33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
September 11, 2023
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Side A

1.   Leonard Cohen: Suzanne – 1967 *
2.   Oscar Peterson Trio: I Get A Kick Out Of You – 1959 *
3.   Suzanne Pasternak: MacBeth – 1989 *
4.   Suzanne Pasternak: Borderlands – 1989 *
5.   Miss Emily: Fire, Fire, Fire – 2017 *
6.   Hands And Teeth: Sunset Park – 2014 *
7.   Denis LePage: Reptile Reel – 1977 *
8.   LeVern Baker: Shake A Hand – 1961
9.   The Beau-Marks: Clap Your Hands – 1960 *
10. Steve Earle: The Devil’s Right Hand – 1988
11. Amelia Curran: Hands on a Grain of Sand – 2009 *
12. Pretty Green: Hand and The Hammer – 1987 *
13. The Beatles: Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand – 1964
14. Muggsy Spanier & Dixieland Band: Blue Room – 1950
15. Jimmy Buffett: Havana Daydreaming – 1975
16. Jimmy Buffett: Tampico Trauma – 1977
17. Jimmy Buffett: Cheeseburger In Paradise – 1978
18. Tab Smith: Moonstone – 1961
19. Jon Brooks: Gulfport MS – 2018 *

Bee Side

1.   Malcolm MacLaren: Buffalo Gals (Dub & Square) – 1978
2.   Peter Tosh: Crystal Ball – 1978
3.   Men They Couldn’t Hang: Rabid Underdog – 1986
4.   John Mayall: Arizona Bound – 1977
5.   Magazine: Shot By Both Sides – 1978
6.   Emmerson Lake & Palmer: Barbarian – 1970
7.   Mood: Who Do You Love – 1967 *
8.   Plastic Cloud: Epistle To Paradise – 1969 *
9.   Painter: Space Truck – 1973 *
10. Johnny Dee Fury: Born To Bop – 1982 *
11. Bill Bruford Earthworks: My Heart Declares A Holiday – 1987
12. Mott The Hoople: Darkness Darkness – 1971
13. Motorhead: Ace of Spades – 1980
14. Ruby Murray: Courtin’ In The Kitchen – 1958
15. Cheech and Chong: Turn That Thing Down – 1974
16. Henry Mancini Orch: Lujon – 1961

*CanCon = 43%

And Now for The Particulars:

Side A

1.   Leonard Cohen: Suzanne
(L Cohen)    
Leonard Cohen: Columbia - CS 9533
Montreal QC
Leonard Cohen: guitar, vocals
Nancy Priddy: vocals
Chester Crill: keys
Chris Darrow: bass
Solomon Fieldhouse: various instruments
David Lindley: guitar

Produced by John Simon, 1967
Recorded at Columbia Studio E, NYC

"Suzanne" was inspired by Cohen's platonic relationship with dancer Suzanne Verdal. Its lyrics describe the rituals that they enjoyed when they met: Suzanne would invite Cohen to visit her apartment by the harbour in Montreal, where she would serve him Constant Comment tea, and they would walk around Old Montreal past the church of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, where sailors were blessed before heading out to sea.

The song was on his debut album Songs of Leonard Cohen. Cohen's recording was released as a single in 1968 but did not reach music charts. The song only charted after Cohen's death in 2016. Julie Collins had a big hit with it in 1966. The late Penny Lang told me during an interview that Cohen offered her the song first but she didn’t like the style.

2.   Oscar Peterson Trio: I Get A Kick Out Of You
(Cole Porter)
A Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra: Verve 8334
Montreal QC
Oscar Peterson: piano
Ray Brown: bass
Ed Thigpen: drums
Produced by Norman Ganz
Recorded in Paris, France, May 18, 1959
Released 1961

Suzanne Pasternak RIP
b. New Jersey, 1950 / d. Kingston ON Aug 30, 2023

Born in New Jersey, Suzanne married Harry Pasternak and settled in Prince Edward County in the 1970s. By 1988, she was performing in a duo with Drew Ackerman. She was also researching and writing her folk opera, Minerva around that time and began performing it in the County – mostly at the Regent Theater in Picton. It was eventually picked up by the Mivishes as a possible production but after a few years of trying to get it done, they passed on it. She also wrote and produced other operas, including Solomon Mauk, Exiles as well as a TV production about the last of the Lake Ontario fisherman.

In putting on such performances, Suzanne utilized the talents of both experienced musicians and newbies, one of which was Emily Fennell (Miss Emily) who started out in Minerva as a young teen. Suzanne’s daughter, Natasha, followed in her mother’s footsteps, performing in Toronto band Hands and Teeth in the early 20teens and has spent the last few years in Los Angeles.

3.   Suzanne Pasternak: MacBeth
(Lyrics: S Pasternak / Music: S Pasternak / Drew Ackerman)
Live on Mariposa Radio Folkwaves: CIUT Radio
Prince Edward County
Suzanne Pasternak: guitar, vocals
Produced live to air by Steve Fruitman, Feb 20, 1989

This was the name of my first CIUT radio program between June 13, 1988 and August 89.

4.   Suzanne Pasternak: Borderlands
(S Pasternak)
Solo Flight: Coming In Under The Radar: Little Bluff Records 1989
Milford ON
Suzanne Pasternak: guitar, lead vocals
Doug Reansbury: guitars
Kathlean Pronovost: vocals
Craig Jones: bass
John Loughry: drums
Produced by Doug Reansbury, 1989
Recorded by Borealis Productions; engineered and mixed by John Loughry and Peter Gross

From Suzanne’s first cassette

5.   Miss Emily: Fire, Fire, Fire
(Emily Fennell)
In Between: Featuring Gord Sinclair & Rob Baker: indie
Kingston ON
Miss Emily: vocal
Gord Sinclair: bass
Rob Baker: guitar
Rob Radford: drums
Kelly Prescott: bg vocals
Produced by Gord Sinclair, 2017

Emily Fennell b. Picton ON circa 1982

Miss Emily aka Emily Fennell, started performing in Prince Edward County in Suzanne Pasternak’s folk opera, Minerva. The 12 year old singer played to role of the youngster, Minerva, and eventually grew into the role of adult Minerva. Her voice was powerful, even then! It was always her aim to be a musician and this lead her into the blues. She has been a featured performer on the Massey Hall stage in the prestigious “Womens Blues Revue” and has been nominated for Maple Blues Awards.
6.   Hands And Teeth: Sunset Park
(Hands and Teeth)
Before The Light EP: Underground Operations - UOP J-44
Toronto ON
Kevin Black: guitar, vocals, autoharp
Adam Kolubinski: drums
Derek Monson: bass, vocals, electronic drums
Natasha Pasternak: vocals, guitar, synths
Produced by Hands And Teeth with Carlin Nicholson & Mike O'Brien, 2014
Recorded by Carlin Nicholson & Mike O'Brien at Ill Eagle Studio, Toronto
Mixed by Carlin Nicholson at the Cracker Pit
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Toronto band that I featured on my program June 9, 2014 when they released their vinyl EP. They broke up shortly afterwards. Natasha Pasternak is the daughter of singer / songwriter / music producer Suzanne Pasternak and grew up in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

7.   Denis Lepage: Reptile Reel
(Denis LePage)
Larger Than Life: Boot Records - BBG 6001
London, ON
Bert Baumbach: guitar
Ken Palmer: mandolin
Willie P Bennett: harp
David Zdriluk: bass
Denis LePage: banjo
Produced by David Essig - 1977
Recorded by Bob Lanois at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton
Cover: Ian Bell

Not the Denis LePage from Montreal - the disco dj - who died last week - just so's y'know.

8.   LaVern Baker: Shake A Hand
(J Morris / Joe Morris)
Saved: Atlantic ‎Records 8050
LaVern Baker: vocals
Stan Applebaum Orch
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler, 1961
Recorded 1960

Delores Evans b. Chicago November 11, 1926 / d. March 10, 1997 (67) Queens, New York

Baker began singing in Chicago clubs such as the Club DeLisa around 1946, often billed as Little Miss Sharecropper. She was billed as LaVern Baker when she sang with Todd Rhodes and his band in 1952. In 1953 she signed with Atlantic Records as a solo artist, her first release being "Soul on Fire". Her first hit came in early 1955, with the Latin-tempo "Tweedle Dee", which reached number 4 on the R&B chart. Baker toured Australia in 1957 as part of Lee Gordon's Big Show, performing with an number of rock 'n' roll bands including Bill Haley and the Comets. She appeared in the film Rock, Rock, Rock!

9.   The Beau-Marks: Clap Your Hands
A Taste Of Birchmount Pop: Birchmount BMS 1
Montreal QC
Ray Hutchinson: guitar
Mike Robitaille: bass
Joey Frechette: piano
Gilles Tailleur: drums
Produced 1960

Formed in the late 1950s, their first release, the April 1959 single "Rockin' Blues" b/w "Midnight Party", came out under the name The Del-Tones, but the group changed their name soon afterward in a nod to the Bomarc missile. "Clap Your Hands," hit #1 in Canada and Australia and peaked at #45 on the US Billboard chart.  They appeared on American Bandstand and at a charity concert at Carnegie Hall soon afterwards. Two more albums followed before the group broke up in 1963.

10. Steve Earle: The Devil’s Right Hand
(Steve Earle)
Copperhead Road: Uni Records UNI-7
San Antonio TX
Steve Earle: vocals, guitars, harmonica, 6-string bass, mandolin
Donny Roberts: guitars, 6-string bass
Bill Lloyd: acoustic guitar
Michael McAdam: 12-string electric guitar
Bucky Baxter: pedal steel, lap steel, Dobro
Ken Moore: synthesizer and organ
John Barlow Jarvis: piano
Kelly Looney: bass
Kurt Custer: drums
Sam Bush: mandolin
Jerry Douglas: dobro
Mark O'Connor: violin
Edgar Meyer: bass violin
Produced by Tony Brown & Steve Earle 1988

born January 17, 1955 Ft. Monroe, Virginia
11. Amelia Curran: Hands On A Grain of Sand
(Amelia Curran)
Hunter, Hunter: Six Shooter Records ‎– SIX051
St. John’s NL
Amelia Curran: guitar, vocals
Matthew Hender: bass
Andrew Dale: Bouzouki, Banjo, Piano, Vocals
Sandy Morris: Dobro
Mikaela Etchegary: French Horn
Stephen Ivany: Trombone
Geraldine Hollett, Kathleen Allan, Phil Churchill: BG Vocals
Produced by Don Ellis, Andrew Dale & Amelia Curran, 2009
Recorded in St. John’s NL by Don Ellis
Mastered By Phil Sedore
Mixed By by Laurence Currie at Sunnyside Studios, Toronto
Artwork [Cover Artwork] by Martin Tielli

Hunter, Hunter earned Curran nominations for four 2010 East Coast Music Association Awards, in the categories Female Solo Recording of the Year, FACTOR Recording of the Year, SOCAN Songwriter of the Year, and Folk Recording of the Year. That same year Curran won a Juno Award in the category of Roots and Traditional Album of the Year: Solo for Hunter Hunter. Hunter, Hunter is the only album Curran recorded back home in Newfoundland.
12. Pretty Green: Hand And The Hammer
(Ed Blocki)
Pretty Green: Nettwerk Records / Capitol NTL 30014
Toronto / Vancouver
Ed Blocki: vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin
Peter Bourne: drums, percussion
Chris Stevens: banjo
Anne Bourne: cello
Produced by Ed Blocki and Greg Reely, 1987
Recorded at Howe Sound, Vancouver by Greg Reely

A band lead by singer / songwriter Ed Blocki who, sadly, only released this one album. Featuring the cello playing of Anne Bourne on some tracks, it’s an atmospheric Bob Dylan and The Byrds concoction doing Tom Petty. If that makes any sense!   

13. The Beatles: Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand
(Lennon / McCartney)
Something New: Capitol Recordes & 2108
John Lennon: vocals, rhythm guitar, handclaps
Paul McCartney: vocals, bass, handclaps
George Harrison: vocals, lead guitar, handclaps
Ringo Starr: drums, handclaps
Produced by George Martin, 1964
Recorded 17 October 1963, 29 January 1964 by Norman Smith

14. Muggsy Spanier & His Dixieland Band: The Blue Room
(Richard Rogers / Lorenz Hart)
Muggsy Spanier & His Dixieland Band: Mercury Wing Records – MGW 12165
New Orleans LA
Muggsy Spanier: Trumpet
Produced 1950

Jimmy Buffett RIP

Born James William Buffett, December 25, 1946, Pascagoula, Mississippi, U.S.
Died September 01, 2023, Sag Harbor, New York (77)

15. Jimmy Buffett: Havaña Daydreaming
(Jimmy Buffett)
Havaña Daydreamin’: MCA Records – 37023
Mobile Alabama
Jimmy Buffett: guitar, vocal
Roger Bartlett: lead guitar
Greg Taylor: harmonica, piano
Harry Daily: bass
Phillip Fajardo: drums
Produced by Don Gant - 1975
Recorded by Chip Young & Brent Meaher at various studios

16. Jimmy Buffett: Tampico Trauma
(Jimmy Buffett)
Changes In Latitudes Changes In Attitudes: ABC Records – 9022-960
Mobile MS
Jimmy Buffett: vocals, acoustic guitar
Greg "Fingers" Taylor: harmonica
Michael Utley: organ, piano
Harry Dailey: Bass
Michael Jeffry: lead guitar
Farrell Morris: percussion
Jimmy Buffett, Harry Dailey, Michael Jeffry, David Bryant : background vocals
Norbert Putnam abd Nucgaek Utley: string arrangements
Shelley Kurland: concertmaster
Produced by Norbert Putnam,  1977
Recorded by Marty Lewis and Alex Sadkin at Criteria Studios, Miami, Florida and Quadrafonic Sound Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

Sun soaked, lubricated and ready for fun! That’s why I like this song. From Buffett’s break-through album of the same name featuring his gigantic hit, Margaritaville. It’s one of those rare albums where every song is important to the flow; every song is relevant and makes it perfect.

17. Jimmy Buffett: Cheeseburger In Paradise
(Jimmy Buffett)
Son of a Son of a Sailor: ABC Records 9022-1046
Mobile Alabama
Jimmy Buffett: acoustic guitar, vocal
Tim Krekel: guitar
Harry Dailey: bass
Jay Spell: piano
Kenneth Buttrey: drums, percussion
Fingers Taylor: harmonica
Deborah McColl, Penny Nichols, Lee Jane
Berinati, Janie Fricke, Ginger Holladay: bg vocals
Produced by Norbert Putnam, 1978
Recorded by Marty Lewis, Jimmy Stroud & David Crowther at Bay Shore Recording, Coconut Grove FL & Quadrafonic Sound, Nashville
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics, Nashville

This song comes from the post Margaritaville  era and perfectly fits the Gulf of Mexico cheeseburger pirates perfectly. The Parrot too.

18. Tab Smith: Moonstone
(Waren Noble)
45 single bw Pickin’ Up The Tab: B and F Records 1348
Kinston, NC
Tab Smith: alto sax
Produced 1961

Talmadge "Tab" Smith b. Kinston, North Carolina Jan 11, 1909 / d. Aug 17, 1971 St. Louis (62)

Tab joined his first professional band, the Carolina Stompers, in 1929. In the 1930s and 1940s he spent several years in the bands of Lucky Millinder and Count Basie,[2] as well as spending long periods freelancing both as a player and as an arranger. In 1944 he participated in a recording date led by Coleman Hawkins, for which he also arranged the material.[3] After the Second World War he led his own groups, which concentrated on rhythm and blues as jazz turned from swing to bop. His biggest R&B hit was "Because of You", which reached number 1 on the US Billboard R&B chart, and number 20 on the pop chart, in 1951. " Smith retired from the music business in the early 1960s. He sold real estate and played piano part-time in a steakhouse.

19. Jon Brooks: Gulfport MS
(Jon Brooks)
No One Travels Alone: Borealis Records BCD251
Toronto ON
Jon Brooks: vocal, guitars
Neil Cruickshank: hand drum
Alec Fraser: bass, percussion
John Showman: violin
Produced by Alec Fraser, 2018
Recorded in an old dancehall somewhere in Hamilton ON
Mastered by Peter J Moore

Jon Brooks b. King City ON, 1968

One of my favourite singer/songwriters, Jon released No One Travels Alone on vinyl in 2018, quickly followed by single and then a re-make of his 2009 album, now entitled Moth Nor Rust II, also available on vinyl.

Bee Side

1a.   Malcolm MacLaren: Buffalo Gals – Hip Hop Version
The Famous Charisma Label CSX-3602
London UK
Malcolm MacLaren: rap vocals
World's Famous Supreme Team and Zulu singers
Produced by Trevor Horn, 1982
1b. Malcolm MacLaren: Buffalo Gals –
Traditional Version (Trad)
The Famous Charisma Label CSX-3602
London UK
Malcolm MacLaren: square dance calls
Produced by Trevor Horn 1982
Recorded at Tri-State Studios, Tennessee
Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren (b. London UK, 22 January 1946 – d. Bellinzona, Ticino,
Switzerland, 8 April 2010)

McLaren was well known as the manager of the Sex Pistols.
In 1983, McLaren released Duck Rock, an album that, in collaboration with producer and co-writer Trevor Horn and The World's Famous Supreme Team (a duo of hip hop radio disc jockeys from New York City who hosted a hip hop and classic R&B show on WHBI 105.9 FM and were among the first DJs to introduce the art of scratching to the world), mixed up influences from Africa and the Americas, including hip hop. The album helped bring hip hop to a wider audience. Two of the singles from the album ("Buffalo Gals" and "Double Dutch") became top-10 hits in the UK, with "Buffalo Gals" a minor hit in some major cities in the US.
"Buffalo Gals" is a traditional song that dates back to the 1800s, where it was often played at minstrel shows. The "Buffalo" refers to the city of Buffalo, New York, but the lyrics were altered to fit the place where the song was performed. McLaren changed the refrain from "Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight" to "Buffalo gals, around the outside."
Trevor Horn, who was a member of Yes and the Buggles, put together the beats, scratches, music and McLaren's rap to make the song. Truly one of the very first hip-hop records. Here’s Trevor Horn’s take on recording the square dance version:
So we’re in this studio in Tennessee called Tri-State Studios and The Hilltoppers showed up and they were in a purple VW van that had carpet on the inside, purple carpet. There was a very old Hilltopper who had a hat on saying “the oldest Hilltopper” – he was about 92. And then there were a few children who looked like they might have had interesting parents ’cause they were cross-eyed and a bit strange looking. And they started to play. We set up some mics around the studio and they started to play and they were awful. Malcolm came up to me and said: “This is awful. You’re the producer, get rid of them.” So I had to go over and say: “Guys, that was great, that’ll do for what we need. Thanks very much, here’s $50.” And they were happy enough and off they went in their purple VW.
And I said to the guy who owned the studio: “Do you think you can get us any musicians?” In the southern states of America they’re very laid back. “Yeah, yeah, should be able to. Utility pickers.” “Utility pickers, great.” “Gimme some time, I’ll get on the phone.” So a bunch of guys showed up and they all had that slightly tough, hard-bitten American look until they smiled. They set up and they could obviously play really well. They were crazy guys. I remember going to the toilet and there’s about five of them doing great big lines of blow off the sink in the toilet. And I remember Malcolm saying: “We’ve got the single, great.”

They went back to England and brought over the World's Famous Supreme Team and Zulu singers (two NYC djs) and did the hip hop version.

2.   Peter Tosh: Crystal Ball
(Peter Tosh)
Mystic Man: Rolling Stones Records QCOC 39111
Grange Hill, Jamaica
Peter Tosh: vocals, guitar, keys
Robbie Shakespeare: bass, guitar
Sly Dunbar: drums
Mikey Chung: keys, guitar, percussion
Robby Lyn: organ, piano
Ed Walsh: synth
George Young: sax, flute
Lou Marini: sax, flute
Howard Johnson: baritone sax
Barry Rogers: trombone
Mike Lawrence: trumpet
Gwen Guthrie, Yvonne Lewis, Brenda White: bg vocals
Produced by Peter Tosh, 1979
Recorded by Geoffrey Chung at Dynamic Sound, Kingston JM
Mixed by Geoffrey Chung at Sound Mixers, NYC
Mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic Studios, NYC

Peter Tosh b. 19 October 1944 Grange Hill, Jamaica / d. 11 Sept 1987(42) Westmoreland, Jamaica

Mystic Man is my favourite Peter Tosh album. Just after it came out, in 1979, I got to see him play at the Ontario Place Forum, in Toronto (with the revolving stage). Reggae was still new to most of us, Bob Marley was the only Reggae name most of us knew back then. Held together by Sly and Robby (bass and drums), the album, in my opinion, is perfect in every.

3.   Men They Couldn’t Hang: Rabid Underdog
(Stefan Cush)
How Green Is My Valley: MCA Records - MCF 3337
London UK
Shane Bradley, bass
Paul Simmonds, guitars, bazouki, mandolin
Jon Odgers, drums
Swill, guitars, melodica, tin whistle, recorder
Stefan Cush, guitar, horn
Produced, recorded and mixed by Mark Glossop, 1986

4.   John Mayall: Arizona Bound
(John Mayall)
A Hard Core Package: ABC Records 9022-1039
Los Angeles / London
John Mayall: vocals, clavinet, piano, harmonica, guitar
James Quill Smith: vocals, lead guitar
Steve Thompson: bass guitar
Soko Richardson: drums
Produced by John Mayall, 1977
Recorded by Leslie Ann Jones at ABC Studios, LA

John Mayall, OBE b. 29 November 1933 Macclesfield, England

Mayall is one of the fathers of British Blues. He nurtured Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie; Jack Bruce, Mick Taylor and numerous other great British players. In the late 60s he relocated to the United States, recorded Blues from Laurel Canyon and stayed. Amazingly, he’s still making music, looks great and is 89 years old! An Icon!

5.   Magazine: Shot By Both Sides / Definitive Gaze
(Howard Devoto / John McGeogh)
Real Life: Virgin Records V 2100
Manchester UK
Howard Devoto: vocals
Barry Adamson: bass
Dave Formula: keys
Martin Jackson: drums
John McGeogh: guitar, sax
Produced by John Leckie, 1978
Recorded by John Leckie at Virgin Mobile and Abby Road Studios, London

They were active between 1977 and 1981.
They were formed by Howard Devoto after he left The Buzzcocks in early 1977.

6.   Emmerson Lake & Palmer: Barbarian
(Emmerson / Lake / Palmer)
Emmerson Lake & Palmer: Cotillion SD 9040
London UK
Carl Palmer: drums, percussion
Greg Lake: bass, guitar, vocals
Keith Emmerson:  piano, clavinet, Pipe organ, Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer
Produced by Greg Lake, 1970
Recorded by Eddie Offord at Advision Studios, London

Greg Lake left KC in 1970 to help form ELP. He played bass and sung lead vocals on the first KC album and was coaxed into performing nearly all the vocals for the band’s second album, In The Wake of Poseidon.

7.   Mood: Who Do You Love
(E (Bo Diddley) McDanials)
45 single bw Train’s Late: Cove Records - QC 467
Port Colborne ON
Ritchie Gauthier [aka Ritchie Stringer] (vocals, rhythm guitar)
Mike Weaver (drums, backing vocals)
Al Bartok (bass)
Jack Schaefer (keyboards)
Dave Pine (lead guitar)
Produced by Pete Borbolli, 1967
Recorded by Pete Pete Borbolli at CKGB Radio, Timmins ON

Gautier & Weaver later joined Toronto band Factree

8.   Plastic Cloud: Epistle to Paradise
(Don Brewer)
The Plastic Cloud: Allied Records 10
Bay Ridge ON
Don Brewer (guitar, vocals)
Brian Madill (bass)
Michael Cadieux (guitar)
Randy Umphrey (drums)
Produced by Bill Bessy and Jack Boswell, 1969

Apparently, only 500 copies of their album were released. Bay Ridge is a part of Pickering, Ontario, located near the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Bill Bessy worked with executive producer Jack Boswell with Allied and Marathon Records, mostly producing country music. This is one of their few forays into pop rock. An Epistle to Paradise!

9.   Painter: Space Truck
(Doran Beattie / Danny Lowe / Wayne Morice)
Painter: Elektra Records EKS 75071
Edmonton AB
Dan Lowe (guitar)
Doran ‘Dorn’ Beattie (vocals)
Bob ‘Herb’ Ego
Royden ‘Wayne’ Morice (bass)
Barry Allen (vocals, Rhythm guitar)
Produced by Dan Lowe, 1973
Recorded by Jim Gaines at Kaye-Smith Studios, Seattle WA

Featuring the late Barry Allen Edmonton who passed away April 4, 2020 (aged 74).

10. Johnny Dee Fury: Born To Bop
(Johnny Dee)
Born To Bop: Orient Records OLP 005
Campbellford ON
Johnny Dee Fury: vocals, guitars
Kit Johnson: bass, bg vocals
Bodan Hluszko (now Michelle Josef): drums
Produced by Johnny Dee Fury, 1982
Recorded and Mixed at Amber Studios, Toronto by Paul Bonish

After serving in local bands around his home town, Fury moved to Toronto and signed with Orient Records, releasing several singles and this album. They toured across Canada and even did gigs in NYC. Fury has since focused on songwriting and is currently living in Nashville.

11. Bill Bruford’s Earthworks: My Heart Declares A Holiday
(Bill Bruford / Iain Bellamy / Django Bates)
Earthworks: EG Records EGED 48
London UK
Bill Bruford: drums
Iain Bellamy: sax
Django Bates: keys, horns
Mick Hutton: bass
Produced by Dave Stewart and Bill Bruford, 1987
Recorded by Martin Rex at Terminal 24 Studios, London, October 1986
Mixed by Owen Morris and Jim Abbiss at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge UK

William Scott Bruford (b. Sevenoaks Kent, May 17, 1949)

Original drummer of Yes (1968 – 72). Better known for his playing with King Crimson. He also performed with Gong, UK and Earthworks.

12. Mott The Hoople: Darkness Darkness
(Jesse Colin Young)
Brain Capers: Island Records – 85 808 IT (Italian Pressing)
Herefordshire UK
Verden Allen – Keyboards, Vocals
Dale "Buffin" Griffin – Drums, Vocals
Ian Hunter – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Mick Ralphs – Guitar, Vocals
Pete Watts – Bass, Vocals
Produced by Guy Stevens 1971
Recorded by Andy Johns
Mastering by Zal Schreiber

MOT Years active 1969–1980

13. Motörhead: Ace of Spades
(Eddie Clarke / Ian Kilmister / Phil Taylor)
Ace of Spades: Mercury Records ‎– MCR4-1-4011
London UK
Lemmy: vocals, bass
Eddie Clarke: guitar
Phil Taylor: drums
Produced, recorded & mixed by Vic "Chairman" Maile, 1980
Recorded at Jackson's Studios, Rickmansworth, England

After Lemmy was unceremoniously kicked out of Hawkwind in 1975, he formed Motörhead with an umlaut. One of their first gigs was supporting Blue Öyster Cult, thus the umlaut! When asked if Germans pronounced the band "Motuuuurhead", Lemmy answered "No, they don't. I only put it in there to look mean".  They released 22 studio albums, 10 live recordings, 12 compilation albums, and five EPs over a career spanning 40 years.

14. Ruby Murray: Courtin’ In The Kitchen
(Ryan & Murphy)
Endearing Young Charms: Capitol Records of Canada – T 6001
Belfast N Ireland
Ruby Murray: vocal
Norrie Paramor’s Orchestra
Produced by Norrie Paramor, 1958
Canadian Release – 1960

Ruby Florence Murray (29 March 1935 – 17 December 1996)

was one of the most popular singers in the United Kingdom and Ireland in the 1950s

She toured as a child singer and first appeared on television at the age of 12. Murray set a pop-chart record by having five hits in the Top Twenty in one week, a feat unmatched for many years.  In 1955 alone, she secured seven Top 10 UK hit singles

She died of liver cancer, aged 61, in December 1996 in Torquay after a long struggle with alcoholism

Norrie Paramor (born Norman William Paramor; 15 May 1914– 9 September 1979)

was a British record producer, composer, arranger, pianist, band leader
and orchestral conductor. He is best known for his work with Cliff Richard
and the Shadows

15. Cheech And Chong: Turn That Thing Down
(Thomas Chong / Richard Marin / Gaye Delorme)
45 single bw Earache My Eye: Ode Records 66-101-S
Vancouver BC
Thomas Chong
Richard ‘Cheech’ Marin
Gaye Delorme: guitar
Produced by Lou Adler 1974
Recorded by Norm Kinney

Richard Anthony Marin b. July 13, 1946 (age 71) Los Angeles
Thomas B. Kin Chong May 24, 1938 (age 79) Edmonton, AB

The duo met in Vancouver, British Columbia in the late 1960s. Chong was a Canadian citizen, and Cheech had moved there from Southern California to avoid the draft.

16. Henry Mancini Orchestra: Lujon
(Henry Mancini)
Mr. Lucky Goes Latin Soundtrack: RCA Victor LSP 2360
Los Angeles CA
Ted Nash: baritone sax
Vince DeRosa: French horn
Bob Bain:, Laurindo Almeida: mandoguitar
Bobby Hammack: organ
Frank Flynn, Larry Bunker, Milt Holland, Shelly Manne: percussion
Jimmy Rowles: piano
Ronny Lang: reeds
Henry Mancini: conductor
Produced by Dick Peirce, 1961
Recorded by Al Schmitt at RCA’s Music Center of the World Studios

Enrico Nicola Mancini b. Cleveland OH Apr 16, 1924 / d. June 14, 1994 Los Angeles (70)

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Mondays 12 noon                                                Tuesdays 10  pm NT                          

Radio Bell Island 93.9 FM                                 Radio VGR
Wabana, Bell Island NL                                     London/Thetford UK
Wednesdays  4  pm NT                                       Tues 10 pm GMT; Sat 3:30 am

Bluewater Radio CFBW 91.3 FM                    VOBB The Voice of Bonne Bay
Hanover / Grey Co. ON                                    Rocky Harbour & Norris Point NL         
Sundays 6 pm  ET                                              Tuesdays 9 pm NT                                         

BOIR Bay of Islands Radio                              Home Grown Community Radio
100.1 FM                                                            CHCR 102.9 FM & 104.5 FM
Corner Brook, NL                                             Killaloe & Wilno ON
Thursdays  2 pm NT                                          Various Times

Community Radio CIOE                                
97.5 FM                                                           
Lower Sackville NS                                           
Sun 8 pm AT