33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
May 13, 2024
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Highway and Train Songs
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Side One - Highway Songs

1.   Howard Cable & Highway 11: The After Ski Stomp – 1971 *
2.   Canned Heat: Highway 401 – 1973
3.   Ricky Skaggs: Highway 40 Blues – 1984
4.   Carey & Lurrie Bell: Highway Is My Life – 1983
5.   Ron Fisher Band: Freeway Blues – 1983 *
6.   Figgy Duff: Centennial Highway Reel / Cooley’s Reel – 1983 *
7.   David Francey: Highway 95 – 2004 *
8.   Tom Mawhinney: Down The Highway – 1982 *
9.   Corb Lund: Highway 87 – 2022 *
10. Stevedore Steve: Highway White Lines – 1971 *
11. Tamarack: Alaska Highway Driver – 1993 *
12. Burt Bacharach: Pacific Coast Highway – 1969
13. Christopher Ward: Highway Song – 1975 *
14. Striped Bananas: Lonely Highway – 2021
15. Bobby Wiseman: Airplane On The Highway – 1989 *
16. Jeff Back: Constipated Duck – 1975
      Vintage Voices we DJ Danute and Laura Gillis
17. Mario Lanza: Be My Love – 1950
18. BTO: Rolling On Down The Highway – 1974 *

Side Two - Trains

1.   Allan Sherry: New Hamburg Train – 1961 *
2.   Monkees: Last Train To Clarksville – 1966
3.   Motorhead: Train Kept A Rollin’ – 1977
4.   Steel River: Southbound Train – 1982 *
5.   Matt Masters: Speed Train – 2003 *
6.   Pink Floyd: Obsured By Clouds – 1972
7.   Jim Reeves: Waiting For A Train – 1956
8.   Fred Dixon: The K&P Rairroad Song – 1995 *
9.   Stevedore Steve: The Log Train – 1971 *
10. Gordon Lightfoot: Canadian Railway Trilogy – 1969 *
11. Ian Fletcher: J&D Railroad Line – 1979 *
12. Philippe Bruneau: La Gallop a Malbaie – 1975 *
13. Willie P Bennett: Train Tracks – 1989 *
14. Ugly Ducklings: 10:30 Train – 1967 *
15. Savoy Brown: Train To Nowhere – 1969
16. Newfoundland Showband: Q.N.S. & L. – 1973 *
17. UB40: She Caught The Train – 1983
18. David Celia: The Wind – 2015 *

*CanCon = 64%

And Now for The Particulars

Side One

Speak Over Music:

1.   Howard Cable & Highway 11: After Ski Stomp
(S Michell)
Summus Records: SR-2501
Toronto ON
Howard Cable: clarinet
Others not listed
Produced by Roy Smith for Canadian Music Sales, 1971

Howard Reid Cable b. Toronto December 15, 1920 / d. March 30, 2016 (95)

Cable studied piano, clarinet, and oboe, and played in the Parkdale Collegiate Institute orchestra under Leslie Bell. While leading a dance band, the Cavaliers, 1935-41 in Toronto, he studied at the Toronto Conservatory of Music with Sir Ernest MacMillan. Cable composed and arranged the original theme for the Hockey Night in Canada television broadcast, The Saturday Game, which opened the broadcast from 1952 until 1968. He was a guest conductor with Symphony Nova Scotia and its predecessor “The Altlantic Symphony Orchestra” for over 30 years. In 1999, he was made a Member of the Order of Canada.

A very interesting 45! Stompin’ Tom on one side (doing the Snowmobile Song) and Howard Cable on the other. It was a promotional single for the Muskoka Winter Carnival for 1971.

2.   Canned Heat: Highway 401
(B Hite / A de la Parra / S Taylor)
One More River To Cross: Atlantic Records SD 7289
San Francisco CA
Robert Hite: vocals, harmonica
James Shane: vocals, rhythm guitar
Richard Hite: vocal, bass
Henry Vestine: lead guitar
Ed Beyer: keys
Adolpho de la Parra: drums
Produced by Barry Beckett and Roger Hawkins, 1973
Recorded by Jerry Masters and Steve Melton at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

From Canned Heat’s 10th album, it’s a song about running away with a girl and having her father chasing you through the states in his pick-up truck, across the Canadian border and down highway 401.

3.   Ricky Skaggs: Highway 40 Blues
(Ricky Skaggs)
Highways & Heartaches: Epic FE 37996
Cordell, Kentucky
Ricky Skaggs: guitar, mandolin
Rodney Price: drums
Jesse Chambers: bass
Mickey Merritt: piano
Bruce Bouton: steel
Ray Flacke: electric guitar
Bela Fleck: banjo
Produced by Ricky Skaggs 1982
Recorded at Audio Media Recorders, Nashville
Mastered at Masterfonics by Glenn Meadows, Nashville

Ricky Skaggs b. Cordell KY, 1954

Began playing mando when he was 5. By 6 played mandolin and sang on stage with Bill Monroe. At age 7, he appeared on television's Martha White country music variety show, playing with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. He also wanted to audition for the Grand Ole Opry at that time, but was told he was too young. Joined The Country Gentlemen in Washington, DC, then played in Emmy-lou Harris’s band for a few years.  Has won dozens of awards

4.   Carey & Lurrie Bell: Highway Is My Life
(Carey Bell Harrington)
Son of a Gun: Rooster Blues Records R2617
Chicago IL
Carey Bell: vocal, harmonica
Lurrie Bell: guitar
Eli Murray: guitar
John Ervin: bass
Theodore Davies: drums
Produced by Mick Huggins and Jim O’Neal, 1984
Recorded at Odyssey Sound Studio, Chicago by Ed Cody
Mixed by Ed Cody and Jim ONeal

Carey Bell: b 1936 Mississippi d. May 6, 2007 (70)
Lurrie Bell: b 1958 Chicago

Father and son duo. Carey played w Robert Nighthawk on Maxwell Street 1964 also played with Muddy Waters Band

5.   Ron Fisher Band: Freeway Blues   
(Ron Fisher)
Gone Fishin’: Brass Finger Records BRA 01
Roblin Village NB
Ron Fisher: guitar, vocal, percussion
Lenny Mabee: bass, keys, vocals
Alan McDonald: guitar, keys, flute, sax, harp, vocal
Ted Morton: drums, percussion, vibes
Produced by Gary Morris and The Ron Fisher Band, 1983
Recorded and Mixed at Prime Time Studios, Sussex NB by Gary Morris and Jeff Myres

In looking up Ron Fisher one finds some amazingly inccorect information. Like: Ron Fisher from Toronto, ON has designed a plastic pizza case that would replace cardboard boxes and help reduce waste. Or “a former Canadian politician. He represented the electoral district of Saskatoon—Dundurn in the Canadian House of Commons from 1988 to 1993 as a member of the NDP.” Couldn’t find much about the NB guitarist at all.

Speak Over Music:

6.   Figgy Duff: Centennial Highway Reel – Cooley’s Reel
(Rufus Guinchard / Joe Cooley)
After The Tempest: Boot Records: BOS 7243
St. John’s NL
Pamela Morgan: guitar, vocals
Dave Panting: mandolin
Geoff Butler: Accordion
Derek Pelley: bass
Noel Dinn: drums
Produced by Tom Trecumuth, 1983
Recorded Dan Kuntz at Studio 306, Toronto
Mixed by Mark Wright & Lenny DeRose at Phase One Studios, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
Cover by Ian Bell

Formed by Pamela Morgan and Noel Dinn in 1976, it was their idea to collect real Newfoundland folk songs and tunes from the sources on the Island and play it folk/rock style, thus Figgy Duff were born. They stayed relevant until about 1993 when Noel Dinn died; Pamela Morgan kept them going through a transformative time. Still a band to this day, to be honest they don’t play very much anymore but when the time is right, they seem to emerge. This is from their second LP. Truly way ahead of their time!

7.   David Francey: Highway 95
(David Francey)
The Waking Hour: Jericho Beach Music – JBM 0404
Elphin ON
David Francey: vocal
Kieran Kane: bouzouki
Kevin Welch: guitar, cell phone
Fats Kaplan: fiddle
Produced by David Francey, 2004
Recorded and Mixed by Philip Scoggins at Moraine Studio, Nashville
Mastered by Philip Scoggins

8.   Tom Mawhinney: Down The Highway
(Tom Mawhinney)
Highway Number One: Calliope Music WRC1-2079
Kingston ON
Tom Mawhinney: vocals, guitar, autoharp, bass, drums, piano, Organ, harmonica, highstring guitar
Produced by Tom Mawhinney 1982
Recorded by Doug McClement at Comfort Sound, Toronto

9.   Corb Lund: Highway 87
(Hayes Carll)
Songs My Friends Wrote: New West Records – 2 271083
Calgary AB
Corb Lund: guitar, vocals
Bass – Kurt Ciesla
Drums – Brady Valgardson
Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar – Grant Siemens
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Corb Lund
Produced by Corb Lund, 2022
Recorded By, Mixed By Scott Franchuk
Mastered By Philip Shaw Bova

10. Stevedore Steve: Highway White Lines
(Stephen J Foote)
I've Lived: Boot Records  BOS 7111
Saint John, NB
Stephen Foote: guitar, vocals
Others no listed
Produced by Fred McKenna, 1971
Recorded by Jim Morgan and George Semkiw at Captain Audio, RCA

b. Saint John, NB January 9, 1936 / d. October 2016, Saint John NB

11. Tamarack: Alaska Highway Driver
(A Sinclair / J Gordon)
Frobisher Bay: Folk Era Records - FE 1409-CD
Guelph, Toronto, ON
Gwen Swick: bg vocal, bass
Alex Sinclair: lead vocal, guitar
James Gordon: bg vocal
Randall Coryell: drums
Murray Ritchie: lead guitar
Jeff Bird: harmonica
Produced by Tamarack w/ Jeff Bird & Pat Mooney, 1993
Recorded at Ty Tyfu, Guelph

Tamarack came together in the late 1970s, lead by James Gordon and Jeff Bird. Alex Sinclair, acting as their soundman, took over the guitar around 1980. Over the years the band recorded numerous albums of mostly original music capturing Canadian things, like truck driving, hockey playing, farming, discovering and founding. They went through a number of female bass players, beginning with Gwen Swick and ending with the late Molly Kurvink. They were a real going concern for a number of years, spearheading gigs throughout the United States. They lasted well into the current century.

Speak Over Music:

12. Burt Bacharach: Pacific Coast Highway
(Burt Bacharach)
Make It Easy On Yourself: A&M Records 4188
Los Angeles CA
Burt Bacharach, conductor
Produced by Burt Bacharach and  Phil Ramone, 1969

Burt Freeman Bacharach b. May 12, 1928 Kansas City, Mo / d. February 8, 2023 (94) Los Angeles

13. Christopher Ward: Highway Song
(C Ward)
CBC Broadcast Recording: LM 414
Toronto ON
Produced by Paul Mills 1975
Recorded by Larry Morey, Toronto

14. Striped Bananas: Lonely Highway
(Duncan Shepard)
Dreams Upon the Mast: Cosmic Sunshine Records 2021
Danbury CT
Duncan Shepard: guitars, vocal
Chantelle Shepard: keys, bass, bg vocal
Andrew Lowden: drums, vocals
Produced by Duncan Shepard, 2021
Mastered at Audio Mastering, Grand Rapids, Michigan

15. Bobby Wiseman: Airplane On The Highway
(B Wiseman)
Sings Wrench Tuttle: WEA / Risque Disque 25 69131
Toronto ON
Bobby Wiseman: keys, vocals
Kurt Schefter: guitar
Michael Pickett: harmonica
Mark French: drums
Dennis Delorme: pedal steel
Rich Maslove: bass
Mendelson Joe: president
Produced by Bobby Wiseman, 1989
Recorded by Be-Double-You at the Music Gallery and Jays Space Station, Toronto
Engineering Assistants: Sandor Ajenstadt, Joe Benarroch, John Oswald, Jay Blair

Robert Neil "Bob" Wiseman b. Winnipeg MB 1962

Wrench Tuttle was included in the Canadian music critics top 100 albums of all time. At the time, Wiseman claimed that he only wrote the music; the fictitious character, Wrench Tuttle, was the lyricist. Wiseman was an original member of Blue Rodeo, leaving the band after they won 5 Juno Awards to concentrate on film and music production. He is credited with having discovered (somewhat) various artists, like Ron Sexsmith, Andrew Cash, Bob Snider and Sam Larkin.

Speak Over Music:

16. Jeff Beck: Constipated Duck
(Jeff Beck)
Blow By Blow: Epic Records WPE 33409
London UK
Jeff Beck: guitars
Max Middleton: keys
Phil Chenn: bass
Richard Bailey: drums, percussion
Produced by George Martin,  1975
Recorded by Denim Bridges at AIR Studios, London

Geoffrey Arnold Beck b. 24 June 1944  Wallington, Surrey, UK / d. 10 January 2023 (aged 78) Wadhurst, East Sussex, England

Vintage Voices we DJ Danute and Laura Gillis

17. Mario Lanza: Be My Love
(Sammy Cahn / Nicholas Brodszky)
The Best of Mario Lanza: RCA Victor – LM-2748
Conductor – Ray Sinatra
Vocals – The Jeff Alexander Choir
Compilation Produced 1964
Recorded 1950

Alfredo Arnold Cocozza b. Jan 31, 1921 Philadelphia, Penn / d. Oct 7, 1959 (38) Rome, Italy

Lanza's 1950 recording of the song (released by RCA Victor Red Seal Records as catalog number 10-1561 was his first million-seller,

18. BTO: Rolling On Down The Highway
(Bob Bachman / CF Turner)
Not Fragile: Mercury Records SRM 1-1004
Winnipeg MB
C.F. Turner: bass, vocals
Randy Bachman: lead guitar, bg vocal
Blair Thornton: 2nd lead guitar, bg vocals
Rob Bachman: drums
Frank Trowbridge: slide guitar
Produced by Randy Bachman, 1974
Recorded by Mark K Smith at Kaye-Smith Sutidos, Seattle WA

Robin Peter Kendall Bachman b. Winnipeg MB Feb 18, 1953 / d. January 12, 2023 (69)

Randy Bachman’s younger brother. After Bachman left the Guess Who in 1970, he formed a short lived band called Brave Belt with Fred Turner, Chad Allen and Robin, who also went by the name Rob or Bob. This was the nucleus of Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Unfortunately, the Bachman brothers ended the band by suing each other over the use of the name which dragged on for years. I hope they reconciled some of it before Robin died. Randy claims that it was difficult to record Robin playing drums because he played so loud.

Side Two

Speak Over Music:

1.   Allan Sherry: New Hamburg Train
CN-Northern Sunset: Allan Sherry Recordings - AS-3

Northern Locomotive 6162    
Produced by Allan Sherry, 1962
Recorded by Andrew M Spieker & Allan Sherry, 1961

2.   The Monkees: Last Train To Clarksville
(Tommy Boyce / Bobby Hart)
Re-Focus: Bell Records - 6081
Los Angeles CA
David Jones: vocal
Mike Nesmith: guitar, bg vocal
Peter Tork: bass, bg vocal
Mickey Dolenz: drums, bg vocal
Tommy Boyce: guitar
Gerry McGee: guitar
Bobby Hart: keyboards
Larry Taylor: bass guitar
Billy Lewis: drums
Louie Shelton: lead guitar
Produced by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, 1966
Recorded July 25, 1966 at RCA Victor Studios, Studio A, Hollywood, CA

3.   Motörhead: Train Kept A Rollin’
(Howie Kay / Lois Mann / Tiny Bradshaw)
Motörhead: Attic Records CAT1109
London UK
Lemmy Kilmister: lead vocals, bass
"Fast" Eddie Clarke: guitar, backing vocals
Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor: drums
Produced by John ‘Speedy’ Keen, 1977
Recorded by John Burns at Escape Studios, Kent, England
Mastered by Adam Skeaping

And as well all know, Lemmy end up forming Motörhead who were originally called The Bastards. After being informed that there were other Bastards out there, Lemmy renamed the band after a song he had written while still in Hawkwind. Producer, Speedy Keen, was the lead vocalist and songwriter for Thunderclap Newman. He also composed Armenia, City In The Sky for The Who.

4.   Steel River: Southbound Train
(Steel River)
A Better Road: Tuesday GHL 1003
Toronto ON
Ray Angrove:  drums
Rob Cockell:  bass
John Dudgeon:  guitar
Tony Dunning:  lead guitar
Robert Forrester:  keys
Produced by Greg Hambleton, 1971
Recorded by Terry Brown at Toronto Sound Studios
Mixed by Bob Lifton

Starting in 1965 originally as a part-time Toronto R & B club band called The Toronto Shotgun, Steel River decided to become full-time musicians in 1969. They were signed to the Tuesday Record label and their first single was the Jay Telfer (A Passing Fancy) song called "Ten Pound Note" which became an international hit. They continued until 1974 at which time they called it quits.

5.   Matt Masters: Speed Train
(Matt Masters)
The Alberta Reporter: Moustache Wax – MW-003
Calgary AB
Matt Masters: guitar, vocal
Others not listed
Produced by Matt Masters, 2003
Recorded on his father’s computer

Matt Masters is a unique performer in that he’ll do all sorts of gigs to keep his business afloat. House concerts, front lawn parties, street fests, whatever it takes! He’s been writing original songs for the past 20 years. This song is from his first album, recorded at his father’s home computer.

Speak Over Music:

6.   Pink Floyd: Obscured By Clouds
(Roger Waters / Dave Gilmore)
Obscured by Clouds: Harvest Records ST 11078
London UK
Roger Waters: bass
Dave Gilmore: guitars
Rick Wright: keys
Nick Mason: drums
Produced by Pink Floyd, 1972
Recorded at Strawberry Studios, UK and Château d'Hérouville, Hérouville, France

7.   Jim Reeves: Waiting For A Train
(Jimmy Rodgers)
When The Evening Shadows Fall: RCA LSP-4073
Galloway, Texas
Jim Reeves: vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Chet Atkins, 1956
Compilation produced 1968
Recorded by Bill Porter in Nashville, Nov 13, 1956

James Travis Reeves b. Galloway TX Aug 20, 1923 / d. July 31, 1964 (40) Davidson County, TN

Jim Reeves died in the same plane crash as Patsy Cline. Known as "Gentleman Jim", his songs continued to chart for years after his death. He started playing baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals "farm" team during 1944 season as a right-handed pitcher. He played for the minor leagues for three years before severing his sciatic nerve while pitching, which ended his athletic career. Reeves began to work as a radio announcer and sang live between songs.  That’s what got him started in music. His first hit was with the song "Mexican Joe" in 1953, recorded for Abbott Records. Other hits followed, such as "Bimbo" which reached Number 1 on the U.S. Country Charts in 1954.

The next few years felt very uncomfortable for Reeves; he didn’t like the way he was singing and being recorded. He wanted to sing in a lower register with the mic touching his lips as he sang. Finally, in 1957, he recorded his way, much to the chagrin of the recording company. "Four Walls" not only scored Number 1 on the country music charts but scored Number 11 on the popular music charts as well. This recording marked his transition from novelty songs to serious country-pop music

8.   Fred Dixon: The Kick And Push Railroad Song
(Fred Dixon)
Tales And Legends of the Ottawa Valley: Rodeo Records - RLPCD 8043
Perth, ON
Kirk Armstrong –
Ray Adams –
Glen Adams –
Sam Henry –
Don O'Neill –
Robb Smith
Produced by Freddy Dixon & Terry Carisse, 1995

An Ottawa Valley singer/songwriter, he was included in Stompin’ Tom’s film ‘Across This Land’ and on the LP soundtrack singing a song he wrote called ‘Tribute To Stompin’ Tom’, first track on the album. He went on to document Canada’s last duel as well as the invention of basketball in a gymnasium Almonte, Ontario by James Naismith. Good songwriter!

9.   Stevedore Steve: The Log Train
(Stephen J Foote)
Hard Workin' Men - Boot Records BOS 7102
Saint John NB
Stevedore Steve: guitar, vocals
Other musicians not listed
Produced by Jury Krytiuk, 1971
Recorded at RCA Limited Studio, Toronto
Recording & Mixing Engineer: George Semkiw
Recording Technician: "Cub" Richardson
Cover Photo: A.W. Stanton
Comments on songs: Stevedore Steve
Manufactured in Canada by: Boot Records Ltd.

10. Gordon Lightfoot: The Canadian Railroad Trilogy
(G Lightfoot)
Sunday Concert: United Artists UAS 6714
Toronto ON
Gordon Lightfoot: 12 string guitar, vocals
Red Shea: lead guitar
Rick Haynes: bass
Produced by Elliot Mazer, 1969
Recorded by Elliot Mazer at Massey Hall, Toronto, March 1969
Production Assistant: Adam Mitchell
Mixed at Mirrasound, NYC

Elliot Mazar went on to work with Bob Dylan, The Band, Janis Joblin, Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt etc. That's all...!

11. Ian Fletcher Kemp: J & D Railroad Line
(Ian Fletcher Kemp)
Ian Fletcher Kemp (Writer): Change Records CLP 8006
Toronto / Nashville
Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals: Ian F. Kemp*
Backing Vocals: Billy Hughes, Brian Plummer, Ian F. Kemp, Kathryn Cloak, Lonnie Clark, Van Dyke
Bass Guitar, Tom Szczesniak
Clarinet, Flute: Jerry Penfound
Congas, Chimes, Maracas, Bells, Triangle, Gong, Cowbell: Dick (Buck) Smith
Fiddle: Marty Warsh
Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar: Mike 'Pepe' Francis
Lead Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar: Bob Mann
Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro: Bob Lucier
Keys: Eric Robertson
Steel Drums: Patrick McNeilly
Produced by John James Stewart, 1979
Recorded by Rick Capreol
Mastered at Masterdisk, NYC

b. New York City 1951 (raised in Toronto) / d. May 22, 2016 Nashville (64)

Scoring very limited success with his recording career (which began in Toronto with the Writer album), Ian lived up to his songwriting potential, scoring hits for various American and Canadian artists.

Speak Over Music:

12. Philippe Bruneau & Co.: La Gallope de la Malbaie
Mariposa Folk Festival 1975: Mariposa M-75-001
Montreal QC
Philippe Bruneau: accordion
Joseph Bouchard: fiddle
Gilles Losier: bass
Jean-Paul Beaulieu: sax
Yves Brault:
Gilles Roy: stepdancing
Produced by Bill Usher 1976

b Montreal 22 Sep 1934, d Forcalquier, France 7 Aug 2011

13. Willie P Bennett: Train Tracks
(Willie P Bennett)
The Lucky Ones: Duke Street Records DSR 31059
Peterborough ON
Willie P Bennett: vocals, harmonica, guitar
Al Cross: drums
Tom Griffiths: bass
John Sheard: piano
Jack Semple: electric guitar
Sarah McElcheran: trumpet
Steve Donald: trombone
Wayne Mills: baritone Sax
Jody Golick: tenor sax
Colin Linden: bg vocals
Produced by Danny Greenspoon, 1989
Recorded by Jeff Wolpert and David Stinson at Inception Sound, Downsview ON

14. Ugly Ducklings: 10:30 Train
(Robin Boers / Dave Byngham)
Somewhere Outside: Yorktown Records YT 50.001
Dave Byngham: vocal
Robin Boers: drums
Roger Mayne: lead guitar
John Read: bass
Glynn Bell: rhythm guitar
Produced by Bill Huard, 1967
Recorded by Dave Leonard, Ray Lawrence, Gary Youngblood and Terry Vollum
Recorded at Stea Phillips, NYC; Hallmark and Bay Recording, Toronto

15. Savoy Brown Blues Band: Train To Nowhere
(Chris Youlden / Kim Simmonds)
The Best of Savoy Brown: London MIP 1-9377
London UK
Lonesome Dave Peverett: bass
Kim Simmonds, guitar
Chris Youlden, vocal
Roger Earle, drums
Produced by Mike Vernon, 1969
Compilation Produced by Kim Simmonds, 1984
Recorded by Roy Baker at The Decca Studios, North Hampstead, London UK

Guitarist "Lonesome" Dave Peverett, drummer Roger Earl and bassist Tony Stevens left 1970 to form Foghat. Chris Youlden went solo.

16. Newfoundland Showband: Q.N.S. & L.
(Ray MacLean)
Memories of Home: Marathon ALS 372
St. John’s NL
Ray MacLean: lead guitar, vocals
Winston Saunders: accordion, fiddle, mandolin
Bill chipman: electric guitar
David Noseworthy: bass
Bill Whelan: drums
Produced by Bill Bessey, 1973

The Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railroad hauls Iron ore in pellets and concentrate from Labrador City / Wabush down to Sept Isles on the St. Lawrence coast.

17. UB40: She Caught The Train
Rat In The Kitchen: DEP International VL 2389
Birmingham UK
James Brown: drums, syncussion
Ali Campbell: vocals, guitar
Robin Campbell: guitar, vocals
Earl Falconer: bass
Norman Hassan: percussion, vocals
Brian Travers: saxophones
Michael Virtue: keyboards
Astro: toasting, rhyming, percussion
Josh Fifer: trumpet
Donat Roy “Jackie” Mittoo: additional keyboards
Produced by UB40, 1983
Recorded at The Abattoir, Birmingham by John Shaw

The band, for this selection, were joined by Donat Roy Mittoo, better known as Jackie Mittoo, who was a Jamaican- Canadian keyboardist, songwriter and musical director. He was a member of The Skatalites and musical director of the Studio One record label.

Formed in 1978. UB40 stood for the UK government's Unemployment Benefit, Form 40. They are currently celebrating their 40th anniversary as a band.

Speak Over Music:

18. David Celia: The Wind
(David Celia)
Live on Back To The Sugarcamp
David Celia - Guitar & Keys, the kazoo
Chris Banks - Bass
Selina Martin - Vox, Tamborine
Cleve Anderson - Drums
Michael Holt - Keys & Vox
Produced & Mastered for radio by Steve Fruitman, 2008
Recorded by Sam Petite, June 3, 2008
Live at Studio 3, CIUT-FM

19. CPR Bala
Recorded by Steve Fruitman on a Sony Walkman

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