33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
September 18, 2023
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500 Miles
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Side Aye

1.   Tulpa: The Cage – 1985 *
2.   Five D: Dimentia – 1967 *
3.   The McCoys: Come On Let’s Go – 1965
4.   Flying Circus: Jabber Jabber – 1973 *
5.   Copperpenny: Mind Over Matter – 1975 *
6.   The Sadies: So Much Blood – 2013 *
7.   Rare Air: Oneward Blindly Onward – 1987 *
8.   Unknown Cast: Canadian School Days 2067 – 1966 *
9.   Larry Williams: High School Dance – 1958
10. R Dean Taylor: At The High School Dance – 1962 *
11. Ronnie Abramson: Rocking Your Way Through School – 1978 *
12. The Ventures: James Bond Theme – 1965
13. The Nazz: Rain Rider – 1969
14. The Who: Boris The Spider – 1966
15. The Rogues: Girl – 1967 *
16. Bob Marley & Wailers: Work – 1980
17. The Stan Hiltz Orch: Moscow Medley – 1974 *
Vintage Voices Segment w Carmela and Laura Gillis:
18. Pavarotti: O Sole Mio - 1978

Bee Side

1.   The Guess Who: Made In England – 1963 *
2.   Peter, Paul & Mary: 500 Miles – 1964
3.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Roll On Saskatchewan – 1970 *
4.   Moby Grape: Omaha – 1967
5.   Bruce Cockburn: Peggy’s Kitchen Wall – 1984 *
6.   Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet: Plastics For 500 – 1993 *
7.   David Bromberg: Jugband Song – 1972
8.   Memphis Jug Band: Whitewash Station – 1928
9.   Lovin’ Spoonful: Jugband Music – 1966
10. Ry Cooder: Viola Lee Blues – 1986
11. Wendy (Walter) Carlos: Timesteps – 1971
12. Justin Rutledge: North Wind – 2016 *
13. David Raven & The Escorts: Fever – 1982 *
14. Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck: Funny Feeling – 1968 *
15. Hugh Marsh: Znefu For All – 1984 *
16. Moe Koffman: Mo-Mentum – 1987 *
17. The Flummies: 45 Miles From Goose Bay – 1988 *

*CanCon = 60%

And Now for The Particulars

Side Aye

1.   Tulpa: The Cage
(John Bottomley)
Mosaic Fish: Midnight Music 00.10 5
Toronto ON
John Bottomley: guitar, vocal, keys
Chris Bottomley: bass, vocal, keys
Sev Mircon (Mike Severin): drums, vocal, keys
Produced by Tulpa, 1985
Recorded by Jeff McCulloch at Wellesley Studios, Toronto

Became a performing unit in 1984 as Private Lives but found out that an American band were also using that name. Became Tulpa as a result. Played in Toronto venues like Larry’s Hideaway, The Rivoli, Cabana Room of the Spadina Hotel, The Beverly Tavern and Lee’s Palace. After recording Mosaic Fish, they opened for acts like The Payolas and Tragically Hip. They also released a live record called “Off The Board – Live at CBGBs” in New York before breaking up in 1990.

John Bottomley passed away April 6, 2011

2.   Five D: Dimentia
(Five D)
Five D – Ottawa Rocks, Sir John A Years: Sound Investment Enterpirises D-11101
Ottawa ON
Jack Arsenault: rhythm guitar
Brian Bradfield: drums
Brad Campbell: bass, vocal
Dave Poulin: lead vocal
John Miron: guitar
Produced by John Pozer, 1967

Another great Ottawa pop band that came together in 1963. When the Beatles hit the scene a year later, they decided to go Mersey Beat by changing their name from The Decades to B.C. And The Cavemen, and The Quotations. In 1966 they became the Fifth Dimension but just as they were about to release their first record, they were informed about the ‘Up, Up and Away’ band using the same name. So they shortened it to Five D, the same way that the Byrds did with their song Fifth Dimension.

 They toured, opening for the likes of The Who, The Troggs, Wilson Pickett and Ohio Express amongst many others but broke up in 1970. Dimentia was most likely recorded in 1967 but never released. I got this off a 1995 compilation CD called ‘Ottawa Rocks, the Sir John A. Years’ (Sir John A. being the name of an Ottawa based record company).

Bass player, Brad Campbell would go on play with the Paupers, Janus Jobplin and wrote songs for The Carpenters, The Osmonds, Wayne Newton and Little Feat among others.

3.   The McCoys: Come On Let’s Go
(Ritchie Valens)
45 Single: Bang Records 516
Union City, Indiana
Rick Zehringer: guitar
Randy Zehringer: drums
Randy Jo Hobbs: bass
Robby Peterson: keys
Produced by Feldman, Goldstein & Gottahrer, 1965

Originally called Rick and the Raiders, these guys got their name from the B side of a Ventures single Walk, Don’t Run that was called The McCoy. They had three major hit songs: Hang On Sloopy, Fever, and Come On Let’s Go. Three members of the band backed Johnny Winter for a few years, beginning in 1970. (Rick Zehringer changed his name to Derringer).

4.   Flying Circus: Jabber Jabber
(S See / Al Reid)
Summer Canadian Singles Festival: Capitol Promotion 103
Sydney Australia / Toronto ON
Doug Rowe: lead guitar
Greg Grace: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Terry Wilkins: bass, vocals
Colin Walker: drums
Sam See: keys
Produced by Capitol Records of Canada, 1973

The Flying Circus was a pioneering Australian pop music and country rock band who had a number of pop hits in Australia from 1968 to 1971 and then re-located to Canada from 1971 to 1974 before calling it quits in 75. A connection with McKenna Mendlesohn Mainline (who they had met in Australia) made Toronto a destination since they were refused a US work visa. Sam See and Terry Wilkins later joined Toronto band, Lighthouse.

5.   Rich Wamil & Copperpenny: Mind Over Matter
(A Toussaint)
Fuse: Capitol Records Canada ST 6410
Kitchener ON
Rich Wamil: lead vocals, keys
Brian Russell: guitar
Al Mix: guitar
Paul Zaza: bass
Eric Robertson: keys
Barry Keane: drums, percussion
Bert Hermiston: sax
Produced by Harry Hinde, 1975
Recorded by Haywood Parrott at RCA Studios, Toronto
Mastered at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood CA
Mixed by Don Gooch

Originally called The Penny Farthings (to try and capitalize on the British invasion), the band changed their name after hearing Copper Penny by Toronto band The Paupers. They had a bit of success in the late 60s but it wasn’t until the early 70s that they scored some good hit songs. However personnel changes plunged them into difficulties resulting in the Rich Wamil and Copperpenny title to ‘Fuse’, their last album released in 1975.

6.   The Sadies: So Much Blood
(The Sadies)
Internal Sounds: YepRoc Records YEP-2353
S. Ontario
Mike Belitsky: drums
Sean Dean: bass
Dallas Good: guitar, organ, vocal
Travis Good: guitars, fiddle, vocal
Produced by Dallas Good, 2013
Mastered by Peter J Moore at The E Room, Toronto

7.   Rare Air: Onward Blindly Onward
(Rare Air)
Hard To Beat: Green Linnet SIF 1073
Toronto ON
Trevor Ferrier: percussion
Dick Murai: bass, drum program
Grier Coppins: synths
Pat OGorman: pipes
Produced by Awesome Dave & Rare Air, 1987
Recorded & Mixed by Dave Hillier at Comfort Sound, Toronto

Here’s a song that’s hard to beat.

8.   Elwy Yost & Co.: Space School, 2067
(Max Braithwaite)
Canadian School Days 1867 - 2067: CFGM Presents – ACS15LP
Toronto ON
Elwy Yost: narrator
Other actors uknown

Produced by CFGM Radio, 1966

Well kids, what did you think of what school’s gonna be like in another thirty years? This was an official Centennial project produced in late 1966 by Toronto’s late Country & Western radio station CFGM, based out of Richmond Hill. Written and produced by CBC’s Max Braithwaite and narrated by TVO’s Elwy Yost – Host of Saturday Night At The Movies. That cut comes from Side B – The Future. Side A is what schools were apparently like in 1867.

9.   Larry Williams: High School Dance
(S Bono / V Olivia)
45 single bw Short Fat Annie: Specialty Records 608
New Orleans LA
Larry Williams: vocal
Jesse James Jones: tenor sax
Rene Hall: guitar
Ted Brinson: bass
Leon M Silby: piano
Earl Palmer: drums
Produced 1957

Lawrence Eugene Williams b. New Orleans LA May 10, 1935 / d. Jan 7, 1980 (44) Los Angeles

For a couple of years, starting in 1957, Williams had several hit songs which greatly influenced John Lennon and The Beatles. Songs like Bony Moronie, Slow Down, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Bad Boy, She Said Yeah etc. He was recruited by Specialty Records after their main star, Little Richard, quit music to become a minister. Williams was to be his replacement. His career was derailed after he was convicted on a drug charge.

High School Dance, co-written by Sonny Bono, was actually released as the B side of the single featuring Short Fat Annie. Note: The Beatles rehearsed Short Fat Annie during the filming of Let It Be. It was also covered by Billy Preston, Johnny Winter and Frankie Avalon. It was a favourite of Levon Helm.

10. R Dean Taylor Combo: At The High School Dance
(R D Taylor)
45 single bw How Wrong Can You Be: Amy-Mala Records AM-1
Toronto ON
R Dean Taylor: keys:  vocals
Others Unlisted
Produced 1962
Recorded at Audio-Masters Studio

May 11, 1939, Toronto, Ontario / January 7, 2022, Los Angeles

He began his career in 1961, as a pianist and singer with several country music bands in Toronto. Taylor also made his first recordings in 1961, for the Audiomaster record label. The next year, Taylor's "At The High School Dance", a single for Amy-Mala Records, was a minor success. His next single, "I'll Remember", on the Barry label, was a No. 23 success for Toronto rock and roll radio station CHUM, and the singer decided to relocate to Detroit, Michigan, to further his career.

11. Ronnie Abramson: Rocking Your Way Through School
(Ronney Abramson)
Jukebox of Paris: True North Records – TN34
Montreal QC
Tom Szczesniak: bass
Alan Schwartzburg: drums, percussion
John Tropea: electric guitar
John Capek: Wurlizer piano
Bruce Dees: slide
Fred Mollin: backward piano
Moe Koffman, Guido Basso, Early Seymour and Rob McConnell: horns
Bruce Dees, Rob Balbraith, Fred Mollin: bg vocals
Produced by Fred Mollin 1978
Recorded by Gary Gray at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mixed by Andy Hermant and Gary Gray

b. Paris France she moved to Montreal when she was only two. After going to Magill she graduated on classical guitar. She only recorded three albums, the first being for Capitol Records of Canada; the last two on the True North Records label. Jukebox of Paris was her third and last solo album; she did perform in a kids’ music band called The Rugrats in the 1980s (winning a Juno Award for Best Childrens’ Recording) before going into the real estate market in Toronto.

12. The Ventures: James Bond Theme
(Monty Norman)
Gold: The Gold Label ‎ GLDCD8011
Tacoma WA
Bob Bogle: bass
Drums, Percussion: Mel Taylor
Lead Guitar: Gerry McGee
Rhythm Guitar: Don Wilson
Produced and Mixed By Neil Norman, 1965

The Original theme score for Dr. No was usually just called the James Bond Theme. Portions of it were used in just about every Bond film ever made and this is a great rocking version of it.

And now some cool bass intros:

13. Nazz: Rain Rider
(Todd Rundgren)
Nazz Nazz: Atlantic Records Canada SD 5002
Philadelphia PA
Todd Rundgren: lead guitar
Carson Van Osten: bass
Thom Mooney: drums
Robert Antoni: keys, vocals
Produced by Nazz
Released April 7, 1969
Recorded by James Lowe

The Nazz, featuring a young Todd Rundgren, took their name from the Yardbird’s song ‘The Nazz Are Blue’ who, in turn, took it from Lord Buckley’s hip name for ‘Jesus of Nazareth’. Meanwhile another band called The Nazz was playing down in Phoenix, lead by a young Vince Furnier who would later emerge as Alice Cooper. Rundgren’s Nazz put out three studio albums before calling it quits:  (Nazz, Nazz Nazz, and Nazz III) before he decided to go solo.

14. The Who: Boris The Spider
(John Entwistle)
A Quick One / The Who Sell Out: Decca MCA2-4067
London UK
Roger Daltrey Vocals
John Entwistle Bass Guitar [Horns] and Vocals
Keith Moon Drums
Pete Townshend Guitar and Vocals
Produced by Kit Lambert, 1966

The first Who album, My Generation featured mostly Pete Townsend songs (with a couple of James Brown covers); the next Album, Happy Jack, was to be different. It’s the only Who album to feature original songs by all members of the group. This was their Management’s way of getting song writing royalties for all four members of the band. John Entwistle’s contributions were Boris The Spider and Whiskey Man.

15. (Those) Rogues: Girl
(Bryan Primeau)
45 single bw I Could See You Again: Algoma Records ST 53
Sault Ste Marie ON
Bryan Primeau: organ, vocals
Mike Jargan: drums
Rick Rogers: guitar
Harvey Bell: bass
Produced by John Holt, 1967
Recorded by Marshall Shapiro at Arc Studios in Toronto on February 26, 1967

This was a band from The Soo. There was another band from Saskatchewan called The Rogues 5 who changed their name to Great Flood and the pre-cursor to Mandala were also called The Rogues.

16. Bob Marley & The Wailers: Work
(Bob Marley)
Uprising: Island Records ISM 9596
Bob Marley: lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Aston Barnett: bass, piano, guitar, percussion
Carlton Barrett: drums
Carlton Davis: drums
Tyrone Downie: keys, bg vocal
Alvin Patterson: percussion
Junior Marvin: lead guitar, bg vocal
Earl Lindo: keys
Al Anderson: lead guitar
I Threes w Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt: bg vocals
Produced by Bob Marley & Wailers, 1980
Mixed by Chris Blackwell and The Wailers
Recorded by Chiao Ng at Tuff Gong Studios, Kingston JM
Mastered by Ted Jensen
Released June 10, 1980

Robert Nesta Marley b. 6 Feb. 1945 Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica / d. 11 May 1981 (36) Miami

‘Uprising’ was the last studio recording released during Marley's lifetime, just a year before he died. All the songs on this album are spiritually oriented in Marley's Rasta beliefs. The album went double platinum in France, Platinum in New Zealand and gold most everywhere else. The band completed a major tour of Europe in support of the album, where it played its biggest concert to 100,000 people in Milan, Italy. After the tour Marley went to the United States, where he performed two shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City as part of the Uprising Tour. He collapsed while jogging in Central Park and was taken to hospital, where it was found that his cancer had spread to all parts of his body

17. Stan Hiltz Band: Moscow Medley
Kosher Style: World / Audat Custom Records WRC 251
Toronto ON
Stan Hiltz: keys, vocals
Leonard Shacter: trumpet, vocals
Arnie Wiskin: percussion, vocals
Lawrence Sereda: sax, flute, clarinet
Len Lytwyn: drums
Marty Hiltz: trumpet, trombone
Danny Colomby: guitar, bass
Produced by Stan Hiltz, 1976

In Toronto in the 1970s, if you had the money, you couldn’t lose by hiring the best Bar Mitzvah band in the GTA. Really great players and the album’s well produced – except for the cover maybe! It features the entire band standing around a picnic table on Centre Island in their mustard beige tuxedos in front of the brand new CN Tower with the flag of Isreal flying proudly. It’s called Kosher Style. Fun album.

Vintage Voices Segment w Carmela and Laura Gillis

18. Luciano Pavarotti: O Sole Mio
(Eduardo di Capua / Alfredo Mazzucchi / Giovanni Capurro)
O Sole Mio Favorite Neapolitan Songs: London Records – OS 26560
Modena, Italy
Orchestra – The National Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Gian Carlo Chiaramello
Produced by James Mallinson, Ray Minshull, 1978
Recorded by Andrew Pinder, Colin Moorfoot, Martin Atkinson at Kingsway Hall, London
Mastered At – Trutone Mastering Labs

A new season of Vintage Voices begins this show.

The Bee Side

1.   Bob Ashley & The Reflections: Made In England
(Randy Bachman)
Single: Reo Records 8735X
Winnipeg MB
Chad Allan (vocals/guitar)
Bob Ashley (keyboards)
Randy Bachman (guitars)
Jim Kale (bass)
Garry Peterson (drums)
Produced 1963

The early Guess Who. Released on Quality Records Reo subsidiary, deliberately mis-credited to Bob Ashley & The Reflections. By 1965, the group was forced to change its name to Chad Allan & the Expressions after a U.S. group called The Reflections had scored a hit with "Just Like Romeo & Juliet".

2.   Peter Paul & Mary: 500 Miles
(Heady West)
In Concert: Warner Brothers 2W 1555
New York City
Peter Yarrow  vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey  vocals, guitar
Mary Travers  vocals
Edgar O. deHaas: bass
Produced by Albert B Grossman, 1964

This is the 500th 33.45.78 show. Each one is a mile. I invite you to check out my full 33.45.78 archive. Some links don’t work and I don’t have time to track them down but most of them are fine.


I started producing this show in December 4, 2013 as a one hour show. Expanded to two hours a few weeks later. Thanks to all the listeners who’ve support the show and the station over the last 10 years.

3.   Stompin Tom Connors: Roll On Saskatchewan
(Tom C Connors)
Stompin' Tom Meets Big Joe Mufferaw: EMI Canada - 724349 55925
Halton Hills, ON
Tom Connors: guitar, vocal, stompin board
Glen Reid: banjo
Mickey Andrews: steel
Randy McDonald: bass
Gerry Hall: guitar
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors, 1970
Recorded at RCA Studios, Toronto by George Semkiw
Music Director: Fred McKenna

Thomas Charles Connors b. Saint John NB, Feb 9, 1936 / d. March 6, 2013, Halton Hills, ON

4.   Moby Grape: Omaha
(Skip Spence)
Moby Grape: Columbia Records – CL 2698
San Francisco CA
Peter Lewis – rhythm guitar, vocals
Jerry Miller – lead guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley – bass, vocals
Skip Spence – rhythm guitar, vocals
Don Stevenson – drums, vocals
Produced by David Rubinson – 1967
Recorded at CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA; March 11 – April 25, 1967

5.   Bruce Cockburn: Peggy’s Kitchen Wall
(Bruce Cockburn)
Stealing Fire: True North Records - TN 57
Ottawa ON
Bruce Cockburn: guitar, vocal
Jon Goldsmith: keys
Fergus Marsh: bass, stick
Miche Pouliot: drums
Chi Sharpe: percussion
Produced by Jon Goldsmith and Kerry Crawford, 1984
Recorded by John Naslen at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Mike Reese at Mastering Lab, LA

6.   Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet: Plastics For 500
(Shadowy Men)
A Canadian Alternative '92 sampler: Second Wave Music - SWM-002
Toronto, ON
Producer: Dean Brown - 1992
Brian Connelly – guitar, keyboards
Reid Diamond – bass guitar
Don Pyle – drums
Produced by Steve Albini, 1993
Recorded at Chicago Recording Company

Another song with 500 possibilities. Now for some jugband songs

7.   David Bromberg: Jugband Song
(David Bromberg)
Demon In Disguise: Columbia Records KC 31753
Philadelphia, PA
David Bromberg: guitar, vocal
Jody Stecher: mandolin, bg vocal
Willow Scarlett: harmonica
Steve Burgh: bass
Produced by David Bromberg, 1972
Recorded by James Green, David Brown, Stan Tonkel, Buddy Graham & Stan Hutto
Mixed by Tim Geelan & Don Meehan

8.   Memphis Jug Band: Whitewash Station Blues
(Will Shade)
Memphis Jug Band Double Album: Yazoo Records 1067
Memphis TN
Will Shade: vocal, harmonica
Charlie Burse: vocal, guitar
Vol Stevens: banjolin
Ben Ramey: vocal, kazoo
Jab Jones: lead vocal, jug
Compilation LP produced, 1979
Recorded in Chicago, 1928

9.   The Lovin Spoonful: Jugband Music
(John Sebastian)
Best of the Lovin Spoonful: Kama Sutra Records KSBS 2608
New York City
John Sebastian: guitar, vocals
Zal Yanovsky: lead guitar
Steve Boone: bass
Joe Butler: drums
Produced by Eric Jacobsen, 1966
Recorded by Val Valentin
Compilation produced Koppelman & Rubin: 1976

Jugbands first started appearing as early as 1905 in Louisville KY. First of the jazz / blues bands. Started out as urban bands and later country bands migrated to Memphis to play on Beale Street. The Lovin’ Spoonful started out as a pseudo jugband players.

10. R Ry Cooder: Viola Lee Blues
(Noah Lewis)
Crossroads Motion Picture Soundtrack: Warner Brothers 92 53991
Los Angeles CA
Ry Cooder: vocal, mandolin
Jim Keltner: drums
Jorge Calderon: bass
Jim Dickinson: piano, guitar
George Bohannon: baritone horn
Walt Sereth: soprano sax
Produced by Ry Cooder 1986
Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles by Mark Ettel
Second engineers: Tony Chiappa & Dave Ahlert
Mixed at Ocean Way and Record One by Judy Last
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

Originally recorded by Cannons Jug Stompers, the song was written by Cannon’s longtime partner, harmonica playing Noah Lewis. Apparently, Lewis was an amazing blues harp player who inspired Rice Miller who went by the name of Sonny Boy Williamson (II). He was able to play two harps at once, even through his nose.

The music for the Crossroads film is amazing. Cooder was in charge selecting the music, the musicians and the way in which they were recorded. Probably due to the fact that Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid) played the co-lead role (with a very convincing Joe Seneca), the film didn’t do that great. According to Cooder: “the film went down the tubes.” But the music….

Unfortunately, the Steve Vai segment where he and Macchio (whose parts were mostly played by Cooder off camera) cut heads in a duel was left off the album. That was the best part. But what was on the album was amazing, including Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee’s last recording together. The use of bluesman Frank Frost was brilliantly shot at a real roadhouse in Mississippi.

11. Wendy (Walter) Carlos: Timesteps
(W Carlos)
Clockwork Orange Soundtrack: Warner Brothers - 2573
Pawtucket RI
Wendy Carlos: Moog Synthesizer
Produced by Rachel Elkind, 1971

Walter Carlos b. November 14, 1939 Pawtucket, Rhode Island

This is an excerpt of Timesteps as used by Stanley Kubrick in the film. Carlos went on to release an entire album of works that were either used in the film (in their entirety) or considered for inclusion. (A Clockwork Orange: Wendy Carlos's Complete Original Score, first released in 1972 as Walter Carlos' Clockwork Orange).

Carlos also began reading A Clockwork Orange, and noticed that the opening themes reflected the feeling of the first chapters of the book. Thereafter the piece developed, in Carlos' own words, into "an autonomous composition with an uncanny affinity for 'clockwork'", the last word being Carlos' way of referring to the book. When the film version was announced Carlos and producer Rachel Elkind made a demonstration recording for Kubrick, who became interested and invited them to meet him in London.

12. Justin Rutledge: North Wind
(Brenley MacEachern / Lisa MacIsaac)
East: Outside Music OUT9102
Bass: Kyle Cunjak
Drums, Percussion: Sly Juhas
Guitar, Keyboards, Horns, Voice: Daniel Ledwell
Guitar, Voice: Justin Rutledge
Pedal Steel Guitar: Asa Brosius
Piano, Electric Piano [Wurlitzer]: Steve O'Connor
Producer, Engineer, Mixed by  Daniel Ledwell, 2016
Mastered by J LaPointe at Archive Mastering, Minevill NS
Recorded at Echo Lake Studios, Echo Lake NS

Justin Rutledge b. Toronto January 3, 1979

Rutledge was born and grew up in the Junction neighbourhood in Toronto. He dropped out of the University of Toronto to do music full time and it payed off. He’s toured Canada, the UK, the United States and Europe. East is the seventh studio album, recorded in Halifax. He currently resides in Prince Edward County.

13. David Raven & The Escorts: Fever
(David Raven)
David Raven And The Escorts: Radio Active Records EP 6904
Vancouver BC
David Raven: guitar, vocal
Randy Murray: guitar
Ron MacDonald: bass
David Pemberton: drums
Produced by Carlton Lee 1982
Recorded by Brian Cambell and Marty Hasselbach
Ravens Shirts by Fiorda Ricci

Born David Rutchinski in Quebec City, started playing guitar at age 7. He took the name  David Raven in 1980. Performed with Towers of  Power, Joan Armatrading, Ronnie Hawkins, Bo Diddley, Robert Cray, John Lee Hooker and John Mayall. Nominated and won a Juno Award in 1992. Currently living in Los Angeles, playing in a blues band calld Blowin’ Smoke.

14. Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck: Funny Feeling
(McDougal / Law / Caldwell)
Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck: Duck Records / Capitol Records - ST-6304
Vancouver BC
Pat Caldwell, vocal, harmonica
Charlie Faulkner, bass
Roger Law, guitar
Hugh Lockhead, drums
Don McDougall, guitar
Self Produced, 1968
Recorded by Robin Spurgin at Vancouver Recording Services
Mastered and Pressed at Imperial Record Corp.

If these guys woulda been Americans, they would have been quite successful but back in the 1960s, being Canadian meant few studios, little or no airplay, gigs 8 hours of touring apart and very little in the way of a music industry. If you didn’t go down to the States like The Sparrow from Toronto did and becoming Steppenwolf along the way…

15. Hugh Marsh: Znefu For All
(Hugh Marsh)
The Bear Walks: Duke St Records DSR 31009
Toronto ON
Hugh Marsh: violin
Kevan McKenzie: drums
Jorn Andersen: drums
Dick Smith: percussion
Produced by Peter Cardinali, 1984
Recorded by Gary Gray & Peter Lee
Mixed by Gary Gray

Has been in Bruce Cockburn’s band, backed Loreena McKennitt, Don Ross and countless others. Marsh's collaboration with Robert Palmer on "Purple Haze" became a radio hit in Canada and the United States. He continues to record and back up others with his electric violin. Marsh is a four-time winner of the Jazz Report Award for violinist of the year and a three-time recipient of the National Jazz Award for violinist of the year. Since September 2015, Marsh has performed regularly with the Rheostatics.

16. Mo Kauffman: Mo-Mentum
(Moe Koffman)
Moe-Mentum: Duke Street Records DSR 31036
Moe Koffman: flute, alto & soprano sax
Ed Bickert: guitar
Bernie Senensky: keys
Kieran Overs: bass
Barry Elmes: drums
Produced by Andrw S Hermant and Moe Koffman 1987
Recorded by Andrew S Hermant at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Bill Kipper at Mastering Studio, Masterdisk, NYC

Morris "Moe" Koffman, OC b Toronto 28 December 1928 / d. Orangeville ON 28 March 2001

During a career spanning from the 1950s to the 2000s, Koffman was one of Canada's most prolific musicians, working variously in clubs and sessions. With his 1957 record Cool and Hot Sax on the New York-based Jubilee label, Koffman became one of the first Canadian jazz musicians to record a full-length album. He recorded Swinging Shepherd Blues in 1957 which helped establish his reputation as a flautist and ranked him alongside Herbie Mann and other great influential jazz flute players. "Swinging Shepherd Blues" was a hit in the United States, reaching #23 on the Billboard pop chart.

He was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1993 and inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1997.

17. The Flummies: 45 Miles From Goose Bay
(Johnny Hodder)
Songs of Labrador: Kenamu Records WRC1-5985
Happy Valley / Goose Bay NL
Gary ODriscoll: lead guitar, vocal
Harris Learning: bass
Greg OBlenis: drums
Richard Dyson: accordion
Alton Best: guitar, harmonica
George Shiwak: vocals
Produced by Gary Odriscoll, 1988
Recorded by Gary ODricsoll at Homespun Studios, Goose Bay, Labrador
Cover by David E Willoughby

Flummies are traditional Labrador trappers bread using a mixture of flour, salt and baking powder. Founded in 1978 and are still together. Won ECMA Best Aboriginal Award 2009

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Community Radio CIOE                                
97.5 FM                                                           
Lower Sackville NS                                           
Sun 8 pm AT