33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
June 10, 2024
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To Hell And Back
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Side One

1.   The Woodshed Orchestra & Friendly Rich: Leonard Cohen – 2018 *
2.   Minnie White: Starlite Afternoon – 1978 *
3.   We Free Kings: Death Of The Wild Colonial Boy – 1986
4.   Diamond Joe White: Northern Journey – 1981 *
5.   Patrick Watson: Beijing – 2009 *
6.   Hal Willis: The Lumberjack – 1962 *
7.   Wakami Wailers: Gatineau Girls – 1986 *
8.   Hugo Winterhalter Orch: Canadian Sunset – 1956
9.   Don Freed: A Really Hot Day – 1983 *
10. Loudon Wainwright III: Dead Skunk – 1972
11. Don Freed: Wheelbarrow – 1981 *
12. Bob Snider: Darn Folksinger – 1995 *
13. Don Freed: We Got Uranium – 1981 *
14. Oliver Schroer: Fiddler from Guadelajara – 1993 *
15. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers: Last Kiss – 1958
16. Wednesday: Fly Away – 1975
17. Ted Wesley: MacKenzie Road – 1975 *
18. The Wee Beasties: Something To Do With The Weather – 1968 *
19. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: I Won’t Hurt You – 1967
20. Ed Bickert: I’ll Follow The Sun – 1979 *

The Bee Side

1.   Glenn Miller Orch: One O’clock Jump – 1951
2.   Striped Bananas: Heaven And Hell – 2017
3.   Suckerpunch: Zap O Hell – 1994 *
4.   ACDC: Hell ain’t A Bad Place To Be – 1977
5.   Motley Crue: Louder Than Hell – 1985
6.   Traverston Band: Hell Bent For Miami / Mahon’s New Truck – 1983 *
7.   Vikki Carr: One Hell Of A Woman – 1974
8.   Blue Oyster Cult: Hot Rails To Hell – 1975
9.   Michael Lewis: Helluva Heavenly Night – 1976 *
10. The Hellbillys: The Mother Ship – 1998 *
11. Oscar Peterson w Bucky Pizzarelli: Eleanor Rigby – 1969 *
12. John Entwistle: Heaven and Hell – 1971
13. Nick Ferrio: Come Hell Or High Water – 2015 *
14. Short Stuff Macon: Hell Bound Blues – 1967
15. The Pogues: Boys From County Hell – 1984
16. Big Sugar: All Hell For A Basement – 2001 *
17. FM: Slaughter In Robot Village – 1978 *

CanCon* =  58%

And Now for The Particulars

Side One

1.   The Woodshed Orchestra & Friendly Rich: Leonard Cohen
(Rich Marsella / Dave Clark)
45 rpm EP: The Leonard Cohen Sweet: Ind / No label or serial no.
Toronto ON
Bruce Mackinnon: baritone sax
Dave Clark: drums, lead vocal
Ed Reifel: pitched percussion
Gregory Oh: harpsichord, melodica
Henry Muth: recorders
Jay Burr: tuba
Julia Hambleton: clarinet
Matthew Fong: double bass
Philip Miles: electric guitar
Rich Marsella: classical guitar, lead vocals
Rebecca Hennessy: trumpet, lead vocals
Steve Ward: trombone
Tania Gill: synth, piano
Tom Richards: trombone
Nick Teehan: tenor sax, lead vocals
Produced by Rich Marsella and Dave Clark, 2018
Recorded and mixed at Wow! by Joe Lapinski, St. Catherines ON
Mastered by Fedge

A mini-LP with 5 songs on it by two bands – The Woodshed Orchestra and Friendly Rich – merging into one. Dave Clark is the composer of the 33.45.78 theme song. The original and current drummer of the Rheostatics!
2.   Minnie White: Starlite Afternoon   
(Minnie White)
Homestead Reels: Quay Records CS 7816
Codroy Valley NL
Minnie White: accordion
Neil Bishop: guitar
Kevin MacNeil: drums
Claude Caines: bass
Produced by Neil Bishop and Claude Caines, 1978
Recorded by Neil Bishop and Claude Caines at Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville NL Sept 1978

Minnie White b. Mary Agnes Hoskins St. Albans, Baie d'Espoir 1916 / d. Codroy Valley 2002

Proficient on the button accordion, piano and mandolin, she was inspired since the age of 16 to perform. However, she gave it all up to raise her family and only came back to performing in the 1960s when her kids had grown. She was awarded the Order of Canada in 1993, inducted into the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Hall of Honour in 1994 and was a 1995 East Coast Music Awards Instrumental Artist of the Year nominee.

3.   We Free Kings: Death of the Wild Colonial Boy
(We Free Kings)
The Cutting Edge Compilation): Cooking Vinyl Records GRILL-001
Edinburgh SL
Joe Kingman - vocals,
Deb Holbrook - guitar,
Geoff Pagan - fiddle,
Phil Bull - cello,
Pam Dobson - melodeon,
Colin Blakey - reeds,
Kenny Welsh - drums.
Produced by Paddy O'Connell,  1986
LP Compiled by Pete Lawrence, 1988
Only released as a single bw Love Is In The Air on Howl! Records ?– WOOF 1

These guys were friends of The Pogues and were trying to be the Scottish equivalent. They were labeled as ‘barnstorming punk thrash from Edinburgh. They only released one album.

4.   Diamond Joe White: Northern Journey
(Joe White)
High Rider: Stony Plain SPL 1040
Calgary AB
Diamond Joe White: guitar, vocal
Ran Casat: piano
Tom McKillop: sax
Dick Kruger: steel
Jack Hiles: drums
Nathan Tinkham: guitar
Dave Wilke: mandolin
Roy Warburst: fiddle
Kim Kreamer, harmonica, bg vocal
Jeff Farley: stand up bass
Loretta Logan, Joanne Kuntz, Ken Christopher, Penny White: bg vocals
Produced by Ron Casat and Gabriel Boucher, 1981
Recorded by Gabriel Boucher and Steve Graupe at Smooth Rock Studios, Calgary
Mixed by Boucher, Casat and Graupe

Alberta poet and songwriter, best known perhaps for his great song about the black Alberta cowboy, Johnny Ware. He was an early signee to Holger Peterson’s fledgling Stony Plane Records where he released four albums

5.   Patrick Watson: Beijing
(Patrick Watson)
Wooden Arms: Secret City Records SCR012LP
Montreal QC
Patrick Watson: piano, cartoon sound effects, bicycle, vocals
Simon Angell: guitar, pedal steel
Mishka Stein: bass
Robbie Kuster: drums, percussion, marimbas
Melanie Belair: violin
Melanie Vaugeois: violin
Ligia Paquin: alto
Annie Gadbois: cello
Sarah Page: harp
Produced by Patrick Watson and The Wooden Arms, 2009
Recorded by Mathieu Parisien at Breakglass Studios, Montreal, released April 28, 2009
Mixed by Patrick Watson at Studios Piccolo, Montreal
Mastered by Ryan Morey at Ryebread Mastering

Patrick Watson b. October 8, 1979, Lancaster, California and raised in Hudson, Quebec

He began his musical career in high school as a member of a ska band called Gangster Politics. Watson "played" a bicycle in the studio for the song "Beijing". The song "Beijing" was inspired by the movie Being John Malkovich, and the idea of finding oneself in someone else's life in Beijing.

6.   Hal Willis: The Lumberjack
(Hal Willis)
Mr Lumberjack: Arc International 851
Rouyn-Noranda QC
Hal Willis: vocals
Produced by Ben Weatherby, 1966
Originally Arc 716

Hal Willis (b. Rouyn-Noranda QC Leonard Francis Gauthier July 15, 1933 / d. Sept 4, 2015, Nashville TN)

"The Lumberjack," an international hit that sold over 1.5 million copies in 1965.

In 1956 Hal and his wife, Ginger Willis, were hired by Colonel Tom Parker to tour with Elvis Presley. At this time, Hal and Ginger were also rock and roll singers recording songs like "My Pink Cadillac" and "Bop a Dee Bop a Doo." Hal and Ginger, along with Hank Snow, were the only Canadian performers to tour with Elvis Presley. Hal and Ginger Willis were inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010.

7.   Wakami Wailers: Gatineau Girls
Songs from the Lumber Camps - The Last of the White Pine Loggers: Imakaw Recors -
Picton, Peterborough & Cochrane, ON

Rob Hollett: vocal, guitar, bodhran
Mark Despault: vocal guitar
Mike Bernier: vocal, fiddle, mandolin
Jeff Allen: spoons
Andy Thompson: bass
Produced by Andy Thompson & The Wakami Wailers - circa 1986
Recorded at Northumberland Music Studio 29, Campbellford ON

I was given this cassette by a shopkeeper in Arnprior Ontario.  I can still remember the first time I slipped it into the cassette player in my car coz my hair stood on end. The Wakami Wailers were Provincial Park rangers who trained up at Wakami Lake in Northern Ontario and started singing traditional logging songs around a campfire. They graduated and were sent out to work at various parks around Ontario but still managed to do special summer gigs and recorded three albums of traditional logging songs, mostly from the books of Edith Fowke. Mark Despault, who worked at Sandbanks PP near Picton also played with the Frere Brothers.

8.   Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra: Canadian Sunset
(Eddy Heywood)
45 Single: RCA Victor 47-6537
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Eddy Heywood: piano solo
Produced 1956

Hugo Winterhalter b. August 15, 1909 / d. September 17, 1973 (64)

Canadian Sunset reached No. 2 on the Charts. Sold over a million.  Died from cancer, in Greenwich, Connecticut


"Toddler dies after accidentally being left inside car as mother taught at Bancroft school"
A Really Hot Day is a song that I Unfortunately have to play every year. It’s my annual call for potential ‘morons’ NOT to leave their babies and pets in parked furnaces. (I still can’t believe that people do that!) Don Freed recorded this album nearly 40 years ago but still the message doesn’t seem to penetrate deeply enough.

9.   Don Freed: A Really Hot Day
(D Freed)
Pith and Pathos: Bushleague Records: no serial number
Saskatoon SK
Don Freed: guitar, vocal
Glen Hendrickson
Blaine Dunaway
Tom Hazlitt
Joe Mock: guitar
Rick Scott
Connie Kaldor - Jane Mortifee - Cyndi Melon: bg vocals
Produced by Joe Mock, 1983
Recorded by Paul Mcdonald at Pacific Coast Sound, Burnaby BC
Mastered by Geoff Turner at Pinewood Studios, Vancouver

born in New Westminster BC 1949 & raised in Saskatoon

Born in BC but raised in Saskatchewan, Freed began his music career in 1966. By 1969 he was seen performing with Johnny Cash which lead to Freed signing to Capitol Records (although they turned down releasing anything). He hitchhiked to Toronto, cashless, and phoned one of the only people he knew – Juri Krytiuk. He was then invited to be a session musician on Stevedore Steve’s first album, Songs of the Stevedore. Eventually he began writing and singing his own songs. Beginning in the early 1990s, Freed began to shift his musical focus from that of being a solo performer to being a promoter of Métis and First Nations culture, particularly involving children. He was also shacked up with Joni Mitchell at the time and collaborated with her on her album ‘Taming the Tiger’. He’s still out there giving songwriting workshops to Métis and First Nations kids.

10. Loudon Wainwright III: Dead Skunk
(L Wainwright III)
45 single bw Needless To Say: Columbia Records 4-45726
Chapel Hill NC
Loudon Wainwright III: guitar, vocal
Produced by Thomas Jefferson Kaye, 1972

Loudon Snowden Wainwright III b. September 5, 1946, Chapel Hill, NC

Wainwright has said that the song came out of an actual accident involving a skunk, and that he wrote it afterward in 15 minutes. "Someone had already killed it, but I ran over it." He was briefly married to Montreal’s Kate McGarrigle and is father to Rufus and Martha Wainwright. Rufus was the inspiration behind two of Wainwright's songs: "Rufus Is a Tit Man" (referring to Rufus during breastfeeding). Dead Skunk was his only real hit song.

11. Don Freed: Wheelbarrow
(Don Freed)
Off In All Directions: Bushleage Records - BLR 00001
Saskatoon, SK
Don Freed: guitar, harmonica, vocal
Doug Boomhower: electric guitar
Skip Kutz: bass
Hans Van Norren: drums
Rod Salloum: keys
Mike Devlin: steel
Gary 'Humphrey Dumptruck' Walsh: banjo
Calvin Cairns: concertina, fiddle
Steve Bengtson: mandolin
Alan Kellogg: harmony vocal
Produced by Dale Russell, 1981

12. Bob Snider: Darn Folksinger
(Bob Snider)
Caterwaul & Doggerel: EMI Canada – E2 7243 832949 2 3
Accordion – Bob Wiseman
Acoustic Bass – Don Kerr, Victor Bateman
Banjo [Slide Banjo] – Howard Druckman
Cello – Don Kerr
Drums – Don Kerr
Electric Guitar – Dave Bidini
Piano – Bob Wiseman, Don Kerr, Howard Druckman
Slide Guitar [Electric Slide Guitar] – Gord Cumming
Vocals – Kerste Mcleod, Lyn Simmons
Voice, Guitar – Bob Snider
Producer by Don Kerr, 1995
Recorded by Don Kerr at The Gas Station, Toronto

A Downsview lad, now living in Nova Scotia. One of the best songsmiths I ever interviewed. Although he never became rich and famous, his talent was right up there with the best of him. I first ran into Bob at the Jailhouse Café in Toronto, playing an open stage. He soon became everyone’s favourite, even had a tribute album of people doing his songs!

13. Don Freed: We Got Uranium
(D Freed)
Pith And Pathos: Bushleague Records - no serial
Saskatoon, SK
Don Freed: guitar, vocal
Glen Hendrickson
Blaine Dunaway
Tom Hazlitt
Joe Mock: guitar
Rick Scott
Connie Kaldor - Jane Mortifee - Cyndi Melon: bg vocals
Produced by Joe Mock, 1983
Recorded by Paul Mcdonald at Pacific Coast Sound, Burnaby BC
Mastered by Geoff Turner at Pinewood Studios, Vancouver

14. Oliver Schroer and Stewed Tomatoes: Yodaler from Guadelajara
(Oliver Schroer)
Stewed Tomatoes: Big Dog Records 1996
Oliver Schroer: violin, finger cymbals
Colleen Allen: tenor sax
Rich Greenspoon: drums
Ben Grossman: percussion
Rich GDavid Travers-Smith: trumpet
David Woodhead: bass
Produced by Oliver Schroer, 1996
Recorded by Andrew St. George at Comfort Sound, Toronto
Mixed by Andrew St. George and Oliver Schroer

15. Frank J Wilson & The Cavaliers: Last Kiss
(Wayne  Cochran)
45 single bw That’s How Much I Love You: Jubilee Records J-923
Lufkin TX
Frank J Wilson: vocal
Gene Croyle (guitar)
Roland Atkinson (drums)
Lewis Elliott (bass)
Jim Wynne (piano)
Produced by Sonley Roush and Ron Newdoll, 1964
Recorded by Ron Newdoll at Accurate Sound Recording Studio, San Angelo, Texas

Frank J Wilson: b. December 11, 1941 – d. October 4, 1991 (aged 49) Lufkin, Tx

Last Kiss reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc.

The song was originally recorded by its composer, Wayne Cochran, in 1961 but didn’t go anywhere. The band worked all afternoon on the song, recording it over and over, with few pauses, for three straight hours, until Roush was satisfied, with take number 64. It’s been recorded by Pearl Jam and several other artists including Canadian band Wednesday.

While driving in Ohio later that year, manager Sonley Roush fell asleep at the wheel, and they collided head-on with another vehicle. Roush was killed and Wilson injured to the extent that he was on crutches for the American Bandstand performance of the song a short time later. Wilson died at the age of 49, from alcoholism and diabetes.

16. Wednesday: Fly Away
(G Stellaard)
45 single bw Good Time Girl: Ampex Records AC1365
Oshawa ON
Mike O'Neil (lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars)
Paul Andrew Smith (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
John (Jose) Dufek (bass, vocals)
Randy Begg (drums, percussion, vocals)
Produced by John Dee Driscoll, 1975

Wednesday was formed in Oshawa in 1971 by high school mates Mike O'Neil and Paul Andrew Smith. They originally played the Ontario circuit playing covers of contemporary hits and 1950's standards. By the time they'd honed their live chops in 1973 they had remade the Wayne Cochran song "Last Kiss". This time Driscoll hand delivered the single to radio stations where CFTR-AM played it immediately and indefinitely. 1050 CHUM-AM jumped on the track and the song went to No.2, giving way to an avalanche of Canadian radio support.

This buzz spilled over into the US market and the record made Billboard's 'Hot 100'. The song would go on to sell well over 200,000 copies. The band was awarded a 'RPM Maple Leaf Award' for outstanding sales (1973), and were nominated for several Junos as well.  "Fly Away" made it to a respectable No. 21 on the charts.

17. Ted Wesley: MacKenzie Road
(Bob Ruzicka)
Blackflies and Mosquitos and Other Love Songs: Boot Records BOS 7143
Yellowknife NT
Ted Wesley: vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Gerry McDonall, 1975

Ted Wasylkiewicz b. Zambia 1951

Ted Wesley was born in Abercorn, in the former British-African colony of Northern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, of Polish refugee parents.  When he was six the family moved to England; three years later the family emigrated to Edmonton, Alberta. Being a big kid, he first came north in 1967 as a teen and went to work in the Discovery gold mine north of Yellowknife.  "I lied to them, told them I was 18," he said. Within weeks he met Andy Steen and they formed the band called “The Tundra Folk”. He went solo in 1972 and released a trio of albums featuring songs by northern songwriters Bob Ruzicka and Wilf Bean. He was also a part time Elvis impersonator.

Now living in Northern Alberta, Wesley is still performing. The MacKenzie Highway (or road) begins at Grimshaw, Norhtern Alberta and drives north, above the 60th, up to Yellowknife.

18. The Wee Beasties: Something to do With the Weather
(The Wee Beasties)
45 single bw Frustration: Caravan CX 100
Richmond BC
William "The Captain" Hay (vocal)
Bob Rowden (lead guitar)
Barry Rowden (drums)
Ken Wain (organ)
Gary Connor (bass)
Joe Conroy (guitar)
Produced by Earle Ross 1967ish, maybe!

Painted Ship were initially called The Wee Beasties in 1965 but later changed the name to The Painted Ship (not to be confused with The Wee-Beasties punk rock band from Denton, Texas formed in 2000). This raises the point: who came first as according to all the data I’ve been able to collect, Painted Ship recorded first followed by the Beasties. Obviously there’s a mistake out there, somewhere, anywhere.

19. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: I Won’t Hurt You
(Harris / Lloyd / Markley)
Part One: Reprise Records Germany REP 54 108
Los Angeles CA
Bob Markley (vocals)
Shaun Harris (bass)
Danny Harris (guitar, vocals)
Michael Lloyd (guitar, vocals)
Ron Morgan (guitar)
John Ware (Drums)
Produced by Bob Markley and Jimmy Bowen, 1967
Recorded by Lee Herschberg at a home studio

Formed in 1966, a West Coast answer to the East Coast, Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. Broke up in 71

20. Ed Bickert: I’ll Follow The Sun
(Lennon / McCartney)
I Like To Recognize the Tune: Canadian Talent Library / Pickwick PC 44012
Hochfeld, Manitoba
Ed Bickert: guitars
Gary Williams: keys
Don Thompson: bass violin, vibes, piano
Terry Clark: drums
Marty Morell: percussion
Memo Acevedo: percussion
Produced by Mal Thompson, Rick Wilkins and Don Thompson, 1979
Recorded by David Green at Nimbus 9 and Soundstage Studios, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at JAMF

The Bee Side

1.   Glenn Miller Orch: One O’clock Jump
(Lee Gaines / Count Bassie)
45 single bw My Blue Heaven: RCA Victor 27-0107
Produced 1951

Alton Glen Miller b. Mar 1, 1904 Clarinda, Iowa / d. Dec 15, 1944 (40) over English Channel

Rush drummer Neil Peart included "One O'Clock Jump" in his drum solos on the band's concert tours in 2002 and 2004.

2.   Striped Bananas: Heaven and Hell
(Duncan Shepard)
Stone of Madness #125/200: Cosmic Sunshine Records 88295-57817
Danbury CT
Duncan Shepard: guitars, bass, mellotron, sitar, vocal
Chantelle Shepard: keys, bass, vocal
Andrew Lowden: drums, vocal
Produced by Duncan Shepard, 2017
Recorded in Michigan and New York
Mastered by AudioBay Mastering, Grand Rapids, Michigan

And then there was another And getting in between the only real choices we’re offered: Heaven and Hell.

This is a great psychedelic trip with dreamy hooks that lets your mind hum along. This New England based band have been putting out vinyl since 2010 or so, so check ‘em out.

3.   Suckerpunch: Zap O Hell
Carols From The Canyon: Chemical Sound Recordings CHEMLP1
Christopher Dignan: guitar, vocals
Cindy Beattie: bass
Sean Dignan: drums
Produced by Suckerpunch, 1994
Recorded and mixed by Daryl Smith and Alistair Miller at Chemical Sound recordings, Toronto
Mastered by Brett Zilahi at F-X Studios, Toronto

I’ve got a 45 with The Heatseekers on one side and The Shuttlecocks on the other, a short lived project that Sean Dignam was involved with after the demise of Suckerpunch. The two songs by The Heatseekers on side A were the only ones I could find by them so I was overjoyed to meet Sean and receive my numbered copy of Suckerpunch’s 1994 album, recorded in mono and released on vinyl.

4.   AC/DC: Hell ain’t A Bad Place To Be
(Angus Young / Bon Scott / Malcolm Young)
Let There Be Rock: ATCO Records ‎– CS-36-151
Sydney AU
Bon Scott: lead vocals
Angus Young: lead guitar
Malcolm Young: rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Mark Evans: bass guitar
Phil Rudd: drums, percussion
Producers: Harry Vanda, George Young, 1977
Mastering: George Marino
Recorded at Albert Studios, Sydney Australia by Mark Opitz

Produced by Harry Vanda (The Easybeats) and featuring the band’s original lead vocalist, Bon Scott. It was the band’s 5th album recorded in 3 years!

5.   Mötley Crüe: Louder Than Hell
(Nikki Sixx)
Theatre of Pain: Elektra Records E4 60418
Los Angeles CA
Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals: Nikki Sixx
Drums, Percussion, Piano, Backing Vocals: Tommy Lee
Guitar: Mick Mars
Vocals, Harmonica: Vince Neil
Produced by Tom Werman, 1985
Recorded By, Mixed By Duane Baron

While trying to find a suitable name, band member Rick Mars remembered an incident that occurred when he was playing with a band called White Horse, when one of the other band members called the group "a motley looking crew". He had remembered the phrase and later copied it down as 'Mottley Cru'. After modifying the spelling slightly, "Mötley Crüe" was eventually selected as the band's name, with the stylistic decision suggested by vocalist Vince Neil to add the two sets of metal umlauts, supposedly inspired by the German beer Löwenbräu, which the members were drinking at the time.

6.   The Traverston Band: Hell Bent For Miami / Mahon’s New Truck
(Oliver Schroer)
Swingin’ The Night Away: Jump Start Records – JM 8386
Markdale ON
Oliver Schroer: fiddle, lead guitar, percussion
Jim Ryan: guitar, mandolin, percussion
Thelma Black: piano
Ian Fowler: bass
Walter Knapp: drums
Nedd German: banjo
David Steel: steel
Produced by Jim Ryan, Oliver Schroer & Bill Mather, 1983
Recorded at Elora Sound Studio by Bill Mather

Oliver Schroer was born in the mid-1950s in Toronto, Ontario. He grew up approximately 100
miles northwest of the city, in the town of Flesherton. He learned to play the recorder at age six and the violin at age eight. He enrolled in college and studied history and philosophy, but his love for music and a new-found interest in jazz occupied his time. He became an avid follower of Chick Corea and Lenny Breau. Bands including Traverston Band, 1982; performed as a busker, 3-4 years, mid-1980s; established Eye Music (quartet), 1987; established Stewed Tomatoes; numerous collaborations including more than 75 albums; self-published CDs on Big Dog Music label.

7.   Vikki Carr: One Hell Of A Woman
(Mac Davis / Mark James)
One Hell Of A Woman: Columbia Records
El Paso TX
Vikki Carr: vocals
The Ron Hinklin Singers: bg vocals
Produced by Jack Gold & Vikki Carr, 1974
Recorded by Richard Boger and Mickey Crofford at A&M Studios and RCA Studios, Hollywood

Florencia Bisenta de Casillas-Martinez Cardona B. July 19, 1940 El Paso, Texas

Under the stage name "Vikki Carr" she signed with Liberty Records in 1962. Her first single to achieve success was "He's a Rebel", which in 1962 reached No. 3 in Australia. Phil Spector heard the song in the studio and immediately recorded a cover version billed as “The Crystals”, which reached No. 1 in the United States. However, the actual recording artists were The Blossoms who were totally ripped off.

Carr had a very successful career but by the 1980s she decided to ‘come home’ and recorded a lot of great Latin American songs.

8.   Blue Öyster Cult: Hot Rails To Hell
(Joe Bouchard)
On Your Feet Or On Your Knees: Columbia Records PG 33371
Long Island Ny
Albert Bouchard: drums
Joe Bouchard: bass
Allan Lanier: keys
Eric Bloom: vocals, guitar, syknth
Donald Roeser: lead guitar
Produced by Murray Krugman & Sandy Pearlman, 1975
Mixed by Jack Douglas
Released on February 27, 1975
Recorded by Tom Scott, Kurt Kuntzel, Aaron Baron, Tim Geelan, Pete Weiss, Jerry Smith at various locations incl. P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver between October 5-21, 1974.

Years active 1967-1986 has sold more than 24 million records worldwide. They were the first rock band to use umlauts which inspired others, like Motörhead and Mötley Crüe to do likewise.

9.   Michael Lewis: Helluva Heavenly Night – 1976 *
(Michael Lewis)
45 single bw Borderline: Angle Recrds AL001
London ON
Michael Lewis: vocals, piano
Carl Keesee: bass
Jim Neil: drums
Randy Kumano: moog, bg vocal
Bill Hughes: guitars, bg vocal
David Bradstreet: guitars
Produced by David Bradstreet, 1976
Recorded by Nick Jameson at Springfield studio, Springfield ON and/or Eastern Sound Studios, Toronto

I just found this single in the dollar bin at Sonic Boom and only bought it because I knew of some of the musicians who played on it. I didn’t know anything about Michael Lewis so I asked David about him. This is what he said:

Michael Lewis was fine songwriter and pianist. He came to Canada in the early ‘70’s and was with a band called, if I remember correctly, Mara Loves. He was blind from age 6.
Apart from other adventures, he and I travelled together through the Midwest in America in my old VW van. At one point we were trying to find the farmhouse in which he had lived as a kid and after asking me some questions to orient his location he said to me, “See that red barn up ahead, turn right after that and a few miles down the road is my old house.”

He was very kind and funny and he always put on a helluva show. And again, if I recall correctly, we recorded his songs “Borderline” and “Helluva Heavenly Night” with Carl Keesee, Billie Hughes, me and Wayne Smith (drums).

One touching incident was when he met my horse Django. His last image of a horse was as a small child so when he approached Django he stood on his tippytoes and reached up high to pat his nose, at which point ny horse nuzzled him in the stomach and knocked him over. As usual we collapsed into laughter.

Michael was from Illinois and was living in London, ON when he died there in Nov 2003. His funeral was attended by the entire local folk music community. We all sang songs that Michael played and it was even covered by the London Free Press. Brent Titcomb officiated. Michael was well loved by our community.

Michael was a lovely man and his music lives on…

10. The Hellbillys: The Mother Ship
(G Ethier / T Henderson)
Tied To A Rocket: True North - TNSD 0157
Kingston, ON
Matt Dickson
Grant Ethier –
Trevor Henderson –
Dave Hodge –
Steve Willis
Produced by Trevor Henderson & Grant Ethier - 1998
Recorded by Chris Bobak at Funhouse Studios, Kingston ON
Mixed by Chris Bobak, Steve Willis and Trevor Henderson
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto

11. Oscar Peterson w Bucky Pizzarelli: Eleanor Rigby
(Lennon / McCartney)
Motions and Emotions: MPS Records (US) MB 20713
Montreal QC / Paterson NJ
Oscar Peterson: piano
Bucky Pizzarelli: guitar
Bobby Durham: drums
Produced by Matthias Kunnecke, 1969

12. John Entwistle: Heven & Hell
(John Entwistle)
Smash Your Head Against The Wall: Decca DL 71983
London UK
Jerry Shirley, drums
Dave Langston, guitars
John Entwistle, bass, keys, flugelhorn, trumpet, trombone, vocals
Produced by John Entwistle 1971
Recorded by Roy Baker at Trident Studios, London

The Who bass player’s first solo album.

13. Nick Ferrio: Come Hell Or High Water
(Nick Ferrio)
45 Single: Headless Owl Records -  SFR010-7
Peterborough ON
Jonas Bonetta: bg vocals
Gavin Gardiner: bass
Ian Kehoe: drums
Steve Lambke: guitar
Sylvie Smith: bg vocals
Produced by Gavin Gardiner & Nick Ferrio, 2015
Mastered by Phil Demetro

Nick Ferrio grew up in the small town of Virginia, Ontario, near Lake Simcoe where, he claims:  “We had a gas station and a Becker’s (milk store),” he recalls. He moved to Peterborough and integrated into the music scene there, playing in a lot of bands. He soon became an advocate for Canadian musicians claiming:

“I feel like 99% of musicians in Canada are not able to make a sustainable living doing what they’re doing.” That was pre-pandemic!

14. Short Stuff Macon: Hell-Bound Blues
(John Wesley Macon)
Hell Bound And Heaven Sent: Folkways Records – FT 1004 mono
Crawford MS
Short Stuff Macon: guitar, vocals
Big Joe Williams: guitar
Produced by Moses Asch, 1967

John Wesley Macon b 1923 Crawford MS / d. Dec 28, 1973 Macon MS

Slide guitarist, cousin of Big Joe Williams

15. The Pogues: The Boys From County Hell
(Shane MacGowan)
Red Roses For Me: Stiff Records – SEEZ 55

Jimmy Fearnley: accordion
Jem Finer: guitar
Rocky O’Riordan: bass
Shane MacGowan: vocals
Spider Stacy: tin whistle
Andy Renken: drums
Produced by Stan Brennan, 1984
Recorded by Nick Robbins & Craig Thomson at Elephant Studios, London

16. Big Sugar: All Hell For A Basement
(Gordie Johnson)
Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready?: Universal Records
Toronto ON
Gordie Johnson: lead guitar, vocal
Al Cross: drums
Joe Public: horn
Mojah: guitar
Garry Lowe: bass
Produced by Gordie Johnson, 2001
Recorded at Phase One Audio and The Bakery, Toronto by Danny Kurtz and Scott Lake

Grady Johnson b. Winnipeg MB May 23, 1964

Band formed in Toronto in 1988 around guitar player Gordie Johnson. Joined for a while by singer Molly Johnson.

17. FM: Slaughter In Robot Village
(Martin Deller)
Black Noise: CBC / Passport Records 9167-9831
Nash The Slash, electric violins, mandolin, glockenspeil, effects
Cameron Hawkins: Synths, bass, piano
Martin Deller, drums, percussion, synths
Produced by Keith Whiting, 1978
Recorded by Mike Jones and Ed Stone at Sounds Interchange, Toronto

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