33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
April 22, 2024
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Side One

1.   Love Sculpture: The Stumble – 1969
2.   Love Scuplture: Mars– 1970
3.   Love Sculpture: In The Land Of The Few 1970
4.   Nick Lowe: Lucky Dog – 1985
5.   Little Feat: Strawberry Flats – 1971
6.   La Dusseldorf: White Overalls – 1978
7.   Alex Lora & Tri: Maria Sabina – 1989
8.   Living Colour: Middleman – 1988
9.   Pink Floyd: Interstellar Overdrive (Take 6, Mono) – 1967
10. Love: Good Times – 1968
11. Lovin’ Spoonful: Didn’t Want To Have To Do It – 1966
12. Left Banke: I’ve Got Something On My Mind – 1967
13. Gary Lewis & Playboys: She’s Just My Style – 1966
14. Robbie Lane & The Disciples: You Gotta Have Love – 1966 *
15. Ojnab: Korolenka – 1995 *
16. Toby Keith: Red Solo Cup – 2011
17. The Chicks: Goodby Earl – 1999

Side Two

1.   Baskery: Shame and Dance – 2011
2.   Allan Erikssons Kvintett: Granebergar’n Polka – circa 1960
3.   L’etranger: Barricades  -  1982 *
4.   Daniel Lanois: Red – 2019 *
5.   kd lang: Luck In My Eyes – 1989 *
6.   Colin Linden: Chest Fever – 1988 *
7.   Lucky Seven: Rock and Roll Radio – 1987
8.   George Martin Orchestra: Theme One – 1968
9.   Gordon Lightfoot: Cape Horn – 1980 *
10. Labrador Black Spruce: North To Carol – 1992 *
11. Jim Layeux: Curly Top Jack – 1987 *
12. Lynx: Bye Bye – 1978 *
13. Return To Forever: Space Circus Pt 1 – 1974
14. Luvin’ Kind: Missy D.M. – 1968 *
15. Liverpool Set: Seventeen Tears To The End – 1966 *
16. Les Aristos: Ton visage maquille de joie (Message To Pretty) – 1968 *
17. Claire Lawrence: Hungry For The Good – 1973 *
18. Sparks Bros: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us – 1974
19. Love Sculpture: Sabre Dance - 1970
20. David Pritchard: Cats ‘N Cabbage – 1976 *

*CanCon = 41%

And Now for The Particulars

Side One

1.   Love Sculpture: The Stumble
(Freddy King / Sonny Thompson)
Blues Helping: Rare Earth R 505
Cardiff Wales, UK
John Williams: bass
Bob Jones: drums, vocals
Dave Edmunds: guitar, keys
Produced by Malcolm Jones & Kingsley Ward, 1969
Recorded by Peter Mew

Dave Edmunds b. April 15, 1944 Cardiff, Wales

As a ten-year-old, he first played in 1954 with a band called the Edmunds Bros, a piano duo with his older brother Geoff. Then the brothers were in the Stompers, later called the Heartbeats, formed around 1957.

Then Dave and Geoff were in The 99ers. After that Dave Edmunds was in Crick Feathers' Hill-Bills formed in about 1960. The first group that Edmunds fronted was The Raiders formed in 1961. In 1966, after a short spell in a Parlophone recording band, the Image (1965–1966), Edmunds shifted to a more blues-rock sound with the short-lived band, Human Beans. After just eighteen months, the core of Human Beans formed a new band called Love Sculpture who released their debut single "River to Another Day" in 1968. Their second single was a quasi-novelty reworking Aram Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance" as a speed- rock number. "Sabre Dance" became a hit after garnering the enthusiastic attention of British DJ John Peel,. After Love Sculpture split, Edmunds had a UK Christmas Number 1 single in 1970 with "I Hear You Knocking".  Although he continued to release solo albums, he was smart enough to get into production

2.   Love Sculpture: Mars
(Gustav Holst)
Forms And Feelings: Parrot Records 71035
Cardiff, Wales UK
Dave Edmunds: guitar
John David: bass
Rob 'Congo' Jones: drums
Produced by Dave Edmunds, Mike Finesilver & Pete Ker, 1970
Recorded at Maximum Sound Studios by Dave Hadfield

3.   Love Sculpture: In the Land of the Few
(Finesilver / Ker / Edmunds)
Forms And Feelings: Parrot Records 71035
Cardiff, Wales UK
Dave Edmunds: guitar
John David: bass
Rob 'Congo' Jones: drums
Produced by Dave Edmunds, Mike Finesilver & Pete Ker, 1970
Recorded at Maximum Sound Studios by Dave Hadfield

4.   Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit: Lucky Dog
(Nick Lowe)
The Rose Of England: Columbia Records USA BL39958
Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England
Nick Lowe: bass, vocals
Paul Carrack: keys
Martin Belmont: guitar
Bobby Irwin: drums, bg vocals
Produced by Nick Lowe and Colin Fairley, 1985
Recorded at Eden Studios, Acton by Irene Kelly and Boathouse Studios, Twickenham by Tony Phillips

Nicholas Drain Lowe (b. 24 March 1949) Walton-on-Thames

In 1979, Lowe married country singer Carlene Carter, daughter of fellow country singers Carl Smith and June Carter Cash and stepdaughter of Johnny Cash. The marriage ended in 1990, but they remained friends, and Lowe remained close to the Carter/Cash family. He played and recorded with Johnny Cash, and Cash recorded several of Lowe's songs.

5.   Little Feat: Strawberry Flats
(Bill Payne / Lowell George)
Little Feat: Warner Brothers WS 1890
Los Angeles CA
Lowell George – lead, rhythm and slide guitars, lead and backing vocals, harmonica
Bill Payne – keyboards, lead and backing vocals, piano
Roy Estrada – bass, backing vocals
Richard Hayward – drums, backing vocals
Produced by Russ Titelman. 1971
Recorded at United Western Recorders and The Record Plant, Los Angeles 1970

The Zappa connection: Formed by singer-songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist Lowell George and keyboardist Bill Payne in 1969. Lowell George met Bill Payne when George was a member of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention. Payne had auditioned for the Mothers, but had not joined. They formed Little Feat along with former Mothers' bassist Roy Estrada. The name of the band came from a comment made by Mothers' drummer Jimmy Carl Black about Lowell's "little feet". Lowell George died in 1979 of a heart attack related to his overdose of cocaine.

6.   La Düsseldorf: White Overalls
(Klaus Dinger)
Viva: 4 Men With Beards – 4M167
Düsseldorf, Germany
Vocals, Percussion – Thomas Dinger
Vocals, Percussion, Guitar – Klaus Dinger
Bass – Harald Konietzko
Drums, Percussion – Hans Lampe
Keyboards, Synthesizer – Nikolaus van Rhein
Piano – Andreas Schell
Producer, Mixed By, Recorded by La Düsseldorf, 1978

Their active years were between 1976 and 1983. During the late 1970s and early 1980s they were considered to be a highly influential Krout-Rock band by Brian Eno and David Bowie, with Bowie going so far as calling La Düsseldorf "the soundtrack of the eighties".

7.   Alex Lora Y Tri: Maria Sabina
(Alex Lora)
21 Anos Despuis WEA Records CXWM 6905 (cassette)
Mexico City
Alex Lora: guitar, vocals
Rafael Salgado: harmonic
Sergio Mancera: electric & rhythm guitar
Pedro Martinez: drums
Ruben Soriano: bass
Produced by Alex Lora, 1989

A spinoff of Three Souls in My Mind, formed in 1968. The group is regarded as influential in the development of Mexican rock music. As 3 Souls released 15 lps by 1985. Lora played bass. Started off singing in English but changed to Spanish after Mexico’s Woodstock called Festival de Avándaro 1971

Mexico had an anti-hippie anti-longhair policy (especially at the border). They banned Hair after only 1 performance and deported many progressive musicians. To get around holding the Festival, they billed it as a racing car event (sorta like Strawberry Fields the year before). Est 500,000 attended. 3 Souls were the last to play.

Alex Lora became the first Mexican rock band to have a Gold certified record with their album "Simplemente" The 2008 Lonely Planet guide to Mexico calls El Tri "the grandfathers of Mexican rock." 2006's Rock en España characterizes them as "Mexico's quintessential working-class rock outfit." They have been described in press as "Mexico's answer to the Rolling Stones": "Ancient, raunchy, but still hugely popular.

8.   Living Colour: Middleman
(V Reid / C Glover)
Vivid: Epic Records BFE-44099
Vernon Reid: guitar
Corey Glover: vocal
Muzz Skillings: bass
Will Calhoun: drums
Produced by Ed Stasium 1988

9.   Pink Floyd: Interstellar Overdrive Take 6 in mono
(Barrett / Waters / Mason / Wright)
Piper At The Gates of Dawn – 40th Anniversary: EMI 50990-503919
Rick Wright: keys
Roger Waters: bass
Syd Barrett: guitar, vocals
Nick Mason: drums
Produced by Norman Smith, 1967
Recorded by Peter Brown, Studio 3, EMI Studios London
Mastered by James Guthrie and Joel Plante at Das Boot Recordings, 2007

10. Love: Good Times
(Arthur Lee)
Love Revisited: Elektra Records EKS-74058
Los Angeles CA
Arthur Lee - lead vocals, piano, harmonica, rhythm guitar, congas
Jay Donnellan - lead guitar
Frank Fayad - bass
Drachen Theaker - drums
Produced by Arthur Lee, 1969
Compilation Produced by Jac Holzman, 1982
Recorded by Bruce Botnik

By mid-1968, Arthur Lee was the only remaining member of the Forever Changes line-up of Love.

11. Lovin’ Spoonful: Didn’t Want To Have To Do It
(John Sebastian)
Daydream: Kama Sutra Records KLP 8051 mono
Joe Butler: drums
Zal Yanovsky: lead guitar
John Sebastian: guitar
Steve Boone: bass, piano
Produced by Erik Jacobsen, 1966
Recorded by Val Valentin

12. Left Banke: I’ve Got Something On My Mind
(George Cameron / Steve Martin / Mike Brown)
Walk Away Rene / Pretty Ballerina: Smash Records SRS 67088
New York City, NY
Mike Brown: harpsichord, piano
Tom Finn: bass
George Cameron: drums
Steve Martin Caro: vocals
Rick Brand: guitar
Produced by Harry Lookofsky, 1966
Released February 1967
Recorded at World United Studios & Mercury Studios, New York City between 1965-66

13. Gary Lewis & Playboys: She’s Just My Style
(Lewis / Russell / Capps / Garrett)
Golden Greats: Liberty Records LRP 3468
Los Angeles CA
Gary Lewis: vocals
David Walker: Rhythm guitar
Allan Ramsay: Bass
David Costell: Lead guitar
John West: Organ and "Cordovox"
Jim Keltner: drums
Produced by Snuff Garrett 1966
Recorded 1965 by Dave Hassinger, Bones Howe, Henry Lewy

Gary Harold Lee Levitch, July 31, 1946, Los Angeles son of Jerry Lewis.

In 1965, Gary Lewis was Cash Box magazine's "Male Vocalist of the Year", winning against nominees Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Gary Lewis confirms that "She's Just My Style" is the song of his that gets the most airplay today on radio. He told interviewer in 2013 that he sought to emulate the style of The Beach Boys with the recording.

"That's exactly what we were going for too. Even before we started writing it we said 'Let's go for The Beach Boys thing; a little rock and roll with a lot of harmony and I was really happy the way we pulled it off."

The recording also has the distinction of being the very first session that legendary studio drummer Jim Keltner played on.

While appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show, Gary screwed up while lip-synching this song. Gary was up front, on guitar (he was the drummer), singing the vocals; when he thought the song was about to end cold, he stepped back, away from the microphone. However, the song had another bar to go and he had to rush back up to the mike to finish up.

14. Robbie Lane & The Disciples: You Gotta Have Love
(Neil Sedaka / Howard Greenfield)
45 single bw I’ll Know It: Capitol Records Canada 72357
Terry Bush (guitar)
Robbie Lane (vocals, trumpet)
Domenic Troiano (guitar)
Gene Trach (bass)
Sonny Milne (drums)
Marty Fisher (piano)
Bert Hermiston (saxophone, flute)
Produced by Stan Klees, 1966
Recorded at RCA Studios, Toronto

Robbie Lane And The Disciples received their big break in December 1963 when Ronnie Hawkins hired them as insurance for the soon to be defecting Hawks (who indeed did quit Hawkins' side to become The Band). Hawkins would have the Disciples playing upstairs at the Hawks' Nest while the Hawks themselves played downstairs at the Le Coq d'Or with Hawkins himself running sets between the two floors.

They were also host band for CTV-TV's 1967 teen show, 'It's Happening', which was also the name of their first and only album. Producer, Stan Klees, was one of the brains behind establishing, what is now The Juno Awards; he called them The Maple Leaf Awards.

15. Ojnab: Korolenka
(JP Loyer)
Le messager: Ojnab Musique - DC 01
Joliette, QC
Jean-Paul Loyer – banjo
Daniel Lemieux: fiddle, feet
Dany Lamoureux: guitar, mandolin
Jean-Claude Mirandette: fiddle, guitar
Mario Forest: harmonica
Paul Marchand: guitar
Jean-Claude Mirandette - guitar
Produced by Jean-Paul Loyer, 1995
Mastered by Jean-Paul Loyer and Denis Fréchette
Recorded by Denis Fréchette at #4 Rd Studio

Vintage Voices w DJ Jim and Laura Gillis:

16. Toby Keith: Red Solo Cup
(Brett Warren, Brad Warren, Brett Beavers, Jim Beavers)
Show Dog: Universal Music – B001559202
Clinton OK
Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals – Brad Warren, Brett Warren
Banjo [Six String], Backing Vocals – Brett Beavers
Bass, Backing Vocals – Jim Beavers
Toby Keith – guitar, vocals
Produced by Kenny Greenberg, 2011

17. The Chicks: Goodby Earl
(Dennis Linde)
Fly: Monument – NK 69678
Dallas TX
Accordion – Steve Conn
Acoustic Guitar – Paul Worley, Randy Scruggs
Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals [Harmony] – Emily Robison
Backing Vocals – Emily Robison, Martie Seidel, Natalie Maines, Paul Worley
Banjo – Emily Robison
Bass – Michael Rhodes
Bodhrán – John Mock
Concertina – John Mock
Drums – Greg Morrow
Fiddle – Martie Seidel
Guitar [Electric] – Pat Buchanan
Guitar [Steel] – Lloyd Maines
Keyboards – Matt Rollings, Steve Nathan
Lead Vocals – Natalie Maines
Organ [B-3] – Matt Rollings, Steve Nathan
Percussion – Terry McMillan, Tom Roady
Viola – Martie Seidel
Produced by Blake Chancey & Paul Worley, 1999
Recorded By Billy Sherrill
Mastered By Denny Purcell
Mixed By John Guess
Side Two

1.   Baskery: Shame and Dance
New Friends: Mother Tarantula MOACD001
Greta Bondesson: vocals, guitarbanjo, electric guitar, drums, vibraphone
Stella Bondesson: vocals, double bass
Sunniva Bondesson: vocals, guitars, cello
Produced by Ingemar Lundquist, 2011
Recorded at Studio Pungkula, Sweden

2.   Allan Erikssons Kvintett: Granebergar’n Polka
(John Weiland)
Accordion Music From Sweden: London Records – EB 21
Stockholm Sweden
Allan Erikssons - accordion

Produced circa 1960
Recorded by Barben, Sweden

Allan Gustav Eriksson, Swedish musician (accordion ) and composer . Born 13 October 1911
in Greksåsar , Nora mining district Västmanland / died 14 January 1993 in Södermalm, Stockholm .

Allan Eriksson started playing the accordion at age 14. He moved to Stockholm in 1931. He formed Allan Eriksson's Quintet in the 1940s. He had his own radio program in the 1940s and 1950s. He composed a total of 70 titles in Swedish. Was in the 1946 film - 100 Accordions and a Girl.

3.   L’etranger: Barricades
(Charlie Angus / Andrew Cash)
Innocent Hands EP: Sensible Record Company LET-001
Toronto ON
Andrew Cash, guitar, vocals
Peter Duffin, drums, vocals
Charlie (Chuck) Angus, bass, vocals
Produced by L'etranger, Greg Lunny and Mike Phillips, 1982
Recorded at Nova Sound June 1982, Toronto

According to Charlie Angus: “We were only about 18 when we wrote this and we just picked up the first Jam album.

4.   Daniel Lanois: Red
(Daniel Lanois)
The Music Of Red Dead Redemption II (Original Soundtrack): Lakeshore Records – LKS35477
Hamilton ON
Violin – Sebastian LeBlanc
Vocals, Guitar – Daniel Lanois
Produced by Daniel Lanois, Ivan Pavlovich, 2018
Released  2019

5.   kd lang: Luck In My Eyes
(kd lang / Ben Mink)
Absolute Torch And Twang: Sire Records  92 58771
Consort AB
Kd lang: vocal
Michael Pouliot: drums
John Dymond: bass
Michael Creber: piano
Greg Leisz: lap steel
Gordie Matthews: electric guitars
Ben Mink: acoustic guitar
Produced by Greg Penny, Ben Mink and kd lang, 1989
Recorded and mixed by Joe Seta and Greg Penny at Vancouver Studios, BC

Kathryn Dawn Lang, b. Consort AB, November 2, 1961

Her 4th album, it was her first collaboration with Ben Mink. IMHO it was the first album which truly reflected her energy.

6.   Colin Linden: Chest Fever
(J R Robertson)
When The Spirit Comes: A&M Records – SP 9143
Toronto / Nashville
Colin Linden: lead vocal, guitars
Rick Danko: harmony vocal
Gary Craig: drums
Shane Adams: bass
John Whynot: keys, percussion
Produced by John Whynot with Colin Linden, 1988

What a thrill it must have been for Colin to record a song that he loved, by The Band, and have Rick Danko provide a harmony vocal! Colin is currently living in Nashville, working mostly as a music producer / player.

7.   Lucky Seven: Rock and Roll Radio
(Barry Ryan)
Get Lucky: i.e. records i.e.7
Kenny Margolis: vocal, accordion, keys
Borris Kinberg: percussion
Joe D’Astolfo: bass
Joe Geary: drums
Barry Ryan: vocal, guitar
Produced by Rick Borgia, 1987
Recorded at Noise New York
Mixed by Steve Savage, San Francisco

Kenny Margolis is best known as the keyboard/accordion player for the popular and critically acclaimed rock band, Cracker. Lucky 7 was a side-project of Margolis and as far as I can tell, they only put out this one album. They were very popular in Canada, especially in Montreal where they wowed the crowd at the city’s Jazz Festival. Now Magazine in Toronto said of them: "No doubt about it, Lucky 7 is among the most fun, freewheeling live acts going."

8.   George Martin Orchestra: Theme One
(George Martin)
45 single bw Elephants And Castles: United Artists – UP 1194
London UK
Produced by George Martin – 1968

Sir George Henry Martin CBE (b. London 3 January 1926 / d. Wiltshire 8 March 2016)

Was used as the theme to BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Special radio show
Both songs appeared on the LP British Maid (London By George in the US)

9.   Gordon Lightfoot: Ghosts of Cape Horn
(Gordon Lightfoot)
Dream Street Rose: Warner Bros – XHS 3426
Orillia / Toronto ON
Gordon Lightfoot: guitar, vocal
Terry Clements: lead guitar
Rick Haynes: bass
Pee Wee Charles: pedal steel
Barry Keane: drums
Produced by Gordon Lightfoot, Larry Waronker & Russ Titelman – 1980
Recorded & Mixed by Lee Herschberg
Mastered by Bobby Hata

10. Labrador Black Spruce: North To Carol
(Bill Tilley)
Love of the Land: Canadian Broadcasting Corp - BDRC-272 (cassette)
Labrador City / Wabush NL
Willie Arsenault – guitar, vocals
Ron Harvey – guitars
Ric Burt – banjo, mandolin
Cec Fry – bass
Mike Wilcott – accordion
Nick Kennedy – guitars
Produced by Glen Tilley, 1992
Recorded by Terry Winsor at Studio F, CBC Radio, St. John's

11. Jim Layeux: Curly Top Jack
(Jim Layeux)
Jim Layeux: Stemwall Music WRC1-5212
Jim Layeux: guitar, harmonica, vocal
David Woodhead: bass
Buddy Weston: banjo
Ron Sellwood: accordion
Norm Hacking: bg vocal
Produced by Tim Harrison -  1987
Recorded by George Axon with Jamie Sulek at Axon Music

If memory serves me well, he was originally from the Ottawa Valley, came to Toronto in the mid-80s and got involved with singer-songwriters like Norm Hacking and Tim Harrison. Harrison produced this album using some of the finest backup musicians on the burgeoning Toronto folk scene in 1987. The album was great but without proper management and a professional attitude to ‘making it’, Layeux rode a little crest of popularity in the Toronto folk world before petering out. He later did some with Melwood Cutlery. No idea what he’s doing now.

12. Lynx: Bye Bye
(Tony Caputo)
Sneak Attack: Quality Records SV 1953
Tony Caputo: lead vocal, keys, sax
Norm Paulin: vocals, guitar
Jim Differ: drums
Daryl Peterson: bass
Produced by Bob Morten, 1978
Recorded by Kurt Hagen, John Richardson at Thunder Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Alan Moy and ‘Cub’ Richardson at JAMF Toronto

13. Return To Forever: Space Circus Pt 1
(Chick Corea)
Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy: Polydor Records 2310 283
Chelsea MA
Chick Corea: keys, percussion
Stan Clarke: bass
Bill Connors: guitars
Lenny White: drums
Produced by Chick Corea, 1973
Recorded at The Record Plant by Shelly Yakus
Mastered at The Master Cutting Room by Tom Robstenek

14. Luvin’ Kind: Missy D.M.
(J Telfer)
45 single bw Without Her: Stone Records / Now Records 601
Winnipeg MB
Eddie Leclair: lead guitar
Jerry Leclair: bass
Alan Schick: rhythm guitar
Len Fidkalo: drums
Doug Dodd: keys
George Crakewich aka George Little: vocal
Produced by Jerry Leclair, 1968

Late 60s outfit from Winnipeg / St Boniface Manitoba, first formed 1966 and lasted until 1972. Len Fidkalo had originally played drums with Neil Young & The Squires. Originally called Luvin’ Kind, they changed the spelling to Luvin’ Kynd for the release of Missy D.M.

15. The Liverpool Set: Seventeen Tears to The End
(Dave Donnell / E Lancing)
45 Single: Columbia C4-43813
Dave Donnell [aka Lachlan Macfadyen]  (vocals, guitar)
Jack Douglas (bass)
Kent Daubney (drums)
Evan Hunt (guitar)
Garry Nelson (guitar)
Shane Sennet (bass)
Produced by Don Law & Frank Jones - 1966

Following the demise of the band, Dave Donnell aka Lachlan Macfadyen, would join the Townsmen. Later, he would team with Kent Daubney and Jack Douglas would form Waterfront Productions; Macfadyen would discover and produce Harlequin and has worked with Joe Hall's Rancho Banano; Douglas would go on to produce John Lennon, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and The Trews among others; Daubney is currently owner of the Polar Bar ice cream parlour in Unionville, Ontario.

16. Les Aristos: Ton visage maquillé de joie (Message To Pretty)
(Arthur Lee)
45 single bw Va Plus Loin: Les Disques Millionnaires ‎– MG-100101
Sherbrooke QC
Alain Robert: guitar
Donald Bélanger: organ, vocals
Julien Hébert: guitar
Pierre Pothier: bass
Yves Côté: drums
Produced 1968

Originally known as The Aristoscrates, they performed for a year and a half (1965-1966) on a TV program entitled: “Un..deux..trois..Aristos” out of Sherbrooke. In 1966, they had their greatest success with the Arthur Lee (Love) song “Message to Pretty". The following year, the group changed its name to that of the Aristos but broke up in 1968

17. Claire Lawrence: Hungry For The Good
(Claire Lawrence)
Leaving You Free: Haida Records HL-5103
Vancouver BC
Claire Lawrence: saxes, vocals
Jim Gordon: drums
Max Bennett: bass
Larry Carlton: guitar
Dean Parks: guitar
Brett Wade: guitar
Produced by Claire Lawrence and Clarence MacDonald, 1973
Recorded by Tom Vicari, Norm Kinney & Eric Potter at A&M Studios Hollywood CA
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

Claire Lawrence (born 1939)

Claire began performing in Vancouver band The Collectors. After they changed their name and image (to Chilliwack), Lawrence left after recording their first album and got into music production in a big way. In the 1970s he produced The Great Canadian Gold Rush for CBC Radio, hosted by Terry David Mulligan. From 1986 to 1990, he scored the music for the long-running CBC series, The Beachcombers. He’s also produced many other Canadian artists.

18. Sparks Bros: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us
(Ron Mael)
Kimono My House: Island 984 341 7
Culver City CA
Russell Mael: vocals, keys
Ron Mael: vocals
Martin Gordon: bass
Dinky Diamond: drums
Adrian Fisher: guitars
Produced by Muff Winwood, 1974
Recorded by Tony Platt and Richard Digby-Smith
Mixed by Bill Price
Mastered At Artisan Sound Recorders, Los Angeles

19. Love Sculpture: Sabre Dance
(Aram Khachaturian)
Forms And Feelings: Parrot Records 71035
Cardiff, Wales UK
Dave Edmunds: guitar
John David: bass
Rob 'Congo' Jones: drums
Produced by Dave Edmunds, Mike Finesilver & Pete Ker, 1970
Recorded at Maximum Sound Studios by Dave Hadfield

Just 3 minutes of a 12 minute guitar solo.

20. David Pritchard: Cats ‘N Cabbage
(David Pritchard)
Nocturnal Earthworm Stew: Island Records ILPS 9422
Toronto ON
David Pritchard: keys, synths, tape loops
Produced by David Pritchard, 1976
Recorded in Cabbagetown, Toronto, April 13, 1974 by Mike McDonald, Larry Roy and John Molson on Sony Tape deck about 5 a.m. at Sonic Workshop, Toronto

David Pritchard b. Oct. 18, 1944 / d. Toronto Feb 2005 (60)

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