33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
July 24, 2023
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Ruby, Lemon, Pink and Rose
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A – Ruby Lemon and Pink

1.   The Eternals: Hideaway – 1968 *
2.   Peter Narvaez: Rock n’ Roll Ruby – 1986 *
3.   Dion: Ruby Baby – 1962
4.   Silver Apples: Ruby – 1969
5.   Rolling Stones: Ruby Tuesday – 1967
6.   Ruby Drake: Money Shot – 1996 *
7.   Rhinoceros: Apricot Brandy – 1969
8.   Blind Lemon Jefferson: Hot Dogs – 1927
9.   Corndogs: Lemon Head – 1982 *
10. Lemon Pipers: Jelly Jungle (Of Orange Marmalade) – 1968
11. Syd Barrett: Baby Lemonade – 1969
12. Henry Mancini Orchestra: Pink Panther Theme – 1963
13. Nick Drake: Pink Moon – 1972
14. Pink Fairies: Do It – 1971
15. Wes Dakus: Pink Canary – 1959 *
16. Hal Willis: My Pink Cadillac – 1956 *
17. Psychedelic Furs: Pretty In Pink – 1981
18. Scaffold: Lily the Pink – 1968
19. Sultans Of String: Stomping At The Rex – 2017 *
20. Pink Floyd: If – 1970
21. Banjo Mechanics: Slow Boat – 2002 *

B – Give My Love To Rose

1.   Alfred Montmarquette: Polka de Ste-Rose – 1930 *
2.   Vashti Bunyon: Rose Hip November – 1970
3.   Moby Grape: Rose Colored Eyes – 1968
4.   Mary Black: Rose Of Allendale - 1983
5.   The Zombies: A Rose ‘For Emily – 1968
6.   John Gotch: Red Rose Polka – 1963 *
7.   Wilf Carter: My Brown Eyed Prairie Rose – 1938 *
8.   Ian Tyson: Rockies Turn Rose – 1986 *
9.   Earl Morin: Alberta Rose – 1968 *
10. Patsy Cline: San Antonio Rose – 1959
11. Buck Owens and Rose Maddox: Loose Talk – 1961
12. Ron Scott: The White Rose – 1957 *
13. Jimmie MacLellan & Cosy Cottars: Democratic Rage – St Rose CBI – 1955 *
14. Flying Mountain: Moon Rose – 1978 *
15. Bim aka Roy Forbes: Rose Hip Woman – 1976 *
16. Gordon Lightfoot: Dream Street Rose – 1980 *
17. Koobas: Royston Rose – 1969
18. Frank Zappa: It Must Be A Camel – 1969
19. Nat King Cole: Ramblin’ Rose – 1962

*CanCon = 42.5%

And Now for The Particulars

Side A – Ruby, Lemon and Pink

1.   Rhinoceros: Apricot Brandy
(Michael Fonfara / Danny Weis)
Rhinoceros: Elektra ‎– EKS-74030
Los Angeles
Michael Fonfara: organ
John Finley: vocals
Alan Gerber: piano
Danny Weis: guitar, piano
Doug Hastings: guitar
Jerry "The Bear" Penrod: bass
Billy Mundi: drums, percussion
Produced by Paul A Rothchild, 1969
Recorded by John Haeny

Michael Fonfara b. Aug 11, 1946 Stevensville, ON / d. Jan 8, 2021 (74) Toronto

Fonfara's career as a professional musician commenced in 1963, when he started playing in the Toronto band, Lee Jackson & The Checkmates, which evolved into Jon and Lee & The Checkmates. When John and Lee & The Checkmates broke up in September 1967, Fonfara worked briefly with David Clayton-Thomas and then, during the months of November and December, 1967, toured and recorded with The Electric Flag, featuring Buddy Miles and Michael Bloomfield. Fonfara replaced keyboardist and founding Electric Flag member Barry Goldberg. He was then selected by producer Paul Rothchild as a member of the Elektra Records' hand-picked, "supergroup", Rhinoceros, in December 1967. Fonfara was the co-writer of the band's major hit, "Apricot Brandy", and recorded three albums with the group.

2.   Peter Narvaez: Rock n’ Roll Ruby
(Johnny Cash)
Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby: Terraplane Records SW 1001
St. John’s NL
Peter Reuben Narvaez: guitars, harmonica, vocal
Rocky Wiseman: drums
Sandy Morris: guitar, slide guitar
Nelson Giles: bass
John Nugent: sax
Creg Clark, Terry Reilly: bg vocals
Produced by Steve Annan, 1984
Recorded by Steve Annan at Echo Recording Studios, St. John’s
Mixed at Reel Time Recorders, Hammond Plains, NS
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Peter Reuben Aceves b. Brooklyn NY, March 16, 1942 / d. Nov 11, 2011, St. John’s NL

3.   Dion: Ruby Baby
(J. Leiber-M. Stoller*)
Ruby Baby: Columbia – CS 8810
Bronx, NYC
Dion DiMucci: vocals
Produced by Robert Mersey, 1963

Dion Francis DiMucci b July 18, 1939 NYC

As originally recorded by the Drifters 1956
In 1963 Polydor Records released a cover of Dion's version by Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers. Ronnie Hawkins recorded a version on April 13, 1959. It was released on the LP Ronnie Hawkins by Roulette Records in August 1959.

4.   Silver Apples: Ruby
(Silver Apples)
Contact: Jackpot Records JPR 045
Danny Taylor: drums, vocals
Simeon: the thing aka The Simeon, vocals
Produced by Barry Bryant, Danny Taylor & Simeon, 1969
Recorded by Jack Hunt at TTG Studios, Los Angeles and Apostolic Studios, New York City

From the second Silver Apples album.

5.   Rolling Stones: Ruby Tuesday
(Keith Richards / Mick Jagger)
Between The Buttons: London Records – mono – LL-3499
London UK
Mick Jagger – vocals, tambourine
Keith Richards – backing vocals, acoustic guitar, double bass (bowing)
Brian Jones – alto recorder,[8] piano[note 2]
Bill Wyman – double bass (fingering), bass guitar
Charlie Watts – drums
Jack Nitzsche – piano
Produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, 1967
Recorded at Olympic Studios, Barnes; Pye Studios, London

"Ruby Tuesday" was released as the B-side to "Let's Spend the Night Together" on January 1967.

6.   Ruby Drake: Money Shot
(K McLeod / P Gilmour)
Ruby Drake (II): Diamond Drake Records - No Serial
Kersti McLeod: vocals
Pat Gilmour: vocals, guitar
Carol Jackson
Robin Buckley
Produced by Pat Gilmour - 2002
Recorded at The Gas Station by Dale Morningstar
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Umbrella Sound, Toronto

7.   The Eternals: Hideaway
(Freddy King / S Thompson)
45: Quality Records - 1922
Winnipeg MB
Ron Paley: keys
Ted Paley: drums
John Hildebrand: guitar
Harry Hildebrand: bass
Produced by Ron Paley, 1968
Recorded at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg

The Eternals formed in Winnipeg around 1961.
8.   Blind Lemon Jefferson: Hot Dogs
(George Perkins )
78 single: Paramount – 12493
Coutchman, Texas
Blind Lemon Jefferson: guitar, foot stomping, vocal
Produced August 1927
The New York Recording Laboratories

Lemon Henry Jefferson b. Sept 24, 1893 Coutchman, Texas / d. Dec 19, 1929 (36) Chicago

9.   Corndogs: Lemon Head
(Clark / B Lodge)
Cliffhanger: Doggy Don’t Records – DD501
Greg Clarke: guitar, lead vocal
Lionel Lodge: bass, vocals
Patrick Gilmore: guitar, keys, violin, lead vocals
Brodie Lodge: drums, harmonica, vocals
Jed House: guitar
Produced by John Howard and Todd Warren, 1982
Recorded at Video Sound, Toronto by Lionel Lodge
Mastered at McClear Place, Toronto

10. Lemon Pipers: Jelly Jungle (Of Orange Marmalade)
(Paul Leka / Shelley Pintz)
45 single: Buddah Records – BDA 41
Oxford, Ohio
Bass Guitar – Steve Walmsley
Drums – Bill Albaugh
Lead Guitar – Bill Bartlett
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Ivan Browne
Organ, Tambourine, Horn – R.G. Nave
Produced by Paul Leka, 1968
Engineer – Bill Radice, Kenny Hammond

11. Syd Barrett: Baby Lemonade
(Syd Barrett)
Barrett: EMI / Harvest 43346-02821
Cambridge UK
Syd Barrett: guitar, vocals
Jerry Shirley: drums
David Gilmour: bass, 12 String guitar
Richard Wright: keys
Produced by David Gilmour - Richard Wright, 1970
Recorded by Peter Brown at Abby Road Studios, London

Roger Keith Barrett b. 6 January 1946 Cambridg UK / d. 7 July 2006 (60) Cambridge

It was nearly impossible for the original producers to make Syd Barrett’s two solo albums. It took David Gilmour and Rick Wright to pull this thing together with drummer Jerry Shirley. They would just let Syd sing and play his acoustic guitar and then try to add backup later and it sort of worked. The timing was all over the place, as were Syd’s chords and changes but it somehow worked, like on this song.

12. Henry Mancini Orchestra: Pink Panther Theme
(Henry Mancini)
The Pink Panther: RCA Victor – LPM-2795
Orchestra – Henry Mancini And His Orchestra
Produced by  Joe Reisman, 1963
Engineer [Recording] – Jim Malloy

13. Nick Drake: Pink Moon
(Nick Drake)
Pink Moon: Island Records – SMAS-9318
Nick Drake: guitar, vocals, piano
Produced by Witchseason Prod., 1972
Recorded by John Wood  Sound Techniques, London

14. Pink Fairies: Do It
(Sanderson, Alder, Rudolph, Hunter)
Neverneverland: Polydor – 2383 045
Paul Rudolph – guitar, vocals
Duncan Sanderson – bass
Russell Hunter – drums
Twink – drums, vocals
Bass – Duncan Sanderson
Drums  – Russell Hunter
Drums – Vocals – John Charles Alder
Guitar, Vocals – Paul Rudolph
Produced by Pink Fairies with Neil Slaven, 1971
Recorded By – Andy Hendriksen, Gary Lyons
Remastered By – Paschal Byrne

15. Wes Dakus & Club 93 Rebels: Pink Canary
(Bob Clarke)
45 single bw Road Block (Quality) 1982X
Edmonton AB
Wes Dakus: steel
Barry Allen (guitar, vocals)
Bob Clarke (guitar)
Stu Mitchell (drums)
Dennis Paul (bass)
Produced 1959

Wesley "Wes" Dakus b. Mannville Alberta April 2, 1938 / d. August 18, 2013 Vancouver (75)

16. Hal Willis: My Pink Cadillac
(H Willis)
Atlantic 45—1114
Rouyn QC / Madison, TN
Produced 1956

Leonald Francis Guy Gauthier b. Rouyn QC July 15, 1933 / d. Sept 4, 2015, Nashville TN (82)

In 1956 when he and his wife, Ginger Willis, were hired by Colonel Tom Parker to tour with Elvis Presley. At this time, Hal and Ginger were rockabilly singers recording songs like "My Pink Cadillac" and "Bop a Dee Bop a Doo." Hal and Ginger, along with Hank Snow, were the only Canadian performers to ever tour with Elvis Presley. His unforgettable recording of "The Lumberjack" was an international hit that sold over 1.5 million copies in 1966. Hal and Ginger Willis were inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010.

17. The Psychedelic Furs: Pretty In Pink
(The Psychedelic Furs)
Talk Talk Talk: Columbia ‎– FC 37339
London UK
Richard Butler: vocals
Roger Morris: lead guitar
John Ashton: rhythm guitar
Tim Butler: bass
Duncan Kilburn: saxophone, keyboards
Vince Ely: drums
Produced by Steve Lillywhite, 1981
Mastered at The Town House
Recorded by Phil Thornalley, Will Gosling

18. Scaffold: Lily The Pink
(Gorman / McGear / McGough)
45 single bw Buttons Of Your Mind: Parlophone R 5734
Mike McGear (McCartney): guitar, piano, vocals
Roger Gordon CBE: vocals
John McGough: vocals
Graham Nash: bg vocal
Reg Dwight (Elton John): bg vocal
Tim Rice: bg vocal
Jack Bruce: bass
Norrie Paramor Orchestra
Produced by Norrie Paramor, 1968

The Scaffold's record, released in November 1968, became No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart for the four weeks encompassing the Christmas holidays for 1968. The band included Peter Mike McGear aka Michael McCartney, Paul’s younger brother. Cream’s Jack Bruce was recruited to play bass on this track.

19. Sultan’s of String: Stomping At The Rex
(Chris McKhool / Kevin Laliberte)
Ten Years of Music: Fiddlefire Records MKC 2070
Chris McKhool: violin
Kevin Laliberte: flamenco guitar
Eddie Paton: guitar
Drew Birston: bass
Rosendo Leon: drums
Andrew Collins: mandolin

Produced by Chris McKhool, 2017
Edited for vinyl by John “Beetle” Bailey at The Drive Shed Recording Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering and Paul gold at Salt Mastering

20. Pink Floyd: If
(Roger Waters)
Atom Heart Mother: Harvest Records SKAO-382
Cambridge / London UK
Roger Waters: lead and backing vocals, classical acoustic guitar, bass guitar
David Gilmour: slide electric guitar
Richard Wright: piano, Hammond organ
Nick Mason: drums
Produced by Pink Floyd, 1970
Recorded by Peter Brown and Allan Parsons at Abby Road Studios, London

Rolling Stone gave "If" a negative review, calling the song "English folk at its deadly worst. It's soft and silly." while Paste Magazine said of it: "If" as one of Roger Waters' best compositions. It is believed to be about Syd Barrett.

21. Banjo Mechanics: Slow Boat
(I Pattison / L Melville)
Sixty Second Songs: DROG Records 100
Guelph ON
Ian Pattison: banjo
Lewis Melville: banjo
Compilation album produced by Lewis Melville, 2002

B – Give My Love To Rose

1.   Alfred Montmarquette: Polka de Ste-Rose
Masters Of French Canadian Music 2: Folkways Records – RBF 111
New York City / Montreal
Alfred Montmarquette: accordion
Produced 1930
Compilation album produced 1980

Alfred Montmarquette (6 April 1871 - 24 May 1944) New York City

2.   Vashti Bunyan: Rose Hip November
(Vashti Bunyan)
Just Another Diamond Day: Philips Records 6308-019
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK
Vashti Bunyan: guitar, vocal
Christopher Sykes: keys
John Hames: dulcitone
Robin Williamson: harp
Produced by Joe Boyd, 1970
Recorded by Jerry Boys at Sound Techniques, London, Nov-Dec 1969

Jennifer Vashti Bunyan b. 1945

This, her only album while she was young and produced by the amazing Joe Boyd, is a gem. She’s lovely, she’s a flower, she’s a wisp of fresh air and more and it all comes through on her unusual songs. 35 years later in 2005, she decided to record another album! Her third came out in 2014.

3.   Moby Grape: Rose Colored Eyes
(Bob Mosley)
Wow: Columbia Records – XSM 135372
San Francisco CA
Peter Lewis - rhythm guitar, vocals
Jerry Miller - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley - bass, vocals
Skip Spence - rhythm guitar, vocals
Don Stevenson - drums, vocals
Produced by David Rubinson, 1968
Recorded by Don Puluse and Glen Kolotkin - August 30, 1967 - February 5, 1968

4.   Mary Black: Rose Of Avondale
(words Charles Jefferys / music by Sidney Nelson)
Green Velvet Compilation: Quality Records QRSP 1020
Dublin Ir
Produced by Cara Music, Ireland, 1983
Originally from the LP Mary Black, 1983

Mary Black b. 23 May 1955 Charlemont St., Dublin, Ireland

Mary Black is one of those blessed with a beautiful voice, and Celtic folksongs are her specialty. She began singing folksongs at an early age and by the mid-1970s was performing in bands. She released her first solo album in 1983, the same year she joined De Dannan, one of the most prestigious traditional bands in Ireland. I thought that this being St. Patrick’s week…. A little bit a de Irish for yas.

5.   The Zombies: A Rose For Emily
(Rod Argent)
Odessey & Oracle: Varèse Vintage Records 302 067 254
London UK
Rod Argent: keys, vocals
Colin Blunstone: lead vocals
Produced by The Zombies, 1968
Recorded at Abbey Road and Olympic Studios, London by Geoff Emerick and Peter Vince June 1 to July 10, 1967.

Based on a short story by American author William Faulkner, pubished in 1930, A Rose For Emily retells the story about living and dying alone, unloved. Interestingly, it parallels Eleanor Rigby in many ways.

6.   John Gotch w Werchowina Trio: Red Rose Polka
Gay Songs of the Ukraine: Arc 549
Midhurst, ON
Victor Pasowisty, fiddle
Bill Mankiss, accordion
John Gotch, clarinet, sax
Others unidentified
Produced by Don Bass, 1963

Really difficult to find out anything about this guy or the Werchowina Trio. Lots of his records are for sale at $30 a crack.

7.   Wilf Carter: My Brown Eyed Prairie Rose
(Wilf Carter)
Wilf Carter – Montana Slim Vol 5 and 6: Bear Family Records BCD-15939 HI
Port Hilford NS
Wilf Carter: vocal, guitar
Produced by Hugh Joseph, 1938
Reproduced by Richard Weize, 1997
Recorded at RCA Studios, NYC Oct 27, 1938
Transferred by David Crisp
Mastered by Jurgen Crasser and Ingo Steinbach

Wilfred Arthur Charles Carter (December 18, 1904  d. Scottsdale AR December 5, 1996, age 91)

Sales of Wilf’s recordings (as Montana Slim) in the US was one of thet major reasons why RCA Victor survived the Great Depression. Except for the Decca Years in the 1950s, Wilf recorded exclusively for RCA over 7 decades.

Wilf recorded another version of this song on Old Prairie Melodies: RCA Camden – CAS 2175 in 1967.

8.   Ian Tyson: Rockies Turn Rose
(Ian Tyson)
Cowboyography: Eastern Slope Records / Stony Plain Records - SPL 1102
Victoria, BC
Louis Desmak: guitar
Nathan Tinkham: guitar
George Koller: bass
Stan Stewart: steel
Adrian Chornowol: piano
Thom Moon: drums
Myran Szott: fiddle
Ray Warhurst: fiddle
Cindy Church: bg vocals
Randy Fournier: bg vocals
Produced by Adrian Chornowol, August 1986
Recorded by Richard Harrow and Louis Sedmak at Sundae Sound Studio, Calgary

9.   Earl Morin: Alberta Rose
(Earl Morin)
Wheels of Love: Arc Records – 789
North Battleford, SK
Produced – 1968

After finishing school, moved to alberta & played with Alberta Slim. Played in the Rocky Mountaineers out of Edmonton. Got a job in radio. Recorded at least 2 lps for Arc.

10. Patsy Cline: San Antonio Rose
(Bob Wills)
45 single bw South of the Border: Decca Records - 25673
Gore VA
Patsy Cline – lead vocals
Byron Bach – cello
Brenton Banks – violin
George Binkley III – violin
Floyd Cramer – piano
Hank Garland – electric guitar
Buddy Harman – drums
John Bright – viola
Cecil Brower – viola
Buddy Harman – drums
Walter Haynes – steel guitar
Randy Hughes – acoustic guitar
Lillian Hunt – violin
The Jordanaires – background vocals
Ben Keith – steel guitar
Doug Kirkham – drums
Grady Martin – electric guitar
Bob Moore – acoustic bass
Suzanne Parker – piano
Hargus "Pig" Robbins – piano
Produced by Owen Bradley, 1961
Bradley Film and Recording Studios in Nashville,

11. Buck Owens and Rose Maddox: Loose Talk
(Freddy Hart / Anne Lucas)
45 single: Capitol Records 4550
Buck Owens: vocals
Rose Maddox: vocals
Produced 1961

12. Ron Scott & The Rank Band: The White Rose
(R Scott)
45 Single: Sparton Records - 447-R
Halifax NS
Ron Scott: mandolin, vocal
Bobby Hill: guitar
Jean Carignan: fiddle
Produced 1957

Ronald D. Scott b. Amherst, Nova Scotia June 1, 1926

Ron Scott played his first shows with Harold King, The Cobequid Mountain Boy from Springhill. In 1947 he got to tour with Hank Snow, playing both fiddle and mandolin. He then moved to Kingston, Ontario where he attended Queen's University and studied languages. While in Kingston he formed a group called "The Riders of The Southern Trails". During this time they went on the road with Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper. After university Ron moved to Montreal.

Ron Scott’s most productive years in music were in Montreal. In 1955 he played with a band called the "Cinch Brothers" featuring Jean Carignan and and himself, backing up Bobby Hill. This was the first Canadian bluegrass band to have a regular radio show, which was called ‘The Hometown Jamboree’ heard over CFCF in Montreal. In May of 1957, Ron is claimed to have recorded the first bluegrass record in Canada on the Spartan label featuring "When the Bees are in the Hive" and "The White Rose". It’s really hard to say who had the first but Ron was certainly one of ‘em.

13. Jimmie MacLellan & The Cosy Cottars: Humours of Boston / Democratic Rag
Barn Dance Music: Banff Roedo RBS 1032
Sudbury ON
Jimmie MacLelllan: fiddle
A. Rasi: accordion and saxophone
Len Nedard: guitar
Grant Morrison: Drums
Bill Chandler: piano.
Produced by George I Taylor, 1958

Jimmie MacLellan b. February 11th 1910, St. Rose, Cape Breton Island NS

A radio show from Cape Breton was called "Cottar's Saturday Night" and aired throughout the 1930s, featuring fiddler Jimmie MacLellan who later moved to Sudbury ON.  According to the liner notes for this album, “Jim has played on many Radio Stations, including CFCB, Charlottetown, CKCB (should be CKGB) Timmins, CKSO Sudbury and CHNO Sudbury.”

14. Flying Mountain: Moon Rose
(Ferguson Neville)
Earth & Sky: Musicfrolicus Records GAS-102
Vancouver BC
Dan Ruben: violin, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar
Satoru Suttles Tora: guitar, bodhran, percussion
Rawn Mongovius: bass guitar, flute
Ferguson Neville: dulcimer, harmonica, congas, percussion
Andy Grafitti: drums
Holly Denny, Susanne Morgan, Karen Parton: bg vocals
Produced by Flying Mountain, Simon Garber & Larry Robbins, 1978
Recorded by Simon Garber at The Golden Age Sonic Lab, Vancouver

formed in 1976 recorded 2 LPs
Mostly performed at folk clubs & festivals in Western Canada
Have reformed for reunions a few times so are still active

15.  Bim: Rose Hip Woman
(Roy Forbes)
Raincheck On Misery: Casino Records – CA 1009
Vancouver BC
Bim: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocal
Terry Frewer: acoustic guitar
Doug Edwards: bass
Geoff Eyre: drums
Shari Ulrich: bg vocals, claps
Produced by Claire Lawrence, 1976
Recorded by Dave Slagter at Little Mountain Sound – June–Sept 1976

16. Gordon Lightfoot: Dream Street Rose
(G Lightfoot)
Dream Street Rose: Warner Bros XHS 3426
Orillia / Toronto ON
Gordon Lightfoot: guitar, vocal
Terry Clements: lead guitar
Rick Haynes: bass
Pee Wee Charles: pedal steel
Barry Keane: drums

Produced by Gordon Lightfoot, Larry Waronker & Russ Titelman, 1980
Recorded & Mixed by Lee Herschberg
Mastered by Bobby Hata

Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Jr b Orillia ON, Nov 17, 1938

Lightfoot also had another song about dreams: “Patriot’s Dream” released on his Don Quixote album in 1972. That is by far my favourite Lightfoot album. Patriot’s Dream was written in two distinct parts, something Lightfoot experimented with earlier on The Canadian Railroad Trilogy. It’s a powerful song that is unfortunately timeless as things never seem to change: they just wave back and forth in time.

17. The Koobas: Roystone Rose
Koobas: Columbia Records EMI SCX 6271
Liverpool UK
Stuart Leathwood: guitar, vocals
Roy Morris: guitar
Keith Ellis: bass
Tony O’Reilly: drums
Produced by David Paramor
Recorded by George Emerick at Abby Road Studios, London 1968
Released January 1969

A Liverpool band who were at the forefront of the Mercy beat along with contemporaries The Beatles, Searchers, Swinging Blue Jeans, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Billy J Kramer etc. After doing a stint in Hamburg, the band returned to the UK in 1964 and were signed to a management contract with Brian Epstein. They were supposed to appear in the 1965 Gerry & The Pacemakers film “Ferry Cross the Mersey” as the losers in a battle of the bands contest, but the footage was cut from the film's final release. They kept at it although success seemed to elude them. After opening for Jimi Hendrix and The Who on European tours.

In the latter ‘60s, they changed from R&B to a psychedelic sound but still found little to jump for joy for. They broke up in 1968, shortly before the release of their only album. Drummer Tony O’Reilly then went to play with Yes for a short time, replacing Bill Bruford.

18. Frank Zappa: It Must Be A Camel
(Frank Zappa)
Hot Rats: Bizarre Records / Reprise Records RS 6356
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa: guitar, octave bass, percussion
Jean-Luc Ponty: violin
Ian Underwood: piano, oganus maximus, flute, clarinets, sax
John Guerin: drums
Max Bennett: bass

Produced by Frank Zappa, 1969
Recorded by Dick Kunc, Whitney Studios; Jack Hunt, TTG; Cliff Goldstein, TTG; Brian Ingoldsby, Sunset Sound

19. Nat King Cole: Ramblin’ Rose
(Joe Sherman / Noel Sherman)
45 single bw The Good Times: Capitol Records CL-15270
Montgomery Alabama
Nat King Cole: vocals
Belford Hendricks Orchestra
Produced 1962

Nathaniel Adams Coles b. March 17, 1919 Montgomery, AL / d. Feb 15, 1965 (45) Santa Monica, CA

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