33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
August 7, 2023
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About Machines and Talking
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Side A – About Machines

1.   Return To Forever: Space Circus Pt 1 – 1972
2.   Sweet Cherry Wine: Thinking About You – circa 1975 *
3.   Ennis Sisters: It’s Not About You – 2001 *
4.   Hollywood Argyles: Sho’ Know A Lot About Love – 1960
5.   Bobby Vee: Please Don’t Ask About Barbara – 1962
6.   British Modbeats: Whatcha Gonna Do About It – 1967 *
7.   George Martin Orchestra: Theme One – 1968
8.   Hank LaRiviere: Something to Sing About – 1967 *
9.   Spooky Tooth: All About A Roundabout – 1968
10. Moby Grape: About Time – 1971
11. Talking Heads: Don’t Worry About The Government – 1977
12. Chris Hillman: She Don’t Care About Time – 2017
13. Domenic Troiano: Ambush – 1978 *
14. James Taylor: Money Machine – 1976
15. Vince Taylor & Playboys: Jet Black Machine – 1960
16. Grit Laskin: Sewing Machine – 1985 *
17. Uriah Heap: Love Machine – 1971
18. Danny Kirwin: Life Machine – 1976
19. Stan Hamilton & His Flying Scotsmen: The Machine Without Horses – 1962 *
20. Tragically Hip: Machine – 2016 *

Side B – Still Talking

1.   James & The Good Brothers: Talk About The Good Times – 1971 *
2.   The Dave Clark Five: Small Talk – 1967
3.   Arrows: Talk Talk – 1985 *
4.   Shari Ulrich: Talk Around Town – 1982 *
5.   The Beau Brummels: Don’t Talk To Strangers – 1965
6.   Robert Fripp & League of Gentlemen: Eye Needles – 1978
7.   49th Parallel: (Come On Little Child &) Talk With Me – 1969 *
8.   King Crimson: Elephant Talk – 1981
9.   The Yardbirds: I’m Not Talking – 1965
10. Plaid: Melifer – 2016
11. Wendell Ferguson: Talk Hockey – 2003 *
12. King Crimson: I Talk To The Wind – 1969
13. Doug Reansbury: Talk To Me – 1988 *
14. The Police: Someone To Talk To – 1983
15. Ben Mink: Talk Is Cheap – 1980 *
16. Talking Heads: (Nothing But) Flowers – 1980

*CanCon = 42%

And Now for The Particulars

Side A – About Machines

1.   Return To Forever: Space Circus Pt 1
(Chick Corea)
Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy: Polydor Records 2310 283
Chelsea MA
Chick Corea: keys, percussion
Stan Clarke: bass
Bill Connors: guitars
Lenny White: drums
Produced by Chick Corea, 1973
Recorded at The Record Plant by Shelly Yakus
Mastered at The Master Cutting Room by Tom Robstenek

2.   Sweet Cherry Wine: Thinking About You
(Ernest Martens)
45 single bw This Is Goodbye Forever: Eagle Records – no serial
Vernon BC
Produced by Robin Henry circa 1975
Recorded by Andy Russell at Nova Recording Studio, Vernon BC

3.   Ennis Sisters: It’s Not About You
(Maureen Ennis / Mark Murphy)
Ennis Sisters: WEA 2 40057
St. John’s NL
Karen Ennis: vocal
Teresa Ennis: vocal
Maureen Ennis: guitar, vocal
Scott Alexander: bass
Brian Barlow: drums
Don Reed: fiddle
Mike Francis: guitar
Rolly Platt: harmonica
Brent Barkman: keys
Thim Thorney: mando, electric guitar
Mike Holder: steel
Produced 2001

4.   The Hollywood Argyles: Sho’ Know A Lot About Love
(B Miz / G Paxton)
45 single bw Alley-Oop: Lute Records L-5905
Los Angeles
Kim Fowley
Gary ‘Flip’ Paxton
Sandy Nelson: drums
Studio Musicians
Produced by Gary Paxton, 1960

The Hollywood Argyles were an American musical ensemble, assembled for studio recordings by the producer and songwriter Kim Fowley and his friend and fellow musician Gary Paxton. They scored their only big hit in 1960 on this record’s flip side for Alley-Oop.
5.   Bobby Vee: Please Don’t Ask About Barbara
(Bill Buchanon / Jack Keller)
45 single bw I Can’t Say Goodbye: Liberty Records F-955419
Fargo, ND
Bobby Vee: vocals
Produced by Snuff Garrett, 1962

Robert Thomas Velline b. Fargo, ND, U.S. April 30, 1943 / d. October 24, 2016 (73) Rogers, MN

In a concert at Midway Stadium in St. Paul, Minnesota, on July 10, 2013, Dylan said he had been on the stage with many stars, but that none of them were as meaningful as Vee. He said Vee was in the audience and then played Vee's hit "Suzie Baby" with emotion.

6.   British Modbeats: Whatcha Gonna Do About It
(Doris Payne / Gregory Carroll / Rex Garvin)
Mod........Is The British Modbeats: Red Leaf Records - RED 1002 - vinyl
St. Catherines / Grimsby, ON
Fraser Loveman: vocals
Joe Colonna: bass
Robbie Jeffrey: drums
Greig Foster: guitar
Mike Gorgichuk: guitar
Produced by Stan Klees, 1967

The original version of this song (not to be confused with a song of the same name by the Faces) was by Doris Troy in 1964. The Hollies did a British Invasion cover version of this for their debut album Stay with The Hollies.

Cilla Black did a cover of this for her debut album Cilla.

The British Modbeats (who were later just called the Modbeats) were one of the Canadian bands who had their ears to the ground and were quick to pick up on British trends.

7.   George Martin Orchestra: Theme One    
(George Martin)
45 single bw Elephants And Castles: United Artists – UP 1194
London UK
George Martin Orchestra
Produced by George Martin, 1968

Sir George Henry Martin CBE (b. London 3 January 1926 / d. Wiltshire 8 March 2016)

This tune was used as the theme to BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Special radio show till
Both songs appeared on the LP British Maid (London By George in the US)

8.   Hank Rivers (LaRiviere): Hank’s Travels
(Hank Rivers)
Hank’s Centennial Travels: RCA Camden CAL 2179
Hawksbury ON
Hank Rivers: guitar, vocals
Ted Daigle: guitar
Gilbert Glazier: guitar
Joe Pino: piano
Byron Stever: drums
Produced by Alan Sherman, 1967

Henri Lariviere b. Hawkesbury ON Jan 23, 1917 / d. May 7, 1996 London ON
9.   Spooky Tooth: All About A Roundabout
(Jimmy Miller / Gary Wright)
Tobacco Road: Polydor Records – 2334 021
Carlisle UK
Mike Harrison: vocals, keyboards, harpsichord
Mike Kellie: drums and percussion
Gary Wright: vocals, keyboards, organ
Luther Grosvenor: guitar
Greg Ridley: bass guitar
Produced by Jimmy Miller, 1968
Recorded by Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios, London
Originally recorded as It’s All About

Another band with 2 Mikes!

Michael Alexander Kellie b. 24 March 1947 Birmingham UK / d. 18 Jan 2017 (69)
Mike Harrison b. 3 Sept 1942 Carlisle UK / d. 25 March 2018 (75)

In a career that spanned more than 50 years, Kellie was a member of the rock bands the V.I.P.s, Spooky Tooth and the Only Ones. He was also a prolific session musician and worked with the likes of the Who on the film soundtrack of Tommy, Joe Cocker, Traffic, George Harrison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Peter Frampton, the Bee Gees's Maurice Gibb, Gary Wright, Johnny Thunders, Luther Grosvenor, Neil Innes, Steve Gibbons, Chris Jagger, Nanette Workman, Sean Tyla, Jim Capaldi, Pat Travers and Andy Fraser.

In 1966, Kellie played in Birmingham in a band called the Locomotive with Chris Wood of Traffic, and later with the V.I.P.'s (later Art) in Carlisle. Manager Chris Blackwell found a singer and organist from the New York Times band named Gary Wright, added him to the line-up of Art and launched the band Spooky Tooth

10. Moby Grape: About Time
(Don Stevenson)
Grape: Reprise Records K44152
San Francisco
James R Mosley: bass
Jerry Miller: guitar
Peter Lewis: guitar
Don Stevenson: drums
Skip Spence: guitar
Gordon Stevens: electric viola, dobro, mandolin
Produced by David Rubinson and Moby Grape, 1971
Recorded at Quadra-Centric Sound by Ed Bannon; Pacific Recording Studios, San Mateo
Recorded by Ed Bannon, David Rubinson and Jerry Zatkin
Mixed at Pacific Recordings Studios, San Mateo by David Rubinson

Moby Grape drummer Don Stevenson moved to Canada a few decades ago and has since taken up residence in Toronto. I had the opportunity of having him on my program a few years ago as a guest to do a feature on Moby Grape, as well as his own solo music. A couple of weeks before that happened, I came across this, the last real ‘Grape’ album, at Rooster Records, 98 Fore St. in Exeter, UK. I paid 12 Pounds for it.

11. Talking Heads: Don’t Worry About The Government
(David Byrne)
The Name Of The Band Is Talking Heads 1977-79: Sire Records 2SR 3590
David Byrne: vocal, guitar
Jerry Harrison: keys, guitar, bg vocals
Tina Weymouth: bass
Chris Frantz: drums
Produced by David Byrne, 1982
Recorded live at Northern Studios, Maynard Mass, November 17, 1977
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Talking Heads formed in 1975 in New York City and active until 1991. They played their first gig as "Talking Heads" opening for the Ramones at CBGB in 1975. They played Toronto venues, The Horseshoe and El Mocambo. Their early association with Brian Eno marked them as a band to watch, blending punk, folk, funk and world music into what became known as New Wave music.

12. Chris Hillman: She Don’t Care About Time
(Gene Clark)
Bidin’ My Time: Rounder Records 1166100250
Los Angeles CA
Chris Hillman: lead vocal
Herb Pedersen: acoustic guitar, bg vocal
John Jorgenson: guitars
Benmont Tench: piano
Mark Fain: upright bass
Steve Ferrone: drums
Produced by Tom Petty 2017
Recorded by Ryan Ulyate at The Clubhouse, LA; Shorline Recorders, Malibou
Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering

Christopher Hillman b December 4, 1944 Los Angeles
This is off the brand new release Bidin’ My Time which has received excellent reviews. Indeed, my wife and I totally agree with that assessment. Though not on this song, the album also features ex-Byrds Roger McGuinn and David Crosby. This is Hillman’s first solo recording since 2005.

He first started out playing in The Scottsville Squirrel Barkers, then The Hillmen before embarking (as a bass player) for The Byrds beginning in 1964. In 1969 he was a founding member of The Flying Burrito Brothers along with Gram Parsons. After that he played with Steve Stills in Manassas, the Souther–Hillman–Furay Band and the Desert Rose Band.

13. Domenic Troiano: Ambush
(Domenic Troiano)
45 Single: Capitol Records 72804
East York ON
Domenic Troiano: guitar
Paul DeLong: drums
Dave Tyson: keys
Bob Wilson: bass
Produced by Domenic Troiano, 1979
Recorded by Mick Jones & Cooper at Inception Sound, Toronto Nov 78 to Jan 79

14. James Taylor: Money Machine
(J Taylor)
In The Pocket: Warner Brothers Records  BS-2912
Boston MA
James Taylor: vocals
Danny Kortchmar: electric guitar
Lee Sklar: bass
Russ Kunkel: drums
Clarence McDonald: piano
Nick DeCaro: voice-organ, horn-organ
Victor Feldman: percussion
Michael Brecker, Steve Madalo: horns
Produced by Lenny Waronker and Russ Titelman, 1976
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lee Herschberg at Warner Bros. Studios, Hollywood

James Vernon Taylor b.  March 12, 1948 Boston

In The Pocket was Taylor’s 7th album release in 9 years, beginning in 1968.

15. Vince Taylor & The Playboys: Jet Black Machine
(Clifford Adams)
45 single: Palette Records PG 9001
Isleworth UK
Vince Taylor: vocals
Bobbie Clarke: drums
Johnny Vance: bass
Alain Le Claire: piano
Tony Harvey: guitar

Produced 1960

Vince Taylor aka Brian Maurice Holden b. Isleworth, UK July 14, 1939 / d. Lutry Switz Aug 28, 1991 (52)

According to David Bowie, Taylor was the main inspiration behind the Ziggy Stardust character.

Interestingly, the songwriter of ‘Jet Black Machine’, Clilfford Adams (aka Davis) went on to be the manager, in 1967, of a brand new band called Fleetwood Mac. (He changed his surname to Davis to avoid confusion with the British vocal group ‘The Cliff Adams Singers’.)  He would manage The Mac until 1974 when the band temporarily fell apart and Adams hired another band, Curved Air, to tour as ‘Fleetwood Mac’ in order to fulfill gig commitments.  He also claimed that he owned the group's name, which caused ill-feeling between him and the band. The members of the real Fleetwood Mac brought legal proceedings against Davis, and the subsequent court case lasted 4 years.

16. Grit Laskin: Sewing Machine
(Nancy White)
Lila's Jig: Fogerty's Cove Music FCM 009
Toronto ON
Grit Laskin: guitar, vocals
Ian Robb: vocals
Ann Lederman: fiddle, vocals
Produced by Grit Laskin, 1985
Recorded by Vezzi Tayyub at Kensington Sound, Toronto, April 1985
Released on Cassette in 1985 & on Vinyl 1987.
William Laskin b. Hamilton ON Aug 23, 1953

Happy birthday to Canadian luthier Grit Laskin on the 23rd!
Luthier Grit Laskin released two solo albums on vinyl in the 1980s. He was and still is a member of The Friends of Fiddler's Green folk band. He's considered to be one of Canada's best guitar makers and has provided instruments for kd lang, Paul Mills (aka Curly Boy Stubbs), Stan and Garnet Rogers and countless others. He's a Member of the Order of Canada (2012), winner of the Estelle Klein Award as well as the Saidye Bronfman Award for fine craftwork. He's also recorded with Ian Robb and Margaret Christl as well as Stan Rogers. Here he covers one of songwriter Nancy White's compositions which really captures the plight of immigrant life in Canada.

17. Uriah Heep: Love Machine
(Ken Henley / David Byron / Mick Box)
Look At Yourself: Mercury Records SRM 1 614
London UK
Ken Hensley: keys, guitars, vocals
Mick Box: lead guitar
David Byron: vocals
Paul Newton: bass
Iain Clark: drums
Produced by Gerry Bron, 1971
Recorded at Lansdown Studios, London
Mastered by Gilbert Kong

18. Danny Kirwin: Life Machine
(Danny Kirwin)
Midnight In San Juan: DJM Records 9238-9
London UK
Danny Kirwin: guitar, vocal
Steve Emery: bass
Jeff Rich: drums
John Cook: keys
Produced by Clifford Davis, 1976
Recorded by Louie Austin and Simon Davis

19. Stan Hamilton & His Flying Scotsmen: The Machine Without Horses, The Praties Are Dug, The Blackthorn Stick
Scottish Dance Time Vol. 1: Custom Audio Records – SMT 70-28
Orangeville ON
Stan Hamilton, piano
Bobby Frew, accordion
Bobby Brown, accordion
Alex Martin, drums
Clare Nichol, bass
Produced by H.E. Pounds, 1962
Recorded in London ON

James Stanley Hamilton b. Auchincruive, Scotland 1928 / d. 2007

Originally called Stan Hamilton and the Clansmen – changed their name in the 60s. Hamilton came to Canada in mid-50s with wife Anne & his childhood friend, accordionist Bobby Frew

20. Tragically Hip: Machine   
(Tragically Hip)
Man Machine Poem: Universal Music Canada 0254787060
Kingston ON
Bass: Gord Sinclair
Drums: Johnny Fay
Guitar: Rob Baker
Guitar, vocals: Paul Langlois
Keys: Dave Hamelin, Kevin Drew
Vocals: Gord Downie
Produced by Dave Hamelin and Kevin Drew,  2016
Recorded by Nyles Spencer at The Bathhouse, Kingston, and Revolution Recording Toronto
Mastered by Eric Boulanger at The Bakery , Culver City CA
Mixed by Hamelin / Drew

Side B – Still Talking

1.   James & The Good Brothers: Talk About The Good Times
(Brian Good)
James & The Good Brothers: Columbia Records C 30889
Richvale, ON
Bruce Good: vocal, autoharp
James Ackroyd: guitar
Brian Good: guitar, lead vocal
Brian Hilton: drums
Ollie Stong: steel
Mike McMasters: bass
Larry Good: banjo
Red Shea: guitars
Produced by Betty Cantor w/ James Ackroyd, Bruce & Brian Good, 1971
Recorded by Bob Matthews and Betty Cantor at Alembic Inc, San Fransicso CA & Eastern Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Crystal Sound Studio, Hollywood CA & Wally Heiders, San Francisco

As an up and coming folk trio (formed in 1967), the pre-Good Brothers band recorded just one album. Based in Richvale Ontario, they made their way to California to record and James decided to stay there. Having used Gordon Lightfoot’s guitar player, Red Shea, on some of the cuts on this album, it somehow lead to an appearance on some of Lightfoot’s songs (like Alberta Bound) on the Don Quixote album. Lightfoot enjoyed The Good Brothers a lot until one of them had an affair with Gordie’s girlfriend. Their first show was at Maple Leaf Gardens with Grand Funk Railroad. Then came the cross Canada tour on the Festival Express.

2.   The Dave Clark Five: Small Talk
(Dave Clark / Mike Smith)
45 single bw You Got What It Takes:  Capitol Records Canada 72458
Mike Smith: vocal, organ
Dave Clark: drums, bg vocal
Rick Huxley: bass
Dennis Payton: sax
Lenny Davidson: guitar

Produced by Dave Clark, 1967

3.   Arrows: Talk Talk
(Dean McTaggart / David Tyson)
45 single bw Easy Street: A&M Records Canada AM 688
Toronto ON
Dean McTaggart: vocal
Michael Sloski: drums
Ravi Mundi: keyboards
Kevin Small: Saxophone
Doug Macaskill (From Roxy) Guitars
Peter Bleakney and Howard Aye:  Bass
Produced by David Tyson 1985
Recorded by Lindsay Kidd
Mixed by Larry Alexander

The Arrows were formed in 1981 by vocalist Dean McTaggart and drummer Michael Sloski. After a few successful years they called it quits in 1986. Currently, McTaggart works as a songwriter and has written many hit songs for other artists

4.   Shari Ulrich: Talk Around Town
(Roy Forbes)
Talk Around Town: MCA Records – 5379
Bowen Island BC
Shari Ulrich: vocal
Mike Baird: drums
Nathan East: synth bass
Marty Walsh: guitars
Robbie Buchanan: keys
Jane Mortifee, Nancy Nash: bg vocals
Produced by Claire Lawrence, 1982

5.   The Beau Brummels: Don’t Talk To Strangers
(Ron Elliott / Bob Durand)
Greatest Hits of the Beau Brummels: Rhino Records
San Francisco CA
Sal Valentino lead vocals, tambourine
Ron Elliott lead guitar, vocals
Ron Meagher bass guitar, vocals
Declan Mulligan rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals
John Petersen drums
Produced by Sylvester (Sly Stone) Stewart, 1965
Leo de Gar Kulka engineer

The band's first full-length album, Introducing the Beau Brummels, released in April 1965. They were included in a 1965 episode of 'The Flintstones' in which the band gave an animated performance as the “Beau Brummelstones”.

Beau Brummels had taken their name from a term for an excessively well-dressed person. The group liked that the name sounded British, and knew that following the Beatles so closely in the alphabet would likely result in the bands' records being placed next to each other on record store shelves. The song has been criticized, however, for sounding too similar to The Byrds in regards to the harmonies and twelve-string guitar licks

6.   Robert Fripp & League of Gentlemen: Eye Needles
(R Fripp)
League of Gentlemen: Polydor PD 1-6317
London UK
Barry Andrews, organ
Robert Fripp, guitar
Sara Lee, bass
Johnny Toobad, drums
Produced by Robert Fripp - 1981
Recorded by Tony Arnold at Arny's Shack, Parkstone, Dorset UK

Interestingly, my copy of this album has the wrong label on side one. It reads 'Difficult to Cure' by Rainbow with the serial PD 1-6316 - one number before League of Gentlemen, the label for side two. All the songs on the record though are by the League.

7.   49th Parallel: (Come On Little Child &) Talk With Me
(Dayce Lowe)
45 single bw Now That I’m A Man: Venture Records 1011X
Calgary AB
Dennis Abbott (vocals)
Dan Lowe (guitar)
Bob Carlson (guitar)
Dave Petch (organ)
Mick Woodhouse (bass)
Terry Bare (drums)
Produced by Don Grashey & Chuck Williams, 1969
Recorded by Lenny Roberts at Master Recording Studios, Beverly Hills CA & Lennie Roberts, United Recorders, Hollywood CA
Originally known as Shades of Blonde, this Calgary based rock band was a well known commodity out west. In those days there were only a handful of recording studios in Canada and most of them were solidly booked so it only made sense for many bands to go state-side to get into a studio at affordable prices. 49th Parallel were on par with Toronto's Paupers, Vancouver's Collectors and Montreal's The Haunted. In 2014 Lion Records released a vinyl compilation album of their 8 singes as the 49th and their original release as Shades of Blond in 1967.

8.   King Crimson: Elephant Talk
(King Crimson)
Discipline: Warner Bros / EG Records XBS 3629
London UK
Adrian Belew: electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, lead vocals
Robert Fripp: electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, devices (Frippertronics)
Tony Levin: Chapman Stick
Bill Bruford: drums
Produced by King Crimson and Keith Davies, 1981
Recorded at Basing Street Studios, Notting Hill, London, England

After the original King Crimson ended around 1975, Fripp really wanted to put another band together (after his gig with The League of Gentlemen). He recruited his players and announced that the band would be called Discipline but later gave in and used the King Crimson name. Discipline is the eighth studio album by English progressive rock band King Crimson. While not one of the bands best received albums, reviewers praised the pairing of electric guitar players Adrian Belew and Robert Fripp. With a rhythm section featuring Tony Levin and Bill Bruford, what could go wrong? It was just too far out there for most people to enjoy.

9.   The Yardbirds: I’m Not Talking
(Mose Allison)
45 single bw Shapes Of Things: Capitol Records Canada 72349
London UK
Keith Relf: lead vocals, harmonica
Jeff Beck: lead guitar, backing vocals
Chris Dreja: rhythm guitar
Paul Samwell-Smith: bass, backing vocals
Jim McCarty: drums, backing vocals, percussion
Produced by Giorgio Gomelsky, 1966

Another great Mose Allison song!

10. Plaid: Melifer
The Digging Remedy: Warp Records - LP277B
London UK
Andy Turner and Ed Handley: electronics
Benet Walsh: flute, guitar
Produced by Plaid 2016
Mastered by Noel Summerville

11. Wendell Ferguson: Talk Hockey
(W Ferguson)
Happy Songs Sell Records - Sad Songs Sell Beer: WHF 0203

Burke Carroll – steel
Neil Donnel – vocal
John Dymond – bass
Doug Johnson – drums?
Steve O'Connor – guitar
Sean O'Grady – guitar
Chris Quinn – banjo
Don Reed – fiddle
Produced by Wendell Ferguson, 2003
Recorded by David Ferri at Orchard Studio; Jacques Poirier at Inceptin Sound, Jim Hopson at Howie's House of Music
Mixed by David Ferri and Wendell Ferguson at Orchard Studio
Mastered by George Graves @ The Lacquer Channel

12. King Crimson: I Talk To The Wind
(Ian McDonald / Pete Sinfield)
In The Court of the Crimson King: Atlantic Recording Corp SD 8245
Greg Lake: vocal, bass
Robert Fripp: guitar
Michael Giles: drums
Ian McDonald: reeds, woodwinds, vibes, keys, mellotron
Pete Sinfield: words & illumination
Produced by Greg Lake and King Crimson, 1969
Recorded by Robin Thompson at Wessex Sound Studios, London
Cover art by Barry Godber, commissioned by Pete Sinfield

13. Doug Reansbury: Talk To Me
(Doug Rainsbury)
Reansbury: Silver Birch DR0404
Kingston ON
Doug Reansbury: vocal, guitars
Al Cross: drums
David Woodhead: bass, keys
Bill Dillon: guitars
Produced by Bob Doidge, 1988
Recorded by Bob Doidge at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton

Reansbury currently plays on Thousand Island boat cruises near Kingston. He has been with the company since 1991. He’s recently been doing gigs with Miss Emily covering songs by James Taylor and Carole King. He’s a talented guy who only put out this one album in 1988, recorded by Bob Dodge who used to play the funky bass for the theme of the Red Green Show who was partnered up with the Lanois brothers at Grant Avenue Studios.

14.  The Police: Someone to Talk To
(Andy Summer)
45 Single bw King of Pain: A&M Records – AM 2589
London UK
Sting: bass
Andy Summers: guitar, vocal
Stewart Copeland: drums

Produced by Hugh Padgham & The Police, 1983

Andy Summer: "It was a nice thing I had on the guitar and I was disappointed that Sting
wouldn't sing it. That would have given it more of an official stamp." Drummer Stewart Copeland said of this conflict, "Andy did his best on vocals but I too was disappointed that Sting didn't sing it. He was very touchy about lyrics

15. Ben Mink: Talk is Cheap
(Ben Mink)
Foreign Exchange: Passport Records: PB-2024
Toronto ON
Ben Mink: violin, mandolin, guitars
Allan Soberman: bass
Martin Deller: drums
Cameron Hawkins: synths
Mendelson Joe: electric guitar
Produced by Allan Soberman, 1980
Recorded by Danny Lanois at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton ON
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

Benjamin Mink b. Toronto January 22, 1951

A lot of multi-tracking, funky grooves went into making this one. The Lanois brothers were continually expanding into new and interesting sounds, getting more and more experienced by the variety of styles of music they produced.

Ben Mink is one of few people to ever share a songwriting credit with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. In 1997 Mink and k.d. lang were credited as songwriters on the Stones single "Anybody Seen My Baby". Mink and Lang were given credit before the song was released after Jagger/Richards realized the chorus was very similar to lang’s song "Constant Craving", written with Ben Mink in 1992

16. Talking Heads: (Nothing But) Flowers
(David Byrne)
Naked: Sire Records 92 56541
David Byrne: Vocals, guitar
Tina Weymouth: bass
Chris Frantz: drums
Jerry Harrison: organ, bg vocal
Kirsty MacColl: bg vocal
Johnny Marr: guitar
Abdou M’Boup: percussion
Produced by Steve Lillywhite & Talking Heads, 1982
Recorded at Studio Davout, Paris FR
Mastered at Sheffield Lab Matrix

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