy, with a rock heavy beat and put out two albums.

5.   The Heart: Treat Me Bad
(Martin / Doddridge)
45 Single: Sir John A Records 45: SJA 2
Almonte ON
Hans Schleuter: bass
John Doddridge: drums
Dave Lugsden: lead vocals
Marc Corbin: guitar
Jamie Avis: guitar
Jack Arseneault organ
Produced by Ted Gerow – 1967

Another band that were previously known as the Three Deuces. Not to be confused with Heart, they eventually disbanded in Spring 1969.

6.   Don Norman & The Other Four: Le Bounce
(John Matthews / Don Norman)
45 single bw Je t'ai Cherche: Solfege 1844
Ottawa ON
Don Norman (vocals, guitar)
Gary Comeau (guitar, vocals)
Ron Greene (guitar, keyboard, vocals)
Bill Helman (bass, vocals)
Brian Dewhurst (drums)
Produced by Norman Green, 1966

Norman was the original singer for The Esquires.

7.   Bobby Lalonde: Ripplin’ Water Jig
(Don Messer)
Bobby Lalonde: London Records EBX 4179
Fournier ON
Bobby Lalonde: fiddle
Gerry Lalonde: drums
Gilles Lalonde: bass
Mac Lalonde: piano
Produced by London Records 1973

Bobby Lalonde b. May 22, 1958 Hawkesbury, ON

Lalonde, a child prodigy, recorded this album when he was just 13 yrs. old.

In Ottawa, Bobby Lalonde’s name is synonymous with fiddles. As a kid he got to perform in Stompin’ Tom’s performance movie ‘Across This Land’ and was also featured  on the sound-track. From there he recorded and released his first LP in 1973, on London Records. I chose Don Messer’s patented piece, Ripplin’ Water Jig, which is very difficult to play properly, to test how proficient Bobby was at such a young age.

He’s also been a multi-instrumentalist session player in the Ottawa region, a country singer and a strong advocate for music in general in the National Capitol Region.

Let's hear some Mac Beattie songs now: 

John McNab Beattie b. Arnprior ON Dec 21, 1916 / d. Arnprior 1982 (65)

8.   Ian Bell: Saturday Night Up The Gatineau
(Mac Beattie)
Live at the Sugar Camp
Paris ON
Ian Bell: guitar, vocal
Melodiers Chorus: Eve Goldberg - Steve Fruitman
Produced by Steve Fruitman, Jan 7, 2010
Recorded at CIUT Hart House Studios

From a live appearance on my program, Sugar Camp Music, featuring Ian Bell along with Eve Goldberg and myself coving this Mac Beattie song.

9.   Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Log Drivers Song
(Mac Beattie)
A Visit To The Ottawa Valley: Banff - RBS 1170
Arnprior, ON
Reg Hill: fiddle
Bob Price: piano
Garney Scheel: bass
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
Mac Beattie: vocal, drums
Produced by Ralph Carlson - June 1, 1960

The Log Driver’s Song was probably Mac Beattie’s most popular song. The Lake Dore Waltz was another example of his fine songwriting. Many fiddlers covered it.

10. Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: The Lake Dore Waltz
(Mac Beattie)
A Visit To The Ottawa Valley: Banff - RBS 1170
Arnprior ON
Reg Hill: fiddle
Bob Price: piano
Garney Scheel: bass
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
Mac Beattie: vocal, drums
Produced by Ralph Carlson, June 1, 1960

11. Reg Hill & The Melodiers: Pembroke Centennial Breakdown
(Reg Hill)
Canadian Country Classics: Rodeo – RCCD 7103
Braeside, ON
Reg Hill: fiddle
Mac Beattie: washboard
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
Jimmy Mayhew: piano
George Courschene: bass
Produced by Ralph Carlson circa 1966

Born in Brockville, Ontario (1927 – 1979)

At 16 became a regular member of the “Rock Mountain Rangers” formed his own group, Reg Hill’s Swingsters. In 1950, Reg married Mona and moved to Oshawa where he worked at GM. 1954, he received a letter from Mac Beattie inviting him to join the “Ottawa Valley Melodiers”. He moved to Braeside and would spend 25 years with Mac’s band before retiring, due to poor health, in 1978. He was a 1981 Inductee into Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame.

12. Luft & Rogers: Train Wreck at Almonte
(Mac Beattie)
Songs of the Iron Trail: Sefel Records - SEF 83IT01)
Calgary, AB
Barry Luft: harmonica, banjo
Tim Rogers: guitar
Grit Laskin: mandolin
Roy Warhurst: fiddle
Patty Rogers: bass
Produced by Ron Mahonin, 1983
Recorded at Northern Productions, Calgary June & July 1983

Mac Beattie was a signalman during WW2. Stationed overseas, he received the dreadful news about a terrible railway accident in the town of Almonte, previously only known for its link with the creation of basketball. A troop train crashed into the rear of a packed, parked local stopped at Almonte’s station while ferrying passengers back home after Christmas celebrations. This took place – as is stated in the song – in December 1942. Mac just sat down and wrote this song.

13. Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Back in the Pakenham Hills
(M Beattie)
Mr. Ottawa Valley: Banff - SBS 5333
Arnprior, ON
Mac Beattie: cocktail drum, vocal
Reg Hill: fiddle
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
Jim Mayhew: piano
Gordon Summers: lead guitar
George Courschesne: bass

Produced by Ralph Carlson, 1970

14. Mac Beattie: Saturday Night Up the Gatineau
(John McNab Beattie)
This Ottawa Valley of Mine: Banff Roedo RBS 1211
Arnprior ON
Reg Hill: fiddle
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
Bob Whitney: alto sax
Bob Price: piano
Tony Miseferi: bass
Gordie Summers: electric guitar
Mac Beattie: washboard, cocktail drum, vocal
Produced by George Taylor, Jan 16, 1966

Mac Beattie and the Ottawa Valley Melodiers performed for over four decades in his beloved Ottawa Valley. This included the Quebec side of the Ottawa River as well. The song mentions various places where the Melodiers used to perform in the Gatineau Hills. Wakefield, Poltimore, Kazabazua, Minawaki and Otter Lake. Individuals mentioned were Don Gilchrest, the incredible step dancer, Paul Klute and the Daily Boys. It's a 2 minute 15 second hoedown party.

15. Robbie Anderman: Little Wild Flower
Ottawa Valley Music Association: IVMA Comilation CD #1
Killaloe ON
Robbie Anderman - Shakuhachi
Ken Easton - Ulu and more percussion
Produced by Robbie Anderman for Morninglory Music, 1993
Recorded in Ken Easton’s home studio in Ottawa

Robbie Anderman lives up the Madawaska country, near Killaloe. He recorded Little Wild Flower and several other songs down in Ottawa in 1993 for his album called Before the Moon Rose.

16. Wilno Express: Mike Culhain of Rockingham
(Barney McCaffery)
All Over The Tracks: World Records WRC1-1568
Wilno / Killaloe ON
Clark Geuttel – guitar, bass, percussion, pennywhistle, tuba
Barney McCaffery – accordion, vocals
Ish Theilheimer – fiddle, bass, mandolin
Rubber Lips – harmonica
Frank Rhode – conga, bongos, beer bottle
John Steel – stand up bass
Kevin Park – police car

Produced by Alan Geuttel, 1981
Recorded by Brian Park at Silver Lake, ON
Mastered at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

A folk band from Killaloe Ontario that recorded two LPs in the early 1980s who sang songs of the Ottawa Valley. Ish Theilheimer still performs around the Opeongo Line; Barney McCafferey and Clark Geuttel have passed on.

17. Three Deuces: You Gotta Try 
45 single bw Hung Up On You: Sir John A. RG-1016
Almonte ON
John Martin: vocal
David Liberty: guitar
Hans Schleuter: bass
John Doddridge: drums
Gordon Dix: guitar
Peter Jermyn: organ
Jamie Avis: guitar
Produced 1966

This is an early recording made by The Heart when they were known as The Three Deuces.

18. Bruce Cockburn: Stab At Matter
(B Cockburn)
Bone On Bone: True North Records TND 678V
Ottawa ON
John Dymond: bass
Gary Craig: drums, percussion
Colin Linden: slide guitar
John Aaron Cockburn: accordion
Ruby Amanfu and The San Francisco Lighthouse Chorus: bg vocals
Produced by Colin Linden, 2017
Recorded by Matthew Wright with Jaycob Bellochi
Mixed by Colin Linden at Pinhead Recorders, Nashville TN
Recorded by Matthew Wright, Jaycob Bellochio, Ben Bacey & Nate Neusada Fantasy Studio, Berkeley CA
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Great to have Colin Linden back producing Cockburn again. Using the Rodeo King’s rhythm section, the album showcases a spiritual exposure of where they’re at today. From one of Canada’s best poet songwriters. And it was released on vinyl!

19. Barney McCafferey: Heather Of the Wilno Hills
(B McCafferey)
Live on the Great North Wind: October 19, 1992
Wilno ON
Barney McCafferey: accordion, vocals
Produced by Steve Fruitman – 2002
Recorded at CIUT Radio, 91 St George

It was Pearl Miller who used to sing this song. Barney McCafferey was enamored with it and wanted to learn how to play it but Pearl, who loved drinking Saturday afternoons in a Pembroke Hotel but she was either too inebriated, or not inebriated enough, to sing it all the way through. One day Barney brought a walkman tape recorder in and captured the song just as the batteries were slowing things down. He sang it on my Great North Wind radio program at CIUT back in 1992.

20. Ward Allen: Mitten’s Breakdown
(Earl Mitton)
45 single bw The Old Rose Waltz: Sparton Records 4-990R
Kirkton ON
Ward Allen: fiddle
Happy Wanderers: bg band
Produced 1961

Warden Ambrose Allen b Kirkton ON 11 May 1924 / d. Hull, QC 3 Aug 1965 (31)

He began fiddling at 12, often performing with his brother Lorne, from whom he learned much of his repertoire. 1955 Moved to Ottawa to perform with Bob King in The Happy Wanderers. Allen was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, Tenn, in 1965

21. Robbie Anderman: My Feet Touch The Earth
(R Anderman)
Ottawa Valley Music Association: IVMA Comilation CD #1
Killaloe ON
Robbie Anderman - Shakuhachi flutes (overdubbed for second flute)
Ken Easton - Ulu (a jug drum from Africa),
Paul Crosby - watch case
Produced by Robbie Anderman for Morninglory Music, 1993
Recorded in Ken Easton’s home studio in Ottawa

22. The Hi-Tones: Arsenic
45 single bw Do What You Did: Montaigne's Limited Edition 45: 1001
Pembroke ON
Lionel Vachon: organ
Don Billows: guitar
Bill Billows: sax
Drummer unknown

Produced by W J Montagne, 1961
Recorded at Glennwood Bowling Alley

Not too much is known about this band; this was their only single on this small label. Also on the label were John T-Bone Little’s band The Hot Toddies (of Niagara Falls, ON) and The Viscounts. Surprisingly, The Staccatos of Ottawa (later the Five Man Electrical Band) released a single on this label called Mess of Blues bw Sick and Tired

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