33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
July 3, 2023
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Canada Daize
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Side Eh

1.   The Three Reeds: Canadian Pacific – 1968 *
2.   Mainline: O Canada – 1972 *
Canada, Our Home and Native Land
3.   Mainline: Blind Girl – 1971 *
4.   Mainline: Get Down To – 1971 *
5.   Mainline: Pedalictus Rag  1971 *
6.   Mainline: One Time Loser – 1971 *
7.   Mainline: You’re My Heart’s Desire – 1971 *
8.   Mainline: Motorcycle – 1971 *
9.   The Polish Canadians: My Canadian Sweetheart - 1969 *
10. Bunny Hobbs: The Blue Canadian Rockies – 1960 *
11. Stompin’ Tom Connors: My Old Canadian Home – 1974 *
12. George Formby: Hello Canada – 1947
13. The Canadian Squires: Leave Me Alone – 1965 *
14. Knucklehead: The Canadian Lumberjack - *
15. Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra: Canadian Sunset – 1956
16. Joe Mendelson: Canada Song – 1972 *
17. Lucille Starr: Blue Canadian Lady – 1981 *
18. Crosby Stills Nash & Young: Helpless – 1970
19. Gordon Lightfoot: Canadian Railway Trilogy – 1969 *
20. Clare Adlam: Canadian Special – 1972 *

Side Bee

1.   Duane Eddy: Popeye – 1962
2.   Chris Coole: Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July – 2009 *
3.   Emmylou Harris: Here There And Everywhere – 1975
4.   The Beatles: I’m Down – 1965
5.   John Berry Orchestra: 007 Dr. No Theme – 1962
6.   Echo Tones: Inland Surfer – 1963 *
7.   Brian Eno: Strange Light – 1978
8.   Ego: Storir strakar fa raflost – 1982
9.   Echo & The Bunnymen: Never Stop – 1983
10. Bobby Edwards: Café Summer – 1987 *
11. Exuma: The Obeh Man – 1970
12. Electric Prunes: Vox Wah Wah Pedal Commercial – 1967
13. Elliot Brood: Northern Air / Days Into Years – 2011 *
14. Eddie & The Hot Rods: The Kids Are Alright – 1977
15. Steve Earle & The Dukes: The Week of Living Dangerously – 1987
16. Philippe Entrement: Clair de Lune – 1960
17. The Eagles: Life In The Fast Lane – 1976

CanCon* = 57%

And Now for The Particulars

1.   The Three Reeds: Canadian Pacific
(Ray Griff)
Jean, Windmills of Your Mind, Canadian Pacific & Other Hits: Arc Records AS 816
Toronto ON
Bob Higgins: melody harmonica
Harry Cooper: bass harmonica
Maurice Moe Vint: polyphonia  harmonica
Produced by Phil G Anderson 1968
Recorded by Gary Starr at Bay Studios, Toronto

Bob Higgins d. 2000 Moncton
Moe Vint: b. Thunder Bay

Together for over 10 yrs. They used larynx mikes attached to their throats and by using long leads to their amplifiers This method gave them freedom to move anywhere on the stage

2.   Mainline: O Canada
(Public Domain)
Bump ‘n Grind Revue: GRT Records 9230-1015

Chorus: vocals
Joe Mendelson: vocals
Mike McKenna: vocals
Zeke Sheppard: vocals
Tony Nolasco: vocals
Adam Mitchell: vocals
Ronnie Jacobs: horns
Produced by Mainline with Paul Kahnert, 1972
Recorded live at the Victory Burlesque Theater, Toronto

Canada, Our Home and Native Land side A
GRT Records 9230-1011

Zeke Sheppard: mandolin, bass, harmonica, vocals
Tony Nolasco: drums, vocals
Micheal McKenna: guitar, vocals
Joe Mendelson: guitar, bass, harmonica, lead vocals
Produced by Adam Mitchell, 1971
Recorded by Fred Catero at Pacific Recording Studio, San Mateo CA
Cover by David Andoff

3.   Mainline: Blind Girl
(Mendelson Joe)
4.   Mainline: Get Down To
(Mendelson Joe)
5.   Mainline: Pedalictus Rag  
(Mendelson Joe)
6.   Mainline: One Time Loser
(Mendelson Joe)
7.   Mainline: You’re My Heart’s Desire
(Zeke Sheppard)
8.   Mainline: Motorcycle
(Mendelson Joe)

9.   The Polish Canadians: My Canadian Sweetheart or Oj Marysla
(Jagiello / Guka)
Polkas & Waltzes - For Your Entertainment: Polka Tone Records 5001
Ed Guca: accordion, clarinet, sax
No Info on musicians
Produced in 1969

Ed Guca b. Toronto August 7, 1944

Ed Guca formed his first band, The Polka Aces, in high school. He also took up clarinet and sax. After graduating from University, he took his band to Chicago where the famous  Li’l Wally suggested a new name for the band: Ed Guca and the Polish Canadians. They traveled throughout Ontario, into the USA and Europe. He hosted a radio show called "The All Night Friday Night Polka Party" as a DJ on CHIN-FM here in Toronto. Ed Guca is still performing and is currently in charge of the entertainment committee for the Roncesvalles Village Polish Festival in Toronto, promoting polka music to over 100,000 people each year.

10. Bunny Hobbs: The Blue Canadian Rockies
(Cindy Walker)
Canada's Sweetheart - Bunny Hobbs: Rodeo International - RLP 96
Lower Sackville, NS
Bunny Hobbs: vocal
Baz Russell & His Orchestra
Produced 1960

Lorraine Hobbs Born April 22, 1925, in Halifax – d. Friday, March 11, 2005 Lower Sackville NS

Started singing career age 4 and was elected Miss Shirley Temple of Halifax in 1931. Between ages 4 – 14 she performed weekly over Uncle Mel’s radio program in Halifax over CHNS. During the war years she entertained troops. In 1945 bunny started working in night clubs throughout Canada and even into the USA. Canada’s Sweetheart is, unfortunately, the only album she ever recorded.

11. Stompin’ Tom Connors: My Old Canadian Home
(Wilf Carter)
Muk Tuk Annie: EMI Canada - 7243 20823
Halton Hills, ON
Tom Connors – guitar, vocal
Bill Lewis – electric guitar
Gary Empey - bass
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors, 1974

12. George Fornby: Hello Canada
(Fred Godfrey)
45 EP ‘Hello Canada / Pleasure Cruise / I Was Christened With a Horse Shoe: Regal Zonophone
Wigan, United Kingdom
George Formby, vocal, banjo
Recorded in Quebec November 1958

George Hoy Booth (b. 26 May 1904 in Wigan, England / d. 6 March 1961)

Hello Canada! (1947, written for Formby’s tour of that country)

He undertook two further international tours that year: one to Scandinavia, and a second to Canada. His earnings of Ca$200,000 were heavily taxed: Canadian taxes took up $68,000, and UK taxes took 90% of the balance. Formby complained to reporters about the level of taxation, saying "That's it. So long as the government keeps bleeding me dry, I shan't be in much of a hurry to work again!";

13. Canadian Squires: Leave Me Alone
(Robbie Robertson)
45 bw Uh Uh Uh: Apex Records 76964
Toronto, ON
Rick Danko, bass
Levon Helm, drums, lead vocal
Garth Hudson, keys
Richard Manuel, keys
Robbie Robertson, guitar
Produced by Harry Glover, 1965
Recorded and Bell Studios, New York City

Brought into Bell Studios in New York just before they were recruited to back Bob Dylan. They were still called The Hawks at that time but the record company decided to release this single as The Canadian Squires, much to the band’s chagrin. It captures the Band at the loudest with a searing guitar solo by Robbie Robertson.

14. Knucklehead: The Canadian Lumberjack
(TC Connors)
Calgary Does Connors: Bring Your Own Plywood - SRCR001
Calgary, AB
Kyle Hegel – vocals
Clayton MacNeill – guitar
Matt Young – bass
Jason Gamble – guitar
Eric Jablonski - drums
Executive Producers: Dawn Loucks, Jennifer Abel & Cam Hayden, 2004
Mastered by Richard Harrow

15. Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra: Canadian Sunset
(Eddy Heywood)
45 Single: RCA Victor 47-6537
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Eddy Heywood: piano solo
Produced 1956

(b August 15, 1909 / d. September 17, 1973)

Canadian Sunset reached No. 2 on the Charts. Sold over a million.  Died from cancer, in Greenwich, Connecticut

16. Joe Mendelson: Canada Song
(JB Mendelson)
Mr Middle of the Road: Nobody Records 9230-1027
Emsdale ON

Mendelson Joe: guitar, slaps, foot, vocals
Produced by Mendelson Joe (as Joe Mendelson), 1972
Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto by Stuart Taylor

17. Lucille Starr: Blue Canadian Lady
(Buck Moore / Don Wayne)
The Sun Shines Again: Starr Concert Records – SCRA 79
St Boniface, MB

Lucille Starr: vocal
Bill Pursell: piano
Henry Strzelecki: bass
Buddy Harman: drums
Pete Wade, Dave Kirby, Jerry Shook, Bob Fredrickson, Phil Baugh: guitars
Lloyd Green: steel
Produced by Howard O White Jr, 1981
Recorded by Al McGuire at LSI Sound Studios, Nashville TN
Mastered at CBS Recording Studios

18. Crosby Stills Nash & Young: Helpless
(Neil Young)
Deja Vu: Atlantic Records SD 7200

David Crosby: guitar, vocal
Steve Stills: guitar, vocal
Graham Nash: guitar, vocal
Neil Young: piano, vocal
Dallas Taylor: drums
Gregory Reeves: bass
Produced by Crosby Stills Nash & Young 1970
Recorded by Bill Halverson at Wally Heiders Studio, Los Angeles

19. Gordon Lightfoot: The Canadian Railroad Trilogy
(G Lightfoot)
Sunday Concert: United Artists UAS 6714
Toronto ON

Gordon Lightfoot: 12 string guitar, vocals
Red Shea: lead guitar
Rick Haynes: bass
Produced by Elliot Mazer, 1969
Recorded by Elliot Mazer at Massey Hall, Toronto, March 1969
Production Assistant: Adam Mitchell
Mixed at Mirrasound, NYC

Elliot Mazar went on to work with Bob Dylan, The Band, Janis Joplin, Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt etc. That's all...!

20. Clare Adlam: Ontario Stomp
(C Adlam)
Canadian Special: Cynda CNS 1021
Durham ON

Clare Adlam: fiddle
Others not listed
Produced by Fred McKenna, 1972

Side Bee

1.   Duane Eddy: Popeye (The Hitchhiker)
(Appel / Mann)
Dance With The Guitar Man: RCA Victor LPM 2648
Corning NY

Duane Eddy: lead guitar
Produced by Lee Hazelwood, 1962
Recorded by Tommy Strong, Al Schmitt and Jack Miller at RCA Victor’s Nashville Sound Studios

2.   Chris Coole: Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July
Old Dog: The Canada Council For The Arts – CC001

Chris Coole: banjo
Produced by Chris Coole, 2009

3.   Emmylou Harris: Here, There and Everywhere
(Lennon / McCartney)
Elite Hotel: Reprise Records MS 2236
Birmingham AL

Emmylou Harris - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Brian Ahern - Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Mike Auldridge - Dobro
Byron Berline - Fiddle, Mandolin
Dianne Brooks - Backing Vocals
James Burton - Electric Guitar
Rodney Crowell - Electric Guitar,Vocals
Rick Cunha - Acoustic Guitar
Nick DeCaro - String Arrangements
Hank DeVito - Pedal Steel
Jonathan Edwards - Backing Vocals
Mike Auldridge - Dobro
Byron Berline - Fiddle, Mandolin
Dianne Brooks - Backing Vocals
James Burton - Electric Guitar
Rodney Crowell - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Rick Cunha - Acoustic Guitar
Nick DeCaro - String Arrangements
Hank DeVito - Pedal Steel
Jonathan Edwards - Backing Vocals
Amos Garrett - Electric Guitar
Emory Gordy, Jr. - Bass, Backing Vocals
Glen D. Hardin - Piano, Electric Piano,
Ben Keith - Pedal Steel
Bernie Leadon - Acoustic Guitar, Backing
Bill Payne - Piano
Herb Pedersen - Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Backing Vocals
Mickey Raphael - Harmonica
Linda Ronstadt - Backing Vocals
Fayssoux Starling - Backing Vocals
John Starling - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Ron Tutt - Drums
John Ware - Drums
Produced by Brian Ahearn, 1975
Recorded with the Enactron Truck, Los Angeles

Emmylou Harris b. April 2, 1947 Birmingham, Alabama

The Beatles recorded "Here, There and Everywhere" in June 1966, towards the end of the sessions for Revolver. Having recently attended a listening party for the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds album, McCartney drew inspiration from Brian Wilson's song "God Only Knows". McCartney claims to have written the song with Marianne Faithful in mind but considers Emmylou’s version to be the closest to what he had in mind.

Harris’s performance of "Here, There and Everywhere" entered the pop charts at #65. She also covered "For No One" on her ‘Pieces of the Sky’ LP from earlier in 1975.  Elite Hotel won her a Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance for a female. As you can obviously imagine, this song has been covered by a multitude of performers over the years. BTW it was produced by Brian Ahearn of Nova Scotia.

4.   The Beatles: I’m Down
(Lennon / McCartney)
45 single bw Help: Capitol Records Canada 5476
Liverpool UK
John Lennon – bg vocal, organ, guitar
Paul McCartney – bass, vocal
George Harrison – bg vocal, lead guitar
Ringo Starr – drums, bongos
Produced by George Martin, 1965
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 2, London UK by Norman Smith June 14, 1965

5.   John Berry Orchestra: 007 Theme from Dr. No
(David Foster / Monty Norman)
The Best of Bond…James Bond: Capitol Records 72435-22607-2-0
York, Yorkshire UK
Compilation Producer – Cheryl Pawelski, 1999
Mastered by Bob Norberg

John Barry Prendergast, OBE (3 November 1933 – 30 January 2011)

The themes to the first two Bond films, Dr. No and From Russia With Love, were instrumentals. Goldfinger was the first Bond film to use a singer, Shirley Bassey.

6.   Echo Tones: Inland Surfer
(Mel Shaw)
45 single bw Low Down Guitar: Sotan Records S-1003
Calgary AB
Cornelius Van Sprang aka Ronnie King: guitar
Emile Van Sprang aka Van Louis: bass
Floyd Sneed: drums
Produced by Mel Shaw, 1963
Recorded at a TV studio in Calgary

Mel Shaw was the guy who managed and produced award winning records by The Stampeders but it all started here, with this 1963 recording of a band that 'later-to-be-Stampeder' Ronnie King was on. It was a surf band from landlocked Calgary, Alberta!

7.   Brian Eno: Strange Light
(Brian Eno)
Music For Films: Polygram / Editions EG EGED 105
Woodbridge, Suffolk,  UK
Brian Eno: keys
Fred Firth: electric guitar
Rhett Davies: trumpet
Produced by Brian Eno & Rhett Davies, 1978

Music for Films is the seventh solo studio album by British musician Brian Eno. It is a conceptual work intended as a soundtrack for imaginary films, although many of the pieces had already appeared in actual films. The tracks range from a minute to four minutes in length, unlike Eno’s ambient music albums which would follow.
8.   Ego: Storir strakar fa raflost (Big boys Get An Electric Shock)
(Bubbi Morthens / Ego)
Breyttir Timar: Steinar Records ST 056
Reykjavik, Iceland
Bubbi Morthens: vocals
þorleifur Guojónsson: bass
Bergþór Morthens: guitar
Maggi Stef: drums
Tómas M. Tómasson: keys.
Produced by Ego and Tomas Tómasson, 1982
Recorded by Gunnar Smari Helgason, February 1982

From the album, Changing Times! Big Boys Get Electric Shocks from their first of two 1982 LPs.

9.   Echo And The Bunnymen: Never Stop
(Sergeant / McCulloch / Pattinson / De Freitas)
45 single bw Heads Will Roll: Zoo Music / Warner KOW 28
Liverpool UK
Ian McCulloch - vocals, guitar
Will Sergeant - guitars,
Les Pattinson - bass
Pete de Freitas - drums (died 1989)
Produced by Hugh Jones, 1983
Recorded at either Trident Studios, Soho, London; Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales; and Amazon Studios, Liverpool

The band got together in 1978 and stuggled to get known. They achieved their first commercial success in 1982. Band leader Ian McCulloch left in 1988 and the following year drummer Pete De Freitas was killed on his motorcycle, however the band replaced them and they've continued touring and recording.

10. Bobby Edwards: Café Summer
(Bobby Edwards)
Twilight Drive: Duke Street Records DSR 31041
Scarborough ON
Bobby Edwards: solo guitar
Bob Mann: guitar
Danny Colomby: bass
Chris Dahmer, Steve Hunter, Ray Parker: keys
Paul Hannah: drums
Brian Leonard: percussion
Erich Traugott: trumpet
Guido Basso: flugelhorn
Vern Dorge: also sax
Eugene Amaro: tenor sax, flute
Virginia Markson: flute
Jack Zaza: flute, oboe
Jim McDonald, Gary Pattison: french horns
Russ Little: trombone
Erica Goodman: harp
Bill Richards: concert master
Produced by Bobby Edwards, 1987
Recorded by Andrw S Hermant at Manta Sound with Peter Lee and Mark Baldi
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Robert David Edwards d. South Lake Hospital in Newmarket on September 15, 2021 (72)

Canadian guitarist, arranger, composer and music director, born November 24, 1948 in Scarborough, Ontario.

Edwards began playing guitar at age 10, and at the age of 16 he became a studio guitarist with Norm Amadio. After that he has played on countless commercial recordings as a studio musician. In addition he has played on television shows, and scored several films. He also played in Anne Murray’s band in residency in Las Vegas. He claimed to be the most recorded Canadian guitar player of all times. He backed Gordon Lightfoot, Glen Campbell, Anne Murray, Kim Mitchell, Oscar Peterson, Henry Mancini, Kenny Rogers, and Ella Fitzgerald.  Bobby was asked to perform twice for Queen Elizabeth II, acted as musical director for the Juno Awards, and performed with the Toronto Symphony. He told me that he often had three or four studio gigs a day during his heyday as a studio hand during the 1970s and 80s. After music sampling became the norm, studio work dried up.
11. Exuma & The Junk Band: Exuma, The Obeh Man
Exuma: Mercury Records SR 61265
Cat Island, Bahamas
Exuma: vocal, guitar, bells, foot drum
Daddy Ya Ya: bg vocal, bells, sacred sand, foot drum
Spy Boy: vocal, whistles, triangle
Lord Wellington: Congas
Mama Lois: vocal
Princess Diana Claudia Bunea: vocals
Mildred Vaney: vocal
Fraqnkie Gearing: vocals
Geraldine McBride: vocals
Sally Opbrien: vocals
Produced by Daddy Ya Ya, 1970
Recorded by Bob Liftin at Regent Sound Studio

Exuma aka Tony McKay b. Cat Islands, Bahamas Feb 18, 1942 / d. Nassau, Bahamas Jan 15, 1997
In his early days in New York's Greenwich Village, Tony McKay (his self-given name) performed in small clubs and bars. Later, along with his then-partner and lifelong friend, Sally O'Brien, and several musician friends, he launched EXUMA - a seven-person group that toured and recorded albums, starting with Exuma: The Obeah Man in 1970 and ending with Rude Boy in 1986. His songs invoke influences from calypso, junkanoo, reggae, African music and folk music with his lyrics dealing heavily with Obeah. Obeah is associated with magic, charms, luck, and mysticism

12. The Electric Prunes: Vox Wah Wah Commercial
Flexi-disc single: 08-00110-0
Los Angeles CA
James Lowe: vocals, rhythm guitar, autoharp, tambourine
Mark Tulin: bass guitar, piano, organ
Ken Williams: lead guitar
James Spagnola: vocals, rhythm guitar
Preston Ritter: drums, percussion
Produced for Vox music company, 1967

The Electric Prunes had a major hit on their hands with "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)", which also included a heavily-textured psychedelic guitar motif. It was the band’s second single, released in November 1966. Its success earned the group a promotional contract with musical equipment makers Vox. They recorded this advert, demonstrating the use of Vox's wah-wah pedal in early 1967, and the band was featured in magazines such as Teen Beat. Frank Zappa had the very first wah wah pedal to try out, and he gave one to Jimi Hendrix. That's when the wah wah craze really got going, 1967, just in time for the Electric Prunes.

13. Elliot Brood: Northern Air
(Elliott Brood)
Days Into Years: Paper Bag Records PAPER061LP
Toronto ON

Casey Laforet: guitar, bass pedals, lap steel, banjo, bass, mandolin, vocal
Mark Sasso: banjo, guitar, vocal, harmonica
Stephen Pitkin: drums, piano, vocal
Produced by Elliott Brood, 2013
Engineered by John Critchley, Elliott Brood and Ryan Fields
Recorded at Green Door Studio, Avening Town Hall and Parkside Drive Studios, Toronto
Mixed by John Critchley and Elliott Brood
Mastered by Ron Skinner at Headling North Mastering

Active Years from 2002 till the present day but they're playing with fire if they keep on breathing in that Northern Air right now.

14. Eddie & the Hot Rods: The Kids Are Alright
(Pete Townsend)
Teenage Depression: Island Records ILPS 9467
Canvey Island, Essex UK
Barrie Masters - vocals
Paul Gray - bass, backing vocals
Steve Nicol - drums, backing vocals
Dave Higgs - guitar, backing vocals
Eddie The Mannequin: nothing
Produced by Ed Hollis 1977
Recorded live
Mixed by Vic Maile and Ed Hollis

Primary active years 1975 – 81. Eddie was actually a mannequin and didn’t do anything so he was eventually fired.

15. Steve Earle & The Dukes: The Week of Living Dangerously
(Steve Earle)
Exit 0: MCA Records 5998
San Antonio TX
Steve Earle: lead vocal, guitar, harmonica
Bucky Baxter: steel guitar
Reno King: bass
Mike McAdam: guitars, vocals
Ken Moore: keys
Harry Stinson: drums
John Jarvis: piano
Emory Gordy Jr: mandolin
Richard Bennett: guitars, 6 string bass
Meaux Boudin: accordion
Produced by Tony Brown, Emory Gordy Jr and Richard Bennett, 1987
Recorded by Chuck Ainlay and russ Martin at Emerald Studio
Mastered by Chuck Ainlay and Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics

Stephen Fain Earle b. January 17, 1955 Ft. Monroe, Virginia

16. Philippe Entrement: Clair de Lune
(Claude Debussy)
Clair de Lune: Columbia ‘Masterworks’ – MS 6214
Rheims FR
Philippe Entrement: piano
Produced 1960

Yes, I'm playing the fuckin' Eagles. This song just rocks. It's pure Joe Walsh back in the James Gang seat of his motorcycle again. Pure magic.

17. The Eagles: Life In The Fast Lane
(Walsh / Henley / Frey)
Hotel California: Asylum Records 7E-1084
Los Angeles CA
Joe Walsh: lead guitar
Don Henley: lead vocals, drums
Don Frey, guitar, clavinets
Don Felder: guitar, slide guitar
Randy Meisner: bass

Produced by Bill Szymczyk, 1976
Recorded by Bill Szymczyk, Allan Blazek, Ed Mashal & Bruce Hensal at Criteria Studios (Miami) and The Record Plant (Los Angeles)
Mixed by Bill Szymczyk at Miami
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York

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