June 19, 2023
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Bye Bye Bunny
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Side One

1.   The Great Scots: Blue Monday – 1966 *
2.   The Majestics: Respect – 1968 *
3.   Muddy Waters: I’m Ready – 1965
4.   King Biscuit Boy – Operator – 1988 *
5.   Morgan Davis: Somebody Been Smokin’ That Stuff – 1982 *
6.   Benny Goodman: Avalon – 1938
7.   Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Winterwhite (Wind Harp) – 1975
8.   Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Raleigh-Durham Reel – 1975
9.   Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Battle Of New Orleans – 1975
10. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Bayou Jubilee – 1975
11. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Sally Was A Goodun – 1975
12. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Hey Good Lookin' – 1975
13. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Classical Banjo I – 1975
14. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Malaguena – 1975
15. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Classical Banjo II – 1975
16. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Daddy Was A Sailor – 1975
17. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Sleeping On The Beach – 1975
18. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Santa Monica Pier – 1975
19. Rob Pilch: Bags In The Lobby Blues – 1988 *
20. Hayley & The Pirate Queens: Little black Egg – 2023 *
21. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet: Memories of Gay Paree – 1993 *
22. The Sadies: So Much Blood – 2013 *
23. Harry Hibbs: Queer Things in Dublin – 1982 *
24. Pat Riccio: Buckaneer Blues – 1968 *

The Bee Side

1.   Tijuana Brass: Mexican Shuffle – 1965
2.   The Small Faces: Song Of A Baker – 1968
3.   Millie Small: Sweet William – 1964
4.   Corin Raymond: There Will Always Be A Small Time – 2009 *
5.   Parachute Club: Small Victories - 1986 *
6.   Judy Small: Golden Arches – 1988
7.   Weddings Parties Anything: Sergeant Small – 1988
8.   Phil LaPenna: Kolomeyko – 1964 *
9.   Mickey & Bunny: This Land Is Your Land – 1964 *
10. Mickey & Bunny: Veetri Veeyoot (4 Strong Winds) – 1967 *
11. (Neil Young and) The Squires: Aurora – 1963 *
12. Don Murphy: Bluebird On My Window Sill – 1948 *
13. Bonnie Raitt: Bluebird – 1971
14. Ronnie Hawkins: Bluebirds Over The Mountain – 1965 *
15. Vic Virgili: Rosina Polka – 1965 *
16. The Yardbirds: Shapes of Things (Live) – 1968
17. The Yardbirds: Puzzles – 1967
18. Jeff Beck w Rod Stewart: Shapes of Things – 1968
19. Rush: Heart Full of Soul – 2004 *
20. Chris Barber Special: Sweet Savannah Sue – 1955

CanCon = 45%

And Now for The Particulars

Side One

1.   The Great Scots: Blue Monday
(Dave Bartholomew)
45 single bw Show Me The Way: Challenge Records 59339
Halifax NS
Rick McNeil (vocals)
Bill Schnare (guitar)
Wayne Forrest (guitar)
Gerry Archer (drums)
Dave Isner (bass)
Produced by Richard Delvy, 1966

One of the most progressive east coast rock bands (even tho’ they wore kilts and frilly ties onstage). They got to appear on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. Originally known around Halifax as The Shadows (1963) and then The Beavers (sporting Mohawk haircuts) who released a hit cover version of The Big Bopper's "Chantilly Lace" (1964) before settling on the name The Great Scots by Christmas 1964. They toured the US and got to play on Shindig! They worked the States until bassist Dave Isner was drafted into the US army, changed their name (again) to Free For All and after releasing some unsuccessful singles returned home to Halifax where they retired to obscurity.

2.   The Majestics: Respect
(Otis Redding)
Soul King Otis Redding – A Tribute: Arc Records 770
Toronto ON
Fred Keeler (guitar)
John Crone (saxophone)
Orlando Guierri (trombone)
Brian Lucrow (trumpet)
Wes Morris (drums)
Eric Robertson (keyboards)
Bobby Starr (guitar)
Russ Strathdee (saxophone)
Chris Vickery (bass)
Dave Konvalenko (guitar)
William Cudmore (saxophone)
Produced by Tony DiMaria, 1968
Recorded by Gary Starr at Bay Studios, Toronto

3.   Muddy Waters: I’m Ready
(Willie Dixon)
The Best of Muddy Waters: Chess - LP 1427
Clarksdale MS
Muddy Waters (vocal and guitar)
Little Walter (chromatic harmonica)
Jimmy Rogers (guitar)
Otis Spann (piano)
Willie Dixon (bass)
Fred Below (drums)
Produced by Fred & Leonard Chess, 1964

McKinley Morganfield (April 4, 1913  April 30, 1983)

The “I’m Ready” Album won a Grammy Award in 1978

4.   King Biscuit Boy: Operator
(E Burkes)
Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy: Stony Plains Records SPL-1120
Hamilton ON
Richard Newell, vocals, harmonica
Sonny Del Rio, saxes
Dennis Grasely, sax
Jack De Keyzer, guitar
Stan Szelest, piano
Neil Nickafor, bass
Greg Zark, drums
Produced by Andy Grigg & Richard Newell, 1988
Recorded and mixed at Sound Path Studios, Oakville ON by Richard Lightheart
Mastered at The Lacquer Channel
Richard Alfred Newell (b. March 9, 1944 Hamilton, ON – d. Hamilton January 5, 2003)

He was given the name by Ronnie Hawkins while Newell was part of his back-up band. Newell played with the Barons (later renamed Son Richard and the Chessmen) from 1961 to 1965 and then with the Midnights. In the summer of 1969 helped form “And Many Others”, which was Ronnie Hawkins's backing band at that time. After one LP and several U.S. appearances, Hawkins fired the entire band in early 1970, upon which the members, including Newell, formed their own band, which they named Crowbar after Hawkins claimed that ‘them boys got the intelligence of a sack full of crowbars”. Newell recorded an album with Crowbar, then embarked on a solo career, but he played with Crowbar off and on for the rest of his career.

5.   Morgan Davis: Somebody Been Smokin’ That Stuff
(Morgan Davis)
I’m Ready To Play!: Bullhead Records 1-842
Halifax NS
Morgan Davis: guitar, vocal
Steve Chadwick: bass
John Savage: drums
Simon Wallis: baritone sax
Unknown trumpet
Produced by Bill Bryans, 1982
Recorded live on 2 track by Tom Jardin in Toronto

He was born and spent his childhood in Detroit, Michigan before relocating to Toronto, Canada in 1968. He moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2001. Has won multiple Maple Blues Awards as well as a Juno Award, for his 2003 release, Painkiller, on Electro-Fi Records. “I’m Ready To Play!” was his first of 9 studio albums.

6.   Benny Goodman Band: Avalon
(Al Jolson / Billy Rose / B.G. DeSylva)
The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Vol 1: Columbia Records ML 4358
New York City
Benny Goodman: clarinet
Gene Krupa: drums
Teddy Wilson: piano
Lionel Hampton: vibraphone
Produced by George Avakian 1950
Recorded live at Carnegie Hall January 16, 1938

The first ever double album, it was one of the first records of Benny Goodman music issued on the new long-playing format, and one of the first to sell over a million copies. This album was also sold in a set of nine 45 rpm records in the same year by Columbia.

7-16.   Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Symphonion Dream, Side 1
United Artists Records UA LA 469-G
Los Angeles

"Winter White (Wind Harp)" (Jimmie Fadden)
"Raleigh-Durham Reel" (John McEuen, Jeff Hanna, James Ibbotson, Jimmie Fadden)
"The Battle of New Orleans" (Jimmy Driftwood)
"Bayou Jubilee" (Jeff Hanna)
"Sally Was a Goodun" (John McEuen, Jeff Hanna, James Ibbotson, Jimmie Fadden)
"Hey Good Lookin'" (Hank Williams)
"Classical Banjo 1/Malaguena/Classical Banjo 2" (John McEuen, Ernesto Lecuona)
"Daddy Was a Sailor" (Jimmie Fadden)
"Sleeping on the Beach" (Jimmie Fadden)
"Santa Monica Pier" (John McEuen)

The Band
John McEuen – guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, steel guitar, vocals
Jimmie Fadden – guitar, harmonica, drums, vocals
Jeff Hanna – guitar, drums, vocals
Jimmy Ibbotson – guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals
Contributing Artists
Les Thompson – bass, guitar, vocals
Leon Russell – piano, keyboards, synthesizer, drums, chimes, gourd, vocals
Linda Ronstadt – vocals
Gary Busey – drums, timbales, bells, cowbell
Paul Harris – piano
Alice McEuen – background vocals
Kae McEuen – background vocals
Rae Hanna – background vocals
Jim Ratts – background vocals
Mary McCreary – background vocals
Mary Stevens – background vocals
Produced by William E. McEuen, 1975
Recorded by Richie Cicero / Michael Denecke / Gary Mullen

I just listened to this album for the first time in years and realized just how good it is. Not only that, but it’s a concept album. Some songs are stand alones but basically each side of the album is a journey unto itself. So I decided to play the first half. It’s the way it was intended to be heard.

By 1975, the NGDB had released 7 studio albums of great Americana. They go back beyond the roots, to the very seeds of the music as exhibited in their 3 LP release from 1972 of Will The Circle Be Unbroken which featured  Roy Acuff, "Mother" Maybelle Carter, Doc Watson, Earl Scruggs, Randy Scruggs and Merle Travis. Until then, country musicians greatly disliked the rock musicians who played their kind of music, like the Flying Burrito Brothers and The Byrds. The NGDB broke new ground, leveling the playing field.

17. Rob Piltch: Bags In The Lobby Blues
Rob Piltch: Duke Street Records DSR 31047
Toronto ON
Rob Piltch: electric guitar
David Piltch: acoustic bass
John MacLeod: trumpet
Terry Clarke: drums
Produced by Cary Gray and Rob Piltch, 1988
Recorded by Cary Gray and Mike Duncan at AMS Audiofile Editing
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

18. Hayley & The Pirate Queens: Little Black Egg
(Hayley Austin)
45 Test Pressing: as yet, unreleased
Belleville ON
Hayley Austin: guitar, vocals
Tim Hadley: bass, bg vocals
Nathan Mahaffy: drums
Produced by Nicholas Tjelios, 2023
Recorded at Big Red Button Studio, Belleville
Mastered by Phillip Shaw Bova

A test pressing with Belleville’s Bad Tractor on one side and Hayley & The Pirate Queens on the other performing the same song. Hayley Austin – originally from Portsmouth, UK – met bass player Tim Hadley at a jam session and have been performing her repertoire of quirky songs for several years now. This is their first release. I’ll let you know when it’s officially released.

19. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet: Memories of Gay Paree
(Shadowy Men)
Sport Fishin' - The Lure Of The Bait, The Luck Of The Hook: Yep Roc Records – YEP 2465
Brian Connelly – guitar, keyboards
Reid Diamond – bass guitar
Don Pyle – drums
Produced by Steve Albini, 1993
Recorded at Chicago Recording Company

20. The Sadies: So Much Blood
(The Sadies)
Internal Sounds: YepRoc Records YEP-2353
S. Ontario
Mike Belitsky: drums
Sean Dean: bass
Dallas Good: guitar, organ, vocal
Travis Good: guitars, fiddle, vocal
Produced by Dallas Good, 2013
Mastered by Peter J Moore at The E Room, Toronto
21. Harry Hibbs: Queer Things In Dublin
(Brian Warfield)
A Musical Tour of Ireland: Fantasia Records & Tapes – FR8201
Lance Cove, Bell Island NL
Harry Hibbs, accordion
Brian Barron, fiddle, mandolin
Larry Brennan, drums
Roddy Lepriere, drums
Curtiss Frizzell, bass
Steve Perry, fiddle
Paul Emms, steel guitar
Reggie Benoit, rhythm guitar
Mike Thompson, harmonica
Lou Grant, keys
Produced by Marty Hibbs, 1982
Recorded by Charlie Culver and Tom Atom

b. Bell Island NL September 11, 1942 / d. December 21, 1989 Toronto (47)

22. Pat Riccio: Buccaneer’s Blues
(E Hopkin)
Let’s Dance To…: Arc Records – 630
Pat Riccio: orchestra leader, alto sax
Produced 1964

Pat Riccio b. Port Arthur (Thunder Bay) ON 3 Dec 1918 /  d Toronto 23 Aug 1982

Joining the RCAF in 1941, he served as music director of the RCAF Streamliners, a 15-piece dance band that performed in England for the BBC and, alternating with Glenn Miller's (US) Army Air Force Band, at the Queensbury Club in London. Returning to Toronto after World War II, Riccio played in, or wrote arrangements for, the local dance bands of Bert Niosi, Mart Kenney, Art Hallman, and others. As a saxophonist, Riccio won polls conducted by CBC radio's 'Jazz Unlimited' in 1947 ('best alto') and 1949 ('best baritone'). Riccio's son Pat Riccio Jr played piano in his teens with Bobby Kris and the Imperials, worked during the 1960s in CBC Halifax pop music shows, and was music director 1975-87 for Anne Murray.

The Bee Side

1.   Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass: Mexican Shuffle
(Sol Lake)
Greatest Hits: A&M Records SP 69854
Los Angeles CA
Herb Alpert: trumpet
John Pisano: electric guitar
Jou Pagani: piano
Nick Ceroli: drums
Pat Senatore: bass
Tonni Kalash: trumpet
Bob Edmondson: trombone
Produced by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss, 1970

2.   The Small Faces: Song of a Baker
(S Marriot / R Lane)
Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake: Daffodil Records Canada SBA 16015
London UK
Kenney Jones: backing vocals, drums, percussion
Steve Marriott: lead, harmony, vocals, guitars, harmonica Hammond organ
Ronnie Lane: harmony and backing vocals, bass guitar
Ian McLagan: harmony  vocals, keyboards
Produced by Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane, 1968
Recorded by Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios, London; Trident Studios, London

Talk about a super group! The Small Faces were formed in 1965 by these four guys who were only in their teens. It features Steve Marriott went on to play with Humble Pie; Kenny Jones who also played in The Faces and who briefly joined The Who as Keith Moon’s replacement; songwriter Ronnie Lane who was also in The Faces; Ian McLagen played keys for The Rolling Stones. Ogden’s Nut was their swansong album before transforming into The Faces with singer Rod Stewart.

3.   Millie Small: Sweet William
(Kay / Springer)
45 single bw My Boy Lollipop: Underground Records URC 1150
Gibraltar, Jamaica
Millie Small: vocal
Ernest Ranglin: music director
Produced by Chris Blackwell, 1964

Millicent Dolly May Small 6 October 1946 Gibraltar, Clarendon, Jamaica / d. May 5, 2020, London (72)

What song lurks on the B side to My Boy Lollipop by 16 year old Jamaican ska singer, Millie Small. I realized that I never actually played that song before – it’s entirely new to me so here it is about the man she wished to marry: Sweet William.

Won the Verve Johns Opportunity Hour talent contest at the age of twelve. Began recording in Jamaica 1962 which brought her to the attention of Chris Blackwell who became her manager and legal guardian, who in late 1963 took her to  London, where she was given intensive training in dancing and diction. There she made her fourth recording, an Ernest Ranglin rearrangement of "My Boy Lollipop" It was the first major hit for Island Records (although it was actually released on the Fontana label because Chris Blackwell, Island's owner, did not want to overextend his then-meager resources).

4.   Corin Raymond: There Will Always Be A Small Time
(Corin Raymond / Jonathan Byrd)
There Will Always Be A Small Time: Ind
Sean Cotton – bg vocals
Joe Phillips – upright bass
Treasa Levasseur – bg vocals
Chris Bartos – fiddle
Gary Craig – drums
Marc Roy – acoustic lead guitar
Derek Downham - piano
Produced by Corin Raymond and Sean Cotton, 2009
Mastered by James Paul at Rogue Studios

This is such a well crafted song by two great songwriters: Jonathan Byrd from North Carolina in collaboration with Toronto’s Corin Raymond. I love the philosophy of the Small Time and the way that Corin plays it.

5.   Parachute Club: Small Victories
(Parachute Club)
Small Victories: RCA / Current Waves – KKL1-0537
Toronto ON
Keir Brownstone: bass
Billy Bryans: drums, percussion
Lauri Conger: keys
Margo Davidson: sax, percussion, bg vocal
Dave Gray: guitar
Julie Masi: bg vocals, percussion
Lorraine Segato: lead vocals
Produced by Parachute Club & Mike Jones, 1986
Recorded Mike Jones & Frank Filipetti, Toronto & NYC
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

6.   Judy Small: Golden Arches
(Judy Small)
Home Front: Redwood Records – RR 8808
Leichhardt, Australia
Judy Small: guitar, vocal
Karin Robin: bg vocal
Hugh McDonald: guitar, violin
Michael Spicer: piano, flute, synth
Brian Czempinski: drums
Louis McManus: mandolin
Monica Fletcher: cello
Darren Deland: bass
Produced by Hugh McDonald, 1988
Recorded by Trevor Reading at Sing Sing Studios and David Briggs at
Production Workshop, Melbourne

born in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

After a successful performance at the Vancouver Folk Festival in 1982 Judy Small decided to become a full-time singer-songwriter. In 1990, she received the "Mo" Award for Australian Folk Performer of the Year. She eventually retired from full-time performance in 1998. Being a good judge of fast food joints, she sat as an Australian federal court judge until her retirement in 2020.

7.   Weddings, Parties, Anything: Sergeant Small
(Tex Morton)
Roaring Days: WEA 25 54301
Melbourne, Australia
Pete Lawler - bass guitar, vocals
Marcus Schintler - drums, vocals
Dave Steel - guitar, vocals
Mick Thomas - guitar, vocals
Mark Wallace - piano accordion, keyboards, vocals
Produced by Alan Thorne 1988

Robert William Lane in Nelson, New Zealand, also credited as Robert Tex Morton 30 August 1916. Morton died in Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital on 23 July 1983, after a short battle with lung cancer. He was like Canada’s Wilf Carter: a real pioneering cowboy recording artist.

WPA covered Tex Morton’s 1930 song Sergeant Small about the Queensland Railway Police. Morton’s version of it was banned soon after its release in Australia. Sergeant Small was a well-known police officer stationed at Roma in south-west Queensland. In the depression years, many men on the dole were obliged to travel the country searching for work. With virtually no money, many ‘swagmen’ would jump on a freight train. Sergeant Small developed a cunning approach. He would kit himself out as a bagman trying to find some space on a goods train for himself and he'd surreptitiously approach each carriage and ask if there was any room inside and many a concealed bagman would answer back and thus give himself up.
In 1938, the very talented New Zealand country and western singer then in Australia, Tex Morton, decided to write a song about Sergeant Small and it got a lot of airplay. Unfortunately, Sergeant Small took exception to this and his threats to sue resulted in the song being withdrawn from both broadcast and sale.

8.   Phil LaPenna: Kolomeyko
Ukraqinian Accordian (sp) Festival with Gay Songs of the Ukraine: Arc 619
North Ontario
Accordion: Phil LaPenna
Drums: ?
Produced at Arc Sound, 1964

b. North Ontario 1935 / d. Sept 6, 2013

Studio Musician for CBC, Played with King Ganam, Played organ at Maple Leaf Gardens

RIP Bunny Evans aka Orissia Ewanchuk 13 Feb 1938 / d. May, 2023

9.   Mickey & Bunny: This Land Is Your Land
(Woody Guthrie)
Mickey And Bunny Sing This Land Is Your Land: V Records LP 2005
Ethelbert, MB
Mickey Sheppard, singer, guitarist, accordionist
Bunny Evans, vocals, the Sylvia parts
D Drifters 5 (aka The Ukrainian Beatles):
Dave Roman: accordion, bass
Tony Roman: guitar
Mike Klym: drums
Andy Plkolinski: sax
Produced by Don Grashey, 1964
Recorded at Studio Star

Mickey and Bunny were an amazing musical couple who advanced Ukrainian music with pop music sounds of folk, rock and country. They were so popular in Manitoba in the early 1960s that Winnipeg music impresario Don Grashey formed V Records around their success.
Mickey Sheppard (singer, guitarist, accordionist, b Modest William Theodore Sklepowich in Ethelbert, Man, 27 Mar 1932) performed with his wife Bunny Evans until they separated in 1970. While she retired from music to become a school teacher, Mickey tried igniting his own solo career but it wasn’t the same without her. I like describing her as the Sylvia Tyson of the duo. With the Ukraine totally cut off from the rest of the world during the cold war era of the Soviet Union, Mickey and Bunny’s contribution to preserving the Canadian-Ukrainian tradition of the Canadian prairies is without equal.

10. Mickey & Bunny: Veetri Veeyoot (4 Strong Winds)
(Ian Tyson)
Faces From The Past: V Records – SVLP 3109
Ethelbert, MB
Mickey Sheppard, singer, guitarist, accordionist
Bunny Evans, vocals, the Sylvia parts
D Drifters 5 (aka The Ukrainian Beatles):
Dave Roman: accordion, bass
Tony Roman: guitar
?: fiddle
Mike Klym: drums
Andy Plkolinski: sax
Produced by Ron Paley circa 1970
Recorded by Ron Paley at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg

11. (Neil Young and) The Squires: Aurora
(Neil Young)
45 rpm Single b/w  Sultan: V Records V 109
Winnipeg MB
Neil Young: lead guitar
Allan Bates: guitar
Ken Koblun: bass
Ken Smyth: drums, gong
Produced by Bob Bradburn, 1963

The first record company to release a Neil Young cut.

12. Don Murphy: Bluebird on Your Window Sill
(Elizabeth Clarke)
The Saga Of Canadian Country and Folk Music: Rodeo International - SRLP-2-7121
Vancouver BC
Don Murphy: vocals
Compilation produced by George I Taylor, 1972
Recorded 1948 by Al Reuch for Aragon Records, Vancouver

Elizabeth Clarke b. Winnipeg MB 1911 / d. Vancouver 1960 (49)

In 1947, Elizabeth Clarke was a Winnipeg-born nurse working in Vancouver who wrote this hit song in 6 hours. She would sing this song at family gatherings and was eventually convinced, by her friends, that she should have it recorded. She sang the song, herself, on CKNW radio. In 1948 it was recorded separately by Don Murphy and as well as The Rhythm Kings. As it’s popularity spread, it was recorded by Wilf Carter in 1949 as well as Tex Williams, Dorris Day, Bing Crosby and dozens of others. Clarke turned over her royalties to childrens’ hospitals across Canada (where they continue to be donated to this day!). Bluebird was the first song by a Canadian to sell more than a million copies.
13. Bonnie Raitt: Bluebird
(Steve Stills)
Bonnie Raitt: Warner Bros Records – WS1953
Burbank CA
Bonnie Raitt: vocals, slide guitar, acoustic guitar
A C Reed: tenor sax
Peter Bell: electric guitar
Freebo: fretless bass
Steve Bradley: drums
Eugene Hoffman: cowbell
Willie Murphy: piano
Produced by Willie Murphy, 1971
Recorded by Dave and Sylvia Ray at Sweet Jane Studios, Minneapolis
Mixed by Kendall Pacios

Bonnie Lynn Raitt b. November 8, 1949

This is a great rendition of Stephen Stills’ Bluebird, originally recorded by Buffalo Springfield. In March 2000, Raitt was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

14. Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks: Bluebirds Over The Mountain
(Ersel Hickey)
45 single bw Goin’ To The River: Hawk Records HR-106
Toronto / Peterborough ON
Ronnie Hawkins: vocal
The Hawks: The Band
Produced By Ronnie Hawkins Enterprises, 1965

Ronald Hawkins b. Huntsville, Arkansas Jan 10, 1935 / d. May 29, 2022, Peterborough ON

Bluebirds Over The Mountain has been covered by The Beachboys, Ritchie Valens, Dick and Dee Dee etc. Hawkins was Awarded the Walt Grealis Special Achievement  Award special Juno from CARAS 1996. He was also presented with the SOCAN Special Achievement Award 2007. Appointed Officer of the Order of Canada 2013. Not bad for a lad from Arkansas.
15. Vic Virgili & His Laurentian Valley Boys: Rosina Polka
(Vic Virgili)
The Great Ontario Northland: Cascade 477-7700
North Bay ON
Vic Virgili: accordion
Rene Mathieu: fiddle
Jimmy Nunner: electric guitar
Jack Thiessen: bass
Jerry Constantine: guitar
Bernie Meehan: drums
Produced by Stan Leverre circa 1965

Victor Americo Italo Virgili  b. 1917 / d. North Bay Nov 9, 1998 (82).

A CIUT listener, Maurice, recently told me that he was big on the sound of the Yardbirds. I decided to play some very special recordings for him and you.

16. The Yardbirds: Shapes of Things (Live)
(Keith Relf / Jim McCarty / Paul Samwell-Smith)
Live Yardbirds: Epic Records E 30615
London UK
Keith Relf- harmonica, lead vocals
Jimmy Page- guitar
Chris Dreja- bass
Jim McCarty- drums, backing vocals
Produced by Don Meehan & Buddy Graham 1971
Recorded at Anderson Theatre, New York City, 30 March 1968

A live album with fake audience from a bullfight which CBS/Epic Records overdubbed along with other sound effects onto the original live tracks against the band's wishes. The Yardbirds, who were about to fall apart at the time, rejected the album as a candidate for release in mid-1968, but following the success of Led Zeppelin, featuring Jimmy Page, Epic decided to release it anyway, in 1971.  Page threatened legal action against the label for releasing Live Yardbirds without authorization and Epic quickly withdrew it from circulation. While copies of  Live Yardbirds are thus quite rare, the album has often been counterfeited numerous times (sometimes in black-and-white covers like mine which were supposedly issued to be promotional copies).

Shapes of Things was one the Yardbirds’ biggest hits, featuring a sizzling backwards guitar solo that was thought to be impossible to play live featuring both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page in 1966.

17. The Yardbirds: Puzzles
(Relf / Dreja / McCarty / Page)
45 single bw Little Games: Capiitol Records 72467
London UK
Keith Relf – vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, percussion
Jimmy Page – lead guitar
Chris Dreja – bass
Jim McCarty – drums, backing vocals
Produced by Mickie Most, 1967

Little Games was probably one of the lest popular Yardbirds’ singles. The Bee side, Puzzles, is a much better song but got buried in their cannon, having been not included in the Little Games LP. So it’s a very rare Yardbirds cut which features some stellar guitar playing by Jimmy Page.

18. Jeff Beck w Rod Stewart: Shapes of Things
(Samwell-Smith / Relf / McCarty)
Truth: Epic WBXN 26413
Wallington UK
Jeff Beck: guitar
Rod Stewart: vocals
Ron Wood: bass
Mick Waller: drums
Produced by Mickie Most, 1968
Recorded by Ken Scott at Abbey Road, Olympic and De Lane Lea studios, London

Truth was the first Jeff Beck solo album, followed by Beckola a year later. Notice Ron Wood playing bass and Rod Stewart on lead vocals, before joining the Faces and going solo. Here they take a Yardbirds hit and do something special with it.

19. Rush: Heart Full of Soul
(Graham Keith Gouldman)
Feedback: Anthem (5) – 668252001 2
Geddy Lee: bass, vocals
Alex Lifeson: guitars, bg vocals
Neil Peart: drums
Produced by David Leonard and Rush, 2004
Recorded by David Leonard and Jeff Muir at {jase Pme Stidops
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcusssen Mastering

30th anniversary album with Rush playing cover versions of songs from the 1966/1967 time, when they began to make music as thirteen and fourteen year old beginners. Comes in a gatefold sleeve without additional inserts.

20. Chris Barber’s Jazz Band: Sweet Savannah Sue
(Fats Waller)
Chris Barber Special: Nika Jazz Today Series: NJE 1007
London UK
Chris Barber: trombone
Pat Halcox: trumpet
Monty Sunshine: clarinet
Lonnie Donegan: banjo
Ron Bowden: drums
Mickey Ashman: bass
Produced by Denis Preston, 1955
Recorded by Eric Tomlinson

Donald Christopher Barber b. 17 April 1930 Welwyn Garden City UK / d. 2 March 2021 (90)

Barber was an English jazz musician who scored a UK top twenty trad jazz hit with "Petite Fleur" in 1959 and helped begin the careers of many musicians. One of them was banjo player Lonnie Donegan, whose appearances with Barber triggered the skiffle craze of the mid-1950s with his first transatlantic hit, "Rock Island Line", that he recorded while still performing with Chris Barber's band. Alexis Korner came out of his band, and Barber sponsored African-American blues musicians to visit Britain, which makes him a significant figure in launching the British rhythm and blues and "beat boom" scenes that would eventually erupt as the British Invasion. He also briefly played with Ken Colyer’s band.

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BOIR Bay of Islands Radio                              Southern Shore Sounds
100.1 FM                                                            Internet Radio
Corner Brook, NL                                            Ferryland NL  
Thursdays  2 pm NT                                         Sun 8:30 pm NT

Community Radio CIOE                                Home Grown Community Radio
97.5 FM                                                            CHCR 102.9 FM & 104.5 FM
Lower Sackville NS                                         Killaloe & Wilno ON   
Sun 8 pm AT                                                    Various Times