33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
March 25, 2024
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Side A

1.   Billy Dinn: Buttons In The Wind – 1982 *
2.   Los Bravos: Black Is Black – 1965
3.   Edmund Hockridge: That Old Black Magic – 1957 *
4.   Fleetwood Mac: Black Magic Woman – 1968
5.   The Kinks: Big Black Smoke – 1966
6.   Louis Belson’s Jazz Allstars: Punkin’ – 1952
7.   Joni Mitchell: Black Crow – 1976 *
8.   Gordon Lightfoot: Black Day In July – 1968 *
9.   Sarah McLachlan: Blackbird – 2008 *
10. Tim Hus: Man With the Black Hat – 2008 *
11. Stompin’ Tom Connors: Black Donnelley’ Massacre – 1968 *
12. Bob Hadley: Reflections on English Bay – 1973 *
13. Hayley & The Pirate Queens: Little Black Egg – 2023 *
14. Fraser & Hughes: A Walk Through The Black Forest – 1965 *
15. The Paupers: Black Thank You Package – 1967 *
16. Rolling Stones: Paint It Black – 1966
17. Fergus Hambleton: Slow Fade Into Black – 2019 *
18. Batstone: Roses On Black – 1984 *
19. Ken Nordine: Black – 1966
20. Guess Who: Made In England – 1964 *

B Side

1.   Vince Taylor & Playboys: Jet Black Machine – 1960
2.   Lord Buckley: The Black Cross – 1959
3.   The Wanamaker Lewis Trio: Blackjack County Chain – 1984
4.   Charlie MacKinnon: Black Around The Eye – 1964 *
5.   The Travellers: Blackfly Song – 1960 *
6.   Plaid: Da Matter – 2016
7.   Fairport Convention: The Bonny Black Hare – 1985
8.   Finnagan’s Tongue: Black Donald Mine – 1995 *
9.   Harry Hibbs: Black Velvet Band – 1968 *
10. Miles Davis: Black Comedy - 1968
11. Ojnab: La marche au camp – 1995 *
12. Chubby Checker: Black Cloud – 1963
13. The Blue Valley Boys: Black Mountain Rag – 1964 *
14. Big Bill Broonzy: Black, Brown & White – 1951
15. Dave Edmunds & Rockpile: Black Bill – 1970
16. Bruce Cockburn: Islands In A Black Sky – 1973 *

CanCon = 58%

And Now for The Particulars

Side A

1.   Billy Dinn: Buttons In The Wind
Buttons In The Wind: The Music Takes Me Back – CCPS 2372
Welland ON

Billy Dinn: Vocal, accordion, guitar, piano
Roy Penney: guitar, 5 string banjo
Rusty Walker: steel
Brian Twaites: bass
Cam Kinglin: drums
Milo Crumb: fiddle
Dianne Pimroy Stoetzel: bg vocal
Produced by Roy Penney & Billy Dinn,  1984
Recorded by Vince Nyuli & Kirk Caseley at Rainbow Recording, Niagara Falls ON
Mastered at McClear Place, Toronto

Originally from Fortune Bay, Newfoundland, Dinn came to Ontario to make some money adding to the Newfoundlander Diaspora. Fortunately, you couldn’t take the Newfoundland out of ‘em if you tried. Years later he’s still playing the accordion like this.

2.   Los Bravos: Black Is Black
(Tony Hayes / Steve Wadey / Michelle Grainger)
45 single bw I Want A Name: Press Records PRE 60002
Madrid SP
Mike Kogel: lead vocals
Antonio Martinez: guitar
Manuel Fernández: electric organ
Miguel Vicens Danus: bass
Pablo Gomez: drums
Produced by Ivor Raymonde 1966

Black is Black was their only major hit song. While most of the group were from Spain, lead vocalist Mike Kogel was from Germany. Lead singer Mike Kogel's vocals sounded so similar to Gene Pitney that many listeners assumed that "Black Is Black" was a Pitney single.

3.   Edmund Hockridge: That Old Black Magic
(Arlen / Mercer)
A Canadian In London: Quality / Nixa NPL 18004
Vancouver BC
Edmund Hockridge: vocals
Tony Osborne: piano, conductor
Produced by Michael Barclay and Alan Freeman, 1957
Recorded by Joe Meek

4.   Fleetwood Mac: Black Magic Woman
(Peter Green)
English Rose: Epic Records - BN 26446
London UK
Peter Green - guitar
Danny Kirwan - guitar
Jeremy Spencer - piano
Mick Fleetwood - drums
John McVie - bass
Produced by Mike Vernon 1968

Originally recorded by Fmac in 1968, it became a mega-hit for Santana from the Abraxas album in 1970. The original recording by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac featured guitars that were slightly below standard pitch, probably due to them being tuned to a piano or another guitar in the recording studio

5.   The Kinks: Big Black Smoke
(R Davies)
45 single bw Dead End Street: Pye Records 813
London UK
Ray Davies, guitar
Dave Davies, guitar
Mick Avory, bass
Pete Quaife, drums
Produced by Shel Talmy, 1966
Recorded at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
Released 18 November 1966

This song is another one of those gems you don’t realize you’ve got. The b side to Dead End Street, this song is about a woman who comes to the big smoke (city) to try and find her child. A hard hitting song that’s reminiscent of their early crooning English style like we heard in Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Sunny Afternoon and A Well Respected Man.

6.   Louis Belson’s Jazz Allstars: Punkin’
(Shorty Rogers)
Part 1: Capitol Records EAP l-348
Louis Bellson: drums
Willie Smith: alto sax
Harry Carney: baritone sax
Juan Tizol: trombone
Clark Terry: trumpet
Wardell Gray: tenor sax
Billy Strayhorn: piano
Wendell Marshall: bass
John Graas: french horn
Produced by Gene Norman 1952

Luigi Paulino Alfredo Francesco Antonio Balassoni b. Rock Falls IL July 6, 1924 / d. February 14, 2009 Los Angeles (89)

7.   Joni Mitchell: Black Crow – 1976 *
(Joni Mitchell)
Hejira: Asylum: 7ES 1087
Joni Mitchell: vocals, rhythm guitar
Jaco Pastorius: bass
Larry Carlton: lead guitar
Produced by Joni Mitchell, 1976
Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood by Henry Lewy
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

8.   Gordon Lightfoot: Black Day In July
(G Lightfoot)
Lightfoot: United Artists 6649
Gordon Lightfoot: guitars, vocals
John Stockfish: bass
Red Shea: guitar
Herb Lovelle: drums
Huey McCracken: guitar
Produced by John Simon-Groscourt, 1968

9.   Sarah McLachlan: Blackbird
(Lennon / McCartney)
Rarities, B-Sides, And Other Stuff 2: Nettwerk – 0 6700 30796 2 4
Halifax NS
Acoustic Guitar – Sean Ashby
Bass Drum – Chris Potter (3)
Keyboards – Pierre Marchand
Vocals, Piano [Toy] – Ashwin Sood
Produced by Pierre Marchand, 2008

10. Tim Hus: Man With the Black Hat
(T Hus)
Songs of West Canada:  No label or Serial
Calgary AB
Thomas Butteweg –
Peta Devlin –
Ecki Heins –
Thomas Wenzel –
Produced by Peter Stein, 2002
Recorded by Peter Stein, Hamburg, Germany

11. Stompin’ Tom Connors: Black Donnelley’s Massacre
(TC Connors)
On Tragedy Trail: Capitol Records Canada C1-93045
Saint John NB
Tom Connors: guitar, vocals
Produced by Tom Connors, 1968

Stompin’ Tom’s first two albums were solo efforts featuring him on guitar, boots and vocals., These albums were originally released by Rebel Records and had to be re-recorded for the Dominion Records release which was subsequently picked up by Capitol Records of Canada.

12. Bob Hadley: Reflections on English Bay
(Robert Hadley)
The Raven: Raven Records RXS 7303
Vancouver BC
Bob Hadley, guitar
Produced by Bob Hadley, 1973
Recorded by Rolf Hennemann at Can-Base Studios

Originally from UK, this album was released both in Canada and UK. Guitar Player Magazine has called Hadley "A fingerpicking talent on a par with anyone recording today". This was the first of 3 albums. At the time he was considered to be up there with John Fahey as a guitar vitruoso.

13. Hayley & The Pirate Queens: Little Black Egg
(Hayley Austin)
45 Test Pressing bw Little Black Egg by Bad Tractor: as yet, unreleased
Belleville ON
Hayley Austin: guitar, vocals
Tim Hadley: bass, bg vocals
Nathan Mahaffy: drums
Produced by Nicholas Tjelios, 2023
Recorded at Big Red Button Studio, Belleville
Mastered by Phillip Shaw Bova

A test pressing with Belleville’s Bad Tractor on one side and Hayley & The Pirate Queens on the other performing the same song. Hayley Austin – originally from Portsmouth, UK – met bass player Tim Hadley at a jam session and have been performing her repertoire of quirky songs for several years now. This is their first release. I’ll let you know when it’s officially released.

14. Fraser & Hughes: A Walk Through The Black Forest
(Horst Jankowski)
Canadian Talent At Work: Canadian Talent Library Records D 103
Toronto ON
Compilation Produced 1965

Horst Jankowski b. Berlin GM 30 January, 1936 / d. 29 June, 1998 Sonoton GM, cancer

15. The Paupers: Black Thank You Package
(Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop)
Magic People: Verve Forecast - FTS 3026
Toronto, ON
Adam Mitchell, guitar, vocals
Skip Prokop, drums, vocals
Dennis Gerrard, bass
Chuck Beal. guitar
Produced by Rick Shorter, 1967
Recorded by Val Valentin at Columbia Studios, NYC
Released July 1, 1967

The first album by The Paupers, Magic People, was really like two different albums! Side one is this amazing amalgam of psychedelic rock where every song is a perfect addition to the set while side two seems more like a random collection of songs that don’t hold together. This song is from the first side, 3rd song. After freaking out on drugs at the Monterey Pop Festival, bassist Denny Gerrard was replaced. He later showed up playing in the McKenna Mendelson Mainline and is heard on the bootleg McKenna Mendelson Blues (1969) on Paragon Records by John Irvine, the same guy that Stompin’ Tom claimed screwed him (for his Rebel Records releases).

16. Rolling Stones: Paint It Black
(Keith Richards / Mick Jagger)
Aftermath: London Records LL 3476
London UK
Mick Jagger: vocal
Keith Richard: guitar, bg vocal
Brian Jones: sitar
Bill Wyman: bass
Charlie Watts: drums
Produced by Andrew Loog Oldham 1966
Recorded by Dave Hassinger at RCA Studios, Hollywood CA

The Stones’ 6th No. 1 hit (UK), it has the distinction of being the first number one hit featuring a sitar. The song plays during the end credits of the film Full Metal Jacket

17. Fergus Hambleton: Slow Fade Into Black
(Fergus Hambleton)
NeighbourHoods: Current Records 40391
Tim Bovaconti: guitar
Neil Chapman: guitar
Eric St. Laurent: guitar
George Koller: bass
Bob Cohen: bass
Davide DiRenzo: drums
John Adames: drums
Michael Daquevado, Ed Hanley: percussion
Julie Long: piano
Lou Pomanti: organ
Kevin Fox: cello
Drew Jurecka: violin
Howard Moore: trumpet
Ryan Garbett: French horn
Hermina George, Julie Long, Emily Steinwall, Tim Bovaconti: bg vocals
Fergus Hambleton: vocals, guitar, piano, recorder, clarinet, sax
Produced by Fergus Hambleton, 2019
Recorded at Kensington Sound, Toronto by Vezi Tayyeb
Mastered by Joao Carvalho

One of the mainstays of the great Canadian reggae band The Sattalites, Fergus is a Juno Award winning singer-songwriter.

18. Batstone: Roses on Black
(Dean Batstone)
Batstone: Altair Four Record Productions WRC1 2817
Lanark ON
Dean Batstone: guitars
Barry Meredith, bass
T Bruce Wittet, drums
Ernie Fraser, guitars
Dave Binder, guitars
Brian Downey, percussion
Produced by The Mean Machine 1982
Recorded by John Cybanski at Altair Four Studios, Lanark ON

In 2007 Dean Batstone moved down to upper New York State, mostly to get his music out there. He’s recorded a total of 11 albums since he began his career three decades ago.

19. Ken Nordine: Black
(Ken Nordine / Dick Campbell)
Colors: A Sensuous Listening Experience: Philips – PHM 200-224
Cherokee, Iowa
Ken Nordine: recitation
Richard Campbell: Flute, Vibraphone, Marimba, Harpsichord, Drums
Produced 1966
Recorded by James C. Cunningham

Ken Nordine b. April 13, 1920 Cherokee, Iowa / d. February 16, 2019 (98) Chicago

The Million Dollar Voice!

20. Bob Ashley & The Reflections (Guess Who): Made In England
(Randy Bachman)
Single: Reo Records 8735X
Winnipeg MB
Chad Allan (vocals/guitar)
Bob Ashley (keyboards)
Randy Bachman (guitars)
Jim Kale (bass)
Garry Peterson (drums)
Produced 1963

The early Guess Who. Released on Quality Records Reo subsidiary, deliberately mis-credited to Bob Ashley & The Reflections. By 1965, the group was forced to change its name to Chad Allan & the Expressions after a U.S. group called The Reflections had scored a hit with "Just Like Romeo & Juliet".

B Side

1.   Vince Taylor and The Playboys: Jet Black Machine
(Clifford Adams)
45 single: Palette Records PG 9001
Isleworth UK
Vince Taylor: vocals
Bobbie Clarke: drums
Johnny Vance: bass
Alain Le Claire: piano
Tony Harvey: guitar
Produced 1960

Brian Maurice Holden b. Isleworth, Middlesex UK July 14, 1939 / d. Lutry Switzerland Aug 28, 1991

According to David Bowie, Taylor was the main inspiration behind the Ziggy Stardust character.

2.    Lord Buckley: The Black Cross
(Joseph Simon Newman)
Lord Buckley In Concert: Demon Verbals: Verb 4
New York City, NY
Richard (Lord) Buckley: monologue

Produced by Richard Bock - 1985
Recorded live at the Ivar Theatre, Hollywood CA Feb. 1959

A poem by actor Paul Newman’s grandfather, Joseph Simon Newman, published in his 1948 collection It Could Be Verse!. Early in his career, Bob Dylan performed the poem, in slightly shortened form, as a spoken piece with guitar accompaninent in a style based on that of Lord Buckley. Two amateur recordings exist: on one of the Minnesota Hotel Tapes, December 1961, and on the Second Gaslight Tape, October 1962.

3.   The Wanamaker Lewis Trio: Blackjack County Chain
(Red Lane)
The Wanamaker Lewis Trio: Punchdrunk Records – 08-022861-20
Washington DC
Wanamaker Lewis: guitars, banjo, lead vocal
Richard Drueding: guitar
Ron Greenstein: bass
Produced by Wanamaker Lewis Trio, Scott Sinkler and Al Streiner, 1984
Recorded at Magnetic Recorder, Philadelphia by Scott Sinkler and Robert Wakeley

This song was a minor hit for Willie Nelson. Wanamaker got his version from Doc Watson after hearing Doc do it live in Colorado coz he never recorded it. I got this album from musician Rick Bauer around 1990.

4.   Charlie MacKinnon: Black Around The Eyes
Songs of My Cape Breton Home: Arc Records A547
Little Bras D’Or NS
Charlie MacKinnon: guitar, vocals
Produced 1964

b Sydney, Cape Breton, NS, 25 Nov 1919

At age 10, he started playing guitar and became interested in music by country musicians such as Hank Snow, Wilf Carter and Jimmy Rodgers. When he was 15, he began to write his own folk songs.

Years later, he would meet Lillian Crewe Walsh, a poet from Glace Bay. Walsh suggested that MacKinnon write music for some of her poems. He chose to write the music for six poems, which he recorded along with some of his own material. His first single The Ghost of Bras d'Or was released around 1948. The song became a hit across Canada and a Canadian country standard.

Instead of focusing on touring and developing his music career, MacKinnon kept his job at the Sydney Steel Plant but he continued to perform songs on CJCB Radio. He was also invited to play at the Newport Folk Festival by Pete Seeger.

5.   The Travellers: Blackfly Song
(Wade Hemsworth)
Quilting Bee: Columbia Records FL 261
Simone Johnstone: soprano
Jerry Gray: tenor, banjo
Jerry Goodis: baritone
Sid Dolgay: bass, mandocello
Jack Lander: bass
Ed Bickert: guitar
Produced by Samuelo Goldberg, 1960

6.   Plaid: Da Matter
The Digging Remedy: Warp Records: LP277B
London UK
Andy Turner and Ed Handley: electronics
Benet Walsh: flute, guitar
Produced by Plaid, 2016
Mastered by Noel Summerville

7.   Fairport Convention: The Bonny Black Hare
Feed The Folk: Temple Records  FTP01
Simon Nicol  vocals, guitar, viola
Dave Swarbrick  vocals, violin, mandolin
Dave Pegg  vocals, bass guitar, violin, mandolin
Bruce Rowland  drums, percussion, bass guitar
Produced by Fairport Convention  1979
Compilation album produced  1985
Mastered by Max Walker at Trident Studios, London
Taken from LP Farewell, Farewell

A bawdy folk ballad. It uses the hunters gun to suggest a sexual quest.  This version was collected from an Irish labourer, Mr Morrow, at Walberswick, Suffolk, in 1938. It was also collected in much the same form in the state of Arkansas but was considered too riske for publication.

8.   Finnigan’s Tongue: Black Donald Mine    
(Finnigan’s Tongue)
Howl: Ubique Records FTH0195
Waterloo ON
John Pierce: vocal, harmonica, penny whistle, kazoo
Tommy Stinson: bass
Michael Torreiter: guitar
Mike Wert: acoustic guitar
Garth Wittich: drums
Produced by Steve Wilson, Ron Chilton and Finnigan’s Tongue, 1995
Recorded at The Orange Room, Fergus ON by Ron Chilton & Steve Wilson

Heavy Metal folk band from Waterloo ON – together in the 90s. Put out on Cassette tape only.

9.   Harry Hibbs: Black Velvet Band
At the Caribou Club: Arc Records 794
Bell Island NL
Harry Hibbs: vocal, accordion
Johnny Burke: bass
Brian Barron: mandolin, fiddle
Roddy Lee: drums
Bob Lucier: steel
Produced by Ben Weatherby, 1968
Recorded at Bay Studios, Toronto

Henry Thomas Joseph Hibbs b. Bell Island NL Sept 11, 1942 / d. Dec 21, 1989 Toronto (47)

Hibbs had his own weekly tv show called At The Caribou on Hamilton’s CHCH TV 11 starting in 1968 which ran until 1976.

10. Miles Davis: Black Comedy
(Miles Davis)
Miles In The Sky: Columbia Records USA CS 9628
Alton, Illinois
Miles Davis: trumpet
Herbie Hancock: pianos
Wayne Shorter: tenor sax
Ron Carter: bass
Tony Williams: drums
Produced by Teo Macero, 1968

11. Ojnab: La marche au camp
(JP Loyer)
Le Messager: Ojnab Music DC 01
Joliette QC
Christopher Layer: flutes, pipes
Daniel Lemieux: fiddle
Jean-Paul Loyer: banjo
Jeani-Claude Mirandette: guitar
Paul Marchand: guitar
Produced by Jean-Paul Loyer, 1995
Mastered by Jean-Paul Loyer and Denis Fréchette
Recorded by Denis Fréchette at #4 Rd Studio

12. Chubby Checker: Black Cloud
(Bill Brock)
45 rpm single bw Birdland: Parkway Records - P-873X
Spring Gulley, SC, USA
Chubby Checker: vocal
Produced 1963
Mastered at Audio Matrix by Stan Ricker

Ernest Evans b. Spring Gully SC Oct 3, 1941

As a teen, he worked at a produce market and would sing and tell jokes. It was his boss there who started calling him Chubby. It was American Bandstand host Dick Clark, who’s wife thought Chubby Checker would be a better name. He would imitate other singers: Frankie Avalon, Ricky Nelson, Elvis and even The Chipmunks. That was his schtick before The Twist became the new rage around 1960.

13. The Blue Valley Boys: Black Mountain Rag
On Stage At The Drake: Arc - 579
Toronto ON
Bunty Petrie: fiddle  West Bathurst NB
Dick Nolan: guitar Corner Brook NL
Roy Penny: guitar Corner Brook NL
Johnny Bourque (Burke): bass - Rosaireville NB
Moose Latreck: MC
Producer Unknown, 1964

14. Big Bill Broonzy: Black, Brown & White    
(Wm Broonzy)
Feelin' Low Down: GNP Crescendo – GNPS-10004
Mississippi or Arkansas
Big Bill Broonzy: guitar, vocals
Produced 1951
Compilation album released 1973

Lee Conley Bradley b. June 26, 1893 or 1903 / d. August 14, 1958 (55 or 65) Chicago

15. Dave Edmunds Rockpile: Black Bill
(Dave Edmunds)
45 single bw I Hear You Knocking: MAM Records – MAM 1
Cardiff Wales
Dave Edmunds (vocals, guitar)
Nick Lowe (vocals, bass guitar)
Billy Bremner (vocals, guitar)
Terry Williams (drums).
Produced by Dave Edmunds, 1970

David William Edmunds b. 15 April 1944 Cardiff, Wales

Another great British blues guitar player who began recording with a trio called Love Sculpture in 1968. They put out two albums, both totally different. Then he went on to form Rockpile who went on to record mostly as a solo artist. Also known for abilities in the studio as a credited producer.

16. Bruce Cockburn: Islands In A Black Sky
(Bruce Cockburn)
Night Vision: True North TN11
Bruce Cockburn: guitar
Pat Godfrey: keys
Dennis Pendrith: bass
Produced by Eugene Martynec and Bruce Cockburn,  1973
Recorded by Bill Seddon at Thunder Sound Studios, Toronto
Cover painting by Alex Colville

And Now for The Particulars

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