33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
July 17, 2023
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Psychedelic Summer
Interview with Duncan Shepard of Striped Bananas
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Side Aye

1.   Jon Brooks: 01 – 2018 *
2.   Bad Tractor: Cecil McEachern’s Boogie Breakdown – 2018 *
3.   John Borra: The Wars – 2020 *
4.   Peter Tosh: Rumours Of War – 1978
5.   Bad Breed: Looking For War – 2015 *
6.   Ultravox: Satday Night In The City Of The Dead – 1977
7.   The Diodes: City Of The Dead – 1980 *
8.   Rudi Knabi: Müchner Grub – 1978
9.   Dave Nicol : Bewitched – 1973 *
10. Suckerpunch: Witch Doctor – 1994 *
11. Youngtree & The Blooms: Ten Million Ways To Decay – 2018 *
12. Rick Scott: Sweet Violence – 1985 *
13. Graeme Kirkland &I The Wolves: Street People – 1989 *
14. John Kay: Heroes & Devils – 1973
15. BB Gabor: Shake – 1981 *
16. The Pogues: Down In the Ground Where The Dead Men Go – 1990
17. Heads In The Sky: Atomic Energy Sweet – 1981 *

Bee Side

1.   Striped Bananas: Open Eyes – 2015
2.   Striped Bananas: Midnight’s Girl – 2023
3.   Striped Bananas: Polina The Night Witch – 2023
4.   Striped Bananas: Devil Girl Dancing On The Moon – 2023
5.   Striped Bananas: Ray Guns Of Love - 2023   
6.   Rudi Knabi: Müchner Grub Waltz – 1978
7.   David Bradstreet: Sleepless – 2021 *
8.   Laura Repo: Power of the Night – 2019 *
9.   Grievous Angels: All Night Depanneur – 2020 *
10. Andrew Cash Band: Midnight Gone – 1989 *
11. Joe Pass: ‘Round Midnight – 1974
12. The Kingbees: Burnin’ The town Tonight – 1981 *
13. Johnny Lovesin: Set The Night On Fire – 1977 *
14. Scarlet Ribbon: Four In The Morning – 1968 *
15. Gina Burgess: Kingsburg Blues – 2022 *
16. Ahmad Jamal: Naked City – 1965

CanCon = 61%

And Now for The Particulars

Side Aye

1.   Jon Brooks: 01
(Jon Brooks)
No One Travels Alone: Borealis Records BCD251
Toronto ON
Jon Brooks: vocal, guitars, iTanpura
Neil Cruickshank: guitar, vocals
Alec Fraser: bass
Ed Hanley: tablas
John Showman: violin
Produced by Alec Fraser, 2018
Recorded in an old dancehall somewhere in Hamilton ON
Mastered by Peter J Moore

Wow! From Jon Brooks’s last album of new material – coz he has since released a redux of one of his earlier albums – and released on vinyl.

2.   Bad Tractor: Cecil McEachern’s Guitar Boogie Breakdown
(Cecil McEachern)
Blessington: Meyer’s Creek Records MLRLP 0517
Belleville ON
Tim Hadley: guitar
Ian McKendry: electric guitar
Mike Budding: bass
Steve Fruitman: drums
Produced by Nicolas Tjelios, 2018
Recorded at Big Red Button Studio, Belleville ON by Nicolas Tjelios, May 2017
Mastered for vinyl by Phillip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studios, Ottawa                                           

Bad Tractor got this song from PEI fiddler Billy MacInnis who learned it from Cecil McEachern himself.

3.   John Borra: The Wars
(John Borra)
Blue Wine: Cousin Jeb Records JEB007
John Borra: guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals
Michael Boguski: keys, accordion
Clive Anderson: drums
Produced by John Borra, 2020
Recorded by John Borra at Johnny MacLeod’s Studio, Toronto
Mixed by John Borra
Mastered by Peter J Moore at the E Room, Toronto

4.   Peter Tosh: Rumours of War
(Peter Tosh)
Mystic Man: Rolling Stones Records – QCOC 39111
Grange Hill, Jamaica
Peter Tosh: vocals, guitar, keys
Robbie shakespeare: bass, guitar
Sly Dunbar: drums
Mikey Chung: keys, guitar, percussion
Robby Lyn: organ, piano
Ed Walsh: synth
George Young: sax, flute
Lou Marini: sax, flute
Howard Johnson: baritone sax
Barry Rogers: trombone
Mike Lawrence: trumpet
Gwen Guthrie, Yvonne Lewis, Brenda White: bg vocals
Produced by Peter Tosh, 1979
Recorded by Geoffrey Chung at Dynamic Sound, Kingston JM
Mixed by Geoffrey Chung at Sound Mixers, NYC
Mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic Studios, NYC

Peter Tosh b. 19 October 1944 Grange Hill, Jamaica / d. 11 September 1987(42) Westmoreland, Jamaica

5.   Bad Breed: Looking For War
(Bad Breed)
The Violent World of Bad Breed: Lizard Snake Records – no serial
Toronto ON
Coco: drums, percussion, vocals
T Williams: vocals
Ox: guitar
Gunn: bass, acoustic & electric guitars
Scientuse Sientist: vocals
Scott Metcalfe: keys
Produced by Chris Hegge and Bad Breed, 2015
Recorded at Audiolab Recording by Chris Hegge
Mastered by Karl Machat at Mister’s Mastering House

Bad Breed is not Brad Reid, host of Phil’s Inn heard at CIUT on Saturdays. This band has released two lps of highly enjoyable songs covering a whole range of subjects

6.   Ultravox!: Satday Night in the City of the Dead

(John Foxx)
Ultravox!: Island Records ILPS 9449
London UK
John Foxx: lead vocal
Stevie Shears: guitar
Warren Cann: drums, vocals
Billie Currie: violin, keys
Chris Cross: bass, vocals
Produced by Brian Eno, Ultravox! And Steve Lillywhite, 1977
Recorded by Terry Barham at Island Studios, Hammersmith UK, 1976

7.   The Diodes: City Of The Dead
(John Catto / Paul Robinson)
Action / Reaction: Orient Records OLP 001
Paul Robinson: lead vocal
John Catto: guitars, vocals
Ian Mackay: fretless bass, sixstring bass, vocals
Mike Lengyell: drums, vocals
Produced by Willi Morrison and Ian Guenther, 1980
Recorded and mixed by George Semkiw at Amber Studios, Toronto

8.   Rudi Knabi: Müchner Grub Waltz
Und Seine Goldene Zither: Helmat Melodie CL 29662
Munich, Germany
Rudi Knabi: zither
Others not listed
Produced by Rudi Knabi,  1978

Rudi Knabi b. Munich GM Sept 22, 1912 / d. Gauting, Bavaria July 15, 2001 (89)

9.   Dave Nicol : Bewitched
(D Nicol)
Goodbye Mama: Columbia ES 90247
Kelowna BC
Dave Nicol: vocals
No other credits given
Produced by Terry Brown, 1973
Recorded by Peter Houston at Toronto Sound Studios
Mastered at Custom Matrix, Don Mills ON

Dave Nicol had a couple of hit singles in the 1970s and recorded three albums, two for Coloumbia Records before he was dropped for the lack of more hits and big sales.

10. Suckerpunch: Witch Doctor
Carols From The Canyon: Chemical Sound Recordings CHEMLP1
Christopher Dignan: guitar, vocals
Cindy Beattie: bass
Sean Dignan: drums
Produced by Suckerpunch, 1994
Recorded and mixed by Daryl Smith and Alistair Miller at Chemical Sound recordings, Toronto
Mastered by Brett Zilahi at F-X Studios, Toronto

My copy is 978/1000, delivered (sealed) the other day by none other than Sean Dignan, a 334578  listener.

11. Youngtree & The Blooms: Ten Million Ways To Decay
(Peter Willie Youngtree)
Musical Chairs: Ind – no serial
St. John’s NL
Peter Willie Youngtree: guitar, vocals
Carole Bestvater: violin, vocals
Chuck Boyd: drums, vocals
Darren Brown: bass, mandolin
Joe Tucker: electric guitar, vocals
Produced & recorded by Chris Kirby, 2018
Mixed by Scott Hammond
Mastered by Jason Whelan at Sound Solution

Wayne Tucker, of CHMR’s Newfound Records, recently passed through Toronto to see his son perform at the Mariposa Festival as a member of Youngtree and the Blooms. This is a great young band built around singer-songwriter Peter Youngtree who has some pretty interesting takes on things which comes out in his songs. Dirt Party is a good example of what I mean.

12. Rick Scott: Sweet Violence
(Rick Scott / Joe Mock)
Sweet Violence: Jester Records JES A001
Rick Scott: dulcimer, vocals
Harris Van Berkel: guitars, synths, xylophone, strings conductor
Connie Lebeau: bass, accordion
Andy Graffiti: drums, percussion
Donna Gribin: viola
Dianne Berthelsdorf: cello
Eileen Stevens: violin
Paula Wise: violin
Wayne Kozak, Tome Keenlyside: saxes
Produced by Harris Van Berkel and Valley Hennell King, 1985
Mastered at Lacquer channel, Toronto

Played with Pied Pear and Pied Pumkin for most of the 70s and 80s with Joe Mock and Shari Ulrich.

13. Graeme Kirkland and The Wolves: Street People
(Graeme Kirkland)
There’s No Such Word As Can’t: Graeme Kirkland Music WRC1 8044
Toronto ON
Graeme Kirkland: drums
Phil Dwyer: tenor sax
Geoff Young: guitar
Scott Alexander: bass
Produced by Graeme Kirkland and John MacLeod, 1989

14. John Kay: Heroes & Devils
(R Armand / K Chater)
My Sportin’ Life: ABC Dunhill Records – DSX 50147
John Kay: vocals, guitars, harmonica
Danny Kortchmar: guitars
Russ Kunkle: drums
Lee Sklar: bass
Mike Utley: piano
Richard Podolor: mandolin
Darryl Dragon: clavinet
Produced by Richard Podolor, 1973
Recorded by Bill Cooper
Mastered at The Mastering Lab

Joachim Fritz Krauledat b. 12 April 1944 Tilsit, East Prussia, Greater German Reich
Raised in Waterloo, Ontario

The lead singer / guitarist of The Sparrow and Steppenwolf. Recorded 5 solo albums after leaving the band, beginning in 1972. Richard Podolor started out backing drummer Sandy Nelson on lead guitar.  

15. BB Gabor: Shake

(BB Gabor / James Bertucci)
Girls Of the Future: Anthem ANR1 1034
BB Gabor: guitars, synths
Howard Ayee: bass, bg vocal
Ken Basman: guitar, bg vocal
John Goldsmith: piano, bg vocal
Mike Sloski: drums, bg vocal
Bruce Millman: bg vocal
Produced by BB Gabor, 1981
Recorded by Paul Massey, Steve Vaughan, Paul De Villiers and Fraser Hill
Recorded at Master’s Workshop and Manta Sound, Toronto

16. The Pogues: Down In the Ground Where The Dead Men Go
(Shane MacGowan)
Red Roses For Me: Stiff Records – SEEZ 55
London UK
Jimmy Fearnley: accordion
Jem Finer: Banjo, mandola, guitar, saxophone, hurdy-gurdy
Cait O’Riordan: bass
Shane McGowan: vocals
Spider Stacy: tin whistle
Andy Ranken: drums
Produced by Stan Brennan, 1984
Recorded by Nick Robbins & Craig Thomson at Elephant Studio, London

17. Heads In The Sky: Atomic Energy Sweet
    Heavy Water (Russ Walker)
    Meltdown (Russ Walker)
    Requiem: (Russ Walker)
Heads In the Sky: Illuminated Records IR 001
Oak Ridges ON
Russ Walker: keys, guitar, percussion
Steve Webster: bass
Gerry Fielding: drums
Chris McKim: mellotron
Produced by Russ Walker, 1981
Recorded by Russ Walker and Brock Fricker, Rene Brossard and Gerry Fielding
Recorded at Brock Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Amber Studios by George Simkiw and Paul Bonish and Zaza Sound, Toronto

The brainchild of Oak Ridges, Ontario musician Russ Walker. The band released one album and an EP on their own Illuminated Records. The full-length LP was also released in Japan, Holland and Germany.

Bee Side

1.   Striped Bananas: Open Eyes
(Duncan Shepard)
45 single: Cosmic Sunshine Records 2015
Newington CT
Duncan Shepard: Guitars, vocals, sitar, mellotron, piano
Chantelle Shepard: Hammond & Vox organs, vocals
Andrew Lowden: drums, vocals
Produced by Striped Bananas, 2015

Telephone interview with Duncan Shepard of Striped Bananas

2.   Striped Bananas: Midnight’s Girl

(Striped Bananas)
3.   Striped Bananas: Polina The Night Witch – 2023
(Striped Bananas)
4.   Striped Bananas: Devil Girl Dancing On The Moon – 2023
(Striped Bananas)
5.   Striped Bananas: Ray Guns Of Love - 2023   
(Striped Bananas)
Rayguns of Love: Cosmic Sunshine – 2023
Newington CT
Duncan Shepard: vocals, guitars, bass, sitar, mellotron, mandolin
Chantelle Shepard: vocals, Organs
James Khoerl: drums
MacieJ Mustafa Gizejewski: tablas, drums
Produced by The Striped Bananas, 2023
Mastered by Audiobay Mastering, Grand Rapids MI

6.   Johnny Merenick & String Jesters: Kizachok (Goat)
Sing & Play Ukrainian Songs: Ukrainian Book Store DSLP-10
Edmonton AB
Johnny Merenick, dulcimer (Cymbaly in Ukrainian)
Willie Merenick, violin
Allen Merenick, guitar, clarinet
Ted Merenick, bass
Danny Merenick, accordion, drums
Fred Demchuk, vocals
Produced circa 1970
Recorded at Krol Sound Enterprises, Edmonton

Johnny "The Cymbaly King" Merenick and his family originated from Canora, Saskatchewan, with their father on Tsymbaly and brothers Willie, Al, and Ted also playing instruments. The family released three albums prior to moving to Edmonton, Alberta.

7.   David Bradstreet: Sleepless
(David Bradstreet)
Best Foot Forward: Street Records SR 007
Carl Keesee: bass
David Bradstreet: guitar, vocals
Produced by David Bradstreet, 2021

8.   Laura Repo: Power of the Night
(Laura Repo)
This Is My Room: Indie – no serial no.
Laura Repo: acoustic guitar, vocals
Tino Zolfo: bass
Lyle Molzan: drums
Rebecca Hennessy: horns
Tania Gill: accordion
Tom Richards: trombone
Produced by Tino Zolfo, 2019
Mixed by Ari Rhodes
Mastered by Joao Carvalho

I’ve known Laura Repo a long time; she used to open up for my band in the 1990s. So I was extremely pleased to have come by her only vinyl record, made in 2019 which I found at Circus Books on the Danforth. She’s come a long way!

9.   Grievous Angels: All Night Depanneur
(Chuck Angus)
Summer Before the Storm: Jimmy Boyle Records JBRLP1220
Cobalt ON
Chuck Angus: lead vocals, guitar
Janet Mercier: vocals
Peter Jellard: fiddle, accordion, harmonica, vocals
Ian McKendry: guitar
Tim Hadley: bass, vocals
Nathan Mahaffy: drums, vocals
Andy Maize: vocals
Billy MacInnis: fiddle
Andy Seguire: keys
Blair Yarrington: trumpet
Nicolas Tjelios: mandolin, percussion, organ
Ewan Farncombe: piano
Strings arranged and conducted by Luke Mercier
Produced by Charlie Angus, Tim Hadley & Nicolas Tjelios, 2020
Recorded and mixed by Nicolas Tjelios
Recorded at Red Button, Belleville; PO Recording, Guelph; Casa Wroxton: Toronto
Mastered by Phillip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studio, Ottawa
Cover painting: Ian McKendry

As we speak, the Grievous Angels are in the studio working up the next recording  - album No. 9 entitled Last Call for Cinderella - which will be released on vinyl. Y’all know what a Depanneur is right?

10. Andrew Cash: Midnight Gone
(Charlie Angus)
Time & Place: Island Records ISL 1185
Toronto ON
Andrew Cash: guitar, vocals
Peter Duffin, drums
Peter MacGibbon, bass
Graydon Nichols, guitar
Jim Ediger, fiddle
Produced by John Switzer & Andrew Cash, 1988
Mixed by Joe Primeau
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, New York

One of the early songs written by Charlie Angus. Originally performed by the Grievous Angels during their formative stage at the Spadina Hotel, circa 1987, but never properly recorded by them. This version, by Andrew Cash, was the basis for Charlie’s first big royalty cheque! It’s a dark, foreboding story of a small town kid who came to Toronto during the punk days and never went home alive. The recording features drummer Peter Duffin who, along with Cash and Angus were the mainstays behind proto-punk band L’etranger.

Andrew Cash the distinction of being one of two members of the same punk band to get elected into the Parliament of Canada. (The other being Charlie (Chuck) Angus). You can break their L’Etranger records but you’ll never beat the ‘elected’ one!

11. Joe Pass: ‘Round Midnight
(Monk / Williams / Hanighen)
Virtuoso: Pablo Records – 2310 708
Johnstown PA
Joe Pass: guitar
Produced by Norman Granz, 1973
Recorded by Dennis Sands at MGM Recording Studios, Los Angeles

Joseph Anthony Jacobi Passalaqua b. Jan 13, 1929 New Brunswick NJ / d. May 23, 1994 (65) LA

12. The Kingbees: Burnin’ The town Tonight
(Jamie James)
The Big Rock: RSO RS1-3097
Jamie James: vocals, guitars
Michael Rummans: bass, bg vocals
Rex Roberts: drums, bg vocals
Produced by David J Holman & Rich Fitzgerald, 1981
Recorded by David J Holman and Mark Ettel

From the second of two Kingbees albums

13. Johnnie Lovesin: Set The Night On Fire
(Johnny Lovesin)
Set The Night On Fire: Taxi Records TX 1000
Johnny Lovesin: guitar, vocals
Greg Godovitz: bass
Dave Stone: keys
Terryy Hattie: bg vocals
Greg McIlveen: drums
Produced by Dave Stone and Johnnie Lovesin, 1977

Johnnie Lovesin b. May 22, 1949 Val-d'Or, QC / d. February 23, 2019 (69)

14. Scarlet Ribbon: Four In The Morning
(George C. Remaily)
CTV’s After Four: Yorkville Records YVM 33003
Doug Rankine (vocals, guitar)
Bob Mark (guitar)
Henry S. Thaler [aka Taylor] (electric piano)
Mike Woodruff (bass)
Rick Felstead (drums)
Produced by Yorkville Records, 1968

Also known as Douglas Rankine and The Secrets who recorded the novelty song “Here Comes Shack”. They couldn’t escape the popularity of Here Comes Shack and tried by changing their name to Quiet Jungle. For some reason they chose another pseudonym the Four in the Morning by calling themselves The Scarlet Ribbon. This is the only song released under that name.

15. Gina Burgess: Kingsburg Blues
(Gina Burgess)
Isnow: Ind GB022022VL
Mi’hma’ki NS
Gina Burgess: violin & Fiddle
Cynthia Pitsiulak: Contemporary Inuit Throat Singing
Jordan Stephens: double bass
Matt Gallant: drum kit
Greg Woiolner: drum kit
Ross Burns: percussion
Matthew Nuqingaq: Qilaut drum
Maryz: gong
Produced by Jace Lasek, 2022
Recorded by Thomas Stajcer at New Scotland Yard Studio
Mastered by Richard White

16. Ahmad Jamal: Naked City Theme
(B May / M Raskin)
Naked City Theme: Chess CSLP 733
Pittsburgh PA
Ahmad Jamal: piano
Jamil Sulieman: bass
Chuck Lampkin: drums
Produced by Ahmad Jamal, 1965
Recorded by Reice Hamel at The Jazz Workshop in San Francisco, June 1964

Frederick Russell Jones b. Pittsburgh, PA July 2, 1930 / d. April 16, 2023

Jamal made his first records in 1951 for the Okeh label with The Three Strings. Naked City Theme is a live album by American jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal featuring performances recorded at the Jazz Workshop in 1964.  Clint Eastwood featured two recordings from Jamal's But Not For Me album — "Music, Music, Music" and "Poinciana" — in the 1995 movie The Bridges of Madison County.

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