33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
August 21, 2023
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Moose Tracks
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Side Aye

1.   The Beatles: Baby It’s You – 1963
2.   Fleetwood Mac: Jigsaw Puzzle Blues – 1968        1.30
3.   Reg Watkins: Badger Moose – 1978 *
4.   Bob Bryanton: Moose Jaw Woman - 1975
5.   Skarecrow: Moose Jaw Breakdown – 1983 *
6.   Nineteen James: Moose – 2004 *
7.   Bobby Darin: Bullmoose – 1958
8.   Buddy Wasisname &I The Other Fellers: Gotta Get A Moose B’y – 1986 *
9.   Big Head Todd & The Monsters: The Moose Song – 1991
10. Mike Malahini Scott & His Hawaiianaires: Hoe Hoe – 1983 *   3.00
11. Stan Rogers: Rolling Down To Old Maui – 1979 *
12. Marty Robbins: Sweet Leilani – 1957
13. Stephane Grapelli & Jean-Luc Ponty: Golden Green – 1973      4.42
14. Cedric Smith and Terry Jones: Pentagon Squares – 1976 *
15. Ray St. Germaine & The Sultans: She’s A Square – 1958 *
16. David Berkeley: George Square – 2011
17. John Kay & The Sparrow: Square Headed People – 1967 *
18. Horn: Roach – 1972 *            3.45
19. The New Vaudeville Band: A Nightengale Sang in Berkeley Square – 1966
20. Mickey Katz: Litvak Square Dance – 1958
21. Isle Aux Morte Boys: Newfie Square Dance – 1987 *        2.18

Bee Side

1.   Ed Dolan et ses fantaisistes: Raunchy – 1971 *    2.01
2.   Rodriguez: Crucify Your Mind – 2012
3.   Rodriguez: I wonder – 2012
4.   Rodriguez: Inner City Blues – 2012
5.   Rodriguez: This Is Not A Song, It’s An Outburst (The Establishment Blues) – 2012
6.   Liona Boys: Campanas del Alba – 1974 *    3.44
7.   The Diodes: Shape of Things To Come – 1977 *
8.   The Drifters: On Broadway – 1964
9.   The Monkees: Love Is Only Sleeping – 1967
10. Jay & The Americans: Only In America – 1964
11. Paul Revere & The Raiders: Hungry – 1966
12. The Animals: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – 1965
13. The Righteous Brothers: You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ – 1964
14. Bobby Edwards: High On Life – 1987 *        3.44
15. Syd Barrett: Bob Dylan Blues – 1970
16. Three To One: See Emily Play – 1967 *
17. Iansanity II: Arnold Layne – 2008 *
18. Bad Tractor: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – 2018 *
19. Tijuana Brass: Zorba The Greek – 1965         4.24
20. The Pogues: Turkish Song Of The Damned – 1987

*CanCon = 44%

And Now for The Particulars:

Side Aye

1.   The Beatles: Baby It’s You
(Hal David / Barney William / Burt Bacharach)
Twist And Shout: Capitol Records Canada 6000 Series: T-6054
John Lennon: vocals, rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney: bass, backing vocals
George Harrison: lead guitar, backing vocals
Ringo Starr: drums
George Martin: celesta
Produced by George Martin
Recorded by Norman Smith at Abby Road EMI Studios February 11 & 20, 1963

The song was produced by Luther Dixon who went by the name Barney William. When released as a single in 1961, the song became very popular, becoming a Top 10 hit. The vocal arrangements on the Shirelles’ version proved influential in subsequent versions, including that by the Beatles, who used the same one. The Beatles performed "Baby It's You" as part of their stage act from 1961 until 1963, and recorded it on February 11, 1963 for their first album, Please Please Me, along with "Boys", another song by the Shirelles.

2.   Fleetwood Mac: Jigsaw Puzzle Blues  
(Danny Kirwin)
45 single: Blue Horizon Records 57-3145
London UK
Peter Green - guitar
Danny Kirwan - guitar
Jeremy Spencer - piano
Mick Fleetwood - drums
John McVie - bass
Produced by Mike Vernon, 1968
Recorded at Decca Studios, London

Time for the moose:

3.   Reg Watkins: Badger Moose
(Reg Watkins)
A Little Oreg-inality: Black Gold Records BCG1
Fort Nelson BC / Head’s Harbour NL
Reg Watkins: guitar, vocals, harmonica
No mention of others
Produced by Gary Buck & Reg Watkins, 1978

Reginald Watkins b. Heads Harbour, Triton Island NL / d. 2007

Wayne Tucker of Newfound Records claims that this guy doesn’t get enough exposure on the radio. The Badger Moose (up the Badger River in Newfoundland) will take us to Saskatchewan, Parry Sound, New York City, Denver and back safely in Newfoundland coz: It’s all about the moose b’ys.

4.   Rob Bryanton: Moose Jaw Woman
(Bob Bryanton)
Prairie Grass, Prairie Sky – Music From Saskatchewan: Caranga Records JSW 861
Regina, Saskatchewan
Rob Bryanton: vocal
Robert Nichol: vocal
Bob Evans: vocal
Georgina Betts: vocal
Mystery Guest: tambourine, bass drum
Produced by Geoffrey Ursell, Rob Bryanton & Rody Blancher, 1975
Recorded at Collienwood Studios, Esterhazy SK by Jack Clements & Bruce Meszaros
Mixed by Gerry Golla and rody Blancher

Bryanton went on to open his own recording studio, Talking Dog which closed in 2019. Started working for CBC in 1974, the year before this compilation album of Saskatchewan singer/songwriters was released. He did release an album in 1983 entitled ‘Alcohol and Other Drugs’ as well as a book about space travel in the tenth dimension.

5.   Skarecrow: Moose Jaw Breakdown
(Krys Val)
45 single bw Country Wine: Topaz Records – LST 106
Toronto ON
Ace Briand: vocals, drums
George Cook, Jr.: vocals, rhythm guitar
Wolf Rene: vocals, lead guitar, fiddle
Krys Val (Lewicki): vocals, bass, harmonica
Produced by Krys Val and Art Snider 1983
Recorded by Art Snider at Studio 306

The Skarecrow story starts back in Toronto in the early 70’s. Wolf Rene, who had started in music by backing his fiddle-playing dad, had just finished a stint with Montreal’s J.B. and the Playboys. Ace Briand had been playing with many bands around the St. Catharines area. Krys Val got his start in the “Grits and Soul” band just after David Wilcox left, so both began their careers with the same band. Eventually Krys met George Cook, Jr., freshly out of the Canadian Army. His dad, George Cook, Sr. (aka The Singing Miner), of New Waterford, Nova Scotia, had cut a 78 in 1940 on Melotone 93146.
They brought in Sudbury drummer Moe Leblanc and became “Skarecrow” Their first single as Skarecrow was released on their indie record label Goat Records GR 4444 “Wrong This Time” b/w “4 Minutes After 9”.
In 1977 they headed up to Yellowknife, NWT, to record their first album, on Goat Records MH 7800…. “Blues…Live At the Explorer”. It was a miscommunication which led to the 2LP format. They were supposed to only record an LP of live tracks, but instead, all 20 tracks including demos were pressed. The album was sought out by collectors looking for that raw blues Canadian sound.

6.   Nineteen James: Moose
(D Bartlett)
A Bottle of Wine... on Tuesday Nights: No Label - 19 03 04
Parry Sound, ON
Dave Bartlett: guitar, vocal
Graham Ketcheson
Jeff Tough
Andrea Benton
Katrine Floegel Martin
Produced by Nineteen James w/ Craig Harley, 2004
Mastered by Jordan O'Connor at The Breath Studios

How many bands do you know from Parry Sound, Ontario? Nineteen James came together in 1998 and released two CDs, mostly with the same lineup.

7.   Bobby Darin: Bullmoose
(Bobby Darin)
45 single bw Dream Lover: Atco Records 6140
New York City
Bobby Darin, vocals
Neil Sedaka, piano;
other details unknown
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler, 1959
Recorded by Tom Dowd at Atlantic Studio, New York City March 5, 1959

Walden Robert Cassotto b. May 14, 1936 / d. December 20, 1973

He started his career as a songwriter for Connie Francis (Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero). He recorded his first million-selling single, "Splish Splash", in 1958. This was followed by "Dream Lover" and "Mack the Knife".  In 1990, singer Paul Anka made the speech inducting Darin into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

8.   Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers: Gotta Get A Moose B’y
(Kevin Blackmore)
Makin’ For The Harbour: Third Wave Productions WRC1-4525
Gander NL
Ray Johnson: accordion, fiddle, bg vocals
Kevin Blackmore: guitar, mandolin, percussion, fiddle, lead vocal
Wayne Chaulk: guitar, mandoilin, bg vocals
Produced by Buddy Wassisname & The Other Fellers, 1986
Recorded by Paul Fogwell and Nick Fleming at JSR Studio and Reflections Lounge, Gander

9.   Big Head Todd & The Monsters: The Moose Song
(Todd Park Mohr)
Midnight Radio: Big Records BR-0002CD
Denver CO
Todd Park Mohr: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Rob Squires: Bass, Backing Vocals
Brian Nevin: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Produced by Andy Torri, 1991

These guys were extremely popular in the Rocky Mountain states where they usually played. They recorded a dozen studio albums and had one go platinum in sales.

10. Mike Malahini Scott & His Hawaiianaires: Hoe Hoe
(Sam Koki)
Live At The Waikiki: Maple Records MA 1014
Toronto ON
Mike ‘Malihini’ Scott:  Hawaiian steel
Jamie Nolan:  guitar
Al Gardner:  drums
Paul Butler:  keys
Produced by Mike Scott & Jamie Nolan, 1983
Recorded and Mastered at Fiesta Studios, Toronto
Supposedly recorded at the Waikiki Restaurant, Kitchener ON

Mike ‘Malahini’ Scott began playing Hawaiian slide guitar in the 1940s when he was just16 years of age. He was in England at the time, and he and remembers going to the local theatre one Saturday. In those days, they played records in the intermission between the movies. One was a Hawaiian record; he claimed ‘I had never heard this sound before. I was so intrigued by it, I sat around for 3 hours hoping they’d play the record again – and they did! I went to the music store and asked them about this record. They had it, so I bought it and that started the whole thing going. The song was ‘In The Mood’ played Hawaiian style by Mel’s Hawaiian Serenaders, an English group popular during the war. Their steel guitar player was Roland Peachey, from Montreal who played a lap steel with 3 necks of 8 strings. Peachey went over to the UK in 1938 for the coronation of George VI and musically took the UK by storm.

Scott moved to Canada in the late 1950s when The Royal York Hotel brought in shows from Hawaii. When Hawaii had become a state in 1960, it sparked an interest in Hawaiian music. Even Hank Snow did a Hawaiian album. In fact, Hawaiian-born steel player Ben Hokea taught at Heinzman’s music store on Yonge Street back then. He did a lot of recordings in the 20s for the Canadian HMV/Victor label and even played at Massey Hall.

11. Stan Rogers: Rolling Down To Old Maui
(Stan Rogers)
Between The Breaks….Live!: Fogerty’s Cove Music FCM 002
Ancaster ON
Stan Rogers: vocal, guitars
Garnet Rogers: violin, flute, bg vocals
David Alan Eadie: electric bass, pennywhistle
Grit Laskin: long necked mandolin, concertina, Northumbrian Small Pipes, bg vocals
Curly Boy Stubbs: guitar, vocals
Produced by Paul Mills with Bill Garrett, 1979
Recorded Live at The Groaning Board, Toronto by Steve Vaughan
Mixed at Springfield Sound by Paul Mills and Bob Leth
Mastered at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto by George Graves

The only song about the isle of Maui by a Canadian. Our hearts go out to the people of Maui.

12. Marty Robbins: Sweet Leilani
(H Owens)
Song Of The Islands: Columbia – CL 1087
Glendale, Arizona
Produced 1957

Martin David Robinson b. Sept 26, 1925 Glendale, AZ / d. December 8, 1982 (57) Nashville

During WW2, he was stationed in Hawaii and learned many songs. He claims that his career really started there. ‘Songs of the Islands’ was Robbins 3rd album and he captures the mood.

13. Stephane Grappelli & Jean-Luc Ponty: Golden Green
(Jean-Luc Ponty)
Carlton Stephane Grappelli & Jean-Luc Ponty: America Records – AM 6139
Stephane Grappelli: violin
Jean-Luc Ponty: baritone violin
Maurice Vander: piano
Produced by Jacques Denjean, 1973
Recorded by Claude Sahakian

Stéphane  Greppelli b. 26 January 1908 Paris FR / 1 December 1997 (89) Paris
Jean-Luc Ponty b. 29 September 1942, Avranches, France

14. Cedric Smith and Terry Jones: Pentagon Squares
(Cedric Smith)
Ten Lost Years And Then Some: Rumour Records – Rumour Six
Stratford ON
Cedric Smith: guitar, mandola, vocals
Terry Jones: guitar, vocals
David Woodhead: bass, banjo, guitars, mandola, autoharp, vocals
Dorit Learned: psaltry, vocals
Dita Paabo: piano, accordion, vocals
Jerome Jarvis: percussion, jaw harp, vocals
Paul Gellman: violin
Produced 1977
Recorded by Ringo Hrycyna at Thunder Sound, Toronto

Two ex-Perth County Conspirators during their last collaboration album that still contained the folk-rock beauty of the 1970s.

15. Ray St. Germaine & The Sultans: She’s A Squre
(St Germain)
45 single: Chateau Records ARDO C107
St. Vital, MB
Lenny Breau: guitar
Ray St Germain: vocal, guitar
Reg Kelin: drums
Shadow Saunders: bass
Produced by Alec Groshak, 1958

Incredibly, Lenny Breau played guitar on this track! He was living in Winnipeg, performing on his father’s Country Music Show in the latter 1950s when he was in his early teens. He was teaching Randy Bachman incredible chord structures for guitar. He also gave a guitar to Daisy DeBolt. He later co-hosted CBC’s ‘Music Hop’ show from Winnipeg before migrating to the Toronto jazz scene in the 60s.

16. David Berkeley: George Square
(David Berkeley)
Some Kind Of Cure: Straw Man Music – DEBERK 04
New Jersey
Lead Vocals, BG Vocals, Guitars, Percussion – David Berkeley
Backing Vocals – Kim Taylor, Trappers Cabin
Cello – Tim Anderson
Drums, Percussion – Kevin O'Donnell
Electric Guitar – Jonathan Goldberger
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki – Lex Price
Electric Upright Bass, keys, Guitars, Percussion, Glockenspiel, BG Vocals – Will Robertson
Piano – Peter Bradley Adams
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Electronic Valve Instrument, Trombone – Jordan Katz
Violin – Sarah Zaslaw
Produced by Will Robertson, 2011
Engineer – Neil Strauch, Will Robertson
Mastered By – Roger Seibel
Mixed By – Neil Strauch

David Berkeley Friedland b. 22 September 1976, New Jersey

17. John Kay and The Sparrows: Square Headed People
(John Kay)
45 single bw Twisted: Columbia Records - 4-44769
Toronto ON
John Kay: rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Dennis Edmonton:  lead guitar, vocals
Nick St. Nicholas:  bass, vocals
Goldy McJohn:  keyboards, vocals
Jerry Edmonton:  drums
Produced by Al Lawrence for Camalus Productions, 1967
Recorded by Tim Geelan

The album John Kay and The Sparrow was recorded 1967, released 1969. By then the band had moved from Toronto to California, Dennis Edmonton left to become Mars Bonfire and the band changed their name to Steppenwolf after replacing Edmonton with Michael Monarch. After their monster hit Born To Be Wild, Columbia Records decided to capitalize on releasing recordings they made as The Sparrow.

18. Horn: Roach
(Bruce Burron)
On The Peoples Side: Special Records (GRT) 9230-1028
Toronto ON
Bruce Burron: guitar
Gary Hynes: guitar
Alan Duffy: bass
David deLaunay: keys
Wayne Jackson: trumpet
Billy Bryans: drums
Produced by Alan Duffy, Billy Bryans and Horn, 1972
Recorded and mixed by Brock Fricker at Thunder Sound Studios, Toronto

19. The New Vaudeville Band: A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
(Sherwin / Maschwitz)  
Winchester Catherdral: Fontana Records / London MGF 27560
London, UK
Alan Klein aka Tristram, Seventh Earl Of Cricklewood: vocals
Henri Harrison: drums
Stan Haywood: keys
Neil Korner: bass
Mick Wilsher: guitar
Hugh Watts: trombone
Bob Kerr: trombone, sax
Produced by Geoff Stephens, 1966

20. Micky Katz: Litvak Square Dance
(Mickey Katz)
Mickey Katz Plays Music For Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs & Brisses: Capitol Records T1021
Cleveland OH
Mickey Katz: vocals
Produced 1958

Meyer Myron Katz b. Cleveland, Ohio, June 15, 1909 / d. April 30, 1985 (75) Los Angeles

A Jewish American singer and comedian, Katz was accused of making stereo-typical sketches of Jews while popularizing Jewish music and humor. He was very successful in the late 1940s and 50s, recorded several albums that sold very well.

21. Isle Aux Morte Boys: Newfie Square Dance
(Freeman Walters)
My Newfoundland Shore: World WRC1-5525
Isle Aux Morte NL
Keith Ball: lead vocals, guitars ( died March 1, 2002)
Joshua Skinner: Lead Guitar, accoustic guitar
Freeman Walters: accordion, harmonica
Raymond Osmond: drums, woodblock
Barry Coleman: bass
Produced by Sim Savory 1987
Recorded by Sim Savory at Sims Studio, Belleoram NL

Began as Ocean Fancy in 1973. 1978 became Leftover Band. 1987 Freeman Walters joined and they changed their name again. The town from which they took their name is located on the southern shore of Newfoundland on the Harbour Le Cou road from Port-Aux-Basques.

The Bee Side

1.   Ed Dolan et ses Fantaisistes: Raunchy
(Bill Justis / Sidney Manker)
Cours De Danse: TC Maximum – TCM 988
Montreal Quebec
Ed Dolan: sax
Mario Dolan: sax
Maurice Pinard: bass
Claude Therrian: drums
Serge Moreau: piano
Produced by Franco Disque, 1971
Recorded by Michel Éthier at Studio Andre Perry Ltd in Montreal

The song was released as a single in September 23, 1957 by Bill Justis, one of first to use the twangy lead guitar effect.  In 1958 a then fourteen-year-old George Harrison performed the song to John Lennon and Paul McCartney on the top deck of a bus, and was so note-perfect Lennon decided to let him into his band, the Quarrymen. Faintaisistes basically means The Whimsicals. They were based in Montreal and released two albums of instrumentals.

RIP Jesus Sixto Diaz aka Rodriguez
1942 – 2023

2.   Rodriguez: Crucify Your Mind
3.   Rodriguez: I wonder – 2012
4.   Rodriguez: Inner City Blues – 2012
5.   Rodriguez: This Is Not A Song, It’s An Outburst (The Establishment Blues)
(all written by Sixto Rodriguez)
Searching For Sugarman Soundtrack: Light In The Attic Records LITA 089
Detroit MI
Rodriguez: acoustic guitar, vocals
Dennis Coffey: electric guitar
Mike Theodore: keys
Bob Babbitt: bass
Andrew Smith: drums
Bob Pengborn: percussion
Produced by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey 1970
Recorded by Milan Bogden & Mike Thodore at Tera-Shirma Studios, Detroit Aug-Sept 1969
Originally released on LP Cold Fact: Sussex Records SXBS 7000
Soundtrack Producers: Matt Sullivan & Rob Santos - 2012
Remastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez b. July 10, 1942 Detroit / d. August 8, 2023 (81)

The Searching For Sugarman guy himself! His father had immigrated to the United States from Mexico in the 1920s; his mother was also from Mexico. They had joined a large influx of Mexicans who came to the midwest to work in Detroit's industries.

He first got to record a single in 1967 but signed a record deal which saw two albums released around 1970. Of course he was ripped off by the company and unbeknownst to him, was selling huge amounts of records in South Africa (of all places!). Which is the subject for the film about his life, entitled ‘Searching for Sugarman’.

6.   Liona Boyd: Campanas del Alba (Bells of Dawn)
(Eduardo Sainz de la Maza)
The Guitar: Boot Records Master Concert Series BMC 3002
LIona Boyd: guitar
Produced by Eleanor Sniderman, 1974
Recorded at Manta Sound, Toronto by Dave Green

Liona Maria Carolynne Boyd b. 11 July 1949, London, England

Boyd was born in London, England but grew up in Toronto. When she was thirteen, she was given her first guitar and took lessons from the likes of Eli Kassner,  Julian Bream, and Andrés Segovia amongst others. She received a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Toronto in 1972. ‘The Guitar’ was her first album, recorded for Stompin’ Tom’s Boot Records label in 1974. As of 2018, she has recorded 26 studio albums and made a live recording from Tokyo.

Notes from the album: “The harmonics reflect the sound of morning bells, and the guitar ‘tremolo’ technique employs steadily repeated treble notes over a harmonic bass line to create the lyrical effects conjuring visions of a beautiful Iberian daybreak.”

RIP Cynthia Weil
b. October 18, 1940 New York City / d. June 1, 2023 (82) Beverly Hills

an American songwriter from New York’s hit making factory, The Brill Building who first collaborated with, then married, her husband Barry Mann. They had a string of amazing hits going back to the mid-1950s and rode the crest of a wave of hits throughout the 1960s. Weil and Mann were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

7.   The Diodes: Shapes Of Things To Come
(Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil)
The Diodes: Columbia Records Canada PES 90441
Toronto ON
Paul Robinson: vocal
John Catto: guitar
Ian MacKay: bass
John Hamilton: keys
Mike Lengyell: drums
Produced by Bob Gallo, 1977
Recorded and mixed by Hayward Parrott at Manta Sound, Toronto

Another hard luck band who released two LPs for Columbia (and Epic) in the late 70s. They were dumped after their records didn’t sell very well, moved to England and breaking up by 1982. Formed by students from the Ontario College of Art, they played their first gig opening for Talking Heads in January 1977. Their cover of ‘Wild in the Streets’ sound track song, “Shape of Things To Come” (by Max Frost & The Troopers) was written by the Brill Building’s songwriting team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil "On Broadway" "Only in America" "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" and "We Gotta Get out of This Place".

8.   The Drifters: On Broadway
(Mann / Weil / Leiber / Stoller)
45 single bw Let The Music Play: Atlantic 45-2182
Rudy Lewis – lead vocals
Charlie Thomas, Tommy Evans, Gene Pearson, Billy Davis - vocals
Joe Newman, Ernie Royal – trumpets
Billy Butler, Bill Suyker, Everett Barksdale – guitars
Russ Savakus – bass
Gary Chester – drums
Phil Kraus, Nick Rodriguez, Martin Grupp – percussion.
Phil Spector – lead guitar solo
Produced by Gary Sherman, 1964

Neil Young recorded a version of the song for his 1989 album Freedom.

9.   The Monkees: Love Is Only Sleeping
(Mann / Weil)
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd: RCA Victor – COS-104
Bass – Chip Douglas
Drums – (Fast) Eddie Hoe, Kim Copli, Micky Dolenz
Guitar – Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork
Percussion – Davy Jones
Synthesizer [Moog] – Micky Dolenz, Paul Beaver
Piano, Organ – Bill Martin, Chip Douglas, Peter Tork
Produced by Chip Douglas, 1967
Recorded by Hank Cicalo, Pete Abbott

10. Jay & The Americans: Only In America
(Mann / Weil / Leiber / Stoller)
45 single bw My Clair DeLune: United Artists UA 626
Kenny Vance - vocals (1960–1973)
Jay Traynor - lead vocals (1960-1962) (died 2014)
Howard Kane - vocals (1960–1973)
Jay Black - lead vocals (1962-2006) (died 2021)
Sandy Deanne - vocals (1960–1973)
Marty Sanders - guitar, vocals (1962 – 73)
Produced by Leiber & Stoller, 1964

Only in America, land of opportunity
Can they save a seat in the back of the bus just for me
Only in America, where they preach the Golden Rule
Will they start to march when my kids go to school

Atlantic Records had a problem with those lyrics, so the Leiber & Stoller changed them to be a satiric message of patriotism. The Drifters recorded the song with these new "patriotic" lyrics, but refused to release it because they did not believe in the message. The songwriters Mann and Weil were also upset with the changes to the song and started taking more control of how their songs were recorded, with Mann taking on more production duties.

11. Paul Revere and The Raiders: Hungry
(B Mann / C Weil)
45 single bw There She Goes: Columbia Records: 4-43678
Boise, Idaho
Paul Revere – keyboards
Mark Lindsay – lead vocals, saxophone
Phil "Fang" Volk – bass
Michael "Smitty" Smith – drums
Drake "The Kid" Levin – guitar, backing vocals
Jim "Harpo" Valley – guitar
Produced by Terry Melcher, 1966
A major hit for PR&R in 1966. It was also covered by Sammy Hagar.

12. The Animals: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
(Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil)
The Best of the Animals: Quality Records Canada V-1786
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK
John Steel, drums
Eric Burdon, vocals
Chas Chandler, bass
Alan Price, keys
Hilton Valentine, guitar
Produced by Mickey Most, 1965
Recorded by Val Valentin

We  Gotta Get Out of This Place was really popular with US GIs during the Vietnam War. This was when The Animals were really hot, scoring several major hits making them one of the best selling acts of 1965.

13. The Righteous Brothers: You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’
(Weil / Mann / Spector)
45 single bw There’s A Woman: Philles Records – PH. 124
Bill Medley: vocal
Bobby Hatfield: vocal
Don Randi on piano
Tommy Tedesco on guitar
Carol Kaye and Ray Pohlman on bass
Steve Douglas on sax
Barney Kessel on guitar
Earl Palmer on drums
Produced by Phil Spector, 1964
Recorded at Gold Star Studios, LA by Larry Levine

Probably the most classic Mann & Weil composition. It’s got an amazing act, the most original producer of the day and the Wrecking Crew providing perfect tracks.

14. Bobby Edwards: High On Life
(Bobby Edwards)
Twilight Drive: Duke Street Records DSR 31041
Scarborough O

Bobby Edwards: solo guitar
Bob Mann: guitar
Danny Colomby: bass
Chris Dahmer, Steve Hunter, Ray Parker: keys
Brian Leonard: percussion
Paul Hannah: drums
Erich Traugott: trumpet
Guido Basso: flugelhorn
Vern Dorge: also sax
Eugene Amaro: tenor sax, flute
Virginia Markson: flute
Jack Zaza: flute, oboe
Jim McDonald, Gary Pattison: french horns
Russ Little: trombone
Erica Goodman: harp
Bill Richards: concert master
Paul Grosney: contractor
Produced by Bobby Edwards, 1987
Recorded by Andrw S Hermant at Manta Sound with Peter Lee and Mark Baldi
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

15. Syd Barrett: Bob Dylan Blues
(Syd Barrett)
The Best of Syd Barrett – Wouldn’t You Miss Me: EMI / Harvest – 7243-5-32320
Cambridge UK
Syd Barrett: guitar, vocal
Produced by David Gilmour, 1970
Demo Recorded by David Gilmour at Abby Road Studios, London

Syd’s tongue n’ cheek look at the Bobby Zimmerman of the late ‘60s, making money and fame that went unreleased until it made its way public on a compilation CD in 2001.

16. Three To One: See Emily Play
(Syd Barrett)
45 single bw Gime Me Love: Arc Records A1186

John Renton (twelve-string guitar, harmonica, organ, lead vocals)
Claudette Scritnik (drums)
Derek "Derry" Norris (bass, vocals)
Brian Russell (lead guitar, vocals)
Produced 1967

Canadian group active in the late 1960s, formed in Vancouver then later moved to Toronto. Drummer Claudette Scritnik came from Saskatchewan. They changed their name to The Raja after moving to Toronto 1968. They’ve been confirmed as the first band to cover anything by Pink Floyd. See Emily Play was released by Pink Floyd as their second single in June, 1967. By September of that year, Three To One released their own version of the song.

17. Iansanity II: Arnold Layne
(S Barrett)
Live from Studio 3: CIUT Unreleased
Toronto ON
Ian MacIntyre, electric guitar, vocals
Mark Doucet, bg vocal
Mat Labraico, bass
Jon McCann, drums
Produced by Steve Fruitman, 2008
Recorded on an analogue board at CIUT Studio 3, 91 St. George St., by Ian Wilkinson, May 20, 2008

Nobody in Toronto can rival Ian MacIntyre’s covers of Syd’s Pink Floyd and his solo career as well. We brought his band into our CIUT Studios twice, recording an album’s worth of songs from Vegetable Man to Baby Lemonade.

18. Bad Tractor: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Blessington: Meyers Creek Records MLRLP 0517
Belleville ON
Tim Hadley: guitar, lead vocal
Ian McKendry: electric guitar
Mike Budding: bass
Steve Fruitman: drums
Janet Mercier: vocals
Produced by Nicolas Tjelios 2018
Recorded at Big Red Button Studio, Belleville ON by Nicolas Tjelios
Mastered by Phillip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studio, Ottawa ON

RIP Jerry Moss
1935 – 2023

19. Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass: Zorba The Greek
(Mikis Theodorakis)
Going Places: A&M Records LP 112(C)
Los Angeles

John Pisano (electric guitar)
Lou Pagani (piano)
Nick Ceroli (drums)
Pat Senatore (bass guitar)
Tonni Kalash (trumpet)
Herb Alpert (trumpet)
Bob Edmondson (trombone)
Produced by Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss, 1965
Recorded by Larry Levine at Gold Star Recording Studios, LA

Jerry Moss founded A&M Records with his business partner, Herb Alpert, in 1962. I’ll be doing a feature on A&M next week on 33.45.78.

20. The Pogues: Turkish Song Of The Damned
(Shane MacGowan / Jem Finer)
If I Should Fall From Grace With God: Island Records – ISL 1175
London UK
Shane MacGowan – vocals, guitar
Spider Stacy – tin whistle, vocals
James Fearnley – accordion, piano, mandolin, dulcimer, guitar, cello, percussion
Jem Finer – banjo, saxophone
Andrew Ranken – drums, vocals
Philip Chevron – guitar, mandolin
Darryl Hunt – bass, percussion, vocals
Terry Woods – cittern lute, concertina, strings, banjo, dulcimer, guitar, vocals
Additional personnel:
Ron Kavana – banjo, spoons, mandolin
Siobhan Sheahan – harp
Brian Clarke – alto saxophone
Joe Cashman – tenor saxophone
Paul Taylor – trombone
Chris Lee – trumpet
Eli Thompson – trumpet
Produced by Steve Lillywhite, 1988
Recorded by Chris Dickie, Roy Spong & Nick Lacey at RAK Studios, London 1987

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