33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
April 29, 2024
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Can't Say
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Side One

1.   Edmonton Symphony Orchestra: Tribute To The RCMP – 1974 *
2.   Love Sculpture: You Can’t Catch Me – 1970
3.   Moby Grape: Can’t Be So Bad – 1968
4.   Mamas & Papas: I Can’t Wait – 1966
5.   Buffalo Springfield: Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing – 1966
6.   Mothers Of Invention: It Can’t Happen Here – 1967
7.   Jørgen Ingmann: Apache – 1961
8.   Downchild Blues band: Can’t Lose What You Never Had – 1973 *
9.   Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials: Can’t Let These Blues Go – 1989
10. Ever-Lovin’ Jug Band: Just Can’t Wait – 2013 *
11. Ray Charles: I Can’t Stop Loving You – 1962
12. Les Frères Lizotte: Reel du Moulinet – 1975 *
13. Night Ranger: Can’t find Me A Thrill – 1982
14. Five Man Cargo: Why Can’t I Get You – 1969 *
15. Johnny Dee: Can’t Stop The Bop – 1982 *
16. Brave Combo: Money Can’t Buy Everything Polka – 1988
17. Frank Comstock Orchestra: Peter Gun Theme – 1959
      Vintage Voices w DJ Jean and Laura Gillis
18. Lord Invader: Rum And Coca-Cola – 1956
19. Billy Holiday: Can’t Take That Away From Me – 1937

The Bee Side

1.   The Beatles: Can’t Buy Me Love – 1964
2.   The Animals: The Girl Can’t Help It – 1964
3.   Herman’s Hermits: Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat – 1965
4.   Dave Clark Five: Can’t You See That She’s Mine – 1964
5.   The Paupers: Can’t Go On – 1968 *
6.   Ed Bickert: I’ll Follow The Sun – 1979 *
7.   Scotty Stevenson & Can. Nighthawks: You Can’t Get To Use The Party Line – 1968 *
8.   James & The Good Brothers: Can’t Help Yourself – 1971 *
9.   Lori Yates: Can’t Stop The Girl – 1989 *
10. Bim: Can’t Catch Me – 1975 *
11. Tannis Slimmon: Can’t See Through – 2002 *
12. Moe Koffman: Sunshowers – 1972 *
13. Devo: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – 1978
14. The Go-Go’s: Can’t Stop The World – 1981
15. Little Richard: The Girl Can’t Help It – 1956
16. Peter Tosh: Can’t You See – 1979
17. Blind Faith: Can’t Find My Way Home – 1969
18. Otis Redding: Can’t Turn You Loose / Pain In My Heart – 1967
19. Al DiMeola: Advantage – 1982

*CanCon = 37%

And Now for The Particulars

Side One

1.    Edmonton Symphony Orchestra: Tribute To the RCMP
(Gerry Dere)
45 single bw Rat River Trapper by Dopug Hutton: Denai Records – SG 1004
Edmonton AB
Tommy Banks: conductor
Produced by Doug Hutton – 1974

Alberta R.C.M.P. Century Celebrations, 1874-1974

2.   Love Sculpture: You Can’t Catch Me
(Chuck Berry)
Forms And Feelings: Parrot Records 71035
Cardiff, Wales UK
Dave Edmunds guitar
John David - bass
Rob 'Congo' Jones drums
Produced by Dave Edmunds, Mike Finesilver & Pete Ker, 1970

Love Sculpture was founded in Cardiff in 1966 by former members of The Human Beans. They are best known for their 1968 novelty hit "Sabre Dance" by Aram Khachaturian, which reached No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart in December 1968 after receiving air play by British DJ John Peel. The US/Canadian version of their 2nd album, Forms And Feelings, also featured a recording of "Mars" from Gustav Holst's The Planets, but Holst's estate refused to license the tune for the UK version. Edmunds shortly went on to further number one hit success with "I Hear You Knocking", and collaborated heavily with ex-Brinsley Schwarz bassist Nick Lowe, eventually forming the band Rockpile with him. "You Can't Catch Me" is a song written and recorded by Chuck Berry, released as a single in 1956.

3.   Moby Grape: Can’t Be So Bad
(Jerry Miller / Don Stevenson)
Wow: Columbia Records – XSM 135372
San Francisco CA
Peter Lewis: rhythm guitar, vocals
Jerry Miller: lead guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley: bass, vocals
Skip Spence: rhythm guitar, vocals
Don Stevenson: drums, vocals
Produced by David Rubinson, 1968
Recorded by Don Puluse and Glen Kolotkin - August 30, 1967 - February 5, 1968

This is from the second Grape LP for Columbia which was marketed as a double album. Actually, these were two separate albums marketed together: the first disc is Wow and the second called “Grape Jam” featuring an in-studio jam session with Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield.

4.   Mamas & Papas: I Can’t Wait
(John Phillips)
Mamas & Papas: RCA Victor – D-50010
Denny Doherty - vocals
Cass Elliot - vocals
John Phillips - vocals, guitar
Michelle Phillips - vocals
Joe Osborns: Bass
Hal Blaine: Drums
Peter Palafain: Electric Violin
Doctor Eric Hord: guitar
Tommy Tedesco: guitar
Larry Knectel: Organ, Piano
Produced by Lou Adler, 1966
Engineer Bones Howe

5.   Buffalo Springfield: Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing
(Neil Young)
Buffalo Springfield: Atco Records Mono 33-200-A
Los Angeles CA / Ontario
Neil Young: lead guitar
Stephen Stills: guitar, lead vocal
Richie Furay: guitar, lead vocal
Dewey Martin: drums
Bruce Palmer: bass
Produced by Charles Greene, Brian Stone, 1966
Recorded July to September 1966 by Tom May, Doc Siegel, James Hilton, Stan Ross
Mixing: Buffalo Springfield, Charles Greene, Brian Stone

From the first Buffalo Springfield album by this 3/5ths Canadian band in 1966. Great bass playing drives this in jam, probably more typical of what the band were like back then as opposed to what was produced on the rest of this album. The band never liked the way it was produced, feeling that it didn’t adequately reflect what they were like live. But it seems to come across quite well on this record.

6.   Mothers Of Invention: It Can’t Happen Here
(Frank Zappa)
Freak Out: Verve Records V-5005-2
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa: vocal, musical director, orchestrator, and arranger
Ray Collins: vocal
Jimmy Carl Black: vocal
Roy Estrada: vocal
Elliot Ingber: vocal
Jeannie Vassoir: the voice of Suzy Creamcheese
Produced by Tom Wilson, 1966
Recorded by Val Valentin at Sunset-Highland Studios of T.T.G. Inc, Hollywood

From Frank Zappa’s first album with The Mothers, released as a double album in 1966. This is the 3rd movement of the suit, Help, I’m A Rock. Everyone thinks that “It Can’t Happen Here” but they’re wrong; it just did happen here. This song may be 55 years old but….

Freak Out! was honored with the Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 1999.

7.   Jørgen Ingmann & His Guitar: Apache
(Jerry Lordon)
45 Single bw Echo Boogie: Atco Records 6184
Copenhagen DK
Jørgen Ingmann: all instruments
Produced 1961

Jørgen Ingmann Pedersen (26 April 1925: 21 March 2015) aged 89

He was influenced by American guitarist and recording studio pioneer Les Paul. In the mid-1950s he set up his own studio where he developed techniques of multi-tracking and distortion, using his own accompaniment on bass and drums, and began recording under the name Jørgen Ingmann & His Guitar. Ingmann's 1961 version of Apache (originally recorded by The Shadows) charted at #1 in Canada on the CHUM Chart

8.   Downchild Blues Band: Can’t Lose What You Never Had
(McKinley Morganfield)
Straight Up: Special Records: 9230-1029
Toronto, ON
Don Walsh: guitar
Rick (The Hock) Walsh: vocal
Jim Milne: bass
Paul Nixon: drums
Produced by Alan Duffy & Bill Bryans, 1973
Recorded by Terry Brown at Toronto Sounds Studios
Mixed by Alan Duffy and Bill Bryans

Richard ‘Hock’ Walsh b. Dec 19, 1948 / d. Dec 31, 1999 Toronto (51)

Here’s their basic line-up before Hock Walsh was fired the band in 1974. He founded it with his brother Donnie in 1969 and was fired on numerous occasions (the last time being in 1990). Hock was a founding member of the Cameo Blues Band, house band at the Hotel Isabella in Toronto.  He was lead vocalist on the first 3 Downchild albums. He also appeared on 1989’s Gone Fishing.

9.   Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials: Can’t Let These Blues Go
(Ed Williams)
Chicken, Gravy & Biscuits: Alligator Records AL 4772
Chicago IL
Lil’ Ed Williams: guitar, vocals
Mike Garrett: guitar
James Young: bass
Kelly Littleton: drums
Produced by Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials and Bruce Iglauer, 1989
Recorded at Streeterville Studios, Chicago by Justin Niebank and Jay Shilliday

Ed Williams b. Chicago April 8, 1955

This was from the Imperials’ 2nd of 3 album releases between 1986 - 92. A pupil of the great slide guitarist JB Hutto who carried the torch of Elmore James. Their style evokes the playing of Jeremy Spencer and Hound Dog Taylor who were ardent followers of Hutto and James as well.

10. Ever-Lovin’ Jug Band: Just Can’t Wait
(Minnie Hart / Bill Howard)
Tri-City Stomp: Duke of Erb Records WHRC 12-01
Kitchener ON
Minnie Heart: vocal, banjolin, violin, jug, kazoo, bass
Bill Howard: vocal, guitar, kazoo, washboard
Buck Thompson: bajitar, washboard, vocal
Willie Ames: cello, tenor guitar, vocal
John Smith: clarinet
Produced by Bill Howard & Minnie Heart 2012
Recorded at the Duke of Erb
Mixed by Matthew Knischewsky
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering

I met these people up at Summerfolk in Owen Sound and they quickly put this album into my hands. Unlike most jugbands, they don’t cherry pick the typical jugband songs; they write their own material in the spirit of the them. They understand the concept, sound and times of the original Memphis based jugbands of the 1920s and 30s. While I’ve never asked, I’m certain that singer Minnie Hart took her jugband name from two of her faves: Memphis Minnie and Hattie Hart, both of whom were backed on disc by Will Shade’s Memphis Jug Band.

11. Ray Charles: I Can’t Stop Loving You
(Don Gibson)
Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music: Sparton / ABC Paramount ABC-410
Greenville FLA
Ray Charles: vocal, piano
The Raelettes: Darlene McCrea, Margie
Hendricks, Patricia Lyles, and Gwendolyn Berry: bg vocals
Hank Crawford alto saxophone
Gil Fuller, Gerald Wilson arrangements (big band)
Marty Paich arrangements (strings)
Produced by Ray Charles, Sid Feller,  1962
Recorded by Frank Abbey & Gene Thompson Feb 5-7, 1962 at Capitol Studios, New York City

12. Les Frère Lizotte: Reel Du Moulinet
Les Retrouvailles: Bonanza Records B 29677
Produced by Denis Campioux circa 1975
Recorded at  Studio Denis Champoux

13. Night Ranger: Can’t Find Me A Thrill
(Jack Blades)
Dawn Patrol: Boardwalk Entertainment Co. B1-33259
San Francisco CA
Jeff Watson: guitars
Alan Gerald: keys, vocal
Kelly Keagy: drums, lead vocal
Jack Blades: bass: lead vocal
Brad Gillis: guitar, vocal
Produced by Pat Glasser, 1982
Recorded by John Van Nest at Allen Zentz Recording
Mastered by Brian Gardner at Allen Zentz Recording

Dawn Patrol is the debut studio album by Night Ranger released in 1982. The band was named Ranger during the recording of the album. The first issues of the album were printed and ready to be shipped when it was discovered that there was a country band from California with the same name. The band decided to name themselves Night Ranger after the song that Jack Blades had written for the album. The record company destroyed the copies with the band name Ranger. Their first three albums, Dawn Patrol, Midnight Madness, and Seven Wishes, all reached RIAA Platinum status and garnered the band international fame.

14. Five Man Cargo: Why Can’t I Get You
(John Telling)
45 single bw Memories: Rumble Records R 2360
John Telling: lead guitar, vocals
Gerald Laishley: lead vocals
Orly Anderson: bass, vocals
Warren Cann: drums
Bob Douglas: bass, vocals
Sid Fattedad: drums
Dave Jonsson: drums
Roy Kessler: bass
Lance Massey: lead guitar
Danny Piry: rhythm guitar, vocals
Jay Reyburn: rhythm guitar, vocals
Produced by Wayne Sterloff, 1969

I don’t know who exactly were on the 1969 recording of Why Can’t I Get You except for Gerald Laishley and John Telling. The band lasted several years, having toured with the original BTO group, Brave Belt.

15. Johnny Dee Fury: Can’t Stop The Bop
(Johnny Dee)
Born To Bop: Orient Records OLP 005
Campbellford ON
Johnny Dee Fury: vocals, guitars
Kit Johnson: bass, bg vocals
Bodan Hluszko (now Michelle Josef): drums
Produced by Johnny Dee Fury, 1982
Recorded and Mixed at Amber Studios, Toronto by Paul Bonish

After serving in local bands around his home town, Fury moved to Toronto and signed with Orient Records, releasing several singles and this album. They toured across Canada and even did gigs in NYC. Fury has since focused on songwriting and is currently living in Nashville.

16. Brave Combo: Money Can’t Buy Everything
(Gomulka / Pulaski)
Humansville: Rounder Records - 9019
Denton, Texas
Carl Finch: accordion, guitar, keyboards, percussion
Jeffrey Barnes: tenor sax, clarinet, keys, percussion
Bubba Hernandez: bass, tuba
Mitch Marine: drums
Produced by Brave Combo, 1988
Recorded by Martin Walters at Heads Up Studio, Roanoke TX

Founded in 1979 and still going strongly today. In fact, they seem to have released nearly an album a year since their first release. They won a Grammy Award in 1999 in the Best Polka Album category for their album Polkasonic, and again in 2004 for their album Let's Kiss.

17. Frank Comstock Orchestra: Peter Gunn
(Henry Mancini)
TV Guide Top Television Themes: Warner Brothers Vitaphonic Series W 1290
Produced 1959

Vintage Voices w DJ Jean and Laura Gillis

18. Lord Invader: Rum And Coca-Cola
(Lionel Belasco / Rupert Grant)
Calypso: Audio Fidelity – AFLP 1808
Produced by Kinor Records Inc, 1956

Rupert Westmore Grant; 13 December 1914 – 15 October 1961

19. Billy Holiday: Can’t Take That Away From Me
(George & Ira Gershwin)     
Sings The Blues: Pickwick / Everest Records – SPC 3335
Philadelphia PA
Compilation Produced 1973

born Eleanora Fagan April 7, 1915 / d. July 17, 1959 (44)

Began listening to Louis Armstrong when she was only 12, working at a bordello
Used her father’s last name Halliday (who played in Fletcher Henderson’s jazz band)
She was discovered by John Hammond Sr who recorded her (at 18) with Benny Goodman’s band. Years of drug abuse landed her in prison several times. Died in 1959 of cirrhosis.

The Bee Side

1.   The Beatles: Can’t Buy Me Love
(Lennon / McCartney)
A Hard Day’s Night Soundtrack: United Artists Records AUL 3366
Paul McCartney - double-tracked vocal, bass
John Lennon - acoustic rhythm guitar
George Harrison - double-tracked twelve-string lead guitar
Ringo Starr - drums
Norman Smith - hi-hat
Produced by George Martin
Recorded by Norman Smith  29 January, 1964 at Pathe Marconi Studios, Paris Fr and EMI Studios, London Feb 25 and March 10, 1964
First Published in Canada July, 1964

2.   The Animals: The Girl Can’t Help It
(Bobby Troup)
House of the Rising Sun: Capitol Records of Canada 6000 Series – T 6092
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK
John Steel: drums
Eric Burdon: vocals
Chas Chandler: bass
Alan Price: keys
Hilton Valentine: guitar
James "Tappy" Wright: uncredited rhythm guitarist
Produced by Mickie Most, 1964
Recorded by Val Valentin, 31 July, 1964

3.   Herman’s Hermits: Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat
(John Carter / Ken Lewis)
On Tour: MGM Records – E-4295
Manchester UK
Peter Noone: vocals
Karl Green: bass
Keith Hopwood: guitar
Lek Leckenby: lead guitar
Barry Whitwam: drums
Produced by Mickey Most, 1965
Released January 23, 1965

At the height of the British Invasion, Herman’s Hermits did rather well. They scored their first big hit in America with Into Something Good, recorded in August 1964. Their next single, Show Me Girl, was not released on this side of the Atlantic; our next Hermits’ hit was this one. Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat was followed by Silhouettes, Mrs Brown, Wonderful World and Henry The VIII in quick succession in 1965, establishing them as one of the biggest bands to invade North America from the English north.

4.   Dave Clark Five: Can’t You See That She’s Mine
(Dave Clark / Mike Smith)
45 Single: Capitol Records – 726013
London UK
Michael Smith vocals, organ
Dave Clark, Drums
Dennis Payton, sax, harmonica
Lenny Davidson, guitar
Rick Huxley, bass
Produced by Adrian Clark, 1964
Canadian Production: Paul White

Michael George Smith b. 6 Dec 1943 Edmonton UK / d. 28 Feb 2008 (64) Aylesbury UK

Hailed as one of the best voices in British rock n’ roll, he was the lead vocalist for the Dave Clark Five. Smith first met Dave Clark when they were both members on the same football team for the St. George Boys Club. By his mid-teens, Smith had developed a strong vocal delivery, while idolising Little Richard, among other American rock & roll stars. At age 17, while working for a finance company, Smith was invited by Clark to join his band. Due to his role as lead singer, Smith was considered the main star of the band. He died 11 days before he was to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

5.   The Paupers: Can’t Go On
(Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop)
Ellis Island: Verve Forecast FTS-3051
Toronto ON
Adam Mitchell Guitar, Vocals
Brad Campbell Bass
Chuck Beal Lead Guitar
Skip Prokop Drums
Al Kooper Keys
Produced by Elliot Mazer, 1968
Recorded by Fred Catero
Engineer: Val Valentin

Ellis Island was the sophomore release by this Yorkville (Toronto) band featuring their new bass player, Brad Campbell, recruited from local Toronto band, The Last Words, after replacing Denny Gerrard. This was right after the band’s disastrous performance at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 when ‘everything that could go wrong, did go wrong’. Somehow I found this album to be a little a little disjointed, never finding that magical groove that had driven the band from Toronto to New York and Los Angeles, only to crash in debt and flames. The album was produced by Elliot Mazer who would later go on to work with Neil Young.

6.   Ed Bickert: I’ll Follow The Sun
(Lennon / McCartney)
I Like To Recognize the Tune: Canadian Talent Library / Pickwick PC 44012
Hochfeld, Manitoba
Ed Bickert: guitars
Gary Williams: keys
Don Thompson: bass violin, vibes, piano
Terry Clark: drums
Marty Morell: percussion
Memo Acevedo: percussion
Produced by Mal Thompson, Rick Wilkins and Don Thompson, 1979
Recorded by David Green at Nimbus 9 and Soundstage Studios, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at JAMF

7.   Scottie Stevenson: You Can’t Get To Use The Party Line
(S Crawford)
Scottie Stevenson: RCA Camden CAL 772
Montreal QC
/ Onawa, AB
Johnny Brown: fiddle
Scotty Stevenson: guitar
Buddy Ackers: steel
Ruthie MacLean: bass
Bernie MacLean: drums
Producer not listed - circa 1965

Scotty Stevenson b. Onaway AB 1932

Stevenson began playing professionally in Alberta at 15 but later moved to Montreal where he got the Canadian Nighthawks together. That was when he recorded most of his many albums. He was popular from the late 1950s through the early 80s.

8.   James & The Good Brothers: Can’t Help Yourself
(Bruce Good)
James & The Good Brothers: Columbia Records C 30889
Richvale, ON
Bruce Good – lead vocal, autoharp
James Ackroyd: guitar
Brian Good: guitar
Brian Hilton – drums
Ollie Stong – steel
Mike McMasters – bass
Larry Good – banjo
Red Shea – guitars
Produced by Betty Cantor w/ James Ackroyd, Bruce & Brian Good, 1971
Recorded by Bob Matthews & Betty Cantor at Alembic Inc, San Fran & Eastern Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Crystal Sound Studio, Hollywood CA & Wally Heiders, San Francisco

9.   Lori Yates: Can’t Stop The Girl
(Linda Thompson / Betsy Cook)
Can’t Stop The Girl: Columbia Records 44278
Hamilton ON
Eddie Bayers
Wendy Waldman
Steve Gibson
Harry Stinson: drums
Paddy O’Corcoran
Tom Robb
Albert Lee
Mark Casstevens
Randy McCormick
Mark O’Connor: violin
Paul Franklin
Colleen Peterson: bg vocals
Roy Huskey
Mike Noble
Ferrell Morris
Randy Leroy
Produced by Steve Buckingham, 1989
Recorded by Joe Bogan & Marshall Morgan
Mixed by Marshall Morgan
Mastered by Denny Purcell at Georgetown Masters, Nashville TN

Yates began performing with Rang Tango, Toronto country – punk alternative band. Went solo – moved to Nashville where she got seriously into songwriting. She later formed Hey Stella with  Bazil Donovan (Blue Rodeo), David Baxter (Corin Raymond) and Michelle Josef (Prairie Oyster).

10. Bim: Cant Catch Me
(Roy Forbes)
Kid Full Of Dreams: Casino Records - CA1007
Vancouver BC
Bim a.k.a Roy Forbes: guitar, vocal
Doug Edwards bass
Kat Hendrikse drums, percussion
Terry Frewer lead guitar
Tom Baird piano
Claire Lawrence sax, harp, organ, flute
Susan Jacks bg vocal
Gary Koliger pedal steel
Betty Chaba bg vocals
Terry Frewer bg vocals
Produced by Claire Lawrence, 1975
Recorded by Dave Slagter at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver

11. Tannis Slimmon: Can’t See Through
(Tannis Slimmon)
Sixty Second Songs: DROG 100
Guelph ON
Tannis Slimmon: acoustic guitar, vocals
Steve Knox: guitar
Mike Findlay: guitar
Rob Leader: drums
Will Kee: bass
Produced by Lewis Melville, 2002

12. Moe Koffman: Sunshowers
(Moe Koffman / Doug Riley)
The Four Seasons: GRT Records 9230-1022
Toronto ON
Moe Koffman: flute
Terry Clark: drums
Don Thompson: bass
Doug Riley: keys
Bobby Edwards: guitar
Albert Pratz: Violin Concert Master
Bill Richards, Maurice Solway, Isdore Desser, Victoria Prolly, Adel Armin: violins
Peter Schenkman, Dave Heatherington: cellos
Dick Smith: congas
Michael Crade: percussion
Produced by Doug Riley, 1972
Recorded at Toronto Sound Studios by Terry Bowne

Morris "Moe" Koffman, OC (b. Toronto 28 December 1928 – 28 March 2001)

He recorded Swinging Shepherd Blues in 1957 which helped establish his reputation as a flautist and ranked him alongside Herbie Mann. The Swinging Shepherd Blues reached an incredible #23 on the Billboard pop chart.

Koffman received PRO Canada's Wm Harold Moon Award in 1981 and the Toronto Arts award for music in 1991. He was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (1997), and named an Officer of the Order of Canada (1993). He was named Flutist of the Year by the Annual Jazz Report Awards for 1993 and 1994

Koffman died of cancer in Orangeville, Ontario at the age of 72.

13. Devo: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
(Jagger / Richards)
Q. Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!: Warner Bros Records BSK 3238
Mark Mothersbaugh – lead and background vocals, keyboards, guitar
Gerald Casale – lead and background vocals, bass guitar, keyboards
Bob Mothersbaugh – lead guitar, backing vocals
Bob Casale – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Alan Myers – drums
Produced by Brian Eno and Davie Bowe, 1978
Recorded at Conny Planks Studio, Cologne, GM / Different Fur, San Francisco

From the very first Devo album, produced by Brian Eno and David Bowe in 1978. The band would perform Satisfaction on Saturday Night Live, October 14, 1978

14. The Go-Go’s: Can’t Stop The World
(Kathy Valentine)
Beauty And The Beat: IRS Records SP 70021
Los Angeles CA
Belinda Carlisle: lead vocal
Charlotte Caffey: lead guitar, keys, bg vocal
Gina Schock: drums
Kathy Valentine: bass, bg vocal
Jane Weilin: rhythm guitar, bg vocal
Produced by Richard Gottherer and Rob Freeman, 1981
Mastered by Creg Calbi

Formed in Los Angeles in 1978, The Go-Go’s were the first all female band to write their own songs and play their own music. This, their first album, Beauty And The Beat went double platinum and rode the number one spot on the Billboard chart for several weeks. They certainly paved the way for all-female bands.

15. Little Richard and His Band: The Girl Can’t Help It
(Bobby Troup)
45 single bw All Around The World: Specialty Records 591
Macon GA
Little Richard: vocal, keys
Produced 1956

Richard Wayne Penniman b. Macon GA December 5, 1932 / d. May 9, 2020 (87) Tullahoma, TN

From the motion picture “The Girl Can’t Help It”.

16. Peter Tosh: Can’t You See
(Peter Tosh)
Mystic Man: Rolling Stones Records QCOC 39111
Grange Hill, Jamaica
Peter Tosh: vocals, guitar, keys
Robbie Shakespeare: bass, guitar
Sly Dunbar: drums
Mikey Chung: keys, guitar, percussion
Robby Lyn: organ, piano
Ed Walsh: synth
George Young: sax, flute
Lou Marini: sax, flute
Howard Johnson: baritone sax
Barry Rogers: trombone
Mike Lawrence: trumpet
Gwen Guthrie, Yvonne Lewis, Brenda White: bg vocals
Produced by Peter Tosh, 1979
Recorded by Geoffrey Chung at Dynamic Sound, Kingston JM
Mixed by Geoffrey Chung at Sound Mixers, NYC
Mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic Studios, NYC

Peter Tosh b. 19 October 1944 Grange Hill, Jamaica / d. 11 Sept 1987(42) Westmoreland, Jamaica

Mystic Man is my favourite Peter Tosh album. Just after it came out, in 1979, I got to see him play at the Ontario Place Forum, in Toronto (with the revolving stage). Reggae was still new to most of us, Bob Marley was the only Reggae name most of us knew back then. Held together by Sly and Robby (bass and drums), the album, in my opinion, is perfect in every.

17. Blind Faith: Can’t Find My Way Home
(Stevie Windwood)
Blind Faith: Atco Records – SD33 – 304B
London UK
Eric Clapton: guitar
Stevie Winwood: guitar, keys, vocal
Ginger Baker: drums
Rick Grech: bass
Produced by Jimmy Miller, 1969

This album provoked controversy because the cover which featured a topless pubescent girl, holding in her hands a silver space ship. They did only did 1 tour &, according to Eric Clapton, played poorly but audiences loved them. Clapton grew unhappy with the band joined the Plastic Ono Band with John and Yoko and played in Toronto Rock Revival before joining forces with Derek and the Dominos and Delaney & Bonnie & Friends.

18.  Otis Redding: Can’t Turn You Loose /
(Otis Redding)
Pain In My Heart
(Naomi Neville aka Allen Richard Toussaint)
Live In Europe: Atco Records SD 33-286
Dawson GA
Otis Redding: vocals
Booker T. Jones - organ, piano, keyboards
Al Jackson, Jr. – drums
Donald "Duck" Dunn - bass
Steve Cropper - guitar
Produced by Tom Dowd, 1967

It was Redding's first live album as well as the only live album released during his lifetime, issued exactly five months before his death on December 10, 1967. The album was recorded during the Stax/Volt tour of Europe and Redding is backed by Booker T. & the MG's. Recorded at the Olympia Theatre, Paris; March 21, 1967.

 19. Al DiMeola: Advantage
(Jan Hammer)
Al Di Meola: Tour De Force: Columbia Records FC 38373
Jersey City, NJ
Al Di Meola: guitar
Jan Hammer: keys
Steve Gadd: drums
Anthony Jackson: bass
Mingo Lewis: percussion
Victor Godsey: keys
Phillippe Saisse: keys
Sammy Figueroa: percussion
Produced by Al Di Meola, 1982
Recorded live at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia by The Record Plant Mobile by Dennis MacKay
Mixed at Wizard Recording, Briacliff Manor, NYC

Al Laurence Di Meola b. July 22, 1954, Jersey City, NJ

When he was eight years old, he was inspired by Elvis Presley and the Ventures to start playing guitar. His teacher directed him toward jazz standards. He cites as influences jazz guitarists George Benson and Kenny Burrell and bluegrass and country guitarists Clarence White and Doc Watson. He attended Berklee College of Music in 1971. At nineteen, he was hired by Chick Corea to replace Bill Connors in the pioneering jazz fusion band Return to Forever. After that band broke up in 1976, he began his solo career. His early albums were influential among rock and jazz guitarists

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Corner Brook, NL                                             Killaloe & Wilno ON
Thursdays  2 pm NT                                          Various Times

Community Radio CIOE                               
97.5 FM                                                          
Lower Sackville NS
Sun 8 pm AT