33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
May 27, 2024
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Pay The Price
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Hour One

1.   Hound Dog Taylor: Roll Your Money Maker – 1974
2.   Plaid: Melifer – 2015
3.   The Beaches: Money – 2017 *
4.   Henry Vogel Trio: Blue Boar Polka – 1974 *
5.   King Crimson: Easy Money – 1973
6.   The Esquires: Rave – 1964 *
7.   Michael Occhipinti and Shine: Julia – 2012 *
8.   The Beatles: Money – 1963
9.   Sultans Of String: Turkish Greensleeves – 2017 *
10. Rory Gallagher: You’ve Got To Pay – 1975
11. Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Bank Robbery At Cobden – 1966 *
12. Ojnab: La marche au camp – 1995 *
13. Bruce Cockburn: You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance – 1981 *
14. Robert Hadley: Day After Pay Day – 1973 *
15. Paul James Band: Shake Your Money Maker – 1987 *

Second Hour

1.   Alan Parsons Project: May Be A Price To Pay – 1977
2.   Russ Conway: I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles – 1959
3.   Katrina and the Waves: Money Chain – 1986 *
4.   Clell Joudrey: Surveyor’s Reel – circa 1980 *
5.   Salome Bey: You Never Give Me Your Money – 1981 *
6.   The Crazy World of Arthur Brown: I Got Money – 1968
7.   Moe Koffman: Neptune – 1975 *
8.   Shari Ulrich: Mad Money – 1982 *
9.   Duke Ellington: Rockin’ In Rhythm – 1941
10. Mothers of Invention: Who Needs The Peace Corp / Concentration Moon – 1968
11. Tijuana Brass: Zorba The Greek – 1965
12. Brother: Sending Money – 1970 *
13. César et Les Romains: Money – 1968 *
14. Dennis Coffee & Detroit Guitar Band: Scorpio – 1971
15. Buffalo Springfield: Pay The Price – 1966
16. Triumvirat: Roundabout – 1973

CanCon = 55%

And Now for The Particulars

Hour One

1.   Hound Dog Taylor & House Rockers: Roll Your Money Maker
Natural Boogie: Alligator Records – AL 4704

Drums – Ted Harvey
Guitar [Second Guitar] – Brewer Phillips
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Hound Dog Taylor
Produced by Bruce Iglauer, Hound Dog Taylor, 1974
Recorded by Stu Black at Sound Studios, Chicago

2.   Plaid: Melifer
The Digging Remedy: Warp Records - LP277B
London UK

Andy Turner and Ed Handley: electronics
Benet Walsh: flute, guitar
Produced by Plaid, 2016
Mastered by Noel Summerville

3.   The Beaches: Money
(Jacknife Lee / Eliza Enman McDaniel / Garrett Lee / Jordan Miller / Kylie Miller / Leandrea Earl)
Late Show: Universal Music Canada

Drums – Eliza Enman McDaniel
Guitar – Kylie Miller
Guitar, Keyboards – Leandra Earl
Vocals, Bass – Jordan Mille
Produced by Emily Haines and James Shaw, 2017
Recorded by Kenny Luong at Giant Studio and Noble Street Studios, Toronto
Mixed By Tchad Blake
Mastered By Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine

4.   Henry Vogel Trio: Blue Boar Polka
(Henry Vogel)
Variety In Rhythm: Vintage Records – SCV 107
Kitchener ON

Henry Vogel: Cordovox, trumpet
Don Reinhart: guitar
Fred Schoenherr: drums, trumpet, vibes
Produced by Art Snider circa 1974
Recorded by Glen Clarke at Sound Canada Recording Centre, Toronto

5.   King Crimson: Easy Money
(Robert Fripp / John Wetton / Palmer-James)
Larks’ Tongues In Aspic: Atlantic Recording Corporation – SD 7263
London UK

Davids Cross: violin, viola, mellotron
Robert Fripp: guitar, mellotron, devices
John Wetton: bass, vocals
Bill Bruford: drums
Jamie Muir: percussion, allsorts
Produced by King Crimson 1973
Recorded by Nick Ryan at Command Studios, London Jan & Feb 1973

John Kenneth Wetton b. 12 June 1949 Willington UK / d. 31 Jan 2017 (67) Bournemouth, Dorset

He rose to fame with bands Mogul Thrash, Family, King Crimson, Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry, Uriah Heep, and Wishbone Ash. After his period with King Crimson, Wetton formed U.K., and later he was the frontman and principal songwriter of the supergroup Asia. Wetton's first big break came when he joined Wimborne, Dorset, musician Robert Fripp in his new line-up of King Crimson in 1972, allowing Wetton to come to the fore as a lead singer and composer. Palmer-James also worked with the band as a lyricist. Wetton remained with the band until Fripp unexpectedly disbanded it in 1974.

6.   The Esquires: Rave
Introducing The Esquires: Capitol Records - T-6075
Ottawa ON

Gary Comeau: lead guitar
Clint Hierlihy: bass
Paul Huot: guitar
Richie Patterson, drums
Produced by Clint Hierlihy, 1964
Recorded at RCA Victor Studios, Montreal
First Published in Canada August, 1964

After their return from UK, the band broke up for a few months. When they got back together, shortening their name to just ‘Mainline’, they replaced Mike Harrison on bass with maritime country musician Zeke Sheppard. Canada Our Home And Native Land, the follow-up to Stink, had some hit songs on it like ‘Get Down To’, ‘I Am Normal’ and ‘Motorcycle’. It was produced by Adam Mitchell, late of the Paupers.

7.   Michael Occhipinti and Shine: Julia
(Lennon / McCartney)
The Universe of John Lennon: True North TND566

Laila Biali: vocal
Michael Occhipinti: guitar
Robert Occhipinti: bass
Elizabeth Shepherd: keys
Mark Kelso: drums
Kevin Turcotte: horns
Produced by Roberto and Michael Occhipinti, 2012
Recorded by John Bailey at The Drive Shed, Toronto
Mastered by Trevor Saddler

8.   Beatles: Money (That's What I Want)
(Janie Bradford / Berry Gordy)
Beatlemania With The Beatles: Capitol Records Canada T6051
Liverpool UK

John Lennon: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, screaming, handclapping
Paul McCartney: bass, backing vocals, handclapping
George Harrison: lead guitar, backing vocals, handclapping
Ringo Starr: drums, handclapping
George Martin: double-tracked piano
Produced by George Martin, 1963
Recorded at EMI Studios, London  July 18, 1963

9.   Sultans of String: Turkish Greensleeves
Ten Years Of Music: Fiddlefire Records MKC 2070
Toronto ON

Chris McKhool: violin
Kevin Laliberté: flamenco guitar
Eddie Paton: guitar
Drew Birston: bass
Rosendo León: drums
Anwar Khurshid: sitar
Produced by Chris McKhool, 2017
Edited for Vinyl by John “Beetle” Bailey at The Drive Shed Recording Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering and Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

Violinist Chris McKhool was putting out some pretty interesting solo albums in the early 2000s when he met up with flamenco jazz guitarist Kevin Laliberté and that’s when everything began to click. Fusing their wild sounds with world music, they formed the basis of the Sultans of String. Since then they’ve released several well received albums that have generated a lot of interest. What a treat to finally hear them on vinyl!! It’s a totally different experience. Ten Years of Music is a compilation album of earlier works but it sure works to my liking.

10. Rory Gallagher: You’ve Got To Pay
(R Gallagher)
En El Principio…Rory Gallagher: Decca (Spain) CPS 9383
Ballyshannon IR

Rory Gallagher: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Eric Kitteringham: bass
Norman Damery: drums
Produced by Mervyn Solomon, 1975

William Rory Gallagher b. 2 March 1948, Ballyshannon, Ireland / d. 14 June 1995 (47) London

11. Mac Beattie & the Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Bank Robbery At Cobden
(Mac Beattie)
This Ottawa Valley Of Mine: Banff Rodeo Records RBS 1211
Arnprior ON

Reg Hill, fiddle
Gaetan Fairfield, guitar
Bob Whitney, alto sax
Bob Price, piano
Tony Miseferi, bass
Gordie Summers, lead guitar
Mac Beattie, vocal, drums washboard
Produced by Ralph Carlson, January 16, 1966

12. OJNAB: La Marche au Camp
(Jean-Paul Loyer)
Ojnab le messager: Ojnab Musique - DC 01
Joliette, QC

Jean-Paul Loyer: banjo
Mario Forest: harmonica
Daniel Lemieux: violin
Paul Marchand: guitar
Christopher Layer: pipes, flutes
Produced by Jean-Paul Loyer, 1995
Mastered by Jean-Paul Loyer and Denis Fréchette
Recorded by Denis Fréchette at #4 Rang Studio, Joliette

13. Bruce Cockburn: You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance
(Bruce Cockburn)
Inner City Front: True North Records – TN 47
Ottawa ON

Bruce Cockburn: Guitar and Vocals
Memo Acevedo: Percussion
Bob DiSalle: Drums
Dennis Pendrith: Bass guitar
Jon Goldsmith: Keyboards
Hugh Marsh: Violin and Mandolin
Kathryn Moses: Reeds and Background Vocals
Produced by Bruce Cockburn, 1981
Recorded by Gary Gray at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered by George Marino, Sterling Sound, NY

A great song about downtown Toronto, love and romance. Kensington Market shines. CIUT alumni percussionist Memo Acevedo appears on this track. He still comes back from time to time to do a special.

14. Robert Hadley: Day After Pay Day
(Robert Hadley)
The Raven: Raven Records RXS 7303
Vancouver BC

Bob Hadley, guitar
Produced by Bob Hadley, 1973
Recorded by Rolf Hennemann at Can-Base Studios

Originally from UK, this album was released both in Canada and UK. Guitar Player Magazine has called Hadley "A fingerpicking talent on a par with anyone recording today". This was the first of 3 albums. At the time he was considered to be up there with John Fahey as a guitar vitruoso.

15. Paul James Band: Shake Your Money Maker
(Elmore James)
Paul James Band: OPM Distribution PJ-1
Toronto ON

Paul James: guitars, lead vocal
Gary Gray: keys, bg vocal
Brian Kipping: bass, bg vocal
Adrian Vecchiola: drums
Produced by Paul James, 1987
Recorded by Doug McClement and Corby Luke at Comfort Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Peter Norman at McClear Place

Second Hour

1.   Alan Parson’s Project: May Be A Price to Pay
(Alan Parsons / Eric Woolfson)
I Robot: Arista Records AL 7002
London, UK

David Paton, bass
Stuart Tosh, drums
Ian Bairnson, guitars
David Paton, acoustic guitar
Alan Parsons, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Eric Woolfson, keyboards
Duncan MacKay, keyboards
BJ Cole, steel guitar
Produced by Alan Parsons, 1977
Recorded by Alan Parsons with Pat Stapley & Chris Blair at Abby Road Studios, London
Mastered by Chris Blair

2.   Russ Conway: I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles
(Kenbrovin / Kellett)
Songs To Sing In Your Bath: Columbia UK 1149
Bristol UK

Russ Conway: piano
Produced by Geoff Love, 1959

Trevor Herbert Stanford b. 2 Sept 1925 Bristol / d. 16 Nov 2000 (75) Eastbourne, Sussex

Russ Conway is the epitome of the term, Recording Artist. He recorded three albums in 1959 and made a slew of them throughout the ‘60s and continued at that output until well into the 1980s. People that made good, dependable, dancing music for hairdos and suits.

3.   Katrina & The Waves: Money Chain
(V de la Cruz)
Waves: Attic Records LAT 1221
London UK

Kimberley Row: guitar, vocals
Vince De La Cruz: bass, guitar,
Katrina Leskanich: vocal, guitar
Alex Cooper: drums
Produced by Katrina & The Waves, Pat Collier & Scott Litt, 1986
Recorded at The Greenhouse and West Side, London UK by Richard Sullivan, 1983
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

Interestingly, this British band recorded their first album (as The Waves), shopped it around but no one was interested. They sent a tape to Attic Records in Toronto who put it out. They went on to release a couple more albums for Attic before international distribution became an issue so a deal was made with Capitol Records. Attic still retained their label status for Canadian releases.

4.   Clell Joudrey: Surveyor’s Reel
Fantastic Fiddling: Can-Del Records CD78-1010

Clell Joudrey: fiddle
Others not listed
Produced by Clell Joudrey, 1980

5.   Salome Bey: You Never Give Me Your Money
(Lennon & McCartney)
In Montreaux: Intercan Records (CBC) IC-1014
Toronto ON

Salome Bey: vocal
Denzil A Miller Jr: keys
Armas Maiste: keys
Don Thompson: bass
Terry Clark: drums
Alan Penfold: trumpet
PJ Perry: sax
Butch Watanabe: trombone
Produced by Mark D Goldman, 1981
Recorded by Dave Richards of Mountain Recording Studios, Montreaux, Switzerland at 13th International Festival, 1979

Salome Bey b. Newark, New Jersey, October 10, 1933 / d. August 8, 2020 (86) Toronto

Bey formed a vocal group with her brother Andy and sister Geraldine (de Haas), known as Andy and the Bey Sisters. They performing in local clubs and toured North America & Europe. After moving to Toronto in 1966 she played the jazz club circuit & became known as "Canada's First Lady of Blues". She was a featured performer at the CNE grandstand in 1969, and enjoying success in musicals. I first saw here perform in the late ‘60s when she hit the Toronto pop music scene. She put together a blues & jazz cabaret show called ‘Indigo’ on the history of black music which earned her the Dora Award for outstanding performance. Bey was made an Honourary member of the Order of Canada in 2005.

Beginning in her early sixties she began showing signs of dementia. As of 2011 her illness had progressed to the point that she could no longer perform.

6.   Crazy World Of Arthur Brown: I Got Money
(James Brown)
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown: Polydor Records 543.008
Whitby UK

Arthur Brown: vocal
Vincent Crane: Hammond organ and piano
John Marshall: drums
Nick Greenwood: bass
Produced by Kit Lambert & Pete Townsend, 1968

Arthur Wilton Brown b. on 24 June 1942

Brown sings Brown! Ouch! Perfectly suited to a man from A Crazy World. Much more to him than just Fire, don’tcha think? This was originally recorded by James Brown 1962.

7.   Moe Koffman: Neptune
(Moe Koffman)
Best of Moe Koffman: GRT Records 7230-1053
Toronto ON

Moe Koffman: flute
Sonny Greenwich - guitar
Others unidenitifed
Produced by Doug Riley 1975
Recorded by Terry Brown at Toronto Sound Studios
Cover: David Andoff

Morris "Moe" Koffman, OC (b. Toronto December 28, 1928 d. Orangeville ON March 28, 2001)

Neptune originally on Solar Explorations LP 1974
Artist David Andoff is mostly known for Mainline album covers

8.   Shari Ulrich: Mad Money
(Shari Ulrich / Jean Roussel)
Talk Around Town: MCA Records 5379
Bowen Island, BC

Shari Ulrich: vocal, violin
Mike Baird: drums
Nathan East: bass
Bobby Buchanan: keys
Jane Mortiffe, Nancy Nash: bg vocals
Produced by Claire Lawrence, 1982
Recorded by Jeremy Smith & David Schrober at Bill Schnee Sound, Los Angeles
Mixed by Paul Northfield & Robbie Whalen at Le Studio, Morin Heights, QC
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

b. October 17, 1951 San Rafael, California

An American-born Juno Award winning musician who relocated to Vancouver when she was 18, performed on the coffeehouse circuit around Vancouver in the early 1970s. In 1973, she met up with Rick Scott and Joe Mock, and together they formed the Pied Pumkin String Ensemble. She was hired by Valdy to be a part of his touring band, The Hometown Band. Later played with Roy Forbes and Bill Henderson in UHF which still does gig occasionally. She’s still out their recording and gigging with lots more still in the tank.

9.   Duke Ellington: Rockin’ In Rhythm
Carnegie Hall Concerts January 1943: Prestige P34 004
Washington DC

Duke Ellington: piano, band leader
Rex Stewart: trumpet
Harold Baker: trumpet
Wallace Jones: trumpet
Ray Nance: trumpet, violin
Tricky Sam Nanton: trombone
Juan Tyzol: trombone
Lawrence Brown: trombone
Johnny Hedges: reeds
Ben Webster: reeds
Harry Carney: reeds
Otto Hardwicke: reeds
Chauncey Haughton: reeds
Fred Guy: guitar
Junior Raglin: bass
Sonny Greer: drums
Produced by Produced by Jerry Valburn and Jack Towers, 1977
Recorded at Carnegie Hall, NYC January 23, 1943
Mastered by David Turer at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley CA

10. Mothers of Invention: Who Needs The Peace Corp / Concentration Moon
(Frank Zappa)
We’re Only In It For The Money: Verve Records – V6-5045X
Los Angeles CA

Frank Zappa – guitar, piano, lead vocals
Jimmy Carl Black – drums, trumpet, vocals
Roy Estrada – electric bass, vocals, asthma
Billy Mundi – drums, vocals, yak & black lace underwear
Don Preston – retired
Bunk Gardner – all woodwinds, mumbled weirdness
Ian Underwood – piano, woodwinds, wholesome
Euclid James "Motorhead" Sherwood – road manager, saxophones, all purpose weirdness & teen appeal
Suzy Creamcheese (Pamela Zarubica) – telephone voice
Pamela Zarubica – vocals
Dick Barber – Snorks
Eric Clapton – Male speaking ‘Are You Hung Up?’
Gary Kellgren – "the one doing all the creepy whispering" (i.e., interstitial spoken segments)
Spider Barbour – vocals
Dick Kunc – "cheerful interruptions" vocal
Ronnie Williams – backwards voice
Sid Sharp – conductor
Produced by Frank Zappa 1968
Executive producer: Tom Wilson
Engineers: Gary Kellgren, Dick Kunc
Remixing: Dick Kunc
Editing: Dick Kunc, Frank Zappa

11. Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass: Zorba The Greek
(Mikis Theodorakis)
Going Places: A&M Records LP 112(C)
Los Angeles

John Pisano (electric guitar)
Lou Pagani (piano)
Nick Ceroli (drums)
Pat Senatore (bass guitar)
Tonni Kalash (trumpet)
Herb Alpert (trumpet)
Bob Edmondson (trombone)
Produced by Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss, 1965
Recorded by Larry Levine at Gold Star Recording Studios, LA

12. Brother: Sending Money
(Bill Wallace / Kurt Winter / V Schmidt)
45 Single: Nimbus 9-9014
Winnipeg MB

Bill Wallace bass
Kurt Winter guitar
Vance Masters - drums
Produced in 1970

Winnipeg based band featuring Kurt Winter who would soon become a member of the Guess Who, replacing Randy Bachman.

13. César et Les Romains: Money
(Berry Gordy / Janie Bradford)
45 single bw Dans Ton Miroir: Citation Records CN 9033
Montreal QC

Maurice Bélanger: bass
Jacques Moisan: drums
Daniel Lachance: guitar
Donald Seward: organ
Dino L’Espérance: vocals
Produced by George Lagois, 1968

Originally called Les Questions, the band got together in 1964 but soon changed to the name to The Romains. They wore togas and sandals on stage to attract attention but ended up burning those costumes on stage in 1967 and broke up the following year.

14. Dennis Coffee & The Detroit Guitar Band: Scorpio
(Dennis Coffee)
Sussex label SUX-266
Detroit MI

Uriel Jones: drums
Richard "Pistol" Allen: drums
Bob Babbitt, bass
Eddie Brown: congas
Jack Ashford: tamourine
Earl Van Dyke: piano
Dennis Coffee, rhythm guitar
Ray Monette: lead guitar (Rare Earth)
Joe Podorsic: lead guitar
Produced Mike Theodore, 1971
Recorded by Jim Burzzese at GM Recording Studios in East Detroit
Mixed by Ray Hall in RCA Recording Studios in New York.

Single sold over a million.

15. Buffalo Springfield: Pay The Price
(Stephen Stills)
Buffalo Springfield: Atco Records Mono 33-200-A
Los Angeles CA / Ontario

Neil Young: lead guitar
Stephen Stills: guitar, lead vocal
Richie Furay: guitar, lead vocal
Dewey Martin: drums
Bruce Palmer: bass
Produced by Charles Greene, Brian Stone, 1966
Recorded July to September 1966 by Tom May, Doc Siegel, James Hilton, Stan Ross
Mixing: Buffalo Springfield, Charles Greene, Brian Stone

From the first Buffalo Springfield album by this 3/5ths Canadian band in 1966. Great bass playing drives this in jam, probably more typical of what the band were like back then as opposed to what was produced on the rest of this album. The band never liked the way it was produced, feeling that it didn’t adequately reflect what they were like live. But it seems to come across quite well on this record.

16. Triumvirat: Roundabout
(Jurgen Fritz)
Illusions On A Double Dimple: Harvest/EMI ST-11311
Cologne GM

Helmut Köllen: bass, guitars
Hans Bathelt: percussion
Jurgen Fritz: keys
Produced by Jurgen Fritz, 1973
Recorded at EMI-Electrola Studios, Cologne GM by W Thierbach and K Lorbach
Mixed by W Thierbach

Hans-Jürgen Fritz b. March 13, 1953 Köln GM

Band’s Active years: 1969–1980

Triumvirat was often referred to as the ‘German Emerson, Lake & Palmer’ or ‘ELP clone’ due to Fritz's classical virtuosity on keyboards and synthesizers. They toured the United States with Fleetwood Mac to support Illusions on a Double Dimple, playing the album in its entirety. In 2015 album Illusions on a Double Dimple (1974) was ranked number 45 in the Rolling Stone list of 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time.

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