33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
September 4, 2023
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The Wild World of Songs
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Eh Side

1.   Dave Clark Five: Having A Wild Weekend – 1965
2.   The Offbeats: Wild Weekend – 1965 *
3.   Les Wild Ones: Mon Amour – 1966 *
4.   Wild Rice: Take One Away – 1974 *
5.   Wild Man Fisher: Monkeys vs. Donkeys – 1968
6.   Jr. Gone Wild: I Fell Dumb – 1986 *
7.   Artie Barsamian Orch: Bari Yerk – 1966
8.   The Pogues: Wild Cats of Kilkenny – 1985
9.   The Flying Burrito Bros: Wild Horses – 1970
10. Birmingham Jug Band: Wild Cat Squal – 1930
11. Scarlett Jane: Wildfire – 2012 *
12. Parachute Club: Secret Heart (Wild Zone) – 1986 *
13. Wild Asparagus: Pays de Haute – 1987
14. Bruce Cockburn: Forty Years in the Wilderness – 2017 *
15. Moby Grape: Wild Oats Moan – 1971
16. We Free Kings: Death of the Wild Colonial Boy – 1986
17. Abbey Tavern Singers: The Wild Rover – 1966 *
18. Les Freres Lizotte: Reel du Moulinet – 1975 *
19. The Troggs: Wild Thing – 1966

Bee Side

1.   Red Island: In Pursuit of the Wild Bologna – 1978 *
2.   Flying Mountain: Wilderness Man – 1978 *
3.   Scott Merritt: Wild Kingdom – 1989 *
4.   Thunderclap Newman: Wild Country – 1970
5.   Return To Forever: Space Circus Pt 2 – 1972
6.   Brian Hyland: the Joker’s Gone Wild - 1963
7.   Blue Rodeo: Joker’s Wild – 1987 *
8.   Stu Davis: Wild Weed – 1958 *
9.   Toronto Philharmonic: North Country – 1967 *
10. Nina Simone: Wild Is The Wind – 1959
11. The Collectors: Grass and Wild Strawberries – 1969 *
12. The Cult: Born To Be Wild – 1987
13. Lou Reed: Walk on the Wild Side – 1972
14. John McLaughlin: Don’t Let The Dragon Eat Your Mother – 1972
15. Rhythm Sweethearts: Running Wild – 1965 *

*CanCon = 50%

And Now for The Particulars:

Eh Side

1.   Dave Clark Five: Having A Wild Weekend
(Dave Clark / Mike Smith)
Having A Wild Weekend: Capitol Records Canada: T-6137
Dave Clark: drums
Denis Payton: sax
Rick Huxley: bass
Lenny Davidson: guitar
Mike Smith: organ
Produced by Dave Clark, 1965

2.   The Offbeats: Wild Weekend
(Phil Todaro / Tom Shannon)
Do You Wanna Dance - The Best of Frank's Bandstand: Arc A669
Halifax NS
Brian Ahern: guitar
Keith Jollimore, sax
Jack Lilly, drums
Earl Fralick, keys
Jimmy White, bass
Produced by Mannie Pittson 1965

The Halifax Music Hop house band, the Offbeats, was directed by guitarist Brian Ahern, who would go on to marry Emmylou Harris and produce her early breakthrough recordings. Saxophone player Keith Jollimore later played with Lighthouse and guested on albums by Crowbar, April Wine and the Cooper Brothers.

Wild Weekend was originally recorded by a band from Buffalo NY called the Rockin’ Rebels. It went to number 8 on the charts in the US in 1962.
 3.   Les Wild Ones: Mon Amour
(Zephirin / Moschella / Cambrina)
45 single b/w Quand je te demande: Solfège LF-113X
Montreal QC
Henriot Zephirin: vocals and guitar
Walter: guitar soloist
David Chambers: guitar
Robert Weber: bass guitar
Gabriel Cambrina: drums
Produced 1966

Montreal area garage band (literally) that was influenced by The Stones and The Haunted. Circa 1963: 69. Apparently, there is only one photograph of the group, published in the book The Marvelous Epoch of Quebecois groups of the 60s.

4.   Wild Rice: Take One Away
(Bill Iveniuk / Carol Isaacs)
CBC Broadcast Recording: CBC – LM 406
Winnipeg MB
Bill Iveniuk:
Carol Isaacs: vocal
Greg Leskiw: guitar
Gord Osland:
Produced by Dave Bird, 1974
Recorded by Colin Bennett

Bill Iveniuk now living in Toronto

5.   Wild Man Fischer: Monkeys vs. Donkeys
(Larry Fischer)
An Evening With Wild Man Fisher: Bizarre Records / Reprise 6332
Los Angeles CA
Larry Fischer: vocals, guitar sounds
Produced by Frank Zappa, 1968
Recorded by Jerry Hansen at Sunset Sound Studios, LA

Larry Wayne Fischer b. Los Angeles November 6, 1944  / d. June 16, 2011 (65) LA
Another Zappa produced double album that was issued on Zappa’s earlier imprint, Bizarre Records (issued by Reprise) was this one. Fischer was institutionalized at age 16 for attacking his mother with a knife. He was later diagnosed with two mental disorders, severe paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Following his escape from the hospital, Fischer hung around Sunset Strip singing his songs, a cappella, for a dime. Discovered on the street by Frank Zappa, Fischer became an underground concert favorite. Some of the songs on the
album were actually recorded live, on the streets. It’s an amazing look into the mind of this confused, unstable yet passioned songwriter.

6.   Jr. Gone Wild: I Fell Dumb
(E Dobek / M McDonald)
Less Art More Pop: Better Youth Canada Records BYC-013
Edmonton AB
David Lawson: lead guitar, vocals
Dove: bass, vocals
Mike McDonald: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Edward Jerzy Dobek: drums, vocals
Produced by JGW and Sean Stern, 1986
Recorded by Brett Guervits, Dave Mockford and John Oparyk at Westbeach, Hollywood; Powerzone, Edmonton

Jr. Gone Wild was formed in 1982 in Calgary (and then moved to Edmonton). Less Art More Pop was their first album, released in 1986.

7.   Artie Barsamian Orchestra: Bari Yerk
Belly Dance Au Go-Go - Music Of The Middle East: Fiesta – FLPS 1468

Produced 1966

8.   The Pogues: Wild Cats of Kilkenny
(Shane MacGowan / Jem Finer)    
Rum Sodomy & the Lash: Stiff records MCA 5744
London UK
Jem Finer: Banjo, mandola, guitar, saxophone, hurdy-gurdy
Jimmy Fearnley: accordion
Cait O’Riordan: bass
Shane McGowan: vocals
Spider Stacy: tin whistle
Andy Ranken: drums
Phil Chevron: guitar
Tommy Keane: pipes
Henry Benagh: fiddle
Dick Cuthell: horns
Produced by Elvis Costello, 1985
Recorded by Nick Robbins & Paul Scully at Elephant Studios, London

9.   The Flying Burrito Brothers: Wild Horses
(Mick Jagger / Keith Richards)
Burrito Delux: A&M SP 4258
Los Angeles CA
Mike Clark: drums
Pete Kleinow: pedal steel
Bernie Leadon: guitar, dobro
Chris Hillman: bass, mandolin, vocal
Gram Parsons: vocal, piano
Produced by Jim Dickson & Henry Lewy, 1970
Recorded by Henry Lewy

10. Birmingham Jug Band: Wild Cat Squall
(Birmingham Jug Band)
The Jug, Jook and Washboard Bands: Blues Classics (Arhoolie)  BC 2
Birmingham AB
Jaybird Coleman: harmonica, vocals
Ben Curry aka Ben Covington: guitar, mandolin
Big Joe Williams: guitar
Dave Miles
Dr. Scott
Honeycup: jug
New Orleans Slide: washboard
Produced circa 1980
Recorded in Atlanta GA Dec 11, 1930

Burl C Coleman b. Gainesville, Georgia / d. June 1950 Tuskegee, Alabama

Lead by Jaybird Coleman, the Birmingham Jug Band, like many jugbands, was a part time group of musicians who spent months of each year touring with wandering medicine shows.

Joseph Lee "Big Joe" Williams b. Oktibbeha County, Mississippi October 16, 1903 / d. December 17, 1982, Macon GA (79)

During the early 1930s, Williams was accompanied on his travels through the Mississippi Delta by a teenage boy who called himself Muddy Waters. Williams recounted, "I picked Muddy up in Rolling Fork when he was about 15. He went all 'round the Delta playin' harmonica behind me. But I had to put him down after awhile. All these women were comin' up to me and sayin', 'Oh. your young son is so nice!' See, I had to put Muddy down because he was takin' away my women."

11. Scarlett Jane: Wildfire
(C Doire / A Ramolo)
Stranger: Scarlett Jane Music - SJCD001
Toronto / Timmins ON
Andrea Ramolo – vocals, acoustic guitar
Cindy Doire – vocals, acoustic guitar
Greg Cockerill – electric guitar
Produced by Stew Crookes, 2012
Recorded by Stew Crookes at The Woodshed Studio, Toronto
Mixed by Stew Crookes at Stewdio
Mastered by Joe Lambert Mastering, NYC

12. Parachute Club: Secret Heart (Wild Zone)
(Lori Conger / Lorraine Segato / Billy Bryans / John Oates / Julie Masi / L Fernie)
Small Victories: RCA KKLI 0573
Toronto ON
Keir Brownstone, bass
Billy Bryans, drums
Lauri Conger, keys, synths
Margo Davidson, alto Sax
Dave Gray, guitar
Julie Masi, vocals, percussion
Lorraine Segato, lead vocals         
Produced by John Oates, 1986
Recorded by Mike Jones and Frank Filipett
Mixed by Frank Filipetti at Unique, NYC
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

13. Wild Asparagus: Pays de Haute / President Garfield’s Hornpipe
Music From A Little Known Planet: Wild Asparagus Records  WA 002
West Deerfield, Maine
David Cantieni: winds
Ann Percival: piano, synth
George Marshall: concertina
Van Kaynor: fiddle
Bill Tomczak: clarinet
Produced by Wild Asperagus, 1987
Recorded by Andy Turrett at Innersense Studios, Amherst Mass
A traditional music danceband that got its start back in 1984 in Massachusetts.

14. Bruce Cockburn: Forty Years In The Wilderness
(Bruce Cockburn)
Bone On Bone: True North Records TND 678V
Ottawa ON
Bruce Cockburn: charango, dulcimer, vocal
John Dymond: bass
Gary Craig: drums, percussion
Colin Linden: slide guitar
John Aaron Cockburn: accordion, harmony
Mary Gautier & San Francisco Lighthouse Chorus: bg vocals
Produced by Colin Linden, 2017
Recorded by Matthew Wright with Jaycob Bellochi
Mixed by Colin Linden at Pinhead Recorders, Nashville TN
Recorded by Matthew Wright, Jaycob Bellochio, Ben Bacey & Nate Neusada at Fantasy Studio, Berkeley CA
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Great to have Colin Linden back producing Cockburn again. Using the Rodeo King’s rhythm section, the album showcases a spiritual exposure of where they’re at today. From one of Canada’s best poet songwriters. And it was released on vinyl!
15. Moby Grape: Wild Oats Moan
(Don Stevenson / Jerry Miller)
20 Granite Creek: Reprise Records K44152
San Francisco
James R Mosley: bass
Jerry Miller: guitar
Peter Lewis: guitar
Don Stevenson: drums
Skip Spence: guitar
Gordon Stevens: electric viola, dobro, mandolin
Produced by David Rubinson and Moby Grape, 1971
Recorded at Quadra-Centric Sound by Ed Bannon; Pacific Recording Studios, San Mateo
Recorded by Ed Bannon, David Rubinson and Jerry Zatkin
Mixed at Pacific Recordings Studios, San Mateo by David Rubinson

Moby Grape drummer Don Stevenson moved to Canada a few decades ago and has since taken up residence in Toronto. I had the opportunity of having him on my program a few years ago as a guest to do a feature on Moby Grape, as well as his own solo music. A couple of weeks before that happened, I came across this, the last real ‘Grape’ album, at Rooster Records, 98 Fore St. in Exeter, UK. I paid 12 Pounds for it.

16. We Free Kings: Death of the Wild Colonial Boy
(We Free Kings)
The Cutting Edge Compilation): Cooking Vinyl Records GRILL-001
Edinburgh SL
Joe Kingman - vocals,
Deb Holbrook - guitar,
Geoff Pagan - fiddle,
Phil Bull - cello,
Pam Dobson - melodeon,
Colin Blakey - reeds,
Kenny Welsh - drums.
Producer – Paddy O'Connell – 1986
LP Compiled by Pete Lawrence – 1988
Only released as a single bw Love Is In The Air on Howl! Records ?– WOOF 1
These guys were friends of The Pogues and were trying to be the Scottish equivalent. They were labelled as ‘barnstorming punk thrash from Edinburgh. They only released one album.

17. Abbey Tavern Singers: The Wild Rover
(Brooks / O’Connell)
We’re Off To Dublin In The Green: Arc Records ACM-5003
Dublin, Ireland
Michael O’Coinnell
Margaret Monks
Michael Brookessimone
Tommy Rick
Seamus Gallagher
Joe O’Leary
PJ Downes
Bill Powers
Tess Nolan
Produced by Phil G Anderson, 1966
Recorded by Michael Purcell at Keystone Studios, Ireland

Dublin’s Abby Tavern dates back to the 15th Century close to the ancient ruins of Howth Abbey, which dates back to the 11th century. Their big hit song was "We're Off To Dublin in the Green" used by Carling Breweries (Canada) Ltd in an international television advertising campaign. The song is an IRA marching song dating back to approximately 1916. Using the soundtrack from the commercial, the song was released on Canada's ARC Records and became extremely popular, reaching No. 2 on Toronto’s CHUM Charts and selling close to 150,000 copies in Canada alone within the first year of release.

It was a surprise hit, partly because of the poor sound quality, partly because of the song's ties to the IRA, and partly because of its association with an alcoholic beverage. Carling Black Label reported increased market share following the release of the commercial and the song's subsequent popularity. It was also recorded and released as a successful single in Canada by The Carlton Showband that same year, renaming it The Merry Ploughboy, also on ARC records.

18. Les Frère Lizotte: Reel Du Moulinet
Les Retrouvailles: Bonanza Records B 29677

Produced by Denis Campioux circa 1975
Recorded at  Studio Denis Champoux

19. The Troggs: Wild Thing
(C Taylor)
45 single: Fontana Records F 1548
Reg Presley: lead vocal
Chris Britton: lead guitar
Peter Staples: bass
Ronnie Bond: drums
Produced 1966

Bee Side

1.   Red Island: In Pursuit of the Wild Bologna
(Jamie Snider)
In Pursuit of the Wild Bologna, Quay CS-7803
St. John’s NL
Jamie Snider: fiddle, acoustic guitar
Don Walsh: guitars, bodhran
Derek Pelley: bass
Bruce Crummell: lead guitar, crumpet horn
Shawn Power: drums
Brian Best: sound madness
Produced by Red Island and Neil Bishop, 1978
Recorded by Neil Bishop at Clode Sound Productions, Stephenville NL

The only thing negative to say about Red Island was that they only put out one album. Shortly after this Jamie Snider joined The Wonderful Grand Band (featuring Ron Hynes). Jamie currently resides in St. Catherines, Ontario, performing with his long time music mate, Rick Bauer.

2.   Flying Mountain: Wilderness Man
(Satoru Suttles Tora)
Earth & Sky: Musicfrolicus Records GAS-102
Vancouver BC
Dan Ruben: violin, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar
Satoru Suttles Tora: guitar, bodhran, percussion
Rawn Mongovius: bass guitar, flute
Ferguson Neville: dulcimer, harmonica, congas, percussion
Andy Grafitti: drums
Holly Denny, Susanne Morgan, Karen Parton: bg vocals
Produced by Flying Mountain, Simon Garber & Larry Robbins, 1978
Recorded by Simon Garber at The Golden Age Sonic Lab, Vancouver

formed in 1976 recorded 2 LPs
Mostly performed at folk clubs & festivals in Western Canada
Have reformed for reunions a few times so are still active

3.   Scott Merritt: Wild Kingdom
(Scott Merritt)
Violet and Black: Duke St. Records DSR 31057
Brantford ON
Scott Merritt: Guitars, banjos, sitar, vocals
Bob DiSalle: drums
David Woodhead: bass
Doug Wilde: keys
Matt Zimbel: percussion
Willie P Bennett: harmonica
Robert Arthur Williams: percussion
Arthur Barrow: keys, bass, percussion
Greg Roberts: keys
Doug Baynham: bg vocals
Rob Gusevs: Hammond, keys
Brian Leonard: percussion
Mike Sloski: percussion
Produced by Arthur Barrow, 1989
Recorded at Manta Sound Toronto by Ron Searles with Brad Haebnel and Trax
Recording, Hollywood & Santa Monica CA by Eric Westfail
Mastered at Precision Lacquer by Stephen Marcussen

Was nominated for a Juno for Most Promising Male Vocalist in 1986 but his pop and folk career never really took off. Knowing award winning producer, Daniel Lanois, Merritt started picking up tips on sonic sounds and tone. He went on to produce numorous albums that were artistic successes whether or not they sold well. Some artists were : Stephen Fearing, Grievous Angels, Ian Tamblyn, Lynn Miles, Suzie Vinnick and Fred Eaglesmith.

4.   Thunderclap Newman: Wild Country
(Speedy Keen)
Hollywood Dream: Polydor Records – 2480 009
London UK
Andy Newman: Cor Anglais, 3 Bengali Flutes in harmony, Oboe
Speedy Keen: drums, congas, vocal, percussion
Jimmy McCulloch: lead guitar
Bijou Drains (aka Pete Townsend): bass
Produced by Pete Townsend, 1970

James 'Jimmy' McCulloch b Dumbarton, Scotland 4 June 1953 / d. 27 Sept 1979, London (26)

At age 11, he was also a protégé of the Shadows' Hank Marvin. His rock band got to open for The Who, bringing his talent to the attention of Pete Townsend. Townsend was putting a band together around drummer / songwriter Speedy Keene with old time musician Andy Newman. They needed a guitar player so why not the kid? Something in the Air was their big hit song but by 1972 the band was through. Paul McCartney then asked him to join Wings. He died of heart failure due to morphine and alcohol poisoning

5.   Return To Forever: Space Circus Pt 2
(Chick Corea)
Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy: Polydor Records 2310 283
Chelsea MA
Chick Corea: keys, percussion
Stan Clarke: bass
Bill Connors: guitars
Lenny White: drums
Produced by Chick Corea 1973
Recorded at The Record Plant by Shelly Yakus
Mastered at The Master Cutting Room by Tom Robstenek

6.   Brian Hyland: The Joker Went Wild
(Bobby Russell)
45 single bw Run, Run, Look And See: Mercury Celebrity Series – CS 6038
Brian Hyland: lead vocals
Leon Russell: keys
JJ Cale: guitars
The Wrecking Crew: all other instruments
Produced by Snuff Garret and Leon Russell, 1965
Released on January 1, 1966
Mercury 45 re-released 1974

Brian Hyland b. NYC November 12, 1943

Signed by Kapp Records as a solo artist, issuing his debut single, "Rosemary", in late 1959. In August 1960, Hyland scored his first and biggest hit single at the age of 16, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" selling over 2 million copies. 1962's "Sealed with a Kiss", which reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

7.   Blue Rodeo: Joker’s Wild
(Jim Cuddy / Greg Keelor)
Outskirts: WEA / Risque Disque 25 471891
Toronto ON
Cleave Anderson: drums
Jim Cuddy: guitar, vocals
Bazil Donovan: bass
Greg Keelor: guitar, vocal
Bobby Wiseman: keys
Produced by Terry Brown, 1987
Recorded by Mike Jones and Paul Shubat at McClear Place Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Rob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

Blue Rodeo played their first show together at The Rivoli in Toronto 1985. Drummer Cleave Anderson, a retired postie, also played with John Borra and David Celia’s band.

8.   Stu Davis: Wild Weed
(Stu Davis)
Souvenirs: London Records: EB. 58
Boggy Creek SK
Stu Davis: guitar, vocal
Duane & The Pathfinders: bg musicians
Producer not listed: circa 1960

David Stewart b. Regina, SK July 1, 1921 / d. March 25, 2007 Edmonton, AB

Did various radio and television series 1950s and '60s, including ‘Rope Around the Sun’, ‘Red River Jamboree’, and ‘Trail Riding Troubadour’. Was also heard on daily broadcasts on CBC radio through much of 1950s.

9.   Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra: North Country
(Neil Chotem)
Heritage: Canadian Folk-Inspired Compositions: Dominion Records – 1372
Toronto ON
Victor Feldbrill: conductor, violinist
Produced by Louis Applebaum, 1967
Recorded at Massey Hall, Toronto

Victor Feldbrill, Conductor b Toronto 4 Apr 1924 / d. June 2020

"Heritage" was commissioned by The St. Laurent Shopping Centre in Ottawa, 1985, and Feldbrill was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. Recorded at Toronto’s iconic Massey Hall.

10. Nina Simone: Wild Is The Wind
(Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington )
Wild Is The Wind: Philips – PHS-600-207
Tyrone NC
Nina Simone: piano, vocal
Produced by Hal Mooney, 1966

The song was originally recorded by Simone in 1959 but re-recorded with a slower tempo in 1966. The song has been recorded many times, by many performers. The best known versions are by Nina Simone in 1966, and by David Bowie released in 1976/1981 as a tribute to Simone.

11. The Collectors: Grass and Wild Strawberries
(George Ryga (words) / The Collectors (music))
Grass And Wild Strawberries: New Syndrome Records 1774
Vancouver BC
Glenn Miller: bass, vocals
Ross Turney: drums
Howie Vickers: vocals
Bill Henderson: guitar, keys, vocals
Claire Lawrence: horns, flute, harmonica, vocals
Produced by Dave Hassinger, 1969

Formed back in 1961, they became the house band for Vancouver radio station CFUN known as the CFUN Classics. They changed their name to the Collectors in 1966. In 1967 they went down to the US to record their first self-titled album and were used on The Electric Prunes album Mass in F Minor with Dave Hassinger producing. After the release of Grass and Wild Strawberries in 1969 (also produced by Hassinger), Howie Vickers quit the band and they renamed themselves Chilliwack.

12. The Cult: Born To Be Wild
(Mars Bonfire)
Electric: Beggar’s Banquet Records 830-916
Bradford, UK
Ian Astbury – vocals
Billy Duffy – guitar
Jamie Stewart – bass guitar
Les Warner – drums
Produced by Rick Reuben, 1987
Recorded and Mixed by Andy Wallace at the Manor Studio, Oxfordshire
Cover by Storm Thorgeson

The Cult formed in 1983 and were originally called The Death Cult.

Written by Oshawa, Ontario native Dennis Edmonton, who went by the name of Mars Bonfire after moving to California. He was an original member of ‘The Sparrow’ before they trans-formed themselves into Steppenwolf. It was their third single and first big hit after moving to the USA. Born To Be Wild and The Pusher were used in the 1969 counterculture film Easy Rider (Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda). Because of that, Born To Be Wild became a song of choice for motorcycle gangs.

13. Lou Reed: Walk On The Wild Side
(Lou Reed)
45 single bw Perfect Day: RCA Victor: RCA 2303
New York City
Lou Reed: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
David Bowie: acoustic guitar
Mick Ronson: electric guitar, string arrangement
Herbie Flowers: electric bass, double bass
Ronnie Ross: baritone saxophone
John Halsey: drums
The Thunderthighs: Dari Lalou, Karen Friedman, and Casey Synge: backing vocals
Produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson, 1972

Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed (March 2, 1942: October 27, 2013)

Reed's first hit single, from his second solo album 'Transformer'.  Reed said that it was Nelson Algren's 1956 novel, A Walk on the Wild Side that was the inspiration for the song. Two decades after the song's release, Reed told interviewer David Fricke, "I know my obituary has already been written. And it starts out, "Doot, di-doot, di-doot..."

14. John McLaughlin: Don’t Let The Dragon Eat Your Mother
(John McLaughlin)
Devotion: Douglas Records 4
Doncaster UK
John McLaughlin: guitar
Buddy Miles: drums
Harry Young: keys
Billy Rich; bass
Produced by Alan Douglas and Stefan Bright, 1970

4 January 1942 (age 74) Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire

He played on Miles Davis' albums In A Silent Way, Bitches Brew  as a member of Davis’ band.  From 1971 – 76 fronted the Mahavishnu Orchestra.  This was JM’s second album but he panned it: On his website he writes: “In 1969, I signed a contract in America for 2 records. First was 'Devotion' that was destroyed by producer Alan Douglas who mixed the recording in my absence.” However the album received great critical reviews. He has lived in Monaco since the late 1980s.

Alan Douglas Rubenstein (July 20, 1931 – June 7, 2014) was an American record producer from Boston, who worked with Jimi Hendrix (posthumous catalog), Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Lenny Bruce and the Last Poets. He ran his own record label, Douglas Records.

15. The Rhythm Sweethearts: Running Wild
The Rhythm Sweethearts: Arc Records A661
Moncton, NB / Digby, NS / Marmora, ON / Pembroke, ON
Lorrie Gale: rhythm guitar, vocals
Patricia Hennessey: drums
Myrtle Gifford: bass
Bassie Brunette: lead guitar
Produced by Ben Weatherby, 1965

Myrtle Gifford spent 25 years of her life as a professional bass player, at one time leading an all girl country and western band known as The Rhythm Sweethearts, travelling all across Canada, several US states and as far away as Thule, Greenland. She also toured several times with the Wilf Carter Show and worked with the stars such as Hank Snow, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper. This was their only album.

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