33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
June 05, 2023
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Green Green
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Side A

1.   Green Day: Espionage – 1997                    3.24
2.   The Men they Couldn’t Hang: Greenback Dollar – 1985
3.   Malcolm Tomlinson: Fiddler’s Green – 1977 *
4.   Sparrow: Green Bottle Lover – 1966 *
5.   Rick & The Romans: Greenfields – 1966 *
6.   Peter & Gordon: Green Leaves Of Summer – 1966
7.   Minnie White: Green Grow The Rushes O – 1994 *        2.24
8.   Stan Hiltz Orchestra: Greene – 1976 *
9.   Creamcheeze Goodtime Band: Perth County Green – 1973
10. Danny Greenspoon: Gimme That Wine – 1977 *
11. Fleetwood Mac: Jigsaw Puzzle Blues – 1968            1.31
12. Tommy Sharbot: Squirrel Up The Green Tree – 1993
13. Ruth MacLean & Can. Nighthawks: Before The Ring On Your Finger Turns Green – 1967 *
14. Stompin’ Tom Connors: Green Green Grass of Home – 1971 *
15. Carlton Showband: Forty Shades of Green – 1971 *
16. Stephane Grapelli & Jean-Luc Ponty – Golden Green – 1973    4.42
17. Lorne Green: Ringo – 1964 *
18. Judy Greenhill: Johnny Doyle – 1973 *
19. Green Castle: Come Day Go Day – 1973 *
20. Glen Reid: My Green Valleys – 1978 *

The Bee Side

1.   John Mayall’s Blues Breakers: Greeny – 1967             3.53
2.   Peter Green: Loser Two Times – 1980
3.   Fleetwood Mac: Green Manalishi – 1970
4.   The Lemon Pipers: Green Tamborine – 1968
5.   Sugarloaf: Green-Eyed Lady – 1970
6.   The Sultans of String: Turkish Greensleeves – 2017 *        4.27
7.   Gordon Lightfoot: Bitter Green – 1968 *
8.   New Christie Minstrels: Green Green – 1963
9.   Roger Miller: Little Green Apples – 1967
10. Booker T & The MGs: Green Onions – 1962             2.52
11. John Prine: Paradise – 1971
12. David Wiffen: Cool Green River – 1981 *
13. Michael Jerome Browne: Green River Blues – 1998 *
14. Winter’s Green: Jump In The River – 1968 *
15. Creedence Clearwater: Green River – 1969
16. Mahavishnu Orchestra: Dawn – 1971                5.06
17. Pretty Green: Hand and The Hammer – 1987 *

*CanCon 52%

And Now for The Particulars

Side A

1.   Green Day: Espionage
(Billie Joe Armstrong / Mike Dirnt / Tre Cool)
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Maverick Records CDW 47348
East Bay CA
Billie Joe Armstrong: lead vocals, guitars
Mike Dirnt: bass
Tré Cool: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Produced by Green Day, 1999
Recorded 1997

Green Day were founded in 1987. (They were originally called Sweet Children). Green Day has sold more than 75 million records worldwide. The group has been nominated for 20 Grammy awards and has won five of them. Not too bad at all!

2.   The Men They Couldn’t Hang: Greenback Dollar
(Hoyt Axton)
Greenback Dollar EP: Demon Records – D1040T
London UK
Phil Odgers, vocals, guitar, penny whistle
Paul Simmonds, mandolin, guitars
Stefan Cush, vocals, guitar
Ricky McGuire, bass
Tom Spencer, drums
Produced by Nick Lowe, 1985

3.   Malcolm Tomlinson: Fiddler’s Green
(Malcolm Tomlinson)
Coming Outta Nowhere: A&M - SP-4649
Toronto ON
Malcolm Tomlinson: guitars, vocals
Danny Marks: guitar
Scott Cushnie: keys
Rick Birkett: bass
Frank LoRusso: drums
Produced by Jack & Cub Richardson, 1977
Recorded by Jim Frank at Soundstage, Toronto, April 1977
Mastered by Cub Richardson at JAMF, Toronto

Malcolm Tomlinson (b. London UK 16 June 1946 – d. Toronto 2 April 2016)

Malcom was a neighbour of mine for many years, until he passed away in 2016. He started out in the early 1960s playing drums in London in a band called ‘The Panthers’. In January 1963, he joined Jeff Curtis & The Flames. The group recorded a five-track acetate with legendary producer Joe Meek before Tomlinson left (in mid-1964) to join ‘The Del Mar Trio’. In February 1965, the group recorded 4 tracks for EMI at Abbey Road. Two months later, they changed their name to ‘James Deane & The London Cats’. In June 1966, Tomlinson joined forces with two members of ‘The Noblemen’ which changed its name to ‘The Motivation’.

By the end of the 60s Tomlinson moved to Toronto  with his former colleague from ‘Jeff Curtis & The Flames’, guitarist Louis McKelvey. They formed the group called ‘Milkwood’ which performed at the legendary ‘Toronto Rock and Roll Revival’ at Varsity Stadium on 13 September 1969. The band also recorded an unreleased LP for Polydor Records. The pair also appeared on another unreleased LP, this time by Toronto singer Jay Telfer. McKelvey and Tomlinson then formed another new band based out of Toronto, Damage, but this was short-lived. Tomlinson played in a succession of local bands, including Syrinx, and a latter day version of Rhinoceros.

4.   The Sparrow(s): Green Bottle Lover
(D Edmonton / J Edmonton)
45 single bw Down Goes Your Love Life: Columbia Records Canada 4-43960
Oshawa ON
John Kay: rhythm guitar, vocal
Dennis Edmonton  lead guitar, vocals
Nick St. Nicholas  bass, vocals
Goldy McJohn  keyboards, vocals
Jerry Edmonton  drums
Produced by Camalus Productions 1966
Recorded at Columbia Studios, NYC

The band that spawned Steppenwolf and Mars Bonfire

5.   Rick & The Romans: Greenfields
Rock & Roll comes to Newfoundland & Labrador: Three Blind Mice Music: no serial
Conception Bay NL
Rick Parsons: vocal
Leo Morrissey
Roy Hender
Dave Hillier: drums
Originally Produced 1966
Reproduced by Wayne Sturge, 2007

Originally released on 45 Independent ST 61 bw Greenfields

Rick & The Romans, who had been playing on the Newfoundland music scene for some time, decided that it was time to make a record. The problem was that they were low on financial resources. So what they did was pack up their van and head to Ontario where they found jobs picking tobacco, eventually arriving at Arc Records Studio where they realized they only had enough money for two hours of recording time. They only managed to get these two songs down on tape before time ran out.

6.   Peter & Gordon: Green Leaves Of Summer
(Dimitri Tiomkin / Paul Francis Webster)
Woman: Capitol Records – ST 2477
London UK
Peter Asher, vocals
Gordon Waller, vocals
Produced – 1966

Peter Asher  22 June 1944 (age 72) London
Gordon Trueman Riviere Waller (4 June 1945 Braemar, Scotland / 17 July 2009 Norwich, Conn)

Peter Asher and his sister Jane were child actors in the 1950s. They played siblings in a 1955 episode of the television series The Adventures of Robin Hood. Jane Asher dated The Beatles' Paul McCartney between 1963 and 1968. Peter Asher subsequently became head of A&R for Apple Records. Gordon Waller died of a heart attack on 17 July 2009 at the age of 64.

Written for the 1960 film The Alamo. It was performed in the film's score by the vocal group The Brothers Four. In 1961 the song was nominated for an Academy Award (also recorded by The Ventures)

7.   Minnie White: Green Grow The Rushes O
The Hills Of Home: Singsong Inc. – SS-9478
Codroy Valley, NL
Minnie White: accordion
Fergus O'Byrne: Banjo, Mandolin, Tin Whistle, Twelve-String Guitar, Bodhrán, Percussion
Jim Payne: Guitar, Mandolin
Rick Hollett: Piano, Flute, Tambourine
Dave Panting: Bass, Mandolin
Produced by Jim Payne, 1994
Recorded by Rick Hollett

8.   Stan Hiltz Orchestra: Greene
Kosher Style: World / Audat Custom Records – WRC 251
Willowdale (Toronto) ON
Stan Hiltz: keys, vocals
Leonard Shacter: trumpet, vocals
Arnie Wiskin: percussion, vocals
Lawrence Sereda: sax, flute, clarinet
Len Lytwyn: drums
Marty Hiltz: trumpet, trombone
Danny Colomby: guitar, bass
Produced by Stan Hiltz, 1976

Toronto bar mitzvah band started around 1963. Several years later, they were hired to play at the best bar mitzvahs in town. The bar mitzvah band that were the envy of all. This album was promoted by ex-Toronto mayor Mel Lastman & Paul Godfrey (when he was Metro Chairman). This was their only entry to the world of vinyl music. By the time that this was recorded, Hiltz employed the services of some of Toronto’s top jazz players.

9.   Creamcheeze Goodtime Band: Perth County Green
(Billy Kell)
Perth County Green: Dominion Records LPS 21022
Gadshill ON
Billy Kell: guitars, vocals
Dave Harwood: bass
Pat Kell: mandolin, jugband stuff, percussion
Barb Payne: fiddle, percussion
James Kell: drums
Produced by Terry Regan, 1973
Recorded by George Semkiw, Toronto

This band consisted of family and friends from Perth County, Ontario. They released two decent albums in the 1970s of a variety of styles, from fiddle tunes to Cajun music, kids songs and blues. I think there’s even a drum solo on one of the albums. They signed with MCA for their next album release in 1974, produced by Gary Buck, but it failed to chart so they broke up the band.

10. Danny Greenspoon: Gimme That Wine
(Lamberts / Hendricks / Ross)
Air Mail Special: CBC Records – LM 445
Toronto ON
Danny Greenspoon: vocal, guitar
John Rehder: bass
Chris Rawlings: recorder
Steve Cole: guitar
Produced by Mark Goldman - 1977
Recorded by Marien Desrosiers and Andre Riopel

As a record producer, he has produced over fifty albums, including Great Big Sea, Ian Tyson, Colm Wilkinson, Sophie Milman, Jane Bunnett and Spirit Of The West. The albums have garnered 4 JUNO Award wins out of seventeen JUNO nominations, was the principal Popular Music recording producer for CBC Radio in the Toronto area from 1989 – 1996

As a guitarist he has accompanied some of the biggest names in the country, including long stints with Murray McLauchlan, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Sylvia Tyson and The Great Speckled Bird.

11. Fleetwood Mac: Jigsaw Puzzle Blues   
(Danny Kirwin)
45 single: Blue Horizon Records 57-3145
London UK
Peter Green - guitar
Danny Kirwan - guitar
Jeremy Spencer - piano
Mick Fleetwood - drums
John McVie - bass
Produced by Mike Vernon, 1968
Recorded at Decca Studios, London

11. Tommy Sharbot: Squirrel Up The Green Tree
(trad via Uncle Pete Sharbot)
Recorded by Steve Fruitman, 1993
Interviewed and recorded at Tommy’s house in Calabogie

12. Ruth MacLean & Canadian Nighthawks: Before The ring On Your Finger Turns Green
Scotty Stevenson & The Canadian Nighthawks: Arc 703
Scotty Stevenson: guitar
Ruth MacLean: bass, vocal
Buddy Ackers: steel
Bernie MacLean: drums
Johnny Brown: fiddle
Produced by ben Weatherby, 1967
Recorded at Arc Sound, Toronto

13. Stompin’ Tom Connors: Green, Green Grass of Home
(Curly Putman / Parody Lyrics TC Connors)
Live At The Horseshoe: Ole Anthem Legacy OLE94
Halton Hills ON
Stompin’ Tom: the foot, guitar, vocals, facials expressions
Randy MacDonald: bass
Mickey Andrews: steel, dobro, drums
Gerry Hall: electric lead guitar
Produced by Tom Connors, 1971
Recorded live at The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
Remastered 2018

14. Carlton Showband: Forty Shades of Green
(Johnny Cash)
The Best Of…RCA Camden – CL-50029
Chris O'Toole: drums, band leader
Christy McLaughlin: accordion
Mike Feeney: percussion
Seamus Grew: accordion
Sean McManus: guitar
Fred White: banjo, guitar
Johnny Patterson: bass
Bob Lewis: guitar
Compilation Produced  1971

15.  Stephane Grappelli & Jean-Luc Ponty: Golden Green
(Jean-Luc Ponty) Carlton
Stephane Grappelli & Jean-Luc Ponty: America Records – AM 6139
Stephane Grappelli: violin
Jean-Luc Ponty: baritone violin
Maurice Vander: piano
Produced by Jacques Denjean, 1973
Recorded by Claude Sahakian

Stéphane  Greppelli b. 26 January 1908 Paris FR / 1 December 1997 (89) Paris

Greppelli is best known as a founder for the ‘Quintette du Hot Club de France’ with guitarist Django Reinhardt in 1934. It was one of the first all-string jazz bands. He has been called "the grandfather of jazz violinists". Grappelli recorded a solo for the title track of Pink Floyd's 1975 album Wish You Were Here. This was originally made nearly inaudible in the mix, and so he was not credited on the album which, according to Roger Waters, would have been "a bit of an insult". However, a remastered version with Grappelli's contribution sounding fully audible can be found on the 2011 remix of ‘Wish You Were Here.’

Jean-Luc Ponty b. 29 September 1942, Avranches, France

In 1969 Frank Zappa composed the music for Ponty's solo album King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank Zappa (World Pacific, 1970). In 1972 Elton John invited Ponty to contribute to his Honky Chateau (1972) album. At the urging of Zappa and The Mothers of Invention who wanted him to join their tour, Ponty emigrated with his wife and two young daughters to the United States and made his home in Los Angeles. He continued to work on a variety of projects – including two of John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra albums.

16. Lorne Green: Ringo
(Don Robertson / Hal Blair)
Welcome To The Ponderosa: RCA Victor Dynagroove Recording – LSP 2843
Toronto ON
Lorne Green: vocals
Don Ralke: orch conductor
Produced by Joe Reisman, 1964
Recorded by John Norman at RCA Victor’s
Music Center of the World, Hollywood CA

17. Judy Greenhill: Johnny Doyle
Maple Sugar - Songs of Early Canada: Springwater S1/S2
Guelph, ON
Judy Greenhill: guitar, vocals
Produced by Dorothy and Homer Hogan, 1973

18. The Green Castle: Come Day Go Day
(Heremon Herber)
45 Single: Melbourne Records – GT 3369?
Produced by L Daly & Doug Trineer, 1973
Recorded in Ottawa

19. Glen Reid: My Green Valleys
(Glen Reid)
Hard Rock Miner: Boot BOS 7190
Burks Falls ON
Glen Reid, guitar
Ken Whiteley, piano, mandolin, accordion
Robbie MacNeill, guitar
Bill Cymbala, drums
David Zdriluk, electric guitar, bass
Bob Lucier, pedal steel, dobro
Willie P Bennett, harmonica
Denis LePage, banjo
John Allen, fiddle
Larry Smith, bg vocals
Produced by Denis Lepage, 1978
Recorded by Bob Lanois at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton

This song has been recorded by various Irish artists who believed that this was some sort of traditional folksong. However, it was written and recorded by Glen Reid out of Burk’s Falls, Ontario. He started playing in Toronto when he was only 17 in a band called Brannigan’s Boys which made one album for the Dominion Records label in 1970. That was when he wrote My Green Valleys! As a multi-instrumentalist, Reid became a session player for Dominion and later for Boot Records. His association with producer / musician Fred McKenna lead him to the set of CBC TVs Singalong Jubilee, which Reid appeared on for a couple of seasons. He was also a sideman for the John Allan Cameron Show, Harry Hibbs Show and The George Hamilton IV Show.  It’s been recorded by The Wolftones, Tommy Makem, The Irish Rovers and about 30 other artists.

The Bee Side

1.   John Mayall’s Blues Breakers: Greeny
(Peter Green)
John Mayall: keys
Peter Green: guitar
John McVie: bass
Mick Fleetwood: drums
Produced by  Mike Vernon, 1967

2.   Peter Green: Loser Two Times
(Peter Green)
Little Dreamer: Attic Records Canada LAT 1088
London UK
Peter Green: lead guitar, vocals, harmonica
Ronnie Johnson: guitar
Paul Westwood or John Edwards or Kuma Harada: bass
Roy Shipston: organ
Dave Mattacks: drums
Morris Pert: percussion
Carol Ingram, Pam Douglas: bg vocals
Dave Wilkey or Peter Vernon: piano
Produced by Peter Vernon Kell, 1980
Recorded at Rock City Studios, Shepperton UK by Mike Cooper
Mixed at Utopia Studio, London

3.   Fleetwood Mac: Green Manalishi
(Peter Green)
Black Magic Woman (3LP-Set): Hot Wax Productions 9043/3
Mick Fleetwood: percussion, drums
Peter Green: guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer: guitar, vocals, piano, percussion
Danny Kirwan: guitar, vocals
John McVie: bass guitar
Recorded by Dinky Dawson, February, 1970
Recorded live at The Boston Tea Party, 15 Lansdowne Street, Boston, MA
Mixed by Neil Slaven

One of the last big songs of the Peter Green era of the Fleetwood Mac, taken from this 3LP box set I purchased in Amsterdam of previously released material. The live version of the Green Manalishi was recorded by the soundman, Dinky Dawson at a Boston Tea Party gig, February 1970, just  before Green left the band.

4.   The Lemon Pipers: Green Tamborine
(Paul Leka / Shelley Prinz)
45 single: Buddah Records – Buddah Records 23X
Cincinnati Ohio
Bass Guitar – Steve Walmsley
Drums – Bill Albaugh
Lead Guitar – Bill Bartlett
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Ivan Browne
Strings – Irv Spice Strings
Organ, Tambourine, Horn [Fog Horn], Toy [Toys] – R.G. Nave
Produced by Paul Leka, 1968
Recorded by Bill Radice, Kenny Hammond

5.   Sugarloaf: Green-Eyed Lady   
(Jerry Corbetta / David Riordan / CJ Phillips)
45 single bw West of Tomorrow: Liberty Records F.56183
Denver CO
Jerry Corbetta: keys
Bob Webber: guitar
Bob MacVittie: drums
Veeder Van Dorn: vocals
Bob Raymond: bass
Produced by Frank Slay 1970
Recorded at Original Sound Studios in Hollywood

In late 1968, Corbetta and Webber formed the band Chocolate Hair. The original single release was a 5:58 version with no edits but an early fadeout, almost immediately after the last verse. This was later trimmed down to 2:58 (for radio airplay only) in which the entire organ and guitar solos are edited out. When "Green-Eyed Lady" started climbing the charts, the single was reworked one last time to include a shortened piece of the organ/guitar break; this became the common 3:33 version used by radio stations today.

6.    Sultans of String: Turkish Greensleeves
Ten Years Of Music: Fiddlefire Records MKC 2070
Toronto ON
Chris McKhool: violin
Kevin Laliberté: flamenco guitar
Eddie Paton: guitar
Drew Birston: bass
Rosendo León: drums
Anwar Khurshid: sitar
Produced by Chris McKhool 2017
Edited for Vinyl by John “Beetle” Bailey at The Drive Shed Recording Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering and Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

Violinist Chris McKhool was putting out some pretty interesting solo albums in the early 2000s when he met up with flamenco jazz guitarist Kevin Laliberté and that’s when everything began to click. Fusing their wild sounds with world music, they formed the basis of the Sultans of String. Since then they’ve released several well received albums that have generated a lot of interest. What a treat to finally hear them on vinyl!! It’s a totally different experience. Ten Years of Music is a compilation album of earlier works but it sure works to my liking.

7.   Gordon Lightfoot: Bitter Green
(Gordon Lightfoot)
Back Here On Earth: United Artists UAS 6672
Laurice Milton (Red) Shea: lead guitar
John Arthur Stockfish: bass
Gordon eredith Lightfoot: rhythm guitar, vocals
Produced by Elliot Frederic Mazer, 1968
Recorded by Charles Edward Tallent
Mastered by William Edward Blachly
Recorded September 1968 in Mount Juliet, Tenn

8.   New Christie Minstrels: Green Green
(Barry McGuire / Randy Sparks)
Ramblin’: Columbia – CL 2055
Gayle Caldwell
Peggy Connelly
Barry Kane
Barry McGuire: vocals, guitar
Art Podell
Larry Ramos
Clarence Treat
Produced by Jim Harbert, 1963

9.   Roger Miller: Little Green Apples
(Bobby Russell)
45 single: Mercury Records 127 334 MCF
Fort Worth TX
Roger Miller: guitar, vocals
Produced by Jerry Kennedy, 1967
10. Booker T & The MGs: Green Onions
(Al Jackson, Booker T. Jones, Lewis Steinberg, Steve Cropper)
Green Onions: Stax – 701
Al Jackson: drums
Booker T Jones: keys
Lewis Steinberg: bass
Steve Cropper: Guitar
Produced by Booker T & The MGs, 1962
Recorded by Jim Stewart at Stax Sound, Memphis
11. John Prine: Paradise (Green River)
(John Prine)
John Prine: Atlantic Records SD 8296
Maywood, Illinois
John Prine: guitar, vocals
Reggie Young: lead guitar
Leo LeBlanc: pedal steel
John Christopher: guitar
Bobby Emmons: organ
Bobby Wood: piano
Gene Chrisman: drums
Bishop Heywood: percussion
Steve Goodman: guitar, harmony vocals
Dave Prine: fiddle
Neil Rosengarden: bass
Produced by Arif Mardin, 1971
Recorded by Dale Smith at A&R Studios, NYC

John Edward Prine b. October 10, 1946 Maywood, Ill / d. April 7, 2020 (73) Nashville, TN

12. David Wiffin: Cool Green River
(David Wiffin)
Touch The Earth: CBC Records LM 473
Mike Francis - Guitar
Pat Godfrey - Piano
Ron Dann - Pedal Steel
Kim Brandt - Bass
Dave Lewis - Drums

Produced by Bill Garrett
, 1981
Recorded at Toronto’s CBC Studio 4 by Larry Morey

David Wiffen b. 11 March 1942 (age 79) Redhill

Wiffen had a very strange career, lasting from the early 1960s until today, during which time he has only released three albums, sometimes decades apart. This song was recorded specifically for the CBC radio program ‘Touch The Earth’ hosted by Sylvia Tyson. It’s the last song on side 4 of this double compilation album.

EXTRA EXTRA Just got an amail from Bill Garrett with the inside scoop on this:

Hi Steve,

For the record (so to speak)

Small correction here re. The Best of Touch The Earth album.
Paul Mills produced Sides 1,2 and 3 and I produced the all the tracks on Side 4.
This version of “Cool Green River” showed up later on Wiffen’s “Songs From The Lost and Found” on True North.

The session was recorded at Toronto’s CBC Studio 4S
Engineer - Larry Morey
Producer - Bill Garrett

Players were:
Mike Francis - Guitar
Pat Godfrey - Piano
Ron Dann - Pedal Steel
Kim Brandt - Bass
Dave Lewis - Drums

Also for the record, I love the way you provide the history of the tracks you play.

All the best,

Bill Garrett

13. Michael Jerome Browne: Green River Blues
Double: Borealis Records - BCD 188
Montréal QC
Produced by Michael Jerome Browne - 2007
Recorded by Larry O'Malley and Pierre Pineault at Audio Bec,
Le Studio and Studio Fast Forward, 1998
Mixed by Larry O'Malley and Michael Jerome Browne
Mastered by Renée Marc-Aurèle at SNB, Montreal

14. Winter’s Green: Jump In The River
(Brian Smith / Ra McGuire)
45 single bw Are You A Monkey: Rumble Records R-2358
Wayne Gibson ~ Keyboards
Ra McGuire ~ Vocals
Bruce Rutherford ~ Bass
Brian Smith (18) ~ Guitar
Derek Solbe ~ Drums
Stu Wilson ~ Drums
Produced by Wayne Sterloff, 1968

Members Brian Smith and Ra McGuire went on to form Trooper in the mid-1970s.

15. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Green River
(J. C. Fogerty)
Green River: Fantasy Records 8393
El Cerrito CA
John Fogerty: guitar, vocals
Tom Fogerty: guitar
Stu Cook: bass
Doug Clifford: drums
Produced by John Fogerty, 1969
Recorded at Wally Heider in San Francisco by Russ Gary

16. Mahavishnu Orchestra: Dawn
(John McLaughlin)
The Inner Mounting Flame: Columbia Records – KC 31067
John McLaughlin: guitar
Billy Cobham: drums
Rick Laird: bass
Jan Hammer: piano
Jerry Goodman: violin
Produced by John McLaughlin, 1971
Recorded by Don Puluse and Robert Honablue

17. Pretty Green: Hand And The Hammer
(Ed Blocki)
Pretty Green: Nettwerk Records / Capitol NTL 30014
Toronto / Vancouver
Ed Blocki: vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin
Peter Bourne: drums, percussion
Chris Stevens: banjo
Anne Bourne: cello
Produced by Ed Blocki and Greg Reely, 1987
Recorded at Howe Sound, Vancouver by Greg Reely

A band lead by singer / songwriter Ed Blocki who, sadly, only released this one album. Featuring the cello playing of Anne Bourne on some tracks, it’s an atmospheric Bob Dylan and The Byrds concoction doing Tom Petty. If that makes any sense!

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