33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
March 18, 2024
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Side One

1.   Heads In the Sky: Heads In Rio – 1981 *
2.   The Association: Never My Love – 1967
3.   Bob McBride: Never Believe – 1978 *
4.   Chuck Berry: You Never Can Tell – 1964
5.   Billie Holiday: I’ll Never Smile Again – 1959
6.   The Payolas w Carole Pope: Never Said I Loved You – 1982 *
7.   Frank Zappa: Peaches En Regalia – 1969
8.   Ronney Abramson: Never Seem To Get Along Without You – 1976 *
9.   Two Bits: Never To Leave – 1966 *
10. Doug Cox & Bettysoo: Never The Pretty Girl – 2014 *
11. Joe King: Daddy’s Never Here – 198? *
12. Terra Lightfoot: Never Will – 2015 *
13. Portage & Main: Never Had The Time – 2013 *
14. Domenic Troiano: Ambush – 1978 *   
15. The Seekers: I’ll Never Find Another You – 1965
16. Simon & Garfunkel: Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall – 1966
17. Dionne Warwick: I’ll Never Love this Way Again – 1979
18. Don Williams: Some Broken Hearts Never Mend – 1977
19. Bert Kaempfert: Never My Love – 1972
20. Glen Reid: My Green Valleys – 1978 *

The BEE Side

1.   Downchild Blues Band: Can’t Lose What You Never Had – 1973 *
2.   Otis Spann: The Blues Never Die – 1965
3.   Salome Bey: You Never Give Me Your Money – 1981 *
4.   Ellen McIlwaine: Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune – 1973 *
5.   Ojnab: Hommage a Andre Alain – 1995 *
6.   Creamcheeze Goodtime Band: Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies – 1971 *
7.   Bradley: I Lobster But Never Flounder – 1984 *
8.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Never Want To See The World Again – 1988 *
9.   Hank Williams: I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You – 1949
10. Laura Repo & Blue Healers: The Train Never Stops at Kingston – 2004 *
11. Oscar Peterson w Bucky Pizzarelli: Eleanor Rigby – 1969 *
12. The Coal Porters: Never Right His Wrong - 2012
13. Blondie: Accidents Never Happen – 1979
14. Echo & The Bunnymen: Never Stop – 1983
15. Syd Barrett: I Never Lied To You – 1970
16. The Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows – 1966 (2022)
17. Triumvirat: Roundabout – 1974
18. George Jones & Patti Page: You Never Looked That Good When You Were Mine – 1986

*CanCon = 53%

And Now for The Particulars

Side One

1.   Heads In The Sky: Heads In Rio
(Russ Walker)
Heads In the Sky: Illuminated Records IR 001
Oak Ridges ON
Russ Walker: keys, guitar, percussion
Steve Webster: bass
Gerry Fielding: drums
Chris McKim: mellotron

Produced by Russ Walker, 1981
Recorded by Russ Walker and Brock Fricker, Rene Brossard and Gerry Fielding
Recorded at Brock Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Amber Studios by George Simkiw and Paul Bonish and Zaza Sound, Toronto

The brainchild of Oak Ridges, Ontario musician Russ Walker. The band released one album and an EP on their own Illuminated Records. The full-length LP was also released in Japan, Holland and Germany.

Drummer Gerry Fielding had previously been in FAT MOUTH, the house band at the original 'Electric Circus' in Toronto, and opened for acts like Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, and Lighthouse.

2.   The Association: Never My Love
(Donald J Addrisi / Richard P Addrissi)
Insight Out: Warner Bros. Records – WS 1696
Hal Blaine – drums
Joe Osborn, Ray Pohlman – bass
Mike Deasy, Dennis Budimir, Al Casey – guitars
Larry Knechtel – piano, keyboards
Gary Coleman – vibes, various percussion
Arthur Briegleb, Gale Robinson, Vince DeRosa, Richard Perissi – french horns
Jules Chaikin, Oliver Mitchell, Ian Freebairn-Smith – trumpets
Bob Edmondson – trombone
John T. Johnson, Gene Cipriano – saxophone
Bud Shank – piccolo, flute
Bones Howe – tambourine on "Never My Love"
Produced by Bones Howe, 1967

Recorded at United Western Recorders, Hollywood

I got to see this band open for the Lovin’ Spoonful at Maple Leaf Gardens on Dec 11, 1966. Cherish and Windy were their two big hit songs at the time. None of the band members got to play anything other than a tambourine on this album. Wrecking Crew members did the playing.

3.   Bob McBride: Never Believe
(Danny McBride)
Bob McBride: London Records – CM 501
Toronto ON
Bob McBride: vocal, guitar

Produced by Chris Skene & Rick Capreol – 1978

Robert Bruce "Bob" McBride (17 November 1946 – 20 February 1998, Toronto)

In late 1996, he fended off a pair of intruders in his parents' home. Beaten by the assailants, he sustained serious head injuries, and died from his injuries at the age of 51.  Performed in Lighthouse.

4.   Chuck Berry: You Never Can Tell
(Chuck Berry)
St. Louis To Liverpool: Chess LP-1488
St. Louis MO
Chuck Berry: guitar, vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Leonard & Phil Chess, 1964
5.   Billie Holiday: I’ll Never Smile Again
(Ruth Lowe)
Last Recording: MGM Records
Philadelphia PA
Ray Ellis: band leader
Harry Edison: trumpet
Joe Wilder: trumpet
Billy Byers: trombone
Al Cohn: tenor sad
Danny Bank: baritone sax
Hank Jones: piano
Barry Galbraith: guitar
Milt Hinton: bass
Osie Johnson: drums
Produced by Ray Ellis, 1959
Recorded March 3 to 11, 1959, NYC

Eleanora Fagan b. Philadelphia PA Apir 7, 1915 / d. NYC July 17, 1959 (44)

Ruth Lowe (August 12, 1914 – January 4, 1981) was a Canadian pianist and songwriter. She wrote the song after her husband died during surgery. The song was later covered by many artists, including Frank Sinatra and The Ink Spots.

In 1936, Ruth was working in the 'Song Shop' in Toronto when Ina Ray Hutton brought her all-female band (the Melodiers) to town. Her piano player had taken ill, and Ina was frantically trying to locate a good-looking blonde lady replacement. Ruth Lowe auditioned, and became the regular pianist in Ina Ray's band. At age 23 (1938), Ruth married Harold Cohen, a Chicago music publicist. It was a very happy marriage that only lasted one year until Harold's tragic demise during an operation in 1939. In her deep grief, Ruth returned to live in Toronto. In her lonely apartment, she composed "I'll Never Smile Again".

The song "I'll Never Smile Again" was first heard on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC) radio program Music By Faith, in an arrangement by Canadian musician Percy Faith, who would soon go on to fame in the USA and the world. Approximately a year later, Ruth passed a copy of the tune to a saxophone player in the Tommy Dorsey band, hoping to have Dorsey hear the tune. Dorsey thought the tune had much merit, and arranged it for his very young singer, Frank Sinatra. It was Sinatra's first great hit, and really launched Sinatra on his phenomenal career. Later she wrote the lyrics for still another Frank Sinatra hit, "Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day)", Frank's 'signature' song, (which was also played at his funeral). The tune was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1982.

6.   Payola$ with Carole Pope: Never Said I Loved You
(P Hyde / B Rock)
45 single bw Soldier: A&M Records AM 623
Vancouver BC
Paul Hyde: vocals
Carole Pope: vocals
Bob Rock: guitar
Christopher Livingston: keys
Chris Taylor: drums
Produced by Mick Ronson with The Payola$ 1982

The Payola$, having successfully transformed themselves from a Vancouver punk band to a new wave sensation by incorporating reggae into their music, were riding on a high. They were being nominated for prestigious awards and playing larger gigs. Carole Pope’s duet with Paul Hyde was like icing on their cake since she was at the top of her game with Rough Trade.

7.   Frank Zappa: Peaches En Regalia
(Frank Zappa)
Hot Rats: Bizarre Records / Reprise Records RS 6356
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa: guitar, octave bass, percussion
Ian Underwood: piano, oganus maximus, flute, clarinets, sax
Ron Selico: drums
Shuggy Otis: bass

Produced by Frank Zappa, 1969
Recorded by Dick Kunc, Whitney Studios; Jack Hunt, TTG; Cliff Goldstein, TTG; Brian Ingoldsby, Sunset Sound

8.   Ronney Abramson: Never Seem To Get Along Without You
(R Abramson)
45 single bw As Time Sneaks By: True North Records – TN 138
Montreal QC
Ronney Abramson: guitar, vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Matt McCauley & Fred Mollin, 1976

b. Paris FR

Born in France but moved to Montreal when she was young. After leaving university, she began performing in coffee houses of Quebec and Ontario, before recording her first album in 1971 produced by Andre Perry (who recorded Give Peace A Chance in a Montreal Hotel room), which was released in 1972 by Capitol Records..After moving to Toronto and playing guitar for awhile in his band, John Mills-Cockell introduced her to Bernie Finklestein, who ultimately signed her to his True North Records in 1976. Recorded 3 albums in the 70s. Did a lot of bg vocals for Bruce Cockburn recordings. Since 1986 Abramson has been a licensed Real Estate seller and owner of a real estate firm in Toronto. She still does the odd gig here and there.

9.   Two Bits: Never To Leave
(G Lapano)
45 single bw Things Must Change: Vantown VT-100
Gabe Lapano
Kent Morrill
Produced by Big Deal Productions, 1966

Two Bits are rumored to have been the American band "The Cascades", who had a big hit at the time, "Rhythm of the Rain".

Apparently, while spending time in Vancouver, and still under contract with Warner, they recorded this single under the pseudonym "Two Bits".

10. Doug Cox & Bettysoo: Never the Pretty Girl
Live at the CIUT Suite at the North American Folk Alliance, Toronto
Comox BC
Doug Cox: dobro
Bettysoo: guitar, vocals
Produced by db Hawkes, 2014

Doug Cox is an excellent slide guitar player who teamed up with Bettysoo at the North American Folk Alliance, held in Toronto in 2014. I interviewed them and got them to play live while db Hawkes made the recording.

11. Joe King: Daddy’s Never Here
(L Savoie / Jos Le Blanc)
45 single bw You Were Gone: Rainbow Records – S975
Toronto ON
Joe King: vocal, guitar
Produced by Joe King, 198?

Joseph Le Blanc: September 28, 1938, Nova Scotia / d. August 23, 2007 Toronto

Joe was a regular of the Country Music Store on Danforth in Toronto for years. He was extremely proud of the fact that he sang the most down-and-out country songs anywhere. Tear jerkers, we used to call’em. He released on LP and several 45s. He hailed from the French area of southern Nova Scotia around Pubnico.

12. Terra Lightfoot: Never Will
(T Lightfoot)
Every Time My Mind Runs Wild: Sonic Unyon Records  SUNCD1542
Hamilton ON
Bass Guitar – Matthew Fleming
Drums – Joel Haynes
Guitar, Vocals – Terra Lightfoot
Keyboards – Liam O'Neil
Produced by Gus van Go and Werner F, 2015
Mastered By Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Terra Lightfoot b. August 1986 Waterdown ON

March 2018 Lightfoot was featured in Guitar Player Magazine.

13. Portage & Main: Never Had The Time
(Harold Donnelly / John Sponarski)
Never Had The Time: Knuckleduster Music 20969 99395
Vancouver BC
Harold Donnelly: guitars, vocals
John Sponarski: guitars, harmonica, vocals
Georges Couling: keys
Ben Appenheimer: bass
Ben Brown: drums
Savanah Wellman: vocals
Matt Kelly: steel
Indiana Avent: fiddle
Malcolm Holt: tambourine
Produced by Georges Couling, 2013
Recorded by Georges Couling at DCM Studios and Knuckleduster Studios, Vancouver
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering

14. Domenic Troiano: Ambush
(Domenic Troiano)
45 Single: Capitol Records 72804
East York ON
Domenic Troiano: guitar
Paul DeLong: drums
Dave Tyson: keys
Bob Wilson: bass
Produced by Domenic Troiano, 1979
Recorded by Mick Jones & Cooper at Inception Sound, Toronto Nov 78 to Jan 79

15. The Seekers: I’ll Never Find Another You
(Tom Springfield)
The  Best of The Seekers: Capitol Records SM 2746
Melbourne / Victoria, Australia
Judith Durham: piano, vocals
Athol Guy: bass, vocals
Keith Potger: 12 string guitar, banjo, vocals
Bruce Woodley: guitar, mandolin, banjo and vocals.
Produced by Bill Miller 1968

Judith Durham  (Judith Mavis Cock) b. Victoria Au 3 July 1943 / d. 5 August 2022 Victoria (79)

The Seekers were formed in 1962
This record was originally released December 1964, it reached No. 1 in the UK in February 1965. It eventually went on to sell 1.75 million copies worldwide.

16. Simon & Garfunkel: Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall
(Paul Simon)
45 Single bw I Am A Rock: Columbia Records: 4-43617
New York City
Paul Simon: guitar, vocals
Art Garfunkel: vocals
Hal Blaine: drums
Joe South: guitar
Produced by Bob Johnston, 1966
Recorded Roy Halee December 22, 1965

Paul Frederic Simon b. October 13, 1941 (78) Newark, NJ
Arthur Ira Garfunkel b. November 5, 1941 (78) New York City

Although I took this from the B side of the single ‘I Am A Rock’, the song was included on the LP Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. It seems that every S&G album had one or two hidden gems on them. And they stand the test of time.

17. Dionne Warwick: I’ll Never Love This Way Again
(Richard Buchanan Kerr / Will Jennings)
45 single bw Déjà vu: Flashback Records AFS 9128
Orange NJ
Dionne Warwick: vocals
Produced by Barry Manilow, 1979

Marie Dionne Warrick b. December 12, 1940 Orange, New Jersey

While she was performing background on the Drifters' recording of "Mexican Divorce," Warwick's voice and star presence were noticed by the song's composer, Burt Bacharach, a Brill Building songwriter who was writing songs with many other songwriters, including lyricist Hal David. According to a July 14, 1967 article on Warwick in Time, Bacharach stated, "She has a tremendous strong side and a delicacy when singing softly — like miniature ships in bottles."

Warwick was signed to Bacharach's and David's production company. In November 1962, Scepter Records released her first solo single, "Don't Make Me Over"

"I'll Never Love This Way Again" is a Grammy Award-winning, Gold-certified 1979 hit

18. Don Williams: Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
20 Of My Best: K-Tel Records WC 339
Mobile AB
Don Williams: vocal
Produced by Don Williams 1977

Donald Ray Williams b Floydada, TX May 27, 1939 / d. September 8, 2017 Mobile, AB (78)

In the 1960s he performed mostly with the Pozo-Seco Singers. Began performing solo around 1970 and went on to produce 17 number one country music songs. Died of emphysema. A 2010 inductee to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

19. Bert Kaempfert: Never My Love – 1972
(Donald J Addrisi / Richard P Addrissi)
6 Plus 6: Decca – DL 7-5322
Hamburg GM
Bert Kaempfert Orchestra
Produced by Milt Gabler, 1972

Berthold Heinrich Kämpfert b. 16 October 1923, Hamburg, GM / d. 21 June 1980 (56)
Mallorca, SP

German music arranger and producer, fronted his own Orchestra and had hits with ‘Strangers in the Night. Had a big impact on the Beatles when they were staying in Hamburg. In 1961, he hired the Beatles to back Tony Sheridan on an album called My Bonnie. Kaempfert auditioned and signed the Beatles, and recorded two tracks with them during his sessions for Sheridan: "Ain't She Sweet" (sung by rhythm guitarist John Lennon) and "Cry for a Shadow" (an in-strumental written by Lennon and lead guitarist George Harrison). The album and its singles, released by Polydor Records, were the Beatles' first commercially released recordings.

The Week of March 17 – a little something for the Irish:

20. Glen Reid: My Green Valleys
(Glen Reid)
Hard Rock Miner: Boot BOS 7190
Burks Falls ON
Glen Reid, guitar
Ken Whiteley, piano, mandolin, accordion
Robbie MacNeill, guitar
Bill Cymbala, drums
David Zdriluk, electric guitar, bass
Bob Lucier, pedal steel, dobro
Willie P Bennett, harmonica
Denis LePage, banjo
John Allen, fiddle
Larry Smith, bg vocals
Produced by Denis Lepage, 1978
Recorded by Bob Lanois at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton

This song has been recorded by various Irish artists who believed that this was some sort of traditional folksong. However, it was written and recorded by Glen Reid out of Burk’s Falls, Ontario. He started playing in Toronto when he was only 17 in a band called Brannigan’s Boys which made one album for the Dominion Records label in 1970. That was when he wrote My Green Valleys! As a multi-
instrumentalist, Reid became a session player for Dominion and later for Boot Records. His association with producer / musician Fred McKenna lead him to the set of CBC TVs Singalong Jubilee, which Reid appeared on for a couple of seasons. He was also a sideman for the John Allan Cameron Show, Harry Hibbs Show and The George Hamilton IV Show.  It’s been recorded by The Wolftones, Tommy Makem, The Irish Rovers and about 30 other artists.

The BEE Side

1.   Downchild Blues Band: Can’t Lose What You Never Had
(McKinley Morganfield)
Straight Up: Special Records: 9230-1029
Toronto, ON
Don Walsh: guitar
Rick (The Hock) Walsh: vocal
Jim Milne: bass
Paul Nixon: drums
Produced by Alan Duffy & Bill Bryans, 1973
Recorded by Terry Brown at Toronto Sounds Studios
Mixed by Alan Duffy and Bill Bryans

Richard ‘Hock’ Walsh b. Dec 19, 1948 / d. Dec 31, 1999 Toronto (51)

Here’s their legendary line-up before Hock Walsh was fired from the band by his Brother Donny in 1974. The Brothers founded the band in 1969 and Hock was fired on numerous occasions (the last time being in 1990). Hock was also a founding member of the Cameo Blues Band, house band at the Hotel Isabella in Toronto.  He was lead vocalist on the first 3 Downchild albums. He also appeared on 1989’s Gone Fishing.

2.   Otis Spann: The Blues Never Die
(Otis Spann)
The Blues Never Die: Prestige Records PR 7719
Chicago IL
Otis Spann: Piano, vocal
Milton Rector: bass
S.P. Leary: drums
Dirty Rivers: guitar
James Madison: guitar
James Cotton: harmonica
Produced by Samuel Charters, 1965
Recorded November 24, 1964
Liner Notes by Pete Welding

Otis Spann b. Mississippi, March 21 1924 or 1930 / d. April 24, 1970, Chicago

By the age of 14, he was playing in bands in the Jackson area (of Mississippi). He moved to Chicago in 1946 where he was mentored by Big Maceo Merriweather whom he replaced as Muddy Waters’ pianist in 1952. He stayed with Waters until 1968, having worked on albums with Buddy Guy, Big Mama Thornton, Fleetwood Mac etc. Headstone Inscription: “Otis played the deepest blues we ever heard - He’ll play forever in our hearts”. He succumbed to liver cancer in 1970 and was posthumously elected to the Blues Hall of Fame in 1980.

3.   Salome Bey: You Never Give Me Your Money – 1981 *
(Lennon & McCartney)
In Montreaux: Intercan Records (CBC) IC-1014
Toronto ON
Salome Bey: vocal
Denzil A Miller Jr: keys
Armas Maiste: keys
Don Thompson: bass
Terry Clark: drums
Alan Penfold: trumpet
PJ Perry: sax
Butch Watanabe: trombone
Produced by Mark D Goldman, 1981
Recorded by Dave Richards of Mountain Recording Studios, Montreaux, Switzerland at 13th International Festival, 1979

Salome Bey b. Newark, New Jersey, October 10, 1933 / d. August 8, 2020 (86) Toronto

Bey formed a vocal group with her brother Andy and sister Geraldine (de Haas), known as Andy and the Bey Sisters. They performing in local clubs and toured North America & Europe. After moving to Toronto in 1966 she played the jazz club circuit & became known as "Canada's First Lady of Blues". She was a featured performer at the CNE grandstand in 1969, and enjoying success in musicals. I first saw here perform in the late ‘60s when she hit the Toronto pop music scene. She put together a blues & jazz cabaret show called ‘Indigo’ on the history of black music which earned her the Dora Award for outstanding performance. Bey was made an Honourary member of the Order of Canada in 2005.

Beginning in her early sixties she began showing signs of dementia. As of 2011 her illness had progressed to the point that she could no longer perform.

4.   Ellen McIlwaine: Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune
(Jack Bruce / Pete Brown)
We The People: Polydor Records 2391 059
Calgary AB
Ellen McIlwaine: guitar, vocals, piano
Don Payne: bass
Jerry Mercer: drums
Collin Tilton: sax
Produced by Peter K Siegel, 1973
Recorded at The Record Plant, NYC by Shelly Yakus and Tom Flye

This song was the first song on Jack Bruce’s first solo album ‘Songs for a Tailor’  released in 1969. Actually, it was his second solo album; the first one stayed hidden on a shelf while Bruce was still performing in Cream with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker. For some strange reason Ellen’s first album was released after the second album. So the first album is really the second album and the second one is really the first.

The song was written by Jack Bruce with words by his poet friend, Pete Brown, who penned most of the original songs in the Cream’s repertoire.

5.   Ojnab: Hommage à André Alain
(JP Loyer)
Le messager: Ojnab Musique - DC 01
Joliette, QC

Jean-Paul Loyer – banjo
Christopher Layer – pipes
Denis Fréchette – keys, drums
Jean-Claude Mirandette - guitar
Produced by Jean-Paul Loyer - 1995
Mastered by Jean-Paul Loyer and Denis Fréchette
Recorded by Denis Fréchette at #4 Rd Studio

6.   Creamcheeze Goodtime Band: Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies
Perth County Green: Dominion Records - LPS 21022
Gadshill ON
Billy Kell: guitars, vocals
Dave Harwood: bass
Pat Kell: mandolin, tambourine, kazoo, washboard
Barb Payne: fiddle
James Kell: drums
Produced by Terry Regan, 1971
Recorded by George Semkiw at RCA Studios, Toronto

7.   Dale Bradley: I Lobster But Never Flounder
(Bobby Braddock / Sparky Braddock)
45 Single bw Toast To An Island: BelAir Records – BA 214
St. Albans, NL
Dale Bradley: guitar, vocals
Arrangements: Wendell Fergus
Produced by Bob Cousins, 1984
Recorded at Orchard Studios, Nobleton ON

Bradley wasn't a professional musician; he moved to Brampton from Newfoundland when he was 17 but was heard by Bob Cousins at an amateur jamboree. Cousins had a nose for business opportunities and recorded Bradley for his own BelAir label. Cousins published The Newfoundlander magazine in Ontario.

8.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Never Want To See The World Again
(TC Connors)
Fiddle & Song: ACT Records STC-15
Halton Hills, ON
Tom Connors: flat top picking, fiddle, rhythm guitar, mandolin
Bill Hughes: electric guitar, rhythm guitar, harmonica, banjo
Stew Evans: bass
Andy Michaels: steel, dobro
Gary Robinson: percussion
Produced by Tom C Connors, 1988
Recorded at Escarpment Sound, Acton ON by Brian Hewson

One of Tom’s least known songs, released on his comeback album Fiddle & Song, originally released on Tom’s A-C-T (Assist Canadian Talent) label. He was coming back from 12 years of retirement with this album which was re-released on Capitol Records of Canada in 1989.

9.   Hank Williams: I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
(Hank Williams)
45 single bw Never Get Out of this World Alive: MGM 11366
Butler County, Alabama
Hank Williams: guitar, vocal
Sammy Pruett: guitar
Cedric Rainwater : bass
Jerry Rivers: fiddle
Don Helms: steel

Produced September 1952

This was produced a few months before Williams died New Years Eve, 1952.

10. Laura Repo & The Blue Healers: The Trains Never Stop At Kingston
(Roy Payne)
A Charmed Life: Repogirl Records - RGRCD102
Toronto, ON
Conny Nowe: guitar
Rachel Melas: bass
David Baxter: mandolin, slide guitar
Adam Faux w/ Steve Briggs – guitars
Bob Davis: bg vocal

Produced by John Switzer, 2004
Recorded by James Paul at The Rogue Studio, Toronto
Mixed by John Switzer
Mastered by James Paul at The Rogue

Also from a CD but this song, written by Newfoundland songwriter Roy Payne, is performed flawlessly here by Repo and her band. Her father, Bob Davis (who also sings harmony) loved songs and collected lyrics into songbooks. He was a huge inspiration for many young, up and coming folk singers, including his daughter. Her latest LP was released in 2019 called This Is My Room. Available at Circus Books on the Danforth.

11. Oscar Peterson w Bucky Pizzarelli: Eleanor Rigby
(Lennon / McCartney)
Motions and Emotions: MPS Records (US) MB 20713
Montreal QC / Paterson NJ
Oscar Peterson: piano
Bucky Pizzarelli: guitar
Bobby Durham: drums

Produced by Matthias Kunnecke, 1969

Recorded by The Beatles for ‘Revolver’ 28–29 April & 6 June 1966

12. The Coal Porters: Never Right His Wrong
(Carly Frey)
Find The One: Prima Records – SID 025
Banjo – John Breese
Bass, Vocals  – Tali Trow
Vocals, Guitar, Dobro – Neil Robert Herd
Vocals, Mandolin, Harmonica, Autoharp – Sid Griffin
Vocals, Violin – Carly Frey
Producer by John Wood, 2012
Recorded by Ben McCluskey At Snap Studios
Overdubbed At Brick Lane Studios
Mixed and Mastered By Ed Stasium at KozyTone Ranch

A UK based bluegrass group formed in Los Angeles in 1989 before moving the band to London. They put out several CDs before calling it quits in 2018.
13. Blondie: Accidents Never Happen
(Jimmy Destri)
Eat To The Beat: Chrysalis Records CHE-1225
Deborah Harry: lead vocals
Chris Stein: guitar
Frank Infante: guitar
Jimmy Destri: keyboards
Nigel Harrison: bass
Clem Burke: drums
Lorna Luft: background vocals
Produced by Mike Chapman, 1979
Recorded at the Power Station, Electric Lady Studios and Media Sound, New York in 1979

14. Echo And The Bunnymen: Never Stop
(Sergeant / McCulloch / Pattinson / De Freitas)
45 single bw Heads Will Roll: Zoo Music / Warner KOW 28
Liverpool UK
Ian McCulloch - vocals, guitar
Will Sergeant - guitars,
Les Pattinson - bass
Pete de Freitas - drums (died 1989)

Produced by Hugh Jones, 1983
Recorded at either Trident Studios, Soho, London; Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales; and Amazon Studios, Liverpool

The band got together in 1978 and struggled to get known. They achieved their first commercial success in 1982. Band leader Ian McCulloch left in 1988 and the following year drummer Pete De Freitas was killed on his motorcycle, however the band replaced them and they've continued touring and recording.

15. Syd Barrett: I Never Lied To You
(Roger ‘Syd’ Barrett)
Best of Syd Barrett - Wouldn't You Miss Me?: Harvest - 72435 323202
Cambridge, UK
‘Syd’ Barrett: guitar, vocals
Produced by David Gilmore, April 1970
Recorded at Abby Road Studios, London
CD Produced by Nigel Reeve & Tim Chocksfield, 2001

16. The Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows
(John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Revolver: Capitol Records Canada T 2576
Liverpool UK
John Lennon – vocals, Hammond organ, Mellotron, tape loops
Paul McCartney – bass guitar, tape loops
George Harrison – sitar, tambura, lead guitar, tape loops
Ringo Starr – drums, tambourine, tape loops
George Martin – tack piano
Produced by George Martin, 1966
Recorded at EMI Abby Road Studios, Geoff Emerick – engineer
Remastered and Remixed by Giles Martin, 2002

This is from the remastered 2022 release of Revolver, remixed by Giles Martin.

17. Triumvirat: Roundabout
(Jurgen Fritz)
Illusions On A Double Dimple: Harvest/EMI ST-11311
Cologne GM
Helmut Köllen: bass, guitars
Hans Bathelt: percussion
Jurgen Fritz: keys
Produced by Jurgen Fritz, 1973
Recorded at EMI-Electrola Studios, Cologne GM by W Thierbach and K Lorbach
Mixed by W Thierbach

Hans-Jürgen Fritz b. March 13, 1953 Köln GM

Band’s Active years: 1969–1980

Triumvirat was often referred to as the ‘German Emerson, Lake & Palmer’ or ‘ELP clone’ due to Fritz's classical virtuosity on keyboards and synthesizers. They toured the United States with Fleetwood Mac to support Illusions on a Double Dimple, playing the album in its entirety. In 2015 album Illusions on a Double Dimple (1974) was ranked number 45 in the Rolling Stone list of 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time.

18. George Jones & Patti Page: You Never Looked That Good When You Were Mine – 1986
(Johnny MacRae / Bob Morrison)
Wine Colored Roses: Epic Records CEK 40413
Saratoga, TX / Claremore, OK
George Jones: vocal
Patti Page: vocal
Produced by Billy Sherrill, 1986
Recorded at Eleven Studio, Nashville

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Wabana, Bell Island NL                                     London/Thetford UK
Wednesdays  4  pm NT                                      Tues 10 pm GMT; Sat 3:30 am

Bluewater Radio CFBW 91.3 FM                  VOBB The Voice of Bonne Bay
Walkerton ON                                                   Rocky Harbour 98.1 FM
Grey Co. ON                                                     Bonne Bay 95.9 FM           
Sundays 6 pm  ET                                             Tuesdays 9 pm NT                                        

BOIR Bay of Islands Radio                             Home Grown Community Radio
100.1 FM                                                           CHCR 102.9 FM & 104.5 FM
Corner Brook, NL                                             Killaloe & Wilno ON
Thursdays  2 pm NT                                          Various Times

Community Radio CIOE                               
97.5 FM                                                          
Lower Sackville NS
Sun 8 pm AT