33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
July 31, 2023
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The Forties & Girlz
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Side A: The Forties

1.   Don Messer & His Islanders: Dusty Miller Reel – 1942 *
2.   Big Joe Turner: Careless Love – 1940
3.   Will Bradley: Down The Road A Piece – 1940
4.   Tom Northcott: 1941 – 1968 *
5.   The BeeGees: New York Mining Disaster 1941 – 1967
6.   Jay McShann: Confessin’ The Blues – 1941
7.   Champion Jack Dupree: Junker’s Blues – 1941
8.   Django Reinhardt: Anniversary Song – 1947
9.   Al Dexter: Pistol Packin’ Mama – 1943
10. Billy Holiday: Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me – 1944
11. Nat King Cole: Route 66 - 1946
12. Bud Henderson Trio: Bud’s Bounce – 1948 *
13. Dinah Shore: Anniversary Song – 1947
14. Lionel Hampton: Perdido – 1947
15. Tex Williams: Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette – 1947
16. Paul Brunelle: Je Suis Un Chavalier Chantant – 1947 *
17. Marcel Martel: La Chaine de nos coeurs – 1947 *
18. Keray Regan: Peace River Waltz – 1949 *
19. Duke Ellington: Rockin’ In Rhythm – 1943
20. Hank Snow: I’m Movin’ On – 1949 *

Side Bee – Girlz

1.   The Beatles: Girl – 1965
2.   Bob Crew Generation: Music To Watch Girls By – 1967
3.   Five Man Electrical Band: You’re Gonna Lose That Girl – 1969 *
4.   The Rogues: Girl – 1967 *
5.   Syndicate of Sound: Hey Little Girl – 1966
6.   The Keatniks: That’s My Girl – 1965 *
7.   Oscar Peterson Trio: Girl From Ipanema – 1965 *
8.   kd lang: Big Boned Girl – 1989 *
9.   Pukka Orchestra: Rubber Girl – 1981 *
10. Heartbreak Hill: Banjo Girl – 1998 *
11. The Animals: The Girl Can’t Help It – 1964
12. The Phantoms: Heavenly Girl – 1990 *
13. The Polka Drifters: All the Girls Love Me Polka – 1967ish *
14. Hank Rivers (LaRiviere): Girl From Saskatoon – 1967 *
15. Kevin Head: Dance Hall Girls – 1974 *
16. Doug Cox & Bettysoo: Never the Pretty Girl – 2014 *
17. The Big Town Boys: Hey Girl Go It Alone – 1966 *
18. Frank Zappa: Goblin Girl – 1981
19. Canadian Jazz Quartet: Little Girl – 2002 *
20. The Beachboys: California Girls – 1965

*CanCon = 54%

And Now for The Particulars

Side A: The Forties

1.   Don Messer Band: Dusty Miller Reel
The Good Old Days: Apex / MCA - TVLP-79052
Tweedside NB
Don Messer: fiddle
Charlie Chamberlain: guitar
Rae Simmons: clarinet
Cec MacEchern: electric guitar
Warren McRae: drums
Duke Neilson: bass
Waldo Munro: piano
Produced by Alan Guettel & David Pritchard, 1979

2.   Big Joe Turner: Careless Love
(WC Handy)
78 Single bw Jumpin’ Down The Blues: Decca 7827
Kansas City
Big Joe Turner: vocals
Willie Smith: piano
Produced for Decca, 1940

Joseph Vernon Turner Jr. b. Kansas City, MissMay 18, 1911 / d. Nov 24, 1985 (74) Inglewood, CA

3.   Will Bradley Trio: Down The Road A Piece
(Raye /Slack / McKinley)
78 single bw Celery Stalks At Midnight: Columbia Records 35707
Newton, NJ
Will Bradley: some vocals
Ray McKinley: drums, vocal
Doc Goldberg: bass
Freddie Slack: piano
Produced 1940

Wilbur Schwichtenberg aka Will Bradley b. July 12, 1912 Newton, NJ / d. July 15, 1989 (77) Flemington, NJ

The most interesting thing about this recording is that, although the name of the band is the Will Bradley Trio, Bradley, who actually was the band leader, did not play an instrument on this recording.

4.   Tom Northcott: 1941
(Harry Nilsson)
45 Single:Warner Brothers – 7160
Vancouver BC
Tom Northcott: vocal
Arranger: Leon Russell
Produced by Larry Waronker and Leon Russell, 1968

born August 29, 1943 Vancouver BC

Nominated as best male vocalist for a Juno Award in 1971 - now retired and living in Kamloops

5.   The Bee Gees: New York Mining Disaster 1941
(B & R Gibb)
45 Single: Atco Records – 6487X
Isle of Man, UK / Redcliff, Australia
Berry Gibb – vocals, guitar
Robin Gibb – vocals
Maurice Gibb – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Colin Petersen – drums
Vince Melouney – lead guitar
Phil Dennys: Accompaniment Director
Produced by Robert Stigwood, 1967

A group that was formed in 1958 & Started putting out singles in Australia in 1963

6.   Jay McShann: Confessin’ The Blues
(Walter Brown / Jay McShann)
8 Song EP: Swingtime Records (3) – 8202
Muskogee Oklahoma
Jay McShann: Piano
Walter Brown: vocals
Originally Produced 1941

James Columbus McShann b. January 12, 1916 Muskogee, Oklahoma / d. December 7, 2006 (90) Kansas City, Missouri

7.   Champion Jack Dupree: Junker’s Blues
(Willlie Hall)
Travelin' Man – TM 807
New Orleans
Jack Dupree: piano
?: Bass
Produced 1941
Compilation album Produced by Frank Driggs, 1985
Originally released on Okey 06152

William Thomas Dupree b. July 4, 1910 (probable) Irish Channel, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S / d. January 21, 1992 (aged 81) Hanover, Germany

Originally written by New Orleans pianist "Drive 'em Down" Hall in the 1920s although he never made any records. Dupree used to call Hall his ‘father’. Lloyd Price used the melody of "Junker Blues" in 1952 for his song, "Lawdy Miss Clawdy"

8.   Django Reinhardt: Anniversary Song
(Iosif Ivanovici / Al Jolson / Saul Chaplin)
The Indispensable Django Reinhardt (1949-1950)
Django Reinhardt: guitar
Bass – Czabanick
Clarinet – Hubert Rostaing
Drums – André Jourdan
Electric Guitar – Django Reinhardt
Guitar – Joseph Reinhardt
Compilation Produced Jean-Paul Guiter, 1983
Originally Produced 1947

Born in Liberchies, Pont-à-Celles, Belgium 23 January 1910 / d. 16 May 1953 Paris France

9.   Al Dexter: Pistol Packin’ Mama
(Al Dexter)
Country Hits of the '40s: Capitol Records ST 884
Jacksonville TX
Produced 1943

Clarence Albert Poindexter, b. May 4, 1905 Jacksonville, TX - d. January 28, 1984 (aged 78)

Dexter owned a bar in the 1930s and helped popularize the style of country music known as honky tonk. He made his recording debut on November 28, 1936 for ARC Records and he was probably the first artist to use the term "honky tonk" in a country song when he recorded "Honky Tonk Blues" at his first session. His tremendous hit "Pistol Packin' Mama" became the 1943 marching chorus of the New York Yankees. The 1943 movie of the same name, made by the Republic Pictures, gave Dexter close to $250,000 in royalties.

10. Billy Holiday: Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
(Russell / Ellington)
Sings The Blues: Pickwick / Everest Records SPC 3335
Philadelphia PA
Billy Holiday: vocal
Produced 1944
Compilation Produced 1973

11. Nat King Cole: (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66
(Bob Troup)
The Nat King Cole Story: Capitol Records SW 1926
Montgomery Alabama
Nat King Cole: piano, vocals
Oscar Moore: guitar
Johnny Miller: double bass
Song first produced, 1946
Album Produced by Lee Gillette, 1961
Recorded at Radio Recorders in Los Angeles

US Route 66 was formally established on November 11, 1926. The highway, which became one of the most famous roads in the United States, originally ran from Chicago through the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before terminating in Santa Monica, California covering nearly 4000 kms. It was recognized in popular culture by both the hit song "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66" and the Route 66 television series, which aired from 1960 to 1964. In John Steinbeck's classic American novel, The Grapes of Wrath (1939), “Route 66" symbolized escape and loss.

This song was also featured on Cole’s 1956 album, After Midnight.

12. Bud Henderson Trio: Bud’s Bounce
(Bud Henderson)
78 rpm bw Relaxin’ Blues: Vanatone Records 1001
Vancouver BC
Bud Henderson: piano
Ernie Blunt: guitar
Leo Foster: bass
Produced 1949

The first bebop record made in Canada by Canadians, pre-dating both Ray Norris Quintet's "Bop Off!" on Monogram 139; July 1949 and  (Fall 1949), which Canadian jazz authority Len Dobbin believed to be the first example of bebop recorded in Canada. Vanatone was a short lived Canadian label based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was only active for a few months in 1949.

13. Dinah Shore: Anniversary Song
(Iosif Ivanovici / Al Jolson / Saul Chaplin)
Lavender Blue: Harmony Records – HL 7239
Winchester TN
Dinah Shore: vocals
Morris Stoloff Orchestra
Produced by Morris Stoloff, 1947
Album produced 1967

Frances Rose Shore b. Feb 29, 1916 Winchester, Tenn / d. Feb 24, 1994 (77) Beverly Hills

"Waves of the Danube" (Romanian: Valurile Dunării) is a waltz composed by Iosif Ivanovici in 1880, and is one of the most famous Romanian tunes in the world. The song has many variations throughout the piece, reminiscent of the music of Johann Strauss. Through the Viennese style variations, there is still a distinct Slavic style. In the United States, it is frequently referred to as "The Anniversary Song", a title given by Al Jolson when he and Saul Chaplin released their adaptation of the song in 1946.

14. Lionel Hampton with The Jazz Allstars: Perdido
(Tizol / Lenk / Drake)
45 single bw Flying Home: Vogue Records – EPV1190
New York City
Lionel Hampton: vibes
Charlie Shavers: trumpet
Willie Smith: alto
Milt Buckner: piano
Barney Kessel: guitar
Slam Stewart: bass
Jackie Mills and / or Lee Young: drums
Produced by Gene Norman, 1947
Recorded live at the Pasadena Auditorium
Released on Vogue Records – 1956

Lionel Leo Hampton b. Louisville, Kentucky April 20, 1908 / d. August 31, 2002 NYC (94)

15. Tex Williams: Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette
(Tex Williams)
Country Hits of the '40s: Capitol Records ST 884
Ramsey Illinois
Produced 1947

16. Paul Brunelle et ses Troubadours du Far-West: Je Suis Un Chavalier Chantant
(P Brunelle)
Volume 2: London - MB 58
Granby QC
Originally recorded 1947
Produced 1961

b. June 10, 1923 - d. Nov 24, 1994

17. Marcel Martel: La Chaine de nos coeurs
(M Martel)
Chansons Souvenirs: London SDS 5134
Drummondville QC
Marcel Martel: vocals, guitar
Others not listed
Original recorded 1947
Produced by London Records, 1973

Marcel Martel. Songwriter, composer, singer (b. Drummondville, Que, to US parents of French Canadian descent, Feb 1, 1925 / d. Drummondville, Que, April 13, 1999).

18. Keray Regan: The Peace River Waltz
(Kerry Regan)
Hits from the West: Aragon Records - ALP 109
Pouce Coupe, BC
Album Produced by Al Reusch – 1960
Originally Produced and recorded by Al Reusch, 1949

19. Duke Ellington: Rockin’ In Rhythm
Carnegie Hall Concerts January 1943: Prestige P34 004
Washington DC
Duke Ellington: piano, band leader
Rex Stewart: trumpet
Harold Baker: trumpet
Wallace Jones: trumpet
Ray Nance: trumpet, violin
Tricky Sam Nanton: trombone
Juan Tyzol: trombone
Lawrence Brown: trombone
Johnny Hedges: reeds
Ben Webster: reeds
Harry Carney: reeds
Otto Hardwicke: reeds
Chauncey Haughton: reeds
Fred Guy: guitar
Junior Raglin: bass
Sonny Greer: drums
Produced by Produced by Jerry Valburn and Jack Towers, 1977
Recorded at Carnegie Hall, NYC January 23, 1943
Mastered by David Turer at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley CA

20. Hank Snow: I’m Movin’ On
(Hank Snow)
I'm Movin' On: Country Stars - CTS 55467
Brooklyn Nova Scotia / Nashville TN
Compiled in 2001
Recorded 1949

Side Bee – Girlz

1.   The Beatles: Girl
(Lennon / McCartney)
Rubber Soul: Capitol Records Canada T 2442
John Lennon – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Paul McCartney – backing vocals, bass guitar
George Harrison – backing vocals, lead acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar
Ringo Starr – drums
Produced by George Martin, 1965
Recorded at EMI Studios, London 11 November 1965

"Girl" was the last complete song recorded for that album. "Girl" is considered to be one of the most melancholic and complex of the Beatles' earlier love songs. John Lennon commented: "'Girl' is real. There is no such thing as the girl, she was a dream, but the words are all right. It wasn't just a song, and it was about that girl – that turned out to be Yoko, in the end – the one that a lot of us were looking for.

In November 1977, Capitol Records scheduled the United States release of "Girl" backed with "You're Going to Lose That Girl" as a single (Capitol 4506) to accompany the release of Love Songs, a Beatles' compilation album that contains both of these songs. However, the single was cancelled before it was issued. Promotional copies, which featured "Girl" on both sides—one in stereo, the other mono, along with a picture sleeve, were issued.

2.   Bob Crewe Generation: Music To Watch Girls By
(S Ramon)
45 Single: DynoVoice Records 229
Newark NJ
Produced by Bob Crewe 1967
Recorded by Bill Szymczyk, George Schowerer

Robert Stanley Crewe b. Nov 12, 1930 Newark NJ / d.  Sept 11, 2014 (83) Scarborough, Maine

Phil Saunders holds the newspaper obituary of his nephew, American record producer and songwriter Bob Crewe. When Crewe died four years ago, his obituary in Newfoundland newspapers made no mention of his connection to the province through his parents. Today, Saunders and several other relatives are telling the little-known story of that proud Newfoundland connection. His father was from Dawson’s Cove — now Sandyville — while his mother hailed from Heart’s Delight. Some of The Four Seasons’ biggest hits might never have been written if it weren’t for two Newfoundlanders. That includes tunes such as “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Walk Like a Man,” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” It’s a little-known fact that the songwriter behind countless 1960s and 1970s-era hits has Newfoundland roots. Famous American record producer, manager, songwriter and artist Bob Crewe was born in New Jersey in 1930.

3.   Five Man Electrical Band: You’re Gonna Lose That Girl
(Lennon / McCartney)
Five Man Electrical Band: Capitol Records Canada  ST 165
Ottawa ON
Lee Emmerson: guitar, vocals
Ted Gerow: keyboards
Brian Rading: bass
Vern Craig: vocals, guitar
Rick 'Bell' Belanger: drums
Mike 'Bell' Belanger: 2nd drums
Produced by Max Hoch and John Gross, 1969

Starting out in Ottawa as The Staccatos from 1963–68, their biggest hit was Half Past Midnight. In 1968 they changed their name and are best known for their 1971 hit single "Signs".  In 1968 Lee Emmerson wrote a song called Five Man Electrical Band and Brian Radding (bass) suggested that they use that as their new name.

4.   (Those) Rogues: Girl
(Bryan Primeau)
45 single bw I Could See You Again: Algoma Records ST 53
Sault Ste Marie ON
Bryan Primeau: organ, vocals
Mike Jargan: drums
Rick Rogers: guitar
Harvey Bell: bass
Produced by John Holt, 1967
Recorded by Marshall Shapiro at Arc Studios in Toronto on February 26, 1967

This was a band from Sault Saint Marie, Ontario. Due to the fact that there was another band from Saskatchewan called The Rogues 5 as well as a Toronto banding calling themselves ‘The Rogues’, they used the bracketed (Those) Rogues changed their name to Great Flood. The Toronto Rouges changed their name to Mandala.

Debbie Lori Kaye, a New York born singer who was raised in The Soo, was looking for a backup band. Her father was a disc jockey at Soo radio station CKCY and asked a local group to allow her to sing in the band. She and the band toured around Southern Ontario for nearly a year before they broke up.

5.   Syndicate of Sound: Hey Little Girl
(Don Baskin / Bob Gonzalez / John Sharkey)
45 single bw You: Bell Records 640
San Jose CA
Don Baskin: vocals, guitar
Bob Gonzalez: bass guitar
John Sharkey: keyboards
Larry Ray: lead guitar
John Duckworth: drums
Produced by Garrie Thompson, 1966
Recorded by Leo De Gar Kulka at Golden State Recorders, San Francisco Jan 1966

One hit wonders! After recording Little Girl for a small regional label, Hush Records, Bell Records picked up the song and it reached the Billboard top ten. Because of that, Bell Records offered them an album deal. The album was recorded in three weeks and the band then embarked on a nationwide tour supporting, among others, Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Young Rascals, and The Yardbirds.

6.   The Keatniks: That’s My Girl
The Keatnicks, Melbourne, AMLP 4011
Labrador City NL
William Keating (lead guitar)
Pierre LaJeuness (piano)
Maurice Caines (Vocals, rhythm guitar)
Basil Haire (drums)
Produced in Montreal, 1965

William Keating, Born 1939, Conception Harbour, Newfoundland.

Based in one of the most unlikely places in the country, Wabash / Labrador City, the quartet of miners got together to play the lounges. Maurice Caines (October 05, 1940 - March 13, 2013) is brother of another Newfoundland rocker, Claude Caines (who was co-founder of the Quay Records label and the Clode Sound recording studio in Stephenville.) They were the first Newfoundland and Labrador rock act to record a full length album (in Montreal). Their leader, William Keating, had previously been a member of Wilf Doyle’s orchestra.

7.   Oscar Peterson Trio: The Girl From Ipanema
(Antônio Carlos Jobim)
We Get Requests: Verve – MIJ-1-5321
Montreal QC
Oscar Peterson: piano
Ray Brown: bass
Ed Thigpen: drums
Produced by Jim Davis, 1965
Recorded by Bob Simpson & Val Valentin

8.   kd lang & The Reclines: Big Boned Girl
(kd lang / Ben Mink)
Absolute Torch And Twang: Sire Records  92 58771
Consort AB
Kd lang: vocal
Michael Pouliot: drums
John Dymond: bass
Michael Creber: piano
Greg Leisz: lap steel
Gordie Matthews: electric guitars
Ben Mink: acoustic guitar
Produced by Greg Penny, Ben Mink and kd lang, 1989
Recorded and mixed by Joe Seta and Greg Penny at Vancouver Studios, BC

Kathryn Dawn Lang, OC (born November 2, 1961)

Her 4th album, it was her first collaboration with Ben Mink. IMHO it was the first album which truly reflected her energy.

9.   Pukka Orchestra: Rubber Girl
(G Williamson)
45 Single: Rubber Records 0001
Toronto ON
Graeme Williamson: vocals
Neil Chapman: guitar
Tony Duggan-Smith: guitar
Produced by Jim Bungard and Pukka Orchestra  1981

Active years: 1979–1988
The band's name is derived from the Hindi word pukka, which in UK slang can mean "very good". Rubber Girl was self-financed and produced. The band’s first album came out three years later, in 1984. The Toronto Police Service attempted to block radio airplay of their hit, "Cherry Beach Express",  due to its theme of opposition to police brutality.

10. Jenny Whiteley: Banjo Girl
(Jenny Whiteley / Joey Wright)
Dear: Black Hen Music – BHM-CD-940
Jenny Whiteley: vocals
Joey Wright vocals
Dan Whiteley: mandolin
Chris Coole: clawhammer banjo
Chris Gestrin: keys
Keith Lowe: bass
Produced by Steve Dawson, 2006
Recorded by Sheldon Zaharco at Factory Studios, Vancouver
Mixed and Mastered by David Travers-Smith, Found Studio, Toronto

11. The Animals: The Girl Can’t Help It
(Bobby Troup)
House of the Rising Sun: Capitol Records of Canada 6000 Series – T 6092
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK
John Steel: drums
Eric Burdon: vocals
Chas Chandler: bass
Alan Price: keys
Hilton Valentine: guitar
James "Tappy" Wright: uncredited rhythm guitarist
Produced by Mickie Most, 1964
Recorded by Val Valentin, 31 July, 1964

12. The Phantoms: Heavenly Girl
(The Phantoms)
Pleasure Puppets: Spy Records 1006
Ottawa / Toronto ON
Jerome Godbo: bass, lead vocal
Ben Richardson: bass, bg vocals
Joe Toole: guitar
Gregory Ray Tunis: drums, bg vocal
Produced by The Phantoms, 1990

Jerome Godboo: b. Victoria BC

Originally from Ottawa, The Phantoms invaded Toronto in the late 80s and hit the scene hard. However, they only lasted until 1992 before breaking up. The first of only two albums this Ottawa band recorded in the early 90s for A&M

He won the Lee Oskar Best Harmonica Player Award in Memphis in 2014. His career actually began in Ottawa after winning an Ottawa Bluesfest contest as a harmonica player.

13. The Polka Drifters: All the Girls Love Me Polka
(Polka Drifters)
On A Winter Vacation: UK Records - UKS 5017
Fisher Branch MB
Stan Kaskiw guitar, vocals
Jerry Ostryzniuk accordion
Dennis Nykolation violin
Dennis Drul lead guitar
Al Davies drums
Produced by Michael Arabutnot & Warren Barker, 1967
Recorded at Arbuthonot Recording Studios, by Warren Barker

Cover art features an Allied Rustler Snowmobile, manufactured in St. Mary's, Ontario somewhere between 1967 and 1970. The snowmobile was invented by Canadian Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1922. He died in 1964, just a few years before this recording was made.

14. Hank Rivers (LaRiviere): Girl From Saskatoon
(Horton / Cash)
Hank’s Centennial Travels: RCA Camden CAL 2179
Hawkesbury ON
Hank Rivers: vocals
Ted Daigle: guitar
Gilbert Glazier: guitar
Joe Pino: bass
Byron Stever: drums
Produced by Alan Sherman,  1967

15. Kevin Head: Dance Hall Girls
(Alan Fraser)
No Frills: Shellout Records 50-101
Kingston ON / Ketch Harbour NS
Kevin Head: guitar, vocals
Bruce Chapman: piano
Jinx O’Neil: bass
Ron Doug Parks aka RDP: drums
Ken Pearson: organ
Kate McGarrigle: banjo, accordion
Louis Benoit: mandolin
Gordon Stobbe: fiddle
Chaim Tannenbaum: harmonica
Dick Snook: sax
Scott MacMillan, Dave MacIssac, Wade Brown: guitar
Produced by Kevin Head, 1974
Recorded by Al Feeny and Lindsay Kidd at Audio Atlantic Studios, Halifax
Mixed by Kevin Head & Ken Pearson

Originally from Nova Scotia, he was first billed as The Original Salt Cod Cowboy. Currently Kevin lives in the Kingston area, writing, performing and teaching, living rurally, planting trees, collecting old Volvos, and howling at the moon. According to him. His last output was a CD called Kevin Head LIVE! in 2013.

16. Doug Cox & Bettysoo: Never the Pretty Girl
Live at the CIUT Suite at the North American Folk Alliance, Toronto
Comox BC
Doug Cox: dobro
Bettysoo: guitar, vocals
Produced by db Hawkes, 2014

17. The Big Town Boys: Hey Girl Go It Alone
(Goodings / Collins)
45 single bw The One For Me: Capitol Records Canada 72327
Toronto ON
John Collins: drums
Tommy Graham (Goodings): guitar, vocal
Brian Jackson: bass
Peter Sterbach: keys
Produced by Tommy Graham, 1966

Put together by singer Tom Goodings, (aka Tommy Graham), in 1963, the band were initially the backup band for Ontario vocalist Shirley Matthews. They went to New York where they recorded her best-selling single, 'Big Town Boy', thus taking on that name. They lasted until 1968, changing their name somewhat to BTB-4 for a while. Graham stayed associated with music after that mostly as a record producer.

They were one of the opening acts for The Beachboys, Toronto, February 21, 1965 MLG
18. Frank Zappa: Goblin Girl
(Frank Zappa)
You Are What You Is: Barking Pumpkin Records – PW2 37537
Los Angeles
Frank Zappa: guitar, vocals
Bass – Arthur Barrow
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – David Ocker
Drums – David Logeman
Electric Guitar [Strat Abuse] – Steve Vai
Harmonica – Craig "Twister" Stewart*
Keyboards – Tommy Mars
Percussion – Ed Mann
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Ike Willis, Ray White
Saxophone – Motorhead Sherwood
Slide Guitar – Denny Walley
Soprano Vocals [Boy Soprano], Trumpet – Bob Harris
Vocals, Guest – Ahmet*, Denny Walley, Jimmy Carl Black, Mark Pinske, Moon*
Produced by Frank Zappa, 1981
Mastered By Jo Hansch at K Disc Mastering, Los Angeles

19. Canadian Jazz Quartet: Little Girl
(Madeline Hyde / Francis Henry)
Street of Dreams: CJQ Records – 002
Gary Benson: guitar
Frank Wright: vibes
Bob Price: bass
Don Vickery: drums
Produced by CJQ, 2002
Recorded by Fred Raulston at Spirit Hills Studio, Toronto
Mastered by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound, Toronto

20. The Beachboys: California Girls
(Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!): Capitol Records – T 2354
Hawthrorne CA
Al Jardine: harmony and backing vocals
Bruce Johnston: harmony and backing vocals
Mike Love: lead and bass vocals
Brian Wilson: harmony and backing vocals
Carl Wilson: harmony and backing vocals, twelve-string guitar
Dennis Wilson: harmony and backing vocals
Hal Blaine: drums
Frank Capp: vibraphone
Roy Caton: horn, trumpet
Jerry Cole: 12-string guitar
Al De Lory: Hammond organ
Steve Douglas: ten sax
Jay Migliori: bar sax
Jack Nimitz: bass sax
Carol Kaye: bass guitar
Lyle Ritz: upright bass
Howard Roberts: el guitar
Leon Russell: piano
Produced by Brian Wilson, 1965
Released: July 5, 1965

Brian Wilson conceived the song during his first acid trip, later arranging and producing the song's recording.  Wilson was quoted saying in 1986, "[The song was] something I'm very proud of in a sense because it represents the Beach Boys really greatest record production we’ve ever made. It goes back to 1965 when I was sitting in my apartment, wondering how to write a song about girls, because I love girls.”

 The instrumental was made on April 6, 1965 at United Western Recorders, requiring 44 takes before Brian Wilson could deem it a satisfactory performance. Vocal overdubs followed two months later on June 4 at CBS Columbia Square studios. Wilson recorded the Beach Boys' vocals using Columbia's new 8-track recorder, allowing Love's lead vocals to be triple-tracked. "California Girls" was the first Beach Boys recording to feature vocals from Bruce Johnston  who had joined the group to substitute for Wilson on concert tours.

The song is considered emblematic of the 1960s California Sound. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame included it as one of "500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll". In 2010, the Beach Boys' recording was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

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