33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
March 11, 2024
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To the End of Infinity
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Side A

1.   Pomegranite: Sirba – 2006 *
2.   David Wilcox: Rattlesnakin’ Daddy – 2000 *
3.   Luke & The Apostles: Martini Monday – 2017 *
4.   The Perpetrators: You’re Gonna Kill Me – 2007 *
5.   Ron Sexsmith: Getaway Car – 2015 *
6.   Junkhouse: This Old Man’s (Too Drunk To Drive) – 1993 *
7.   David Gogo: Coulda Shoulda Woulda – 2015 *
8.   Andreas Segovia: Rondo on a Theme – 1955
9.   It’s All Meat: Feel It – 1969 *
10. Painter: West Coast Woman – 1973 *
11. The Paupers: Think I Care – 1967 *
12. McGuiness Flint: When I’m Dead And Gone – 1971
13. Syrinx: Aurora Spinway – 1971 *
14. Melissa Payne: Take Me Away – 2012 *
15. Buffalo Springfield: Pay the Price – 1966
16. Robert Priest: I Follow The Smoke – 1982 *
17. Iansanity Orchestra: Flaming – 2007 *
18. Klezmerovitz: Schwartz’s Blue Sirba *
19. The Diamonds: She Say Dom Dooby Doom – 1959 *

Side Two

1.   Ojnab: Jus d’Orange – 1995 *
2.   Max Frost & The Troopers: Shapes of Things To Come – 1968
3.   The Beatles: Girl – 1965
4.   The Dave Clark Five: Try Too Hard – 1966
5.   Moby Grape: Indifference – 1967
6.   David Pritchard: Nash Metropolitan – 1976 *
7.   Nash the Slash: Citizen – 1982 *
8.   Alan Parson’s Project: The Voice – 1977
9.   Klaatu: Little Neutrino -1976 *
10. Joe Walsh: Space Age Whiz Kids – 1983
11. Gordon Quinton: Sunbreeze – 1979 *
12. Melwood Cutlery: Great Northern Diver – 2000 *
13. Bad Breed: In The Real World – 2020 *
14. Jilted John: Going Steady – 1978
15. David Celia: Infinity – 2008 *
16. David Celia: The Wind – 2008 *

*CanCon = 71%

And Now for The Particular

Side A

1.   Pomegranate Sirba
Gazint: Ind. - No Serial
Toronto, ON
Reena Katz – viola, violin, vocals
Rachel Melas: bass, dumbek
Conny Nowe: drums, mandolin
Bee Sack – flute, vocals
Rachel Sheinin – violin, vocals
Produced by Pomegranate with Paul Talbot - 2006

2.   David Wilcox: Rattlesnakin’ Daddy
(David Wilcox)
Rhythm of Love: Stony Plain Records – SPCD 1271
David Wilcox: guitar, vocals
Unknown others
Produced by Sadia, 2000

3.   Luke & The Apostles: Martini Monday
(Luke and The Apostles)
Luke & The Apostles: True North Records 4914
Toronto ON
Luke Gibson: guitar, vocal
Mike McKenna: guitar
Peter Jermyn: keys
Others not listed
Produced by John Pickering and Todd Page, 2017

When Luke Gibson and The Apostles first got together around 1966, they had a unique way of playing electric blues which caught the attention of Elektra records who released just one single: Been Burnt, in 1967. One more single, You Make Me High, was released in 1970 on Bernie Finkelstein’s fledgling True North records label.

Between the release of those two singles, Luke accepted an offer to join the progressive folk-rock outfit, Kensington Market. They were wooed by concert promoter Bill Graham and music impresario Albert Grossman after opening in New York for The Grateful Dead and later in Toronto for Jefferson Airplane & The Dead in Nathan Phillips Square before 50,000 fans but they broke up that gig. Gibson went on to record his first solo album for True North.

4.   The Perpetrators: You're Gonna Kill Me
(J Nowicki / R Menarad / C Bauer)
Towtruck: Perp - PERPCD-03
Winnipeg MB
Jay Nowicki – guitar, vocals
Chris Bauer – bass
Ryan Menard – drums
Produced by Len Milne and The Perpetrators - 2007
Recorded by Len Milne at Bedside Studio
Mastered at Polyphonic Mastering Labs by Scott Pinder

Great band from Winnipeg.

5.   Ron Sexsmith: Getaway Car
(Ron Sexsmith)
Carousel One: Warner Brothers Records 1-217595
Stratford ON
Ron Sexsmith: acoustic guitar, vocals, resonator guitar, harmonium
Don Heffington: drums
Bob Glaub: bass
John Ginty: keys
Jon Graboff: electric guitar, high strung guitar, pedal steel
Jim Scott: cowbell, tambourine
Produced by Jim Scott, 2015
Recorded by Jim Scott at Plyrz Studios, Valencia CA

Ronald Eldon Sexsmith b. 8 January 1964 (57) St. Catharines

The very first time I listened to Carousel One, I could hear the distinct vocal imprint of the Kinks’ Ray Davies. Later I learned that Ron Sexsmith is a huge Kinks fan. I’ve know him for many, many years but didn’t realize until hearing Carousel One how much his style has changed over the years. From a gruff and groggy R&B style to a more melodic, dramatic one maturing with the passing of time. He just keeps on getting better and better.

6.   Junkhouse: This Old Man’s (Too Drunk To Drive)
(Tom Wilson)
Strays: Epic Records CEK 80184
Hamilton ON
Acoustic Guitar, Percussion – Mike Roth
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Tom Wilson
Bass, Vocals – Russ Wilson
Drums, Vocals, Percussion – Ray Farrugia
Dulcimer, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion – Malcolm Burn
Electric Guitar, Vocals – Dan Achen
Percussion, Vocals – Tim Gibbons
Violin, Vocals – Lisa Germano

Produced by Mike Roth, 1993
Recorded by Gary Furniss

This was a legendary band from Hamilton, Ontario, featuring the burning growl of Tom Wilson’s voice. In the late ‘90s he had a very successful career as a solo artist. Plays in various outfits now, such as Lee Harvey Osmond.

7.   David Gogo: Coulda Shoulda Woulda
(David Gogo)
Vicksburg Call: Cordova Bay Records CBR 1322
Nanaimo BC
David Gogo: guitar, vocal
Jay Stevens: bass, piano, harmony vocal
Bill Hicks: drums
Marisha Devoin: acoustic bass
Rick Hopkins: Hammond
Produced by The Perignon Partnership, 2015
Recorded by Rick Salt

David Gogo b. Nanaimo BC, March 18, 1969

Gogo was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, and received his first guitar at the age of five. At the age of 15, he met Stevie Ray Vaughan backstage at the Royal Theatre in Victoria, British Columbia and was encouraged by the blues legend to pursue a career in blues. By the age of 16, he was getting regular work as a musician. Gogo formed a band called The Persuaders, which eventually opened for blues performers such as Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy and Albert Collins. After a European tour supporting The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Gogo signed a solo record deal with EMI Records. He soon after performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival with the likes of B.B. King, Otis Rush and Blues Traveler. He also guested on Tom Cochrane's Mad Mad World album while working on material for his upcoming debut album. The album David Gogo received a nomination for a Juno Award. He’s since recorded 16 albums of mostly original blues.

8.   Andreas Segovia: Rondo on a Theme
(Manuel María Ponce Cuéllar)
Segovia: Columbia Masterworks – ML 4732
Madrid SP
Andres Segovia: guitar
Produced 1955

Andrés Segovia Torres b. Linares, Spain Nov 21, 1893 / d. 2 June 1987 (94) Madrid, Spain

9.   It’s All Meat: Feel It
(Jed MacKay / Rick McKim)
It's All Meat: Hallucination - HCD02
Richmond Hill, ON
Rick Aston bass
Jed MacKay keys
Rick McKim drums
Wayne Roworth guitar, lead vocal
Chas White lead guitar
Producer not listed - 1969
Digital Remastering: Bruce Ley, Toronto

Another underground Toronto based garage punk band from the latter ‘60s. Unfortunately, this band was mismanaged and only released a solitary single and album before splitting up. Their album was later picked up by an American label who were into releasing unknown psychedelic and garage rock bands of the past in the early 2000s.

10. Painter: West Coast Woman
(Doran Beattie / Danny Lowe)
Painter: Elektra Records EKS 75071
Edmonton AB
Dan Lowe (guitar)
Doran ‘Dorn’ Beattie (vocals)
Bob ‘Herb’ Ego
Royden ‘Wayne’ Morice (bass)
Barry Allen (vocals, Rhythm guitar)
Produced by Dan Lowe, 1973
Recorded by Jim Gaines at Kaye-Smith Studios, Seattle WA

11. The Paupers: Think I Care
(Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop)
Magic People: Verve Forecast - FTS 3026
Toronto, ON
Adam Mitchell, guitar, vocals
Skip Prokop, drums, vocals
Dennis Gerrard, bass
Chuck Beal. guitar
Produced by Rick Shorter, 1967
12. McGuiness Flint: When I’m Dead And Gone
(Benny Gallagher/Graham Lyle)
The Capitol Years: Capitol Records

Benny Gallagher: mandolin, guitar
Graham Lyle: guitar, vocals
Hughie Flint: drums
Tom McGuinness: bass
Produced by Glyn Johns, 1971

A most interesting British band featuring two ex-members of the Manfred Mann band’s rhythm section as well as two other singer/songwriters who would later form the duo Gallagher and Lyle. The latter two had been commissioned by the Beatles who signed them to write for Apple Records' artists.
13. Syrinx: Aurora Spinray
(John Mills-Cockell / Syrinx)
Long Lost Relatives: True North Records TNX 5
John Mills-Cockell: synths, keys
Doug Pringle: sax, guiro, bongos, bells
Alan Wells: congas
Produced by John Mills-Cockell & Eugene Martynec 1971
Recorded at Eastern Sound Studios, Thunder Sound, Pathe-Humphries & Bay Studios, Toronto     by Dave Kalunbach, Don Stewart & Bill Roncken
Mastered by Bob D'Orleans

Mills-Cockell Born: May 19, 1943, a Toronto is a graduate of The Royal Conservatory of Music and the University of Toronto. In 1967 he won a BMI Award to Student Composers for his Movements for Orchestra and Reverberation for Solo Trombone and Two Stereo Tapes
Allan Wells - percussionist (deceased 3 November 2010)
Doug Pringle is a producer and director of digital media, television and music.

14. Melissa Payne: Take Me Away
(M Payne)
45 rpm single: Seventh Fire Records - SFR004
Ennismore, ON
Melissa Payne: vocal, guitar
Unkown other musicians
Produced by James McKenty & Tom Street, 2012

Learned to play fiddle from Doug Leahy of The Leahy Family. When she learned to play guitar in High School, she began to write songs.

15. Buffalo Springfield: Pay The Price
(Stephen Stills)
Buffalo Springfield: Atco Records Mono 33-200-A
Los Angeles CA / Ontario
Neil Young: lead guitar
Stephen Stills: guitar, lead vocal
Richie Furay: guitar, lead vocal
Dewey Martin: drums
Bruce Palmer: bass
Produced by Charles Greene, Brian Stone, 1966
Recorded July to September 1966 by Tom May, Doc Siegel, James Hilton, Stan Ross
Mixing: Buffalo Springfield, Charles Greene, Brian Stone

From the first Buffalo Springfield album by this 3/5ths Canadian band in 1966. Great bass playing drives this in jam, probably more typical of what the band were like back then as opposed to what was produced on the rest of this album. The band never liked the way it was produced, feeling that it didn’t adequately reflect what they were like live. But it seems to come across quite well on this record.

16. Robert Priest: I Follow The Smoke
(Robert Priest)
Robert Priest EP: Airwave Records AW 30450
Toronto ON
Robert Priest: vocals
Glenn Martin: drums
Matthew Greenberg: bass guitar
Deanny Levy: rhythm guitar (right speaker)
Blair Packham: rhythm guitar (left speaker)
Neo Chapman: guitars
Ronny Wiseman: keys
Lynn Harper: bg vocals
Bongo Herbert, Trudy Artman, Steve Ranger & Keith: additional vocals
Produced by Keith Elshaw, 1982
Recorded and Mixed at Phase One Studios, Toronto by Robin Brouwers, Tom Balint and Lenny DeRose

Robert Priest b. July 10, 1951 Walton-on-Thames, England

17. Iansanity Orchestra: Flaming
(Syd Barrett)
Live at CIUT
Toronto ON
Ian McIntyre: guitar, vocal
Mark Doucet: bg vocal
Allan Gavigan: bass
Jon McCann: drums
Produced & Mastered by Steve Fruitman
Recorded by Fred Spek at CIUT Basement Studio, 91 St. George St, Toronto July 24, 2007

I got to know this wacky guitar player and turned him on to Syd and let him go wild. A couple of years later he formed this band and brought them into our CIUT Studio 3 when we were at 91 St. George Street. It was a basement studio with brick walls. We did two sessions and this was from the first one in 2007. Live with no overdubs.

18. Klezmerovitz: Shwartz's Blue Sirba
Klezmerovitz Featuring Allan Merovitz: KLEZ062004
Calgary, AB
Allan Merovitz – percussioon
Jonathan Lewis – violin
Greg Rumpel – accordion, guitar, piano
Frank Rackow – sax, clairnet
John Hyde – bass
Robin Tufts - drums

Produced by Klezmerovitz, 2004
Recorded & Mixed by Jonathan Lewis
Mastered by David Horrocks at Infinite Wave, Calgary

Allan Merovitz first came to my attention as lead vocalist of Toronto’s Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band. He later moved to Calgary and started this band. He is also known for singing Mac Beattie songs in Yiddish.

19. The Diamonds: She Say Dom Dooby Doom
(Mann / Anthony)
45 single bw From The Bottom Of My Heart: Mercury Records  71404X
Toronto ON
Dave Somerville: lead  d. 2015
Evan Fisher: tenor
Mike Douglas: baritone  d. 2012
John Felten: bass  d. 1982
Produced  1959

In 1953 Dave Somerville, while working as a sound engineer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto, Canada, met three other guys one evening who liked to sing as much as he did. They decided to form a stand-up quartet called The Diamonds. The group's first performance was in the basement of St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Toronto singing in a Christmas minstrel show. The audience's reaction to the Somerville-led group was so tremendous that they decided that night they would turn professional.

After 18 months of rehearsal, they drove to New York and tied for 1st Place on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts. The prize of being guest artist for a week on Godfrey’s show led to a recording contract with Coral Records.  Biggest Hit: Little Darlin’ 1957

Side Two

1.   Ojnab: Jus d’Orange
(JP Loyer)
Le messager: Ojnab Musique - DC 01
Joliette, QC
Jean-Paul Loyer – banjo
Dany Lamoureux - guitar
Denis Violetti – bass
Paul Marchand – guitar
Produced by Jean-Paul Loyer, 1995
Mastered by Jean-Paul Loyer and Denis Fréchette
Recorded by Denis Fréchette at #4 Rd Studio

A Banjo project of Jean-Paul Loyer featuring some of Quebec’s brightest young traditional musicians. It was a fabulous first album but unfortunately remained his only solo output until his second album was released in 2015, a few years after Jean-Paul’s death. Just great instrumental compositions.

2.   Max Frost & The Troopers: Shapes Of Things To Come
(Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil)
Original Soundtrack: Wild In The Streets: Capitol Records of Canada SKAO 6284
Paul Wybier: vocals
Studio Musicians
Produced by Mike Curb, 1968

Max Frost aka Christopher Jones d. 2014 at 72.

BTW Max and his band were not a real band. In the film, comedian / actor Richard Pryor was their drummer. The actual recording was sung by Paul Wybier using studio musicians - of course.

3.   The Beatles: Girl
(Lennon / McCartney)
Rubber Soul: Capitol Records Canada T 2442
John Lennon – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Paul McCartney – backing vocals, bass guitar
George Harrison – backing vocals, lead acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar
Ringo Starr – drums
Produced by George Martin, 1965
Recorded at EMI Studios, London 11 November 1965

"Girl" was the last complete song recorded for that album. "Girl" is considered to be one of the most melancholic and complex of the Beatles' earlier love songs. John Lennon commented: "'Girl' is real. There is no such thing as the girl, she was a dream, but the words are all right. It wasn't just a song, and it was about that girl – that turned out to be Yoko, in the end – the one that a lot of us were looking for.

In November 1977, Capitol Records scheduled the United States release of "Girl" backed with "You're Going to Lose That Girl" as a single (Capitol 4506) to accompany the release of Love Songs, a Beatles' compilation album that contains both of these songs. However, the single was cancelled before it was issued. Promotional copies, which featured "Girl" on both sides—one in stereo, the other mono, along with a picture sleeve, were issued.

4.   The Dave Clark Five: Try Too Hard
(Dave Clark / Mike Smith)
More Greatest Hits: Epic – LN 24221
Mike Smith: organ, lead vocals
Dave Clark: drums, bg vocal
Lenny Davidson: guitar, bg vocals
Dennis Payton: sax
Rick Huxley: bass
Produced by Dave Clark, 1966
Compilation Album produced 1967

Purchased from Discount Records 1364 N.E. 163 St, Miami Beach Mar 29, 1967

As far as I’m concerned, the DC5 were one of the most under-rated first wave bands. These were stellar musicians who understood what being in a group means. They made great records, had great gigs, made a lot of money and stayed together in their original form for 10 years.
I didn’t buy 9 DC5 albums for nothing~

5.    Moby Grape: Indifference
(Skip Spence)
Moby Grape: Columbia Records – CL 2698
San Francisco CA
Peter Lewis – rhythm guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley – bass, vocals
Jerry Miller – lead guitar, vocals
Skip Spence – rhythm guitar, vocals
Don Stevenson – drums, vocals
Produced by Dave Rubinson – 1967
Recorded at CBS, Hollywood, CA; March 11 – April 25, 1967

I loved this band. They should have been up there with Jefferson Airplane and the Dead but had rotten management which kept them from ever attaining that status. They put out about 5 albums before things went officially sour. Drummer Don Stevenson now lives in Toronto and was featured on one of my previous shows on November 21, 2016.

6.   Nash The Slash: Nash Metropolitan
Plewman )
Nocturnal Earthworm Stew: Island Records ILPS 9422
Toronto ON
Nash The Slash: electric violin
Produced by David Pritchard, 1976
Recorded at Sonic Workshop, Toronto by David Pritchard

David Pritchard born on Oct. 18, 1944 / d. Toronto Feb 2005

The First Canadian Artists signed to Island Records. He was an all night DJ on CHUM-FM, at the time Toronto’s open format radio station in 1968. He, along with Reiner Schwartz, John Donabie and David Marsden, became the deans of Canadian alternative rock music broadcasters. It wasn't unheard of him to broadcast classical, jazz and electronic records simultaneously on the station's three turntables, claimed Mr. Donabie.

He was well known for his radio series ‘The Beatles: The Days in Their Lives” which was broadcast in thirty countries throughout the world.

7.   Nash The Slash: Citizen
(Nash The Slash)
And You Through You Were Normal: Cut-Throat Records – CUT-6
Toronto ON
Nash The Slash: vocal, all instruments
Produced by Nash The Slash, 1982
Recorded by Nash at Cut-Throat Studios, Toronto

James Jeffrey Plewman b. March 26, 1948 Toronto / d. May 10, 2014 (66) Toronto

8.   Alan Parsons Project: The Voice
(Alan Parsons / Eric Woolfson)
I Robot: Arista Records AL 7002
London, UK
David Paton, bass
Stuart Tosh, drums
Ian Bairnson, guitars
David Paton, acoustic guitar
Alan Parsons, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Eric Woolfson, keyboards
Duncan MacKay, keyboards
BJ Cole, steel guitar
Produced by Alan Parsons, 1977
Recorded by Alan Parsons with Pat Stapley & Chris Blair at Abby Road Studios, London
Mastered by Chris Blair

9.   Klaatu: Little Neutrino
3:47 E.S.T.: Daffodil Records 9216-10054
Toronto, ON
John Woloschuk
Dee Long
Terry Draper
Terry Brown
Produced by Terry Brown & Klaatu, 1976

10. Joe Walsh: Space Age Whiz Kids
(Joe Walsh / Joe Vitale)
You Bought It - You Name It: Warner Bros Records 92 38841
Cleveland OH
Joe Walsh: guitar, vocal
Joe Vitale: drums
George Perry: bass
Waddy Wachtel: guitar, synth guitar
Kevin Dukes: guitar
Produced by Bill Szymczyk, 1983
Recorded by Jim Nipar at Santa Barbara Sound
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound NYC

From Walsh’s 6th solo album with Joe Vitale.
The lyrics are a personal commentary, critical of then-modern American culture against Walsh's older pinball and pool generation. The lyrics also reflect a satirical view on this, with lines such as: "I feel a little bit mixed up, maybe I'm obsolete".

11. Gordon Quinton: Sunbreeze
(G Quinton)
Guitar Songs: Quay Records 7933
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Gordon Quinton, guitar
Boyd Norman, bass
John Lacey, second guitar
Produced by Neil Bishop and Claude Caines, May 1979
Recorded at Clode Sound, Stephenville

Gordon Quinton was drawn to the acoustic guitar at a very early age after seeing one in a store window and hearing his brother Doug and his friends playing country songs on their guitars. After moving to St. John’s in the mid-1960s, he became a member of the The Krystals and The Mountain Men, playing rock and roll and country music on electric lead guitar.  In 1970, Gordon was invited by producer Tom Cahill to be in the house band for a season of CBC television show, All Around the Circle.

Gordon was awarded Instrumental Artist by the Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1997. He was honoured again in 2007 as Instrumental Artist/Group of the Year award and nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award that same year for his recording, The Yellow Sky. In 2013, Gordon received the Instrumental Artist/Group of the Year award from MusicNL for A Guitar’s Story.  

12. Melwood Cutlery: Great Northern Diver
(M Cutlery)
If It Rains: Dishstack Records - MC002
Perth, ON
Ken Myhr –
Dennis Pendrith –
Paul Brennan –
Jeff Barnes –
Rebecca Campbell –
Lewis Melville –
Alisdair Jones
Produced by Ken Myhr and Melwood Cutlery, 2000
Recorded by Stu Young at Metalworks Studio, Mississauga ON
Mastered by Phil Emetro at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Melwood comes and goes, in and out of our lives. I’ve known him since the mid-1980s. When he released this amazing song, it really resonated with me.

13. Bad Breed: In The Real World
(Bad Breed)
Ferocious Love: Lizard Snake Records 2020
Katherine Marilyn Marie Wilson: vocal, synth, percussion
Maylin Orgega Zulueta: vocal, bass, guitar, keys
Mike Gribben: drums, vocals
Breagha Scott: vocals
Oscar Tang: lead guitar
Mark Hundevad: vibes, keys, percussion
Patrick Smith: sax
Denzel Benitez-Ortega: violin, piano, vocals
Peter Stone: harmonica
Produced by Bad Breed and Mez, 2020
Recorded at South River Sound and Palace Sound
Mixed by Shawn Delnick
Mastered by Ron Skinner at Heading North Mastering

14. Jilted John: Going Steady
(J G John)
45 single BW Going Steady: Rabid Records TOSH 105
Manchester UK
Graham Fellows: vocals
John Scott: guitar & bass
?: Drums
Produced by Martin Zero 1978

15. David Celia: Infinity
(David Celia)
16. David Celia: The Wind
(David Celia)
Live on Back To The Sugarcamp
David Celia - Guitar & Keys, the kazoo
Chris Banks - Bass
Selina Martin - Vox, Tamborine
Cleve Anderson - Drums
Michael Holt - Keys & Vox
Produced & Mastered for radio by Steve Fruitman, 2008
Recorded by Sam Petite, June 3, 2008
Live at Studio 3, CIUT-FM

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