33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
June 26, 2023
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Hour One

Hour Two

Side Eh

1.   Barde: Le violon arrode comme une viole – 1977 *
2.   Cream: Deserted Cities of the Heart – 1968
3.   Striped Bananas: Mind Desert – 2012
4.   Deserters: Thought Police – 1981 *
5.   Mothers of Invention: Who Are The Brain Police – 1966
6.   Andy DeJarlis: The Westphalia Waltz – 1960? *
7.   Lilo: C’est Magnifique – 1957   
8.   Yves Montand: La Bicyclette – 1968
9.   Filé: T’en As Eu T’en Auras Plus – 1987
10. DL Menard: ‘Tit Gallop A Mamou – 1988
11. Belton Richard: Bosco Stomp – 1974
12. Jo-el Sonnier: Flammed S’enfer – 1980
13. Emile Benoit: Skeleton Reel / Flying Reel – 1979 *
14. Robert Paquette: Le soliel et la pluie – 1976 *
15. Garalou: Le danse de la lemonade – 1980 *
16. Cajun Ramblers: Bayou Pon Pon / Lake Arthur Stomp – 1990 *
17. La Bottine Souriante: Surf & Turf – 1987 *
18. Les Wild Ones: Mon amour – 1966 *

Side Bee

1.   Heads In The Sky: Heads In Rio – 1981 *                1.46
2.   Stone Roses: Elephant Stone – 1989
3.   Captain Beefheart & Magic Band: Beatle Bones N’Smokin’ Stones – 1968
4.   Levon & The Hawks: Stones That I Throw – 1965 *
5.   Joe Walsh: Turn To Stone – 1972
6.   The D Rangers: Stoney Mountain Breakdown – 2004 *        2.11
7.   John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers: Man of Stone – 1968           
8.   Blackie & The Rodeo Kings: Stoned – 2003 *
9.   The Rolling Stones: Heart of Stone – 1965
10. Ten Years After – Stoned Woman – 1969
11. The Searchers: Cherry Stones – 1963
12. The Sex Pistols: Stepping Stone – 1976
13. Booker T And The MGs: Let’s Go Get Stoned – 1968        2.52
14. Fraser & DeBolt: Stoney Day – 1971 *
15. Woodshed Orchestra: Stoned Again – 2013 *
16. Mac Beattie: The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door – 1965 *
17. David Bradstreet: Sticks & Stones – 1978 *
18. Moe Koffman: Sunshowers – 1972 *                4.21
19. Jackie Shane: Sticks & Stones – 1962 *

CanCon = 48%

Side Eh

1.   Barde: Le violon arrode comme une viole
Barde: Le Tamanoir – PTMP 1982-2
Montreal QC
Richard Chapman: mandolin, banjo, duclimer, guitar, vocal
Toby Cinnsealac: tin whistle, recorder, percussion
Pierre Guérin: guitar, accordion, recorder, vocals
Cris MacRaghallaigh: fiddle, bodhran, vocals
Ed Moore: concertina, whistle, percussion
Elliot Selick: fiddle, banjo, whistle
Produced by Bruce Murchison and Quentin Meek, 1977
Recorded by Quentin Meek at Marc Productions, Ottawa
Mixed at Studio Six, Montreal
A group of 2 Americans, 2 Irishmen and 2 Quebecers (one French, one English). Produced three LPs. The Group lasted from 1975 – 83 and had a reunion CD produced in 2012. Heavily influenced by the Chieftains and the Bothy Band. They blended traditional Celtic, Scottish and Québécois jigs and reels with some more modern folk elements

Desert music next:

2.   Cream: Deserted Cities of the Heart
(Jack Bruce / Pete Brown)
Heavy Cream: RSO Records 2671-102
London UK
Eric Clapton: guitar
Jack Bruce: bass, lead vocal
Ginger Baker: drums
Produced by Felix Pappalardi, 1968
Recorded at IBC, London and Atlantic Studios, New York City by Tom Dowd and Adrian Barber
Compilation album produced, 1972

3.   Striped Bananas: Mind Desert
(Duncan Sheppard)
EP #139/500: Rubber Plant Records 2012
Danbury CT
Duncan Sheppard: guitars, vocal
Chantelle Lussier: keys, bass, bg vocal
Devon Beuschel: drums, bg vocal
Produced by Duncan Sheppard 2012

4.   The Deserters: Thought Police
(C Gibb / K MacLean)
The Deserters: EMI Capitol Records ST 12164
Ajax ON
Chris Gibb: synthesizer, bass, vocals
Kenny MacLean: synthesizer, guitar, vocals
Henry Diclemente: percussion, drums
Produced by Carter, 1981
Recorded by Warren Dewey
Mastered by Ken Parry

This is from the first (of two) album by this Ajax Ontario band.
5.   The Mothers Of Invention: Who Are The Brain Police
(Frank Zappa)
Freak Out: Verve Records V-5005-2
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa – guitar, vocals
Ray Collins – vocals, kazoo solo
Jimmy Carl Black – drums
Roy Estrada – bass guitar
Elliot Ingber – guitar
Eugene Di Novi – piano
Gene Estes – percussion
Neil Le Vang – guitar
Produced by Tom Wilson, 1966
Recorded by Val Valentin at Sunset-Highland Studios of T.T.G. Inc, Hollywood

Recorded in 1966, this song was actually released as a single. Zappa claimed that we are the brain police. He said: “So, you don't even need to blame it on a central brain police agency. You've got plenty of people who willingly subject themselves to this self-mutilation.”

The song was also cited by Mojo magazine as "one of the scariest songs to ever emerge from the rock psyche". While comparing it to Kafka, Mojo described the song as "a vision of contemporary America where personal identity and individuality is erased".

It ends with a kazoo solo!

6.   Andy DeJarlis: The Westphalia Waltz
Old time Waltzes: London EB 46
Woodridge Manitoba
Andy DeJarlis: fiddle
Others not listed
Produced Circa 1960

Metis fiddle player who became a Canadian favourite – tops in Western Canada. I personally own 20 different albums by him.

Now for the French:

7.   Lilo: C’est Magnifique
(Cole Porter)
C’est Magnifique: MGM Records E 3596
Paris FR
Lilo: vocals
Nick Perito: conductor
Ray Charles Singers
Produced 1957

She couldn’t speak English so didn’t understand the words to the songs. Sang them phon-etically. Came to America early 1953 to perform in Can Can on Broadway. Was later claimed to be “Frances greatest export since Champagne”. At least, that’s the way she was marketed! She calls ‘Cest Magnifique’ the Frenchiest song ever written by an American (Cole Porter).

8.   Yves Montand: La Bicyclette
(F Lai / P Barough)
A l’Olympia: Philips Records ¬ 844.894
Paris FR
Yves Montand: vocal
Bob Castella: piano
Hubert Rostaing Orchestra
Produced 1968

Montand was born Ivo Livi in Monsummano Terme, Italy, 13 October 1921 ¬ d.
9 November 1991 (aged 70) Senlis, Oise, France.

His father, a communist Jew, and his mother, a Roman Catholic, left Italy for France in 1923 dueto the rise of fascism in Italy. He began a career in show business as a music-hall singer. In 1944, he was discovered by Édith Piaf in Paris The song is about four guys and a girl, all kids, riding their bikes through the French countryside. All of them smitten with Paulette.

9.   Filé: T’en as eu t’en auras plus
Cajun Dance Band: Flying Fish Records 418
Louisiana US
Ward Lormand: accordion
Faren Serrette: fiddle
Darren Wallace: fiddle, guitar
Kevin Shearin: bass
Peter Stevens: drums
Produced by File with Bruce Kaplan, 1987
Recorded by Eugene Foster at Studio in the Country, Bogalusa, Louisiana

Filé formed in 1982 and named the band after a Cajun powder cooking spice. Hank Williams used the term in his song, Jambalaya: “Jambalaya and a craw fish pie and filé gumbo.”

They played their last gig on  December 30, 2002 in Louisiana. They helped popularize traditional Cajun music by adding a rocking rhythm section. No triangle player!

10. D.L. Menard: ‘Tit Gallop A Mamou
No Matter Where You At, There You Are: Rounder Records: 6021
Erath Louisiana
DL Menard: guitar, vocal
Ken Smith: fiddle
Blackie Forestier: accordion

Produced by Ken Irwin and DL Menard: 1988
Recorded by Rex Hertert at La Lousianne Recording Studios, Lafayette LA
Mixed by Bill McElroy at Bias Recorders, Springfield VA
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Frankford/Wayne, NY

Doris Leon Menard b. Erath, LA  April 14, 1932 / d. July 27, 2017 Scott, LA

He has been called the "Cajun Hank Williams". In 1993, his album Le Trio Cadien was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best traditional folk album category. In 2009, he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame along with Jo-El Sonnier, Doug Kershaw, and Jimmy C. Newman.

Listening to his band, there’s just a fiddle, guitar and accordion. I dedicate this to Peter Jellard of Swamperella, The Grievous Angels and the Cajun Ramblers who had tried to keep this music alive.

11. Belton Richard: Bosco Stomp
Good n’ Cajun: Swallow Records LP 6021
Rayne, Louisiana
Belton Richard: accordion, vocals
Vernon Bergeron: drums
Junior Martin: steel
Lennis Richard: bass
Johnny Credeur: guitar
Walden Hoffpauir: fiddle
Allen Ardoin: fiddle
Charles Gilbeaux: piano
Produced by Floyd Soileau, 1974
Recorded at Swallow Recording Studios, Ville Platte, LA by Joe Avants

Belton Richard b. October 5, 1939 Rayne, Louisiana / d. June 21, 2017 (77)

A good classic Cajun accordion player, Richard was one of the first Cajun players to utilize modern country music to outsell his competitors. His versio Ray Steven’s song, The Streak (called The Cajun Streak here) was one of the best selling records ever put out by Fred Soileau’s Swallow Records.

12. Jo-El Sonnier: Flammes d’enfer
Cajun Life: Stony Plain Records - SPL 1133
Rayne, Louisiana
Michael Doucet, guitar
Merlin Fontenot, fiddle
Jay Stutes, dobro
Roy Huskey, upright bass
Buddy Harmon, drums
Earl Ball, piano
Jo-El Sonnier, vox, guitar, drums, accordion
Produced by Jo-el Sonnier, 1980
Recorded by Mark Miller at Master-Trak Sound Recorders, Crowley, LA & Music City Recorders, Nashville by Jack Logan & Steve Logan

Joel Sonnier b. Rayne, Louisiana October 2, 1946

Learned to play the accordion when he was only 3 and played live on radio when he was six. Made his first recordings when he was 11. In 2009, Sonnier was inducted into The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

Cajun Life was recorded and released by Rounder Records in 1980 and licenced to Stony Plain Records of Canada in 1988 after the success of Sonnier’s version of Richard Thompson’s Tear Stained Letter. His first album, Hurricane Audry, was recorded in 1967.

13. Emile Benoit: Skeleton Reel / Flying Reel
(Emile Benoit)
Emile’s Dream: Quay Records CS 7932
Black Duck Brook NL
Emile Benoit: fiddle, skat singing
Ron Hynes: acoustic guitar
Produced by Kelly Russell, 1979
Recorded at Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville NL by Neil Bishop and Claude Caines

14. Robert Paquette: Le soliel et la pluie
(Robert Paquette)
Prends Celui8 Qui Passe: Kebec Disques KD-920
Sudbury ON
Robert Paquette: acoustic guitars, vocal
Pierre Germain: flute, bg vocals
Jon Czechowski: bass
Bill Usher: percussion
Bill Cymbala: drums
Pat Godfrey: keys
Bruce Murchesson: violin
Kim Deschamps: dobro
Yvan Landry: marimbas
Bernard Jean: cor anglais
Monique Paiement: bg vocals
Roy Harrington: bg vocals
Produced by Richard Grégoire, 1976
Recorded by Quentin Meek

b. Sudbury July 2, 1949

Franco-Ontarian, Paquette first made an impression when he got involved with Coopérative des artistes du Nouvel-Ontario (aka CANO). In 1970, he worked with the student theatre group at
Laurentian University, composing songs for the Franco-Ontarian stage musical. 

Paquette released his first album as a soloist in 1974, and toured Canada and the United States.  He performed at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa in 1975 and in 1978, represented Canada at the Festival de Spa in Belgium.
Following his 1984 album Gare à vous, Paquette concentrated on television and stage work.

15. Garalou: Le danse de la limonade
Garalou: London Records LFS-9032
Marc Lalonde : Bass and vocals
Michel Lalonde : Guitar and vocals
Michel (Stan) Deguire : Drums and percussions
Gaston Gagnon : Electric guitar and vocals
Reginald Guay : Keyboards and vocals
Bobby Lalonde: fiddle
Raynald Wiseman: sax
Produced by Edward Stasium Jr & Garalou, 1980
Recorded by Edward Stasium Jr & Marc Fleury

Formed 1975 & lasted till 1983 took a decade off and have performed occasionally since 93. It was originally called Loupgarou, but had to change its name after being sued by a dance troupe named Les Loups-garous Garolou has won two Felix Awards for the albums Garolou (1978) and Romancero (1980) and a Gold certification for the album Garolou (1978).

Le danse de la limonade is a Cajun country favourite, performed here by a Quebecois band. It’s all about swearing off partying and alcohol on Saturday nights only to repeat this a week later! Apparently the singer makes a big pig out of himself.

16. Cajun Ramblers: Bayou Pon Pon / Lake Arthur Stomp
(Trad) / (Varise Conner)
Couteau Jaune: Moose Records 004
Peter Jellard: fiddle, lead vocal
Rob Jones: guitar, bg vocal
Steve Fruitman: ‘tit fer (triangle), bg vocal
Tim Hadley: bass
Victoria Wilcox: drums, bg vocal
Pete Duffin, John Swizter & Erwin Brausewetter: bg vocals
Produced by John Switzer, 1990
Recorded by Derek Miller at Number 9 Studio, Toronto

A well loved Cassette by Toronto’s Cajun Ramblers, one of Canada’s only Cajun / Zydeco bands from the late 1980s. Birthed into life with a weekly Thursday gig at Toronto’s Southern Accent Restaurant the Ramblers went on to play festivals in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec and virtually covered most of Ontario, from Wallaceburg to Ottawa.

17. La Bottine Souriante: La Bottine Souriante: Surf n’ Turf
Tout comme au jour de l'an: Mille-Pattes - MP-2035
Joliette QC
Michel Bordeleau, mandolin, mandola
Yves Lambert, accordion, harmonica
Andre Marchand, guitar, feet
Martin Racine, violin, mandola
Rejan Archambault, bass
Denis Frechette, piano
Mario Forest, spoons
Produced by Mario Forest 1987
Recorded by Andre L’esperance & Andre Marchand

The best of the new wave of Quebecois nationalist bands that blossomed in the latter 1970s after the election of Rene Levesque’s Parti Quebecois. They are also the last of the original bands still functioning, albeit with none of the their original players. But they’re always great; in a league of their own.

18. Les Wild Ones: Mon Amour
(Zephirin / Moschella / Cambrina)
45 single b/w Quand je te demande: Solfège LF-113X
Montreal QC
Henriot Zephirin: vocals and guitar
Walter: guitar soloist
David Chambers: guitar
Robert Weber: bass guitar
Gabriel Cambrina: drums
Produced 1966

Montreal area garage band (literally) that was influenced by The Stones and The Haunted. Circa 1963: 69. Apparently, there is only one photograph of the group, published in the book The Marvelous Epoch of Quebecois groups of the 60s.

Side Bee

1.   Heads In The Sky: Heads In Rio
(Russ Walker)
Heads In the Sky: Illuminated Records IR 001
Oak Ridges ON
Russ Walker: keys, guitar, percussion
Steve Webster: bass
Gerry Fielding: drums
Chris McKim: mellotron
Produced by Russ Walker, 1981
Recorded by Russ Walker and Brock Fricker, Rene Brossard and Gerry Fielding
Recorded at Brock Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Amber Studios by George Simkiw and Paul Bonish and Zaza Sound, Toronto

The brainchild of Oak Ridges, Ontario musician Russ Walker. The band released one album and an EP on their own Illuminated Records. The full-length LP was also released in Japan, Holland and Germany.

Drummer Gerry Fielding had previously been in FAT MOUTH, the house band at the original 'Electric Circus' in Toronto, and opened for acts like Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, and Lighthouse.

2.   Stone Roses: Elephant Stone
(Ian Brown / John Squire)
Stone Roses: RCA ‎– 1184-2-JX
Manchester UK
Gary Mounfield: Bass
Reni: Drums, Backing Vocals
John Squire: Guitar
Ian Brown: Vocals
Produced by Peter Hook, 1989
Mixed By John Leckie
Recorded at Battersea Studios and Konk Sound (The Kinks), London

John Leckie, who produced the album, also worked on Pink Floyd’s Meddle. The band was active between 1988 and 1996 and got screwed over by a bad contract they signed with a small British label, Silvertone. Stone Roses, the band’s first album, was one of the most successful British albums of 1989 but because of the contract problems they it would be way past their due-date when they released their second album in 1994.

3.   Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Beatle Bones N’ Smokin’ Stones
(Don Van Vliet)
Strictly Personal: Liberty Records LN 66141
Los Angeles
Captain Beefheart: vocals, harmonica, oboe
Alex St. Clair Snouffer: guitar
Jerry Handley: bass
John French: drums
Jeff Cotton: guitar
Produced by Bob Krasnow, 1968
Recorded at Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood

When the band went into the studio in late 1967 to record the follow-up to their debut album Safe as Milk, which had been released earlier that year, it was with the intention of producing a double album, provisionally entitled It Comes to You in a Plain Brown Wrapper. Three of the tracks they recorded were long, psychedelic blues jams performed 'live in the studio' (in one take with no overdubs). These were intended to fill one of the set's two LPs. The band were also working on a number of other tracks, many of which would eventually be included on Strictly Personal (1968). These songs were characterized by their polyrhythmic structures and psychedelic themes, which marked a progression from the band's previous blues-rooted work on Safe as Milk. Beatle Bones n’ Smokin’ Stones obviously had something to do with Strawberry Fields Forever but, I’m not sure what that could have been!

4.   Levon & The Hawks: Stones That I Throw
(Robbie Robertson)
45 Single: Atco Records - 6383
Toronto ON
Rick Danko: bass
Levon Helm: drums, vocal
Garth Hudson: keys
Richard Manual: keys
Robbie Robertson: guitar
Produced  by Henry Glover, 1965
Recorded by Phil Ramone

After leaving Ronnie Hawkins just as Dylan was about to call, the Hawks went and recorded this down in New York with Phil Ramone and Henry Glover.

5.   Joe Walsh: Turn To Stone
(Joe Walsh)
So Far So Good: ABC Records ABCL 5240
Cleveland OH
Joe Walsh: guitar, vocal
Joe Vittale: drums
Kenny Passarelli: bass
Produced by Bill Szymczyk 1972
Compilation album produced 1978
(Originally on LP Barnstorm)

Just out of the James Gang, Walsh went on to show the world that he was good enough to join The Eagles. I think he was better than the Eagles! But before he joined, he recorded a few great albums of original material.

6.   The D Rangers: Stoney Mountain Breakdown
(D Rangers)
We Stay High And Lonesome: Dollartone Records - no serial
Winnipeg, MB
Tom Fodey – bass
Jaxon Haldane – vocals, banjo, saw
Aaron Goss – mandolin
Don Zeuff – fiddle
Chris Saywell
w/ Frank Barth: pedal steel
Produced by Pat Temple - 2004
Recorded at Bedside Studio, Winnipeg by Len Milne
Mastered by Scott Pinder at Polyphonic Labs
These guys were a blast to see live. One of those bands that always have something going on. 
7.   John Mayall's Blues Breakers: Man of Stone
(Eddie Kirkland)
Crusade: London PS 529
London UK
John Mayall, piano
Mick Taylor, lead guitar
John McVie, bass
Keef Hartley, drums
Chris Mercer, tenor sax
Rip Kant, baritone sax
Produced by Mike Vernon, 1967
Recorded at Decca Studios, West Hampstead UK by Gus Dudgeon
Released Sept 1, 1967

8.   Blackie & The Rodeo Kings: Stoned
(Stephen Fearing / Tom Wilson)
Bark: True North Records TNDS 300
Tom Wilson: lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Stephen Fearing: electric guitar, vocal
Colin Linden: dobro
John Dymond: bass
Gary Craig: drums
Organ: Richard Bell
Brian Owings: Percussion
Janice Powers: keys
Produced by Colin Linden, 2003
Recorded in various studios

9.   The Rolling Stones: Heart of Stone
(Jagger / Richards)
45 Single: London Records L 9725
London UK
Mick Jagger: lead, bg vocals
Keith Richards: rhythm guitar, solo
Brian Jones: low tuned guitar
Bill Wyman: bass, bg vocals
Charlie Watts: drums
Jack Nitzsche: tambourine, piano
Produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, 1964

10. Ten Years After: Stoned Woman
(Alvin Lee)
Ssssh: Deram – DES 18029
Alvin Lee: guitars
Rick Lee: drums
Chick Churchill: organ
Leo Lyans: bass
Produced by Alvin Lee, 1969
Recorded by Andy Johns at Morgan Studios, London

11. The Searchers: Cherry Stones
(John Jerome)
Sugar & Spice: Pye Records NPL-30044
Liverpool UK
Tony Jackson: lead vocals, bass
Chris Curtis: drums
Michael Pender: lead guitar
John McNally: rhythm guitar
Produced by Tony Hatch, 1963

The Band formed in 1959 by John McNally & Michael Pender taking the name from John Ford western The Searchers (1956). Cherry Stones was written by Australian writer John Jerome and published around 1950. It was quickly recorded by Charlie Kunz, George Gibbs and The Malcolm Mitchell Trio. The Searchers have now officially retired, having played their final ever gig at The Stables Theatre in Wavendon, England on March 31, 2019.

12. The Sex Pistols: (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone
(Boyce / Hart)
The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle: Virgin Records VD 2510
London UK
Johnny Rotten: lead vocal
Steve Jones: guitar
Glen Matlock: bass
Paul Cook: drums
Produced by Cook, Jones, Goodman, Thraves in 1976 and 1979
Soundtrack album Produced, 1979

This is the soundtrack to the Pistols’ film Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindlewhich was released after John Lyndon (Rotten) had left the Pistols. They used his vocals from a 1976 demo and re-recorded the music tracks. So why did they choose to play a Monkee’s song? (Note: before the Monkees, the song was recorded by none other than Paul Revere And The Raiders, released the same month as The W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band’s version).

13. Booker T And The MGs: Let’s Go Get Stoned
(Simpson-Ashford / Armstead)
Doin' Our Thing  Stax – S 724
Donald “Duck" Dunn: bass
Booker T. Jones: organ
Steve Cropper: lead guitar
Al Jackson Jr.: drums
Produced by Booker T and The MGs - 1968
14. Fraser & DeBolt: Stoney Day
(DM DeBolt)
Fraser & DeBolt (with Ian Guenther): Columbia Records C 30381
Montreal QC
Alan Fraser: guitar, vocal
Daisy DeBolt: guitar, vocal
Ian Guenther: violin
Produced by Craig Allen, 1971
Recorded by Mark Smith and Allan Moy

Signed to Columbia Records, this album wasn’t pushed enough to make a major mark, but it could have. A revue of the album in High Fidelity magazine in 1971 claimed this “one of the best pop albums I have ever heard.” They did record  second album called With Pleasure but it also flopped as a seller. A third album was attempted but never finished or released. Their albums have never been reissued on CD.

15. Woodshed Orchestra & Friendly Rich: Stoned Again
(Dave Clark)
Buzz: No label - no serial
Toronto ON
Dave Clark: percussion, vocals
Susannah Hood: vocals
Michael Herring
Julia Hambleton
Joe Lapinski
Tania Gill
Jason Kenemy
Rebecca Hennessy -
Scott Thomson –
Nic Buligan
Paul Kolinski    
Produced by Dave Clark, 2013
Recorded by Joe Dunphy at Revolution & Dave Clark at Bon's Cave
Mixed by Dave Clark
Mastered by Fedge

16. Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door
(Mac Beattie)
Sing A Song: Banff Rodeo – RBS 1243
Arnprior ON
Mac Beattie: vocal, drums
Reg Hill: fiddle, bass
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
Bob Whitney: alto sax, drums
Allan Utronki: steel, spanish guitar, bass
Jimmy Mayhew: piano
Produced by George Taylor, 1965

John McNab Beattie, b Arnprior, ON 21 Dec 1916 / d 14 Jun 1982 Arnprior (65)

17. David Bradstreet: Sticks and Stones
(David Bradstreet)
Dreaming In Colour: A&M Records – SP 9032
Toronto ON
David Bradstreet: guitars, vocals
Carl Keesee: bass, clarinet, vocals
Jim Neil: drums, vocals
Bob Mann: lead guitars
Doug Riley: keys
Lance Quinn: guitars
Steve Kennedy: sax
Matt Zimbel: percussion
Michael Lewis: bg vocal
Bill Hughs: bg vocal
Produced by Don Oriolo, 1978
Recorded by Ed Stasium at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by Greg Calbi

Born in UK – moved to Canada as a kid and grew up in Oakville ON. Best known for his song ”Renaissance” (“Let’s Dance That Old Dance Once More”) - a hit for Canadian icon, Valdy.  Bradstreet was a Juno Award winner in 1977 for Best New Male Vocalist.  Produced the first album by a then unknown Jane Siberry on his own Street Records label in 1981

18. Moe Koffman: Sunshowers
(Moe Koffman / Doug Riley)
The Four Seasons: GRT Records 9230-1022
Toronto ON
Moe Koffman: flute
Terry Clark: drums
Don Thompson: bass
Doug Riley: keys
Bobby Edwards: guitar
Albert Pratz: Violin Concert Master
Bill Richards, Maurice Solway, Isdore Desser, Victoria Prolly, Adel Armin: violins
Peter Schenkman, Dave Heatherington: cellos
Dick Smith: congas
Michael Crade: percussion
Produced by Doug Riley, 1972
Recorded at Toronto Sound Studios by Terry Bowne

Morris "Moe" Koffman, OC (b. Toronto 28 December 1928 – 28 March 2001)

He recorded Swinging Shepherd Blues in 1957 which helped establish his reputation as a flautist and ranked him alongside Herbie Mann. The Swinging Shepherd Blues reached an incredible #23 on the Billboard pop chart.

Koffman received PRO Canada's Wm Harold Moon Award in 1981 and the Toronto Arts award for music in 1991. He was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (1997), and named an Officer of the Order of Canada (1993). He was named Flutist of the Year by the Annual Jazz Report Awards for 1993 and 1994

Koffman died of cancer in Orangeville, Ontario at the age of 72.

19. Jackie Shane: Sticks and Stones
(Titus Turner)
45 single bw Any Other Way: SuE Records 776
Toronto ON

Jackie Shane: vocals
Frank Motley And His Crew
Produced 1962
Released 1963

Jackie Shane b. Nashville TN May 15, 1940 / d. Feb 21, 2019 Nashville

Jackie Shane came to Toronto in 1959 and, like Lonnie Johnson, decided that Canada was to be her new home. She said: “One cannot choose where one is born, but you can choose your home.” She went on to release some fabulous records but decided, in 1971, to leave it all behind her. She returned to the States to look after her mother, who lived in Nashville. In 2017 an anthology album of Shane’s works was issued by the Numero Group label and was nominated for a Grammy Award. The liner notes were written by Toronto’s Rob Bowman who claimed that Shane’s life “story is so remarkable, that even Hollywood couldn’t dream it up.”
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97.5 FM                                                            CHCR 102.9 FM & 104.5 FM
Lower Sackville NS                                         Killaloe & Wilno ON   
Sun 8 pm AT                                                    Tues, Thurs 12 noon; Fri 2 pm