33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
March 4, 2024
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Side 1

1.   Andy DeJarlis: Red River Jig – 1962 *
2.   Wilf Carter: Red River Valley – 1974 *
3.   James Keelaghan: Red River Rising – 1989 *
4.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Red River Jane – 1975 *
5.   Red Crawford: Hurricane Hazel’s Ghost – 1957 *
6.   Ed McCurdy: Red River Valley – 1963 *
7.   Big Slim The Lone Cowboy: Where The OId Red River Flows – 1963 *
8.   Tommy Scott & His Red River Riders – By The Silvery Rio Grande – 1963
9.   Lawrence ‘Teddy Boy’ Houle: Red River Jig – 1989 *
10. The Raftsmen: Red River Valley – 1963 *
11. Marcel Meilleur & The Red River Echoes: Snow Shoe Reel – 1980 *
12. Rosemary Phelan: Redwing – 2009 *
13. Jean Pardy: Robin Red Breast – 1975 *
14. Ralph Emery & Shotgun Red w Roy Acuff: Wabash Cannonball – 1988
15. Jim Dawson - The Dixie Drifter: My Little Red Snowmobile – circa 1975 *
16. Red Simpson: Nitro Express – 1973
17. Al Caola Orch: The Magnificent Seven – 1964
18. Bill Long: Won’t You Ride In My Little Red Wagon – 1964 *
19. Roy & Rowsell: PEI Red Clay – 1975 *
20. Colin Linden: They’re Red Hot – 1975 *
21. Laura Vinson  Red Wyng: Waitin’ For The Weekend – 1982 *
22. Ken Stanley: Crazy Rhythm – 1963 *
23. Berlin Philharmonic: Also Sprach Zarathustra – 1970

Side 2

1.   Cyrkle: Red Rubber Ball – 1966
2.   Atom Division: Requiem For Red Smith – 2010 *
3.   Nick Cave & Bad Seeds: Red Right Hand – 1994
4.   Daniel Lanois: Red – 2019 *
5.   UB40: Red, Red Wine – 1983
6.   Fleetwood Mac: Red Hot Jam – 1969
7.   Robert Johnson: They’re Red Hot – 1936
8.   Jimi Hendrix Experience: Red House – 1966
9.   Howlin’ Wolf: The Red Rooster – 1961
10. Sam Cooke: Little Red Rooster – 1963
11. The Jitters: Last of the Red Hot Fools – 1987 *
12. Ned Landry: Red Wing – 1951 *
13. The Band: Saga of Pepote Rouge – 1977 *
14. New Riders of the Purple Sage: Panama Red – 1973
15. Willie P Bennett: Red Dress – 1993 *
16. Grievous Angels: The Ballad of Red Dan – 1993 *
17. Stanley Jordan: Angel – 1985
18. John Gotch w Werchowina Trio: Red Rose Polka – 1963 *

*CanCon = 45%

And Now for The Particulars

Side 1

1.   Andy DeJarlis: Red River Jig
Andy DeJarlis and His Early Settlers: London EB 44
Produced 1962

2.   Wilf Carter: Red River Valley
(Wilf Carter)
Montana Slims Greatest Hits: RCA Camden DL-2-0694
Port Hillford NS
Wilf Carter: guitar, vocal
Jackie Phelps: fiddle
Others not listed
Produced by Ethel Gabrield 1974
Remastered by Don Miller

Wilf first recorded this song for RCA in 1936

3.   James Keelaghan: Red River Rising
(James Kellaghan)
Small Rebellions: Tranquilla Productions TM2
Calgary AB
James Keelaghan: guitar, vocal
Don Pennington: electric guitar
Bill Eaglesham: bass
Michael Moore: drums
Gary Bird: dobro
Kathy Cook: mandolin
Produced by Ron Casat, James Keelaghan & Don Pennington, 1989
Recorded live to DAT Jan, 1989

James Keelaghan b. October 28, 1959, Calgary AB

Keelaghan was in his late twenties when he was recognized as an ‘up and coming’ singer/songwriter on the edge of the Celtic music scene. Like his contemporary, Stephen Fearing, he had a hard time living the Celtic influence down; both musicians couldn’t understand how they’d been labeled, pigeon-holed in a way that held them down. Over the years James Keelaghan has written some great, poignant songs and has long survived being called a Celtic kid.

Keelaghan is the Artistic Director of the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival in Owen Sound since 2011.

4.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Red River Jane
(TC Connors)
The North Atlantic Squadron and Other Favourites: Boot Records BOS 7153
Saint John NB
Stompin’ Tom Connors: vocal, guitar, boot
Others not listed
Produced by Tom Connors and Juri Krytiuk, 1975
5.   Red Crawford: Hurricane Hazel’s Ghost
Fiddlin’ Favorites: Aragon Records ALP 105
Red Crawford: fiddle
Others not listed
Produced circa 1957

6.   Ed McCurdy: Red River Valley
Folk Songs and Hootenanny: Spin-o-Rama Records S-122
Halifax NS
Ed McCurdy: vocal, guitar
Produced 1963

Ed McCurdy b. Willow Hill, PA Jan 11, 1919 / d. Mar 23, 2000 Halifax (81)

McCurdy’s early story reads like that of so many others: he wanted to become a folk singer like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seegar so he left home to gig across the nation. He landed in Vancouver where he somehow got to host a CBC Radio program which was very successful. The CBC then transferred him to Toronto where he became friends with Oscar Peterson, Oscar Brand, Josh White and Lena Horne. He released his first album of folksongs in Toronto in 1949 then in 1950 he went to New York to further his career. He became the L&M Cigarette man while enjoying the nascency of the folk scene exploding. He signed to Elektra records and played the New3port Folk Festival but what finally set him apart, and gave him the immortality that came with it, was his anti-war composition: Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream which has been covered by The Weavers, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, Mason Profit, Chad Mitchell Trio and Serena Ryder. He moved back to Canada in the late 1980s where he lived out the rest of his days.

7.   Big Slim: Where The Old Red River Flows
(Jimmy Davis)
The Lone Cowboy: Arc Records – 523
Wheeling WV
Big Slim: vocals, guitar
Dan Penny: spanish & electric guitar, fiddle
Claude Bradimore: rhythm guitar
Dick Bradimore: steel
Bill Gibbs: bass
Produced by Dan Bass, 1961
Recorded in Toronto

H.C. McAulife b. 1904 Bluefield, WV / d. Oct 13, 1966 Wheeling WV

Began recording for Decca 1936
Began entertaining on the WWVA Wheeling West Virginia Jamboree 1937
Recorded 3 lps for the Arc Label in Canada at the end of his career.

8.   Tommy Scott And His Red River Riders: By The Silvery Rio Grande
(Tom Scott)
Singin’ In The Saddle: Family Records – FLP 155
Tommy Scott: guitar, vocal
Harry Head: guitar
Gaines Blevins: electric guitar
Sam Baxter: guitar
Rudy Preston: bass
Scotty Lee Blevins: drums
Produced 1963

9.   Lawrence ‘Teddy Boy’ Houle: Red River Jig
Old Native & Métis Fiddling in Manitoba: Falcon Productions – FPP 187
Dauphin Manitoba
Teddy Boy Houle: fiddle
Produced by Anne Lederman, 1987
Recorded live on location
Remastered by Anne Lederman & Rich Greenspoon

Lawrence Houle b.1938 Ebb and Flow, Manitoba / d. 2020 Dauphin MB (81)
(Tay-Basse-Gay-Inini) “One Who Brings Bright Light To A Point”

He was a traditional Anishnabe Elder, medicine man, ceremonialist, language speaker, culture preservationist and he shared his life experiences with all people that he came in contact with.

In the mid-1980s, folklorist Anne Lederman decided to check out the Native and Métis fiddling of rural Manitoba. Realizing that this was a gold mine of cultural importance that was quickly fading away, she got a grant from the National Museum of Canada and produced two double-albums of fiddle tunes with the help of Lawrence ‘Teddy Boy’ Houle who convinced local fiddlers that they should be recorded.

I first met Teddy Boy at the Mariposa festival in 1987 and had him guest on my Great North Wind program in 1990. I remember getting a phone call from Winnipeg one day; it was from Teddy, asking me an important question: “Do you know a tune called The Mason’s Apron?” He claimed that he was asked to perform in Ottawa on Canada Day and a group of fiddlers would play The Mason’s Apron as an encore. Of course I knew the tune, got a record out and played it for him over the phone. “Ahh, that’s Mason’s Apron! I’ve always played that tune; just didn’t know what it was called.” His style straddles the ‘old style’ with the modern.

I asked Teddy Boy what it was like, playing his indigenous style  to white audiences? He told me: “I go onstage and secretly pic out one face; it’s my job to make them feel happy. Remember: every crowd is made up of individuals with one set of ears. I just play to their ears.” That was the best advice that I, as a green, young radio dj, ever got. After that I began programming my shows to one set of ears.

10. The Raftsmen: Red River Valley
This Land Is Your Land: RCA Camden – CAL 757
Montreal QC
Martin Overland: banjo
Lou Leroux: guitar
Marvyn Burke; percussion
Produced by Wilf Gillmeister & Marcel Le Blanc, 1963
Recorded in New York City & Canada

11. Marcel Meilleur & The Red River Echoes: Snow Shoe Reel
At / Au Festival du Voyageur: Sunshine Records – SSBLP – 417
Fisher Branch, MB
Marcel Meilleur: violin
Irwin Wall: guitar
Ron Halderson: bass
Joe MacKintosh: piano
Roland Dandeneau: drums
Produced by Ness Michaels, circa 1980
Recorded by John Hildebrand at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg

Marcel Meilleur  b. Fisher Branch MB July 8, 1930 / d. September 29, 2007, St. Boniface MB (77)

Better known for having accompanied and toured with Andy DeJarlis for 14 years, Marcel moved to Montreal with Andy and played in clubs and lounges of Quebec for three years. During that time, he frequently contributed to a series of radio and television shows that were broadcasted throughout the province. He made three appearances on the Don Messer Jubilee and played at the 1974 Festival International in France.  Since 1976, Marcel formed the Red River Echos and were featured on a  CBC series special “Les Echos de la Rivière Rouge”.

12. Rosemary Phelan: Redwing
(R Phelan)
Live on Back To The Sugarcamp at CIUT
Rosemary Phelan: guitar, vocal
Jason LaPrade: accordion
Produced by Steve Fruitman live on radio, June 18, 2009

13. Jean Pardy: Robin Red Breast
Pardy Time: Condor Records 977-1460
Bonavista NL
Jean Pardy: vocals
Produced 1975

14. Ralph Emery & Shotgun Red feat. Roy Acuff: Wabash Cannonball
(William Kindt)
Sing Songs For Children of All Ages: Ralph & Red Records ?– LP-1001
Nashville TN
Ralph Emery: vocal
Shotguy Red: vocal
Roy Acuff: vocal
Produced 1988

Walter Ralph Emery (born March 10, 1933) McEwen, Tennessee age 85.

Shotgun Red is a puppet best known as a co-host for the television talk show Nashville Now, which aired from 1983-1993 on The Nashville Network. Often appearing alongside the show's host Ralph Emery, Shotgun Red was voiced by Steve Hall, a native of Brainerd, Minnesota.

15. Jim Dawson - The Dixie Drifter: My Little Red Snowmobile
(J Dawson)
45 Single be Key To My Heart: Country Fair Records  CF-1
Madison Wisconsin
Produced 1970s

Tommy Latham, born in 1924 in Haynesville, LA / d. 1992 Madison WI

Latham legally changed to Jimmy Dawson in 1956, Dawson recorded sporadically in the 1950s on various different small-time labels under various names: Lonely Jeff Latham, Hillbilly Buddy Dave Farley, Jeffrey Parnell and the Dixie Drifter. He moved from his native Louisiana for California in the mid-1950s to further his career, eventually taking a disc jockey job up in Minnesota. Little Red Snowmobile was one of the last recordings he released as The Dixie Drifter, most likely in the mid-1970s.

16. Red Simpson: Nitro Express
(Red Simpson)
I’m A Truck: Capitol Records – SM-881
Higley Arizona
Produced by Ken Nelson, 1972
Recorded by John Kraus

17. Al Caiola Orchestra: The Magnificent Seven
(Elma Bernstein)
45 single bw The Lonely Rebel: United Artists UA 261X
Jersey City, NJ
Al Caiola: guitar
Others not listed
Produced by John Costa, 1961

Alexander Emil Caiola b. Sept 7, 1920, Jersey City, NJ / d. Nov 9, 2016 (96) Allendale, NJ

He has been both a studio musician and stage performer. He has recorded over fifty albums and has worked with some of the biggest stars of the 20th century, including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Percy Faith, Buddy Holly, Petula Clark, Mitch Miller, and Tony Bennett.

18. Bill Long: Won’t You Ride In My Little Red Wagon
(Rex Griffen)
My Favorite Songs: Arc Records – 674
Albuqurque NM
Bill Long: guitar, vocals
Mickey McGivern: lead guitar
Ricky Lamoreux: piano
Mark McGivern: bass
Ollie Strong: steel
Tony DiMaria: drums
Wally Dean: fiddle
Produced by Ben Weatherby, 1965

19. Billy Roy & George Rowsell: PEI Red Clay
(Billy Roy)
Thunder Country: Periwinkle Records – PER 7326
Don Paveling: bass
Gary Giles: drums
Mickey Andrews: steel, dobro
Billy Roy: vocal, guitar
Paul Clinch: rhythm guitar
Art Snider: keys
Lillian Nickoloff: violin
Ricki Yorke, Debbie Schaal, Paul Clinch, Jerry Dallas: bg vocals
Produced by Art Snider, 1975
Recorded by Brian Mitchell and Bob Stright at Sound Canada

An album called Thunder Country from Newfoundland, seemingly shared by two singer, covering songs by Marty Robbins (of course!) as well as many of Billy Roy’s own songs. I found the song to be quite well thought out, capturing the feeling of PEI which is difficult to accomplish when you’re not from there.

20. Colin Linden: They’re Red Hot
(Robert Johnson)
Touch The Earth: CBC Records – LM 473
Toronto ON
Colin Linden: g
uitar, vocals
Jim McLean: guitar
Chris Whiteley: harmonica
Produced by Paul Mills, 1981
Recorded at CBC Studios – 1975 for CBC radio program Touch The Earth, hosted by Sylvia Tyson

Colin Kendall Linden (born 16 April 1960)

Learned guitar, fingerpicking – 1973
David Wilcox persuaded him to learn to play slide guitar

21. Laura Vinson & Red Wyng: Waitin’ For The Weekend
(S MacDougall / Laura Vinson)
45 single bw Broken Hearted Melody: Royalty Records – RT 1000 117
Edmonton AB
Laura Vinson: guita
r, vocal
Mike Musson: Fiddle, vocals
George Hauser:Bass, vocals
Randy Cross: Drums, vocals
Harry Lent
Jim Hathaway
Wayne Saunders
Stewart McDougall
Frank Walls: Guitars, vocals
Produced by R Harlan Smith & Red Wyng, 1982

She actually recorded an album on 8-track called High Fashion Queen

22. Ken Stanley Orchestra: Crazy Rhythm
(Irving Caesar / Joseph Meyer / Roger Wolfe Kahn)
Ken Stanley at the Piccadilly Club: Everybody Dance! – Arc Records – 524
Toronto ON
Ken Stanley: piano
Jack Bond: trumpet
Danny Stevenson: also sax, clarinet
Gordon Stewart: tenor sax
Bill Pomfret: bass
Roy Edmunds: drums
Produced by Dan Bass, 1962

Kenneth Warriner b. Liverpool UK 1924 / d. Toronto 1993

23. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spake Zarathustra)
(Richard Strauss)
2001: A Space Odyssey - volume 2: MGM Records - SE-4722
Berlin, Germany
Herbert von Karajan: conductor
Compilation Produced by Jesse Kaye, 1970

Richard Georg Strauss b. 11 June 1864, Munich, Kingdom of Bavaria / d. 8 Sept 1949 (85) Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany

Synonymous with 2001: A Space Odyssey, is considered to be a tone poem, composed in 1896 and inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophical novel of the same name. The first recording was made in 1935 with Serge Koussevitzky and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The recording of the opening fanfare used for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey was performed by the Vienna Philharmonic and conducted by Herbert von Karajan. It was the opening of an entire symphonic piece.

Note that there were two 2001: A Space Odyssey albums produced: the first album was the actual soundtrack and the second one featuring music that Stanley Kubrick considered using for the film.

Side 2

1.   Cyrkle: Red Rubber Ball
(Paul Simon / Bruce Woodley)
45 single bw How Can I Leave Her: Columbia Records 4-43589
Easton PA / New York City
Tom Dawes: guitar
Don Dannemann: bass
Marty Fried: drums
Earl Pickens: electric piano
John Simon: piano
Produced by John Simon, 1966
Released April 4, 1966

Originally called the Rhondells: Managed by Brian Epstein, John Lennon came up with the spelling of their new name: Opened for The Beatles on their 1966 US / Canada tour: Paul Simon said he wrote "Red Rubber Ball" while living in England to get a £100 advance from The Seekers: The Seekers also recorded "Red Rubber Ball" for their 1966 album Come the Day (Georgy Girl): In Canada, the Cyrkle version of the song displaced Paperback Writer to reach number one: Also recorded by Cilla Black, Mel Torme, Neil Diamond and Cliff Richard. Tom Dawes, who sang high harmony, died in 2007.

2.   Atom Division: Requiem For Red Smith
(Smith / Feschuk / Atom Division)
45 Single bw Dictionary Waltz: Royal Mountain Records RMR002
St Catherines / Toronto ON
Dave Feschuk: guitar, vocal
Vince Rice: drums
Dean Baxter: bass
Dylan Green: ?
Produced by James Bunton & Scott Remila, 2010
Recorded by James Bunton & Scott Remila at 99 Armstrong, Toronto
Mastered by Bryan Martin at Sonosphere

Originally known as The Sweater Girls in St. Catherines, Atom Division were  named as an homage to sports and science. Dave Feschuk has been a sports columnist at the Toronto Star since 2003, mostly concentrating on the Zamboni losers, Toronto Maple Leafs.

3.   Nick Cave & Bad Seeds: Red Right Hand
(Nick Cave / Mick Harvey / Thomas Wydler)
Let’s Love In: Elektra – 61645-2
Victoria, Australia
Bass – Martin Casey
Drums, Timpani – Thomas Wydler
Guitar – Blixa Bargeld
Guitar, Shaker, Bells – Mick Harvey
Organ, Audio Generator [Oscillator] – Nick Cave
Produced by Tony Cohen and The Bad Seeds, 1994

4.   Daniel Lanois: Red
(Daniel Lanois)
The Music Of Red Dead Redemption II (Original Soundtrack):
Lakeshore Records – LKS35477
Hamilton ON
Violin – Sebastian LeBlanc
Vocals, Guitar – Daniel Lanois
Produced by Daniel Lanois, Ivan Pavlovich, 2018
Released  2019

5.   UB40: Red, Red Wine
(Neil Diamond)
Labour of Love: DEP International / Virgin DL 2270
Birmingham UK
James Brown: drums, perc
Ali Campbell: vocals, guitar
Robin Campbell: guitar, vocals
Earl Falconer: bass
Norman Hassan: perc, vocals
Brian Travers: sax
Michael Virtue: keys
Astro: perc, toasting
Produced by Ray Falconer, 1983
Mastered at The Abattoir, Birmingham & The Town House, London

6.   Fleetwood Mac: Red Hot Jam
(Peter A Green)
Fleetwood Mac in Chicago: Blue Horizon - 9 45238-2
London, UK
Peter Green - guitar, vocal
Mick Fleetwood - drums
Buddy Guy (as Guitar Buddy) - guitar
Shakey Horton - harmonica
Honey Boy Edwards - guitar
Willie Dixon - string bass
Produced by Mike Vernon & Marshall Chess, 1969
Released 1971

7.   Robert Johnson: They’re Red Hot
(Robert Johnson)
The Complete Recordings: Roots N’ Blues
Robert Johnson: guitar, vocal
Produced by Don Law, Monday, Nov 23, 1936
Recorded in San Antonio TX

8.   Jimi Hendrix Experience: Red House
(Jimi Hendrix)
Smash Hits: Reprise – MS 2025
Seattle WA / London UK
Jimi Hendrix: guitar, vocals
Mitch Mitchell, drums
Noel Redding: bass
Produced by Chas Chandler, 1966

9.   Howlin’ Wolf: The Red Rooster
(Willie Dixon)
45 single: Chess Records 1804
Howlin’ Wolf: slide guitar, vocal
Willie Dixon: double bass
Hubert Sumlin: guitar
Johnny Jones: piano
Sam Lay: drums
Jimmy Rogers: guitar
Produced by Leonard Chess, Phil Chess, Willie Dixon 1961
Recorded at Chess Records Studio October 1961

Chester Arthur Burnett (b White Station, Miss. June 10, 1910 - d January 10, 1976 Hines IL)

The song, written in it’s current form by the great Willie Dixon, was an adaptation of blues folklore that goes back to the 1920s. It was later renamed Little Red Rooster and covered by Sam Cooke and the Stones. This is one of the few songs recorded by Wolf in which his slide guitar was featured from that era.

10. Sam Cooke: Little Red Rooster
(Willie Dixon)
Night Beat: RCA Victor – LSP-2709
Sam Cooke: vocals
Rene Hall: orchestra conductor
Produced by Hugo & Luigi, 1963
Recorded by Dave Hassinger

11.  The Jitters: Last of the Red Hot Fools
(Blair Packham / Daniel Levy)
The Jitters: EMI  Capitol  CLT 48126
Toronto ON
Blair Packham: lead vocal, guitar
Danny Levy: lead guitar
Matthew Greenberg: bass
Vic D’Arsie: keys
Randy Cooke: drums
Produced by Paul Gross, 1987
Recorded by Joe Primeau at Phase One Studio, Toronto
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

12.  Ned Landry: Red Wing
45 Single bw Landry’s Breakdown: RCA Victor – 57-5022
Saint John NB
Ned Landry: fiddle
Bruce Holder: piano
Produced 1951

Landry’s first Single

Born Feb 2, 1921 in Saint John, New Brunswick / d. Aug. 25, at age 97
Signed a recording contract with RCA in 1951 and released several albums.
Three time winner of the North American Fiddling Championship (1956, 1957, 1962).
Member of the North American Fiddler's Hall of Fame (1981)

13. The Band: Saga of Pepote Rouge
(Robbie Robertson)
Islands: Capitol SW 11602
Rick Danko – bass guitar, vocals
Levon Helm – drums, vocals
Garth Hudson – organ, synthesizers, saxophones, accordion, piccolo on "Islands"
Richard Manuel – piano, electric piano, vocals
Robbie Robertson – guitars, lead vocal on "Knockin' Lost John"
Produced by The Band, 1977

14. New Riders of the Purple Sage: Panama Red
(Peter Rowan)
The Adventures of Panama Red: Columbia Records (US) KC 32450
East Palo Alto, CA
John Dawson, guitars
David Nelson, lead guitar, lead vocal
Dave Torbert, bass
Buddy Cage, pedal steel
Spencer Dryden, drums
Nicky Hopkins, piano
Produced by Norbert Putnam, 1973
Recorded by Tom Flye, John Stronach & Bobby Hughes at The Record Plant, Sausalito CA
Mixed by Norbert Putnam at Quadrafonic Studios, Nashville TN

This was the first really big album for the New Riders. Named after a strain of pot, the song was penned by bluegrass performer Peter Rowan who played with Earth Opera, Seatrain and Old And In The Way. Spencer Dryden was the drummer for Jefferson Airplane.

15. Willie P Bennett: Red Dress
(W P Bennett)
Take My Own Advice: Dark Light Records DL 12003
Peterborough ON
Mike Holder: pedal steel ¬
Denis Pendrith: bass
Ken Harrison: organ ¬
Jeff Arsenault: drums ¬
Colin Linden: guitar
Colleen Peterson: bg vocal
Produced by Peter J Moore, 1993
Recorded by Simon Less, MDI Studios, Toronto
Mixed by Simon Less and Peter J Moore
Mastered by Peter J Moore at the E Room

16. Grievous Angels: The Ballad of Red Dan
(C Angus)
Watershed: Jimmy Boyle Records - CD-181093
Cobalt, ON
Chuck Angus – guitar, vocals
Peter Jellard – accordion
Tim Hadley – bass
Peter Duffin – drums
Rick Conroy: keys
Peter Kierswalter: clarinet
John Switzer: tuba
Produced by John Switzer with Rick Conroy, 1993
Recorded at The Gas Station by Don Kerr and Dale Morningstar
Mixed at Orchard Studio by Don Kerr

17. Stanley Jordan: Angel
(Jimi Hendrix)
Magic Touch: Blue Note – BT 85101
Chicago IL
Stanley Jordan: guitar (no overdubs)
Produced by Al Di Meola, 1985
Recorded by James Farber & Kenny Florendo at Songshop Studios, NYC

Stanley Jordan  b. July 31, 1959 Chicago, Ill

Magic Touch, which sat at No.1 on Billboard 's jazz chart for 51 weeks, a record for a jazz guitar album. Among the artists Jordan has worked with are Quincy Jones,  The Dave Matthews Band, The String Cheese Incident, and Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh.

18. John Gotch w Werchowina Trio: Red Rose Polka
Gay Songs of the Ukraine: Arc 549
Midhurst, ON
Victor Pasowisty, fiddle
Bill Mankiss, accordion
John Gotch, clarinet, sax
Others unidentified

Produced by Don Bass, 1963

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