33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
June 3, 2024
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Tellingly Happy

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The ‘Telling’ Side

1.   Heads In The Sky: Heads In Rio – 1981 *
2.   Ugly Ducklings: I Can Tell – 1966 *
3.   The Beatles” Tell Me Why – 1964
4.   The Beatles: I Want To Tell You – 1966
5.   Ike & Tina Turner: Tell The Truth – 1965
6.   Karlheinz Stockhausen: Gesang der Junglinge Pt 2 – 1956
7.   Fleetwood Mac: Tell Me All The Things You Do – 1970
8.   The Formerly Brothers: Don’t Tell Me – 1987 *
9.   The Dave Clark Five: Please Tell Me Why – 1966
10. Frank Zappa: Tell Me You Love Me – 1970
11. Alan Parsons Project: The Tell-Tale Heart – 1976
12. Oliver Schroer & Stewed Tomatoes: Moving Mountains – 1996 *
13. The Beau Brummels: You Tell Me Why – 1964
14. The Zombies: Tell Her No – 1964
15. The Big Town Boys: Tell Me – 1967
16. Maria Dunn: I Cannot Tell You – 2012 *
17. Rush: Show Don’t Tell – 1983 *
18. Mischa Elman: The Golden Cockrell / Hymn To The Sun – 1913
19. April Wine: Tell Me Why – 1982 *

The ‘Happy’ Side

1.   The Beatles: I’m Happy Just To Dance With You - 1964
2.   Delia Derbyshire: Time On Our Hands – 1962
3.   Kenny Marco: Happy People – 1976 *
4.   The Who: Happy Jack – 1966
5.   The Cajun Ramblers: Happy One Step – 1990 *
6.   Weird Al Yankovic: Happy Birthday – 1983
7.   Bobby Edwards: Café Summer – 1987 *
8.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Happy Roving Cowboy – 1971 *
9.   Dick Nolan: Happy Newfoundlanders – 1973 *
10. Freddie Pelletier: Happy Go Lucky – 1972 *
11. Joe Hall: Happy With My Hair – 1993 *
12. The Turtles: Happy Together – 1967
13. Joseph Allard: Reel de Tadoussac – 1928 *
14. Lightning Hopkins: Happy Blues for John Glenn – 1962 *
15. Iron Butterfly: Are You Happy – 1968
16. Kensington Market: Said I Could Be Happy – 1969 *
17. Bruce Cockburn: Happy Good Morning Blues – 1971 *
18. King Crimson: Happy Family – 1970
19. Modern Jazz Quartet: Animal Dance – 1969
20. Roy Rogers: Happy Trails – 1975

CanCon* = 44%

And Now for The Particulars

The ‘Telling’ Side

1.   Heads In The Sky: Heads In Rio
(Russ Walker)
Heads In the Sky: Illuminated Records IR 001
Oak Ridges ON
Russ Walker: keys, guitar, percussion
Steve Webster: bass
Gerry Fielding: drums
Chris McKim: mellotron
Produced by Russ Walker, 1981
Recorded by Russ Walker and Brock Fricker, Rene Brossard and Gerry Fielding
Recorded at Brock Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Amber Studios by George Simkiw and Paul Bonish and Zaza Sound, Toronto

The brainchild of Oak Ridges, Ontario musician Russ Walker. The band released one album and an EP on their own Illuminated Records. The full-length LP was also released in Japan, Holland and Germany.

Drummer Gerry Fielding had previously been in FAT MOUTH, the house band at the original 'Electric Circus' in Toronto, and opened for acts like Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, and Lighthouse.

2.   The Ugly Ducklings: I Can Tell
(McDaniel / Smith)
45 single bw ‘Nothin’: Yorktown Records 45001
Toronto ON
Dave Bingham (vocals)
Glynn Bell (guitar)
Roger Mayne (guitar)
John Read (bass)
Robin Boers (drums)
Produced by Tommy Graham, 1966
Recorded at Hallmark Sound, Toronto - Bay Recording, Toronto

From the original single, B side of their hit ‘Nothin’.

3.   The Beatles: Tell Me Why
(Lennon / McCartney)
A Hard Day’s Night: United Artists UAL 3366
Liverpool UK
John Lennon - lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney - harmony vocal, bass
George Harrison - harmony vocal, lead guitar
Ringo Starr - drums
George Martin - piano
Produced by George Martin, 1964
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 2, London UK by Norman Smith
Recorded 27 February 1964
First Published in Canada July, 1964

4.   The Beatles: I Want To Tell You
(George Harrison)
Revolver: Capitol Records Canada ST-2576
George Harrison: double-tracked vocal, lead guitar, handclaps
John Lennon: harmony vocal, tambourine, handclaps
Paul McCartney: harmony vocal, piano, bass, handclaps
Ringo Starr: drums, maracas, handclaps
Produced by George Martin, 1966
Recorded at EMI Studios, London

Most people didn’t really notice how important George Harrison was to the overall Beatles’ catalog until the Revolver album was released in 1966. Until then, George often had difficulty getting the band to listen to and record his songs.  Most Beatles albums contained a George song or two, but three of his best songs appear on Revolver from which came the claim:
"The album on which Harrison came of age as a songwriter".

The other two songs included on Revolver were lead off number “Taxman” and the raga influenced “Love You To”

5.   Tina Turner: Tell The Truth
(Ray Charles)
The greatest, Wildest Show of All: Warner Bros W 1579
Tina Turner: vocals
Ike Turner: guitar
Bobby John
Stacy Johnson
Vanetta Fields
Jimmy Thomas
Vernon Guy
Robbie Montgomery
The Ikettes
Produced by Robert A Blackwell, 1965
Recorded live at The Skyliner Ballroom, Ft Worth / Lovall’s Ballroom, Dallas

Tina Turner b. Anna Mae Bullock, Nov 26, 1939 Brownsville TN / d. May 24, 2023 Zurich SW (83)

6.   Karlheinz Stockhausen: Gesang der Junglinge Pt 2
(Karlheinz Stockhausen)
The Meaning Of Within (Mojo's Guide To The Fab Avant-Garde): November 2002
Burg Mödrath
Karlheinz Stockhausen: electronic manipulations
Produced At Studio für elektronische Musik des Westdeutschen Rundfunks, Köln
Originally recorded 1955-56
Originally released on Deutsche Grammophon – 138 811 SLPM – 1962

Karlheinz Stockhausen b. Burg Mödrath, Germany 22 Aug 1928 / d.  Kürten, GM 5 Dec 2007

Interesting when you consider the long lasting effects these recordings had on avant guarde artists like Frank Zappa, George Harrison (Electronic Sounds) and King Crimson (Moonchild) amongst others.

7.   Fleetwood Mac: Tell Me All The Things You Do
(Danny Kirwin)
Kiln House: Reprise Records RS 6408
London UK
Danny Kirwin: guitar, vocal
Jeremy Spencer: guitar, piano, vocal
Mick Fleetwood: drums
John McVie: bass
Christine McVie: keys (uncredited)
Produced by Fleetwood Mac, 1970
Recorded by Martin Birch at De Lane Lea Studios, London

This was from the first album released by the Mac without Peter Green. The gatefold cover was designed by Christine McVie before she actually joined the group. She did play the keys (uncredited). It was the last appearance of Jeremy Spencer with the band. He was replaced by Bob Welch.

8.   The Formerly Brothers: Don’t Tell Me   
(Amos Garrett / Gene Taylor)
The Return of the Formerly Brothers: Stony Plain Records SPL 1104
Turner Valley AB, San Antonio TX, Norwalk CA
Amos Garrett: vocals, guitar
Doug Sahm: vocals, guitar, organ, dobro
Gene Taylor: vocals, piano
Kit Johnson: bass
Bodhan Hluszko (now Michelle Josef): drums
Produced by Holger Petersen, 1987
Recorded by Colin Lay at Goede Creative, Edmonton, Alberta

9.   The Dave Clark Five: Please Tell Me Why
(Dave Clark / Mike Smith)
More Greatest Hits: Epic LN 24221
Dave Clark: drums
Mike Smith: keys, lead vocals
Dennis Payton: sax
Rick Huxley: bass
Lenny Davidson: guitar
Produced  by Dave Clark, 1966
Compilation album produced 1967

I purchased my copy of this album from Discount Records, 1364 N. E. 163rd St, Miami Beach on March 29, 1967

10. Frank Zappa: Tell Me You Love Me
(Francis Vincent Zappa)
Chunga’s Revenge: Reprise / Bizarre 2030
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa: vocal, guitar
Ian Underwood: rhythm guitar, pipe organ
George Duke: electric piano
Jeff Simmons: bass
Aynsley Dunbar: drums
The Florescent Leech and Eddie: vocals
Produced by Frank Zappa, 1970
Recorded by Dick Kunc, Stan Agol & Roy Baker at The Record Plant,
Hollywood; Trident Studios, London: TTG, Hollywood & Whitney Studios, Glendale
Cover: Cal Schenkel

11. Alan Parsons Project: The Tell-Tale Heart
(Alan Parsons / Eric Woolfson)
Tales of Mystery and Imagination – Edgar Allan Poe: 20th Century Records T-539
London UK
Arthur Brown: vocals
David Piaton, Joe Puerta: bass
Darryl Runswick: string bass
Stuart Tosh, Burleigh Drummond: drums
Ian Bairnson, David Paton, David Pack, Alan Parsons: guitars
Billy Lyall, Christopher North, Eric Woolfson, Andrew Powell, Francis Monkman, Alan Parsons: keys
Produced by Alan Parsons, 1976
Recorded by Alan Parsons, Pat Stapley & Chris Blair at Abby Road Studios, London

This was the first of Alan Parsons Project albums. The album features Arthur Brown on lead vocals on Tell-Tale Heart. Not too sure exactly who played on which tracks. Parsons, who had worked for EMI as a sound engineer in the late 1960s at Abby Road Studios, was involved with the production of the Beatles' Abbey Road and Let It Be albums, as well as Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon

12. Oliver Schroer & Stewed Tomatoes: Moving Mountains
(Oliver Schroer)
Stewed Tomatoes: Big Dog Records 1996
Oliver Schroer: violin, finger cymbals
Colleen Allen: tenor sax
Ben Grossman: percussion
Anne Lindsay: violin
David Travers-Smith: trumpet, E-flat horn
David Woodhead: bass
Produced by Oliver Schroer, 1996
Recorded by Andrew St. George at Comfort Sound, Toronto
Mixed by Andrew St. George and Oliver Schroer

13.  The Beau Brummels: You Tell Me Why
(Ron Elliot)
45 single bw I Want You: Reo Records  8864X
San Francisco CA
Sal Valentino lead vocals, tambourine
Ron Elliott lead guitar, vocals
Ron Meagher bass guitar, vocals
Declan Mulligan rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals
John Petersen drums
Produced by Sylvester Stewart (aka Sly Stone), 1964
Leo de Gar Kulka, engineer

Hit the big time when they appeared as The Beau Brummelstones on the Flintstones. They played a one-off song called "Shinrock A Go-Go" on the program.

14. The Zombies: Tell Her No
(Rod Argent)
45 single bw Leave Me Be: Parrot Records ¬ PAR 9723
St. Albans, UK
Colin Blunstone - lead vocals
Rod Argent - organ, vocals
Paul Atkinson - guitar, vocals
Chris White - bass, vocals
Hugh Grundy - drums
Produced by Ken Jones,¬ 1964
The band was formed in 1962 and lasted till 1967. Rod Argent then formed the called Argent in 1969.

15. The Big Town Boys: Tell Me
(Graham / Collins)
45 single bw Jack Rabbit: Yorkville YV54010
Tommy Graham: vocals, guitar
Josh Collins: drums
Peter Sterbach: keys
Louis Yacknin: bass
Produced 1967

16. Maria Dunn: I Cannot Tell You (The Whole Story)
(Maria Dunn)
Piece by Piece: Distant Whisper Music – MARCD05
Edmonton AB
Maria Dunn vocal, acoustic guitar
Produced by Maria Dunn, 2012

Her 2012 album Piece by Piece narrates the story of immigrant textile workers in western Canada, notably at the GWG jean factory in Edmonton. In 2022 she was awarded a Juno for her album Joyful Banner Blazing.

17. Rush: Show Don’t Tell
Presto: Anthem Records: 1059
Toronto ON
Neil Peart: drums
Geddy Lee: bass, vocal, synths
Alex Lifeson: guitar
Produced by Rush & Rupert Hine, 1989
Recorded by Stephen W Taylor at Le Studio in Morin Heights, Quebec and McClear Place in Toronto

18. Mischa Elman: Hymn To The Sun
Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto / Encores: Pearl Records GEMM 270
Talma, Ukraine
Mischa Elman: violin
Recorded March 20, 1913 NYC
First released on HMV 3-07932
Produced at Graham Sound & Electronics, Claremont CP

19. April Wine: Tell Me Why
(Lennon / McCartney)
Power Play: Aquarius Records AQR 533
Montreal QC
Myles Goodwyn: lead vocal, guitars
Gary Moffet: guitars
Brian Greenway: guitars, bg vocal
Steve Lang: bass
Jerry Mercer: drums
Produced by Myles Goodwyn and Mike Stone, 1982
Recorded at Le Studio, Morin Heights, QC by Mike Stone and Paul Northfield
Mixed at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley CA by Mike Stone and Wally Buck
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

The ‘Happy’ Side

1.   The Beatles: I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
(Lennon / McCartney)
A Hard Day’s Night Soundtrack: United Artists Records UAL 3366
Liverpool UK
George Harrison: lead vocal, lead guitar
John Lennon: backing vocal, rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney: backing vocal, bass
Ringo Starr: drums, African drum
Produced by George Martin, 1964
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 2, London UK by Norman Smith
First Published in Canada July, 1964

The song has been recorded by Cyrkle, Anne Murray, Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings and The Smithereens. It was written by L&M specifically for George Harrison to sing at a time when he lacked the confidence to compose his own material. It was the first Beatle song recorded on a Sunday! It appeared on A Hard Day’s Night Soundtrack as well as Something New.

2.   Delia Derbyshire: Time On Our Hands
The Meaning Of Within (Mojo's Guide To The Fab Avant-Garde): November 2002
Coventry UK
Delia Derbyshire: electronics
Produced 1962

Delia Ann Derbyshire b. 5 May 1937 Coventry UK / d. 3 July 2001 (64) Northampton

Time On Our Hands is Delia's theme music, created in 1962, for a 70-minute BBC television documentary of the same name "on the problems of increased leisure in the automated world of the future”. In 1963 she also recorded the first electronic version of the Dr. Who theme.

3.   Kenny Marco: Happy People
(Kenny Marco / Steve Kennedy)
45 single bw Happy People Instrumental: Quality Records 2197X
Brantford ON
Steve Kennedy:  saxophone
Ken Marco:  guitar, vocals
William "Smitty" Smith:  keyboards
Wayne Stone:  drums
Produced by Kenny Marco and R.A. Morten, 1976

Kenny Marco was once a member of Motherlode, Grant Smith And The Power and, he has also played lead guitar on albums by Etta James and, Jackie de Shannon. The original Motherlode who recorded on their first album (and also When I Die), broke up shortly afterwards due to a dispute with their manager (Mort Ross) and his company, Revolver Records, owned the name Motherlode. After this, several versions of Motherlode were put together to capitalize on the success of When I Die. None of the original members were a part of this charade, in fact they got absorbed into Dr. Music for a couple of years. Original members reunited in 1976, and recorded a song "Happy People" but, because of issues surrounding the name Motherlode, it had to be released as a Kenny Marco solo release.

4.   The Who: Happy Jack
(Pete Townsend)
Happy Jack (A Quick One): Decca Records DL74892
Roger Daltrey: Vocals
John Entwistle: Bass, vocals
Keith Moon: Drums
Pete Townshend: Guitar and Vocal
Produced by Kit Lambert, 1966

“I Saw’r ya”

“Happy Jack” was the first charted song of The Who in Canada. It opened the doors for a North American tour, backing Herman’s Hermits and The Blues Magoos. They played Maple Leaf Gardens on August 9, 1967.

5.   The Cajun Ramblers: Happy One Step
Couteau Jaune: Moose Records 004
Peter Jellard: accordion
Steve Fruitman: ‘tit fer (triangle)
Tim Hadley: bass
Rob Jones: guitar
Victoria Wilcox: drums
Produced by John Switzer, 1990
Recorded by Derek Miller at Number Nine Studio, Toronto

6.   Weird Al Yankovic: Happy Birthday
(Al Yankovic / C Midnight)
“Weird Al” Yankovic: Epic – FZ 38679
Lynwood CA
Accordion, Lead Vocals – "Weird Al" Yankovic
Banjo, Ukulele – Richard Bennett
Bass – Steve Jay
Bongos – Joel Miller
Drums, Percussion – Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz
Guitar – Rick Derringer
Harp – Dorothy Remsen
Saxophone, Harmonica – William K. Anderson
Produced by Rick Derringer, 1983
Recorded by Pete Kelsey at Cherokee Studios in Hollywood.

Alfred Matthew Yankovic b. October 23, 1959,  Downey, CA

7.   Bobby Edwards: Café Summer
(Bobby Edwards)
Twilight Drive: Duke Street Records DSR 31041
Scarborough ON
Bobby Edwards: solo guitar
Bob Mann: guitar
Danny Colomby: bass
Chris Dahmer, Steve Hunter, Ray Parker: keys
Paul Hannah: drums
Brian Leonard: percussion
Erich Traugott: trumpet
Guido Basso: flugelhorn
Vern Dorge: also sax
Eugene Amaro: tenor sax, flute
Virginia Markson: flute
Jack Zaza: flute, oboe
Jim McDonald, Gary Pattison: french horns
Russ Little: trombone
Erica Goodman: harp
Bill Richards: concert master

Produced by Bobby Edwards, 1987
Recorded by Andrw S Hermant at Manta Sound with Peter Lee and Mark Baldi
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Robert David Edwards d. South Lake Hospital in Newmarket on September 15, 2021 (72)

Canadian guitarist, arranger, composer and music director, born November 24, 1948 in Scarborough, Ontario.

Edwards began playing guitar at age 10, and at the age of 16 he became a studio guitarist with Norm Amadio. After that he has played on countless commercial recordings as a studio musician. In addition he has played on television shows, and scored several films. He also played in Anne Murray’s band in residency in Las Vegas. He claimed to be the most recorded Canadian guitar player of all times. He backed Gordon Lightfoot, Glen Campbell, Anne Murray, Kim Mitchell, Oscar Peterson, Henry Mancini, Kenny Rogers, and Ella Fitzgerald.  Bobby was asked to perform twice for Queen Elizabeth II, acted as musical director for the Juno Awards, and performed with the Toronto Symphony. He told me that he often had three or four studio gigs a day during his heyday as a studio hand during the 1970s and 80s. After music sampling became the norm, studio work dried up.

8.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Happy Roving Cowboy
Live At The Horseshoe: Ole Anthem Legacy OLE94
Halton Hills ON
Stompin’ Tom: the foot, guitar, vocals, facials expressions
Randy MacDonald: bass
Mickey Andrews: steel, dobro, drums
Gerry Hall: electric lead guitar
Produced by Tom Connors, 1971
Recorded live at The Horseshoe Tavern, Queen St., Toronto City, Canada
Recorded June 30, 1971
Remastered by Ole / Anthem, 2018

9.   Dick Nolan: Happy Newfoundlanders
(Dick Nolan)
Happy Newfoundlanders: RCA KCL-1-0012 Dynaflex
Corner Brook NL
Dick Nolan: guitar, vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Jack Feeney, 1973
Recorded by Mark Smith at RCA Studios, Toronto

Richard Francis Nolan b. Feb 4, 1939 Corner Brook NL / d. Dec 13, 2005 (66) Carbonear NL

10. Freddie Pelletier: Happy Go Lucky
(F Pelletier)
Canadian Country Guitar Picker: Buckshot Records BT 9004
Birch Hills, SK
Freddie Pelletier: lead guitar
Rick Stevenson: rhythm guitar
Bo Davis: drums
Glen Yorga: bass
Produced by Freddie Pelletier, 1972
Recorded by Ernest Klump at E.K. Studios, Calgary

Started his professional career in 1969 and has since produced 20 CDs, 3 DVDs and one book called “Pick the Guitar Like a Pelletier!”
11. Joe Hall: Happy With My Hair
(Joe Hall)
Rapture: Wingnut Records 1993
Toronto, ON
Joe Hall: Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Tony Quarrington:: electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, bg vocal
Willie P Bennett: harmonica, mandolin, bg vocal
J.P. Hovercraft: bass, bg vocal
Produced by J.P. Hovercraft and Joe Hall, 1993
Recorded by J.P. Hovercraft at Hovercraft Studios, Peterborough ON
Mastered by Ted Carson at Musiclane Studios

12. The Turtles: Happy Together
(Bonner / Gordon)
45 single: bw Like The Seasons: Quality Records 1868X mono
Los Angeles
Al Nichol: guitar
Chuck Portz: bass
Don Murray: drums
Howard Kaylan: lead vocal
Jim Tucker: guitar
Mark Vollman: vocals
Produced by Bones Howe and Joe Wissert, 1967

They sounded bubble gum at times, they were certainly hit oriented but this was a great band too. They could rock, they could get psychedelic, they could play and they could mouth the words to their hits on pop TV shows. But they were also a favourite of Frank Zappa, The Beatles, Brian Jones – Jimi Hendrix respected them. Two of them, singers Howard Kaylan and Mark Vollman went on to perform with Zappa’s Mothers of Invention for several years as The Florescent Leech and Eddy.

13. Joseph Allard: Reel de Tadoussac
(Joseph Allard)
Violon – Musique traditionalle du Quebéc: Tamanoir MAGHCD-60
Montreal QC
Joseph Allard: violin
Produced for CD, 1996
Recorded 1928

14. Lightning Hopkins: Happy Blues For John Glenn
(Lightning Hopkins)
Walkin’ This Road By Myself: Prestige Bluesville – BV-1057
Houston TX
Lightning Hopkins: guitar, vocal
Spider Kilpatrick: drums
Billy Bizor: harmonica
Buster Pickens: piano
Produced by Kenneth S Goldstein and Mack McCormick, 1962
Recorded at ACA Studios, Houston

Sam Hawkins b. 15 March 1912, Centerville, Texas / d. 30 January 1982, Houston, Texas

Hopkins, like most Americans, was glued to his TV set for three orbits while John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth in space. After Glenn splashed down, Hawkins ran over to the ACA recording Studios and three hours later delivered this song, a tribute to John Glenn.

15. Iron Butterfly: Are You Happy
(Doug Ingle)
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida: Atco Records SD 33-250
San Diego CA
Erik Brann: guitar
Ron Bushy: drums
Lee Dorman: bass
Doug Ingle: keys, vocal
Produced by Jim Hilton, 1968
Recorded by Don Casale at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, CA

Douglas Lloyd Ingle b. September 9, 1945 Omaha, Nebraska

Doug Ingle started out playing organ in church when he was a teen. His keyboards are the ‘sound’ of the Iron Butterfly. Their active years were 1966–1971 during which time they recorded four albums.

16. Kensington Market: Said I Could Be Happy
(Keith McKie)
Aardvark: Warner Brothers – 1780
Gene Martynec: keys, guitar, vocals
Keith McKie: guitar, lead vocals
Luke Gibson: guitar, vocals
Alex Darou: bass
Jimmy Watson: drums
John Mills-Cockell: Moog
Produced by Felix Pappalardi, 1969
Recorded by Bob d’Orleans at Eastern Sound,
Toronto and Allegro Sound & Mira Sound, NYC

Keith McKie b. November 20, 1947, St. Albans, UK

McKie’s family moved to Canada in 1953, settling in Sault Ste. Marie ON. He got into a band called the Vandettas with Alex Darou. The two quit the Vandettas and moved to Toronto and established the beginnings of Kensington Market, managed by Bernie Finkelstein. They released two albums of great Canadiana featuring several songs by McKie. Fellow Marketeer, Eugene Martynec, would later produce albums for Finkelstein’s fledgling new Canadian label True North Records, including several albums by Bruce Cockburn.

17. Bruce Cockburn: Happy Good Morning Blues
(Bruce Cockburn)
High Winds White Sky: True North Records – TN 3
Ottawa ON
Bruce Cockburn: guitar, vocal, mouth trumpet
Eugene Martynec: guitar
Produced by Eugene Martynec, 1971
Henry Saskowski: Engineer at Thunder Sound Studios, Toronto
Chris Skene: Engineer at Eastern Sound, Toronto

18. King Crimson: Happy Family
(Robert Fripp / Pete Sinfield)
Lizard: Atlantic Recording Corp SD 8278
Winbourn - Bournemouth , Dorset / London UK
Robert Fripp: guitar, mellotron, synth, organ, devices
Pete Sinfield: lyrics
Mel Collins: sax, flute
Gordon Haskell: bass, vocals
Andy McCulloch: drums
Keith Tippett: keys
Robin Miller: oboe
Mark Charig: cornet
Nick Evans: trombone
Produced by Robert Fripp & Pete Sinfield 1970
Recorded at Wessex Sound Studios, London by Robin Thompson & Geoff Workman

19. Modern Jazz Quartet: Animal Dance
(John Lewis)
Lonely Woman: Atlantic – 1381
Contrabass  – Percy Heath
Drums  – Connie Kay
Piano  – John Lewis (2)
Vibraphone  – Milt Jackson
Produced (Supervised) by Nesuhi Ertegun, 1962
Recorded by Phil Iehle, Tom Dowd, NYC

20. Roy Rogers: Happy Trails
(Dale Evans)
Happy Trails To You: 20th Century Records 9209-467
Cincinnati OH
Roy Rogers: vocal
Produced by Snuff Garrett, 1975
Recorded by Lenny Roberts at Larrabee Sound

Leonard Franklin Slye Nov 5, 1911 Cincinnati Ohio / d. July 6, 1998 (86) Apple Valley, CA

Dale Evans aka Frances Octavia Smith b. Oct 31, 1912 Uvalde TX / d- Feb 7, 2001 (88) Apple Valley, Ca

The Song was written by Rogers’ wife, Dale Evans – they sang it as a duet to sign off their television show.

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