33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
July 10, 2023
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Side A

1.   Laurier Steel Band: Ping Pong Samba – 1970 *
2.   Tex Konig: My Cousin – 1991 *
3.   Jamie Snider & Brian Taheny: Caledonia – 1991 *
4.   Brydon: It’s The Smuggler’s Life For Me – Jan 1992 *
5.   Dick Nolan: No More Little Boats No More – Feb 1992 *
6.   Geoff Butler: Newfoundland Jigs Set – 1992 *
7.   Roy Payne: Grandpas and Kids – March 16, 1992 *
8.   Larry Chaddok & Rick Fielding: Growling Old Man & Woman – 1992 *
9.   Steve Fruitman: Turkey In the Straw – 1992 *
10. Michal Hasek & Steve Fruitman: Blues Jam – Feb 10, 1989 *
11. Margaret Christl & Michael Johnston: Jock O’ Hazeldene – 1992 *
12. Jim Ediger: Pleasant Birthday – 1992 *
13. Walter Ostanek: Polka – 1992 *
14. David Stone: Herring & Potatoes – 1992 *
15. Glen Reid & Ronnie Jones: My Green Valleys – 1992 *
16. Pete Schoefield & Canadians: Yesterday – 1969 *
17. Earl & Martha Heywood: The Alberta Waltz – Nov 22, 1993 *
18. Tamarack: Harvest Train – Jan 30, 1995 *
19. Scott Woods: Limerock – 2005 *
20. Syrinx: Aurora Spinray – 1971 *
21. Bruce Cockburn: Last Night Of The World – Mar 9, 1998 *

Side Two

1.   Billy Dinn: The Golden Jubilee – 1989 *
2.   Ed Dolan et ses Fantaisistes: Qui Sait Cha Cha – 1960  *
3.   Fats Domino: Blue Monday – 1957
4.   The Deighton Family: Matchbox – 1987
5.   Les Dabsters: J’en ai assez – 1966 *
6.   Dead Boys: Sonic Reducer – 1977
7.   Dagenais Family: Whelan’s Breakdown – 1987 *
8.   Stu Davis: Dear Mister Disc Jockey – 1960 *
9.   The Dallas String Band: The Dallas Rag – 1927
10. Dennis Day & Cricketone Players: Logging North Dakota – 1959
11. Rene Donaldson: The Way To Calgary – 1975 *
12. Vernon Dalhart: Eleven More Months and Ten More Days – 1929
13. Dave Duddley: Bullshippers – 1968
14. Dixieland Jug Blowers: Carpet Alley Rag – 1926
15. Dream Chaser: Get Smart – 2008
16. Druids of Stonehenge: Signed D.C. – 1968
17. Dawson City: Coming To Get Ya – 1980 *
18. Lisa Dal Bello: Pretty Girls – 1978 *
19. Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: Watch n’ Chain – 1968
20. Al DiMeola: Advantage – 1982
21. Dave Clark Five: No Time To Lose – 1964

*CanCon = 69%

And Now for The Particulars

Side A

1.   The Laurier Steel Band: Ping Pong Samba
(Russ Henderson)
45 EP w Montuno and Mask of a Clown: Laurier Sound LSB 101
Selwyn Gomes: pans
Others not listed
Produced 1970

Selwyn Gomes b. Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad March 28, 1934 / d. Feb 16, 2019 Stouffville ON (84)

2.   Tex Konig: Di Grine Kuzine (The Greenhorn Cousin)
(A Schwartz / J Leiserowitz / H Prizant)
Live on the Great North Wind, 1991

b Brooklyn NY / d Toronto July 3, 1999

The first time I met him was at Dyan Myers apartment; he answered the door in an undershirt holding a frying pan dripping of suds. The last time I spoke to him he called me and said: "Boobala, did you hear that…" so and so had died. I did three programs with him, discussing the voice of Ken Nordine, his time in Greenwich Village in New York, befriending Bob Dylan and talking about folk songs. He moved up to Montreal in the late 1960s and eventually headed down to Toronto where he lived out the rest of his life. I really do miss Tex Konig.

3.   Jamie Snider & Brian Taheny: When First I Came to Caledonia
(from the collection of Amby Thomas)
Live on the Great North Wind, 1991
Toronto / Sligo Ireland
Jamie Snider: fiddle, lead vocal
Brian Taheny: guitar

Jamie Snider, born in the Ottawa Valley, first popped onto the scene in Newfoundland with his celtic rock band Red Isand. He was later offered a position in The Wonderful Grand Band before moving back to Ontario and joining Tip Splinter in Toronto. That’s where he ran into Irish guitarist, Brian Taheny.

4.   Brydon: It’s The Smuggler’s Life For Me
Live on the Great North Wind, Jan 1992 *
Brantford ON

I’ve got this show recorded on a cassette somewhere, but otherwise, I don’t have any idea who these guys were. Other than the fact that they came in from Brantford, were a duo and one of them was Don McGeough. That’s all I remember.

5.   Dick Nolan: No More Little Boats No More
(Roy Payne)
Live on Great North Wind, Feb 1992
Toronto / Corner Brook NL

Richard Francis Nolan b. Corner Brook NL Feb 4, 1939 / d. Dec 13, 2005 Carbonear NL (66)

Dick Nolan was the first real country and western star from Newfoundland. He claimed that this was the first and only time that he'd been featured on a radio program for a whole hour and loved being here. Known mostly for his song "Aunt Martha's Sheep" which made everybody but Dick, a lot of money. He started recording back in the early 1960s after moving to Toronto to start up his career. Having Dick Nolan on the program was a blast and one blast leads to another.

6.   Geoff Butler: Newfoundland Jigs Set 
Live on Great North Wind, 1992
Brandon MB
Geoff Butler: accordion

An original member of Newfoundland’s Figgy Duff, accordion player Geoff Butler was living out in Brandon MB, playing with a rock band called the Dust Poets.

7.   ¬Roy Payne: Grandpas and Kids
(Roy Payne)
Live on Great North Wind, March 16, 1992
Trout River NL
Roy Payne: guitar, vocals

Roy Absalom Payne b. April 3, 1939 - Trout River,  Newfoundland

"Hey, you just had my buddy Dick Nolan on your radio program. Any chance I could get on?" That was a phone call I received from one of Canada's best singer-songwriters, Roy Payne. Thing is, you never know what you're gonna get with Roy. This show could have been a disaster but is wasn't. It was great. There's a thin line in there somewhere. Stevedore Steve Foote described Roy Payne like this: "A rusty pipe coming out of a rock, pouring the sweetest spring water." He just wrote Grandpas and Kids and this was his first public performance of it.

8.   Larry Chaddok & Rick Fielding: Growling Old Man & Woman
Live on Great North Wind, 1992
Larry Chaddok: harmonica
Rick Fielding: guitar

Larry was an old timer that I met at the Bolton Fiddle Club. Rick Fielding was in extra early and back up Larry with the guitar. Then they made me do it! Steve, play Turkey in the Straw, so I did it. Barely.

9.   Steve Fruitman: Turkey In the Straw
Live on Great North Wind, 1992
Steve Fruitman: harmonica

10. Michal Hasek & Steve Fruitman: Blues Jam
(Hasek / Fruitman)
Live on Great North Wind, Feb 10, 1989
Michal Hasek: guitar
Steve Fruitman: dobro

A little musical interlude of blues, jamming between Michal Hasek and me, courtesy of dj Hawkes.

11. Margaret Christl & Michael Johnston: Jock O’ Hazeldene
Live on Great North Wind, 1992
Margaret Christl: vocals
Michael Johnson: guitar

Margaret had an impressive vocal range which made it very difficult for me to get good sound. Her highs were really loud and could then go down and sound as soft as a dandelion. After moving to Canada from the UK in the 1960s, Margaret hooked up with the Friends of the Fiddler’s Green folk club which opened the door to having some kind of folk music career. I haven’t heard from her in a few years but she is mother to Toronto rockabilly artist Alistair Christl. I had them both on Back To The Sugar Camp Nov 6, 2013.

12. Jim Ediger: Pleasant Birthday set
(Jim Ediger)
Tokyo Japan
Live on Great North Wind, 1992
Jim Ediger: fiddle

I met Jim Ediger through Peter Jellard. He was playing in the Andrew Cash Band at the time. Eventually he became a Cajun Rambler and I got to play with him for a few years. Having been born in Japan, he always wanted to go back and live there which he did do in 1995.

13. Walter Ostanek: Polka
Live on Great North Wind, 1992
St. Catherines ON
Walter Ostanek: accordion

20 April 1935 Duparquet, Quebec, Canada

He's a 3x Grammy Award winning artist (but has never won a Juno) and was crowned Canada's Polka King by none other than Frankie Yankovic, America’s Polka King. To celebrate 35 years in the music business he rented a bar in Kitchener, had over 3,000 people there, mostly bussed in from polka cities: Cleveland, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cincinnati etc., bus loads of 'em. Miron Florin (from the Lawrence Welk Show) was there; Frankie was there. He drove all the way with his accordion from St. Catherines to appear on my program.

14. David Stone: Herring & Potatoes
(David Stone)
Toronto / Cape Breton
Live on Great North Wind, 1992
Jamie Snider: fiddle
David Stone: guitar, vocals

I met David Stone at Ossie’s Country Music Store on the Danforth and found out that he had tried to be a radio dj but sounded too much like an East Coaster and couldn’t find a job. So we got him to do his own East Coast show coz he did sound like an East Coaster. He called it The Old Atlantic Lighthouse which he changed to Atlantic Ceilidh. But David was also a decent singer/songwriter in the Stan Rogers vein. He moved back to Halifax where he currently lives.

15. Glen Reid & Ron Jones: My Green Valleys
(Glen Reid)
Live on Great North Wind, 1992
Burk’s Falls / Scarborough ON
Glen Reid: guitar, lead vocal
Ron Jones: guitar, bg vocal

I had Glen Reid’s first solo album called Hard Rock Miner which contained the song My Green Valleys. Glen was out of the music business for well over a decade when Rick Fielding and I kind of eased him back into it. At first he played with Ron Jones before going solo again. He makes fine guitars and mandolins and has recorded three CDs.

16. Pete Schofield & His Canadians: Yesterday
(Lennon / McCartney)
It’s A Sign of the Times: Birchmount Records BM502
Toronto ON
Pete Schofield: clarinet, alto sax
Ron Grant: clarinet, alto sax
George Zarras: bariton, tenor, also sax, clarinet
Doug Oliver: tenor sax, clarinet
Ian McKay: trumpet
Brian Leonard: drums
Rick Homme: bass
Bob Edwards: guitar
George Collins: keys
Produced by Pete Schofield, 1969
Music Directors: Ed Graf and Jerry Nichols
Recorded by Pete Houston in Toronto

Beatles recorded it for the UK version of ‘Help’ 14 June 1965

17. Earl & Martha Heywood: The Alberta Waltz / The Blue Canadian Rockies
(E Heywood) (Cindy Walker)
Live on the Great North Wind: November 22, 1993
Wingham, ON
Earl Heywood: guitar, vocal
Martha Heywood: harmony vocal
Oliver Schroer: fiddle
Rick Fielding: guitar

Earl Carlyle Heywood b near Exeter ON 12 Mar 1917 / d Brussels ON 17 Sep 2006)
Martha Heywood b. 1924 / d. Lucknow ON October 17, 2021 (97)

I had Earl on a few times. Once to deal with the Black Donnelley’s story, another time about the CKNX Saturday Night Barndance radio show, and another time with Martha in which Rick Fielding and Oliver Schroer help us out musically. Earl was known as Canada’s No. 1 Singing Cowboy and began in Wingham on CKNX in 1941. In the 1990s he restarted the old Barn Dance up again and founded the Barndance Hall of Fame and Museum in Wingham.

18. Tamarack: Harvest Train
(James Gordon)
Live on Great North Wind,  Jan 30, 1995
Guelph ON
Carol LeClair: bass, vocals
James Gordon: guitar, whistle, vocals
Alex Sinclair: guitar, vocals

We had a running joke: Tamarack would release their new albums on my show coz we did it so often. Having had some excellent female singing bass players to sing with – Gwen Swick, Melanie Doane and Molly Kurvink – this time it was Carol LeClair who was just excellent. She was only in the band for about a year so this appearance was quite rare.

19. Scott Woods: Limerock
Live on Back To The Sugar Camp: May 21, 2005
Fergus, ON
Scott Woods, fiddle
Caroline Woods, electric piano

Scott won the Canadian Open Fiddle Championship at the Shelbourne Fiddle Festival when he was in his teens. Incredibly talented, he came in with his mother all the way from Fergus to appear on the program. The opening run of the bow on this tune always gets my attention, like triplets. This was from 2005, still at 91 St George.

20. Syrinx: Aurora Spinray
(John Mills-Cockell / Syrinx)
Long Lost Relatives: True North Records TNX 5
John Mills-Cockell: synths, keys
Doug Pringle: sax, guiro, bongos, bells
Alan Wells: congas
Produced by John Mills-Cockell & Eugene Martynec 1971
Recorded at Eastern Sound Studios, Thunder Sound, Pathe-Humphries & Bay Studios, Toronto by Dave Kalunbach, Don Stewart & Bill Roncken
Mastered by Bob D'Orleans

21. Bruce Cockburn: Last Night Of The World
(Bruce Cockburn)
Live on Great North Wind, March 9, 1998 *
Bruce Cockburn: guitar, vocals

Last live performance song today belongs to Bruce Cockburn, one of the two songs he sung on The Great North Wind that day. Just back from a fact finding tour of West Africa, he wanted to talk about the griots and the music that he discovered along the way. Last Night of the World was brand new at the time, so this was sort of like a sneak preview. Because I announced this event on the FOLKDJ listserve, Cockburn’s American fans featured it in their Zene.

Side Two

1.   Billy Dinn: The Golden Jubilee
Buttons In The Wind: The Music Takes Me Back – CCPS 2372
Welland ON
Billy Dinn: Vocal, accordion, guitar, piano
Roy Penney: guitar, 5 string banjo
Rusty Walker: steel
Brian Twaites: bass
Cam Kinglin: drums
Milo Crumb: fiddle
Dianne Pimroy Stoetzel: bg vocal
Produced by Roy Penney & Billy Dinn,  1984
Recorded by Vince Nyuli & Kirk Caseley at Rainbow Recording, Niagara Falls ON
Mastered at McClear Place, Toronto

Originally from Fortune Bay, Newfoundland, Dinn came to Ontario to make some money adding to the Newfoundlander Diaspora. Fortunately, you couldn’t take the Newfoundland out of ‘em if you tried. Years later he’s still playing the accordion like this.

2.   Ed Dolan et ses Fantaisistes: Qui Sait, Qui Sait
(J.Larue - O.Farès)
Cours De Danse: TC Maximum  TCM 988
Ed Dolan: sax
Mario Dolan: sax
Maurice Pinard: bass
Claude Therrian: drums
Serge Moreau: piano
Produced by Franco Disque, 1960
Recorded by Michel Ethier at Studio André Perry Ltd, Montreal

3.   Fats Domino: Blue Monday
(Bartholomew Domino)
This Is Fats: Imperial Records - LP-9040
New Orleans LA
Fats Domino: piano, vocals
Herbert Hardesty: sax
Others unknown
Produced 1957

Antoine Dominique "Fats" Domino, Jr. b Feb 26, 1928 New Orleans / d Oct 24, 2017 (89) Harvey, LA

This song was first recorded by Smiley Lewis in 1954. Domino own 1957 version sold more than 65 million records. He had 35 records in the U.S. Billboard Top 40, and five of his pre-1955 records sold more than a million copies, being certified gold.

4.   The Deighton Family: Matchbox
(Carl Perkins)
Acoustic Music To Suit Most Occasions: Philo Records PH 1120
Yorkshire, UK
Dave Deighton: lead vocal, melodeon, harmonica
Josie Deighton: guitar, bodhran
Maya Deighton: flutes, whistle
Arthur Deighton: mandolin, electric guitar
Kathleen Deighton: fiddle
Rosalie Deighton: vocal, percussion
Angela Deighton: boogie
Produced by John Leonard and Steve Robertshaw 1987
Recorded by Steve Robertshaw at Strawberry Studios, Stockport UK
Mastered by George Peckham at Porky’s

The kids were: Maya,19; Arthur, 17; Kathleen, 14 (died 2010); Rosalie, 11; Angelina, 6

Utilizing the rich resources of their mixed marriage, Dave and Josie Deighton blended their British and Indonesian / Dutch heritage with their children. All good players! They grew up mostly in Yorkshire and were favoutes of Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson (who wrote the liner notes). Acoustic Music to Suit Most Occasions, released in 1988, was named National Public Radio's “record of the year”.

5.   Les Dabsters: J’en ai assez
(Normand Beaudet)
45 single bw Tu le sais bien: Passe-Temps PST-906
Verdun QC
Normand Beaudet (singer)
Denis Beaudet (lead guitar)
Michel Roy (guitar)
John Smith (bass guitar)
Normand Cody (drums)
Produced 1966

Popular in Montreal’s Verdun suburb between 1965-68. Recorded only two 45’s. They were only teens at the time. Singer Normand Beaudet, who was born April 24, 1950, died when he was 18. For a name they looked up words in the English dictionary and came up with dabster, which means a clever person. Because of their young age (the oldest was 18; the youngest 15) they played mostly in youth clubs around Montreal. After Normand’s death, the band continued for a few months before calling it a day.

6.   Dead Boys: Sonic Reducer
(Bators / Chrome / Zero / Blitz / Magnum / Thomas)
Young Loud and Snotty: Sire Records 9147-6038
Cleveland OH
Stiv Bators: lead vocal
Cheetah Chrome: lead guitar
Jimmy Zero: rhythm guitar
Jeff Magnum: bass
Johnny Blitz: drums
Produced by Genya Ravan, 1977
Recorded by Dave Wittman at Electric Lady, NYC
Mixed by Harvey Goldberg and Jim Galante
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC

Coming together in 1975, The Dead Boys band was among the first wave of punk, and regarded by many as one of the rowdiest and most violent groups of that era. They’ve released two studio albums, Young Loud and Snotty, and We Have Come for Your Children.

7.   The Dagenais Family: Whelan’s Breakdown
Debut Album: Icicle Records ICL 5017
Golden Lake ON
Sherri Dagenais: fiddle
Jenny Dagenais: fiddle
Robbie Dagenais: fiddle
Blain McEwen: bass
Brian Hebert: acoustic guitar, drums, piano
Alain Brisson: lead acoustic guitar
Tim McDonald: banjo
Produced by Brian Hebert, 1987
Recorded by David Dennison at Snocan Studios, Ottawa

Robbie D is one of the top fiddlers in Canada. He’s won the most coveted awards a fiddler could ever hope for, including the Canadian Open Championship at Shelbourne. Side one of the record (for the listener) features Robbie with his sisters, but side two (For The Stepdancers) features Robbie’s playing. Robbie was probably about 16 and his sisters are probably in their teens as well.

8.   Stu Davis: Dear Mister Disc Jockey
(Stu Davis)
Souvenirs: London Records EB 58
Boggy Creek SK
Stu Davis: guitar, vocal
Producer not listed - circa 1960

b. David Stewart July 1, 1921 in Regina, Saskatchewan; died March 25, 2007 in Edmonton, Alberta (85)

Did various radio and television series 1950s and '60s, including Rope Around the Sun, Red River Jamboree, and Trail Riding Troubadour. Was also heard on daily broadcasts on CBC radio through much of 1950s.

9.   Coley Jones & The Dallas String Band: The Dallas Rag
(Coley Jones)
Coley Jones & The Dallas String Band (1927-29) - Complete Recordings: Matchbox MSE-208
Dallas TX
Coley Jones: mandolin
Sam Harris: guitar
Marco Washington: Standup Bass
Unknown 2nd mandolinist
Album Produced by Gef Lucena, 1983
Recorded Dallas Texas, Dec 6, 1927

Probably born in the 1880s as he was over 40 when he recorded this. His band used to play mostly for white people at parties, on political campaigns and other such venues. Because of that they learned a great variety of styles of music to fit each function. While jugband blues was where most of the Dallas String Band members probably started, their reach was quite remarkable at that time. They were very popular.

10. Dennis Day & Cricketone Players: Logging, North Dakota
45 single bw Paul Bunyan: Cricket Records – C-118
New York City
Dennis Day: vocal
Cricketone Players: bg vocals
Produced 1959

Dennis Day (b. NYC, May 21, 1916 / d. LA, June 22, 1988), born Owen Patrick Eugene McNulty

Tenor, Day appeared for the first time on Jack Benny's radio show on October 8, 1939 and remained Was associated with Jack Benny from 1939 to Benny's death in 1974. Day's first recorded song was "Goodnight My Beautiful".
11. René Donaldon: The Way To Calgary
(René Donaldson)
45 Single bw Someone To Love: Les Disques Jouflu – FJ 1000
Montreal QC
René Donaldon: guitar, vocals
Producer unknown

I know absolutely nothing about this guy.

12. Vernon Dalhart: 11 More Months and 10 More Days
(Fields / Hall)
Vernon Dalhart III: Old Homestead Records OHCS-167
Jefferson TX
Vernon Dalhart: vocal
Carson Robinson: guitar
Adelyne Hood: violin
Recorded Nov 20, 1929
Compilation Released 1985
Originally released on Victor BVE-57545

Marion Try Slaughter aka Vernon Dalhart b. Marion, TX Apr 6, 1883 / d. 15 Sept 1948 Bridgeport CT

He took his stage name from two Texas towns: Vernon and Dalhart. (Conway Twitty did the same thing with his stage name: Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas). He recorded over 5000 singles with various alias. His 1924 recording of The Wreck of the Old 97 sold over 7 million copies.

13. Dave Duddley: Bullshippers
(R Simpson)
The Original Traveling Man: Mercury Records - SR 61365
Spencer, WI
Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton: guitars
Jerry Shook, Chip Young: guitars
Jerry Kennedy: Dobro, guitar
Buddy Harmoan: drums
Bob Moore: bass
Pig Robbins: Piano
Pete Drake: steel guitar
Charlie McCoy: harmonica, vibes
Produced by Jerry Kennedy, 1972
Mastered by Gilbert Kong

David Darwin Pedruska b. Spencer, Wisconsin, May 3, 1928 / d. December 12, 2003 (75) Danbury, Wisconsin

Dave Dudley really wanted to be a baseball player. He had a short career playing semi-professional ball but after suffering an arm injury (most likely Tommy John), he was no longer able to play. He then decided to pursue a career in country music, putting out records in 1959. In 1963 he had his first major hit with “Six Days On The Road” which sold over one million copies. The song was subsequently recorded by several other artists including George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Steve Earle and The Flying Burrito Brothers. He died after suffering a heart attack in his driveway, age 75.

14. Dixieland Jug Blowers: Carpet Alley Rag
(Dixieland Jug Blowers)
The Jug Bands: RF Records (Folkways) RF 6
Louisville KY
Earl McDonald: jug
Cal Smith: banjo
Johnny Dodds: clarinet
Clifford Hayes: violin
Henry Miles: violin
Hess Grundy: trombone
Dan Bhriscoe: piano
Unidentified others
Produced by Samuel Charters 1963
Recorded in Chicago - 1926

Clifford Hayes first recorded 1923 w Old Southern Jug Band. Inspired Will Shade for form Memphis Jug Band.  Earl Smith was recognized as being one of the very best jug blowers ever.

15. Dream Chaser: Get Smart Theme
(Szathmary Irving)
Get Smart Theme
Produced by Dream Chaser, 2008

16. The Druids of Stonehenge: Signed D.C.
(Arthur Lee)
Creation: Uni Records 3004
Dave Budge (lead vocals)
Carl J. Hauser, M.D. FACS. (guitar)
Billy Tracy (guitar)
Tom Workman (bass)
Steve Tindall (drums)
Elliot Randall (guitar)
Produced 1968

These guys formed as The Druids in NYC in 1965. They played the club scene and had a good following. In 1967 they decided to make the pilgrimage to California where they got more into phsychadelic sounds. There, they signed to Uni Records (Universal) and recorded their only album, Creation, and changing their name to The Druids of Stonehenge. The following year they were toast.

17. Dawson City: Coming To Get Ya
(Randy Dawson)
Q107 Homegrown Album: Basement Records BASE 6002
Peterborough ON
Randy Dawson: guitar, vocal
Others not listed
Produced by Q107, 1980

Beginning in the mid-1970s, Randy Dawson fronted The Randy Dawson Group and D'Nile Blues Band and Dawson City, gigging mostly in Toronto area. He won the Q107 talent contest in 1980. After that he got into production, songwriting and continues to play gigs.

18. Lisa Dal Bello: Pretty Girls
(Lisa Dal Bello)
Pretty Girls: Talisman Records TALI-1000
Toronto ON
Lisa Del Bello: vocals
Carlos Vega: drums
Mike Porcato, Ron Garant: basses
Steve Lukather, Al Ciner: guitars
Ron Stockart: piano
Victor Feldman: percussion, vibes
Mike Boddiker: moog
Bill Champlin, Roy Kenner, Michael McDonald, Liz Lauzanne, Lisa Del Bello: bg vocals
Produced by Bob Monaco and Al Ciner, 1978
Recorded by Denis Degher with Phil Moores & Chris Gordon at Quantum Audio, Torrance CA & Conway Recording, Hollywood; Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered at Kendun Recorders, Burbank CA

Lisa Dal Bello born 22 May 1959, Weston ON

Changed her stage name to just Dalbello in 1984. When she was 17, Dalbello's self-titled debut album in 1977, produced by David Foster, won her a 1978 Juno Award for Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year. Despite her win, however, MCA dropped her from the label because the album's production had been too expensive. She formed her own label, Talisman Records, to release her second album Pretty Girls, and received her second Juno nomination in 1979 in the category of Female Vocalist of the Year

19. Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: Watch n’ Chain
(Dunbar / Brox / Moorshead / Dmochowski)
The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: Blue Thumb Records BTS 4
London UK
Alex Dmochowski: guitar
Aynsley Dunbar: drums
Keith Tillman: bass
Victor Brox: keys, vocal
Produced by Ian Samwell, 1968
Recorded by Victor Gann

Aynsley Thomas Dunbar (born Liverpool UK, 10 January 1946)

Though he was only 21 when he formed the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, the drummer had already played with several bands of note in both his native Liverpool and London. He did his stint with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (replaced by Mick Fleetwood), after which he played for a few months in the Jeff Beck Group before forming Retaliation. After Retaliation he formed Blue Whale, releasing one album, he joined Frank Zappa’s newly reformed Mothers of Invention. He later went on to play or record with David Bowie, Lou Reed, Herbie Mann, Mick Ronson, Jefferson Starship, White Snake, UFO, Leslie West, Pat Travers. Dunbar was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Journey in 2017.

20. Al DiMeola: Advantage
(Jan Hammer)
Al Di Meola: Tour De Force: Columbia Records FC 38373
Jersey City, NJ
Al Di Meola: guitar
Jan Hammer: keys
Steve Gadd: drums
Anthony Jackson: bass
Mingo Lewis: percussion
Victor Godsey: keys
Phillippe Saisse: keys
Sammy Figueroa: percussion
Produced by Al Di Meola, 1982
Recorded live at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia by The Record Plant Mobile by Dennis MacKay
Mixed at Wizard Recording, Briacliff Manor, NYC

Al Laurence Di Meola b. July 22, 1954, Jersey City, NJ

When he was eight years old, he was inspired by Elvis Presley and the Ventures to start playing guitar. His teacher directed him toward jazz standards. He cites as influences jazz guitarists George Benson and Kenny Burrell and bluegrass and country guitarists Clarence White and Doc Watson. He attended Berklee College of Music in 1971. At nineteen, he was hired by Chick Corea to replace Bill Connors in the pioneering jazz fusion band Return to Forever. After that band broke up in 1976, he began his solo career. His early albums were influential among rock and jazz guitarists.

21. Dave Clark Five: No Time To Lose
(Clark / Ryan)
bw Can't You See That She's Mine: Capitol Records Canada 72163
London UK
Dave Clark: drums
Rick Huxley: bass
Lenny Davidson: guitar
Mike Smith: organ, vocal
Dennis Payton: sax
Produced by Adrian Clark, 1964

This sounds like a totally ripped off version of Twist & Shout. The A Side was the fourth major hit for the DC5 in 1964 after Glad All Over, Bits and Pieces and Do You Love Me?

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BOIR Bay of Islands Radio                              Southern Shore Sounds
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Corner Brook, NL                                            Ferryland NL  
Thursdays  2 pm NT                                         Sun 8:30 pm NT

Community Radio CIOE                                Home Grown Community Radio
97.5 FM                                                            CHCR 102.9 FM & 104.5 FM
Lower Sackville NS                                         Killaloe & Wilno ON   
Sun 8 pm AT                                                    Various Times